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BOOK GIVEAWAY: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

Jul 24, 2012
Article Image

You could win this terrific book!

In the “Notions” department of Threads issue #162 (August/September 2012), we featured the book A Field Guide to Fabric Design by Kimberly Kight (Stash Books, 2011). If you’ve ever wanted to design your own fabric, this is the book for you!

The book is separated into 3 clearly distinct sections, and in each the details and suggestions are clear and exciting. In the first section you’ll learn about basic fabric design, with insights directly from fabric artists. You’ll also learn how to design repeats by hand or by computer and how to create your own color palette effectively.

In the second section you’ll discover which fabrics are best for printing and learn the step-by-step techniques necessary to print using block printing, screen printing, or digital printing methods.

In the last section you’ll learn helpful ways to make designing easy whether you’re simply designing for fun or want to design professionally.

There’s certainly more to designing fabric than you might think, but Kimberly Kight will guide you through the process. If you were to design your own fabric, what would you use it for? Share your comment, and you’ll be entered into our giveaway contest. A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, October 10, and will be both announced on our website and notified via email during the week of October 17.

Good luck!

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  1. User avater WillaMcNeill July 24th

    I think it would be great fun to be able to combine my love of watercolor painting with my love of fabrics and sewing. I am not sure what I might use my own designs for.

    My most recent projects have been children's dresses for charity--so it might be fun to use my own designs there.

    Also I do small quilted projects of my own design--my own fabric design would be a plus for sure.


  2. Pearlprincess182 July 24th

    If I were to design my own fabric I would use it to make myself a dress or something. I might even think to frame as art work.

  3. misssarcastica July 25th

    Lately I've been looking for the perfect blue and white floral fabric, but to no avail, so I'd design that and make a dress out of it.

  4. oldsewandsew July 25th

    This would be an interesting book to read and work with. It's always fun to experiment.

  5. lynaeve July 25th

    I would design fabric for home decor

  6. Kathmarsh July 25th

    I have A LOT of fabric, but I'm often amazed to find that I am missing just the right print for my project. I would love to know how to design fabric for my quilts, purses, and garments.

  7. Debbiesews July 25th

    i would use my own fabric to sew unique blouses with. I am especially interested in how to dye or overdye fabrics or trims to match the fabric exactly.

  8. CherieFrid July 25th

    I'm trying to design a collection for Spring/Summer 2013 which will include fabrics I have designed (and have printed via someplace like Spoonflower). While I have digital design knowledge, this will be the first time I'm going to attempt fabric design; this book would certainly help my creative process!

  9. user-1127665 July 25th

    I enjoy designing such things as website background images and gaming images. If I could translate that into a fabric design, I would probably opt to design utilizing some of the newer laser burning techniques stretch velvet on mesh..for a unique future world/ apocalyptic feel.

  10. SewMyDreams July 25th

    Sometimes I create my own fabric by sewing together a few pieces of fabric in different colors. If I had an embroidery machine then it would be possible to sew motifs in an all-over design to create an interest on a solid color background. This book looks as it has some quite interesting techniques that I wouldn't my trying out.

  11. Christine_R July 25th

    I would love to do block or screen printing, and it would be fun to customise a design to the actual pieces of a clothing pattern, like a dress for myself or my daughter. It would also be fun to have cushions or throws that were hand printed.

  12. User avater MistressTailor July 25th

    I design a lot of custom clothing both for myself and for others and being able to design my own fabric prints would give me that extra edge. I've been wanting to design my own fabrics by using the spoonflower website but I've been stuck on how to go about it, especially how to do repeats. This book would be a great help in getting me started.

  13. IamLilyMunster July 25th

    I'd use fabrics I design for sewing my own clothing and for quilting! I'd love to win this book!

  14. user-1050845 July 26th

    I would love to read this book! Fabric design is such an interesting topic and the opportunity to be guided in it facinating.

  15. User avater elizabeth001au July 26th

    In my fashion design course we are studying computer techniques for many uses including fabric design. I dream of making a fabric like the Alexander McQueen "Red bird dress"

  16. moviedoll July 26th

    I'd love to design my own fabric to make myself dresses. I dream about different print designs, but never find them in stores. The other thing I find is I may like the print, but I dislike the fabric it's on... It would be so much easier to just make them myself. :)

  17. User avater fabricgirl56 July 26th

    I'm always looking for a good vintage print in the right color way. I would first make a dress, because that's quick. Then I would do prints for some home dec projects.

  18. user-1107752 July 27th

    i would use my designed fabric to create my own range of beautifully fitted summerdresses and my own quilt fabric to get my business of the ground again after my divorce.I am passionate about sewing and working with Fabric in general

    love Chris

  19. carolss July 27th

    Designing my own fabric is something I always wanted to do in order to create a floor length dress. Oh, the ideas are beginning to flow!

  20. SewWhatLilly July 27th

    Just been learning about silk screening and I have been reviewing some books on embellishment techniques. This book looks quite interesting and something I am ready to try. Sew. . . what's next. . .?

  21. User avater Harikleia July 27th

    Oh, my! A book about fabric design. I always wanted to learn how to do that. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  22. User avater Andysmom July 27th

    Pick me !

