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Project Runway Season 10: “Women On the Go”

Tim and Michael at the Michael Kors store in New York City. They presented the designers with the challenge of making a day-to-night outfit for the Kors customer. 

Tensions ran high on Project Runway’s Episode 4, themed “Women on the Go.” One of the designers went – running away from the show in the middle of the night!

Andrea decided she did not want to be a part of the competition any longer and left the designers’ apartment. Her decision caused other designers to question their commitment to the show. Tim tried to calm the nervous designers, but Kooan also decided to leave. 

Raul, who was eliminated in Episode 3, was asked to return to the show. 

After all the psychodrama, it was on to the competition and clothes!

The challenge

The  designers were tasked with creating a look for the Michael Kors woman (worldly, fashionable, confident), a look that she could wear from day to night. They studied the looks at his New York store before starting on their own designs.

There were two guest judges – designer Rachel Roy and actress Hayden Panetierre.

Don’t forget to tune in next week – “Project Runway” Season 10 airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays on Lifetime, and you can watch the full episodes the next day at MyLifetime.com.

The best

Sonjia won for a form-fitting wrap dress with an asymmetrical neckline. It was quite sheer, though!

Joining Sonjia in the top three rankings were:


and Dmitry:

The worst

Buffi was sent home for designing a short dress with a sheer overlay drape. It looked as though Buffi had just tied and belted a jumbo scarf over the whole dress. I don’t think the Kors woman would find that confident or sexy.

Buffi’s losing design:

Raul was back in the competition due to Andrea’s departure, but it wasn’t a strong comeback! He finished in the bottom 3. 

Fabio also finished in the bottom three:

And the rest:






and Ven:

So, what did you think?

Designer anxiety seemed to take over most of the episode. It’s always a shame when a designer gives up the opportunity “Project Runway” represents, but the show is a pressure cooker.

What do you think of Andrea’s decision to leave?

Do you think Kooan made the right choice too?

I wanted to see more work from both of these designers – how about you?

If you were on Project Runway, do you think you could take the pressure?

The designer exodus has also influenced my questions about the show! I mustn’t forget to ask about your thoughts on the winning and losing designs.

Do you think Sonjia deserved to win?

Did Buffi deserve to go home?

Was there another design you felt should have been the top pick – personally, I’d like to wear Christopher’s look!

Please share your thoughts in comments on this post.


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  1. user-2005712 | | #1

    b. was the correct one to go home.
    s. dress was beautiful but oh my. see through for daytime? what do I know. It also had one little funny droopy area under the right arm pit. I'm sure it would be an easy fix.
    melissa's was disappointing to me. Looked like something I'd have worn after dance class in the late 80's and 90's
    christopher's was my favorite. very cool and sexy but not too much.

  2. Cherlyn | | #2

    Ven is very good with evening looks. The dress he designed didn't fit all the criteria this week but he was safe. He is very talented.

    I was torn between Dimitry and Elena. I really loved Dimitry's dress and I thought it might win after listening to the judges. Gunner's details were nice this week so I like his outfit. Sonjia and Christopher's dresses were nice but I'm not into the look they presented; however you see similar designs oout there now. This look has been around for a few years now.

    Melissa's dress had too much fabric--her model was drowning in it! I liked Fabio's print, but he needed to do something else solid to break it up and his dress was too short. A woman on the go would constantly be tugging at the hemline on an airplane just to keep her bottom covered (if that would even be possible---things ride up when you sit).

    Buffi deserved to be cut sending her model out in that sorryful mess--it should be torched! Raul will be gone again soon. How did he ever get through design school? Maybe he is just learning.

  3. User avater
    SansSouci572 | | #3

    I don't see how Andrea, Buffy or Raul even got on the show in the first place!
    Our fellow Threads sewers can sew and design better--

    I am not surprised that Andrea snuck away in the night. She took no responsibility for being at the bottom in the episode prior and denied saying she would be relieved when if she had to leave. It appeared she did not know how to work a machine, a serger I think it was, and also did not know how to cut fabric properly. I don't see how she could even be an instructor..let alone be on the show..

    I wish Kooan would have waited just a little longer and not given up, even if he knew he would lose eventually. I feel like if you make a commitment, you should honor it and do your best. Lots of times people have felt like giving up and then went on to win one or two episodes..and he would have learned a great deal by staying. Oh well.

