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Magazine Giveaway: Sew Home

Mar 06, 2013
Article Image

Threads latest magazine Sew Home.

The newest Threads special interest magazine Sew Home includes 47 stylish projects to freshen up and decorate your home with pillows, slipcovers, curtains, and more! The magazine includes information about what tools you’ll need, as well as how to sew the patterns. You will be able to give your entire home a new look.

What’s the first thing you would do if you were able to give your home a makeover? Leave a comment with your response and you will eligible to win this magazine! The deadline for comments is midnight, March 15, and the winner will be chosen the week of March 18. An email will be sent to the winner of this giveaway.

Good luck!

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  1. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine March 6th

    Slip covers, curtains, pillows - there are so many "first things" I would do to doll up my dump.

  2. User avater itssewjenny March 6th

    Right now my daughter, her husband and their three children are living with us while my son-in-law transitions out of the Army. We had to move our entire family room into storage so they would have a room for themselves. They should be into their own place by this Summer. Our youngest child has one more year of High School then he will be leaving for the Air Force. My husband has promised to allow me to redecorate our entire house with the exception of the family room, he gets to have his "man cave" area. I have long wanted to decorate in French Country Cottage style. Now that it will be just the two of us I am finally getting to create that reality! I have been thrift store shopping for tons of fabric and diy refinishing projects. I have already started in our bathroom and bedroom and am currently working on a fabric headboard. I could use a book with some fabulous patterns for some new pillows to go on the bed and perhaps some new curtains in there as well!

  3. User avater WillaMcNeill March 6th

    We moved in 6 year or so ago and then everything went crazy. We were dealing with 3 elderly parents with many many issues. We are down to only one now and should begin to do those things that never got done early on. We need to do window coverings, decorative pillows and so much more.

    Need to have a push and this might just be it.

  4. User avater sewa2z March 6th

    I definately would like to make slip covers, I have a sofa and love seat that is quite old and financially it would be better if a could make a nice slip cover for them, with a few new pillows to go with it. It would dress up my living room. I also need to make curtains/drapes for the bedrooms.
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  5. shreyash March 6th

    Refurnishing the home is exciting and when we have inspirational ideas from the Sew Home magazine it will be fun!

  6. TnCrafter March 7th

    I would use it to create new pillows. And a fabric headboard for my tired 1950 Bassett bedroom set.

  7. cecine March 7th

    This book has everything for a new fresh home. Thanks

  8. User avater DeeVine March 7th

    Would love to have this magazine gift. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. User avater CarrGrand March 7th

    I would make decorative pillows for my bedroom and living room. I would also work with my teen to make a padded and beaded headboard for her bedroom with coordinating curtains.

  10. User avater SewingDenise March 8th

    My living room couch has a fitted cover and it is in need of replacing , I would make a new cover for that first. Next I would make curtains for the same room.

  11. MaryNoony March 9th

    I would use this magazine to find out how to make cushions for my kitchen chairs

  12. User avater purduemom March 10th

    I would love to tackle re-upholstering a sofa, chair and ottoman. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

  13. ntaga March 10th

    Slipcovers, definitely slipcovers. You wouldn't believe how ugly some of my upholstered chairs are now!

  14. susieqmb March 10th

    I want to recover my antique German bench seating for my kitchen table. It is very large and has two chairs with it. I would love to learn how to recover it and change the cushions with piping or a differnt type of edging. I would love this magazine!!

  15. User avater user-2428990 March 11th

    I have recently started reupholstering and wonder about helpful tips this magazine may have.

  16. CovingtonClass March 11th

    I just took down drapes and made 141" rod pocket lined drapes. Would like to learn to pinch pleat...

  17. User avater gwensews March 11th

    Perfect timing! I'm in the process of selling/buying a home. the new house will need curtains, drapes, pillows, you name it. Starting all over again.

  18. user-1138829 March 12th

    This looks like awesome inspiration!

