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The Pink Horsie Jacket!

Dec 11, 2012
Article Image
I was in Toronto recently, speaking for the CreativFestival and generally making myself useful. While I was there, I had some spare time to wander down to Queen Street. For those who haven’t been to the fair city of Toronto, they have some very hip shops on Queen Street. In one of the vintage shops there, I found this very cool pink jacket. I bought it because the detail was so exceptional, and am sharing it with you here. It bears a Mexican label, and the craftsmanship is really nice. Judging by the color and shoulder line, I date this to the late 30’s or into the 40’s.  I had to go into the lining, where the color hadn’t faded, and it was Schiaparelli Shocking Pink–more confirmation of my guess about the date. The applique here is exceptional–the 2mm wide gold suede edging on the black suede is just that–edging.  Cut to shape to outline the black, not a straight strip just stitched on. The pocket is functional as well as beautiful! The buttonholes are set on a diagonal, to blend with the applique pattern along the front opening.   The buttons, after being sewn on, have a 2mm wide strip…

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  1. LaurieDiane February 22nd

    So glad Ispotted this post...What an exceptional find! I sure would have snapped that up myself! Like you say, the detail of the sew-manship is exqusite. I looked over the pictures forever in awe. It is funny we call our retro motorhome Trigger and it has a Western type theme. I can see me in this jacket rumbling down old Route 66 in it. Thanks for sharing this great jacket with us. Enjoyed it completely!

  2. User avater KennethDKing December 12th

    And to Keltiknotyes: I did indeed name him "Horsie". My boyfriend, who has done dressage in the past, says the word "horsy" is an adjective, as in "horsy people", but the actual animal can be called "horsie"--it's a kiddie term, as in "horsie rides"-- so that's what I named him, as he's so whimsical. The cowboy, I guess, is "Roberto Rogers".....?

    None of this makes much logical sense but isn't it fun?

  3. User avater KennethDKing December 12th

    Sadly the right shoulder is distorted because it was crooked on a hanger for quite a long time. I replaced shoulder pads to see if that would help, and it did, but I'm reluctant to take the seam apart or otherwise monkey with it, as I don't think I can help it much. So I'll just pose more asymmetrically so it isn't so noticeable.

  4. BettySewsAlot December 12th

    WOW! So lucky are you and it fits like a glove..

  5. user-1123583 December 12th

    I love the jacket and the detailing. Question though, what is wrong with the right shoulder? It looks stretched out or something. Would this be fixable? I would hang this find up on the wall as art!

  6. User avater tinker4u December 12th

    What a wonderful jacket; you look fabulous in it!
    I love the color that vintage pink fades to.
    This year I found a beautifully home sewn 1940's navy crepe dress with pink edging that fits me perfectly.
    I love vintage!

  7. user-1116680 December 12th

    What a find! The workmanship and is a piece of historic art, just beautiful. When I first saw the jacket I thought of the female gender but it looks Great on was meant to be!

  8. KeltiknotYES December 12th

    Beautiful jacket and you look beautiful in it! My only negative comment is that something that relates to horses is, "horsy," according to Webster's, not, "horsie;" unless of course, you've given the horse depicted on the jacket the name "Horsie," as a proper noun.

    Once an editor-proofreader, always an editor-proofreader, I'm afraid!

  9. User avater KennethDKing December 11th

    Thanks for the kind comments!

    As for how does leather become shocking pink? I believe it's because it's tickled pink to be made up into this fabulous jacket!

    And the buttons--they might be bone--definitely not ivory or plastic. I was surprised that they weren't silver, either, but who was I to quibble? The unexpected here is really nice--it blends with the front border in a way that silver might not.....

  10. user-682960 December 11th

    That jacket is truly an amazing find. The detail truly is fantastic, or perhaps I should say fantastico. I do wonder, however, about the buttons. If they are bone or ivory, they might be right but I guess I would have expected silver buttons on a jacket that nice!

  11. user-2120205 December 11th

    I love to buy 'vintafe' garments. The sad thing is I buy them whether they fit or not!!! I have a bit of a thing for vintage lace and anything hand crafted. It would be lovely to think someone might give my handmade garments the same respect in the next millenium!!!

  12. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine December 11th

    Senor King,

    You have a shopper's eye, a model's stance, and a stunning south-of-the-border find.

    A tip of the sombrero, and a knowing nod.

  13. joyjen December 11th

    Kenneth, Thanks for sharing this little gem with us and exposing all of the fabulous details. I knew the minute I saw the email that this would be an article from you. I guess I'm getting to know you through Threads.

  14. HarmonyQ December 11th

    Kenneth, you look divine in this jacket! Would you be able to explain how leather becomes shocking pink?

  15. User avater Thommi December 11th

    I wish I knew more about what to look for when shopping in antique shops, other than it looks really old ;)

  16. velogiant December 11th

    It suits you to a tee!
    Thank you for a close up of the detailing. This is a really special find and not something that I would dream of finding in Australia.
    It's an amazing jacket.

  17. sandipratt December 11th

    OMG !! I love this jacket !!!!! You are a lucky man to have found this treasure

  18. user-1149424 December 11th

    I found a custom made woman's Doma Vaquera jacket at a swap meet once - cropped, fully-lined suede with delicate appliqued vines on the sleeves and in a medallion on the back. Mexican leatherwork is amazing.

  19. EllenMorrison December 11th

    The work on this jacket is indeed exceptional. Love the pocket! Thank you for sharing. Several years ago I bought my daughter a Chinese jacket at a vintage shop so she could marvel at the appliqué work on it. I'm sure this jacket and its creator have a history, and I hope some readers can help you in that direction.

    This jacket looks exquisite on you, Kenneth! Congratulations on your sharp eye! I hope you get a huge amount of enjoyment wearing it and, I hope, showing both of you off a bit in this festive season!


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