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Teach Yourself to Sew

Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

Leave a comment below explaining why you want to learn how to sew in 20 words or less for a chance to win.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Have you always wanted to learn how to sew, but didn’t know where to start? Do you spend hours browsing through pattern catalogs dreaming of the garments you wish could make? If you’ve answered yes, then we can help get your started on your sewing journey.

To celebrate the release of our latest installment to our popular beginner video series Teach Yourself to Sew Season 4, and the Teach Yourself to Sew special issue, we’ve put together an incredible giveaway. Threads magazine has teamed up with sewing industry giant Janome America, to bring you FIVE amazing prizes.


Grand Prize: One (1) Janome 4120QDC Sewing Machine. $1,199.00 (MSRP, USD$).

First Prize: One (1) winner will receive a DVD Bundle package of our popular beginner sewing video series, Teach Yourself to Sew, Seasons 1 to 4. $99.96 (MSRP, USD$).
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Second Prize: Three (3) winners will receive one (1) copy of the Teach Youself to Sew Winter 2013 issue, which includes a one-hour sampler of all four seasons. $12.99 each (MSRP, USD$).


Leave a comment below detailing why you want to learn how to sew in 20 words or less, by 11:59 p.m. ET on October 29, 2013 for a chance to win one of the five fabulous prizes. The winners will be randomly selected from qualified entries, announced, and contacted via email the week of November 11, 2013. It’s that simple.

Good luck!

See official rules for more details.


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  1. RoonieRanching | | #1

    I want to learn to sew to because it makes me appreciate the garments I wear!

  2. Awheeler | | #2

    So I can make adorable things like blankets and certain clothes for my kids.

  3. Pegann3 | | #3

    I absolutely need to learn a new skill for self satisfaction and fulfillment at this challenging time in my life.

  4. DellAnnT | | #4

    I want to create clothes that I love that also fit!

  5. lovethecraft | | #5

    So that I can have clothes that fit my body shape properly, it's more economic, unique and self-satisfaction

  6. book_maven | | #6

    I've raised children and grandchildren and want to do something just for myself.

  7. Changmom | | #7

    I want to learn how to sew better, using a great machine

  8. sewsam | | #8

    These DVDs would be terrific for my daughter who wants to learn how to sew.

  9. Letsquilt | | #9

    I sew, but my 12 year old granddaughter is just starting. I want her to learn from the experts.

  10. User avater
    [email protected] | | #10

    I am losing 150 pounds; need better fitting clothes with every 20 pounds gone. I want to make my own.

  11. user-2152671 | | #11

    I want to learn how to sew clothes that fit me perfectly.

  12. User avater
    watercolorjen | | #12

    I find the process of sewing both fascinating and frustrating. Everything I do with my sewing machine today is self-taught, trial and error...lots of error. Sure would be nice to get from A-Z with out wearing out my seam-ripper.

  13. User avater
    [email protected] | | #13

    Total Wardrobe Control.

  14. MomWiz | | #14

    I'm aging with a warped body and need to learn sewing skills so clothes will fit!

  15. parsnip65 | | #15

    I can sew some what, but have gotten into some bad habits, so maybe its time to start a fresh.Sometimes starting from scratch sets you off on the right foot again.

  16. user-2548322 | | #16

    My mom sewed all of my clothes when I was little. I would like to sew for my daughter.

  17. User avater
    slmendes | | #17

    I know how to sew, but there is always something new to learn, or a technique that has a different, or better, way of doing it. These Teach Yourself to Sew series are a wonderful way to learn and full of excellent information.

  18. jduke007 | | #18

    I want to learn to sew "the proper way" and not have to compromise and buy something that "almost" fits!

  19. oldfool | | #19

    30 yrs ago i was able to do some basic upholstery sewing, but long since forgotten. I have so many things to sew up andn even have a new machine, but i'm unable to do so. i've been waiting 3 years for a pr of pants to be hemmed. I get tried of waiting on someone else to do my sewing and i really have the time to do so for my self. there is also some sewing projects i have seen that i would be grateful to accomplish.I hope i'm considered for sewing lessons. thanks.

  20. user-2443647 | | #20

    Four back surgeries and a knee surgery changed my life forever. I can no longer participate in many activities so needing something to help me through the day I started to sew with the cheapest machine I could find. I fell in love! I have been teaching myself to sew for a year now and my only regret is not starting sooner.

  21. TheRealNicJ | | #21

    I've always wanted to learn. I'd love to start as a hobby and try to build an at home business!

  22. Coleen23 | | #22

    I want to learn couture techniques to take my sewing to the next level.

  23. User avater
    acatalina2 | | #23

    Frequently I'm frustrated after choosing a perfect fabric and adjusting a muslin, to find my garment does not fit properly.

  24. user-1137731 | | #24

    I already know how to sew. I currently teach a sewing class for a homeschool co-op and I am always looking for new ideas to teach sewing to others.

  25. monikertoniker | | #25

    Have spent years teaching myself to draft my own patterns; need right equipment and know-how to execute them properly.

  26. Sewing_April | | #26

    I'd love to be able to sew and alter my own clothes and to make my first quilt!

  27. annrara | | #27

    Creating is being "one with the universe." Fashion for the overweight is overlooked. Creating offers hope, peace, pride.

  28. PopularOutcast | | #28

    Just started learning and am hooked! Want to learn more so I can help kids in my disadvantaged community.

  29. user-2003399 | | #29

    It would be such fun!

  30. user-2003399 | | #30

    It would be such fun!

  31. DTR1960 | | #31

    I want to learn how to sew to rock the courthouse with color and style as a curvy woman.

  32. daspears | | #32

    I'm finally retired, and now I have time to pursue sewing and all the hobbies I've been lusting over!

  33. cmarkstahler | | #33

    I would love to learn to sew with my daughter. This is just the opportunity for us to learn together!

  34. user-2272400 | | #34

    Learning To Sew I Can Dress Up Soul Pretty!

  35. user-1151659 | | #35

    I've been quilting for 8 years and feel very comfortable working in 2 dimensions but I'm very intimidated by the idea of collars and sleeves etc.
    I'm ready to try my hand at 3 dimensional sewing!

  36. I9 | | #36

    Sewing is an endless subject. Love to more and more to create quality garments. And would save a lot too

  37. Liljoy | | #37

    I want to learn to sew because I have so many great clothing ideas I need to make reality.

  38. User avater
    Arted1 | | #38

    Yes! I want to learn to sew and fit. Thanks.

  39. User avater
    FairQueenJ | | #39

    I want to learn to sew because it is a GREAT hobby that I can continue to do as I get older..and because it is AWESOME!

  40. User avater
    Rachael_or_rae | | #40

    I want learn how sew with all design idea- I love some teach me:)

  41. kaponton | | #41

    Have basic skills need to learn more!

  42. zzz123 | | #42

    I love fabric and I want to make clothes that fit in styles I like.

  43. amh61771 | | #43

    I want to learn how to sew everything I love fabric.

  44. user-2636023 | | #44

    When you're built like a 5'3" Christmas tree, it's hard to buy clothes that fit. Now that I am losing weight, I want to look better and feel confident.

  45. Wednesdey | | #45

    To learn more in order to create eco-friendly and affordable clothing for myself, and community. Thank you!

  46. User avater
    MaggieMLoera | | #46

    I'd love to learn to sew, but need a machine. Used to sew in my teens and what a feeling.

  47. Kcriss76 | | #47

    I know how to quilt but have a mouthwatering desire to learn and make clothes that actually fit ME!

  48. suseblues | | #48

    Its hard for me to find clothes that fit me, and I would like to be able to make the clothes I want to wear in the fabric I like. I also want to learn to quilt. And since I'm the kind of person who buys the car before she can drive a manual shift (true story) I have three vintage sewing machines I need to learn to use!

  49. suseblues | | #49

    I have three vintage machines that I don't know how to use!

  50. user-2349859 | | #50

    I love making my own creations in everything from clothes to food to house renovations. I see sewing as a functional creative outlet which will benefit my family for years to come and be a valuable skill to pass on to future generations.

  51. aboveasia | | #51

    I use my rudimentary sewing skills to make gifts for friends and simple blankets for the Linus Project. Would love to take my skills to the next level so that I can do more for others.

  52. judystitcher | | #52

    I have forgotten how to sew...30 years ago I knew. Been quilting lately. I miss it.

  53. user-2852417 | | #53

    Sewing is a creative outlet for me. There is a real sense of accomplishment when I make something I actually want to wear. I'd like to improve my skills so that I have that feeling more often and more reliably when I start a new project.

  54. user-917295 | | #54

    I use to sew simple aprons and doll clothes with my mother years ago. She is gone now and having my own sewing machine, not only would remind me of her but I could learn how to sew all over again. I would really love to win this!

  55. cltrice | | #55

    I have sewn quilts for 20 years, but have never been successful at garment sewing. I have miserable memories of attempts to sew clothing when I was in high school. Everything LOOKED like I made it and in a bad way. I love fashion and love to sew quilts...but, it would be awesome to marry my two loves. I can't wait to have someone compliment me on a new outfit and to be able to say with pride "Thank you.....I made it myself"!


  56. itssewyou | | #56

    Hoping to improve on basic sewing skills and learn about machine feet, tools, techniques to produce a professional outcome.

  57. User avater
    Maydge | | #57

    Show off my creativity

  58. user-2813798 | | #58

    I realized there is more to sewing by volunteering at my daughter's ballet studio. I want to know it all!

  59. RebeccaT | | #59

    Because I want to make dresses that my beautiful six year old daughter can twirl around in.

  60. LesaC | | #60

    Tim Gunn told me "make it work" won't help me on Project Runway if I don't know how to sew!

  61. kidzpta | | #61

    I am a plus size woman who cannot find good fitting clothes! I would Love to be able to sew clothes for myself that fit right.

  62. user-2443803 | | #62

    I used to sew all my clothes in high school. I am learning anew how to sew clothes and want to make them the correct way so they look professionally made. I need to go back to the basics to learn techniques that I forgot or never new. My sewing room is put together and waiting!

  63. pathersl | | #63

    I can sew, just would like the opportunity to take real lessons. The last one I had was in 8th grade, about the time of the Middle Ages.

  64. felter66 | | #64

    I am frustrated with clothes that don't fit right; learning to make my own clothes will give me freedom and feelings of pride.

  65. jraphi1 | | #65

    I want to learn how to sew again because I have champagne taste and a beer pocketbook. I love designer clothes but can't afford them. More important I want clothes that are custom made for ME and fit properly and are made well of good fabrics.. It is so discouraging to go into the stores and not be able to buy what I want because of lack of fit, too expensive or poor construction and cheap fabrics.

  66. user-2778833 | | #66

    I enjoy sewing, but have not had much time in the past few years. I have a lovely stash of fabric and want to feel confident that I am constructing my projects well and in an efficient and effective manner. I have appreciated the help that Threads has provided, but am still on the learning curve - and enjoying the process.

  67. user-2778833 | | #67

    I enjoy sewing, but have not had much time in the past few years. I have a lovely stash of fabric and want to feel confident that I am constructing my projects well and in an efficient and effective manner. I have appreciated the help that Threads has provided, but am still on the learning curve - and enjoying the process.

  68. lexi4fun30 | | #68

    I would truly enjoy the art and talent of learning to sew and be creative with not only my clothing, but to help those in need of coats for the winter, new baby items that young moms can't afford to buy and to design gifts and carry to the nursing homes and elderly that have no family.

  69. user-2094979 | | #69

    I like different fabric and styles. Have real hips and a small waist, todays designs are all to big at the waist and all patterns I buy I have to alter somehow. I want to learn how to do it right to show off my small hour-glass figure. Oh did I mention I'm small through the ribcage too.
    I want to be able to make the clothes I see in my head. Please pick me. Kat

  70. user-2745819 | | #70

    I want the creative outlet and ability to make and alter clothes to fit my frame.

  71. spinslj | | #71

    I would love to own this machine. I've got a triple wammy going against me. I'm 6ft 1",plus size with a menopot. Tall clothes from a real tall women's site are long enough but usually not in my size, and generally cater to junior styling. Not something I want to be seen in at my age.