  23. sophronia July 27th

    I usually manipulate my fabric somehow before I use it. I would love to know how to design my own fabric!

  24. variadee July 27th

    What a great book idea as I have wanted to make my own designs for a long time.

    I would make mainly blouse/tops for myself as well as purse/bag fabrics. We have grandchildren who would enjoy jumping in on the process as well. Great fun for all of us!

    I am very small busted and try to wear print tops to distract the eye and mostly solid colors from the waist down.

    Designing our own fabric would be such a bonding experience along with great artisitic freedom.

    sewing with a smile, variadee

  25. MisterStitches July 27th

    Wow, another great inspirational book. Design is not just the style and structure of the garment it's also the fabrication used. This book seems like a great place to start in making/designing your own fabric. Well, I'm certainly ready to learn

  26. User avater marcyfashionista July 28th

    If I win that book, it will help me to create and learn how to design. I've been sewing clothes since I was 17 years old. There is always something new in fashion who wouln't want to learn more?.

  27. cecine July 30th

    It will help a lot to win this book for all my projets. I Thanks

  28. CelticDiva July 31st

    Fabric design is definitely the next frontier for me! I'm really interested to read this book -- would love to win it! Cheers!

  29. SewImaginative July 31st

    My mother used to take me to NYC to shop for fabrics for her latest wedding party. She was a fantastic seamstress; made her own patterns; sewed for bride, bridesmaids, mothers if bride/groom, ring bearer, flower girl ... you name it! I used to sit on the floor at her feet and sew on the crystals and beading for her designs (I was about 5 yrs. old!). She taught me to love the "feel" of the fabric and visualize how it would drape! Lord, how I miss her. Her name was Nell.

  30. needlesing1 July 31st

    I am big into DIY due to being thrifty as well the sense of accomplishment I feel. I would probably try my hand at reinterpreting a very expensive home decor fabric as well as trying my hand at a modern, cotton or linen apparel fabric.

  31. User avater SansSouci572 July 31st

    Why be limited to other's designs? I am learning to make my own patterns as well. Do not want to be doing the equivalent of painting by numbers with my sewing. Sewing is my art.

  32. vintagekara July 31st

    This book looks great! My sisters and I are all into fabric and design. I would love to design my own fabric to make my sisters special totes or purses with it. It would be fun for baby clothes too.

  33. marybethb July 31st

    i have a customer wedding dress fabric in mind! would love a peek at this book!

  34. ASGSEWS July 31st

    I've tried designing fabric a few times with so so results. I know I would benefit from having this book to put me on the right track.

  35. snowm July 31st

    WOW! THis sure looks like a fun book to read and learn from. Thanks for the oportunity to win.

  36. Zippylady July 31st

    I would love to design fabric for dresses and blouses for myself.

  37. Emmab July 31st

    This is something I have always been interested in.
    Would love to have this book!

  38. User avater samlilypepper July 31st

    I have been sewing since I was a little girl - I think I was about 6 when my grandmother taught me how to use a sewing machine. I'm so sad that it is no longer available to learn in school. This looks like a wonderful book about designing fabric. I'm always trying to expand my knowledge base and learn more so I would love to have a copy of this book.

  39. sewhipmomma July 31st

    I have dreamed of designing fabric for years now. When I walk into a store, the designs I have in my mind are never on the shelves. I would love to experiment and take my creativity to a new level.

  40. LAKBerry July 31st

    I would love to design a fabric based on my own embroidery designs/art work. I would have it printed and use it to make purses.

  41. User avater Knitnut July 31st

    After 40+ years of sewing, I have never ventured into this area, but recent exposure to manipulating, painting, dyeing, and stamping has renewed my interest in creating works of art instead of plain garments. What a new world to play in. Thank you to the author and to Threads for the great opportunity!

  42. meorens July 31st

    Oh, this looks good; I'd love to win a copy of this. You books are top quality.

  43. vo1234 July 31st

    Oh, I totally NEED this book.

  44. Ms_C July 31st

    What would I do with it? Sew. Make things. Bags, scarves, skirts and my favorite--shirts for my husband. It is wonderful to produce unique items with fabric now, but to have the control of creating the fabric as well as the garment--fantastic!

  45. User avater Norsecross July 31st

    I line all the dresses make, it would be pretty cool if I could pattern the inside lining fabric with a motif derived from the fashion fabric. it would be like a couture secret in the making of the finished garment, only known by the wearer.


  46. User avater Norsecross July 31st

    I line all the dresses make, it would be pretty cool if I could pattern the inside lining fabric with a motif derived from the fashion fabric. it would be like a couture secret in the making of the finished garment, only known by the wearer.


  47. TieDyeDivaPatterns July 31st

    I have wanted this book forever! I gave it to a good friend as a gift last year and she has raved about it. I am obsessed with elephants lately, I'd love to design an elephant fabric for children's wear/decor.

  48. sewing_teacher July 31st

    This book would be so much fun to have, I love trying new stuff with my quilting.

  49. somethinglisa July 31st

    This looks like a great book. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  50. user-1138829 July 31st

    I would love a retro print to make a nice timeless dress!

