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Book and DVD Giveaway: Claire B. Shaeffer’s “Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques”

Claire P. Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques (The Taunton Press, 2013)

Author and fashion expert Claire B. Shaeffer has published a new book entitled Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques (The Taunton Press, 2013). The book comes with a 90-minute DVD, and the combination set is a must for any garment sewer’s library. Claire explains the tailoring techniques and sewing secrets of such renowned designers as Chanel, Dior, and Balenciaga, and she’ll help you add these techniques to your personal sewing repertoire.

The book will give you an insider’s view of the couture industry. Claire shares garment tailoring techniques, construction methods, and even short cuts used in the finest European ateliers of Paris, Rome and London. DVD lessons come alive with clarity as Claire presents viewers with an in-depth tailoring workshop, demonstrating key techniques such as converting darts to ease, creating a patch pocket, interfacing a hem, stitching a fly zipper, making a bound buttonhole, and many more techniques.

The companion book reinforces the DVD instruction with step-by-step images of each technique. Whether you’re seeking advice on high-fashion sewing techniques, or you simply hope to take your sewing skills to the next level, Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques will fit like a finely tailored suit.

Claire has been a frequent Threads magazine author, and she is internationally recognized as an expert in fashion design and construction techniques for haute couture. She is also a designer for Vogue Patterns, and the author of numerous additional books including Couture Sewing Techniques (The Taunton Press, 2011).

Is there a couture tailoring technique you’d especially love to know more about? Tell us why you want to learn more for a chance to win this book/DVD set. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, April 17. The winner will be announced during the week of April 22 and will receive a winner email.


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  1. user-1112013 | | #1

    I would love to win the book because I want to learn more couture techniques as they apply to tailoring so I can make professional looking jackets. Thanks!

  2. bajjmayer | | #2

    I would love to win this as I have recently gotten back to fashion sewing and would love to learn more couture techniques to use on nice fabrics I purchased in New York. I have the desire to learn how to make the garments look more professionally made,learn more about linings and neater buttonholes and a better fit to my garments.

  3. Little01 | | #3

    I'm with the others, I would also love to win this book! I have been sewing for almost 30years but it has only been the last few years that I have really tried to "upgrade" my sewing and fitting techniques as well as more difficult to sew fabrics. Thanks

  4. taro009 | | #4

    What a great giveaway! I'm working on my first blazer at the moment. This book would be perfect for getting over my sleeve-fitting hurdle. Thanks!

  5. Gil_Gon_03 | | #5

    Wow! Just what I have been wanting. I have always been interested in couture techniques especially those used by the real couture houses. This book would be perfect in helping add to my couture knowledge.

  6. User avater
    LittleLaura | | #6

    Personally I can’t have enough books about couture sewing. Especially when it is written by Claire Shaeffer. The DVD is the added bonus. Sometime all it takes is to see a technique done to learn it and use it.

  7. user-2051428 | | #7

    Winning this couture techniques book and DVD would be the icing on my cake! I having been wanting this book every since it came out. I'm always adding my own little touch to the items I sew because there's always something that doesn't fit quite right. This book and DVD would help add too my unique touches. Thanks!!!

  8. misssarcastica | | #8

    I'd like to learn more about couture sewing in general.

  9. Eleanorkr | | #9

    I would absolutely love to win this. I have just made the life changing decision to learn how to become a professional seamstress, and this book would be such a great help to me. I'd love more insight on what goes on inside a jacket, and how to create beautiful items myself.

  10. User avater
    jamama | | #10

    Claire Shaeffer is one of the top couture seamstresses. Having the book & DVD would be like having her as a mentor. Such a priceless privileged!

  11. nicolars | | #11

    I would love to win this as I have been focusing more on making my sewing higher in quality, and would like to know more about techniques such as the amount of hand sewing involved in couture.

  12. user-2409409 | | #12

    I need to know more about bound buttonholes!

  13. margiwarg | | #13

    I would love to learn some tailoring techniques, and make a nice looking blazer.

  14. D1Ann | | #14

    It's time for a brush up course and this set would be just the ticket!

  15. User avater
    zeromind | | #15

    My dream is to someday become a tailor! I’d wish one day I could make a replica of Dior’s ‘tailleur bar’, since it is my favorite garment in the world. So the technique that I would really like to learn is how to set hip pads to create the typical understructure of New Look garments. Best regards, everybody!!

  16. emilynd06 | | #16

    I'd love to learn more about collar construction. I always have trouble getting mine to lie nicely.

  17. Donna_R | | #17

    Lining jackets and more but mostly jackets. Well actually any techniques to learn would be great!

  18. sapientsaphead | | #18

    I love to wear blazers and would love to get tailoring techniques for jacket construction so that I achieve that awesome structured look.

  19. CarolynSoto1 | | #19

    I've decided that I must win this book. I would especially like to see couture seam finishes.

  20. User avater
    slmendes | | #20

    I have been wanting to take my sewing and tailoring skills to the next level and I always strive to learn more and more each day. Claire Shaeffer is a wonderful person and a highly influential person from which to learn and develop fine sewing and tailoring skills, and this book and DVD set is the perfect place to start.

  21. BarbaraTW | | #21

    The more I sew, the more I want to know. I am getting more energized with my sewing and want to try more and more new techniques.

  22. HeavenlyPrincess | | #22

    I'd love to learn more about couture sewing so that I can apply it to my entry for next year's Make It With Wool competition. I'm thinking about using one of Claire Shaeffer's patterns for one of pieces anyway :)

  23. user-348706 | | #23

    You never stop learning when you sew - there are always new techniques, new tools, new fabrics. You don't get better unless you practice - but sometimes you can't get there on your own. Books, teacher/mentors, classes - these will all help under different circumstances. At this point in my sewing, having something like this book & DVD set would just make the sewing process more enjoyable - like having a roadmap of where to go from here - in an area where I know that I need to know more.

  24. Connied | | #24

    I would love to learn the specific couture construction techniques of the master designers. All the little details make such a difference in the look and feel or true couture. I have been sewing for more than 45 years, but there is always more that I feel I can learn to refine my techniques.

  25. tigerb | | #25

    I would be vastly overjoyed to win this as I've embarked on some historical reproduction sewing and suddenly can't use knits to cover up my lack of tailoring skill!

  26. user-1045889 | | #26

    Enter me in the contest!

  27. user-312247 | | #27

    I would love to have an updated book/cd to teach me newer methods of couture sewing by my favorite author. I believe the methods have changed, as well as styling, especially in terms of padded stitches in the lapel area, seam finishing, collars & lining methods. I want to learn newer high-fashion techniques!

  28. User avater
    HStorm | | #28

    I love to learn new sewing techniques and one area I'm deficient in is Tailoring. I would love to win this set. Thanks!

  29. user-698876 | | #29

    I would love to learn more about couture sewing techniques. When I was younger I sewed most of my own clothes but that was 30 years ago. I would love to learn about the newest techniques and to sew clothes for adult daughters again.

  30. user-2000590 | | #30

    I wish to use the book to teach myself more about couture sewing techniques. I have been sewing clothes for myself and my family for over 35 years. I would like to put a more professional finish to the garments I produce and wear. I am at the age now where I can afford more costly fabrics and I would really love to have something I made look very special.

  31. madmamsqueek | | #31

    I would like to win this book and dvd because I am not a one size fits all type of person and all store bought clothes I buy need tailoring of some sort. It would be a Godsend. Thank you.

  32. camillepdx | | #32

    I am a big fan of Claire Schaeffer and I would love to add this book to my library. I am hoping it will give me the courage to sew a truely tailored jacket.

  33. momadd | | #33

    I'd like to learn the proper techniques for underlining and interfacing in a blazer.

  34. shortts | | #34

    I tailored a jacket many many years ago. I'd love to update my skills and this book and DVD would really help my daughter and me with our various projects.

  35. User avater
    MissPat | | #35

    Any book about sewing interests me. I don't know enough about tailoring and this would be a great addition to my shelf(shelves) of sewing books.

  36. mo_luv2sew | | #36

    I am interested in understanding more about pad stitching. I can see how they are supposed to LOOK - but I want to understand more about the process/function so I do them correctly. How far apart should they be spaced? How large should the stitch be from top to bottom? What "direction" should the bottom of the "V" shape be pointing? Why? Basically I want to know all the nerdy little nuances so I can bore my friends even more at cocktail parties. ;-) Oh, and also make awesome jackets and coats!