    Most catalogs say they have tall plus -- but their clothing is too short in long sleeve, pant legs and dress/top length. Coat sleeve length is another nightmare.

  72. lmkato | | #72

    I need to "bring it all together". I have lots of fabric and great ideas, now I need technique!

  73. User avater
    DrKat71 | | #73

    I want to be able to reproduce a garment that I see on the market, in media or my imagination.

  74. user-2646110 | | #74

    I have attempted to teach myself sewing on and off again for years, but have never found sufficient beginner classes to fit my schedule. Now that I am retired I would LOVE to have a nice machine to help me with my endeavors!

  75. user-1127978 | | #75

    the craft of sewing is a learning that is ongoing. I'd love to be able to learn to sew on a wonderful machine. Best of luck to all.

  76. User avater
    sewinggal1 | | #76

    I want better fitting garments and quilting also interests me too!

  77. hopflower | | #77

    I need to learn to sew the proper way, and to improve my skills. It has been many, many years since I took any classes, and I am rusty! I need to learn to sew again, and would love a new machine.

  78. warriorwoman25 | | #78

    1. I've recently retired and now have the time to re-acquaint myself with sewing. I realize that I will have to practically re-learn everything as it has been years since I last sewed anything. The DVD's would be very helpful!!!

    2. My sewing machine just reached its 20th birthday. It would be "sew" nice to have a newer machine.

    3. Most importantly, I will be a first time grandma in April. I want to sew for my new grandchild like my mother and grandmother sewed for me. Family values - family tradition!

  79. sewinguru1 | | #79

    My desperate desire is to learn how to sew correctly for myself and others with much self-confidence.

  80. lbking | | #80

    AT 4'9" it is difficulty to find well fitting clothes. I would love to be able to sew them myself

  81. laxi | | #81

    I used to sew a lot but have been away from it for a number of years while I took up weaving. I have a large stash of beautiful fabrics and trims that I have inherited from my British seamstress grandmother as well as fabrics that I brought back from living in Guatemala 40 years ago. I would love a beautiful new machine and guidance on how to get restarted with something that once was a self learnt passion.

  82. erob | | #82

    I bought my first sewing machine when I was nineteen for $50.00 - on a payment plan of $6.00 a month! I made a lot of my children's clothing when they were little. They are now grown up and I haven't sewn for a long time. (I still have the same machine though) I would now like to learn to make clothing for myself, more sophisticated than what I used to make, and hopefully with a more sophisticate machine as well!

  83. soldierangeldeb | | #83

    I do a little simple sewing now mostly for the vets such as wheel chair totes and ditty bags. I would love to learn how to make clothes and home decor.

  84. user-2422167 | | #84

    I would like to sew suits and dresses for my daughter who is graduating from law school this spring.

  85. User avater
    sewa2z | | #85

    I want to pick the fabric and style I want and not be Iimited to just what the stores have.

  86. user-935736 | | #86

    Regretful Mom never learned; I happily promised her I would. I’m excited about making good on 55 year old promise!

  87. user-1112581 | | #87

    Because I like the thought of making something just how I want it.

  88. DevonaD | | #88

    I want to learn to sew to make personal gifts for family and friends.

  89. Chavi | | #89

    I would like to improve my sewing skills. Want to learn to sew adult garments. My sewing machine and serger are Janome.

  90. spinslj | | #90

    I'm 6ft 1, a plus size with a menopot. I need this machine to make clothes that look good.

  91. henrycat1 | | #91

    I was a young widow and raised my kids alone.Now I would LOVE to sew for my FIVE grandchildren.

  92. User avater
    smfsprout | | #92

    I can sew but I'm always looking for a better way to make something unique.

  93. Cornchip1972 | | #93

    I want to make clothes,costumes & crafts for my son and nieces like my mom made for.

  94. Lynnibenni | | #94

    I want to learn to so to make my late Mother and Grandmother proud and to upcycle preconsumed fabrics.

  95. PinkFrog | | #95

    At this point in life, I have one size bottom and another size bust; sewing seems to be the only way to get clothes that fit, so I need to get learning!

  96. User avater
    sctung | | #96

    I'm of the age and size where it's difficult to buy clothes off the peg. I have no choice but to start sewing and I need help on this.

  97. cutiepies | | #97

    I have always wanted to sew ever since i was little, but i don't know how. Sometimes when i pass the sewing department i see the sewing displays, and i wish that i could make them.

  98. RhiB | | #98

    I would like to be more independent and not rely on going to a store to get items when I could learn to make them instead.

  99. dianemayotte | | #99

    I would love to use the DVD to brush up on my skills and then use them to teach my grandchildren and maybe their parents about sewing. Sewing is becoming a lost art and we need to pass on the love of and skill of clothing construction, as well as general sewing crafts.

  100. annacristina | | #100

    So I can bring to life all these creations I have in my head!

  101. 2370 | | #101

    I would be thrilled to win this book -- I have a friend who wants to learn, and this would be a wonderful tool. Thank you.

  102. eclectic22 | | #102

    I flunked HomeEc (spent the whole time trying to learn how to thread the machine) and would really love to start over again. All of these would be excellent prizes to get me started over again.

  103. MamaLusco3 | | #103

    I would love to make clothes that fit my plus-sized body!

  104. User avater
    SusanDuality | | #104

    MY thrift store wardrobe? No, it's really someone else's, and I'm tired of their collective drab taste. Let me sew!

  105. User avater
    d_lowe | | #105

    Not learning, but teach and use the video's to introduce or reinforce what I teach my students. Love them.

  106. Miss_Debi | | #106

    I want to learn to sew gifts for my 8 and 1/2 grandchildren as well as family and friends.

  107. user-1025005 | | #107

    I want to be able to sew my own beautiful clothes, and have people say,"Where did you get that?"

  108. SeamRipperPro | | #108

    This 'teach myself' method ain't cutting it. The pants I started in Feb for a June party got pushed out to Sept party and are still incomplete! :'(

  109. birdiebags | | #109

    Sewing will open a whole new world for me and all the people I will make things for.

  110. cindyreams | | #110

    It has been years since I did any real sewing. Now that I am retired and have the time, I will be sewing more. I need to learn new skills and refresh the old ones. Thanks

  111. lorrainem | | #111

    Techniques to make clothing have a finished look rather than a sewn at home look

  112. SuperNana2008 | | #112

    I want to learn to sew because my Grandma gave me her sewing machine and I want to know more about it and to make cute things for myself and my family

  113. sewingclass101 | | #113

    Tired of ready made clothes that don't fit correctly. To win a Janome Machine would sew my Threads for sure!!

  114. Cuillere | | #114

    Sewing would enable me to wear my own world and share it with others !

  115. SewMomma | | #115

    Sewing gives me a way to express my feelings and creativity. I am always ready to try new techniques and projects.

  116. user-929339 | | #116

    I sew for myself, my daughters and grandchildren. It grounds me, relaxes me and gives me an outlet to express myself.
    I would LOVE to be able to update my 30+ year old Janome

  117. User avater
    patsquared2 | | #117

    When I started teaching my granddaughter to sew, I knew I needed to brush up my skills. Help me!

  118. SewBle55ed | | #118

    I am retiring at the end of the year, and would like to rekindle my love of sewing.

  119. user-2855244 | | #119

    I know the basics but want to learn more!

  120. tdigioia | | #120

    Although I can sew, I cannot claim to be a professional. I always love to take any opportunity to improve my skills. Here's to the conviction that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

  121. user-2900579 | | #121

    So I can see the clothing sketches I've done finally come to life.

  122. user-367034 | | #122

    Since leaving my job managing exhibitions to be a stay at home mom, I've been looking for a creative outlet and some income. My kid are 3 now, and I'd like to learn to sew well enough by the time they go to kindergarten to open an etsy shop (stretch goal!) or at least make them some cute school clothes. I also have piles of clothes I hope to refashion as I practice!

  123. dschriv22 | | #123

    I had my first experience with sewing when I was 12 and my father gave my mother a sewing machine for Christmas. My mother and I taught ourselves how to sew for the next few years. :) When I say taught ourselves, I mean made plenty of mistakes. That was the best teacher of all, making mistakes. I love to sew and would love the experience of sewing on the new Janome 4120QDC sewing machine. It would be a wonderful experience. You are never to old to learn something new and wonderful!

  124. jillykek | | #124

    I need to enhance my sewing skills so that I can possibly earn some extra money for my family.

  125. MyHeartWillSewOn | | #125

    I long to make clothes that fit me properly and express who I am. I want to make gifts for animals and children, like blankets and toys.

  126. SWoerner | | #126

    I learned BASIC sewing in home ec at high school (now you know how old I am), and have continued sewing just when needed. Mending, hemming, but I haven't sewn clothing since my 29 year old daughter was a toddler!! I now have time and would love to start sewing REAL garments providing my machine of over 10years will hold up. Since my weight always fluctuates I can never find clothing that looks right on me and really want to make clothes that fit. Threads has been a great asset in providing information that I never learned in school, and I have read books on the different techniques, but I need a push to take the plunge. I would love to win the sewing machine, however, if I won any of the giveaways it would be a dream come true!! Thanks for the opportunity to try.

  127. User avater
    Ree65 | | #127

    I already sew but never 'formally' learned all the techniques and intricacies that make clothing beautiful and unique works of art.

  128. user-1120692 | | #128

    I have been sewing for over 50 years - mainly for pleasure and to do things for friends and family. I feel you can never stop learning and I enjoy picking up new skills and improving the ones I already have. I learned sewing from my grandmother and mother and from life along the way. A recent career change has allowed me to become a professional seamstress which I am truly enjoying. Just starting out doesn't leave a lot of extra money to purchase things and I would dearly love to have the tips, tricks, and techniques taught with these DVDs. Threads has been a great resource for me and I look forward to my magazine and emails!

  129. idosew | | #129

    This would be great to use as I teach my daughter.

  130. jackie18 | | #130

    My teenage daughter and I enjoy sewing and designing our clothes. BUT we create FAILURES! Would love some professional advice!

  131. Marty_Marie | | #131

    Would love to learn how to make my own custom designed garments. There are so many cute outfits out there that are cheaply made and cost about 500% more than the garment was to make in the first place. I want to learn how to sew garments that will last and will not cost an arm and a leg.

  132. clauditza | | #132

    For me sewing is not only a therapeutic activity, but also one that combines great the creativity with the utility.

  133. user-2694994 | | #133

    I want to learn how to sew because for me it's therapeutic for me when I was younger and only played in fabric and a sewing machine I found it helped me to escape from the troubles that plagued me so now I want to perfect my skill and turn it into a career.

  134. User avater
    petvet | | #134

    I am setting up a sewing class for an after school program at our church. These instructions would be fantastic.

  135. User avater
    chelle0118 | | #135

    I would love to learn to sew items for my rebuilt flooded home. Lots of curtains & such to make.

  136. smonakey | | #136

    I consider myself a beginner, but I'd love to learn to sew better. I enjoy the creative process & love the idea of making items that fit & flatter me, not trying to fit me into items that don't necessarily flatter me.

  137. 58mjm | | #137

    I want to learn to sew with more professional technics. Your site has given me great suggestions on technics.

  138. marymary | | #138

    I would love to win this for my grandson. When you have been sewing as long as I have, it is hard to teach the basics. His first project was a Navy Seals hat. I didn't have the heart to tell him that a hat is not a beginning project. He did a great job and the only thing I had to help with was the final hand sewing on the lining.

  139. TMarc | | #139

    I want to win this for my granddaughter, Cayley, who is 8 and showing signs of wanting to learn how to sew. This is the best gift I could give her. I've sewn since I was 10 or 12 and cherish this craft. I want to share it with Cayley.

    Tammy Marcsisak
    4003 Franklin Ave.
    Des Moines, IA 50310

  140. ArtistPhoenix | | #140

    To do the extraordinary. Why wear something that you buy off the rack, often ordinary looking, when you can create your own personalized style? Its very satisfying to wear something that I've made for myself.

  141. user-974858 | | #141

    I sewed a lot when my children were young. I had to stop because I need to get a job. That was 40 years ago. I need the "Teach yourself to Sew" DVDs to relearn how to sew. Now that I am retired I can go back to sewing which I dearly loved.

