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Project Runway 11, Episode 14: “Finale, Part 2”

Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, and model Lisa congratulate Michelle Lezniak Franklin on winning Project Runway Season 11.

Let’s get right to the point: Michelle won!

In last night’s season finale for Project Runway’s 11th season, we got to see 12 looks each from the final three designers.

Michelle Franklin showed a collection based on the concept of a lone she-wolf, looking for one last kill to keep herself alive. Michelle explained to the judging panel that it was a metaphor for her whole experience on Project Runway – losing her pack, then working on her own.

Michelle’s final runway look:

Michelle Franklin's finale look

Go to SewStylish’s FaceBook page to see a gallery of Michelle’s entire collection.  

Patricia Michaels channeled Native American traditions into modern silhouettes in her collection. Patricia displayed some amazing textiles and embellishments she’d created herself.

A look from Patricia’s final collection:

Patricia Michaels' look

Visit SewStylish’s FaceBook page to see a whole album of Patricia’s designs.

Stanley Hudson’s collection reflected “Urban Opulence.” Stanley created an elegant collection with embroidered and beaded embellishments. It was dinner looks for the ladies who lunch.

Stanley’s final runway look:

Stanley Hudson's dress

See Stanley’s whole collection at SewStylish’s Facebook page.

The two-hour episode included a big build-up to the runway shows at Lincoln Center.

Patricia was a bit scatter-brained, but managed to find all of her pieces and pull it together. 

Michelle seemed to have everything under control from the start.

Stanley was shockingly disorganized! He had four fitters completing the garments seconds before the models hit the catwalk!

Michael Kors returned as a finale guest judge to help Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen select the winning designer. 

Michelle’s husband, brother, and mother were there to celebrate. Michelle said she felt from the start that she could win, and despite such a rough road in the initial team challenges, she pulled it off wonderfully.

AND, I just want to mention that the winning model, Lisa, was featured in our Spring 2012 SewStylish. She was great to work with, and now she’s won a well-deserved $25,000 and a big fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine. Yay Lisa!

Next week

We’ll get a chance to dish about the “Reunion Special.” It looks as if Daniel Esquivel has some venting to do, and Cindy Marlatt takes on Benjamin Mach about his attitude.

What did you think?

I totally agree that Michelle’s collection was cohesive, interesting, and well made. But to be honest… I paused the show playback before the judging and gauged my gut reaction. I thought Patricia.

Patricia’s show inspired the most positive response. It made me smile. I wanted to see the clothes close up. I wanted to try them on. I wanted to see what the fabrics felt like. I wanted to inspect the hand-made paillettes. I was more interested in what Patricia had done. 

What was your reaction to the runway collections? Do you think the critique was fair to Stanley? Do you think Nina eliminated Patricia’s chance to win?

Which designer’s collection did you most admire? 


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  1. jillmyra | | #1

    Patricia's designs were much more fascinating to me than the other two designers. Stanley was hohum boring and poorly constructed. He should have been cut earlier and Daniel should have been included. Michelle's work just did not interest me at all, almost Eastern European Military in feel. I hope this brings Patricia many opportunities.

  2. User avater
    eMMb | | #2

    I agree, I think naming Michelle winner was a missed opportunity. Patricia's collection was far more original and inspiring, and versitile...Michelle's left over "punk/tough" just won't appeal to a large audience.

  3. sews4fun | | #3

    I am glad Michelle won, I think it was much deserved. While Patricia had a few nice things, some of her stuff was just awful and not something anyone I know would wear. Patricia is a textile artist, not a designer and I thought her kids even looked uncomfortable when they saw her collection come down the runway.
    Stanley's was the same old same old but I think he still should have come in second even though I knew in my heart he would be last. At least his boring stuff was wearable.
    Then we have Michelle, who I admit, makes some over the top stuff but it was a true collection and I loved the coat and the first dress that walked out. Anytime you have a runway show, you are going to see some kooky stuff that will be toned down as seperates later ( as Michael Kors said. )
    At least with Michelles stuff, it could be taken apart and worn, same goes for Stanley, not so with Patricia. I felt Michelle showed good workmanship, an eye for seperates that could all work together with the many pieces she showed, a well thought out lineup and the clothes were not the same old stuff I'd seen before but were not terrible like those shorts of Patricia's that just were downright unflattering on the model. I saw more talent in Michelle than any other designer even with some of her over the top looks. (The heart sweater was confusing I admit and I don't know where that came from but I didn't care for it.) I think she had to work the hardest, was given the least amount of respect from the judges the entire time and if I had been her, I don't know that I could have endured it. Patricia was coddled the entire season, Stanley was showered with praise for looks we've all seen before and Michelle was given little encouragement. A couple of times yes, but very little and I thought her lone wolf concept was very appropriate given the circumstances. Kudos Michelle!!!