  37. smockinglynn | | #37

    I would love to learn more about linings as well as all the small details that make a garment couture. I've enjoyed Claire's "Threads" articles and this would be a great prize to win.

  38. picknstitch | | #38

    Although I've been sewing all my life, my methods are the "fast and speedy" way. I'd love to learn more about slowing down and really getting a great fit with couture techniques. This would be a great book to teach me!

  39. 2sonuamom | | #39

    I have a couture pant pattern of Claire Shaeffer. I would like furthr instruction on fitting the crotch and thigh. I recall something about stretching the inner leg seam for better fit, but is hat before or after the fitted muslin?

  40. cheryldctn | | #40

    I'd like to learn seaming and shaping techniques to get that chic continental look so I can say "I made this!" proudly instead of sheepishly! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  41. User avater
    ToniWI | | #41

    I would like to know how ironing techniques, it seems like it should how to do this everyday task, but I can't quite make my seams look crisp and professional.

  42. SewDian | | #42

    As I read other's comments, I could use almost everyone's comments for my own. It is so interesting that those of us who sew always want to learn more - to make the items we sew look professionally made. Learning new skills from Threads, books, DVD's, and other media leads us to better looking garments, home decor, and crafts. I bet some technique(s) from Ms. Shaefer's Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques will be reflected in the winner's next sewing project.

  43. User avater
    kayle9 | | #43

    This seems to be just the thing to help me adapt commercial patterns to make more historically correct costumes. Plus, it would help me decrease my stash size as I practice the techniques of the book/DVD set.

  44. Robertasugar | | #44

    I would like to learn how to sew linings for a truly professional look, especially when there is no lining included in the pattern. Patterns do not usually have instructions for lining dresses but I think a lined dress is elegant.

  45. Liberty1889 | | #45

    I would like to learn to make my set-in pockets and buttonholes look more professional. So of course I would love to win this book!

  46. [email protected] | | #46

    I want to create the kind of garments worn by my grandmother, mother and myself growing up. I miss the quality, look and feel of clothes that we wore then. I want to pass the love of well made, comfortable clothing that lasts to my daughters.

  47. KTKay | | #47

    Claire Shaeffer's books are a must-have for any serious sewist. I hope to add Couture Sewing Techniques to my library, hopefully by winning it! I expect that the book/DVD will teach me techniques that will take my garments to a higher and elegant level of finish.

  48. User avater
    ppinnc | | #48

    I have some wonderful coating fabrics in my stash that I would love to use. I have tailored before, but just need a little push. I think this book and Claire Shaeffer is just the one to give me that push. I have her "High Fashion Sewing Secrets" book and it is my go to resource for so much wonderful and well written information. Hope I'm lucky this time !!

  49. seemless | | #49

    I'd like to improve my sewing in general. I've done plenty to keep me clothed, now I want to up the skills.

  50. Ingiepops | | #50

    I would love techniques on how to work with fabrics such as silk chiffon; specifically how to create a professional finish. I think sometimes it's a case of 'you don't know what you don't know' and any tips would be great.

  51. User avater
    colormusing | | #51

    I've been sewing since I was a little girl, I've developed expert-level technique, and make most of my own clothes, yet I'm still intimidated by tailoring. But I recently started thinking that, with all the time and effort I already put into the clothes I make, wouldn't it be even more worthwhile if I allocated more time into learning additional tailoring techniques to make my hand-made garments last even longer? There's no doubt in my mind that that investment would yield a lifelong return — and I believe this book and DVD would get me there.

  52. user-774521 | | #52

    My reason for winning this book, is probably slightly unusual. we all have dreams of things we want to achieve in our lifetime, one of my dreams was after watching pretty woman with richard gere and julia roberts, the scene that inspired we was when they were at the opera and she wore a stunning red evening dress. Ever since then I have aspired to going to Sydney opera house in a stunning red evening gown. At present I dont have the necessary skills to achieve this. I have many fitting and sewing books, and I know that Claire is the master when it comes to creating one of a kind couture garments. Winning this book would be awesome as I believe it would give me the skills I need to fulfill my dream and create my stunning red evening gown. I have even gone as far as enrolling in a fashion and patterndrafting course, as I am determined to fulfill this dream of mine that I have had for over 25 years!

  53. oldsewandsew | | #53

    I have always been a fan of cocuture sewing, and have tried to make my garments as professional as possible. I love the 30's-40's-50's eras, which in my opinion was the heyday of "Couture" sewing, when garments had many special touches that they just don't have today. I've been sewing for about 60 years, and at 80 am still learning new things every day. I'd very much like to win this set to learn more and continue to improve upon the knowledge I have.

  54. pathersl | | #54

    If it involves fitting, I check out. I would love to learn the right way. The last lesson I had was in 8th grade, a very, very long time ago!

  55. Lisanicoledesigns05 | | #55

    I would really love to learn more about jacket construction so I can use it for making clothes professionally

  56. User avater
    KarenGass | | #56

    I love Claire's book and have the others, which I use all the time. Tailoring is one aspect of my sewing education that has languished - and I would love to learn the correct way to tailor from the master!

  57. Moonchaser | | #57

    I have tailored a couple jackets, but would like to learn some new techniques to improve their look and fit.

  58. tinainanderson | | #58

    I would LOVE to win this book & DVD set. I absolutely love everything Claire writes. Her methods are very helpful & techniques easy to learn. I teach sewing lessons to 11 girls and would love to branch out & be able to teach them some couture techniques. However, I need to learn them myself first. This book will enable me to do that & enable me to pass on the gift of couture sewing to the next generation.

  59. everbren | | #59

    I am interested in learning about finishing techniques that don't leave you with a garment that causes someone to ask, "Oh, did you make that?"! The only time that is OK is when it's another sewist who has the same pattern or fabric and so has the inside scoop. Otherwise you know it must have that handmade look. Not really what I'm going for!!

  60. User avater
    groomergal | | #60

    I have grown so much in my sewing in the last 2 years since I started learning, and I would love to make the next huge step into sewing beyond the ordinary and into couture techniques. I have read other books by Claire Shaeffer and would love to have this wonderful one on tailoring and to have a DVD with it to see the techniques would be awesome. Thanks.

  61. BeverlyT | | #61

    Any new techniques are welcome. The more we learn the better our finished garment looks!

  62. alisoncat | | #62

    I have some suit and dress patterns from the 40's and 50's. I'd love to learn some great sewing techniques to use with them!

  63. User avater
    Miira | | #63

    It is a very satisfying feeling to have a beautifully tailored garment that looks like an expensive designer original. And no one knows I made it!

  64. 2370 | | #64

    What a wonderful addition to anyone's sewing library. I hope I win.

  65. Lady_D | | #65

    I want to learn more about couture techniques so I can make my clothes fit better... so many "off the rack" pieces either fit me like a sack or not at all. I seem to be between sizes...

  66. Sainsbury | | #66

    I too would love to win this offer. I am a huge fan of Claire Sheaffer's. I love tailored clothing for the finish, cut and feel that the clothes are always in fashion. When I finished school I started work for a tailor in a little country town where I lived. After only twelve months He closed his business due to the readymade suits coming in to fashion. I always was sorry that I never had the opportunity to finish my time. I have subscribed to Threads for years and so look forward to receiving my copies. Thank you for the opportunity of entering this wonderful offer. Fingers crossed. Kindest regards Gail

  67. user-2124915 | | #67

    I have recently purchased Claire's Couture Sewing book and I can't get enough! I have been sewing off and on for many years, but now find I have more time & would love to get deeper into the details with my next project. Winning this wonderful tool set would be so great...and allow me to get started sooner! Thanks so much Threads for everything you bring to this incredible adventure of sewing!

  68. Jaranda | | #68

    I make long skirts and long dresses for my daughters my friends, and myself. I love to make them, but I am never completely satisfied with the hems. I will be happy with the skirt, but not with the hem. I picture how I want the skirt to hang, and I get close, but I never quite make it. I think that a perfect formal for a prom, a ball, a wedding, whatever, will have a skirt that hangs beautifully. That's what I would love to learn.

