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Do you sometimes wonder how your stash became so large? Do you hate to toss even small scraps of “perfectly good” fabric? If so, then this magazine is for you. The editors at Threads all asked ourselves the same question. Quilt Your Stash! is a delightful collection of projects and quilting techniques selected from Joan Ford’s popular book, ScrapTherapy, Cut the Scraps (The Taunton Press, 2011). It’s packed with plenty of ideas to help you use your stash–even small scraps–in beautiful, creative ways.

Even if you’ve never done quilting, you’ll find the techniques presented easy to follow. The magazine will help you take control of your fabric stash while having some creative fun.

You’ll find ten irresistible projects ranging from home decor ideas, to bags, quilts, and more. The clear step-by-step instructions are included for each project. Whether you make an item as a gift for someone special or to bring personal joy to you or your family, you’ll be inspired. This magazine is a must for anyone who sews and hangs on to at least some of their fabric scraps.

Leave a comment and tell us how much fabric you have in your stash, and you will be entered into our giveaway contest. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline–11:59 pm EST, Wednesday, April 18–and you could win a copy of the magazine. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during the week of April 23.


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  1. stillsuesew | | #1

    I probably have 100 yards of quilting cottons from scraps to yardage. But since I made 87 Little Dresses for Africa, I can at least tell I have made a dent in the stash.

  2. User avater
    WillaMcNeill | | #2

    I don't know an amount. Am afraid to figure it.

    But I have too much.
    And I have not enough.
    Depends on day and project.

    I have done some dresses destined for an orphanage in Africa and others for homeless children in my area.

    This helps destasth until I add more.

  3. BarbStr | | #3

    Making gifts such as quilts and yoga mat bags are really two of my passions. These end up leaving me with lots of little scraps. It would be a good thing for me to learn; how to put those scraps to good use! Thankfully, I tend to never throw anything away, so I have plenty to choose from. Have about two book box-size containers full.

  4. dpettersen | | #4

    I'm not sure of the amount, maybe 75 yards but certainly enough that I could complete several projects. Would be great to have new ideas to use the stash on.

  5. variadee | | #5

    Not sure how much I have but it's mostly FQs, Fat Quarters, and Jelly Roll strips. Both of which I really enjoy.

    At ASG, American Sewing Guild, we make a lot of things for children and these are great for their quilts. We also make purses for the Teenage girls.

    Our local quilt guild makes a lot of quilts each year for the underpriveleged children as well.

    So, even though I have a lot of fabric, I enjoy making things from these FQs and Jelly Roll Strips.

    I do have to buy fabric for backing and binding but usually do that after the quilt is made.

    Scraps are also great for making bags/purses which is great fun.

    Am actually trying to reduce my stash so "Quilt Your Stash" is a great idea!

  6. riversilt | | #6

    I love my stash of left over fabric. It is not to large,it is more variety to build something beautiful and fun!

  7. robinnn | | #7

    My stash is pretty small - I'm new to quilting.

  8. TalyQu | | #8

    I'd love to learn how to quilt and use all those little leftovers that I just can't make myself throw out :)

  9. IamLilyMunster | | #9

    I just bought 11 yards a couple of days ago and before that I probably had 20 yards so somewhere around 30. To be fair though, I am a new quilter and mainly used my fabrics for clothing.

  10. user-1110045 | | #10

    Another good reason not to buy more fabric and think where to put it. Instead in these times of being savy with your money why not be savy with your stash too. I have been sticking to this ideal this year although all creative types will know that it doesn't happen all the time. :-P

  11. YorkiesFromSpace | | #11

    I decided to get ahead of everyone and have made several baby quilts. It seems that everyone's having one!

  12. Rhona_Feeney | | #12

    But the bed would collapse!

  13. lynaeve | | #13

    I dont know how much I have. I have one of those plastic dressers. The top two drawers are full of fabric. the bottom one has interfacing, batting and other things like that.

  14. User avater
    harikleia | | #14

    I am learning to quilt and I use fabric scraps to make handbags, dog beds, and small blankets. I love it.

  15. kd1357 | | #15

    I have several hundred yards of fabric, much of it acquired in estate sales. It's been used not only for quilts, but for muslins to sew clothing. When I die, put fabric in my hands!!!