  51. MsHem July 31st

    what a great addition to a library! We can all use a little inspiration and help now and then.

  52. JoybyRobin July 31st

    Would love to design my own fabric ... for the times I can't find something at the store for my taste and because stores are so far away. Thank you for this chance!

  53. LizandLizzie July 31st

    It would be neat to design a fabric for wearable art & accessories.

  54. gr82trvl July 31st

    I've painted on finished products but it would be great to learn to design the whole fabric. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  55. YProfet July 31st

    I would makes things like pillows, curtains and table linens. Things that I could use again and again to remind me of the effort an creativity that went in to the design of the fabric.


  56. BusyGirlCreates July 31st

    I saw this book and was immediately interested - thanks for the chance to win!

  57. threadqueen July 31st

    Designing has always been a desire of mine but never had the confidence to try. Perhaps this book would spur me on and help me.
    Hope I am a winner!

  58. user-827617 July 31st

    I would create fabric for a quilt.

  59. user-2023086 July 31st

    I would upholster a couch and make a matching dress.

  60. russellgibson July 31st


  61. User avater suereal July 31st

    If I won this book I would use it to design fabrics for tons of things. Skirts, bags, hats, toys. Endless possibilities.

  62. bbieri July 31st

    I would use the design for clothing. What style of garment would depend on the fabric content. I am always looking for abstract designs in the color combinations that I prefer, but most fabric designs I find are too large a print.

  63. User avater LadyofShalott July 31st

    So often when thinking about a new project, you can't find the fabric you'd love to make it in. I'd love to learn how I can design my own!

  64. SewKnitStash July 31st

    Lovely book! I could do a lot with my own fabrics, from a futon cover to a dress!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. anteejack July 31st

    If I were to create my fabric, I would use it for my handmade dolls. Since I don't put faces on my dolls I love the material to be really colorful and full of patterns. I also would use the fabric for my pillows.

  66. whocarestosew July 31st

    My passion is sewing and fabric. Where shop the fabrics are sooo limited. This book will help me create that perfect design for a special project.

  67. lag21479 July 31st

    I would love to create a one-of-a-kind fabric for a dress or skirt! Or make a very abstract print to quilt or just frame as art for my office.

  68. luvstosew July 31st

    I've been sewing for 50 years having taught myself in my early teens. How many times have I had in my head the exact fabric I wanted to use to make something then having to make out of whatever I could find that was "sort of" like it? Way too many times for sure. I would love to know how to make my own fabric for that special jacket/bag/pillow/etc.!

  69. SEGnesa July 31st

    I am seriously enamored by the artistically designed fabrics made on behalf of the designers in Project Runway. I am sewing for a 4 year old, and I would love her name, her artwork, her favorite colors on dresses, pants, tops, etc. for her. What a kick! Pick me!

  70. koboclio July 31st

    If I won "A Field Guide to Fabric Design", I would design a fabric to use for my Living Room Drapes to make something truly individual. I have never been aqble to find a fabric for drapes that expresses my personality.

  71. User avater Kathrynn July 31st

    I would use my own fabric for everything.

  72. User avater Missahope July 31st

    How FUN it would be to learn to design your own fabric!

  73. arledesign July 31st

    I'd luv to design an abstract fabric and use it for a dress, or maybe a blouse..

  74. KarenH July 31st

    I would love to design fabric using my photography and print garments with specific designs for each pattern piece, whether front, back or sleeve, so they are asymmetrical.

  75. costaff1 July 31st

    Me me me me! :)

  76. janebackert July 31st

    Home dec. I can never find a print I like.

  77. Sadiecarl July 31st

    The town where I live is a hotbed of auto racing. For years, I've been interested in creating "souvenir" items for women that are, say, sophisticated enough to be worn to lunch in downtown NYC. I've created designs for scarves, but never had the wherewithal to have them made. I've considered various clothing designs that would require knowledge to create repeat patterns for the fabric. Most (cross that out) all of the fabric is only suitable for kids' clothes and/or clown costumes; I think sophisticated designs are possible and I'd like to be the one to make them.

  78. 7YaksDesign July 31st

    I would really love to have this book! It's just a stroke of serendipity too because this is my next creative direction.

  79. SharonPicone July 31st

    I've always wondered what it took to design fabric and would love to have a shot at winning this book.

  80. laxi July 31st

    I would love to design a fabric to complement my hand woven Guatemalan collection of fabrics. It has always been very difficult to find any ready made fabrics that I can use in combination with these beautiful pieces.

  81. Penguingirl July 31st

    I would re-create some of my favourite fabrics from my childhood dresses and quilts, and make them up for a new generation.

  82. AlohaShirt July 31st

    I have always considered myself a student of textile design! I would love combining my graphic design sense with my sewing skills to create small works of fashion art, both for myself & others. I learned my love for fabric while visiting grandmother when I was young: she lived above a clothing manufacturer in Southern California and we youngsters rummaged through the fabric scraps to make doll clothes! I also found that the grandfather I never knew was a tailor, so I am carrying on the family tradition.

    I would love to win this book, thanks for your consideration!

  83. MaryJanuary July 31st

    If I were to design my own fabric, I would use it create some fun, beautiful curtains or bold, unique tote bags!

