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MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The New June/July Issue of Threads (#161)

We received our office copies of the latest issue of Threads, and I can’t wait to read it. Of course, members of our Threads Insider group already have access to the digital copy of the issue, and subscribers should receive their hard copy on or around 4/26. There are so many fabulous articles in this issue and so much to learn!

You could win a copy of this amazing issue by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Tell us which article appeals most to you. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline, 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, May 1, and you could win a copy of the issue. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during the week of May 7.

Here are the highlights:

  • “Engineered Stripes” by Judith Neukam. Learn creative ways to let the fabric’s lines lead your design.
  • “Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt” by Julianne Bramson. Five fabrics come together for a versatile pieced design.
  • “Sewing Destination: London, England” by Paula DeGrand. Discover why this culturally rich fashion and sewing metropolis rules.
    “Fit for Everyone” by Kenneth D. King. Sew removable covers to make your dress form work for multiple figures.
  • “Precision Placket” by Marguerite LeBlanc. Learn how to make the classic sleeve finish that most patterns don’t include.
  • “Stabilizing Tapes” by Linda Lee. Discover which products are best for beautiful, pucker-free seams and edges.
  • “Tissue-Weight Wovens” by Mary Ray. Make light work of sewing these airy textiles.

And of course, you’ll also find our regular departments:

  • Contributors
  • Letters
  • ThreadsMagazine.com
  • Notions
  • Tips
  • Embellishments (Distressing leather)
  • How Did They Sew That?
  • Designer Spotlight (Kay Unger)
  • Pattern Review
  • Fundamentals (Tend to your mending)
  • A Stitch in Time
  • Reader’s Closet
  • Q&A
  • Closures
  • Back cover

We all have our favorites. What do you think yours will be in this issue?


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  1. SharonPicone | | #1

    I just bought a dress form for my sewing business, so the article by Kenneth D. King about how to make the most of one's dress form for multiple figures could not have come at a better time. Thanks so much for this valuable information!

  2. dstme | | #2

    Precision Plackets will be interesting to me because I have always admired the sleeve packets but never able to get them constructed as neatly as in retail.

  3. dstme | | #3

    Precision Plackets will be interesting to me because I have always admired the sleeve packets but never able to get them constructed as neatly as in retail.

  4. whoneedlesthis | | #4

    I am looking forward to Sewing Destination; London, England.
    Being from Britain originally, I look forward always to any and all information about my homeland, especially if it involves fashion or sewing.

  5. QuiltinBarb | | #5

    I enjoyed the entire magazine when I subscribed, but I would like to read the article about tending to your mending!

  6. User avater
    WillaMcNeill | | #6

    Precision Plackets.

    I like learning technical approaches to problem solving.

  7. moviedoll | | #7

    I'd love to read the Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt. :)

  8. frilly | | #8

    I love stripes, but have never had the nerve or the expertise to incorporate them into a garment with fitted lines. The cover photo is inspirational, so I look forward to learning more!

  9. User avater
    Cheriezel | | #9

    Stripes! I'm sew addicted to them!

  10. User avater
    SewPassionista | | #10

    I love that I can access the June /July issue so early and really enjoy Threads Insider especially the videos.
    I have the perfect project in mind where I can use the stripes techniques in this issue.Thank you so much for all of this!

  11. User avater
    ShiningStar | | #11

    Sewing Destination: London. I love travel craft stories.

  12. User avater
    Knitawit | | #12

    I need to read about using my dressform for multiple sizes - usually my own. ;~}

  13. User avater
    cocosloft | | #13

    I used to work in Brighton, loved mags!

  14. DisparateDisciplines | | #14

    I'd be Most interested in the light weight woven article since I recently ordered some fabric online & didn't realize it would be a voile. I absolutely love he print but have no idea what to do with it. Since I'm not used to working with voiles I think the article would help give me the nudge I need not to be afraid of cutting into the fabric.

  15. user-1117949 | | #15

    I liked all the sewing instruction in this issue. Thank you.

  16. rebpalma | | #16

    I'd love to read the "Engineered stripes" article. Thank you very much!