  142. mary_sews | | #142

    My daughter and granddaughter want to learn to sew because I have so much fun sewing.

  143. Sewroundtuit | | #143

    I teach 4-H sewing and have 15 youngsters this year. Thirteen are NEW beginners who want to learn how to sew! This is exciting to have SEW many newbies! Unfortunately over half do not own a sewing machine SEW we are desperately trying to find decent sewing machines.
    Thanks SEW much!

  144. MaryAJ | | #144

    Sewing is my creative outlet. Being something of an introvert, anything that helps me teach myself is right up my alley.

  145. User avater
    ShangriLa | | #145

    There are a million dress designs in my head and I want to get them out!

  146. yehudis | | #146

    It would be great to learn how to sew. Clothing is so expensive and I rarely find clothing that I like.

  147. talliana | | #147

    i would like to make clothing for my daughter that fit her rather than buying off the rack.

  148. fiberthyme | | #148

    I used to sew garments and mostly quilt now. I would really like to re-learn garment construction to sew for both my wardrobe and others.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  149. gbarrett | | #149

    Teach myself to sew give away; I would love to create hand mad clothing For myself, and as holiday gifts,they mean so much more. Thank You Gaye Barrett

  150. raewaters | | #150

    I want to learn to sew beautiful clothing that fits me perfectly and end my frequent frustration with ready-to-wear.

  151. User avater
    LuvThreadsMagazine | | #151

    My inner-designer needs to bloom and grow, bloom and grow.

  152. User avater
    LuvThreadsMagazine | | #152

    My inner-designer needs to bloom and grow, bloom and grow.

  153. carojo | | #153

    I want to wear one of a kind garments, not one of a thousand.

  154. ccherilee | | #154

    "Old Dog" needs to go back to school; New Janome would be way to cool!!

  155. kdesigns | | #155

    FREEDOM and EXITEMENT of exploring creativity with know how and bringing imagination to life with Janome and Threads.

  156. User avater
    landrovergirl | | #156

    I would love to have a great machine and instruction so that I can make my own clothes. I feel I would be able to show my personality and not be dependent on the box stores.

  157. user-312298 | | #157

    Learning to sew your own clothes allows you to put your own stamp, that is, your personality, on what you wear. Wouldn't that be great!

  158. user-1112564 | | #158

    I would like to be able to sew my own clothes instead of trying to alter ready to wear clothes, which doesn't always work.

  159. Eguna | | #159

    I would like to sew my Eskimo traditional clothing and pass this skill to my children. Love to sew!

  160. MargaretS | | #160

    I always love taking classes where we continually learn new things to help us out on our sewing journey. As we grow older and our bodies change, learning to adjust all the places needed to help get us a better fit to look better in our clothes would be so helpful.

  161. traleewill | | #161

    I'd like to be more confident teaching my daughters to sew.

  162. user-2861897 | | #162

    Make clothes that fit, share knowledge acquired from resource like Threads Magazine and also translate it into a profitable opportunity.

  163. Sew_Mama | | #163

    My two daughters are very interested in sewing. A systematic approach is what I need to teach them!

  164. ArtemisKeane | | #164

    I love clothing my family, in items made by me, that are completely customized for us and our styles.

  165. user-1116691 | | #165

    I don't sew well. I'm mostly self taught and would like to learn how to do things the right way.

  166. VanRudolf | | #166

    I want to learn the correct way of sewing. I haven't sewed for myself before this year and it is difficult.

  167. gem43 | | #167

    I have played around with sewing quite a bit, but would so enjoy being able to make something for myself that FITS! I'd also making things for my grandchildren.

  168. Lady_D | | #168

    I want to enhance my sewing skills so that I can make more of my own clothing, tailored for a perfect fit instead of always "settling" for clothing off the rack that I always have to alter to fit anyhow...

  169. user-2354546 | | #169

    I want to learn how to sew a pair jeans out of regular denim without the stretch. Can't purchase non-stretch.

  170. mcedler | | #170

    Give a child an outfit, clothe them for a day. Teach a child to sew, clothe them for a lifetime.

  171. moviedoll | | #171

    I'd love to learn how to tailor better.

  172. user-2335583 | | #172

    I would love to have unique clothing and be my own couturier!

  173. missmimi | | #173

    To pass along an invaluable trade.

  174. User avater
    ShiningStar | | #174

    Since I was a small child I have wanted to learn how to sew.

  175. dianajanssen | | #175

    The more I learn, the better teacher and sewist I become.

  176. Berninawoman | | #176

    It's a shame that not everyone is allowed to enter the competitions even though we pay as much or more for a subscription. This policy need to be changed as it is unfair.

  177. user-2844548 | | #177

    I want to start my own clothing line

  178. user-2844548 | | #178

    I want to start my own clothing line

  179. bermbroro | | #179

    It makes me happy to make garments for husband and forhim to be proud show them off.

  180. apa076 | | #180

    It would help improve my sewing skills and also help perfect my clothing line. Thank you

  181. User avater
    malsews | | #181

    I've been trying to re-teach myself to sew the correct way and break old bad habits; this would be a great refresher for me!

  182. LoriRoberts | | #182

    It's about time since i am an old grandma and have 7 grand babies to sew for :)

  183. apa076 | | #183

    This will help improve my sewing skills and also assist me in making better quality clothes for my clothing line. Thank you

  184. ecasale | | #184

    I am a third generation seamstress, but love to learn new ideas and ways to sew. This would add to my abilities and knowledge!

  185. MsHem | | #185

    The DVD would be a great tool to use in my Designing Class. We are always learning and this would not only be a support method for classes, but help me improve how I teach.

  186. chefpdi | | #186

    I went to school for fashion design 20 years ago and am just getting back into sewing because I hate buying clothes that do not fit me well. I need to reteach myself everything I learned in school. I'm so proud of the clothes I make and how great I feel in them.

  187. Paula_Beron5 | | #187

    I just simply love sewing. I was a theatre director, and quit, and turned myself into sewing, and i never thought i would have so much fun.

  188. User avater
    sweetdsmom | | #188

    I would love to learn as much as possible about tailoring garments. When a garments fits your body, it's phenomenal.

  189. lonelysewer | | #189

    I would love to win this combo as it would add to my knowlege and skill.

  190. dsharp90 | | #190

    I'd like to learn to sew so that our clothes fit better!

  191. user-2195143 | | #191

    This package would help me teach my teenage son how to sew. He wants to learn how!

  192. LisaLogan9 | | #192

    I'd like to learn to sew, so I can make quilts for babies at UNC Hospital's NICU.

  193. WaMtnLvr | | #193

    I'm in the process of relearning and hoping to improve the skills I had. There are so many new techniques and ideas, I'm really excited about this!

  194. aindava | | #194

    I'm short and round, so being able to make my own clothing is a highly desirable ability. Great prize package!

  195. jacia2 | | #195

    I want to learn to sew pants especially because I am 6'0 tall and have a 36 inseam and I am a plus size women. Therefore it hard to find pants in my size.

  196. User avater
    Hipriestessluv | | #196

    I'm expecting a new baby after 12 years. I see so many ways that having a having a sewing machine will save my family tons of money, I can see cloth diapers, I can make blankets, I can make beautiful dresses and so much more. I've always been a fan of Janome so if I won the sewing machine that would be the icing on the cake. My family gets tired of me dropping hints about the need for a sewing machine and there are no local Janome dealers in the area.

    The DVDs would be an asset, I haven't sewed in years and I could always learn something new. I follow Threads via email, books and magazines but I don't have any of the DVDs in my collection. This would be a dream come true.

  197. Emmab | | #197

    I learned back in 1973, but I dont remember anything! I would love to make some new clothes, and house decor.

  198. MaopaLutui | | #198

    I want to learn how to sew so that I may be able to sew my own clothes and clothes for my family and that I may be able to pass down that life-long skill to my children and grandchildren. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  199. hessie | | #199

    Sewing has connected and empowered women for generations. For me, it an essential lifeline to the past.

  200. kdr | | #200

    I would love to add new techniques to my skills and I would love to share these with my daughter and a friend who want to learn to sew. Sewing gives me such pleasure that I want to share my skills with others. And, of course, there are always new techniques to learn from others. I have such problems fitting myself perhaps there are some new ideas to help me with this.

  201. CallaFerg | | #201

    Learning how to sew is on my bucket list. I have the basic skills, but I want to learn it all…by the book!!

  202. User avater
    Mzjaysewz | | #202

    I want to learn to sew because I simply love it! I'm excited every time I start a project!

  203. User avater
    angelap | | #203

    I would love to win so I can learn to sew properly. So far, I have been teaching myself to sew by learning from my mistakes. My machine is old & problematic. I would love to have a new machine, but can't afford one. The DVD's are also wonderful prizes! I love the tips & techiques that Threads shares with us. Thank you!

  204. trishiriye | | #204

    I'm a novice sewer and would love to learn how proper techniques so that my projects look nicer and I'll spend less time with the seam ripper! Would love a sweet machine with ALL the bells and whistles like this Janome!

  205. trishiriye | | #205

    I'm a novice sewer and would love to learn how proper techniques so that my projects look nicer!

  206. dam17 | | #206

    Being able to accomplish sewing would be sooooo worthwhile. Understanding the techniques and putting them to use would be amazing!!!!!

  207. User avater
    RamonaK | | #207

    I played with sewing since the time I was very young taking old socks and cutting them up for doll clothes. Would love to go from very basics to kicking it up a notch.

  208. allysonroad | | #208

    My mom taught me how to "sew" costumes when I was little but it was really more of a frankenstein operation. Now I want to learn how to sew properly so I can make my own clothes.

  209. snowm | | #209

    I would love to sew some simple skirts. I would love to have the dvds to sharpen my skills. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  210. User avater
    CMitchell1987 | | #210

    I would Love to receive this! Now that I'm an adult with a two year old son I want to actually have a machine learn on. My plan after I receive my Associate of Spring of 2014 I was planning to apply to Scad for fashion design.

  211. Oshnpashn | | #211

    I want to make a quilt and sew clothes for myself!

  212. User avater
    spope04 | | #212

    Altough I do sew, I need to update the skills my skills to accommodate my growing brood of grandchildren that want the newest trendy styles. I stopped sewing and concentrated more on quilting for about 8 years and now I find I need to teach myself to sew again. Would love to win this contest.

  213. User avater
    beadrbop | | #213

    Would love to win to properly create garments and also for making dolls for a charity auction. Good luck!

  214. JadaDuTierre | | #214

    So that I can make proper-fitting clothes that will make me confident in my body shape.

  215. restlesslegs | | #215

    To have a wonderful sewing machine Janome to sew clothes for me, my daughter, grand daughter & great grand daughter.

  216. BradleySlavik | | #216

    I want to be able to sew shirts for myself and dresses for my wife with confidence that it will turn out alright.

  217. User avater
    Momof11 | | #217

    For my 10 year old daughter who says "Because I like sewing but I am not good at it yet."

  218. ItaB | | #218

    To add another garment-making option to my knit/crochet skills. So cool to combine techniques!

  219. Langeo | | #219

    I only know how to sew a little. I am very interested in sewing "Home Decor." Things are so expensive. I know I could make many things for less ! Especially with help and a new Janome sewing machine !

  220. SondraMM | | #220

    I am plus sized. I would like to make clothes that ...
    * I like
    * fit me well
    * are comfortable and fit my lifestyle
    * are flattering styles
    * are the right colors and materials for me
    * are the right price
    * are easy and inexpensive to care for

  221. etherealpr | | #221

    I want to make things that fit me, are interesting, and aren't produced in a sweatshop!

  222. bmom76 | | #222

    I would love to sew better. Hem, and garments. I'd love to make warm Halloween costumes as well.

  223. SondraMM | | #223

    I want to make clothes that are the right styles, fit, colors and materials for my plus size body.

  224. TrishaM | | #224

    I want to learn how to sew to alter and recycle clothes and to to own clothes and accessories that no one else own.

  225. user-2132516 | | #225

    I want to sew because my imagination is greater than ready-to-wear offerings.