  84. NRGee July 31st

    I'd love to create some historically-inspired large prints especially florals specifically to suit as garments instead of for quilting purposes - would also love to create more print choices in fine linens and wools as well as overprinting on textured weave fabrics in a way that highlights the weave and the print.

  85. user-1143996 July 31st

    All those hours spent searching for just the right more!

  86. Easier July 31st

    If I were to design my own fabric I would use it to custom decorate my home with window shades, curtains, pillows and quilts.

  87. Klaudia July 31st

    I would love this book, just to understand design better. I think this book would teach me how to use pattern better in my dress making projects.

  88. User avater Cheriezel July 31st

    I have always ogled some of the fabrics over at Spoonflower and wished I knew more on how to figure out the repeat - I would love to win a copy of this book.

  89. DrivesSewMachBest July 31st

    Wow, What an opportunity for the real me to come out!

  90. RosieSew July 31st

    All things fabric!

  91. picknstitch July 31st

    Mostly I'd design pieces that would be for small pouches and bags that would turn everyday items into special pieces of artwork. I'd also design for clothing. A special design for a panel in a skirt or just a pocket on a shirt- clever little up-do's to elevate the item to custom.

  92. zeusns July 31st

  93. User avater HStorm July 31st

    I would love to design fabric for apparel. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  94. zeusns July 31st

    Would love to learn fabric design. I sometimes have a picture in my head of what I want for a project and can't come close when I look for it,
    My main interests are wearable art and home dec.
    Thanks for the chance to obtain this book.

  95. Moonbeams July 31st

    After creating my own fabric, I would make a series of outfits, using the fabric in a special way on each item. On one item, perhaps the yoke would be of this fabric, on another, the collar, or a belt, or the skirt, or part of a handbag...oh my, I could go on and on. The sky's the limit!

  96. 2370 July 31st

    I would love to have this book as an addition to my sewing library!

  97. User avater rdejam42 July 31st

    I would love to learn how to design my own fabric so I could make personalized clothing for my girls and nieces. It would be so much fun and so cool for them to have real, one of a kind, outfits.

  98. User avater Phillippa July 31st

    I would love to design my own fabric line. I have hand painted silk for 24 years, and I have some patterns/designs that would be wonderful for apparel, or even table cloths and placemats

  99. Tanj July 31st

    My daughter is at Parson in NYC right now for a summer intensive and would love this book!

  100. User avater cindy_sews July 31st

    This fabric designing book sounds awesome. I would love to win one!

  101. User avater carynification July 31st

    I would like to include a piece in each outfit I created for myself, whether visible, or just known to myself in an interior finish as my special secret.

  102. katy_lady July 31st

    I work with fabric repeats as a fashion intern, and I'd love to have this book to help hone my skills.

  103. User avater smfsprout July 31st

    I would love to design fabrics to make one-of-a-kind clothing items for my granddughter. She is such a little princess and deserves her own special outfits.

  104. wolfkit July 31st

    I'd love to be able to make my historical costumes all that more 'authentic' by using more appropriate patterned fabrics than I can buy [and that is a very limited supply] but still be able to personalise the garments.

  105. mombee July 31st

    This book would be very useful for my daughter who is hoping to make fabric design a career when she finishes college.

  106. User avater AnnSewItGoes July 31st

    I always find something interesting and exciting on your site.

  107. User avater sewthernbelle July 31st

    I'd love to learn how to create fabric patterns so that I can use them to design a one of a kind collection season after season for my dream job of fashion design.

  108. User avater AnnSewItGoes July 31st

    I would use my fabric design to create great jackets, bags and quilts. I already print fabric to use on gifts that I sew. I would love to learn more about designing my own fabric.

  109. CheriDowd July 31st

    I recently visited Springs Creative in Rock Hill, SC and learned so much about the process of fabric design. They have a wonderful work area and a terrific archive of fabrics from over 100 years! This book would increase my knowledge in an area of interest....

  110. Wodnesdaeg July 31st

    I am intrigued by the idea of fabrics that are designed to be used in a specific garments.

  111. artsncrafts July 31st

    As a fiber artist I'm always looking to learn as much as I can. The latest is weaving my own fabric for clothing. Finding thread/yarn to fit a garment is truly an art. I'm just beginning and finding trial and error can be expensive as well as time consuming. This book is now on my wish list.

    Thanks DeniseWeaver

  112. user-2018212 July 31st

    would love to win this book.

  113. lucky_cat28 July 31st

    If I don't win this book I think I need to purchase it! It sounds awesome.

  114. happylamb July 31st

    I love to design my own machine knitting designs for my own knittted fabric, but to be able to design woven fabric and have it printed would be wonderful. I like to print design on printer fabric sheets for quilted items. But I think it would be nice to design fabric for home dec items.

  115. designsbyjanetp July 31st

    This has been my dream to design fabric, for quilting and sewing garments and home decor. I am especially addicted to quilting right now, so I would love to make my first designed fabric for quilters. If I don't win this book, I will definitely buy it as I have been looking for something like this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. User avater Andysmom July 31st

    I have been wanting to design fabric for quite a while. While looking at Spoonflower, I have ideas but just don't know how to bring them to life. This book is probably just the nudge I need. Pick me!