  17. LauraBolcina | | #17

    I'll definitely read Tissue-Weight Wovens article.

  18. jozinn | | #18

    "Stabilizing Tapes" by Linda Lee, would be the first article I would read.

  19. User avater
    Draculash | | #19

    Don't know if the giveaway is available to UK residents, but I'd love to read the articles "Engineered Stripes" by Judith Neukam and "Precision Placket" by Marguerite LeBlanc

  20. jennywenny | | #20

    I have always thought this magazine is tops.

  21. Sarah108 | | #21

    The Bias Skirt article, I need to get in the mood for summer sewing!

  22. frkbustad | | #22

    I'm very much into pattern fitting at the moment, so the article "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth D. King will be my favourite!

  23. KatrinaMT | | #23

    I would like to read about the Stabilizing Tapes. I haven't ever used them and tend to steer clear of patterns or tutorials that have them. But if I knew what I was doing, there would be even more that I could sew!

  24. Redeva007 | | #24

    Bias skirts, stripes and dress forms oh my! This issue looks great!

  25. User avater
    TGDesigns | | #25

    I am excited to learn more about working with stripes. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Tips on keeping them lined up when stitching them would be most helpful. I LOVE Threads!!!!

  26. HandsOnHues | | #26

    "Sewing Destination: London, England"

    How dreamy

  27. User avater
    DinaSews | | #27

    Fit for Everyone is where I would head first. I have a dial-type dress form but the gaps that form when I open it up make it difficult to use for certain garments.

  28. user-1112013 | | #28

    Love the magazine!

  29. CarolJane | | #29

    As a bridal seamstress, I'll be most interested in the tips on sewing light and airy fabrics.

  30. staceyloohoo | | #30

    tough one to choose, but i would say working with the light and airy fabrics!

  31. User avater
    2tango | | #31

    LONDON, LONDON, LONDON what goes on in LONDON! Next to New York and Paris there is London I want to go badly but reading about it will have to do for now I cant wait! Suggestion; do more stories about the sewing culture in various locales and create contests for a reader to come along.

  32. SWoerner | | #32

    I don't know where to start, every single article calls out to me, If I don't win I will definately pick up this issue.
    The Bias Skirt (always have trouble with bias), easy mending techniques, products for stabilizing seams and I could go on to mention the others, but I will just have to wait and see.
    I have always dreamed of having a dressform even still I would love to read how to use one for different sizes.

  33. rsew | | #33

    Love, love, love! Threads Magazine has given me a plethora of great information over the years! Threads is the one magazine that just keeps on giving, I read it from cover to cover and sometimes reread it over again. All articles are of particular interest to me since I own a custom sewing/alteration business. Thank you!

  34. dragonflie58 | | #34

    I LOVE this magazine. All the articles are great, but I would like to read the Summer Sewing project. These magazines are "keepers," like a reference book, and a jumpstart for creativity and learning.

  35. lynnche | | #35

    I think the articles about "Precision Plackets" and "Tissue-Weight Wovens" will be the first ones I read (after, of course, the Letters, Tips, and Closures), followed by Kenneth King's article "Fit for Everyone", as I do sew for more than just myself, and can't have a room full of dress forms :-) I love Threads Magazine and devour it from cover to cover as soon as I get it (and save them all for future references). Thank you!!!

  36. tinapickles | | #36

    I'm really looking forward to the stripes article! I've got a very nautical-inspired dress in mind that involves matching stripes to create chevrons....


  37. JadaDuTierre | | #37

    I would love to read the Fit For Everyone article. I'm still a novice, but any help in fitting clothes is much welcome!

  38. User avater
    3LittleBrds | | #38

    Engineered Stripes and Fit for Everyone will be "must reads" for me!

  39. Emmab | | #39

    Would love to check out the bias skirt project!

  40. phyllisincanada | | #40

    Sewing with stripes for sure! I've attempted them before, but have never had truly acceptable results.

  41. beg6brg | | #41

    •"Tissue-Weight Wovens" by Mary Ray. Make light work of sewing these airy textiles.