  226. lmbarber | | #226

    I would love to learn to sew so I can make all of the pretty things I like so I don't have to pay the high prices for clothing that is well made. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  227. user-2352691 | | #227

    I can sew some but I want to learn how to make garments, bags, and home décor that looks professional.

  228. Tami_B | | #228

    I would love to win Janome 4120QDC which would transform my creative ideas from just merely sketches to actual garments.

  229. sewmodest | | #229

    I lost my basic sewing machine in a house fire. Need to relearn to make cute things for my daughter!

  230. warriorprincess | | #230

    I come from a family of sewing women. I've recently started..I've got the bug!

  231. lmbarber | | #231

    I would like to learn how to sew so I can have the pretty clothing items that cost so much because of the quality. Thank you so much for the great giveaway.

  232. lmbarber | | #232

    I would like to learn how to sew so I can have the pretty clothing items that cost so much because of the quality. Thank you so much for the great giveaway.

  233. sewingmavin | | #233

    I love collecting reference material! I enjoy the refreshers and learning new techniques.

  234. qwnb33 | | #234

    Hi all,
    I would love to win this not for myself, but for my daughter. I would love to teach her to sew, but we don't live together, and she would need a machine all her own in order to really learn. She has never been interested all her life in sewing (of course, Mom will make it for me! ;-))
    and, now, has had a change of heart, and I would SO LOVE to make this happen for her! She is a very artistic person, and I believe this would be a wonderful creative and stress releasing avenue for her to explore! She has some issues/disabilities/PDDNOS due to being born prematurely (at 26 wks.), and has had trouble finding a job due to those issues... I would like to give her the gift of this talent so she has an outlet other than going on the internet and ending up on bad sites and getting that influence, instead of being all she can be without a negative element entering her life. She is 20 years old, and very creative, and I also would love this as a way to really connect with her as her mom. Thank you for your consideration-- Deb.

  235. user-2826462 | | #235

    I am learning to sew again after a stroke. I want to be able to make grandchildren's clothes an toys.

  236. stubblytroll | | #236

    I need this for my daughter. She needs to learn how to sew , and make her fit and awesome style.

  237. dancejamboree | | #237

    I want to learn to sew to create fabric memories to pass on to members of my family.

  238. SueLarson | | #238

    My 9 year old granddaughter started sewing with me this summer and this would be Wonderful to win for her! :)

  239. User avater
    IndigoEve | | #239

    I'm tired of buying mass produced poor quality clothing that doesn't fit!

  240. Diamondgal | | #240

    My mom (86 yrs) has given up sewing because her machine has no needle light or an automatic needle threader.

  241. user-2152671 | | #241

    I want to make unique clothing.

  242. User avater
    CATTLEQUEEN57 | | #242


  243. kathjohn | | #243

    My young daughter would like to learn to sew. The sewing guides would give her (and me) the newest sewing information for her to learn.

  244. MichelleAP | | #244

    I am using a machine from the 1960's and am interested in learning more professional techniques. Have a unique body and have a hard time with ready to wear and patterns out of the envelope.

  245. marysol23 | | #245

    Wining this, for me, would be everything.I love to sew and I would like to start a new profession.

  246. nightowl2704 | | #246

    I LOVE to sew! This sewing machine would be a dream come true!

  247. User avater
    Ginascraftcorner | | #247

    I've tried to teach myself to sew over the past few months, but need a lot of help! I would love to win the new sewing machine so I could get really serious about making clothes for my 2 sweet girls. One is tall and skinny and the other is small for her size, so they both need custom made clothing! :)

  248. User avater
    matti07 | | #248

    I actually am a self-taught semptress, but I'd like to teach myself how to sew everyday garments. I especially want to craft an attractive, comfortable, and unique work wardrobe! (I currently only sew historical clothes/costumes.)

  249. User avater
    SandyChavez | | #249

    I want to sew beautiful one-of-a-kind garments for me and my grandchildren.

  250. rachelannelc | | #250

    I would like to learn to sew so that I can have a hobby that is for me. Since becoming a mom to 2 kids in 2 years, quitting my job to allow my husband to follow his dreams and change his career, I feel a little lost and I want an "escape". I'd love to be able to sew clothes for my family and decor for our home.

  251. User avater
    eviej | | #251

    I was laid off after 40 years in the workplace. Struggling with depression and monetary issues. Sewing = happy.

  252. vannie | | #252

    I would like to improve my sewing and use to teach my daughters to sew.

  253. CathyDSews | | #253

    Sewing is a life-long process. Although I learned the basics a long time ago, there are always new techniques to try and new methods to explore. Living in a rural area, my learning options are extremely limited. Having all that information on DVDs would be such a treat. And I know Janome makes a great machine.

  254. Caryl61 | | #254

    I grew up watching my mom sew on her Singer Featherwight 221 and bought my own Singer when I turned 16. Now many years later, sewing has changed so much and I have been researching for a new machine. I would love the opportunity to freshen up those long-forgotten skills and learn proper technique from the experts! Thanks for an incredible giveaway!

  255. user-1009910 | | #255

    I am getting back into sewing and would love to have this instruction to help me with my sewing skills. Thank you.

  256. user-2881447 | | #256

    It would be amazing to finally make all the ideas in my head, taking another step to a healthier lifestyle.

  257. Louise10 | | #257

    I reluctantly sewed according to my grandmother's lessons as a child, enthusiastically as a purchaser of designer patterns in my 20s, and now with retirement, I need to relearn skills and techniques. A new machine would be perfect!

  258. User avater
    user-2900982 | | #258

    I would love the new machine. My old Bernina has almost 30 million stitches recorded on it. I know how to sew, and I am always learning more.

  259. amh61771 | | #259

    I would love to win a new sewing machine to sew everything iwant to learn how to do it right

  260. madamepurl | | #260

    I would love to learn to make a pair of pants that actually fit.

  261. bethany0528 | | #261

    I want to learn to sew to make clothes for my children the way my grandmother did for me.

  262. QuiltinBarb | | #262

    I'd like to learn how to sew garments that are flattering...

  263. jungleprincess | | #263

    I am a self-starter, already upgraded my sewing machine, then bought an embroidery machine...I have the world at my feet, er, hands!

  264. cook987 | | #264

    I enjoy sewing and would like to use a top machine as I improve my skills.

  265. TMedders | | #265

    I am a novice sewer and would like to start making my own clothes. Also my daughter wants to learn.

  266. taty_alvarado3 | | #266

    Sewing is creation,I wish to let a legacy of love and creation,teaching my grandkids by learning myself.

  267. halifaxfaye | | #267

    I would love a machine that I can take to sewing class to learn to improve my skills.

  268. rmcfrancis | | #268

    I've been interested in learning to make my own garments, but have been intimidated by the complexity of the patterns :o maybe start with something simple :D The dvds would be awesome :D :D :D

  269. 14scotty | | #269

    I would like to teach my grandkids to sew, I learn how to sew by magazine.

  270. User avater
    msconsuela | | #270

    Lost over 70. Kicked depression and high blood pressure but. Need to refashion my old clothes to save money.

  271. GerriBeeson | | #271

    I am retired senior and want to take up sewing as a hobby but I am once again a beginner.

  272. mercyrod | | #272

    I start sewing at 14 years old making my own school uniforms pleated burgundy skirt, plaid vest with white polo with matching ugly black shoes. Work my summers to purchase the supplies and books for the new school year. I was discouraged to continue sewing at 18 by my ex husband and dedicate my time to my first child. Now at 38 and in my second marriage Im free and encouraged to pursue my interests while taking care of my second child I being re learning my sewing skills by youtube or online classes just for my enjoyment of creating. Also is very relaxing. Funny start as a necessity and now is a hobby.

  273. Talita_Kuncoro | | #273

    I just got married a month ago, one day when I have kids, I want to make them cute clothes

  274. Almis | | #274

    I want to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to learnd more and more becuse I love to sew that's what I do best :D

  275. khd | | #275

    Learning to sew would mean I could have flattering, well-made clothing in beautiful fabrics and colors.

  276. Buttonscreates | | #276

    I have a daughter learning to sew. This would save me from having my borrowed. We both could sew together!

  277. _Leyy | | #277

    I have always wanted to be able to sew. But am still struggling to teach myself /: But I would love to be able to make clothes !!

  278. User avater
    Muffin58 | | #278

    I want to learn to sew so I can make clothes that fit me better and look good on me.

  279. bnamom24 | | #279

    I believe in overcoming intimidation. Sewing is intimidating. I want to spread my crafty wings and SOAR with sewing knowledge.

  280. user-1142651 | | #280

    I want to learn to sew to spend quality time with my grand daughter while she is learning to sew .

  281. User avater
    zookbook | | #281

    My grandma, Martha, was the queen of sewing! She passed away before I was old enough to learn from her, so my dream is to learn the craft myself and pass it on to my kids!

  282. User avater
    zookbook | | #282

    My grandma, Martha, was the queen of sewing! She passed away before I was old enough to learn from her, so my dream is to learn the craft myself and pass it on to my kids!

  283. matrice43 | | #283


  284. Mtheidi1 | | #284

    I learned as a child to sew from my aunt, but let it go as I grew up. It is my goal during this year that I am turning 50, to learn again.

  285. Amieburkiett315 | | #285

    I would love love love to learn to sew so that I can make things for my loved ones

  286. sew_good | | #286

    Learn to Sew!! Yahoo!! Unlimited ideas, Endless potential, Teach the Kids, SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. nicolars | | #287

    My grandmother passed on her sewing machine & notions to me and I'd like to honor her by sewing well.

  288. User avater
    Jeannieart | | #288

    I want to learn the right way to sew. Some young women want to learn, I want to teach-correctly.

  289. user-2459850 | | #289

    Learning to sew would enable me to be beautiful on the outside.

  290. MomT | | #290

    I want to keep the art of sewing alive and to be able to pass along the very best methods and knowledge.

  291. nutso | | #291

    I have sewed since I was a small girl. One of the few things I enjoy in life is sewing and working in my garden. It would make me very happy for a long time to win any of the prizes especially since it pertains to sewing.

  292. cecine | | #292

    What I know in sewing is very limited. Winning this will help me to explore much more in sewing clothing. Thanks.

  293. CrochetAddictUK | | #293

    I want to learn so that I can occupy my mind & feel like I'm achieving even though I'm disabled.

  294. christaj3 | | #294

    I've taught myself to sew, but need to BE taught many necessary techniques! Please Teach Me To Sew!

  295. lesnoces | | #295

    I love to craft, and there are so many crafting possibilities when you’re skilled at sewing.

  296. user-2819315 | | #296

    I have a horrible time finding clothes that fit properly. I want to learn to sew quality garments that fit me.

  297. SEWNYA | | #297

    I am not a beginner, but I find that there is always so much more to learn. I find that I don't even know all that is available on the simple basics.

  298. winnipegger | | #298

    i want to learn how to sew because i have so many creative ideas for all kinds of garments but i don't have the means (i.e. no machine) or knowledge no execute them

  299. Puddiesmom | | #299

    I'm a remedial sewer. I have no doubt a new machine or tutorial DVDs would be tremendously helpful!

  300. kyrie | | #300

    I missed the chance to learn to sew from my dear mother. This will help me to learn her skills.

  301. idosew | | #301

    Sewing is one rewarding task that will not make you fat.

  302. d_doodler | | #302

    I wou-ld like to learn to sew as I am a plus size diva and would like to wear more than tshirts which seems to be the only thing available to us ladies.

  303. phyl45 | | #303

    Grandma,s tredle machine needs a rest I need an upgrade. I want to learn more.

  304. Denne | | #304

    I have lymphedema in one of my arms from breast cancer. I would like to learn to so to customize the fit on that side so my garments will fit normally. Right now I that side bunches and pulls making it very obvious. I cannot wear long sleeves or jackets because that arm is much bigger that the other.

  305. BrewCrewof5 | | #305

    I want to learn because I want to teach and show my children the love of this lost art.

  306. User avater
    ardis128 | | #306

    I love to create and learning to sew would help me in creating beautiful items for my home.

  307. user-173390 | | #307

    I would love to learn the tips from experts on how to sew, it is the perfect outlet for creativity.

