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Second Annual National Serger Month Celebration and Giveaway

Apr 01, 2014
Article Image

April is here. Do you know what that means? It’s National Serger Month. Baby Lock created National Serger Month in 2013 to encourage all sewers to learn the benefits of owning a serger. Check out the company’s website for everything you need to know about sergers (Serger 101), projects, and a timeline displaying the history of sergers.  

Sewing expert and serger guru Pamela Leggett shares some valuable advice in Serger Techniques, a DVD filmed last year in our studios. Pamela explains how to make the most of your serger and how to use it for more than just seam edges. In honor of National Serger Month, Threads is offering a 20% discount on this DVD starting April 7, 2014.

Pamela Leggett

Here’s a sneak peek at Threads author Pamela Leggett on the set of the all-new DVD Fashion Serge. Her latest serger video will be released in June 2014.

What creative projects have you made with your serger? Leave a comment below before midnight April 11, 2014, for a chance to win the Serger Techniques DVD. THREE winners will be randomly selected, so good luck. The winners will be announced online and via email the week of April 14. 

If you’re not one of the lucky three winners, be sure to order your copy of the DVD or purchase the video download from the Threads online store before the sale ends May 31, 2014.

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  1. user-1112304 April 1st

    I have used my serger on a number of different garments and a variety of fabrics. My latest challenge is a sweater knit using Pamela Leggett's pattern. I have made a lap quilt out of flannel and infinity scarves for Christmas presents. I now have a great granddaughter and look forward to use a serger for projects for her.
    Grace Fulkerson

  2. sewgramms April 1st

    I use my serger but only on the same old t-shirts. Something new would be nice.

  3. user-1046759 April 1st

    I just purchased my first Baby Lock serger - the Ovation. I am looking forward to learning its full potential--from overcast to construction.

  4. User avater wicked_stitcher April 1st

    i once was able to see Pamela at a presentation and would love to have something beyond that memory to stir my creative juices!

  5. virb April 1st

    Very creative... baby muslins! Would love to branch out with this prize!

  6. RoseM April 1st

    I was late to want and use a serger. I just got a used serger two or three years ago. I have only used it to finish seams. I haven't figured out other things to do with it but I know sergers can do more than finish seams.

  7. mwilliams4 April 1st

    I have a serger and I know I don't use it to it's full potenial. Would love to win the DVD and practice on my own.

  8. user-3268754 April 1st

    I just bought a new Juki serger and have only done test seams. Sure could use some help :o)

  9. RWinDC April 1st

    Would love to have a DVD to add to my serger's usefulness.

  10. user-90710 April 1st

    I love to use woolly nylon and serge around flannel to make baby blankets

  11. Mity26 April 1st

    I was making a fleece coat/jacket a couple of years ago. Since I had made all the necessary adjustments to the paper pattern, I decided to use my serger to put it together. Everyone just loves the look of the coat, and since I lined it in nylon, I can wear it down to about 30 degrees. I would love to be able to do more with my serger.

  12. MaxMu April 1st

    Haven't been very server-creative so far, I bought my Baby Lock half a year ago and love it! But I mainly use it for neat finishes to seam allowances.

  13. user-355236 April 1st

    I just made some napkins with rolled hem edges. I could use additional skill building help.

  14. idosew April 1st

    I could use this

  15. wolfkit April 1st

    I finally bought myself a serger but haven't been game to try and remember what I learnt over 30 years ago about using one.

  16. SEGnesa April 1st

    I am just learning about the serger. It's in the box, and my fingers tremble as I approach it. ANY help would be very welcome.

  17. KnowMe_OhMe April 1st

    I haven't used my serger for much more than seam finishes, but I would love to learn what else it can do!

  18. zzz123 April 1st

    I haven't made anything yet with my serger! That's why I need to win these DVDs--so I can learn how! I've just been using mine to clean finish the ends of cut fabric.

  19. zzz123 April 1st

    I haven't made anything yet with my serger! That's why I need to win these DVDs--so I can learn how! I've just been using mine to clean finish the ends of cut fabric.

  20. mmarijke April 1st

    never too old to learn new tricks

  21. user-2316770 April 1st

    When I bought my serger the first thing I did was to make a jumpsuit for my then baby son. I've still only used it for seams and rolled hems though 4 years on!