  69. jj4 | | #69

    I am a beginner and my goal is to be able to create a beautiful tailored jacket. This book would really help!

  70. fourcats35 | | #70

    For me, putting in a lining that looks professional and feels professional would grow my knowledge base by quite a bit. I dread adding a lining as I know it will never look very good. This is one big sewing hurdle I would love to jump over with th help of Ms. Shaeffer's book.

  71. user-2213899 | | #71

    When I saw that the opportunity to win this book and DVD is possible, I became so excited. I have been drooling over several books and DVDs that are available, and have purchased a few, but this one especially caught my eye. I have been sewing for a long time and am teaching my young adopted great-granddaughter (11 years old) to sew as well. With this book I want to savor every word, shortcut, technique, method, detail, etc., so that I am able to transfer that knowledge to my daughter and she, in turn, can gain experience and teach her friends as well. My daughter's school is open to beginning a sewing class next year (just like the old days), and we would love the opportunity to learn as much as possible and pass that information on to the students. We hope it becomes a reality!

  72. User avater
    rdejam | | #72

    I sew a lot of vintage dresses so I'd really like to learn better construction techniques for the underlying structure especially when it comes to boning.

  73. tkdla | | #73

    To me, couture means beautiful. That's what I want!

  74. User avater
    pbeesley | | #74

    Claire Shaeffer is so brilliant, talented and willing to share her knowledge with us. I would love to have her book and practice her techniques!

  75. user-2425237 | | #75

    My dear mother-in-law was a born in 1922. She made all types of garments but her suits were beautifully tailored. She instilled the love of sewing in me. I have always worked but
    managed to find time to sew much simpler garments. I have
    recently retired from teaching and found that sewing is to be my passion. One of the first things I did was subscribe to Threads. I have been reading books from the local library.I want so much to acquire the skills and techniques for constructing quality looking garments. This book and CD would be a treasure.

  76. mabowles | | #76

    I made my first tailored coat this winter, and I borrowed a Claire Schaeffer book from a friend to help me with each step of the construction. Now I know I definitely need Claire Schaeffer in my library. Her expertise gives so many insights as I continually attempt to make my clothes professional quality.

  77. user-1110557 | | #77

    I love Claire Schaeffer's books and I'm sure this one, with the DVD would be really useful in updating my tailoring skills. Thanks for offering the chance to win it!

  78. daglag | | #78

    I would LOVE to have Claire's book & DVD. I tried making a winter coat 20 yrs ago, and it was a disaster! I've shied away from anything tailored since. But I still could use a good coat. That's what I'd make if I knew better tailoring techniques.

  79. User avater
    PoldaPop | | #79

    Where to begin??? I'd like my hand stitches to be more invisible, I'd like my seams to be be less bulky, I'd like my garments to look as good on the inside as they do on the out, and I'd like to learn more about using boning, interfacing, and underlining to make my garments keep their shape. I'd LOVE a copy of this book - thanks for offering one up to us readers!

  80. user-2426022 | | #80

    I have problems with fitting pants and sleeves and am sure I will find the best answers in this book.
    I would like my clothes to have that professional look !!
    Hope to hear from you with good news.

  81. loti | | #81

    I am getting into tailoring a bit more and am working on a jacket for my brother. It would be nice to have a resource for techniques previously unknown to me. Thank you!

  82. betsysmom | | #82

    50 years ago a sailor brought me a beautiful piece of silk brocade from Japan. I picture an opera coat from this spectacular fabric but have always been afraid to cut into it. Perhaps with this book I might overcome my trepidation and do something besides refold this gorgeous fabric.

  83. ozviking | | #83

    I have just begun to make a jacket and I can't fully work out how to make the nice collar and lapels. Everything is too bulky. I am sure the book/DVD would explain it all to me. My aim for this year is not to make lots of garments but to make a few really well fitted and constructed items. I would really love to win this fantastic set. Thanks

  84. user-1020576 | | #84

    I would love this book!

  85. Bikerchickrisa | | #85

    I am new to sewing and am troubled with tailoring ready made patterns to fit my long waist. I'm neither overly curvy nor twig thin so it seems I need to alter all aspects of clothing with small tweaks (which is foreign to me at this time!).

  86. User avater
    NikkiHuff | | #86

    I want to learn how to make the roll lines and points perfect on a collar and lapel. I am planning on making a suit for my husband in the next few months and this book would be great to add to my library for that purpose.

  87. User avater
    acatalina2 | | #87

    Thanks to Threads & Taunton Press for another great give-away and a wonderful gift for any one of us!

  88. seniorslugger | | #88

    I would like to apply binding trim around collars and w the fronts of jackets, neatly from both the right and wrong side,

  89. jzzl | | #89

    I have many of Claire's books. I have learned so much from her. This book would be a great way to further expand my knowledge.

  90. diada | | #90

    Thank you for these chance that allow someone to win a great book.
    I would love to learn from these special writer how to make my selfmade clothes look professional .I found out in time that quality is the best look for a women.

  91. user-1115501 | | #91

    I make clothing with handicap accommodations and would love to tweak with professional techniques. Thanks for all the information!

  92. webolton | | #92

    I would love to learn something new in my sewing adventures or to improve my techniques.

  93. reneej | | #93

    One of my dreams is to become a tailor myself, and this book would definitely help me to sew the most beautifull garments possible! With a quality finish so high,that people think it is bought and expensive, while it is handmade by me!

  94. sensorydeb | | #94

    New materials and techniques for the inner construction of tailored jackets would be one of the many things I would like to learn more about as well as a refresher on classic jacket construction.

  95. jrevadiva | | #95

    Hope I get Lucky this time fingers crossed and prayer up above

  96. ChrisCats | | #96

    I need the book so that I can figure out what I need to know.

  97. Brabant | | #97

    I used to pay a dressmaker or buy exquisitly tailored clothes - that was before I retired. Now I make my own. I have bought every Clare Shaeffer pattern I can get my hands on and use them all. The instructions are good but essentially limited which simply means I could do with a compendium of help. Here's hoping.

  98. jansid | | #98

    I have just purchased some beautiful Linton tweed with the intention of making a Chanel jacket. I have never made one before and feel that I will definitely need some expert help to do justice to the fabric. This book would be perfect I hope I am lucky!

  99. user-2049354 | | #99

    I have attended regular sewing classes in my home town until recently when my teacher suggested I should actually be looking at teaching myself! While being paid a great compliment, I still feel I have room to improve on perfecting internal finishes of gowns and tailored garments. My next level is a class with Claire in the States but this is not really feasible as I have a young family. I would love to win her latest couture sewing teaching DVD to allow me to continue perfecting my skills so I can truly teach others to love what I do!! Making garments filled with love.

  100. HBECHO | | #100

    Hi! This book would be a great way to complement my sewing books library (that I am starting to do) and to learn tailor techniques, because I am starting to make and refashion clothes. Due to the crisis in Portugal and beeing a Public Administration worker, I lost most of my income. So, being a single mom, the solution is to make clothes for me and for my 2 kids. This would be a great help! Thank you!
    Kisses from Portugal!

  101. Makntaktoo | | #101

    I have been sewing since I was a little girl, most of it self taught. Several years ago after the death of my dad and step-dad, I got lost in the 'mud' of life. I have now re-discovered the thing that gives me joy and it is sewing anything and everything. This book would be another boost to my new found glee in the world of needles and thread.

  102. ThereseRA | | #102

    I have always enjoyed working with my hands, whether knitting or sewing (both self-taught), but with a full-time job have not had enough time to explore and learn critical sewing techniques for dressmaking; therefore my sewing was mostly limited to "dressing" the house. While I am now in my sixties and still fit into size 10-12 of some brands, I am appalled that most of today's ready-to-wear fashion ignores the existence of mature women who still want to dress well. I have just successfully completed my first dress from a (simple) Marfy pattern, which excited me enough to want to explore other interesting patterns but I know that I lack the experience. I need sensible and easy to follow guidance on the way.

  103. Bamah | | #103

    I need help with welt pockets on a tailored jacket--I love Clair's directions--very easy to understand.

  104. PerlenDiva | | #104

    I think most of the techniques in the book will be new to me, but bound buttonholes are definitely on my "to-learn list" for this year.