  16. bernmcn | | #16

    I hate wasting anything and that includes left over fabric. Quilting is the logical outlet and I am fast becoming an addict. I want to find out anything and everything I can about it.

  17. Jane_K | | #17

    I've been building a stash for 10 years. Now that I'm back into garment sewing it is getting even bigger. Pillowcases for charity are a great way to ease some of the bulging shelves.

  18. sherriW | | #18

    I'm a sucker for fat quarters and charm squares! Don't really know how much I have at the moment, I just keep adding to it. I have a tote bin full of those small pieces of leftover corners and such that will hopefully be used some day. Hey, I also keep the thread tails in a small bin with hopes of using them as well some day. Love it all!

  19. user-956840 | | #19

    Recently completed my first quilt for my new niece. Now I have been officially bitten by the bug! I would love to have this resource to continue learning. Thank you!!

  20. user-1115766 | | #20

    I love to quilt. Something definitely says love when you give somebody a quilt. Very satisfying. I also have tons of scraps!! I love the "modern" quilt patterns, that make use of the gorgeous fabrics that are available, with minimal look and yet incorporating tried and true traditional blocks. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  21. tbsnyder | | #21

    I cannot even begin to estimate how large my stash is, a 1400 square foot house with a full basement, half of that basement is my stash. I collected 880 different cotton print scraps for use in a charm quilt, so have resulting scraps from that, plus all the garment sewing I do for adults and children, plus toys, purses & accessories, the list goes on!! I can't throw a single scrap away no matter how small, I always see that "postage stamp" scrap quilt in my future! Thanks for the opportunity to comment for a chance to win this magazine, I would definitely put it to good use and am always looking for new ideas.

  22. coochmom | | #22

    I don't have a lot in my stash, but there are lots of scraps! I'd love to try some new projects to make room for more fabric!

  23. Ceeayche | | #23

    My stash has become almost overwhelming. I have been sewing since I was 9. When a friend of my mother's moved into a nursing home she acquired her stash. In my 20's and 30's I was a costumer designer for local theater group and our church drama group. Then, I made wedding dresses and bridesmades dresses for several close friends. I moved into a home where one entire floor is devoted to my passion. And my mother passed away, leaving me her stash. Suffie to say my stash is out of control now. I love it. But it's crazy.

  24. user-1117949 | | #24

    I need to use up my scraps, this could help.

  25. LoracC | | #25

    I'm one of those that can't stand to throw away even the smallest bit of fabric. I keep trying to use it up but it doesn't seem to get any smaller. This book would be a great help if I'm lucky enough to win it.

  26. Elita | | #26

    Ummm, I'd say I have about 500 yards of fabric in my stash. I blame part of it on the fact that in Switzerland the prices are too high for cotton so when I get Stateside, I pack an extra suitcase. I've begun using what's in my stash to make little quilts for the pediatric cardiac unit of my local hospital. I could really use some more ideas! :-)

  27. User avater
    andysmom | | #27

    This sure is something I could use. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. User avater
    sewa2z | | #28

    All sewers have scraps of material that get piled up, much of it is too small to make something with, it would be so practical to be able to use it up in a quilt, so I hope I could be fortunite enough to receive this! Thank you, for the chance.

  29. Ginny3 | | #29

    This sounds like something every sewer, be they fashion or quilter should have.

  30. cecine | | #30

    I have lots of fabrics pieces and I don't know what to do with all of it, it's sure will help to have this book.

  31. SheilaP | | #31

    The scrap fabric in my stash seems to multiply, I swear! It's not calculate-able, sorry, but I appreciate the chance to use it up!!

  32. auntiethesis | | #32

    Not as much as I'd like...I think I have two shelves of fabric now and I just bought some more the other day that's still in the bag. I do have one small plastic container of scraps and pieces.

  33. Soucieville | | #33

    I have no idea how much fabric I have. I started collecting it in the late '60's and it has grown since then. I have 6-7 large boxes, some cardboard, some plastic, about the size of small coffins. 4 rollaway containers, for the bulkey material, 4-5 large plastic containers and the oldest are small cardboard, file sized, containers. I have always used some of the material every year, I just buy more all the time. I have slowed down over the last 3 years. I am using more of the "special" fabrics, rayon, cotton-rayon blends. This fall, winter, I plan on using some of the velvet I've had for too long. If I don't enjoy the fabric, who else will. I don't want to see it thrown out when I am gone. I estimate I have another 40 years, since I am only 60 !