  117. catisnapping July 31st

    Lately I've been bookmarking instructions for purses and little pouches that I'm finding all over the internets. I'd love to design my own fabric to make some of these wonderful designs with.

  118. EmSewCrazy July 31st

    Oohh! I love making unique dresses and clothing! This would be an exciting skill to learn!

  119. user-1109679 July 31st

    It would be fabulous to be able to have a print I linke AND in a color-way I can use for garments... It is tough to find something that meets both criteria...

  120. hotdotyuki July 31st

    I would love to win this book. Thank you for the opportunity. It would sure help me to design my own fabric.

  121. bekabug8 July 31st

    I've been thinking about buying this book for a long time! It would be great to win.

  122. user-80987 July 31st

    I can't think of anything more creative than having the skills and confidence of designing your own fabric, and this book seems to have the right ingredients in helping those of us who are design-challenged to create just the right fabric for our clothing and accessories. I need help!!!! Pick me!!!!!

  123. User avater bubbecraft July 31st

    I'd like to design fabric for my tween aged grand daughters. Most choices are either to juvenile or to mature.

  124. User avater CarrGrand July 31st

    It would be wonderful to know how to make my own fabrics! I would able to create more specialty items and custom garments. How fun that would be!

  125. user-283129 July 31st

    Redesign fabric is a great way to turn fabric that you no longer love into an item that you enjoy, like purses, vests (with pockets) or even mobility aids, since I am now having more difficulty in moving and usually only have one hand available, as the other is using the cane.

  126. User avater Elle_F_Studio August 1st

    There are lots of things I could use the fabric for--bags, apparel, home decor--since I sew so many different things. And I love textile design!

  127. user-1150018 August 1st

    I would love to design fabric for softi, sheer silk jackets! yummiest stuff!

  128. simiquilt August 1st

    I would use my own fabric for the quilts I make. What fun to say it is an original design.

  129. sewcrazynancy August 1st

    Love learning new techniques from Threads. Never saw a book like this one before...looks very interesting.

  130. RoniBarr August 1st

    I've had a few semi-successful printing experiences with using laser printer images and acetone. They make fun, personalized t-shirts. I would love to win this book and be able to learn new, creative, colourful techniques!

    Thanks. :)

  131. iloveitsew August 1st

    What a wonderful opportunity to explorer the science of creating exquisite art form in Fabric.

  132. ScoutLeader August 1st

    As a weaver, cloth design is a critical skill that I am sorely lacking in...perhaps help could me on the way?

  133. kslaughter August 1st

    I love the idea of making something completely from "scratch." Designing my own fabric would be a huge step in bringing that aesthetic to my sewing. I would love to have this book in my library--thanks for this great giveaway!

  134. Jorey August 1st

    I have been designing my own fabric in very small way - nothing larger than for bags, purses, etc. I find this great fun using wet into wet techniques with watered down acrylics, sometimes also adding motifs with permanent ink pens. I would like to know much more about designing techniques and to make use of the computer with which I have been unsuccessful so far mainly because of lack of knowledge of the tricks, but also the drawing implements (mouse or pen) much too difficult.

    I do hope I am lucky!

  135. kehrhahn August 1st

    Would love to win this book! Another tool in our box to use and spur creativity! Thank you!

  136. User avater StitchnChick August 1st

    Ahhh....many times while designing, I know what fabric I need. The only does not exsist! So many times I have wanted to create/design my own fabric to complete the project, just as it was envisioned.

  137. sewing_mavens August 1st

    I am in the midst of painting my livingroom and would LOoooooVe to make a patterned fabric for curtains and maybe pillows!!! It is always fun to learn new stuff.

  138. MDGardener August 1st

    Oh! What a great tool to leap over the "but how do I DO it?" barricade! Thanks for this!

  139. ozparker August 1st

    I would love to design fabrics for little girl dresses.

  140. Ldbruck August 1st

    I would love to create a fabric print to design my 4 and a half year old niece, a budding fashionista, a dress. Though, really, the possibilities are endless on what projects I could apply original fabric designs. A topic worth exploring!

  141. trudiram August 1st

    I would use my fabric for quilts and jackets.

  142. D_Mac August 1st

    I would love to be able to have the perfect fabric design for the project I'm working on. It seems I can never find the fabric I want for the garment I'm making. And I'm tired of seeing ready wear with big gaudy flowers on anything made for "real women."

  143. EvaSuzanne August 1st

    We have several copies of this book in the public library. It is an excellent book with very thorough and inspiring information. I'd love to have my own!

  144. velorutionista August 1st

    I'd love to design my own fabric to use for my home decor.

  145. manystitches August 1st

    It seems as if many times I go to the fabric stores with a material or design in mind I can not find what I am looking for. So I sometimes have to choose "not just the right fabric" to do my sewing or craft projects.

    My project "Bucket List" is long and when I think I have made progress, it gets longer. I would have to think long and hard about designing my own fabric just so it could be used in several projects. That would be fun.


