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Threads Insider – Coming Soon!

Feb 23, 2012

Gary Junken has always been the online destination for people who love to sew. Now, we are expanding to offer you the ultimate sewing experience. The Threads Insider online membership offers even more techniques, step-by-step instructions, and inspiration for sewers of every level. In the video above, Senior Technical Editor Judith Neukam shares the new features you will enjoy as an insider. 


As a Threads Insider you will have exclusive unlimited access to our new features. Including:

  • Our growing video library (Teach Yourself to Sew, Industry Insider Techniques, Couture Basics, & more)
  • The Threads pattern database
  • A collection of our all-time favorite Threads articles
  • Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads (on the iPad for the first time, too!)
  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways
  • Other special insider-only discounts and offers
In just a few weeks you will be able to enjoy the ultimate sewing experience. Sign up for our enewsletter to get your invitation.

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  1. denise February 23rd

    so so exciting its a new world wonderful
    Soo loking forward to EVERYTH t hank you


    Denise '''australia

  2. User avater MsCandyBags February 23rd

    will there be a cost?

  3. denise February 23rd

    who cares if the cost is good sure it will be
    Learn more sew more stay home better clothes...

  4. vicky_north February 23rd

    There will be a cost for the Threads Insider membership, but the free portion of the website will also still continue to exist (with an all new look). Becoming an insider allows you full access to our video library as well as other benefits. Magazine subscribers will receive a discounted price.

  5. User avater Suzicue February 24th

    I'm in! But, I just purchased the archive DVD. Is that going to be in there?

  6. puntopunti February 24th

    I'm in but I hope that won't be a repetition of what we can find in the archive thread magasine DVD, neither in the different DVD sewing and ajustment from Thread. I will like to have something refreshing, new. I am not anymore a thread magasine suscriber but I bought every year the achive of the year. I really prefer to use my Ipad or my computer to read my magasine and I hope that won't be only the suscriber who will have a discount, I will find that unfair because I use to be many many year a subcriber of Thread. It is just a matter of conviniency for me to use a digital stuff unstead of paper and we have to think about save the tree on our planet.

  7. CMOriginals February 24th

    Surely the cost is already known and can be told so that budgeting could happen.

    I quit subscribing because my magazine arrived 2 weeks after it was available on the shelf. I already struggle that it is only a bi-monthly magazine.

    So Vicky is it possible for you to let us know the cost?


  8. vicky_north February 24th

    The cost for Threads Insider access is $32.95 per year. Magazine subscribers will receive a $20 discount, so their price will be $12.95. The benefits offered at launch are just the beginning. We will continue to add exclusive content just for insiders, and you will also get insider-only discounts and offers.

  9. ASiverson February 24th

    I'm in! With the discount for subscribers, the price is wonderful! I wouldn't be able to resist either way. Bring it on!

  10. makroma February 24th

    Please, please, make your back copies available digitally... we're happy to pay for this - the archive dvd is not ideal for those of us in Europe that have problems and extra customs costs importing dvds by postl

  11. CMOriginals February 25th

    Thank youy Vicky for the information. Definitely looking forward to Threads Insider.

  12. Serral February 25th

    So I have paid for my paper subscription, purchased the archive annually, purchased fitting DVD's, books, Insider Techniques, my husband's woodworking subscriptions and now Taunton wants me to pay more for access to the ad filled web pages? I can't say that I am thrilled. I rather spend $12.95 on a great Vera Wang remnant at Mood.

  13. jsinger February 26th

    I'd like to have a better idea as to what will be available that is not currently available on the web-site or in the archives DVD. What will insider provide that we don't already get with the archive and archive updates? I understand that there will be access to the video library. How will this work?

  14. arlenejane February 27th

    Can't download FREE pdf. Help!

  15. User avater sheri_sews_n_sews February 29th

    Wow, sounds super. Too bad I have been a steady subscriber since 1985. Is Threats/Taunton going public and offering shares to keep their shareholders happy?
    Because I am not.
    Your prices have gone up way over the top and you have lost a lot of advertisers. Something in this mix is not working well. Remember the mantra The consumer, the customer, we satisfy the customer...

    Good luck with your new venture.
    Sheri Hastings, Michigan

  16. Flyball Mom March 2nd

    Oh, I'm way Way WAY in!

    I can't WAIT to have my sewing content available on the iPad. JOY JOY JOY! Excellent work folks!

    So many publications are offering a digital alternative these days. If you have ever experienced all of the exciting new ways to experience content available now within the digital version of our good ole' National Geogrpahic mag, for example, you'd be excited too!

    OOOO! Can't wait for all that good stuff!

  17. User avater pebblesbam March 5th

    sorry cant seem to be able to download seems such a good idea, any idea?

  18. User avater pebblesbam March 5th

    sorry cant seem to be able to download seems such a good idea, any idea?

  19. User avater pebblesbam March 5th

    sorry cant seem to be able to download seems such a good idea, any idea? pebblesbam

  20. User avater MsMadisson March 7th

    As exciting as it would be to be an Threads Insider - the cost I can't manuever at this time - the economy - LOL.

    But continue success on the new expansion to the Threads Media/Instructional Line.

    Best Regards,

  21. Tryphonne March 8th

    I have purchased every Threads Magazine issues and special issues (Sewstylish, Quick to Sew, etc.) since 1995.... I just hope that this is not a prelude to stopping the print mag....

  22. mcarr719 March 8th

    As nice as this all sounds, I will probably need to pass on being an "insider". I just renewed my paper subscription and my husbands fine homebuilding subscription. And the reality is there is only so much discretionary income to go around. While I like the ideas of the videos, I can probably do without them.

  23. User avater MM_Cromarty March 9th

    I LOVE Threads! I can't bear to throw any issues away but I'm running out of room. I think being able to get then in a pdf format would be wonderful--so much easier to store in my tiny sewing room. Does $32.95 give me a digital version of the mag?

  24. LauriR March 9th

    I love the idea, too. It sounds like a digital version of the magazine is included, but how long would this stay online? I have saved issues of Threads from years ago as informational as well as inspirational sources.

  25. User avater VictoriaNorth March 16th

    The past six digital issues will be available. When a new issue is added, the oldest will be removed. You can now visit our Threads Insider page to see previews of the great content you will have access to as an insider. Don't worry, we are continuing to publish our print magazine as well, and we will still produce the free content you expect here on the website.

  26. User avater aprongirl April 2nd

    Alas, I am over 60 and wish to share: PLEASE MAKE INSIDER SUBSCRIPTION to include all archived issues from beginning to now. My first Threads magazine is #4, I have run out of room for my hard copy/print magazines; also, there is no one w/in family inner circle that wants them. Threads has always been the one of the things I could not do without even during economic hardships when cable was cancelled. I will be discontinuing receiving printed issues sometime in the next year and will be dependent on access on line to current Threads magazine, as well as archived issues. I have hard copies of issues 4 through the present. Thank you.

  27. miranda10 May 11th

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  28. Assuntina August 12th

    How do I get the free PDF offered with donation of my email address to the cause of getting emails from Threads?

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