  34. User avater
    alidmc | | #34

    I know that this is totally of subject and I apologize for it, but I am not happy with having to pay so much for the Insider. Not happy at all. I don't really need an answer I just wanted to say!!

  35. Summer748 | | #35

    I have a huge stash - don't even know how much, but I've been sewing and collecting fabric since I was in my twenties (now 60+). Between quilting and dressmaking I accumulated a fair amount of fabric, but the stash exploded as soon as I discovered dyeing and painting my own fabric, both cottons and silks. I like doing smaller pieces - crib quilts and art pieces, because it gives me a chance to explore new techniques and color combos without taking up a lot of space. I hope to do a queen size quilt someday. At the moment I have a lot of it in storage (because we're moving soon), and I'm looking forward to having a studio where I can spread out and play with my fantastic fabric, and dress Miss Perfect (my dressform) in quilted garments!

  36. seemless | | #36

    Hmmmm.....There's a minimum of 20 paper boxes in storage, at least 3 (maybe 4) 18x18x24 moving boxes of bolts, plus I have the scrap boxes here (to start cutting several projects, and collect/sort what's been accumulating here). Plus UFOs, in the big 33-gal tub and other drawers. I'm concentrating on finishing off UFOs, and reducing the scraps/small pieces.

  37. pmkurth | | #37

    I have had a fabric stash for 40 years! Friends heard about the stash and started giving me more fabric!!!! It now fills various closets in my house- and when I look in some bins I haven't seen for a while, it's like Christmas morning!

  38. Leonore | | #38

    I was a sewer long before I was a quilter, so my stash reaches far and wide. Just the other day I found a fabric suitable to use in a quilt that I had made a dress from in the 8th grade! I have my small scraps sorted by color in dish pans on a shelf in my sewing room. I'm 70+years young and sew each and every day. I love threads magazine and all the other books Taunton Press publishes. Hope I win!

  39. furballs | | #39

    I've got a stash that is slowly taking over my apartment. I have fabric from my grandmother's own stash, some of those pieces must be pushing 100 years of age now. Some show it too.I have virtually every piece left from every garment I have ever made since grade school. I have an entire wall of one room with custom sized shelving for dozens of plastic and cardboard cartons filled with lengths. Most are prewashed, mostly sorted by type of fabric. Larger lengths, over six metres are on pant hangers and fill that room's closet, and I have several 'spacebag' type bags full of fabric and yarn, plus another 3 big rubbermaid bins of fabric in my bedroom, and a entire set of corner shelves that are packed tight with fabric, and more pant hangers with yardage in my own closet. I have plenty of books on quilting too, just haven't had time to sit and start doing it. Going to have to do something,there is just no room left :-).

  40. furballs | | #40

    I've got a stash that is slowly taking over my apartment. I have fabric from my grandmother's own stash, some of those pieces must be pushing 100 years of age now. Some show it too.I have virtually every piece left from every garment I have ever made since grade school. I have an entire wall of one room with custom sized shelving for dozens of plastic and cardboard cartons filled with lengths. Most are prewashed, mostly sorted by type of fabric. Larger lengths, over six metres are on pant hangers and fill that room's closet, and I have several 'spacebag' type bags full of fabric and yarn, plus another 3 big rubbermaid bins of fabric in my bedroom, and a entire set of corner shelves that are packed tight with fabric, and more pant hangers with yardage in my own closet. I have plenty of books on quilting too, just haven't had time to sit and start doing it. Going to have to do something,there is just no room left :-).

  41. furballs | | #41

    Sorry for the double post.. I accidentally hit the button twice.

  42. sewquilter | | #42

    I have a rather medium to large size of fabric stash, mostly quilting cotton fabric stash. I have two plastic drawers of fashion fabric stash and the rest of bins are quilting cotton stash. I make lap size quilte and double size quilts and baby quilts. I make pillowcases and Christmas presents for friends and family. I have many scraps of fabric in different gallon bags around my sewing/quilting room.