  22. user-3136551 April 1st

    I have a serger for a couple of years but use it mainly for finishing seams. would love to widen my horizon.
    Pearl Wolloch

  23. modestoash April 1st

    I'm just making a skirt almost entirely on the serger. There are a few issues where practice will help--and so will education. You sure can't beat the professional finish and the give in the seams and hems. Love my serger!

  24. mbailey April 1st

    I lose confidence about using my serger and let time and knowledge slip away. I'm thinking the DVD could inspire me to keep at it.

  25. User avater adairent April 1st

    I use my serger all the time, but not creatively. I would like to explore this more.

  26. mrs_l April 1st

    I use my serger all the time for inside seam finishing, but I have no idea how to do anything else with it - would love some help!

  27. awhimsical April 1st

    APRIL FOOL ME - if I think I couldn't benefit from this DVD. I have had a serger for 15 years and it scares me. I live in the country. The store where I purchased it closed before I could get my lessons. No other lessons around me within hours of driving AND the Pamela is right - the manual is horrific. I can't even seem to get it threaded. Heck I don't even know if it works correctly! It is a scary mystery to me. Help Threads ... I would love to learn to use this serger!! Thank you.

  28. Bandmom1 April 1st

    I love my serger ! I use it all the time and would love to learn some new techniques :)

  29. Jan1404 April 1st

    Resources from Threads are always helpful and professional. I'd love to add this set to my library!

  30. LarkLane April 1st

    I love my serger and I look forward to learning about more ways to use that amazing machine. I've done some samples with cording, cover stitches and beading, but I haven't yet completed projects using those wonderful techniques. I'm looking forward to learning more ways to put the serger to work.

  31. Mayell April 1st

    I am just getting started with a serger, so none,yet. I hope for many to come.

  32. Ralphetta April 1st

    I use my serger more often than my sewing machine. I love it for quick alterations. One day I put on a big, patterned cardigan/jacket that I hadn't worn much recently. I realized that I wasn't wearing it because the sleeves were too big and the armholes were too big/low and made it look dated. I took my yardstick and marked it and then stuck it under the serger and removed the excess fabric from the sleeve, lifted the armhole and then tapered down the side seam in one fast step X2. In about 15 minutes, by removing the excess fabric I'd made it look new and I was out the door. I could never do that with my sewing machine. I often have to reshape the crotch seam of readytowear pants and it only takes a few minutes to do it because I don't have to rip anything out first like I would have to do if I used the sewing machine.

  33. User avater slmendes April 1st

    I just got a new serger two months ago and so far, I have just sed it to make rolled hems on scarfs and to overlock seams to prevent fraying. I know there is a whole lot more my serger can do, I have just not taken the time to explore. I could use some motivation like this Serger Techniques DVD!

  34. CAS48 April 1st

    I used it to fix some knitted barbie dresses. I needed to make them smaller to fit the waste so I sewed a seam down the back. So, I've found out I can use it for my knitted clothing!

    This will be great to make socks fit exactly.

  35. user-2961106 April 1st

    I was given a serger, but I've never taken it out of the box. I've no idea what to do with it! I'd very much love to change that! Cassandra Brecht

  36. User avater aindava April 1st

    I bought it to make a fine rolled (or narrow) hem on silk Art-to-wear clothing. I haven't gotten a chance, yet... it kinda scares me. A DVD teaching me how to use it would be quite nice.

  37. user-734452 April 1st

    I would love to learn some new techniques to use with my serger.

  38. cmartinfirvida April 1st

    I recently got a serger as a WONDERFUL gift, and this dvd would be a great help!

  39. SharonPicone April 1st

    I've owned my serger for almost 2 years and still have not scratched the surface on what it's capable of doing. I must say that I feel a bit intimidated, so winning a copy of this DVD will be extremely helpful to me and a most welcome addition to the development of my sewing knowledge and skills.

  40. forbusiness April 1st

    I love using the serger. I have used my serger to finish seams on cottons, knits, and other fabrics. I would love to learn to use it to do other things like a rolled hem or a flat overlock or just to improve my technique.