    I would have chosen Christopher to win.

  4. User avater
    Soli | | #4

    I'm just not all that wowed by any of the entries. I think that this was about as close to a real life fashion challenge as the designers could get, because most of us spend our days running from one thing to the next. Other than the sheerness and the bubble issue with the right side of the bodice, I did like Sonjia's dress. Very cute, beautiful draping. I figured it was between her and Dimitry. I was sort of surprised that he didn't really talk about how much effort he put into draping the dress and how there was only one main seam. I think that if he had brought it up (or maybe it was edited out?), the judges might have given more weight to his scores. Kors was right that the dress would have been a knockout in red. I generally like Melissa, but her layers reminded me of Eileen Fisher meets Holly Harp. The coat that Elena made was hideous. If it makes the stick thin model look like the Michelin Man, what would it do on a real woman?

    As far as Andrea leaving, as one of my friends, a five-time PR audition reject says, those who can't teach, but she was also pretty bitter about a spot being taken up by somebody who just gave it away. I think that Christopher's throwing her under the bus on the last challenge had a big effect on her, more than she showed on camera. You knew Kooan was loosing it with Meana Irena; he just shut down, and he's right. He can find his own niche in the market without being part of the competition, but I think that they've progressively made more of the challenges short, because I seem to remember the first five seasons having more two-day challenges early on. Maybe now they think that everyone knows the show and knows what to expect, but I know that there's no way I'd last two weeks in that environment, so I've never bothered submitting an application. I would have liked to see more from Andrea; her two clean lined submissions piqued my curiosity, but I could do without Kooan's clothes which seem to be fit only for those who go to Cosplay events. Did Buffi deserve to go home? Yes. I think her skills didn't match up to her creativity in styling herself, and her submission reminded me of 80s clubwear. I also think that Raul will be going home soon, because those trousers were about as bad as that horrible lampshade dress that Ping Wu made way back when - the one that bared her poor model's bottom.

    I still think that Ven, Dimitry, and Sonjia will be the final three, although Dimitry could be swapped out for Christopher or one of the other guys.

  5. alaskapsych | | #5

    I wasn't in love with any of the designs. And from my perspective, the clothing in the Kors shop was brightly colored. The offerings were all so drab looking. And I know it is reality TV, but gee whiz, the drama was overwhelming!

    And is it my imagination but did Koowan's english get better as he was leaving?

  6. sews4fun | | #6

    I agree with some of the previous posts, I wasn't overly impressed with any of them......again.
    That said, I also agree this show is a pressure cooker and I wouldn't last either.
    I think if I were to go on the show, I would come forearmed.
    Meaning I would design before I ever went on the show, practice the construction of those designs till I got the sewing time down to a minimum and then audition. After all, there are only so many catagories in fashion, daytime, evening, sportswear and coture that I'm aware of.
    Come up with at least 20 different looks and have then in your arsenal before you step foot in New York and maybe you would have a chance.
    I don't have a clue about what I would do to even get ON the show as you really seem to have to be "out there" to even be considered for a slot on P.R.
    I do applaud all of the contestants, they clearly work their butts off in an environment that seems to set them up for failure.

  7. Ikebana152 | | #7

    Sonjia's draped dress was well designed and executed, but who do you know, that is not a celebrity, that is going to wear that sheer dress as day wear into evening? Christopher and Dimitri fufilled all the criteria, including day to evening. One of them, not Sonjia should have won.

    Let's hear it for Rachel Roy! A desgner judge, who actually understands the garment construction, tailoring, etc. More real designers as judges, please

    Andrea's departure was cowardly and immature.

    Kooan, admitted that he did not have expertise in an earlier challenge, which i thought was refreshingly honest. I wish that he would have stuck it out though. Anja, last season, had limited sewing ability, but worked her vision with the tools she had.

    In general, i find this season disappointing. The casting seems to have tilted more in the direction of reality drama than fashion talent. Fabio may be great looking to judges because he has a head scarf and ropes around his neck, and Hooan is a character, and Elena's B$?'.! Factor is a 10, but where are the innovative designs? With a few exceptions, where are the sewing skills?