    I quilt a lot with lightweight wovens and would enjoy reading this article. I once made my daughters prom dress and could REALLY have used this article. LOL

  42. SoSoSew | | #42

    I am most interested in "Fit for Everyone" because dress forms don't really represent real figures and trying to fit something on yourself is awkward at best. I would like to make a custom cover for a dress form that represents my real body so I can see how the final result will turn out, saving me from ripping out and redoing. It would also be nice to make one for my daughter so I can make her clothing and send it to her without wondering if it will fit or not.

  43. CindyBech1 | | #43

    I would be so interested in learning more about the "Summer sewing project" and everything else in the magazine. Can't wait!

  44. User avater
    Misty_Rae | | #44

    I would love to read the article about making stripes work for you. I tend to avoid stripes because they're just so hard to work with. This could inspire me to try again.

  45. srileyasid | | #45

    I hope reading Threads will improve my skills!

  46. torilynn | | #46

    I LOVE Threads~! The hand sewing articles are a favorite, and the couture touches, and the one about Making your own bra! LOVE THIS MAG.

  47. Meagan42 | | #47

    I have 3 little boys, and subsequently sew on a lot of knee patches, and make a lot of utilitarian, hard-wearing stuff. I would love to read the Summer Project article, and make a Bias Skirt, for ME!

  48. ValerieMac | | #48

    I'm most looking forward to "Sewing Destination: London, England"! I want to take a sewing tour of London soon! The whole issue looks great! Can't wait!

  49. vermillionsilk | | #49

    Definitely the London article. I want to know more what is going on or the history of fashion/sewing in other countries and cultures.

  50. alanapr1 | | #50

    I have to pick one? Only one? that's awfully hard to do, as so many of your articles are of a lot of interest. I guess, if I only get 1, I would have to pick the article on Stripes. I would love to be able to sew a dress like the one on the cover and have all the lines end up where they are supposed to.

  51. Diowyn | | #51

    Tissue-Weight Wovens is exactly what I am looking for in working with for an upcoming projects. I have some unigue designs but really neverous about using such delicate frabric. Can't wait to read it!

  52. User avater
    Momof11 | | #52

    Stripes or bias skirt articles have piqued my interest. I really do need to subscribe again...I end up buying each issue anyway as there is always something of interest...

  53. BoPeep | | #53

    Seriously, there's not a bad article in the bunch :)...and we have to pick just one??
    Threads has been my favorite magazine for years. It's one that I actually read. I guess if I had to pick just one it would have to be "Fit for Everyone". I love reading and working on getting things to fit right. Also, the "Engineered Stripes" looks real interesting and I love making plackets on my shirts. Well, as you can tell, I would enjoy the magazine.

  54. DTDavidson | | #54

    So many good articles to choose from. I am very interested in Stripes and Bias skirt.

  55. DDinDFW1 | | #55

    "Tissue-Weight Wovens" by Mary Ray sounds interesting to me now that we're coming to summer.

  56. Tree333 | | #56

    I'm definitely excited about the Summer sewing project. I love summer skirts and I'm interested to learn more about sewing on the bias. Combining two in one - it's a win-win situation!

  57. prissy | | #57

    Oh, wow. Do I have to pick just one? Bias Skirt, but then I also want to read about the sleeve placket, and fitting a dress form. I need this one.

  58. Starshine956 | | #58

    "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth King sounds like an interesting article. I'm in the market for a dress form and size choice is one point that has held me back. I think I see a dress form in my sewing room in the near future!

  59. sjune | | #59

    My vote has to be on stripes-fun when they match!

  60. sjune | | #60

    My vote is stripes-fun when they come together nicely! Thanks-----

  61. kathy222 | | #61

    Stablizing Tapes trips my trigger. Happy Wednesday.

  62. 14scotty | | #62

    I like to wear and make dresses, I like to read and sew the dresses in the magizine.

  63. Tarla | | #63

    "Sewing Destination: London, England" is an article I am very excited about because I may be traveling to London in a few weeks and would love to know about the sewing scene there.