  41. Grandmagwen April 1st

    I do not have a serger because I cannot afford it and feel so left out by not having one. It would be a great thrill to win one. There are so many projects out there that require the surger and I am being left out. I sew baby items for young mothers at a local MOPS (Mothers of Pre-school Children)Ministry and having that piece of equipment in my sewing room would be the best advantage I could think of. Thanks for this chance to win one!

  42. user-2784994 April 1st

    I bought my first serger quite recently and while I am proud of the fact that I have worked out how to thread it correctly from scratch, I have only used it for some dodgy rolled hems and some ok seams. Would love a useful dvd.

  43. karlykitten April 1st

    My first project with a serger was a crinoline for square dancing. I have also made childrens sweatshirts. I haven't used it in a while but I think I'll get it out again soon.

  44. I just bought a new serger and love it!

  45. scarfette April 1st

    I don't think I could sew without my serger. I make all my own clothes and use the serger as much as my sewing machine. I use it to finish all seams, do rolled hems etc. Would love to learn some different things that a serger could do.

  46. VickieMom April 1st

    I just upgraded to a serger with a coverstitch. I'm excited to learn new stitches and would like to make things for my granddaughters. I'm impressed with your instruction materials and I know I will not be disappointed with this. THANKS

  47. User avater Letha April 1st

    I just got my BabyLock serger in December and love it! I just need to use it more creatively. I've only made baby receiving blanket, burp clothes, put some narrow hems on some fleece wraps and finished seam allowances. So, I could really use to win this DVD.

  48. Carolsewmuch April 1st

    Most recently I made some pillowcases with the band seam hidden.

  49. User avater broseland April 1st

    I have 3 sergers, each are good at a specific task. My favorite hint is to use your serger for neat and tidy French seams. No trimming!

  50. BarbaraTW April 1st

    I know that my serger is under used. I need all the help I can get!

  51. user-3295770 April 1st

    I just replaced my Babylock Anno 1977 with a Bernina 800DL serger and what a difference! Now I get beautiful seams, can use differential feed to always get a perfect seam. Have just made a pair of track pants to test a pattern before making more. Now I want to know more about ways to use the new serger.

  52. user-3301500 April 1st

    My mother started teaching me how to sew by hand when I was 4 years old. By the time I was 8, we were bickering over sharing time on her sewing machine; to the point where my father actually agreed to buy me one of my own, all-be-it a very old, used one. It had straight & zigzag stitches only, with no reverse, but it ran like a dream, & I loved it. Peace once again reigned over my childhood home!

    Now approaching 56, I have several sewing machines, & one 4 thread Serger. I use it for so many things besides simple seam finishing, rolled hems, etc. that it's out & in use an equal amount, if not greater amount of time, to my sewing machines.

    I love woolly nylon for a lot of things, but have also used variegated or plain crochet cotton, embroidery thread, metallic thread, button thread & even silk ribbon to create interesting exposed flat seams, as well as my own trims for embellishing other projects. I've used these as appliques for decorating clothing, bags & totes, pillows/pillow cases, towels, quilting, & even in paintings!!

    I think out of all the artistic, or creative mediums I have worked with over the years, I love fabrics & threads the most, as I've never run out of ideas for things I want to do. My biggest challenge is finding the time! (Well, that & finding room for all of my fabric stash!)

    I would absolutely love to win Pamela's DVD's to see another Fabric Artists ideas on how to expand even further on the extraordinary potential of the fabulous Serger.

    Mary-Ann (Victoria B.C., Canada)

  53. Dstromsk April 1st

    I wish I may I wish I might ......,..,. Win these CDs so I could learn to use my serger right!

  54. noritake22 April 1st

    I would love to win a copy of this. I have used my serger to help me make many things: jackets, pants, knit tops, shirts, dresses, pillow cases, blankets, a sleeping bag, cosmetic bags, and many many more. I am currently using my serger to help me make some blouses.

  55. Sewzy April 1st

    I made a table runner with the flat lock stitch. love it. :)

  56. user-2000869 April 1st

    I use my serger on every knit garment I have made since I got it, but my favorite was the very first serged garment I made- a patternless mini skirt for my daughter. It fit her perfectly!

  57. DrivesSewMachBest April 1st

    Oh, Pleeeaaase! It is too seldom that I bring out my serger and it's like I have to learn it all over again. Ugh! I could use a "Kick-start".