  19. savannagal March 12th

    Oh where do I start. My home was built in the 80's and has never been updated. It needs gutting and starting over.

  20. Stillsewing March 12th

    Since I moved into my own house, with my husband, after I left my parents home, I have never ceased to update and add to our home. There isn't a curtain or a cushion (I believe you call them pillows in the U S) tablecloth etc in the house that I haven't had an input into but I'm always looking for new ideas.
    Ideas from the New World would go down a treat so please do let me be considered for your new release! Thank you for reading this far.

  21. debrajwebb March 12th

    I am deep cleaning, organizing, selling on eBay and garage yard sales and donating. I am finding new ways to use and reuse things I already have for a new eclectic, creative, inspirational home sweet home decor look and comfort oasis! I would love to sew some beautiful floor cushions with removable and washable covers!
    Great giveaway I would love to win!
    <3 ;-}
    Debra J Webb

  22. peej2 March 12th

    I need help and this would be perfect! I describe my style as "eclectic" but it's just a hodge podge of stuff.

  23. User avater terry321 March 12th

    First things first, window treatments throughout. Then concentrate on refurnishing the living room and kitchen chairs.

  24. christaj3 March 12th

    Paint!! When we purchased our home two years ago, the walls throughout the entire house had been repainted a stark white using low quality, semi-gloss paint over textured walls. My husband can't understand why I want to paint our walls when they already have new paint! But I simply cannot stand how generic our walls look especially considering the beautiful arched windows and high vaulted ceilings our home is built with!

  25. user-2240071 March 12th

    All magazines from Threads are great, SewHome Included!! I'd love to win a free copy of this magazine, as the $$ I save on the cost of the magazine could be spent on fabric to make new pillows, etc!!
    Please pick ME to win!! I really need new curtains & I'm not sure how to do so, magazine would help immensely!


  26. mmpeacock March 12th

    Completely gut my kitchen and redo everything! Especially the floors and cabinets

  27. Mizmash March 12th

    Pillows, several in different patterns. Followed by curtains, of simple design, but eye catching fabric.

  28. Hattiemay March 12th

    I would use it to make new slip covers and pillows. I would love to win this as I need help! Thanks!

  29. SingingRiver March 12th

    If I were to give my home a makeover, I'd reupholster my vintage sofa. I bought it at an antique store because the style is attractive and it's comfy to sit on, but it's pink, which only emphasizes the "early attic" style of the living room. I need to choose some great fabrics and get busy on this sofa, the two side chairs, and a window treatment.

  30. zilgma March 12th

    My tired house has seen 19 years of raising our four children, and is way overdue for upcycles of every type - upholstery on chairs and couches, curtains, bedcovers, rugs, walls.... you get the idea! Now that I have more time to pursue what I like to do, I always collect/curate ideas to help me get started, and inspire me to keep with it until completed!

  31. anab1 March 12th

    Since I rent, personalising a home is such a difficult thing to do. You can't paint, put up wall paper, or change anything about kitchens or bathrooms. So the small things I do have control over are my furniture. I would totally make slip-covers for my crappy sofa and maybe some sort of headboard for my bed. I think I would also make curtains since they are easy enough to change.

  32. CarolynSoto1 March 12th

    I'd get rid of my 13-year old kitchen. Stainless steel and black granite don't do much for me anymore.

  33. user-2432618 March 12th

    If I won the first thing I would do is I would make my own finishing touches for my newly remodeled master bedroom. It is in desperate need of finishing.

  34. Connied March 12th

    I would start by sewing new curtains, drapes, pillows and bedspread. After I would go on to reupolster chair seats and cushions, then finally the sofa and chairs. I am just itching to get my hands into sewing for my nest!