  308. user-287821 | | #308

    I have tried to teach myself to sew for many years (I always ended up with the no-sew iron on fusion lining...I need help!) I've got so many creative ideas and books but the DVDs and right tools would really let my ideas come to life!

  309. user-2411846 | | #309

    sewing my own clothes and learning to make fitting adjustments,i'm ready for more sewing techniques and
    maybe a new sewing machine?

  310. jennieMB | | #310

    So I can re-create and wear the high fashions from the magazines.

  311. User avater
    fabkat99 | | #311

    I want to learn to sew so that I can make clothes that fit my figure better than store apparel.

  312. sldl5003 | | #312

    I want to learn so I can teach my Grand daughter to sew.

  313. Jmac88 | | #313

    So I can actually create the outfits I dream up!

  314. Msbackstitch | | #314

    I've had weight loss surgery. I'm beginning to rebuild my self esteem. what better way to feel good about yourself than to dress in clothes that fit you well and you made in your own style in the colors and textures that that suit you. I want this so much. Learning to sew will help me to appreciate myself and build my pride in me.

  315. Beakers | | #315

    I love fabrics of all kinds and sewing and creating makes my happy.

  316. Animama | | #316

    I want to make well constructed clothes that fit and flatter.

  317. dkmccarthy | | #317

    I've been searching for something I'm good at, that skill/talent that makes people unique..sewing is it:)

  318. User avater
    island_girl | | #318

    I recently retired. I now have the time and would love to update my skills.

  319. Debi_11 | | #319

    I find sewing to be a fulfilling and relaxing hobby. I would like to learn different sewing techniques-altering patterns.

  320. user-2880813 | | #320

    Iwant to sew myself a special and exclusive garment

  321. Michseun | | #321

    because anytime i browse or see nice outfit on people i always want to make something that or more fascinating

  322. marklu | | #322

    I want to learn to sew for my family and friends. I would love the opportunity to pay it forward.

  323. user-1095261 | | #323

    I am about to retire. I would like to have something productive and enjoyable in my golden years.

  324. BetySewWhat | | #324

    Because I want to proudly say I made that by myself, I want it to be a sewn creation!

  325. User avater
    iatoak | | #325

    it would be nice to sew without having to fake the instructions for new patterns

  326. user-2413449 | | #326

    I love to sew but never had the time while i was working and raising my family.

  327. user-2413449 | | #327

    I love to sew because it is soothing and allows us to be creative.

  328. User avater
    auschick | | #328

    I want the skills to confidently sew awesome jackets and pants. I have many patterns, but they're collecting dust :(.

  329. Spool64 | | #329

    I do not wanted to be limited by anything but my own imagination and abilities.

  330. MyMommasGirl | | #330

    I want to learn to sew so I can create memories for my family like my mother & grandmother did for me & my kids. (now I'm just squallin like a baby over here)

  331. user-2883550 | | #331

    I am just somebody who would like to teach her self how to sew for myself and to do crafts with my grandson .i really believe it will be fun and a great way for self taught.

  332. sincerity | | #332

    Learning to sew is blissful and ongoing!!!

  333. rlrcu | | #333

    I want to learn correctly to start a home business, make clothes that fit my family & teach my son.

  334. User avater
    jamaco | | #334

    I want to learn to sew in order to make clothing and doll clothes for my granddaughters!

  335. sharonaboo | | #335

    I would love to learn the correct way to sew.It is a dying gift and I would like to keep it alive,by sharing with my niece.

  336. RegiJ | | #336

    I believe in heart that I'm an Artist. I'd love to express my artistry through the joy of learning sewing!

  337. jen_dylan | | #337

    I want to improve on my sewing skills. I feel I have a lot to learn. I want to win so I can learn fun ways to create clothes and scarfs and blankets for my wonderful sweet boyfriend. I am the sweet wonderful boyfriend and I logged into my girlfriends account. If she won it would be great. She is the nicest and most deserving woman to win. She tries her best to sew and has taught the little she knows herself. She does everything for everybody else she deserves to win!!

  338. melissa_dufresne | | #338

    I love the idea of this contest! I am a beginning quilter and working hard to figure out how to do some of the lovely designs I want to try to create. I have a little Brother LS 590 and have been looking at machines that offer a wide range of options.

  339. Frugal_MN | | #339

    I have totes full of patterns, fabric, sewing notions, buttons but don't have the skill to use them. HELP, PLEASE!

  340. LeandaM | | #340

    I would love to win this for my daughter who lives too far away for me to teach her myself. She really wants to learn.

  341. User avater
    JHiscox | | #341

    I want to build the skills to make custom fit clothes that express my unique style and creativity.

  342. ozparker | | #342

    i have just retired and now have my freedom to sew and create new things for myself, my home and my family. I have always been a self-taught seamstress and would love to improve my skills. My goal is to make a lovely wedding gown someday and there are many things I need to improve upon in order to accomplish this. so I would really love to win one of these prizes.

  343. GrandmaDiane | | #343

    I would love the chance to teach my granddaughter to sew, increasing the odds of the next generations sewing legacy.

  344. user-1020183 | | #344

    Love to read the Magazines and just dream dream dream just like what was mention, so i would be delighting to have a start on such wonderful prizes.It would wonderful to be able to sew on and on and on I think it give me the confidence to know it was ment to be.

  345. EESewer | | #345

    Sewing has been self-expression as engineering for me that I have loved learning and wish to do more.

  346. LadyJake884 | | #346

    I've recently retired, always wanted to sew, now is a good time to learn using grads to practice projects.

  347. Sherri2sew | | #347

    My daughters have just begun showing an interest in sewing and I'd love to encourage them with their own machine.

  348. miwts | | #348

    To save money and turn my ideas into completed projects!

  349. SaraZoe | | #349

    I would love how to learn to sew because would like to do something that would fit me, & enjoy wearing, I have lost 65 pounds; & at the same time letting the persons know going to this website & purchasing the DVDs in no time you would learn how to sew by the pro's with tips from the sewing industry that would make us like easier plus great names of the community that loves to share their knowledge with us!

  350. User avater
    Hoksie | | #350

    When you think out of the box, you wish to sew fashion with Janome out of the box!

  351. bravesunray | | #351

    I believe that sowing has become a "lost art" and there is pride and self-worth in creating things yourself. Our society has become about "instant gratification", but I would like to go against those grains and get back to my roots ; - )

  352. csjborch | | #352

    I want to learn to sew and know the correct way of sewing instead of the way I've been doing it.

  353. ecasale | | #353

    One never knows everything when it comes to sewing, and continuing education is the key to keeping the fun alive!

  354. User avater
    ItzByo | | #354

    My reason for learning to see garments is that I have tried and tried to sew clothes for my girls but I always seem to screw something up. I have been using the threads magazine as a reference a d I have learned a great deal; I know the DVDs would really help me as I learn by doing and have a hard time envisioning what I am reading.

  355. shecha | | #355

    My sewn signature good-bye bears need clothing that fit more perfectly. My pattern alteration skills need great improvement.

  356. User avater
    divyakirankumar | | #356

    I want to learn to sew so I can express my love toward my family in one more way

  357. artzncrafts | | #357

    If creativity is intelligence at play, then sewing is creative intelligence that wants to make beautiful things for practical uses.

    Our garments, our homes, our hobbies are expressions of the spirit who took such joy in learning, growing, showing, telling from the moment we were born. It never tires. It never grows old. It stays with us through every age.

    Whether we're artsy, crafty or just thrifty, sewing offers a way to express this inner being in myriad physical forms - apparel, home decor, camping gear, dance costumes, holiday decorations or children's toys. And the Internet - along with the generosity of other sewists and magazines like Threads - makes learning easy.

    But most of all, I'm learning to sew because it's fun!

  358. User avater
    2bzmom | | #358

    Sewing is life style the choice to not by ready to wear garmets. It's a thrill to have something come to life. It's just me!

  359. psychomum | | #359

    I sewed for years, but it's been quite a few years since I've sewn, so I feel almost like I would be learning all over again.I have the urge to create again and I would like to share the experience with my granddaughters.

  360. darktowel | | #360

    Hi there,

    I do a lot of backpacking (hiking overnights with a backpack). The clothes cost a fortune, and there are always better fabrics coming out. There's currently a fabric called cuben fiber that is really lightweight, waterproof, and durable. I'd like to learn how to make my own backpack and quilts. My buddy already makes fun of me for trying to learn how to crochet (I saw a video of a swedish guy who made this really warm looking sweater), so I'm not real worried about that. My mom says Janome is a great brand, but I'd be real happy with some instruction on how to do this stuff. Thanks for reading.

  361. User avater
    shazley | | #361

    Learning how to sew will remind me of the days when I would sit and watch my grandmother sew.

  362. User avater
    Lveeckgosden | | #362

    New life, it's sublime,
    Life's good, have more time.

    Baste, stitch, serge, create,
    So much to learn, before too late!

  363. Vikki_Evie | | #363

    I'd love to make my baby girl one off designs made with love

  364. annina_ch | | #364

    so I can saw the one-hour-dress

  365. Nannysc | | #365

    I want to learn new techniques to enhance my love of sewing!

  366. Snoopy10 | | #366

    I want to lean to sew and quilt so I can leave a legacy of love for my family.

  367. user-2701816 | | #367

    My fabric store dreams used to turn into nightmares. Now, I buy the fabric, but don't sew it.

  368. Kimbaron1 | | #368

    It is so much fun to have a hobby and share it with people who you love.

  369. 21Lisa | | #369

    I would love to have a passion that would take my mind away from all the stressors in daily life.

  370. user-663938 | | #370

    To see ourselves in our own image . . . realized by customized fit and sewing with patterns and fabrics of choice.

  371. momoftwoinva | | #371

    Learning to sew would give me another creative and fun outlet!

  372. user-1130733 | | #372

    Although I've been sewing for many years, there are so many more resources for learning than when I was much younger. I am craving learning new sewing techniques from the masters! I especially want to learn all I can about couture sewing. Threads Magazine has been so helpful to increase my knowledge of sewing! Thanks for the opportunity for learning more!

  373. JazzyTJan | | #373

    It would be "sew" fulfilling to learn to create and sew garments and gifts and be gifted with new sewing machine and lessons.

  374. pthgrl | | #374

    My mother sews so much... so embarassed I don't! What a surprise it would be if I learned.

  375. User avater
    JanelleR | | #375

    So I can sew things for my grand kids, like Halloween costumes! And make some cool decorations for all the holidays!

  376. Ginrei | | #376

    I want to sew a queen-sized quilt, because I love the satisfaction that comes from saying, "I made this!"

  377. quincee | | #377

    I would like to learn to express my creativity by sewing garments, quilts and other textile arts like my grandmother did.

  378. Runnergirlie | | #378

    I'd love to teach myself how to make my own clothes and alter those I buy to fit me better.

  379. audreyscarante | | #379

    I want to join a community that makes clothes for those who lost all they have due to bad weather, robbery, etc. It would help a lot to have my own machine.

  380. CStevens | | #380

    Sewing appears to becoming a lost art. I want to learn to sew to preserve the art for my grandkids.

  381. seminolewind | | #381

    I want to teach my family that we can do anything we want if we take the time to learn.

  382. lindyj35 | | #382

    Quit smoking and sewing will help me. Would love to be creative with quilting and my granddaughters clothes!

  383. Nanettesplace | | #383

    I want to learn how to quilt the pieced top with those beautiful intricate designs!

  384. ldybkpr | | #384

    i want to learn to sew because my grandmother was a great seamstress.i also belong to a recreation group that needs costumes sewn. thank you

  385. Lil_taty | | #385

    I want to make clothes for my daughter and her dolls. I also want my daughter to learn also.

  386. Marymunchkin | | #386

    Sewing is a classic hobby and useful trade. To learn sewing is something I would use the rest of life.

  387. LAWHITE63 | | #387

    I would like to learn to sew to create cute and stylish fashion for women over 6'0 tall.

  388. User avater
    KathrynLynn | | #388

    Sewing is a big part of my family history. I would love to learn to sew so I can pass it onto my children and grandchildren.

  389. Pattiemanes | | #389

    I would love to learn to sew clothing for my two new granddaughters.