  58. TwilightStorm April 1st

    I found my moms old serger in a closet. I can't say i've ever used it, because I haven't. I can honestly say I don't even know how to thread it which is why I haven't done anything with it. I'm a novice sewer, but the DVD looks really nice. I learn best from videos, so this seemed like a really nice giveaway. Best wishes.

  59. User avater user-878397 April 1st

    I do own a Brother 1034D serger and I use it to sew with stretchy fabrics. However, I would like to see videos with creative ideas for embellishing projects with it. This is something you don't find easily.

  60. user-2029730 April 1st

    I just bought a babylock evolution serger January 2014.
    I have made 2 child's knit tops, a child's skirt, a knit adult top, pillowcases and infinity scarfs. I love sewing with this serger and want to learn as much as I can to make the most of this great machine.

  61. User avater JulieInAZ April 1st

    I am new to serging and have just completed my first project, a queen size quilt using my serger for all seams. It is called Thirteen's A Charm and I learned by following the directions from a book. It was a bit scary and not easy to do this without visual instruction. Learning from a professional on how I can really utilize this wonderful machine to its full potential would be a dream come true. I am excited for the opportunity to win this is DVD and I look forward to watching Pamela Leggett!
    Happy Sewing,

  62. mamasewing April 1st

    I need this - I do just the basics with my serger and know that I am missing out on so much more.....

  63. user-2435106 April 1st

    I have a new Serger, still in the box. I am an intermediate
    skill seamstress, but I don't know how to use a
    serger at all. I would love to win this DVD !

  64. DeWolfeDesign April 1st

    I absolutely love my serger. I've used it to make three flower girl dresses, Christmas linens, shopping bags, shorts, pants, and an entire Christmas pageant of costumes! It's awesome! :oD

  65. User avater kershawgirl April 1st

    I surely would like to learn more about my new serger, thanks to the folks at Threads!
    Jean McCormick

  66. user-2297289 April 1st

    I have an older serger that's tricky to thread, but I'm eager to learn how to use it for more projects. Thanks Threads!

  67. lyncharm April 1st

    I've used my serger for several wedding and bridesmaid dresses as well as for rolled hems on veils ans chiffons. It is an integral part of my studio, but I would like to learn some new techniques!

  68. user-3117882 April 1st

    I would like to know more about how to use my Babylock serger. I think this DID would help. Good luck to everyone!

  69. Widdle April 1st

    My favourite garments made with it are those for my young girls. From dressy gowns, Halloween costumes to jersey pyjamas my serger is my trusty friend for it's versatility and time saving. Which a working mom can appreciate when it's 24hrs prior to a garment being needed! :)

  70. user-2432849 April 1st

    As I mostly do alterations for customers in my home, I use my serger to finish off their garments. I know one of these days I'll give up this business and start sewing things for myself. My closet is bulging with patterns and fabric I've bought over the years. It would help to learn more about how to use a serger for other more decorative purposes. I'll soon be 78 years old and I need to get sewing to deplete my stash. Seamster

  71. GinnySieben April 1st

    Thanks to great tips about serger capabilities (many by Threads contributing authors), I have graduated from using my serger solely to finish edges and on to embellishing without the blade. I look forward to learning more of what my serger can do.

  72. Sadaajit April 1st

    I use my serger for all kinds of sewing, from finishing seams on garments, to hem edges, and even home decorating projects. It was a wonderful first anniversary present nearly 25 years ago and still going strong. It is dearly loved and used regularly.

  73. SewBeautiful April 1st

    I love my serger. I purchased it primarily to finish seams. However, I am learning that I can do so much more with. I recently made a T-shirt, I am so proud of it, it looks store bought. I would like to learn more about using my serger, the book that came with it is very limited.

  74. Delores10550 April 1st

    I use my serger a lot, in fact I have worn one out and have purchased 2 other ones so that when I have sewing to do, I have one with dark thread and one with white thread on it. I have also purchased an overlock machine as well for hemming. I have an alterations business, so I use them regularly. I need to expand the use of my sergers and try something different on them.

  75. user-3117342 April 1st

    I do not own a serger yet. My goal is to get one this year!