    I doubt that i could ever work fast enough to produce a garment at Ven's level in the time allotted, but aren't the contestants on this show supoosed to have that expertise?

  8. user-261446 | | #8

    I am a little sorry Andrea left. The outfits she wore herself were attractive. Especially that jumper she wore in the last challenge with the origami-style fabric arrangement on the front. Her designs for the competition were quite lackluster, though. So maybe she had to protect what was left of her dignity.

  9. Moonbeams | | #9

    I would find the pressure too much. While I agree with the designers on most things, I sometimes think that many of the fashions would be fine with a small change.

    It's difficult to watch the cattiness among the players. I understand competitiveness but the hysterics just because one is under pressure is ridiculous.

    I also think that there are times when the judges are downright unkind. Just because someone doesn't design the way they do isn't a reason for making them feel unworthy. I do agree that sometimes they miss the mark but to make them stand and then give sarcastic comments is below the belt.

    So, I could never be on the show but there are times it is entertaining. If it becomes too catty, though, I simply turn it off. I want to see quality design, not silly adults being mean to each other. Just my opinion.

  10. User avater
    KarenGass | | #10

    Buffy should have gone home - that was a tacky mess she sent down the runway :(

    I really thought Dimitry should have won, that was a Gorgeous dress - but why is everything so drab? It's hard to see the details on TV when the garments are black.

    Overall, I think Ven is the best. He has taste and ability and talent. He should go far, and I hope he does.

    I KNOW I would never hold up under the pressure of that show. I just can't sew for that long at one time. But I think, if you've committed to something, and then find you can't go through with it - at least have the grace to say good bye. But then again, I've never been in those shoes, so who knows?

  11. user-2054510 | | #11

    I did not disagree with the judges decision to send Buffi home, however, I think the commentators above were a little harsh on Andrea, though seemingly empathetic with Kooan.

    Andrea is 50 something years old. She has an identity and has already had a career, and from what we are told a successful one. I think that she realized that she didn't "need" what was being handed to her and what she was going through. The pressure on a reality show is very different from the real fashion world. And while, it is in fact a test of sorts to see if you can make it in the real fashion world, so is Navy SEAL training. What I mean by this is that it is by no means representative of what it is really like to be in a fashion career. I think she probably was embarrassed, ashamed and frustrated with the interview on the chopping block and in the end, saw that she did not like the person that the show was asking her to be (from my experience they ask pointed questions to get the contestants to throw others under the bus in interviews and on the chopping block). Kooan's departure was interesting. He seemed to shut down. It may have been that all his creativity was being morphed by a show that was demanding him to be someone else, to create for a modern woman, and clearly this is not who he is. His choice to leave was sad. You could tell he felt suffocated, lost and depressed.

    As for the winners. I think Dmitry should have won. That dress was gorgeous. Sonji's was beautiful but my heart was with the little grey dress that I agree should have been in another color. I also agree with one of the comments above that it will likely be Sonji, Ven and Dmitry in the top. I hated Elena's jacket. Her model looked like a football player. It was not avant garde at all, maybe it would have been better as a cropped football jacket? Melissa's outfit was interesting. I wished we could have had a closer look at it as there seemed to be a lot of layers and details we were missing along the way. She seems like a very strong designer as well.

    Finally, I feel I must say that Gunnar's attitude and personality is quite disgusting. There is not a shred of modesty in his demeanor. He doesn't seem to have any appreciation for humankind and would probably throw a Buddhist under the bus if it earned him a little in this world. Gunnar is sadly representative of a person who has no sense of community in this world and loves only when it is to his benefit. I wonder what the word sacrifice means to him. I am disappointed that he is on the show, because while I understand the show has to choose people with dramatic personalities for ratings, he has no shred of dignity or integrity and is a disappointment to our species.

    Christopher, on the other hand, showed a lot of remorse from what happened on the chopping block and that really touched me. While frustrated with Andrea, you could tell he was trying to be nice to her the whole time. This was extraordinary of him and very big of him. I applaud and respect him as a person.

  12. starrsewsabit | | #12

    Dmitry's was fabulous. I'm disappointed that so many chose to use black. Black has been one of my pet peeves on pattern envelopes also. Details do not show up!! If they want neutral colors they could choose dove or darker gray or gunmetal blue -- even a dark wine. Stop with the black. Who wants to go to a party with everyone in an LBD?