  64. user-1120336 | | #64

    I'd love to read the 'Tissue-Weight Wovens' and 'Precision Placket' articles, but the whole issue seems really interesting for me!

  65. FiftysGirl55 | | #65

    I have been wanting to try a bias skirt looks like the perfect time to give it a go. Threads magazine is very difficult to locate in my area.

  66. mgrant7209 | | #66

    I want to read the article, "Fit for Everyone." I don't have a dress form yet, but...I will need it AND ths article because I am on a major weight loss mission and can't afford to keep buying or making dress forms.

  67. dpettersen | | #67

    I can't wait to read the cover story!

  68. User avater
    okgirl414 | | #68

    I love your magazine. The article about Tissue Weight fabrics sounds interesting. I would love tips on how to sew this type of airy fabrics.

  69. stitchplease | | #69

    Stabilizing & bias skirts!!! Can't wait!

  70. vmcm | | #70

    Engineered stripes! Love the cover dress. Hope I win :)

  71. mynetty | | #71

    •"Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt" by Julianne Bramson. Five fabrics come together for a versatile pieced design
    looks interesting. love the cover photo

  72. ninabernina | | #72

    Engineered Stripes" by Judith Neukam Your cover garment looks great! I love Threads!

  73. jharski | | #73

    Every article has something to learn from - great magazine!!

  74. rabage | | #74

    Really would love to read the article on interesting use of grain lines. Made a corset recently where I played with the grain line a little bit, but would like other tips.

  75. User avater
    LinLohLan | | #75

    Stabilizing tapes because I am altering garments due to weight loss, but the London article has my eye, too, as a longtime dream.

  76. User avater
    elysbeths | | #76

    I am super excited to read about sewing and fashion in London. My daughter and I will be visiting there in 2013 and I can't wait to explore fabric shops across the city!

  77. User avater
    SewBloomingCute | | #77

    I think I would turn to "Fit for Everyone" first. I make a lot clothes, and do alterations for all sizes. I like to upcycle. I made my own crochi(sp?) using my 12 yo granddaughter and an old coat rack!

  78. gadgetgirl369 | | #78

    I read Threads cover to cover, but I'm interested in the bias skirt article and the Sewing Destination: London England!

  79. User avater
    ExclusiveHerb | | #79

    Love, love, love it. I need this issue, badly.

  80. roryhalling | | #80

    I love the pattern review and seeing the reviewer's interpretation of the pattern!

  81. smockerlady | | #81

    Hi there,

    I would absolutely love to win this copy, why, to read the article by Kenneth D King...............that would be such a wonderful addition to the other superb tips and techniques I have gained from Threads magazine and its contributors over the years.

    Not a subscriber for the moment, so it would be a real treat........

  82. NMT | | #82

    All of it looks interesting, as usual, but specifically, I could certainly use pointers on sewing with stripes.

  83. buroburi | | #83

    I am specially interested in 'Fit for everyone'.

  84. Lizzieann3937 | | #84

    I look forward to each magazine to read, over and over. I'm starting to sew again after a long absence and thrilled at all the "new" ways of doing things and wide range of things to try.

  85. bozocat | | #85

    This looks like a yummy mag!

  86. armenbad | | #86

    The "Sewing Destination: London, England" sounds very interesting to read. I would like to be more knowledgable about european couture and would like to visit London next year.

  87. RoseOK | | #87

    I want to read the Stripes and the Bias Skirt articles. I have stripe fabric ready to go, but I will wait till I read the article. I love to see on pattern in different fabrics. Thanks for a great magazine.

  88. CMarieE | | #88

    I'm interested in the article on stripes, I love them and would love to have more information about sewing them.

  89. User avater
    tinker4u | | #89

    I love the playing with stripes wow factor!

  90. nottakingiteasy | | #90

    Tissue-weight Wovens sounds interesting. I've had trouble sewing sheers. I've learned a lot from the magazine. So I ordered the archive DVD. Now I need to buy a computer that can run it! A subscription is in the budget soon.

  91. pthgrl | | #91

    Definitely the bias skirt article for me... so the stripes article sounds good as well.