  76. Mitzi April 1st

    I would love to have this DVD and learn more things to do with my serger. I recently lost over 100 pounds and am in desperate need of some more clothes I can make quickly.

  77. User avater iris68 April 1st

    I love my serger! Even though it is not as fancy I can make lots with it!I used it mainly for regular edge finishing and sometimes flat fell seams.
    I made a few zip pouch bags and a vest, T's and leggins for my child using it.
    I need to master clean finish and beginning of the stitch, corners and such would be great to master too.
    Thank you for the chance.

  78. user-1148488 April 1st

    I was lucky to meet Pam Leggett when she was the featured speaker at our ASG chapter annual meeting, and the next day she taught a fitting workshop for us. She is so knowledgeable and such a good instructor. I'd love to have her serger DVD - bet it's filled with lots of information to take my sewing to the next level!

  79. liinco April 1st

    I love my serger for finishing edges, but I'm kind of afraid to use it for other things. Will I cut too much off or too little?

    I definitely need to learn and practice different techniques.

    I would love to have a serger with a cover stitch, maybe someday.


  80. user-3039489 April 1st

    I really love my Babylock serger & use it mainly for finishing edges. I am in the process of making a cute pale pumpkin coloured bunting suit in Polar Fleece for my dear wee grandson (it's coming into winter in our part of the world) & have been experimenting with settings, as this is the first time I am sewing Polar Fleece - so far so good! I would like to expand my knowledge & use of my overlocker so thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  81. HMOE April 1st

    I have a serger and am eager to learn the finer points of serging to get the most use out of it. I am a new subscriber to Threads and am loving the couture tips from The Insider! The more I know, the better my projects will be. Thanks!

  82. kniter April 1st

    Pamela is a great teacher. She makes sewing fun.

  83. rjcarlton April 1st

    I have only just gotten my serger but already made a log cabin lap quilt. I just learned how to make a rolled hem yesterday and plan on re-hemming the flounce on a dress I made last year that did not turn out right, the rolled hem on a serger is a dream come true.

  84. lorjmoon April 1st

    I have a serger and have made many American Girl doll outfits. I made a doll wedding dress and my serger was great on the satin. I would love to learn other ways that a serger can be used.... Thank you

  85. ustabahippie April 1st

    I've had my serger way too long to not know how to do the many things possible! I need this DVD!

  86. DaisyM April 1st

    I don't use my serger because I find it intimidating. Maybe it's about time I try it. LOL

  87. ozviking April 1st

    I have never learnt to do anything with my serger other than finish seams. I know they can do a lot more but how to find out? Oh yes, I would love to win the Serger Techniques DVD and I know I will be set. Thanks for the opportunity.

  88. Catherine9 April 1st

    I bought my second serger a few months ago because my 20-year old serger did not have differential feed. My new serger is a slightly used 5 thread with differential feed and a cover stitch. The salesperson said it was returned because it was too hard to thread. For anyone considering a serger, don't let it intimidate you! The key to becoming one with your serger is to completely re-thread it every chance you get, preferably several times in one sitting. With practice, threading becomes easy. It took me several hours of just re-threading, but now threading is easy. It was worth the time, I LOVE my serger.

  89. cadesnana April 1st

    I have used my serger mainly for seam finishing on projects, like the 200, yes that's not a typo, 220 to be exact small cases to hold music recorders for my daughter's elementary music classes. She's the teacher and wanted a way to keep everyone's recorder sanitary. I would love to learn more creative and decorative things to do with my Babylock serger.

  90. hautestuff April 1st

    I have mostly used my serger for seam finishing, but am anxious to learn new techniques and I know the DVD would be the perfect thing to take me from here to there!

  91. user-1142986 April 1st

    I am still a novice with using my serger ( or overlocker as they are called here in Oz ) . I find all threads insider videos very helpful and informative and I am sure the serger DVD will be an excellent reference ! Thank you for the chance to enter


    South Aistralia

  92. joyjen April 1st

    This would be really great and help me put my much neglected serger to good use. I imagine it would also up my level of productivity. Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine April 1st

    I'm using mine as closet clutter. So need more than the manusl it came with.

  94. Pollyazco April 1st

    I would greatly appreciate receiving the Serger DVD to learn the potential for my BabyLock Evolution. I can do the basic things on the serger, but would love to learn how to use the coverstitch, chainstitch and all the feet that came with the serger.