  105. User avater
    MistressTailor | | #105

    I love tailored clothing and I enjoy making them. Any new tip or technique would be a benefit to learn. I'd love to add this book and dvd to my library.

  106. NinaLBoston | | #106

    WOW! I have a couple of Claire B. Shaeffer's books and have learned a tremendous amount from them.

    This particular book would be a super addition to my learning resources now that I am sewing for my daughter's professional wardrobe. I feel pretty competent sewing various skirts for Stephanie's summer internship -- her first experience in a "real" office environment. But I would not think of tackling a jacket or suit with my current skill level. How I wish I could create those types of garments as well! I think this book could help me immensely.

    Can you imagine starting a business career with some couture quality garments? It would be a wonderful thing to be able to do this for my daughter.

    Thanks for this contents!

  107. cynsew | | #107

    Tailoring, what would I love to learn? Just about everything. I have drooled over lessons and watched every video I can get my hands on. Lessons are always out of the question, a little pricey for me. The tailoring book by Claire Shaeffer would just be perfect. I would love to make a jacket and have never had the nerve to try. This would be just what I need to get me started. I am a self taught seamstress and learned by trial and error. I have passed along my sewing skills to others for many years just so they don't have to go through what I did. There were no videos or books to learn by. Thank you for the chance to win this one technique that has always caught my eye! Cindy

  108. PSack | | #108

    I would like to take my sewing to the next level and I think this book and DVD would help greatly with that!

  109. fun2sew | | #109

    I'm always looking for those "perfect" finishing touches. They make the difference between the "homemade" look vs. the professionally tailored look. I'm sure Claire's book can help me with this.

  110. savannagal | | #110

    I would love to learn any couture sewing technique. I don't know any. I'm just a beginning sewer. Reading all I can and watching lots of online videos.

  111. [email protected] | | #111

    I would love to win Claire P. Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques. I have most of her books and one DVD and I always learn form them .....


  112. eleven | | #112

    I have several of Claire's books and find them very helpful. I would love to have this book to help me in my quest to continually improve my skills.

  113. RenaissanceThreads | | #113

    What couture technique would I most want to learn from the book and DVD? I think finishing techniques and also some of the more meaty techniques of stabilizing a garment are fantastic. However, I am always looking to take my sewing to the next level and learn as much as I possibly can. Challenging myself is how I push to become better at sewing. I would LOVE to have this set.

    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  114. User avater
    ginnylynn | | #114

    I'm about to embark on my latest personal sewing challenge - creating the garments from my collection of Claire Schaeffer's Vogue Patterns Custom Couture Collection. Having her book and DVD combo at hand while I do this would be just like having the expert herself at my shoulder. It would be indescribably invaluable.

  115. user-1009910 | | #115

    I would love to win the book and DVD as I am learning new techniques after being away from sewing for several years and this would help me in my sewing. Thank you!

  116. User avater
    initialimpressions | | #116

    I would like to learn the techniques for special details that I could use myself and pass down to my daughters so we could take our sewing to the next level.

  117. pmkurth | | #117

    I would love to add this book to my collection! I am sewing a lace wedding dress for my niece and it sure would come in handy!

  118. JanMade | | #118

    I haven't tailored a jacket in years. I'd love to re-learn these skills and treat myself to a new jacket (or two). Thanks for sharing about the great book and giving one away to a lucky sewer.

  119. HandsOnHues | | #119

    I'm trying to de-frump by making a wardrobe that fits and flatters--near impossible to find off the rack for a plus size.

  120. User avater
    Toolgirl49 | | #120

    I have always wanted to know the techniques couture sewers use. I want my garments to look polished and not 'home made'.

  121. Krissco | | #121

    I have sewn for a number of years and would love to learn more about tailoring techniques. I would like to make professionally made clothing.

  122. Tanu | | #122

    Nothing comes for free.....but still will try as never say never .....

  123. mams43 | | #123

    Claire's books have always inspired me to improve my techniques and this one speaks to something I really want to improve and learn more about. Thanks!

  124. mams43 | | #124

    Claire's books have always inspired me to improve my techniques and this one speaks to something I really want to improve and learn more about. Thanks!

  125. 4u2cme | | #125

    I would love to own the Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques book & DVD. I want to make my sewing look more professional. I think this would book would help me work on my couture techniques.

  126. lonelysewer | | #126

    I would like to win this book as I have a extra intrest in doing repairs, alterations and the like and feel this book and dvd would advance my knowlege in this field.

  127. user-791867 | | #127

    I have an older publication by Clair B. Shaeffer, and have read nearly every word, but am always hungry for more information regarding new techniques, etc. I have been sewing for forty years and have on only rare occasion, been pleased with the outcome. My sewing seems to go along fairly well until the end -- my finishing techiniques often give away the fact that the garment is homemade. I abhor the homemade look in things that I've worked so very hard on, so would very much appreciate more knowledge on couture technique, especially for guidance in finishing -- necklines, buttonhole placement, designer trim, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this drawing.

  128. User avater
    tigerlounge1971 | | #128

    I am longing to become a more proficient and technically skilled tailor (tailoress?) and this book looks like just the ticket!

  129. kdr | | #129

    There are multiple reasons I would love to have this set. First of all I have been sewing for most of my life and most things I have learned byt trial and error or reading and experimenting with techniques. I now find myself using more and more difficult techniques and sometimes needing more current information due to the constant evolution of sewing technology. Fit has become very improtant to me since I am doing more sewing for others. Secondly, tailoring provides that fitting finesse that turns a good fit into a great fit. The extra steps taken to make a seam stay flat or a lapel roll correctly are the exact things I need to take it to the next level.

  130. User avater
    2tango | | #130

    I have been a long time sewer and still have not been through a whole jacket tailoring process, my goal is to learn more tailoring techniques and make a beautiful jacket. This book would be a wonderful resource. Love Claire.

  131. vme106 | | #131

    I would want to win this set to give a more tailored look in my sewing. My daughter loves to look at dresses on the website and of course we can't afford them. My other alternative is to buy something that is similar. With this book and dvd she can help make her clothing and make it into the style that she wants.

  132. trudiram | | #132

    Claire Shaeffer makes instructions so clear and understandable, I'd love to have the book and DVD.

  133. trudiram | | #133

    I would love to win the book and DVD to help improve and expand my construction techniques.

  134. User avater
    tracyf | | #134

    I've gotten out of the habit of sewing, and NEED to get back to it for my own sanity and creativity! This book would be a perfect addition to my sewing library. Pick me, please!

  135. User avater
    patsijean | | #135

    I have recently lost over 30 lbs and will be sewing a new wardrobe for myself. I have read other books by Claire, and as a decades long subscriber to THREADS, I would like to learn even more. My growing collection of boucle' fabric awaits.

  136. AdaSharon | | #136

    Who would not want this book in their sewing library. I watched Clair's video via the Insider video library and was astounded by all the information.

  137. User avater
    Knitnut | | #137

    I would love, love, love to win this Book/DVD set! I've been sewing for years, but only recently been able to take classes, go to expos, and buy educational materials that are making an amazing difference in my end product. I love to sew garments, but I want them to have a high-end, well constructed look and great fit and feel! I have so much yet to learn. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! PS - Pick me! :)

  138. User avater
    reynalay | | #138

    Wow! this is a great giveaway! I would love to win this because I am a fashion design student and I believe this will truly help me to learn couture techniques that I can put into the garments I make and future collections. It would also help me to know these before I work for a designer in the future. Thank you for the opportunity! I hope I win!!!!

    [email protected]

  139. LivingLRG | | #139

    I learned to tailor when I was a teenager - I was blessed with a home economics teacher who initiated a summer school tailoring course for kids who wanted to learn more. I continue to want to learn more. I have all of Claire Schaeffer's books and DVD's and use them constantly when I sew. I would love to learn more about taking wool and pressing and molding it with steam while tailoring.
    Having a couture look is so cost effective when you are the one creating it. Thank you Claire for all you've taught me.

  140. phyllisincanada | | #140

    What few couture techniques I currently know make such a huge difference that I would love to learn more1

  141. bermbroro | | #141

    I struggle to teach myself from a book. A DVD where someone can "teach" me would be fantastic!

  142. LilyforMe | | #142

    I would enjoy "upping" my skills by reading this book. Not for anyone else, just for me.