  35. I9 March 12th

    Waiting to decorate my home for Spring. I think Sew Home is full of new designs and ideas and would be really helpful

  36. user-376130 March 12th

    So much to do and so few ideas!!! Help Sew Home! I need to redecorate bad. Empty nest but the egg shells are still here!!!! I need to get them OUT ;)

  37. user-2414670 March 12th

    I would like to make a headboard with fabric to match the comforter I love. Have the fabric but no pattern for a headboard for a King. This means changing the curtains in the room. I would like to put new seat bottoms on my dining room chairs. The workroom/office needs major organization changes that must do a better job of accommodating my sewing notions. A new shower curtain with towels embroidered on the same theme. ... I could go on. Help me out with Sew Home.

  38. Va1erieKay March 12th

    This would help me quite a bit as I recover furniture & cushions. I also make drapes, etc! I would like to make a 'wardrobe' just for my home someday! :)

  39. LJM55 March 12th

    I would make a set of slipcovers for all of the furniture in the Family Room. Also I would make some throw pillows. We use this room a lot, so the slipcovers would have to designed so that they can be easily, and quickly taken on and off. (I know frequent washing will be required with my "crew."

  40. i4dzn March 12th

    Make my master bedroom a sanctuary! It needs brightening up and a little more style. It has the blahs! I would love french doors leading out to my backyard, too.

  41. User avater slmendes March 12th

    I saw this magazine at the fabric store and thought it looked good and full of fun projects. It would be even more fun to win it!

  42. yogisheavenonearth March 12th

    Recover the window seat cushions in my studio and make draperies for my master bedroom windows.

  43. User avater azbarbara March 12th

    This looks like a fun issue! :)

  44. ConnieLK March 12th

    I would love this magazine.

  45. austen11 March 12th

    It's hard to say, I would like to change it all. But, I think new draperies wold be a great place to start.

  46. Dona4ky March 12th

    I would love to win this, because I am looking to change my home in some way.

  47. babyfoetus March 12th

    I would love this magazine. I would redo the settee, the curtains, cushions, make a bed for my cat to keep him out of my fabric baskets!!!! and so much more!! Many thanks

  48. nitsel March 12th

    This magazine sounds great! I would start with new drapes and throw pillows.

  49. User avater LaraFR1 March 12th

    Do something to my couches. They need help!!!

  50. User avater iris68 March 12th

    I would do a lot for my home! But... I am not sure I can do it all. Maybe this book could teach me?!

  51. gem43 March 12th

    I'm going to love this magazine! I would love to make something new for our bedroom. It really needs help.

  52. squirrel_ee March 12th

    In redecorating I would make some colorful curtains and pillows to start and change the look of my living room. Then I would move on to the more challenging slip covers for my couch and chair so they match.
    The bedroom would be next, pillows to match the duvet cover.
    Making these will be good so I can pick just the right fabric.

  53. organdy March 12th

    it would be great to have an up-to-date stylish guide for the home, as i do project after unexpected project.

  54. Katywho March 12th

    The first thing you see when you enter our home is the sunroom which looks out to the backyard. Unfortunately Grandmas cat tore up the shades on her last visit. I would love to put up new window coverings on the floor to ceiling windows

  55. Terry6 March 12th

    I love Sew News, this is a very fitting addition to the Sew line. I would love to win this subscription!

  56. Tru March 12th

    I want to change my dining room into a library with the two window areas made for sitting and plants, all light colors. It would be great to have some guidance on picking small areas to start.

  57. sewersteph March 12th

    My living/dining room needs help. My chairs are 40 years old. I would like to redo them, but how? The chairs and table are in good shape, just dated. New pillows for the couch would be nice, too.

  58. sewersteph March 12th

    My living/dining room needs help. My chairs are 40 years old. I would like to redo them, but how? The chairs and table are in good shape, just dated. New pillows for the couch would be nice, too.

  59. Lady_D March 12th

    Since I do not own my home, there is very little I would be allowed to do to spruce up the appearance... Renting isn't all it's cracked up to be. This apartment needs paint, carpet, window coverings... and new interior doors just for starters. The whole apartment has a retro 1960's look to it that, quite frankly is wearing thin. Heck, for that matter, it would probably be easier just to do the whole building over from the ground up... yeah, it IS that bad.