  146. User avater kershawgirl August 1st

    I have a surface design background, but have been out of it due to my K-12 teacher day job. I would like a refresher course, and this book seems to be just that. I would use my fabric for some nice, new blouses that I can wear that are a bit dressier than what I have now. I would use some ties around the neck, ruffles, and some other treatments to make the garments special. It would be so fun to wear them.

  147. User avater lpeirce August 1st

    I have always wanted to design my own fabrics. I also love to play with design. The idea of designing my own fabric and using my own design is a major goal of mine. I would start with light weight jackets for work.

  148. JeanneNS August 1st

    I do a lot of surface design samples in classes and to just try out new techniques. It would be wonderful to learn how to actually transform them into fabrics, this sounds like a great book to get some insight into how it's done.

  149. Alexandra August 1st

    I've just had this book from the library and it IS wonderful. I would use my designed fabric to construct a sheath dress.

  150. user-1132808 August 1st

    I would design a fabric that would joy to elderly resident in nursing homes to be used as lap quilts or totes to hang on their walkers. I would also design a fabric for boys clothing and quilts.

    There is not enough prints on the market for boys.

  151. user-1149478 August 1st

    I've got all these designs flowing through my brain as I fall asleep and it would be wonderful to to put these designs on fabric to use for clothing or quilting. This book would be a great addition to my sewing library.

  152. user-1132808 August 1st

    I would designed a print that would bring joy to the resident in nursing homes to be used as lap quilts or throws and totes to hang on their walkers.

    I would also designed a print for boys clothings and quilts.


  153. textilewizard August 1st

    I love stitching different and unusual fabrics, and am a passionate pattern cutter. But design my own fabric - this I have never tried. I would love to win this book and try my hand at something completely new.

  154. User avater 2tango August 1st

    I would love to try my hand at designing my own fabric for some simple little skirts I love to embelish fabric so designing would be fabulous!

  155. sputnik August 1st

    If I were to design my own fabric I would start making suits with blouses with matching jacket linings for one-of-a-kind outfits. I have patternmaking experience and have had a class in designing fabric using various techniques, I found it to be very interesting. These were class projects using muslin. Thid book appears to be what i need to advance to other fabrics for clothing and home decor. My own designs would solve the problem of just the right pattern for a project and not having to settle for inadequate ready made designs.

  156. liannemo August 1st

    I've done some work with all-over patterning on fabric, but I'm really interested right now in designing border fabrics, mainly to use in garments. Border fabrics are trickier! Also, there's a lot I still need to learn about different kinds of repeats. I've looked through this book and it looks super-helpful!

  157. chachito August 1st

    I have been always very interested in fabric dying which it's a big part in designing fabrics, the colors that you use can change a design completely. That's why I would like to win this book.

  158. user-1135709 August 1st

    Judy says: I am always for trying new things and have recently wondered how can I design my own line of material. Oh! What fun that would be. I would use it for making toddler clothes and my grand-daughters are old enough to appreciate designer clothes. I love sewing for them. And also in my quilt making.
    I would really enjoy the book and read it from cover to cover. Thank you for the opportunity to write for the book.
    Judy McKee

  159. sewprettylulu August 1st

    I'm a new fashion desgin student , and a book like this would really help me to a great start in my learning journey ! Thank you xoxo lulu <3

  160. letsquiltnow August 1st

    Great...another way to truly personalize a project. And not just another "run of the mill" book redundant in ideas.

    Designing your own fabric sounds like a great way to flex creative muscles and get out of that proverbial box.

    I'm ready for that next challenge!

  161. sandysheep August 1st

    Am a textile addict who would LOVE to win this book! thanks for offering it-----

  162. user-343586 August 1st

    I would love to win this book!

  163. user-98214 August 1st

    Looks like a fun book!

  164. User avater SewwithDGulley August 1st

    This book will inspire me to take my patterns and fashion designs to a new level.

  165. User avater slmendes August 1st

    I love fabric and would love to get to the level of designing my own fabric. I have a good friend who is a fabric designer and I envy her job and creativity. This book would be a great way to learn this craft.

  166. Arlumizu August 1st

    My passion: fabrics, sewing, knitting, and more. This book will be a great addition to continue inspiring all my creative designs.

  167. Mengar August 1st

    Oooh, I really want to add an individual touch to my garments, and printing my own fabric would be just the thing!

  168. sewerdownunder August 2nd

    Would so love to gain the knowledge of fabric design to use in sewing using fabrics and cloths from thrift stores.

  169. user-1076406 August 2nd

    If I were able to design my own fabric, I would use it for my cloth art dolls. My creative mind goes wild when designing the unique, one-of-a-kind dolls with their outfits that need to be truly fabulous and unique. Currently, I manipulate fabric with threads, etc. - but to create my own would be very cool !

  170. User avater SewingDenise August 2nd

    Dressmaking is my first love, however to use my own custom designed fabric to recover my couch and sew new window treatments for the living room would be a dream.

  171. Bananner August 2nd

    This is getting spooky! Just as I am daydreaming about a particular technique or fabric, Threads reads my mind. I've been thinking about how cool it would be to print my own fabric, and this is the perfect resource! Thanks!