  92. Mimi_Oh | | #92

    The article "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth D. King. Sew removable covers to make your dress form work for multiple figures, sounds very interesting to me. I'd like to see what Mr. King has to offer in regards to taking my dress form and "making it work" for many body shapes.

  93. bailey631 | | #93

    Making a bias skirt would certainly be of interest to me. I find that sewing on the bias is somewhat tricky, and believe this article would be helpful.

  94. bailey631 | | #94

    Would be very interested in the article on sewing bias skirts. I know that sewing on the bias is quite tricky, and I believe that this might be helpful.

  95. designsbyjanetp | | #95

    I would be interested in reading the Tissue Weight wovens, as well as the rest of the magazine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. WandaJ | | #96

    With a great deal of excitement, I am looking forward to this artice, "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth D. King. Fit is something I have just not 'got down' to where it works for me so everything I can study by Masters of The Craft like Kenneth King is cause for excitement.

  97. User avater
    eviej | | #97

    "Sewing Destination: London, England" by Paula DeGrand.

  98. User avater
    nick0166 | | #98

    "Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt" would be really interesting- I need a new summer skirt!

  99. WoodGecko | | #99

    Wow - the cover photo dress is amazing! I can't wait to read "Engineering Stripes".

  100. User avater
    rdejam42 | | #100

    With 4 girls of various body types, "Fit for Everyone" sounds like it answer a problem I've had for years.

  101. maessy | | #101

    "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth D. King. Sew removable covers to make your dress form work for multiple figures. With different shaped bodies to sew for, this could make the difference between fitting someone quickly without them being there for a fitting each time a change is made on the garment.

  102. hojobj | | #102

    "Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt" is interesting to me because I love wearing skirts and bias skirts sort of scare me.

  103. Sunniloveaffair | | #103

    I would love to pore over the tissue weight wovens article!

  104. wingsgrammy | | #104

    I think my favorite article would be learning how to sew a cover for my dress form to make it work more accurately for the several people I sew several different types of garments. I will be making Ice Skating performance and practice dresses, prom dresses, Sunday kind of dresses and informal wear, shorts, tops and cami tops.

  105. User avater
    bcmcnutt | | #105

    Precision Plackets as my first project in years is going to be a shirt, and I'll need all the info I can get!

  106. kmegamom | | #106

    I can't wait to get my next issue, I look forward to my Threads magazine from the time I finish the one I just got, I only wish it came out more often! I always enjoy the articles on how to's, like the one you mention about making summer sewing projects, and I also enjoy meeting the designers! Of course there really isn't anything in the magazine that I don't like!

  107. beadembroiderer | | #107

    For me. "Fit for everyone" because when I make it to 100 lbs lost, I am rewarding myself with a dressform. I have never had one and have always wanted one. I also look at the seasonal patterns put in each issue, because sometimes I have trouble with one part of another of sewing the pattern, and the tester tells you how they got around the same problem.

    I made the Koos on the bias tube scarf out of a pack of Bali batik strips and it came out very well and very colorful. Your sewing projects help me with building a skills set because the interpretation of the instructions -- spacially and physically -- are often hard to see immediately, but become clearer with time. It was a challenge I really enjoyed and many people loved the scarf! Looking forward to the new issue.

  108. bajjmayer | | #108

    definitely the Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt--what a great thing to learn now that the weather is getting conducive to a cute summer skirt!

  109. Lorene | | #109

    As usual, there's more than one article that looks interesting. Ithink the one on fit will be the most popular.

  110. Lorene | | #110

    As usual, there's more than one article that looks interesting. Ithink the one on fit will be the most popular.

  111. SallieA | | #111

    Being able to adjust my dressform for more sizes is waaaaay cool. It will
    open many paths for my designs.

  112. user-1124789 | | #112

    I'm really interested in 2 of them, the Fit for Everyone, and Precision Plackets, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Fit a dress form, as my daughter and I both sew and would like to use my dress form. You have such interesting and useful articles!

  113. jodiwell | | #113

    Choices, choices, choices!!! Isn't that what we love about Threads?