  143. J2B | | #143

    I am very interested in learning more about the underdress the provides the stability and structure for a beautiful evening gown. My interests are in all the fine details of a finished garment, how and why these finishes are done. One of my more recent garments was a proper, fully fitted and boned corset taking all the time necessary to ensure all the seams and channels for the boning lined up. Steaming and rolling the fabric to build some of the shape in right from the start was very interesting to me.

    Thank you for entering my name.


  144. stacielgray | | #144

    I have always been very inspired by Claire and I would love to win this book and DVD set! She is such a role model and so very knowledgeable. One couture tailoring technique I'd love to learn more about is tailoring patterns to fit my shoulders and arms. I have wide shoulders and arms compared to the pattern size which fits my waist and hips. I just know that Claire has some tips inside that book for me! :)

  145. user-1120994 | | #145

    Ooooo! I would love to have this book and DVD!!

  146. Mariesainte | | #146

    My sewing is improving but this book and DVD would help me sort out the choices for finishes and techniques. It will also help me summon the courage to tackle silk and wool yardage that I have been afraid to cut. My fingers are crossed!

  147. CAS48 | | #147

    I would love to learn shortcuts to tailoring to fit specific shapes.

  148. mgrant7209 | | #148

    It would be so great to win this. I've been needing a book like this. I have to sew my clothes, and I love it, but they look "homemade." I need to be able to make them look tailored - my clothes now don't fit my job position. I'll never move "up the ladder" unless I can start dressing the part better.

  149. User avater
    kathys120 | | #149

    I would like to learn more about taping for stability.

  150. User avater
    sewstudious | | #150

    I'm a lover of tailoring, i've taken three seperate tailoring college courses and loved each one. One of the things I want to understand better though is when to use interlining, when to use interfacing, and how best to tailor from a speed tailoring perspective. No one does the classic hand tailoring any more, and i dont like to be behind the curve. Also, the instant gratification side of me would like to be able to have a custom tailored jacket in less than 3 months.

    Tailoring is such a time honored tradition and it really makes a difference in any clothing.

    I'd LOVE to have this book and DVD to help me further my tailoring explorations!

  151. mams43 | | #151

    Claire's books have always inspired me to improve my techniques and this one speaks to something I really want to improve and learn more about. Thanks!

  152. dolinbliss | | #152

    I would love to learn couture tailoring techniques, so I can finally tackle making a tailored jacket. Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. Samuela | | #153

    I would love to win this book to add to my collection of Claire's other books. I have at least 5. Some with her autograph. I took a class at her Palm Springs location and would love to return for a refresher. Thank you Claire for all your usefull instruction and tips for couture sewing.

  154. User avater
    sewsite | | #154

    I would like to create a better undergarment in formal or tea gown for a full full busted woman. I would also like to create a comfortable but taylored jacket.

  155. User avater
    sewhappybjm | | #155

    I'd love to make a couture jacket that fits and flatters. I want to learn more.

  156. User avater
    Kukana | | #156

    Love Claire Schaefer. I was lucky to be able to take a class from her many years ago. I would love to have this book!

  157. susanri | | #157

    I want to sew clothes that don't look homemade, I want that classic refined tailored look.

  158. [email protected] | | #158

    I would love to learn more about SLEEVES and cuffs. For some reason I am obsessed with sleeves. I love to make them the focal point of my sewing and knitting - my teenage daughters love it also. Arms and shoulders can be so feminine! Many of the vintage patterns from the 1920's 30's and earlier had such creative and fantastic sleeves and gorgeous cuffs. Cuffs and sleeves are also challenging, and my husband is asking for dress shirts now. (Yikes!) I would appreciate any basic and advanced teaching in this area.

  159. Deezines | | #159

    I have been sewing for about 40 years, but there is always more to learn. My favorite hobbies are all craft-centric and they challenge me daily to try something new. Most of the time, those results are the most rewarding. I would appreciate reading this book so that I can take my sewing projects to the next level. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  160. user-1132681 | | #160

    I have always wondered how to create perfect looking collars like those on ready to wear and couture garments. And I would hope that by following Claire's instructions I can finally have a professional looking jacket made by me :)

  161. user-1138829 | | #161

    Sometimes on petite ladies, the neckline sometimes comes out too low becuase of the shorter distance from her neck to her bust, so I would love to know if there's a way to either alter a pattern to avoid that problem, or if there's a right way to take it up at the shoulder seam?

  162. User avater
    jamaco | | #162

    I would really like to know more about sewing a couture jacket. I can never find one that really, really fits my plus sized build.

  163. User avater
    SansSouci572 | | #163

    I want to learn how to sew on this level. I was astounded to discover the "advanced" sewing course in my area was putting a sleeve in a tee shirt.
    I buy Claire's patterns just for the instructions.

  164. Lowing | | #164

    I would like to win this book. I've seen Claire Schaeffer's video instruction before and found her to be nice and clear. Practicing expert techniques always leads to a better garment.

  165. Ikebana152 | | #165

    I'd like to learn how to construct a corselette into a dress. I have seen photos of the interiors of couture garments that use them as part of the garments interior rather than wearing a separate corset. I am currently in a couture techniques class at FIT and another book in the library is always a good thing.

  166. sew_ginger | | #166

    Now, more than ever, learning and applying couture tailoring techniques is essential in order to have high quality, fashionable, and affordable clothing. Thanks to the shift of garment manufacturing overseas and the constant demand for affordable fashion, we have been left with cheap, bland, low quality options in the ready-to-wear world. For those of us who cannot afford the high end designers, and cringe at the thought of the throw-away clothing in our price range, it is essential to be self-reliant and sew our own garments with the same attention to detail and insistence for quality that previous generations enjoyed. Learning tailoring techniques from a well respected author and sewer, Claire Shaeffer, would be a fantastic way to achieve this end. I would like to master these techniques to sew fine clothes for myself and my loved ones.

  167. user-1120336 | | #167

    I'd like to learn finishing techniques, this is the hardest part to me.

  168. User avater
    TessaBear | | #168

    All Clair's work is beautiful. Her books are wonderful additions to a sewer's reference library.

  169. User avater
    MessyVirgo | | #169

    I would like to have Claire Schaeffer's book and DVD on couture tailoring techniques. I have two of her books and watched DVDs (that I checked out at the library) and find her presentations enlightening and delightful.

  170. User avater
    sewmuchknittting | | #170

    I've been sewing for many years,but I'd like to become proficient at bound buttonholes

  171. User avater
    ChrisLucas | | #171

    I'd love the opportunity to win a copy of Claire's book as I can only imagine how good it must be from what she shared in her first book which I absolutely love and refer to often. This year I decided to start sewing all my own clothes and I'm sure I'd be able to build upon my sewing skills even further with the help of Claire's techniques in this book and DVD combination set and make my clothes look even more better fitting and far more professional looking with even more added couture techniques. Good luck to everyone who enters this wonderful competition as they sure will have a wonderful reference book and dvd to add to their collection... but I have to admit I do hope it's me who wins :)

  172. user-1107752 | | #172

    I always wanted to visit the big couture houses an just. Work with them for a few weeks and learn and see the in and outs of couture and tailoring . Claire Schaefer gives me the chance to do that through her books . She is my idol.

  173. jennieMB | | #173

    I would want to learn more about making buttonholes.

  174. User avater
    jroach | | #174

    I haven't done any tailoring is quite awhile, this would be a big help to get back into tailoring.

  175. User avater
    Ziggybug | | #175

    I love the handwork that goes into couture sewing - I find it very therapeutic/relaxing. I need help with the shoulder. I get one sleeve cap done well and the other not so well so I am doing something wrong such that I get no consistency in my results.

  176. User avater
    Cyd88 | | #176

    The most challenging and educational sewing experience I've had was doing the alterations for my mother's dress shop. It's since closed, so since then I find myself taking garments apart to continually learn techniques. I also love reading about various techniques, hand sewing, manipulating fabric into the right shape and the thrill of when something turns out polished looking. Still, I find myself groping around for the right hint, technique and how did they do that and why ... So I am grateful to Threads for adding to my arsenal. And for people like Claire Shaeffer who continue to instruct through her patterns and books. Thank you.