  172. Carly_Sue August 2nd

    I am like many other gals in that I have wished I could design a fabric for a particular project. I would like to make one of a kind jackets with painted or embroidered borders swell as other unique designer touches. I love sewing home furnishings and this book would give me many ideas and know hows.
    Since so many have registered for this book, and only one can win it, how about giving each of one? o/ Or at least more than one winner!

  173. user-2018032 August 2nd

    I would make some fun Kid's clothes, but bags and Napsacks would be good, too.
    And then I could finally pamper myself with some beautiful clothes for me....

  174. CathyB August 2nd

    I found a place where you can get your designs printed: Even if you never get that far, it's exciting to see what people are coming up with!

  175. User avater EmKay96 August 2nd

    If I were to design my own fabric, it would be to create something appropriate for window treatments. Nothing like personalized drapes to scream, "This is my house!"

  176. Sanntech9 August 2nd

    If I was able to design my own fabric I would make wonderful pencil skirts. I tend to go for the solids, but I want to make some nice print skirts, but find I do not like many of prints available, so I would create the prints that would suit my style.

  177. Noelle_J August 3rd

    As someone who's new to sewing, this would be a life saver. I now have 3 projects which haven't quite worked the way I envisioned because of the wrong fabric choice. Help me :-()

  178. mabowles August 3rd

    This book looks compelling. i'm just starting to research how to make fabric designs, and this book needs to be at the top ofmy research!

  179. User avater iris68 August 3rd

    Sometimes I have a specific project with a pattern/ fabric design in mind. But it is not easy to find it in the store. I think I would make lots of designs for my child clothes, maybe for myself too. And accessories!

  180. kaponton August 3rd

    Just the thing to get those creative juices flowing!

  181. User avater azbarbara August 3rd

    I'd create a fabric that is all at once; comfortable, cool and sunblocking

  182. xlvx August 4th

    thanks for the giveaway

  183. katiebodle August 4th

    This is something I have wanted to do for years----the book sounds great. I design differendt projects, including clothing. Though I have never designed fabric--I have some books that I bought years ago, but this book sounds like I could really do the design. Thanks

  184. docwhaley August 4th

    I'd love to have this book. It would be so helpful when I have this vision in my head of a fabric I'd like for a sewing project or quilting project, yet can't find it anywhere.

  185. User avater runwaygal August 4th

    My mother is an artist and I am the seamstress.
    Combining our talents might yield some great fabric
    choices and this book would get us started.

  186. user-876449 August 5th

    I think A Field Guide to Fabric Design is just the book that I need to help me bring together the techniques I've been learning about surface design in a way that will enable me to create cohesive, beautiful fabric.
    Plus it will be a nice addition to my growing library of surface design and textile art books.

  187. anniebananie August 5th

    I SO-O-O-O-O want this book. Lots of ideas floating around in my head but need the technical knowledge to get them out onto fiber.

  188. pdlb1956 August 5th

    I would love to have the technical knowledge for making my own fabric designs. So often I'm in the fabric store and just can't find the right pattern, usually because the color or colors I'm looking for aren't 'in' right now. I'd also like to learn the technics for different fabrics such as pleather.

  189. pengwenhsd August 5th

    I've been toying with putting up some of my art on spoonflower for a while now. I'm sure this book would make anything I do look more professional and keep from learning everything the hard way.

  190. shelly123 August 6th

    ill just put it with the rest of my books.

  191. user-498501 August 6th

    As a creative designer you always strive to be differently unique. Being able to design your own fabric would be a great addition to be able to do that. I would collaborate with local artist in my community and a design based on the fabric and I would also design fabric based on the likes and the personality of a customer that I was custom make clothing. That would be great!!!

  192. User avater jamama August 6th

    pillows! pillows! pillows! Can't have too many!

  193. gigisgyrlz August 7th

    I always wanted to create my own fabric designs. I have tons of ideas and I know what I want to create and what it should look like, but finding exactly what I want can be difficult if not impossible to find. This book would be a welcome addition to my sewing library!!

  194. dshalverso August 7th

    Learning how to design fabric would solve the problem I have had in trying to find just the right fabric for a project I'd like to sew. Submitting the design to an on-line fabric printing business means my projects will be completely original!

  195. LauriR August 7th

    I've been thinking about designing fabric for a while now, but other things have interfered with my researching the subject. It would be great to get this book to start on a new phase of my designing!

  196. User avater ctdamsel August 7th

    This book is a must have for any fabric enthusiasts library!

  197. sewingheaven888 August 8th

    If I was to design my own fabric I would make a unique dress for myself:)

  198. loverly August 8th

    To economize and "help the planet," I love to reuse fabrics from various sources and there have been lots of times I have needed a certain color or patterned fabric to "tie" a project together. Creating my own would truly be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  199. Mezoaria August 8th

    I've often wanted to design my own fabric but didnt know where to start. Hope I can win this book to learn

  200. luvtodesign August 8th

    If I won this book, I would make fabric for a vest, shirt, and pants. I would love to learn how to make designer fabric.

  201. soexperimental August 9th

    What would I do with material I designed?...any and all of the above.
    My daughter and I would love this book

  202. KtsMom August 9th

    I would love, love, love to win this book!!! I am teaching my 15 year old daughter to sew...what a joy to be able to create unique fabrics!!! Thanks, Threads...always the best source of sewing inspiration!!!