  4. tombdesigner | | #4

    Overall, too many crybabies this season. Seriously, if you want to make it in the fashion industry you have to have a thick skin and be tough. Michelle deserved to win, although Patricia put on an entertaining runway show. She is a very talented fabric designer, not so much as a garment designer. I really liked her hand painted fabrics. I think some of them would print digitally very well. Stanley was a bit disappointing and a little too literally retro. I was surprised he was so disorganised, but then he had the least skilled helper. Some of Michelle's tops needed a shirt and were not designed for endowed women. Her final gown would have been stunning in 4ply silk.

  5. peggyv | | #5

    I loved all the collections, but Michelle did seem the clear winner. Didn't Stanley's final dress look something like Halle Berry's Oscar dress a few years ago?

  6. User avater
    Soli | | #6

    Stil think Michelle was a Jeffrey Sebella/Seth Aaron retread. Look; she can spin the collection any way she wants with the whole wolf story, but the truth is that we've seen that whole post punk urban vibe in multiple collections through multiple seasons. I had a feeling Patricia would come in at #2; however, her viewpoint was fresh and unique. I absolutely adored her burgandy velvet top with the gold trim - could totally see it with skinny jeans and boots. Definitely rocking the "Granny Takes a Trip" vibe from King's Road and the Sunset Strip. I am glad she got as far as she got and was afforded the exposure. There are women out there who don't want to see themselves coming and going when they're out and about, and that includes the faux Blade Runner look that Michelle sold the judges. I do think Stanley's clothes were lovely, if boring and boringly styled. He just had to make everything matchy matchy instead of listening to Nina, although good for him for turning that gold tent into a peplum top. Stanley will definitely have an audience, because as I've said before, the designers for the ladies who lunch seem to be getting fewer and farther between. He normally did lovely work. If I had been one of his dressers, I would have been seriously pissed off at having to finish the work he should have finished on his own before he got to NYC. I'm not sure I'll watch the reunion show. If it's going to be nothing but claws out and slamming everyone, it's going to be a waste of my time. Honestly, this wasn't my favorite season of PR. They obviously had to chose a winner, but I keep thinking that out of the pool of applicants they don't always seem to cast for real talent, and the whole team thing just kept bad people past their expiration date while good people got aufed before their time.

  7. Cherlyn | | #7

    I was torn between Michelle and Patricia. Michelle's was more cohesive, but I have to agree that the look is not one we have not seen before, whereas, Patricia's was newer. I loved most of her designs. I am tred of black and dark clothes. I don't want drab color either-what is uplifting about boring drab colors?

    At first, I thought Patricia would have it because I kept thinking about the lady last year that won with her island collection; no shape, but all a reflection of her! She won, so why not Patricia! I think Patricia should have won this year.

    I have no idea what happened to Stanley-ran out of ideas. I was s disappointed because I loved most of his designs during this season.

  8. GMterrie | | #8

    Congratulations, Michelle!

    Well, I did not want Patricia to win. She did not have design capabilities. Her fabrics were so great, though...wow. And her family was so proud of her. What an amazing family.

    Michelle did repeat the old and used to death post goth-punk-urban thing. Different twist (woman wolf?) on the same theme. Because of the darn dumb team thing, none of the designers did anything independent until the last part. No one could see what their aesthetic was. I didn't think any of them was especially talented. Yes, some were fantastic seamstresses.

    Please Project Runway, put good folks in charge of selecting the contestants this time. You've done it before. No more babies. We need designers with vision, good sewing skills, and great personalities. No more goofy eyed, silly, diva gays and women. That old tune is worn out.
    It has been good for me to have a place to give my opinion about Project Runway.

  9. MareZan | | #9

    The entire season was about picking the best of the worst. The show management needs to find better talent.
    Improve design and construction skills. Decrease the drama.

  10. Ikebana152 | | #10

    Michelle was clearly, and I think rightly, the winner.

    Forget the aesthetics for a moment, and look at her collection. Cohesive, modern, pieces that could work separately or together, all related, undoubtedly Michelle. She was ready, calm and professional.

    Patricia had some beautiful work, but it was all over the place. That great blue dress was in no way related to that horsehair cape. Yes her clothes are original but they are almost novelties, like a sweater i bought in Vegas that had hand embroidered faces on it -funky- but you wouldn't buy more than one. I don't think she is ready to run a company.

    Stanley 's clothing was maturer and more consertive which is PR death. The collection was cohesive but he didn't listen to the judges. Stanley was told to break up certain pieces and he ignored most of the critique - death to Smootchie! The arrogance of arriving so unprepared....

    I agree with Soli, the Seth Aaron/Sebella vibe was there but Michelle's I felt was a bit more feminine and less hostile to women.

    On the whole, I am disapointed that yet again what is considered design from emerging talent is so distant from what most women regardless of age or size can attempt to wear. Fashion Star had a challenge in which a garment had to be designed that could fit a sample size and a large size client. Both sized garments had to walk the runway. That would never fly on PR.

    I join the cry for more talent, less drama.

    One of the most enjoyful parts of this season has been reading the comments here and getting to play critic. Thanks Threads for the forum and to those of you who participate here. It's been fun!

  11. miranda10 | | #11

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  12. miranda10 | | #12

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