  95. user-2031649 April 2nd

    Need it. Want it. Gotta have it.

  96. user-3185837 April 2nd

    O great, a serger DVD. I just bought myself a Bernina 800DL and love sewing T-shirts. I'd like to do more with my serger!

  97. User avater debby57 April 2nd

    I just recently bought a serger and am so eager to learn all that it can do. I have used it to finish seams, but that is about it! I want to be doing more with it - as I know there are many creative and fun techniques that are possible.

  98. TwoBees April 2nd

    I have a Bernina Overlocker & apart from being scared at first to have to rethread it which I overcame by cutting the threads of the old colour, knotting the ends to the new & pulling the latter through, I have now made friends with it but still only use it to seam & make lovely little rolled hems. I love the look of the latter on knits which with a slight deliberate pull as I feed the fabric through give a delightfully frilly edge. I am sure there is so much more I could do though so would love to win this DVD.

  99. User avater AHH April 2nd

    I have a Brother serger sitting in my closet and would love to learn about how to use it to its fullest capacity. :-)

  100. Irenemaj April 2nd

    My very first overlocker was a Babylock EA-605 purchased back in the seventies. Thought it would give me the profession look. Ever since then have upgraded from one model to another. Now own a beautiful Babylock Evolution. My biggest problem is the love hate relationship I've had with all my overlockers for the past forty years. The time consumed setting them up is unbelievable. It's like being married for better or worse till death, I shall keep on preserving and hopefully get the hang of it.

  101. JudieL April 2nd

    Most creative thing I've made with my serger? Gold lame shorts. For a man. For a costume party. They made it through the party!

  102. amy1 April 2nd

    I've finished seams while sewing garments, put in a zipper for little pouches, but I could really use this video for more ideas! Hope to win, thanks.

  103. MaryBob April 2nd

    I love my serger and it has rewarded me for my devotion. But, the one task it does above all other machines is making a set of napkins in less than 2 hours! Great gifts, great surprises, and so easy. Ever buy a piece of fabric that brought joy to your eye without a thought about what you would do with it? Well, a year or two later, make napkins with decorative rolled edges, and forever enjoy that piece of beauty.

  104. NERF April 2nd

    How appropriate to have a serger month to encourage us all to expand our expertise with this wonderful machine. I just bought a new Baby Lock Eclipse serger and am delighting in the easy threading process it uses. Just love seeing the thread shoot effortlessly through the tubes. Would love to win the new instructional dvd to expand my skills.

  105. User avater sewold April 2nd

    My daughter and I shared a serger for years. Then my husband got the bright idea it would be nice not to have to carry it back and forth so he bought me one of my own. So she "inherited" the shared serger, which was our second one. I use it mostly for edge finishes but also make pajamas with it a lot. I love the speed in sewing with it. I also know it would do so much more if I knew how. Maybe this would help me branch out.

  106. SUZAG April 2nd

    I would love to be able to use my serger properly. It intimidates me with the threading and how fast it goes! I want to be comfortable with it so that I will use it more and I think this DVD would be a great help!

  107. Laffinwich April 2nd

    Oh! It would be so nice to get more out of using my serger.
    Right now I use it for straight seams and making basic t-shirts.

  108. user-3063150 April 2nd

    I've had a serger for years but have never felt as though I have it mastered-I use it on knits but never get past the basics. I recently bought a cover stitch machine to do better hems, but would love to really master the serger!

  109. EnidSews April 2nd

    I love my 10-year-old Baby Lock Imagine. I've been working on a new summer robe the last couple of days. My serger has gotten me quickly through many projects from renewing the trim of old towels to new garments and home decor.

  110. pattyv April 2nd

    I hope I win. I love learning new techniques. Sewing is my favorite hobby.

  111. carojo April 2nd

    I mainly use my serger for garment seams. I really need to explore its capabilities more.

  112. brookscuit April 2nd

    I love my serger and I'm always looking for ways to use it more.

  113. msschiel April 2nd

    I have borrowed my mil's serger since she rarely uses it! I constructed a McCall's cardigan using nothing but the serger, except for the hem! I also use it to finish seams of most garments just because I like the finished look!