  390. Musicat | | #390

    I love sewing, but there is always so much more to learn. Especially when you get older and your shape changes drastically. Plus having many grandchildren to sew for and one of them is a new little girl on the way. I can use all the help I can get--Threads and Janome are the best places to get that help.

  391. User avater
    MsMedico | | #391

    Until Congress gets its act together, I'm on furlough with plenty of time to sharpen my sewing skills.

  392. Malea | | #392

    I had a gastric bypass and lost a lot of weight, which left me with shape issues. Clothes that I buy at stores due not fit properly. I would like to better my sewing skills so I could make my own clothes and make myself not only look better, but feel better.

  393. Ida8 | | #393

    I always admired my aunt who was an exceptional seamstress. She inspired me to learn to sew.

  394. sarsk | | #394

    sewing is my passion, being able to create variety of thing by sewing gives intense satisfaction.

  395. User avater
    thesearethebesttimes | | #395

    To improve the visible flaws on the not so ready to wear that my family so graciously and proudly display

  396. user-2931093 | | #396

    To keep this dying art alive in the home. I intend to teach myself, then my children, and grandchildren.

  397. user-2930983 | | #397

    I would love to learn to sew in a more polished way. I have several fit issues and I sometimes just get hung up on the fit. Thanks

  398. LoveMyMal | | #398

    I would love to learn how to transfer my ideas onto fabric.

  399. Rosietoaster | | #399

    Have always sewn since I was a kid. Enjoyed making clothes for my daughter, hope to continue for her children.

  400. Heathersews | | #400

    I am starting a kids sewing club and the DVD's and sewing machine would be the perfect to help get us started. Most of the kids don't own a sewing machine yet. I want to pass on this wonderful hobby to the next generation.

  401. User avater
    ArtBunny | | #401

    My love of needlecrafts is extending to sewing. I want to explore, enrich & create function & beauty!

  402. pwha420 | | #402

    I'd like to tailor my own clothes.

  403. Dudley76 | | #403

    I’m 31 years old and I don’t even know how to sew on a button. Help me!

  404. machinemaven | | #404

    I do sew, and I love teaching others how to sew. I want to pass on the love of sewing to all that I can.

  405. searunner | | #405

    I would love to learn to sew again! I took sewing lessons in high school over 30 years ago.

  406. browneyzz | | #406

    I would like to learn to sew. I have no experience and would love to create designs for my daughter.

  407. User avater
    VStyle | | #407

    My Mom passed away in May I took her sewing skills for granted. Learning to sew would honor her memory.

  408. phniehoff | | #408

    I am 66 yrs old and disabled. I despertly need something creative and fun to fill my time

  409. kcw0612 | | #409

    I want to learn to sew having clothing the fits and is unique. I also want to express my creativity in creating my on clothing.

  410. Enlisted | | #410

    My mom gave me sewing lessons when i was a little girl. I used her sewing machine until I enlisted in the Air Force. I purchased a cheap machine to sew my rank on my uniforms, heming skirts and pants---and ended sewing for everyone during the 20 years. Since my retirement, I have had numerous health problems including breast cancer, back pain, etc..
    The dupuytren's disease (disabled vet) is the worst. With both hands affected by this disease it would be a dream come true to learn how to sew again... with this beautiful machine and programs.

  411. anindita | | #411

    For me, sewing machine is a magical tool. It can make my craft imagination come true. Thank you for this sewing machine!

  412. Kenesha | | #412

    Hi! I want...NEED to learn how to sew because I want to be the CREATOR of great clothes!

  413. newparadise | | #413

    I need to learn to make my own clothes. I have always have 2nd hand clothes. i only know basics.

  414. Momsfun | | #414

    I want to wear cute, one of a kind creations. If I could sew I could be the creator!

  415. katwoman13 | | #415

    My grandma, aunts, & mom sewed. We homeschool and I want to learn so I can pass on the tradition.

  416. kraftkrafty | | #416

    I have always wanted to sew. My first and last project to date was bedroom curtain that I sew on a mini sewing machine. It was around seven years ago.The project took long to complete.Having a Janome sewing machine will greatly help me move forward on my sewing adventure. thank you!

  417. blessedwith3 | | #417

    I am entering not only on behalf of myself but also for my two daughters. One will be 14 this month and the other will be 13 this month. My oldest is taking a sewing class and she has already made a pillow by hand! I have always sewn by hand since grade school and would LOVE to own one of your machines to get my girls on the right track. Thank you for this chance!

  418. Lark1223 | | #418

    It's the next step in my creative endeavors. I already make jewelry and knit. I've wanted to learn to sew for ages. I also love clothes, but hate shopping. I'd love to be able to have a custom, one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

  419. Sewmeister | | #419

    My granddaughter wants to learn to sew so she can make her mommy a hat for Christmas

  420. User avater
    thericmeister | | #420

    I am a quilter, but not much of a sewer. I would like to learn.

  421. natann108 | | #421

    I started sewing one year ago and it became such a passion....and there is still so much to learn! I want to know it all! I want to be able to surprise my dearest ones with my sewing creations but for that I still need to learn a lot...please help!

  422. fashionablysew | | #422

    I have been sewing all my life and want to pass this amazing craft to my daughter. She is finally interested to learn at 15 and would like her to have a machine of her own.

  423. mwcmax99 | | #423

    To prove my Home Ec teacher wrong!

  424. Mama_Truthseeker | | #424

    Sewing is a great way to save money, times are getting tougher everyday. With 4 kids, gotta pinch pennies.

  425. Kenesha | | #425

    I would LOVE to learn how to sew to be able to EXPRESS my individuality through my projects!

  426. Mama_Truthseeker | | #426

    The satisfaction knowing that I can clothe my family using my own hands even when times are tough.

  427. 21Lisa | | #427

    I want to learn to sew to have a creative outlet.

  428. Chelsea_Rivers_mama | | #428

    I have three daughters and would love, love, love to make things for them. Dresses, costumes...you name it!

  429. user-2374911 | | #429

    I want to learn to sew to create a job for myself and give myself independence and self reliance.

  430. bbanzai2 | | #430

    Being able to create clothes that fit me to a "T"-and make myself a incredible leather jacket.

  431. Cherryblossom11 | | #431

    This summer my great-aunt died leaving me her sewing box and now I want to follow in her footsteps.

  432. niksag3000 | | #432

    Why I want to learn how to sew? Well creating and designing as been my background for many years now. By trade I am a graphic and textile pattern designer. I have a passion for colors, patterns and shapes and there are times I sketch down fashion designs to go with my pattern and print designs I create. I want to teach myself to sew in order to expand my creativity with my designs with fabrics.

  433. MyIrishWitt | | #433

    I have Original Design in my mind and I can't draw! I need to learn to sew, to Show them!

  434. laannie | | #434

    Hi, I am interested in learning to sew and make some of the wonderful gifts and projects I have seen on-line. I am 58 yrs, and disabled for the last five years. I am on oxygen 24/7; and I have bad and good nights. This makes it difficult for me to plan activities. I have enrolled in community classes only to miss so many, I fell behind. I am anxious to learn something that keeps me busy; but that I can control and be able to do when I can "work". I have even the faint hope that I can do some projects that can earn a little money, which would be most welcome. Thank you for your contest. I have always loved your magazine, Threads, especially the back cover. I don't understand most of the articles or maybe I'm scared...I don't know which.) Thanks again - :)

  435. whatisitcreations | | #435

    Holes in my fingers, piles of work labeled 'scrap'; it's time for me to friend this thing called sewing.

  436. butterflyrouge | | #436

    I remember my mom sewing, and I'd love to make similar memories with my own daughter!

  437. SewinLV | | #437

    I want to get my get my ideas out of my head and into the textiles, and I want to be an example to others.

  438. DeniseCH | | #438

    Reteach myself and rediscover the feeling of awesome cretivity I felt, loved years ago before life got in the way.

  439. user-2466987 | | #439

    Sewing makes creativity material, liberates from the social and environmental ills of the garment industry, and builds culture between generations!

  440. mstoni7014 | | #440

    I have always had a passion for sewing but never had the opportunity to pursue my passion. Also because of my physique it is difficult for me to find clothes that fit perfectly so I am making it my goal to learn how to sew, so I can look better in clothes. My ultimate goal is to be able to make clothes that will fit people who are in the same situation I usually find myself.

  441. User avater
    kate_shmate | | #441

    As an engineering student, I don't have time for sewing classes, but my drive in life is to create!

  442. teresa101 | | #442

    I have always wanted to learn how to sew, just never had the opportunity, this could be my time, thanks.

  443. dancin47 | | #443

    Because retail clothes don't fit this misshapen body. They are poorly sewn together and leave you with limited fabric and style choices. Help!

  444. mja485 | | #444

    I love the creativity sewing gives me. Plus I'm able to make clothes that fit me & my style!

  445. helgan | | #445

    The kids are out of the house...would love to have a Janome to come live with me and teach me to sew. ;)

  446. Kdbullard | | #446

    I want to pass on the tradition of quilting to another generation. A lost art should be preserved.

  447. oldyetnew | | #447

    I want to learn to sew to help repurpose used items into new items for all.

  448. user-9056 | | #448

    I would like to be able to make memorable items for my four year old grandson (my only grandchild) who lives in China.

  449. helgan | | #449

    Kids are out of the house, would love Janome to come and teach me to sew. ;)

  450. Susieqt7 | | #450

    To learn to sew better to help my jobless husband, get health insurance, and pay bills.

  451. Tomndallas | | #451

    My Mom taught me some basics, but I'd like to learn more now that I'm retired.

  452. user-82987 | | #452

    I'd love garments that finally fit my plus-size body correctly; made by me, in the fabrics and styles I choose.

  453. sewingurl22 | | #453

    As an artist, I want to explore new means of self-expression. Hence, why I want to learn to sew.

  454. Kenesha | | #454

    I want to learn to sew to become a CREATOR of GREAT things!!!

  455. Cstickell | | #455

    I am a post grad moving away from my friends, need a new hobby to ward off loneliness.

  456. DenM | | #456

    I recently started sewing again and need to hone my skills!

  457. farmermom | | #457

    My grandchildren do not fit the clothes for their age group. I need to learn to fit and sew stylist clothes for young children that they feel comfortable in.

  458. user-1116275 | | #458

    As I live in the UK classes are few and far between so distance learning is really the only option.

  459. senacia | | #459

    I have so many ideas in my head for garments, I must learn how to sew to express my creativity!

  460. Kenesha | | #460

    I want to learn how to sew so that I can make clothes to fit curves beautifully!!!

  461. msjw11 | | #461

    I'd love to make clothing for my kids and as gifts.

  462. MJmich1 | | #462

    College is approaching and there's nothing I want to study more than fashion. I'm finally taking my own dream seriously.

  463. skhan_333 | | #463

    I would like to learn how to sew in order to make clothes for my 5 younger siblings.

  464. User avater
    rsyro74 | | #464

    For a brighter future through needle and thread.

  465. User avater
    SewSplendid | | #465

    I grew up with my parents in and out of jail. My grandmother took care of me. She sewed everything I can remember wearing. After leaving to the Army at 21 years old, my grandmother has recently passed away unexpectedly (9/16/2013). I am 24 years old and I want to learn to sew to bring back the wonderful memory of my grandmother for taking care of my brother and I and not letting us go to foster care or grow up ruined like my parents.

  466. Nursiedawn | | #466

    I want to win this so I can teach my Daughter-in-Law to sew.Having 2small girls and tight finances it is more economical to make clothes for them.Plus their clothes will be unique and my 6 year old Granddaughter can have exactly the type of clothes she wants.

  467. User avater
    michigoose | | #467

    I want to sew clothes that celebrate diverse bodies instead of punishing them.

  468. Cllrose | | #468

    I would like to hone up my skills now that I am retired and have the time to sew for my grandchildren!

  469. Cllrose | | #469

    I would like to hone up my skills now that I am retired and have the time to sew for my grandchildren!

  470. User avater
    Silverbells | | #470

    I'm working with a girls club, & want to introduce them to ideas hoping for life-long interest in sewing!