    I am actually confused by the judges comments and choices. One week they like designs that are instantly commercial, the next week they want "fashion forward", then it's young, urban, couture, etc, etc. I think it confuses the designers-- it certainly does me.

    I think the designers do a remarkable job of "designing on the fly." Not all designers can do that though, and it adds to the stress that many of them feel. "Make it work" is like looking for the ripcord while hurdling to the ground!!

  13. pentimento | | #13

    I am rarely goosed into writing, but I was more than a little disgusted with the way PR handled Andrea's departure.

    I agree with user-2054510's comments.

    Note that Andrea is an accomplished and successful designer, going by "Andrea Katz Objects ~ AKO." She is one Vogue Patterns few "named" designers, sharing that honor with Michael Kors, along with other fashion luminaries such as Donna Karan/DKNY, Anne Klein, Badgley Mischka, and Chado Ralph Rucci, among others.

    Project Runway is a "reality" show, however, it is NOT Reality! As user-2054510 implied, success within that limited arena does not predict in the industry. Over the past few years, many of the competitor's seem to believe that merely being emo or outrageous, or otherwise whining how they were "born to do this" is adequate qualification for a spot on the show, despite poor technical/sewing skills and little knowledge of fashion design, history, etc. If I recall, some had no familiarity with simple sewing terms like "ruching" or "shirring."

    Andrea seemed a quiet, non-confrontational sort, whose work under pressure did not exhibit her talent. Her/AKO's two current patterns at Vogue display the aesthetic she favors in her own clothing, though perhaps being a little more feminine).

    While I don't understand why she submitted to PR10 in the first place, she certainly didn't need the validation of the panel, nor the demeaning attitudes of many of her co-contestants. And, given Heidi's recent outfits, her taste is questionable, and her endorsement meaningless.

    I wish Andrea all the best.

    Beth F.

  14. User avater
    PKD | | #14

    I really like Dmitry's the best. I could not wear anything so "thin" to work or anything with one shoulder or many of the other designs. Work clothes for the most if us could never be very short, low cut at the neckline, tight all over, something with too much material about. Many of us meet the public and we have to be professional and while being professional we often have to be able to preform duties that make us bend and lean over pull up and often physically make contact with people. The clothes we wear have to be able to do all of that while looking nice. I work at a medical office but I wear street clothes even though I work with the patients. My clothes have to be a lot of things and since I am in management I almost always wear dresses. Folks at work have to think about safety and regulations so again some of the designs would not work. I know there are some jobs where you can dress like a model but the most of us do not work in places like that or do we have shapes like models at least any more. I would love to see designs that are new and beautiful and make me feel feminine and pretty and still meet all the musts of the office.
    Thanks for all, I love your magazine.

  15. Lucysweetlips | | #15

    I think Sonja's design is too shear, though in another faric, it would have been a different story. Cristopher's dress was great, and Gunner's (again in another fabric) also very stylish. As to the designers leaving - WRONG. The fashion field is crazy at best, these designers better grow up or pick out another occupation, one with less stress.

  16. user-911134 | | #16

    Based on the most recent show I find myself questioning the judgement of the team who decides who is chosen to appear on this show. I am sure there are still talented new designers out there but I am really wondering what the deciding factors are to be chosen to compete.
    I would like to see more about the designing and sewing and less about the drama, I am really close to removing this show from my DVR!

  17. allthatjazzercize | | #17

    I agree with @PDK. I could have never strut into my office at Dish wearing most of these designs! I was surprised the judges didn’t touch upon that issue. This is shaping up to be a really interesting competition though! Some of these designers are so talented. I’m excited to see who will be deemed the winner. Man, Thursdays have become jam-packed with a bunch of interesting things to watch now that preseason football has begun, and let’s not forget about Shark Week! I’m glad I upgraded to the Hopper DVR just in time, which lets me watch or record up to six things, so I won’t miss a thing. Who do you guys think will get eliminated next week?

  18. User avater
    Stitcher75 | | #18

    I would wear Gunnar's design. I guess that's why it didn't win. The others are over the top for work.

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