    Having just gone through the pain of modifying my dress form so I could use it to craft my daughter's wedding dress, I am sure this will be a useful article. But I am holding my breath for Sewing with Stripes". I love the idea of creating architectural drama with "just" stripes.

  114. uflorme | | #114

    •How Did They Sew That? They say that curiosity killed a cat BUT solutions save a sewer. Love the Threads magazine.
    hope to win the contest and share with my "Sew Friends" group of the American Sewing Guild.

  115. User avater
    eviej | | #115

    "Sewing Destination: London, England" by Paula DeGrand will, I feel sure, be my favorite article. I've visited London several times and especially love the Liberty fabrics.

    Thank you!

  116. FrogMc1 | | #116

    Engineered Stripes! I would love to try stripes but I'm afraid.

  117. User avater
    bostonrose | | #117

    "Fit for Everyone" by Kenneth D. King who makes everything look so delicious! Since I sew for my size 2 daughter as well as "mature" self, being able to use one dress form for both of us. Can't wait!


  118. Anomori | | #118

    I'd be really interested in reading the "Tissue-Weight Wovens" article, as I'm a little frightened by very light fabric. I'd love to be able to make light blouses or dresses for summer.
    It's hard to pick only one article though, as they all seem very interesting. And the dress on the cover is lovely!
    I wish I could find your magazine in the newsstands in my country!

  119. Carly_Sue | | #119

    I would choose "Sewing Destination: London, England". Every choice you give sounds wonderful though. It is hard to choose. Threads online is the greatest. I really appreciate all that you present for we readers to learn from and enjoy.

  120. Mizmash | | #120

    Hard to choose just one. But my first read would be the article on Stripes. The dress on the cover is beautiful. So far, not brave enough to even attempt such a pattern.

  121. User avater
    monkemama | | #121

    The Dress on the cover is really cute. The design will hide alot of figure flaws.

  122. tsimshiangoddess | | #122

    I am most looking forward to "Stabilizing Tapes" - It seems to be one of those areas that I constantly struggle with.

  123. User avater
    reynalay | | #123

    I can't wait to do the "Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt" by Julianne Bramson. Five fabrics come together for a versatile pieced design. Also the article by Kenneth D. King on how to make the most of one's dress form is something I'd love to read about:)

    [email protected]

  124. hannah12 | | #124

    I am dying to read the summer bias skirt article.

  125. Purl_and_Seam | | #125

    I have a dress form that I was bought by my husband but haven't used yet, so I'm keen on the Kenneth D. King article so I can personalise my form and put her to work for fitting tops and dresses.

  126. User avater
    Abathie | | #126

    "Sewing Destination: London, England" by Paula DeGrand. Discover why this culturally rich fashion and sewing metropolis rules.

    Thats the article I am most interested in - I just love London and it's influence in fashion. I am really looking forward to this issue !!!!

  127. chika | | #127

    Stabilizing Tapes" by Linda Lee. Discover which products are best for beautiful, pucker-free seams and edges. My seams r not too neat so this article will really interest me

  128. Henfeathers | | #128

    This was an excellent issue and I felt pretty inspired after reading it. Inspired me enough to design and print off a skirt pattern to make for my lawyer daughter using an uneven stripe soft denim from my stash. Keep up the great articles!

  129. sososewing | | #129

    As soon as I saw the "five fabrics" and "pieced" piece, I was intrigued and wanted to see more.

  130. ThimbleLite2 | | #130

    I always love the Pattern REview in every threads issue. I get great ideas and see how things look, how hard was it to sew, etc.

  131. User avater
    eviej | | #131

    I see that the June/July issue of Threads is for sale on the news stands,but I still haven't received my issue!

    Can someone please help? I believe I've paid for TWO subscriptions and have yet to receive an issue (since Jan 2012).

    Thank you.

  132. moviedoll | | #132

    Has a winner been named for this yet?

  133. User avater
    CraftyAggie1 | | #133
  134. User avater
    CraftyAggie1 | | #134
  135. bajjmayer | | #135

    I love the summer sewing project idea...what aperfect thing to get accomplished for the summer

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