  60. user-1078356 March 12th

    We built our little retirement home on a small lake in the northwoods and I need to make some sort of window treatments that will add some softness to the window frames without obstructing the gorgeous view. After that I'd start refinishing my dining room furniture. I'd love a "cottage" effect without going too old-fashioned or "cute".

  61. skinneylegs March 12th

    The first thing I would do to give my home a makeover is to convert a spare bedroom into the perfect sewing studio because it has the perfect picture window, which allows perfect sunlight into the room. I would drape the window slightly with a beautiful window treatment, include a futon with a homemade futon treatment (children friendly), create a few built-in storage compartments for my sewing items (fabric, thread, etc..)install built in music system to listen to, add colorful pillows to my beautiful futon. Add pictures of old sewing machines and pressing irons that were used back in the day. Then add plenty of lighting for the moments the great sunshine is not beaming in the room.

  62. User avater Momof11 March 12th

    First thing I would need to do is rent a dumpster and clear out all the clutter and the 18 year old carpet to start with a clean slate! Then decide a color theme and paint and buy new furniture.

  63. Tecelao March 12th

    I have to admit, my home is (and probably always will be) constantly in a state of 'make over'! At the moment I'm weaving an area rug for the living room so my next project to tackle will be making slip covers for the upholstered furniture pieces that don't coordinate with the new rug. I don't like everything to be too 'matchy' but I do like all of the colors to harmonize. I do like your publications. They have a nice mix of projects from quite challenging to fairly simple, which is nice.

  64. tekc96 March 13th

    Paint the kitchen, then paint the living area,then ect.ect.ect........

  65. JaneCisneros March 13th

    On a large scale, new kitchen counters. Immediately, I'm craving some new pillows for the family room.

  66. soexperimental March 13th

    maybe this is really what I need to get inspired to do a makeover!!!!

  67. Weena March 13th

    First, I'd make cushions for the seat and back of my DH's wooden rocking chair, followed closely by new seats for the dining room chairs. Next, I'd work on window treatments for the living room and master bedroom. And then...

  68. mbailey March 13th

    The announcement of this magazine inspires me to plan slipcovers for my dining room chairs. I would like a couple of sets in seasonal colors.

  69. resi March 13th

    I love curtains... and i think I'll can get new solutions for home. Don't you think i, too??:):)

  70. SACH57 March 13th

    I would love to make lampshades. The ones in stores are so dull. I have some lovely lamps and new shades would perk them up. I think this magazine would be great!

  71. Annemorr001 March 13th

    Just about to embark on my first curtains. I am making a set for two bathrooms and a living room. At this point planning a roman shade for one.

  72. PaulaSch March 13th

    Love your publications, all are filled with so much inspiration, ideas and helpful hints. There's never enough time to do everything I want, but it gets my creative juices flowing and kicks me into third gear. I always find something to perk up my home or wardrobe. Thanks for yet another creative publication to draw on!

  73. User avater Mama_Morro March 13th

    I've been a reader of Threads for many years, and a subscriber for a few years, and I was given the DVD of all back issues for my birthday last year (best gift ever!). I have never had a subscription to a magazine that I more look forward to receiving. Each time it comes, I carefully ration out the articles, to make it last(though I desperately want to gorge on it all at once!). Today is my birthday, and what a lovely surprise it would be if I were to win the issue of Sew Home that you offer! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win another fantastic Taunton publication!

  74. rlkmath March 13th

    I would love ideas for things to make for my home. The magazine seems like it would have a lot of projects to ponder.

  75. User avater sewold March 13th

    maybe it would inspire me to make the curtains for my kitchen - before the material deteriorates!

  76. Terf March 13th

    OMG, I would start in my bedroom, hasn't been updated in 12 years, then the family room and just keep going from there!