  114. SueBee256 April 2nd

    I love using the serger when making curtains. It finishes them so neatly. I would love to learn more.

  115. User avater pamstitches April 2nd

    I bought my first serger in the late 70s to sew for my new baby. Now I have three sergers dedicated to various tasks. I love to sew knits and nothing beats a good serger for sewing and finishing them. My recent project was using tissue weight knit for a top and a wrap dress. Zip, zip....all done!

  116. User avater bethzookie April 2nd

    I am just learning to use a serger and hoping to find out what more I can do than just basic seams.

  117. User avater nreed April 2nd

    I love my serger! But I mostly use it to finish seams. This DVD would definitely help me with new techniques. I am looking forward to learn how to use it to make new projects!

  118. Leelaa April 2nd

    I love to sew. I have not had the chance to do it as much as I'd like, but I'm changing that. I'm taking some classes and am ready to create.This serger book would help a lot.

  119. Ivvy April 2nd

    I have had many sergers over the years but I have fallen in love with the simplicity of threading my Babylock evolution. However I can certainly use CD's to maximize my serger's capabilities

  120. User avater chelosunny April 2nd

    I have used it for finishing seams, but I did see that there is a book on making quilts with it. I try and search all the blogs for tips tp get my nerve up before powering up!

  121. User avater SandyChavez April 2nd

    I love my serger (a Babylock Evolution) and have made a robe, a couple of knit teeshirt dresses and a some tee shirts. Would love to master more techniques.

  122. User avater GmaCma April 2nd

    How I owuld love to win this video! Bought my first serger last summer and share it with my granddaughters. We are OK with the basics but would love to learn more about it.

  123. oracledba April 2nd

    Depending on the serger, give yourself an honorary engineering degree after getting it threaded!

  124. MsHem April 2nd

    What don't I use my Serger for?
    From baby clothes to scrap fleece blankets, I use it all the time. I was a Costumer for many years and found a Serger a valuable tool for quick finishes and repairs. These DVD would give me even more help with stitches I haven't yet mastered.

  125. SewMyDreams April 2nd

    I don't use my serger for much else than finishing would be great to learn other uses with the serger.

  126. User avater 2tango April 2nd

    You can use your serger for other things than finishing seams?

  127. WaMtnLvr April 2nd

    Would love to learn how to really use my serger to it's full potential.

  128. susi April 2nd

    I have made quilt tops using my serger, it's so quick!

  129. loislouise April 2nd

    I love my serger but I know there is so much more I can do with it but I am just not sure how. I have done rolled hems, which I love and finished seams but that's about it. I would love to know how to use it to its full potential.

  130. suec47 April 2nd

    Love to use the serger. Really speeds up a project but I am sure I could be using it more creatively. Maybe "Serger Techniques" will inspire me.

  131. user-2871720 April 2nd

    I have a surger but do not use it. I am intimidated by it and would love instruction in the form of a DVD

  132. PinkFrog April 2nd

    I borrowed my mother's serger to sew dog bed covers from fleece. I really want to learn to REALLY use it!

  133. User avater threadmama April 2nd

    I've made many pieces with my Serger, but my favorite has been structured yarn bags!

  134. PaulaJ April 2nd

    I use my serger regularly for garment sewing, alterations and repairs. I couldn't live without it, but am always looking for new ways to use it!

  135. dbell4444 April 2nd

    The serger is the greatest machine yet. I love the finish which makes my garments look more professional.
    I offer "designer clothing" on my ecommerce site and before I had a serger I would try to duplicate it with tight zig zag.

    Thank you serger!!!!

  136. user-2910297 April 2nd

    I use my serger flatlock stitch to make interesting seams on knit cardigans.

  137. user-3142362 April 2nd

    I use my serger almost daily. Don't know how I ever did without one. Still lots to learn though.

  138. User avater user-2440927 April 2nd

    I love the professional RTW look I get with my serged seams. Wonderful for sewing knits and finishing seams.

  139. fabricjunkie416 April 2nd

    I would love to learn to use my serger beyond seam finishing. A finished seam looks more professional. I have ventured into experimenting with the coverhem on my machine and love the results. So much more to learn!