  177. DSDesigns | | #177

    I would LOVE to win 'Claire P. Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques' to improve on my current sewing. I design and make jackets and what I know now is all from searching and self teaching. I wish I had gone to design school in my younger years but this would be the next best thing!!

  178. LeandaM | | #178

    I relied on Claire's help to create my daughter's dream wedding dress and have recently started a craftsy course. I am amazed at how much I can learn even after years of sewing. I love that Claire adds a new dimension to sewing and makes it superior to anything you can afford to buy. I am working on some winter coats at the moment and would love to have some techniques to make them look couture, particularly the pockets and lining. Love your work and would be crazily excited to win this book. Keep them coming.

  179. User avater
    purduemom | | #179

    My sewing library contains both of Claire Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Technique books. These are fantastic references. Wool is one of my favorite fabrics to sew. There is always something new to learn with regards to couture technique and I am sure this tailoring book would be a great addition to my library.

  180. LanternandShadows | | #180

    I would love to have this book to help me learn even more tailoring techniques to improve the look of my jackets. Thank you.

  181. knittingirl | | #181

    Wow - I would like to learn about seam finishes and hems especially with silk chiffon and other shear or light weight fabrics. Closures with zippers and buttons also is of interest. My grandmother always said that a garment should be as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

  182. User avater
    smfsprout | | #182

    I would love to win a copy of Claire's book and help my tailored suit jackets and pants go from drab to fab.

  183. sonut | | #183

    My tailoring and couture skills need to be updated, and I love the other materials from Claire S. that I have used, so this seems like the perfect resource. Thanks!

  184. jbyers | | #184

    I have been sewing for 31 years and Claire Shaeffer's books have always been my "go to" books when I was not sure how to do something. When I made the leap from being an intermediate to couture sewing, it was tHanks to her. I tailor whole outfits by hand from what I learned in her books. I would love the book/dvd set to see if there is any new wisdom she can pass on, but mostly I would love to see her in action on the DVD.

  185. JennGM | | #185

    I'm really weak in tailoring and couture techniques. It would be nice to take my sewing to another level. I recognize that a jacket needs to be tailored or it looks homemade, so I don't even try! This would give me more confidence in trying!

  186. ambrerose | | #186

    I want to make sure that I learn the art of button holes being finished professionally, and collars to lie correctly, or how to make tailored sleeves. I want to learn how to improve the quality, looks, and lifespan of my clothing. I want to be able to by that $100/yard fabric an know that my finished garment will be that amazing and I can wear it for years to come.

  187. ReddG | | #187


    I have been sewing for 49 years now. I started when I was just 17 as a newly wed.
    Each day, I spend time to study and learn something new and try different techniques.
    Now I am a point that I would love to learn everything I can about couture sewing, working with beautiful fabrics.It has always fascinated me. I am a very fussy sewer, and I love to take my time.

  188. Fyrebird | | #188

    I would love to be able to take my garments from looking "home-sewn" to "tailored". I want to win this book to learn the couture techniques that can help me get that finished, polished look in shirts, blouses, jackets, and trousers--as a tall woman, very few off-the-rack items fit properly, and I would love to be able to do tailoring myself that looks professional, not "meh".

  189. ambrerose | | #189

    I would love to learn more in depth sewing and all of those little ins and outs of what makes a good garment great. I want to learn how to make professional button holes, and how to make collars smooth, or a coat that doesn't have a hint of handmade. I want to be able to get that $100/yard material and make something that will look amazing and last me for years.

  190. User avater
    sewsilly4ads | | #190

    I have made several items using coutture techniques. I love the process. I still need to work on some of the underlining techniquest though. I struggle with perfect smoothness of my fashion fabric to underlining.

  191. User avater
    sewsilly4ads | | #191

    I have made several items using coutture techniques. I love the process. I still need to work on some of the underlining techniquest though. I struggle with perfect smoothness of my fashion fabric to underlining.

  192. bev59 | | #192

    What a fantastic fountain of knowledge Claire is, it would be an absolute privilege to win this book. Here's hoping, fingers crossed I'm lucky.

  193. Mamato8 | | #193

    I learned to sew 45 years ago. (Ouch! That's hard to admit! I'm not THAT old!) I have taken pattern making classes. I love to make clothes for me and my family (especially the grandchildren). I also work part time in a fabric store. Many look to me for help in sewing. This book and DVD would increase my knowledge so I can share with others, both in my sewing and at work.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this set for free!

  194. User avater
    katelijntje | | #194

    I'm from the Netherlands and would love to be one of the first to get an American sewing book and DVD with different ways of sewing than I was taught as a young girl. I've been sewing since I was eight, started with dolls clothes (not very professional though)and kept on sewing ever since. I've learned a lot over the years because of Threads and sewing blogs with tutorials. Sewing isn't very popular here and good sewing books are hard to get. I would be thrilled to get one.


  195. User avater
    nonna_mahoo | | #195

    I would love to win this set in order to make jackets look better. Thanks for the chance.

  196. user-1050845 | | #196

    I actually was to buy this book an hour ago but waited for it a bit. A giveaway seams like some stroke of faith.

  197. bethatply | | #197

    Winning this book and DVD would increase my comfort zone in tailoring. I use Vogue patterns and have followed those directions to the T but have often felt there is much more to construction techniques, pressing, finishing that could be improved. It would be a great reference for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  198. bethatply | | #198

    Winning this book and DVD would increase my comfort zone in tailoring. I use Vogue patterns and have followed those directions to the T but have often felt there is much more to construction techniques, pressing, finishing that could be improved. It would be a great reference for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  199. User avater
    LebecEgirl | | #199

    Seems like I have grown up knowing all about Claire B. Shaeffer's extraordinary sewing/tailoring abilities. My thoughts were always that I would never be able to sew like Claire. During college I took a clothing construction class where I was first introduced to Vogue sewing patterns. For quite a while I would only sew with Vogue patterns because I wanted the challenge. BUT, somewhere along the line I shied away from the those challenging patterns. So, winning this book and DVD would be an opportunity to, once again, get inspired by the challenge of fine couture sewing. Hope I win !!!

  200. Petit_P | | #200

    Would love to have the Book and DVD to learn and use as reference. Started sewing when I was young and find the more you sew the more you learn. Now that I'm retired I sew not only for myself but my daughter and her family. When every producing a new outfit, I want it to look professional. This Book and DVD would help.

  201. HazelBrend | | #201

    This would allow me to creat more stylish clothes for myself, so I would not have to buy them

  202. waernlamb | | #202

    I have just recently discovered her books, and find them very easy to understand. After sewing both professionally and for fun, I still like learning new ways of doing things.

  203. User avater
    Linda74Sews | | #203

    I learned to sew at a time when tailored jackets and suits were popular. I made a fully tailored pant suit as a college project (got an A), but frankly, as clothing trends have become more unstructured, I haven’t tailored much since then. With the resurgence of interest in vintage clothing it seems natural that structured, well tailored garments will follow. I still love the challenge and intricate detail making a tailored jacket requires. For me, that’s what makes sewing so interesting and rewarding. What I am hoping to perfect are my skills at tailoring the perfect notched collar, which I believe epitomizes what tailoring is all about. Honing those skills using hair canvas, taping and pad stitching are what I most want to learn

  204. budgetb | | #204

    I used to be a great sewer but have not done much as of late. I now have time and this would be a great refresher as well as making me a better sewer and do couture work.

  205. User avater
    gwensews | | #205

    Claire Shaeffer is one of a handful of couture instructors. I have her other books and they are very informative. I would love to have this book in my collection.

  206. MsHem | | #206

    This is a book that I would use often. Fitting, Padding and honing couture techniques for starters. So much to learn, so little time!

  207. chachito | | #207

    I always seem to have problems with sleeves.I am sure this book would be a great one to have!

  208. ozparker | | #208

    Would love to have this book for use with my new line of little girl's dress patterns.

  209. vabney | | #209

    I am always looking to improve... Not just one technique, but all of them. Reading such authors is a big help. Thanks.

  210. vabney | | #210

    I am always looking to improve... Not just one technique, but all of them. Reading such authors is a big help. Thanks.