  77. AnnLef March 13th

    I have always made all my window treatments and am looking for some fresh ideas. My bedroom is in dire need of a makeover.

  78. User avater jroach March 13th

    This Magazine looks like it is just what I need to give me some new ways to decorate my home!

  79. smonakey March 13th

    I desparately need to do new window treatments in our house. The old blinds are showing their wear.

  80. DDB1 March 13th

    I would love to make window treatments more professionally. I have seen roman shades that are hung from a curtain rod rather than a frame, but have not been able to find any instructions or patterns for these.

  81. GrandmaK4 March 13th

    I have been struggling to make slip covers for my parsons chairs. HELP!

  82. User avater bluestar March 13th

    I would like to redo my lamp in our bedroom. Ideally, I would like to sew new curtains and pillows for our living room as well!

  83. Sergersage March 13th

    I would love to have this magazine. All my windows need new treatments and I can't decide which way to go!

  84. mynetty March 13th

    would love to make some loose covers.

  85. User avater VickyGrainger March 13th

    We just re-plastered our 100 yr old walls, put in tinceilings, redid the wood floors. Now I want to do a total change in upolstry, pillows, curtains, etc. Looks like this book is right dowm my alley

  86. CAS48 March 13th

    I would make the kitchen look less like a kitchen since we have an open area and it's basically part of the living room.

  87. user-2334979 March 13th

    I would love to learn more about making drapes and curtains - I have very little "home dec" experience - I'm more well versed in fashion sewing. Please pick me!!

  88. CindySP March 13th

    I moved into a new home a few years ago and I am just now finding the time to start home modifications. I would love to learn more about how I can change my home with fiber arts. I really need curtain advice! I have loved Threads from the first issue which I was lucky enough to receive as a gift subscription. I have not missed an issue and if this magazine is half as good as Threads it will be super-fantastic!

  89. User avater GigiDear March 13th

    We just changed the function of 3 of our rooms, and new windows put in 2 of them. What fun!
    I love the fresh inspiration that arrives in my mailbox with each Threads magazine for my garment-making skills and choices. I have received many compliments over the years and Threads has to be behind every one of them. :-)
    Sewing new window treatments, pillows, and other embellishments will make the new uses of these old rooms so enjoyable, and I look forward to the new color schemes, use of fabrics, or whatever else SewHome has to offer.

  90. User avater sewinggal1 March 13th

    I'd love to update our livingroom, as we spend a lot of time there. I started to recover a chair in denim, but life got complicated and so far I haven't been able to get back to it.

  91. 2370 March 13th

    I would really enjoy this book! Good luck to all.

  92. User avater smfsprout March 13th

    My family room is in dire need of a makeover from ceiling to floor and windows and walls. This book would be great inspiration.

  93. craftretiree March 13th

    We now have a nice house since all the basics are done. We need to spice up the nice and make it 'our' home. I know your magazine would fit the bill! I'd love to have it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. anniebananie March 13th

    My sister just bought the farmhouse that's been in the family for five (now six) generations, and is in the process of restoring it. She's already asked me to make curtains for the five bedrooms. I'd start there, move on to pillows, table runner and placemats, napkins....and maybe even a quilt!

  95. CC_Sparky March 13th

    My house was just flooded! The bad news ... lost the kitchen cabinets and flooring in 4 rooms. The good news ... I can update the style and replace what I've lost. I need to make pillows, curtains and seat cushions to make my house a home again. The magazine would be a great inspiration.

  96. user-16261 March 14th

    Would start with the top floor in my home, first my bedroom, and with all of the wonderful ideas available in my new magazine create a new look throughout my home.

  97. webolton March 14th

    I need ideas for curtains for sewing room.

  98. emilynd06 March 14th

    I'm working on pillow covers right now!

  99. user-2436323 March 14th

    All the indications are that this a fantastic magazine for anyone who wants inspiration to create warmth, style, sophistication, elegance and beauty to ones home. This magazine is truly to die for, I hope I am a winner. Good luck to all.