  471. Kavithu | | #471

    wish I could join this contest too. But, I'm from India. I would love to win this. I love sewing and am learning more. It's never enough when you start learning something. I always love dresses and love it more when I make it :)
    But I'm not much good at sewing. SO I would love to learn sewing :)
    I know I've to post in 20 words but I'm an exception, right ? ;)
    i'm not eligible for this contest ;)
    Anyway, someone who deserves this would get it and am happy for that :)

  472. CovingtonClass | | #472

    I want to learn to sew for the personal satisfaction of knowing I have created something that is one of a kind and beautiful.

  473. El_Jay_ | | #473

    Sew and Sow. I’m learning to make blankets for many cancer patients. A tool like this would multiply the work.

  474. mommasew | | #474

    Sewing with my girls is a fantastic way to share time, create fitting garments and pass on life-long knowledge.

  475. Kenesha | | #475

    I want to learn to sew to bring my beautiful clothing ideas to LIFE!

  476. mycreation | | #476

    Last weekend I made a pillow case and comforter cover. I just got a new sewing machine and needed to learn out to use its various functions. I also had not sewn in quite some time so wanted something easy. Learning how to sew clothes so they do not look homemade would be great!

  477. paicebailey | | #477

    I want to repurpose and restyle my current clothing and need sewing skills to do so.

  478. LizInPA | | #478

    I want to learn to sew to express my creativity, my love for others, and my personal sense of style.

  479. User avater
    Kari_Marie | | #479

    I want to learn how to sew and alter my daughter's dresses so they can feel trendy and modest!

  480. Raine54rn | | #480

    I'm retired now and did sew when I was younger. Want a better machine!

  481. Raine54rn | | #481

    I'm retired now and did sew when I was younger. Want a better machine!

  482. Raine54rn | | #482

    Have the time now to sew. Want a wonderful machine!

  483. dawn0122 | | #483

    Grandson; Crafts; Pets; Creativity; Bucket List; Costumes; Home Décor; Gifts; Thrift; Relaxation; Learning; Volunteering; Hobby; Art; Quilting

  484. User avater
    kimfitz | | #484

    6months ago my mom passed, taught me a few things. she was teaching me more,but cancer doesn't wait.

  485. user-2954100 | | #485

    I have been wanting to learn how to sew for several years now and I just found a really nice sewing machine at a yard sale and got a great deal on it. Now I a itching to learn how to make clothes for myself and my 4 kids. I would especially love to make some cute dresses for my girls and some fun comfy Pj's for my boys.

  486. User avater
    RotaryRhonda | | #486

    I always wanted to learn but never really had the chance to learn. Lost my mom at 9 and then was in an abusive relationship started at 15, became a young mom and pretty much focused on school, work and raising my daughter. Finally bought a sewing machine which sat in the box for a year because i never thought i would be able to sew. Now, since i finally gave myself the opportunity to open myself up and try it, I enjoy it and want to learn more and make so many things. My granddaughter is 6 and it gives me and her alot to look forward to together. We made our first doll dress, i will post, we had so much fun. So guess what she is getting for Christmas? I would love to expand my horizons with a really nice machine and learn to make many beautiful creations. Thank you.

  487. User avater
    SaraMG | | #487

    I admire those that can sew and make it seem so easy . I would love to have a Jenome sewing machine and be able to share what I learn with my children.

  488. lmarie444 | | #488

    would love to get my ideas off of the paper & into 3 dimensions

  489. Dawgette | | #489

    I would like to learn how to sew using Janome sewing machine. I could make things for others and myself. Thanks for the chance.

  490. Bobbnwindr | | #490

    I'd love to teach myself to sew stylish clothes fabricated from my own choices to compensate overpriced mass produced apparrel.

  491. andig73 | | #491

    I really want to learn to sew to create stylish,affordable,fashion for the home. Being fall ex. Would be faux fur throws,gorgeous throw pillows,and deluxe window treatments. Please pick me!

  492. korthensen | | #492

    I would love to learn to sew so I could make family quilts as my grandmother has.

  493. User avater
    user-1109649 | | #493

    My goal is to offer to shorten the hems of my coworkers' pants that I see dragging on the ground.

  494. user-1109707 | | #494

    I want to know the correct way of doing things to can make items for my family and for charity

  495. rose1954 | | #495

    I want to be able to see creations I visualize in my mind come to life with fabrics I love.

  496. user-639331 | | #496

    Would love to have a home based business to help out my family and I need a good reliable sewing machine for this endeavor.

  497. Connie47 | | #497

    Not to be selfish but it time for me to do something that I have wanted to do.

  498. Kenesha | | #498

    I want to learn to sew to fulfill my life long dream of launching my own fashion label!

  499. immiri | | #499

    I have always dreamed of sewing.

  500. KCCRNA | | #500

    My grandmother passed away last February with many unfinished sewing projects. I would love to complete her sewing legacy.

  501. sparkyd | | #501

    I want to have some clothes that actually fit!

  502. User avater
    Billsburg | | #502

    My wife's so fine,
    I'm glad she's mine.
    Janome's supreme,
    A learn-on dream!

  503. arefaces | | #503

    Male student who dreams of creating and construction beautiful garments. Its exciting and beautiful to see a finale design.

  504. AnnaBP | | #504

    I am a college student, wanted to take sewing, but don't have the money to start.

  505. user-2961771 | | #505

    My dream is to design and sew also I want to teach children and youth at my local church.

  506. user-1116829 | | #506

    I would love to learn how to sew so I could make clothes for the local shelter and for grands

  507. nicknackynoo | | #507

    I have just started my sewing journey and need to update my machine to expand my experiences and finishes.

  508. shagabcas | | #508

    I would love to win so that I can make art to share with, and help others.

  509. user-2963253 | | #509

    Took a sewing class in high school—loved it! I really want to return to my first love—sewing.

  510. DebbieAnneK | | #510

    I'm 54 years old, but it's never too late to learn. My mom was a wonderful sewer, and I would like to honor her by learning to do what she loved. My favorite show is Project Runway, and it would be interesting to see how far I can take this.

  511. Taryn1 | | #511

    I wish my mother taught me to sew as a child. Then the 'sewing bug.' I'm sure she's smiling above..

  512. User avater
    Sindhoo | | #512

    I read the ‘threads’,
    I realized I know little.
    I crave to learn a lot,
    The real sewing art!

    (‘Janam’ means ‘my love’ in Hindi; ‘Janome’ is my ‘Janam’. So, I wrote ‘Janome’)

  513. SewistStLouis | | #513

    I have struggled for years with being self-taught. It would be a wonderful resource to have the DVD bundle.

  514. threadybetty | | #514

    to STITCH, SEW, and FEED (on a machine)!

  515. Tlmuntz | | #515

    I would count it a blessing to win this sewing machine to make blankets and quilts for the homeless and needy.

  516. Tlmuntz | | #516

    I want to repair blankets and bedspreads for the needy

  517. Rosa | | #517


  518. ozziepuppy | | #518

    I want to learn to sew so I can make beautiful quilts and accessories for my home.

  519. mmafawzy | | #519

    I want to learn sewing because it relieves me,teaches patience and it's a great project to make money

  520. user-2805431 | | #520

    Sewing is a wonderful creative outlet. Provides an opportunity to share with others while expanding my talent.

  521. Gensita | | #521

    Sewing- an act of love, an unappreciated skill-that I can use to create and bless those around me.

  522. clatesky | | #522

    Sewing and quilting are family traditions I'd love to continue. It has become my passion.

  523. User avater
    Tiffbon | | #523

    I WILL learn to sew, so i can pass it on to my little girl.

  524. suzannakins | | #524

    I want to learn to sew clothes that actually fit my busty figure.

  525. user-2972051 | | #525

    I love individuality and learning to sew will help me by being original and help make others to be original.

  526. juneaubird | | #526

    I've just begun to learn how to sew and the Halloween costume was a disaster. Le sigh. Help needed!

  527. Moveonandup | | #527

    Mom decided she would teach me to sew or drive - not both. I drive well, but I can't hem pants!

  528. user-2972122 | | #528

    Sewing just brings me back to a simpler time . My grandmother came here from Italy and was a professional. I would like to carry on that tradition

  529. BES_S | | #529

    I want to sew designer style clothing, not home-made looking clothing. I love to play with fabric!

  530. rena73112 | | #530

    I NEED to teach myself to sew because my son just had his first child and I would like to help shoulder the financial end while he finishes school by making clothes etc. for the baby!

  531. User avater
    ToniWI | | #531

    I can make costumes. I've made dozens of costumes for beauty pageants and Halloween. What I can't seem to sew are regular clothes. I can take a pattern and jazz it up for a costume, but if I take the same pattern and try to make clothes, I screw it up. I don't know why and I would love to learn what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it.

  532. darnikk | | #532

    Life puts you on your path in miraculous ways...mine was to stay at home with kids and find my creative inspiration in things I like the most...fashion & sewing. Find your inspiration and follow your bliss...happiness will find you... and rest will fall in the place. peace & love

  533. Mav315 | | #533

    As an outlet for my creativity to create my own custom clothes and treasures to share with family.

  534. vparnett | | #534

    A year ago, I had a stroke. I love sewing and miss it. I need a machine to teach others.

  535. Traci1107 | | #535

    The Janome 412QDC is an awesome machine that will allow me to create high quality clothing for myself and others.

  536. User avater
    LeslieMartina | | #536

    I felt special when my mother made me outfits as a kid. I want my children to feel that too.

  537. SewFaerieDeer | | #537

    I want to learn how to sew to make things to sell to support my family!

  538. ellenjanes | | #538

    I want to recreate fabulous designer duds at affordable prices -- and have them fit beautifully!

  539. User avater
    2tango | | #539

    I already sew but I am teaching others to sew now, that machine would be awesome for a student!

  540. therealmrfixer | | #540

    4 grandkids, 6 mos.boy, 6 yr, old girl, 8 yr. old boy, and 11 yr. old girl. and their mom.

  541. User avater
    dgray | | #541

    Because fashion sewing is such a great creative outlet!

  542. bajjmayer | | #542

    Because it is just as you stated--I am tired of flipping through pattern books and wanting what I see! But I also want to be able to do it in my own creative way....

  543. User avater
    SansSouci572 | | #543

    I already know how to sew, but some things I need to do repeatedly so its second nature, and not have to look it up.
    Janome is a great brand; I have their coverstitch machine and highly recommend it.

  544. TrishaM | | #544

    I want to create beautiful unique clothing that fits my body perfectly.

  545. canadaypc | | #545

    I would love this series! As a recent retiree, I have the time to pursue new interests... and I have waited for years to enjoy sewing!

  546. matrice43 | | #546

    I want to learn to sew because I like my clothes to be for me and I cant afford the designers clothes.

  547. Carli1031 | | #547

    To spend hours being creative and seeing the works of my hands...

  548. CraftGoddessPJ | | #548

    Sewing is my passion. I have been helping people, young, mature, male, and female, to nurture their passion for the last six years. That being said, there is always something new to learn. I am constantly reviewing articles and videos to find new ways to teach, new methods of creating garments or home dec items, and in the process honing my own skills. The DVD set would be a welcome addition to my library, and the Janome would be a joy to become acquainted with for it's precision and quality.

  549. alisoncat | | #549

    I want to learn to do expert fitting and alterations so I can have perfectly fitting clothes!

  550. User avater
    MZW | | #550

    I love to sew but have not had the time of late. I need a fresher. These would definitely assist.

  551. User avater
    user-2428990 | | #551

    What we make has the power to change lives by evoking a mood. My passion is to sew those feelings.

  552. maryjoanellen | | #552

    I simply love to sew and have for over 40 years. Quality fabrics and workmanship is difficult to find in "off the rack" clothes.

  553. Victorianna | | #553

    I am a nurse on disability, and I would like to sew
    to boost income, and just have the joy of being creative.

  554. Joy1 | | #554

    To be able to sew on this awesome new sewing machine!, what a treat that would be.

  555. Margikins | | #555

    Oh, how I'd love to teach my grand daughter to sew on a machine of her own. Wishing and hoping...thank you for the giveaway.

  556. Lady_Dupree | | #556

    My hearts desire is to learn how to sew my own unique clothing.

  557. neucraft | | #557

    That magic place where individuality, creativity and personal achievement meet design and perfect fit!