  43. sclonz | | #43

    My fabric collection broke the closet organizer where I had it stored PLUS I have bins stuck EVERYWHERE full of fabric, too. I'm trying to inventory it so I can find what I need when I need it. Right now - it's a hunt. I do enjoy touching my fabric as I hunt, but that's about all I get done.

  44. rosb | | #44

    I enjoy just looking through my stash on a rainy day.. Our preterm babies just love getting dressed in the little tops then progressing to the bright quilts when they progress to a proper cot as they get bigger.Any way check your local hospital ......keep stashing

  45. retta11 | | #45

    my stash is so big; how big is your stash?

    my basement measurement is 60feet x 30feet with shelves along the walls, plus i have another room down there that measure 20feet x 15feet that has shelves too and i've been collecting for ever. i hate to throw out any peice of material i cut them all into squares and strips when i have time and the others i keep in cedar chest or bins. so i would say that i could open up a fabric store with all the material i have. lol all my freinds say if you need anything they go shopping at loretta's store.

    thanks for reading my story

  46. User avater
    Kayle9 | | #46

    I have sealed tubs of fabric in a 5x10x10 storage locker. When I tell my husband that I'm going to visit my stash, he worries that I'll think the locker isn't big enough and sign up for another one.

  47. user-1109173 | | #47

    I'm the other "JoAnn" Fabrics. At least that's what my friends say. My stash has grown over the years and I think of it as family. Each piece has a soft memory for me - sort of like looking at photos of my children when they were young. If you dug through my stash and pulled out any fabric I could tell you why I loved it, why I bought it, what I made, or what I still intend to make. My stash is still growing and my husband still loves me!

  48. MrsHGW | | #48

    Like many others, I have inherited a good bit of my stash. I do projects for Church and Synagogue (mixed family) and love to mend or alter clothes or invent new. Amazingly when I think I have made a dent in my stash, things come back and I unpick the latest stage props, rework something else and seem to have more after I give away gifts than before. I save the trimmings from doing clothes alterations and resew them into new cloth for a project then get it back, unpick and recreate something new.

  49. User avater
    MissPat | | #49

    Twenty-five years ago my daughter gave me a sweat shirt that says, "The One Who Dies With The Most Fabric Wins"! I"m definately in line! I have bins of fabric, piles of fabric, fabric stashed in closets, etc, etc, etc. My garage even has plastic bins of fabric. Oh well, one of these days.....

  50. mrssmitty | | #50

    Well my fabric stash is about the size of a small local fabric shop. My husband want to sell it but I want to keep it. I don't think I can make a dent in it because I just keep buying more fabric because it is very pretty. I think this book will help me so much with my little fabric problem.

  51. Neosha | | #51

    I had to buy two dressers (a 5 drawer chest and 6 -drawer lower one) to hold much of my stash plus plastic boxes with special groupings. I keep it minimized by helping students in the Fashion Design program. Each year at least one gets to go 'shopping' at Neosha's store! I love to see what they make from the fabrics I bought! Each season I try to use something in my stash.

    Each month I get new ideas from our Bernina Club on how to use the stash and how to repurpose other fabric sources--ties, shirts, jeans, etc. In a sense all of the clothes and piece goods become the stash!

  52. FeedDog | | #52

    Poor me...I have only one box that's about 18" x 18" x 24

  53. kimsidlehands | | #53

    For my 100% cotton, I have a 9 foot long glass front cabinet. For all my other fabrics I have many (too many) large plastic bins loaded with the lids popping off.
    ANd for some reason, I keep thinking I need more!

  54. gingerlaw | | #54

    I would love to have something that tells me how to use the mountain of pieces that are too small to do much with yet I find it hard to part with.

  55. nanapamela | | #55

    I had purchased (and had DH put together) three 8'x 6'x4' sets of industrial sheleving with three shelves each in my basement sewing area. These were stuffed. People were either horrified or in love when they saw it. twho shelves were just polartec. We discovered the basement was leaking and that the tub on the floor above was leaking as well as the disher. We didn't discover this until the smell was really obvious. My DDs came and help me sort and we found that most of it had been mildewed and was still damp. The dumpster was full when we were done and the dump said it weighed 4,000 pounds. Now I know wet fabric weighs more than dry, but I have to believe that even if it was bone dry there would have several tons! $ 23,000 later, the bone dry room was ready for me. Since them I have bought a small amount of fabric and made 190 Pair of polarfleece socks, 30 sets of kids hat sets, 30 baby buntings and 4 pair of thermal underwear since then, a superman cape and poodle skirt.