  100. BarbaraSymington March 14th

    I love doing projects for the house but without great inspiration I mediocre results. I won't settle for mediocre anymore. I need inspiration for window treatments and cushions and I'm dying to get started. All I need is a great magazine to get the fire started.

  101. KimsIdleHands March 14th

    I would make new drapes for my living room with pillows to match.

  102. LizInPA March 14th

    It is time for new curtains in the kitchen and master bedroom!

  103. User avater SansSouci572 March 14th

    I moved into an arts and crafts home..with two bay windows, a sliding door, and countless other windows. I need to slip cover a peeling faux leather sofa, make covers..I have lots to do.

  104. vme106 March 14th

    I need to make slip covers for my couches because my dogs have destroyed the upholstery . Some curtains would give color to our living room. I need to refurbish and renew our old things so that I can show my children that new is good ,but old is fantastic and a way to save money.

  105. squilter March 14th

    My daughter just moved into a 1930s house and I need some ideas to make it look good and authentic but modern. Love to win the new magazine

  106. terileeb March 14th

    Slip covers for my sectional couch! I have cats and the couch is just a big scratching post to them!

  107. User avater sewhappybjm March 14th

    I would make new curtains and bed covers for my room.

  108. HandsOnHues March 14th

    Window treatments - for bedroom and keeping room. And the kitchen.

  109. Violet_from_Miami March 14th

    looks like a good magazine with some great projects. I'd love to win it and make some up. thanks!

  110. SewNanacom March 14th

    Projects that could bring different styles of the home together using color and pattern. I would love to change the chair covers in the dinning room and use that color for pillows in the family room.

  111. Mar Hein March 14th

    the first thing i would makeover in our home would be to sew new curtains for our bedroom. then i would like to make a padded headboard to match the curtains! :)

  112. lemema March 14th

    Just bought a 1910 Craftsman and she needs new curtains to showcase her original leaded glass windows, and this old girl (me) needs to recover her favorite armchair. From there only the fabric genie knows!! Braided rugs? Floor poufs? Dining room chair covers?

  113. Shenheffer March 14th

    would make living room curtins, new pillows and start a new quilt.

  114. user-1117997 March 15th

    I'd make slipcovers for my mom - her couch and love seat desperately need them. They look like a cat scratched them - and she doesn't even have a cat!

  115. fsandy March 15th

    Just about to revamp my living room so new ideas would be great

  116. hazelspi March 15th

    I appreciate your give-aways and would love to win this magazine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. User avater She_She March 15th

    We will be doing a majior redecorating project this spring. I could sure use this for ideas and project info.

  118. Valene March 15th

    I love reference magazines... to aid my own ideas and for my friends ideas also. New refreshing looks spark our imaginations and make us want to "DO IT RIGHT NOW".

  119. User avater ctdamsel March 15th

    Yes! I need lamp shades, tab curtains and a slip cover!

  120. user-2179514 March 15th

    I love sewing...and sewing for my home is a fun and economical way to create a new look.

  121. User avater iatoak March 15th

    it would be nice to try and get any help i can to try and make an attempt at a home.

  122. Scrapper22 March 17th

    This book would be so helpful! Love the THREADS email. Thanks.

  123. User avater Linda74Sews April 3rd

    My sewing mentor made a set of curtains, slipcovers, and pillows that would convert her living room from a winter to summer setting. Combined with a quick changeroo of the furniture and, voila, a fresh new living room that literally changed with the seasons. I have always admired that design initiative, so the first thing I would do is exactly that - make slipcovers for my sofa and chairs, a dozen throw pillows to cozy up the place, a pouf or two to throw on the floor, and new floor to ceiling drapes for the windows. But for me it would be for my family room where we live most every season of the year.

  124. LatoyaConner November 17th

    You did well

  125. martyboone75 November 17th

    Nice one

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