  203. schrodanger August 11th

    I do need this book because I can't even imagine designing fabric, inasmuch as finding a use for it. I'd love to try.

  204. User avater TaraSews August 12th

    This school year I am hoping to start a home ec club at the my sons middle school, since the budget cut it out completely. The main focus will be sewing and design. If I could design my own I would hope it can be shared to pass on and inspire the students to want to do more. I know my home ec teachers were the best and because of them I am still sewing today.

  205. User avater oliviasalina August 14th

    I would like to use my own printed fabrics to give people the opportunity to have fabrics that best suit their personality and needs to create garments and home decoration that make them feel happy. :-) In three words "Fabrics on demand".

  206. Rainbowheart August 14th

    I studied Textile Design in college. This would be great to add to my knowledge and book collection.

  207. 2nantc August 14th

    My daughter graduated from Emily Carr University with a degree in Industrial Design. If I won this book, it could help her design a fabric to use in a marketable product, to get her career going!

  208. gailete August 14th

    I would like to read this book to understand How fabric is designed and then if I could desgin some fabric, I would probably put it in my next quilt, since I can stretch one yard of fabric into many quilts over the years!

  209. user-896350 August 15th

    This would be exciting to read how to design your own fabric. I would use to make various crafts. Also, would share this book with my 9 yr old niece who is eager to learn how to sew. She loves shopping for fabrics at the store. She just loves crafts.

  210. kmichellel August 15th

    This would be a great addition to my fashion library. I am a fashion designer (still working on my degree, though) who dabbles some in home decor. If I designed some fabric, I would create it for fashion apparel as well as some home interior projects. The sky is the limit, maybe not even the sky!

  211. Sharon_Carbine August 15th

    My first project using "A Field Guide to Fabric Design" as my reference would be to design a fabric with happy colors that I would make into a jacket that would complement numerous outfits.

  212. user-2047015 August 17th

    If I could design my own fabrics, I would stop being disappointed when I can't find the fabric I dreamed up for a particular project!

  213. ShuChick August 17th

    If I were to design my own fabric, it would be something that reflects my love of shoes, and I would use it on everything imaginable!

  214. user-1148414 August 18th

    I am now trying to use nature items as a tool to print with, as well as standard stencils. I am also working on an original design to use on fabric that can be duplicated onto bolts for possible sales to textile manufacturers. Using things found in nature such as feathers, odd shaped stones, pine cones, variations of leaves, and just odd things found when hiking are inspirations to use for printing. I want to consider my work to be God's Fingerprints in the textile world.
    Mary Brueckmann-Lundeen

  215. patspatch August 19th

    it would be wonderful to win this book. then look out world!

  216. User avater Mama_Morro August 20th

    Oh, how I long to feel the pages ruffle through my fingers, to breath deeply of that new-book smell, to ration out the pages with care so that I don't gobble the book up at once, to lean enthusiastically over the pictures, wishing I had someone to ooh-and-ahh with. This book is right up my alley, so....pretty, pretty please pick me! I'll be your best friend! (You are already MY best friend, Threads Magazine!)

  217. SEGnesa August 21st

    There is a fabric designer about 75 miles from us in Carson City, NV, and I hope to pay her a visit before the summer season is over. This book would be a fabulous source for me as I investigate the amazing possibilities in our modern era.

  218. user-1110557 August 22nd

    I'd love to winn this book to try out all the creative suggestions it will give.

  219. User avater marec August 22nd

    I have so many caftan patterns, and would love to have the perfect fabric to use. I am petite, and many bold prints are lovely, but too much for my frame. What fun to start with a fabric perfect for me!

  220. soexperimental August 23rd

    I have just started playing with paint and printing with paint to enhance my sewing, and to show it to my sewing guild group. I have had funwith these experiments, and it's surprisingly easy to get an interesting effect. I would love this book to play with. M

  221. CathyB August 23rd

    This book is on my "someday, someday" buy list. Winning it would be teriffic.

  222. jrevadiva August 24th

    how do i enter for a chance to win ???

  223. User avater Fontfreak August 24th

    As a lover of all things fabric, but especially prints, I would love to own this book!

  224. memarston August 25th

    No matter what I do I always have more to learn from books videos and others experiences. What a great resource this book would be as I continue my adventure

  225. joyjen August 25th

    Oh, please, please, please, Pick Me! I would love this book so much! I have been preparing for this step for some time and this book will help me make the leap! Besides, the drawing is on my birthday, of all days! What a great birthday gift that would make for me.

  226. rosemary28052 August 26th

    I think I am lusting after this book

  227. fashionfean August 26th

    I would make a fabric for a chair cover to go over an old comfortable swivel rocker. The current fabric is that kinda of faux chenille in a brown. I would love to come up with a contemporary print to update this dated, but lovable chair!

  228. Beth18 August 29th

    Just started experimenting with printing my own fabric and am loving it. Making my own clothes is the first step and printing my fabric is next. Would love more information so I can really express who I am.

  229. JoyK September 23rd

    I would love to make some clothes using my own fabric. Thanks for the chance!

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