  211. tell_ann | | #211

    I love to read sewing books - almost as much as sewing! The different techniques, ideas, materials that Claire Shaeffer introduces us to in her books and articles are so helpful and inspiring. They are always easy to understand and to follow, she is a great teacher of sewing. I have a few of her books, and even if I don't win this book, I will probably end up buying it. Thanks Claire for all your help, and Thanks Threads for your great magazine and articles. I anticipate each new one, as soon as I finish devouring the last.

  212. Burge | | #212

    WOW! This book was one of few the Cleveland Plain Dealer said was essential for a sewing library. I have been hunting for it in various sewing stores hoping to get a peek before I purchase. I am now at the age to begin teaching my daughters to sew and I could use some help.

  213. LauriR | | #213

    This would certainly help take my sewing skills to the next level! I like garments that are professional looking, and right now mine do not always end up looking that way. Thanks for the opportunity.

  214. FaithA | | #214

    I am a self taught sewer who has chosen to stay home with my first child. I would love to produce professional looking clothing for her. I am so excited to make her cloths for her. customs, jeans, dresses, it all makes me smile. this set would help me with my confidence that she look her best in all her activities.
    thank you for the opportunity to add this wonderful book and dvd to my collection.

  215. LavenderRevenge | | #215

    Winning this book would mean so much! I'd use it to death, ever last page a million times over. I'm determined to be a couture seamstress and for now DVD and book instruction are my best resource. I'm fascinated by the ability to produce beautifully constructed garments.

  216. User avater
    user-2440927 | | #216

    I am always looking for ways to improve my sewing skills. After taking the Couture Dress by Craftsy, I have used many of those techniques. This book would elevate my skills even farther.

  217. user-2340998 | | #217

    I'm about to start my first tailoring project and would love to see her advice on how to shape the lapel and pad stitching. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  218. Caryl61 | | #218

    I am an avid home seamstress who has recently started taking in tailoring jobs. I am interested in furthering my knowledge of garment construction and improving my dressmaking skills. I work hard to produce professional-looking results and am always interested in learning more about my passion, sewing!

  219. Artist919 | | #219

    As many others have commented, this book and DVD would be invaluable to expand and refine our tailoring skills. I am an artist and was also a math major in college so have both sides of my brain firing. Both couture sewing and tailoring appeal to both the creative side of the brain and the rational (mathematical) side. I would love to create using this book and DVD!
    Thank you so much for having this giveaway,

  220. wolfkit | | #220

    Hems and seams. I have an organza coat waiting to be finished because I haven't been able to decide how to hem it.

  221. velvetribbon | | #221

    I would love to learn more about couture techniques and upgrade my sewing skill. So I want to win this book :)

  222. user-2445927 | | #222

    I have taken up sewing because I appreciate elegance and fashion. I have been practicing and studying culture techniques. The final piece to the puzzle is the right tailored personal fit. I cannot wait to invest in my first few yards of quality fabric and make my first real project. I am practicing on inexpensive fabrics until I have a pattern that fits my own body like it should. California is so casual I am not sure if I even know how pieces should fit!

    I believe this book will help me reach my goal. It would be so exciting to be the winner.

  223. Jane63 | | #223

    I have only recently discovered couture sewing and used one of Claire's patterns to make a Chanel type jacket lst year with excellent results. I would love t win this book to add to my library and then enable to share my skills with other sewers such as I meet at my branch of the Australian Sewing guild.

  224. User avater
    Tiffinjames | | #224

    In Home Ed in high school, I made an outfit with bound buttonholes, which was something no other girl had tried. They came out well; however now that I'm in my 50s I'd love to try them again and refine the technique - this book has been on my wish list. Also - I really, really want to learn how to put in an invisible zipper! Not sure if that falls under "couture" but it does to me!

  225. User avater
    tngal | | #225

    I love the Threads because of all the techniques included. I have been sewing, quilting since I was a young girl starting with sewing Barbie Doll clothers with a needle and thread. I enjoy hand stitching and have read and studied the techniques in the Couture Sewing book. I am still exploring that book and would love to learn more in the tailoring field. I have sewn and done repairs and fitting for people as a living and hobby. I enjoy doing new and better things and think Couture sewing is the top of the line in the sewing field. I would love to explore the Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques.

  226. User avater
    njean | | #226

    After quite an absence from sewing, I have an intense desire to learn more about proper fitting and tailoring, as I never really understood the ins and outs of it in my younger days. It would be fabulous to win Claire Shaeffer's book since she is such an expert in the field!

  227. WildSewing | | #227

    I have a fabric stash collected over the years containing some very fine fabrics which I have been afraid to touch. This book and DVD set would give me the confidence to tackle some projects without fear of ruining the fabric and making something truly special. I would love to have this set.

  228. User avater
    RamonaK | | #228

    The author is amazing and a true asset to any sewers library - being more of a visual library I would love to have the DVD...

  229. karlasews | | #229

    Expensive looking custom tailored couture trousers! I would love to learn to make a pair of pants that really fit, and that aren't simple home sewing pattern techniques, but use couture details. Expensive pants never look wrinkled, the waistbands don't fold over, the pockets don't gape, they don't poof out at the high hip or saddle bags, they have a permanent crease in front. How do they do it?

  230. User avater
    revkate | | #230

    I am taking Claire Schaffer's online Couture Dress class from Craftsy, and she is an amazing teacher. I hope to learn much more from her book and DVD.

  231. littlefriz | | #231

    i would love to win this set! it would be a great reference to have for my sewing library as i advance my sewing skilss into garment sewing!

  232. SuzanneT | | #232

    I have learned that using both the printed page and the video increases my understanding threefold, so I am very happy to see this book has both presentations. I already know the content will be great, from an experienced sewer and instructor.

  233. 7373_Toni | | #233

    I'd like this book and DVD set because I am very interested in learning techniques to make professional looking tailor made women's jackets and pants. I feel this set would be a great addition to my library as I have read that Ms. Shaeffer is one of the best sewing instructors of couture sewing in the industry today.

  234. momster399 | | #234

    I am a fan of Claire's and would love to perfect my sewing techniques with her book. I hope you pick me!!

  235. Clodi | | #235

    What I learned about sewing was due to nice people who liked to share information providing explanations and tutorials. A whole book about tailoring would give me the chance to learn about obtaining clothes with a perfect look. Besides that,having a visual demonstration of the explanations on a DVD is a great way to learn, is like sitting next to a professional.

  236. machinemaven | | #236

    I am self-taught, except for high school home ec classes. I would never have gotten very far if it weren't for wonderful teacher's writing. I appreciate so much these talented people who make learning available to all of us. I'd love to improve my couture levels of skill, and be able to pass that along to those I sew for.

  237. RKentspeth | | #237

    I love to learn for its own sake. Every opportunity that I have to expand my knowledge base is important to me. This book is especially interesting to me because I love to sew really fine garments; the more that I know, the more I can make really informed choices about techniques and materials for garments of which I can really be proud.

  238. ohsusanna | | #238

    I enjoyed Claire's earlier book on couture sewing and have learned a lot from it. Sometimes, I just enjoy sitting and reading it for the fun (and inspiration) of it. I've got my fingers crossed I'll be add this book to my sewing stack!!

  239. cheryldctn | | #239

    Using the (few) couture techniques I know gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, and I love the garments all the more because I know they're the result of time, skill and love! I am always eager to learn more, more, more!

  240. User avater
    auschick | | #240

    this would be amazing for helping me with tailoring jackets as I haven't yet done one yet, and would love to do it the right way from the very begining!

  241. User avater
    user-2428990 | | #241

    I want to learn how to make timeless clothing and develop my t3

  242. User avater
    eviej | | #242

    Anything French and yes! yes! -- You have my attention!
    Tout ce françaises et oui! oui! - Vous avez toute mon attention!

    Add in French designing, styling and sewing and you've got me hooked!

    There are so many couture sewing topics that I'd love to learn, but I'll keep it short for this little contest of yours (Merci!! The book looks exciting!).

    I would dearly love to make and model a lined jacket with bound buttonholes. There!
    I nailed 3 "coutures" in one sentence: Lined, Jacket and Bound Buttonholes!

    And, if I may slip in #4, I'd like to make a pair of lined pants with front pockets in the side seams, and 2 placket pockets in the back! Wait....that's "couture" # 4, 5 and 6: Lined Pants; Front Side-Seam Pockets and Placket Pockets in the back.