  56. User avater
    wicked_stitcher | | #56

    some might consider my stash shameful. but i do work on quilts w/old fabric. and because i strongly adhere to a self-imposed edict of using only "found" fabric, not something i buy retail in fat quarters or coordinated mixes, it can sometimes take me years to find the fifth fabric or a right combination of prints. and i know this, my spouse who often makes assemblage sculptures, can totally relate to my "habit." in fact, so much so that he built a special closet so that i can "catalog" my hoard and be aware when critical mass is reached in a dearly held project!

  57. MamaKelly | | #57


  58. soexperimental | | #58

    Since retirement I have maintained my fabric stash-important as it protects against old age and depression!

    I have also become addicted to "Threads" ideas in magazine and books, and am hastily compiling a stash of these too. I am sure this wards off Alzheimer's!

    I would love this title to add to my collection as I have tried very little quilting and would love to develop my skills in that area too, as Mary Ray and others have shown how artistic it can be.

    Thank you for continually introducing new ideas for us to play with.

  59. xlvx | | #59

    I inherited enough to have a closet full 7 LOVE EVERY BIT

  60. user-1120310 | | #60

    I have a lovely and adored stash of fabric, collected over many, many years of sewing. At this point I am trying to use the stash for most of my sewing; purchasing only what is needed to finish a project. However, the leftovers only add to the stash. My granddaughter once said I was the only person she knew who had a whole attic full of fabric. The attic is really the finished room in which I sew. Now that granddaughter is named the Executor of the Stash so it will all find good homes when I am gone. I learned to sew on feed sacks, so having a variety of glorious fabrics is pure luxury and joy and an endless source of possible projects.

  61. User avater
    Chrissy8 | | #61

    My first comment on 'Threads'. This book looks amazing, and as I have a LARGE stash it would be so very useful. I used to sew when I was first married then life became too hectic and I didn't feel I'd got time to sew and let it laspse for far too long. Now retired, I joined a class and it was the best thing I have done for years! Friendly, talented people, encouragement to try new things and a restored love of stitching has enriched my life. Finding your site has been the icing on the cake - thanks for making it available.

  62. KYKaren1949 | | #62

    When I first began quilting, I swore I would never have a huge stash because I thought it was a waste of money. Boy, have I ever eaten those words.
    I love to find fabric sales with an entire group of fabrics so that I can go ahead and purchase a "quilt set" of fabric. I bought plastic containers at the local discount store and keep the fabric, the receipt of where it came from as well as the pattern all together in the tub until I can get to it.
    Then, there's the Christmas stash, the fall stash, the Halloween stash, the 1930s stash, the Civil War stash, the baby fabrics stash, the tone on tone white and creams, the novelty stash......and on and on. Sigh!

  63. angel60 | | #63

    What a great idea, this give away. Who couldn't use such useful inspiration!!!!

  64. Sandalfoot | | #64

    So important to find a way to control all those bits and pieces. A system is key as is taking the time to work the system. Always looking for new ways to get it all organized.

  65. anniegib | | #65

    I have no idea how much fabric I have in my stash! It is stored everywhere! The more quilts and things I make, the more scraps I have! Just can't throw them out! Now I have bags of scraps and want to somehow sort and make scrap quilts. It is such an overwhelming mess, need to figure out a system soon!

  66. tildiemae | | #66

    I must have over 100 yards 'stashed'! But this is the year of destashing my stash!!!

  67. lovetopiece | | #67

    I'v got lots of scraps and could really use this magazine.

  68. MsMontie | | #68

    I have lots & lots of fab in my stash. From small pieces to yards. I would be so happy to have an inspiring magazine to help me get started in reducing what I have instead of running out to purchase more.

  69. yoyoqueen | | #69

    I have tons of scraps all cut up already- I think I need this magazine !!!