  558. neucraft | | #558

    That magic place where individuality, creativity and personal achievement meet design and perfect fit!

  559. User avater
    auschick | | #559

    To be able to say "I made this!" without feeling embarrassed!

  560. violet_from_miami | | #560

    I want to learn to sew better so that when I get an idea, I have the skills to execute it expertly. These videos will teach me to do that. Thanks!

  561. luc7 | | #561

    i would like to channel my inner fashionista and learn how to create fashions I covet from ,magazines!!!!! this would be a great way for me to learn.

  562. joitime | | #562

    I love the idea of creating one of a kind items that I an be proud of. Ive always wanted to sew and to pass the knowledge to my daughter! With this maybe we can learn together!

  563. Sherrmann | | #563

    I know how to sew but have so much more to learn. And oh my, would I love a Janome. I hear they're great!

  564. User avater
    smvite | | #564

    ahhh, I want clothes that fit!

  565. RenaissanceThreads | | #565

    To have a chance to win a better sewing machine or tips on how to sew better? Who wouldn't want to attempt that? I would love to win to have the opportunity to learn more techniques that are always beneficial to those of us that are in love with sewing and creating new things. Whether it's costumes or a desire to create better clothing that fits our figure well.

    I am all for it. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win.


  566. cindyt7 | | #566

    Me, me pick me!!

  567. sewingmavin | | #567

    I would love the joy of making my own cloths that fit and express my personality.

  568. kdr | | #568

    I want to use these to teach my daughter how to sew. There are so many things that are done differently (and easier)than they were when I learned and I want to have the most up to date knowledge and skills. the machine would be wonderful for her to learn on and be able to take back and forth to her house to practice on her own.

  569. SewDirty | | #569

    Sewing is freedom! Sewing gives me the confidence to express my unique self.

  570. gerirutzen | | #570

    Beautiful, high quality clothes that fit and last for years!

  571. OhSewLaDonna | | #571

    I’m a textile junkie! There, I admitted it. Sewing textiles opens up a new world of infinite possibilities.

  572. user-1111177 | | #572

    I would love the joy of making my own cloths that fit but I just Have basic skills need to learn more!I can sew, just would like the opportunity to take real lessons.

  573. AZLhasaMom | | #573

    I would like to be able to make my own things so that I have clothes that actually fit me. Everything I buy in the store is always too short to my liking. It's very hard to find things that fit. I could also make other things like home decor, bags, etc.

  574. mgrant7209 | | #574

    I can't find clothes that fit me in the colors and styles I want. And my only daughter is 5 months pregnant - time to make some maternity clothes for her and try my hand at making clothes for my little granddaughter-to-be! Everything is so expensive today.

  575. girlinayellowdress | | #575

    I look at the creation of clothing as an art. From the choice of your fabric, color and texture, to the fit and small details of trim and embellishments. I want to create works of art and would love to win to bolster my self confidence that I can actually do it. I look forward to sharing what I learn with your help and would love to share what I create with your audience!d

  576. noran | | #576

    Sewing captures my imagination and I want to be able to express it.

  577. dlg2sew | | #577

    I would like to refresh everything I do know and fill in the gaps of what I don't know. I would like to use my skills to teach others and start a blog or business.

  578. rabage | | #578

    I would really like to learn more techniques for getting the perfect fit.

  579. judylocke | | #579

    I already sew but need help with fitting and finishing technique. Your never too old to learn. My sewing machine is 30+ years old and could really use a new quality machine.

  580. vme106 | | #580

    I want to learn how to sew, so that I can make the dresses my daughter wants and hopefully in the future her wedding dress.

  581. elibraghin | | #581

    I would love to learn to do everything, since now I'm doing lots of sewing for my kids here in US, one of this books with the sewing machine would be great!
    I'm still learning, but wouldn't be great to have that magnificent tool at home? :). It would be like having a private teacher at home.

  582. windowchirper | | #582

    Sewing runs in my blood. MY Grandmother and great-Grandmother were excellent seamstresses and I want to follow in their footsteps.

  583. smerkette | | #583

    want to learn to sew to make things for myself and for friends and family.

  584. User avater
    SewPomona | | #584

    I'd love to win this contest as I'm teaching myself to sew for myself and my kids! I'm a textile artist hoping to start up a slow fashion business but really need to improve my sewing and pattern making skills first.

  585. djbierman | | #585

    I have some of the basics down, but would love to have a larger, better machine to continue learning sewing skills.

  586. User avater
    SewPomona | | #586

    I'd love to win as I'm teaching myself to sew my wardobe and adorable things for my kids.

  587. melwyk | | #587

    I know how to sew, at a pretty basic level but I know more instruction and a good machine would make things so much easier, and more exciting!

  588. Txgodzilla | | #588

    I'm shaped like a football and like my clothes to fit!

  589. Silverdracos | | #589

    I have a less than off-the-rack physique, am involved in theater/costuming, and only know the very basics.

  590. cdntkd | | #590

    I want to learn how to sew because ready to wear do not fit my daughter well.

  591. srileyasid | | #591

    Sew many ideas. . .sew dying to learn...sew much to do

  592. trillium2009 | | #592

    I used to sew many years ago, but would love to get back into it, starting at the basics.

  593. User avater
    cjwdobermom | | #593

    As a creative outlet, and to rediscover skills I learned while in 4H and haven't used since.

  594. ReWoolables | | #594

    I am self taught, but need improvement to help my Etsy business. Trying to remain a SAHM...

  595. gzell | | #595

    Learned to sew many many years ago but have been away from it for a while. Need to learn and refresh my memory.

  596. lindamj | | #596
  597. lindamj | | #597

    Hello, I am new retired and now, I have time and I would like to restart to sew. I am not an expert and I need help sometimes to make my projects grows up ... This win would motive me to begin soon and to learn better than just only with book. Thank you in advance :))

  598. willma78 | | #598

    6 kids, 5 will eventually need prom dresses and more. A lifelong skill for both myself and the family.

  599. pathersl | | #599

    I'm getting old. It's about time I got better!

  600. User avater
    Staxx | | #600

    I want to create the clothes I see in my head.

  601. mcspeer | | #601

    I can sew some, but I would love to be able to do it better and faster, and I'm sure that learning more techniques would help me to be better.

  602. Sparklygirl | | #602

    I want to give my mom the Janome. Her pre-1970 Singer sewing machine can no longer be repaired.

  603. ms_c | | #603

    I want to teach others as well.

  604. User avater
    janenz | | #604

    I would love to give this away to one of my students who cannot afford to buy a machine at the moment. To bless another and see them enjoy the machine would be very exciting

  605. user-1127978 | | #605

    This is not just any machine it is a great machine. Creativity sewing starts with a great machine. Sign me up, please!

  606. User avater
    janenz | | #606

    I would love to give this away to one of my students who cannot afford to buy a machine

  607. cook987 | | #607

    I would love this machine I am learning to fit and style clothes to my person choices.

  608. bitterbunny | | #608

    I grew up with my mom sewing not only ALL my outfits, but her matching outfits as well. now that I have my own child, I'd like him to have comparable memories of me <3

  609. amh61771 | | #609

    I need help, I sew some but its never right. this would show me how its done.

  610. TSUProf | | #610

    I want it teach my daughters to sew.

  611. aj50pd | | #611

    Would love to learn the proper techniques for certain things.

  612. craftytammie | | #612

    I can never find clothes that fit well - but I can't seem to master garment sewing!

  613. Eli91 | | #613

    I would like to give a gift to my lovely mother who want to restart to sew after many years.

  614. User avater
    rdejam | | #614

    I can sew a straight line but I want to learn good practices and techniques.

  615. tsimshiangoddess | | #615

    I would really like to learn to sew clothing - 3 boys growing constantly, it would help so much. Thank you!

  616. dclarke23 | | #616

    have lots of fashion ideas...want to learn to put them on bodies.

  617. angelamp1 | | #617

    I'd love to learn solid techniques to sew with and for my daughter

  618. Cat_Lady7 | | #618

    Love the idea of being able to make my wildest dreams a reality. I think I've finally discovered my passion.

  619. SUZAG | | #619

    I would like to learn the right way to sew so that my work looks professional.

  620. HeffBell | | #620

    I would love to learn to sew and create beautiful custom pieces for my home, friends & family.

  621. user-1112581 | | #621

    I want to learn to make my own clothes.

  622. Carly_Sue | | #622

    I always love to learn new techniques. I need a new sewing machine. Custom fitting is so important ..without it, no matter how well you sew, you won't want to wear what you make.

  623. catmagenta | | #623

    For me it's nothing more fulfilling than creating something with your own hands, and sewing make this possible.

  624. user-659305 | | #624

    So I can make quality clothing rather than cheap, imported store-bought clothing.

  625. gypsyjane | | #625

    My granddaughter has asked me to teach her to sew. She is 18, the same age when I decided to teach myself to sew. I would like to learn better how to help her.

  626. user-2898966 | | #626

    Now that I have the time to sew, I would love to learn the correct way to create the magnificent pieces that I have admired on people that know the craft. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn and pass it on to my family. Thank you.

  627. User avater
    MadilynsCooking | | #627

    I want to make beautiful clothes.
    I don't want cookie cutter outfits.
    Please pick me!
    Thank you.

  628. emma1023 | | #628

    Winning the sewing machine would mean a new sewing machine for my school's theater program, to produce greater costumes.

  629. kajero | | #629

    I have gained weight. My clothes are too tight. I need to sew so I don't have to go naked.

  630. hazelspi | | #630

    I have been a quilt maker for several years and would like to now go back to making some garments. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you for the chance to win.

  631. tennknitter | | #631

    I want this so my daughter can learn to sew and I can occassionally make something for myself.

  632. MaryC104 | | #632

    I've always wanted to create my own patterns after moving beyond my beginner talent.

  633. User avater
    RotaryRhonda | | #633

    I truly want to learn to sew. I have been trying so hard at home and just don't have the right tools and supplies. but research and read and try. Being disabled it is all i have to make myself feel like i am able to contribute and feel worthy of being someone and i always love to learn.

  634. user-234993 | | #634

    I have tried to sew but never anything with the confidence to wear to work, plus my body keeps changing. I would like to wear my creations out and be able to alter them to fit my changing needs.

  635. User avater
    user-3046394 | | #635

    I have bee ill twith migranes for fifty years. I'm 82 male and just found out I have a knack for design and sewing.

  636. user-2394526 | | #636

    Dorothy, I am self taught, and would like to learn the correct way.

  637. user-2394526 | | #637

    I would love to sew the correct way .

  638. User avater
    kaylasamuels | | #638

    I would love to be able to sew cloth diapers and other baby items for my baby girl! :-D

  639. User avater
    wicked_stitcher | | #639

    i want to truly say that i've received mentoring for my sewing passion. such would be the case if i won this prize!

  640. user-659305 | | #640

    I muddle through my sewing. I've had no formal training. It would be amazing to actually know a better way to do things. I am not thrilled with most RTW!

  641. user-659305 | | #641

    I muddle through my sewing. I've had no formal training. It would be amazing to actually know a better way to do things. I am not thrilled with most RTW!

  642. User avater
    Sewgreen | | #642

    My grandmother and her mother before her were both expert seamstresses. My grandmother attempted to teach me to sew when I was a young girl, but I scoffed at the idea. Many years later, I came to realize the joy and creativity of this wonderful craft. I am now hoping to advance my sewing skills from the pillowcase, elastic pajama pants level to sewing garments that would reflect the detail and beauty of my grandmother's creations and the amazing garments featured in Threads Magazine and Threads Online. This prize would certainly put me well on my journey! Thanks.

  643. jduke007 | | #643

    The only instruction I have ever received in sewing was during my eighth grade home economics class and I loved it. I used my Mom's old treadle sewing machine. I am now 69 and still love playing with my machine. I spend hours reading sewing books from the library, as well Threads, Creative Embroidery and Sew News magazines, wishing I had the skills to create some of the beautiful designs I see, but I am always reluctant to start and continue to dream.
    About the only sewing I do is mending and altering (by trial and error). Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't, but I never give up. The older I get the more I want to learn and
    Threads Magazine has given me a new desire and drive to begin again, and a new sewing machine or lessons would be a blessing.

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