    I said I would keep this short but it was impossible to get my "couture" bucket list down to less than 6! Can't you just SEE my awesome suit? I'm dreamin' it.....

    Thanks for having the contest!


  243. sewgrandma | | #243

    I LOVE to sew but I do NOT like my sewing to look home-made! Any tip I can get to make professional looking clothes helps. I've never tried couture sewing but I think this book would help me on to my goal.

  244. Mav315 | | #244

    I have been sewing since high school but stopped after college. I've started sewing again because I have found the quality of clothes in the market has decrease as well as finding it hard to find clothes that fit my curvy figure without paying a fortune. The biggest challenge I've found is with inserting a lining into a suit jacket. I know there has to be a best practice and I've devoured online videos, blogs, and even thread's fitting section but I haven't found the solution. I think there is an extra step or steps that I'm missing and I believe this book would provide that missing piece. Thank you for having this contest, I can't wait to find out the results!

  245. chebre | | #245

    Claire always has interesting techniques. I would love to win this book.

  246. nanacosta | | #246

    I adore Couture, and is a never ending art!!! There are many topics I would love to touch, but since it is only one that you are asking for, I would say : How to interlined a silk jacket. Than you

  247. KateCross | | #247

    As I have gone up and down in sizes over the years, I have collected clothing made from gorgeous fabrics in many old and new styles. I would love to learn to re-make, re-structure, re-purpose, and re-invent these items using couture methods to make them unique and and long-lived. For example, changing a suit jacket to a softly tailored jacket or to a peplum jacket or to a Chanel type jacket. Another example is to change a boxy tailored coat to something more flowing with Asian or modern design by changing the cut or just the embelishments.

  248. Sew_With_Me | | #248

    I would love to know how and where to trim/grade to reduce bulk where the collar meets (and MUST line up with)the front placket as it is so tight (you have two layers of fashion fabric and interfacing in the collar, plus two layers of the placket, plus interfacing, making SIX layers!). If you trim too much it can fall apart and trim too little and it is so bulky you can't possibly turn the collar facing neatly and it is way to thick for sewing the top buttonhole (in the case of the shirt). Please, please help! I just LOVE your books and articles, thank you SO much!

  249. NMT | | #249

    I have not been sewing for that long, nor do I consider myself highly skills, but I do believe in learning from the best and I happen to think this book would be a wonderful present for my upcoming birthday :-)

  250. Twohearts | | #250

    I grew up with a mother that had neither the time nor the patience to teach me to sew (recently was going thru her old sewing machine table and found a dress she started for me 40 years ago when I was a toddler). My sewing has for years been limited to my children and their needs for sturdy play clothes and the repairs needed. Now I'm the go to mom for Prom clothes (no dresses anymore but vests, ties, cumberbunds and fittings for the final boy). I learned a proper couture buttonhole years ago for an elderly friend of the family. Soon my sewing will be for me and my husband who is part of an 1880's re-enactment group. I will be able to attend and participate. I'd love to have my first evening gown look like Worth.

  251. swandancer | | #251

    I really need this book to help me fit my adult daughter. She is a plus-size with large breasts and hips. There are no patterns that will come close to fitting her. There is no ready to wear that fits. I need to be able to help her make cloths that can give her a sense of style without looking like she is wearing a MOO MOO. I taught her everything I know about sewing, most of which I figured out myself. I taught her to reverse engineer ready to wear and as much tailoring as I know. But, her size and shape leaves both of us at a loss. She is also tall, which adds to the challenge. I am unable to get the top of pants to fit and cover all of her. Please help. Sitting on a stump in Arkansas.

  252. User avater
    ellecsews | | #252

    I didn't know there was such a thing as couture tailoring, how did I not know that? Clearly I need this book. 8-)

  253. tulleyhi | | #253

    I was inspired by one of my high school students to start sewing again after a 25 year hiatus. The joy and challenges sewing brings are huge. For some reason, I am primarily drawn to jackets, and all the tailoring techniques to create them. I want more confidence when underlining, interfacing and constructing a great looking sleeve. Oh! And a great looking buttonhole. Thanks

  254. BearyUnique | | #254

    Learning to sew has become my passion. I watched my grandmother and mother sew, however, since both worked hard during the day there was not much time to teach me. My parents bought me one of those kids sewing machines, which broke constantly so I taught myself to sew by hand. I used to sneak on my mom's machine when she was not home and dressed my Barbie type dolls. I still have my first sewn outfit for an older Barbie. When she sits down her bottom comes out of the low cut evening gown made out of leisure suit polyester. LOL. We used what we had.
    I took home economics in 7th grade and made a wrap around skirt but wasn't satisfied because it looked home made. I joined the Army out of High School and bought my first sewing machine when I could, but I could not find sewing classes, so I kept reading and teaching myself. I now teach children to sew,mostly beginners so that the love of sewing and creating continues. I really want to be able to sew beautiful skirt suits that look like I dream in my head. I have learned a lot from Threads magazine. However, this book and DVD set will help me learn with my best learning style, watching and doing. Thank-you for the opportunity to get it.

  255. Victoriafoot820 | | #255

    I have a great interest in fashion in general,I have a great interest in couture fashion and the making of vintage clothing but never had the chance to take a further interest in making couture clothing for myself.
    I would love to get the chance to and enjoying the wonderful book and DVD.

  256. user-2000867 | | #256

    Through the Insider, I have enjoyed Claire B Schaeffer different series. I do seem to gain so much everytime. I
    am trying to help my 4-H sewing granddaughter make a wool coat and line it. Grandmother is finding this coat a challenge.I am sure Claire's instructions could be the answer. Jewel A.Frankenbery.

  257. User avater
    ctdamsel | | #257

    My tailoring skills could use some help from Claire B. Shaeffer.

  258. Sew Magic | | #258

    I got into sewing completely by accident in 2009, when my adult special needs daughter came to reside with us for a few months. She needed a hobby, so I posted on a popular online website. I got some responses from a few people which led to obtaining a free sewing machine and fabric. All she talks about is wanting to be a fashion designer. When she does get the chance to visit on the weekends we find small projects to sew. I'd love the chance to win this book in honor of Lauren getting me started in what has turned into a passion for me. Together we are learning more about sewing and each other.

  259. dee53 | | #259

    I would love to win this book and take my sewing skills to another level. I am always looking for ways to enhance and tailor all sewing garments that I sew because I will one day have my own business.

  260. tooold | | #260

    I love Claire Shaeffer's techniques and patterns.

  261. user-2436609 | | #261

    I'm hoping to learn construction techniques for woman with curves.

  262. User avater
    iris68 | | #262

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway!
    I am returning sewist and struggle a bit with tailoring jackets and coats, also with lining....

  263. user-2463901 | | #263

    I would love to learn more about lining jackets and rolling a lapel perfectly!

  264. SEGnesa | | #264

    ANYTHING would help me. I took a short class on tailoring, but, unfortunately I didn't really learn much.

  265. FrogMc1 | | #265

    This book would be an amazing resource! I'm planning to make my wedding dress this summer and this would be so helpful!

  266. User avater
    Stashnow | | #266

    I would love to revisit how to do an arrowhead at the top of a kick pleat. I learnt this at school some 50 years ago and cannot remember the correct method. With the return of vintage fashion I would love to add this to a tailored pencil skirt - perhaps this can show me how?

  267. OrahLee | | #267

    I find that couture techniques are often the easiest and most expedient way to get my best looking results, and Claire is a great teacher! I certainly am looking forward to this book!

  268. User avater
    lacybe | | #268

    April what? 2010??

  269. User avater
    lacybe | | #269

    ok, found the one - and only? - place, were it says 2013, next to the author, but not witht the text or comments
    So, happy welcom everybody to 2014, it already started for me.

  270. Carly_Sue | | #270

    Couture techniques are wonderful...you can make garments like no other. I love to study all sources and educate myself. I would love to win this book.

  271. threadqueen | | #271

    I majored in HomeEc at college(Carnegie Mellon University now but was then called Carnegie Tech) and taught school after graduation. The sewing techniques have changed so much since I learned (1950-1954) . Now I belong to the Am. Sewing guild and am in charge of a Couture Group who wants to learn all about Couture. We have used some ideas from her previous book but are always looking for new ways. So i would love to win her book! We will make good use of it.


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