  70. eastof | | #70

    I don't have a lot of stash laying around but what I do have I really would like to use. I'm sure this magazine could give me some ideas.

  71. Marnie711 | | #71

    I'm not sure who deserves credit for this but it describes me perfectly:

    I'm sure I'm a STABLE Quilter and I need help!


  72. ashiecat | | #72

    Love to win this - my stash is seriously out of control!!!!

  73. ashiecat | | #73

    Oooops - didn't read all the way to the bottom before I hit submit. Let's see, I have 3 - 8' shelves packed, partial bolts lined up under my quilting machine, stacked on a couple chairs,stacked under my cutting table, fq & scraps in a china hutch and trying to escape....

  74. janwalt | | #74

    I don't have a big stash, a begiiner quilter, however, I would like to know how to use what I do have and will accumulate.

  75. Spacey | | #75

    It seems like my stash grows by itself---especially at night!!

    I am always looking for ideas to use my stash and keep the costs down while still doing projects that I love...scrappy ideas are always wonderful to me!!!

  76. Spacey | | #76

    p[[s..forgot to say how large my stash is---since it seems to grow by itself--especially at night--it will be hard to give an amount---but bulging out of totes and 2 cabinets is the best I can do---if I got them all out of their hiding places I am sure I could quilt for years and never have to buy more fabric!!

  77. mississippimimi | | #77

    My stash completely fills two bedrooms floor to ceiling, most of the living room, many boxes, and closets. It's a bit overwhelming, but I love it! I will have to live along time to use it all up, but I'm trying!

  78. blackberryhill | | #78

    My stash is so large that whenever my sewing buddy needs a particular piece of fabric she shops my stash first and my hubby says I would need to have nine lives in order to use up all my stash before I die

  79. sitnsewez | | #79

    I have way too much stach! I too need nine lives to use it all! But I do love fabric. I'll use most of it I'm sure. It fills a dresser with 9 drawers, a china cabinet, and 9 plastic containers in a closet!! I think that's it! Inspires me to go check it out and get busy!

  80. Gmabear | | #80

    Stash?? Is that WHAT it is called! LOL Hmmmmmm....

    Well, haven't been into Quilting very long, but have sewn for looooong time..........so do have LOTS of Scraps! :)

    Thanks for chance to win!

  81. Shirlrh | | #81

    I have a huge stash and try to find projects to use as much and as often as possible. It keeps growing!!!! Would love to win this magazine.

  82. Bridgettee | | #82

    My stash is pretty large. Most of it scraps!! I would love this magazine to figure out what to do with the scraps!!!!!!!

  83. flakey | | #83

    I have a large stash - probably over 100 yards- mostly in 1/4 yd or less scraps and I would surely like to win this book. Thanks

  84. nursie76 | | #84

    I have enough stash to make many, many quilts, if I just had enough time...I think that being able to organize my stash would be time consuming at first, but in the long run would save time and then I could put them to good use! Charity quilts is the first thing I would make.

  85. Imaquiltertoo | | #85

    I've been building my huge stash for many years.There are shelves and cabinets full, half is probably 3yds pieces or more. One large cabinet with several shelves of all solids, another bookcase to the ceiling filled with under 2yds fabric pieces. There are rolls of backings material also. I have a large tub of scraps waiting for me to do something with. Need your magazine desperately. How in the worls did my stash get so out of control? lol

  86. designsbyjanetp | | #86

    I don't have a HUGE stash, but enough to get started on a few scrap quilts. Would love to win this!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. CathieC | | #87

    My grandkids love to go thru my scrap stash and make belts, headbands, doll clothes, snakes and other creatures! Keeps the scrap bag manageable!

  88. User avater
    nlbr | | #88

    I could really use help to use up my fabric stash. "Quilt Your Stash" might be just the help I need.

  89. LFBMN | | #89

    I'm a veteran sewer of 25 years and have made several quilt tops with my "Stash". Yes just the tops, I am not sure I want to tackle the quilting part, we will see.

    I always wanted a general size to cut my left overs into without having to pick a pattern first. This magazine was just the thing to get me to open up those bins!!

  90. YBW | | #90

    Looks like a great magazine! I have so many scraps and could use some advise and motivation to use them.

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