  140. Suesew57 April 2nd

    I've put beads on the edge of a sheer fabric (for a belly dance veil) using my serger exclusively. It was quick, easy and very pretty!

  141. bajjmayer April 2nd

    I would LOVE to learn more about using my serger--all I have done is finish some seams and edging on homemade where near enough for the amount a serger can do, plus I am scared of re-threading! Thanks for the opportunity for stretching our sewing techniques!

  142. SuzSews April 2nd

    I have not yet utilized my serger to its fullest potential, but I love how quickly I can sew knits, how quickly I can finish seams. I also used it to take in the width on my husband's sweater vests, so they fit him better.

  143. LAKBerry April 2nd

    Pam is a great instructor. Would love to win this and improve my serger skills!

  144. beadembroiderer April 2nd

    This is hard to believe that I have never sewn on knits nor sewed with a serger. Obviously, I help. I sew most of my clothes and accessories, as well as gifts for others and charity projects. I am missing a huge part of wardrobe sewing when I don't do knits. Lots of patterns I find attractive are for knits, and learning how to sew in a serger would really help. Pick me!!!

  145. mwcmax99 April 2nd

    It's been so long since I've used my serger that I've forgotten how to use it at all! I used it to finish seams and even made some really nice potholders with it. These posts have inspired me to take the time to use it again. Thanks!

  146. chachito April 2nd

    It would be nice to be able to use my serger again without spending too much time dealing with tensions, breaking threads, etc., A book like this would certainly help.

  147. Ciseles April 2nd

    It would be nice to dust off my serger and use it more often. I tend not to use it because it has been so long.

  148. user-2000832 April 2nd

    I love my serger but would like to expand my knowledge

  149. user-2778833 April 2nd

    I wouldn't say that my projects are creative, but I like the possibilities of the serger. I have a new one to replace an old model that created more frustration than fun and somehow the sense of frustration from the old serger seems to have lingered. I do want to use my serger on lots of projects that I have in my mind, including adding the lace edging for ring-bearer pillows for my nephew's wedding in July.Patricia

  150. fergus4 April 2nd

    I have learned some things about using my serger this year, but I am ready for some more new tricks. Pamela's DVD would be a wonderful way to expand my knowledge, so I have my fingers crossed!

  151. User avater She_She April 2nd

    When I got my serger many years ago I tried to learn everything about it and all the things it could do. I have not been sewing as much lately do to a few life events. All is ok now and I am getting back into it. I have realized that I really need a refresher on the different things that I can do with the serger. I sew all kinds of things and find it very rewarding to make something I can be proud of.

  152. user-2003399 April 2nd

    I only use my serger for finishing seams. I would like to have other uses which I'm sure this video will provide.

  153. LindaCdnRock April 2nd

    I use my serger for EVERYTHING! I love the woolly nylon finished edges for blankets, the rolled hems for little girl dresses, the ruffles, the fancy trims....never mind the fact I can whip together an entire set of pyjamas in no time! I started with a Kenmore 3/4 thread serger a long time ago and then I invested in a Babylock Evolution! I have already made so many things with it and recently purchased this new Curve foot that gives me so much flexibility it's awesome. The last thing I just made? How about a whole wardrobe of doll clothes for Barbie and Ken for a special little girl. She was thrilled and best of all, it took no time at all. I can't live without my serger! I can't believe people buy these machines and never learn to use them. They have no idea what they are missing.

  154. auntie_mo April 2nd

    having only just bought an overlocker at Christmas, and tentatively used it for some seams, I need to find out further uses for it - to make my sewing life complete.

  155. CathyDSews April 2nd

    I use my serger for most of my sewing projects, but the most recent and unusual item I serged were horse leg wraps! The owner of the barn where my daughter rides had purchased wraps for her horses legs and they were too big. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to serge these items as they were foam covered in a fleece-like fabric and rather thick. I was able to do it and remembered to use wooly nylon in the loopers.

  156. user-2239640 April 2nd

    I've been using it to make clothes, getting ready to make cushion covers. Need inspiration for what else.

  157. user-1117633 April 2nd

    My daughter and I share a sewing area. She has a serger and uses it with confidence but in only a few ways. I'm half scared of it and will only use to finish raw edges. We really want to do more and would love the inspiration and directions!

  158. user-929187 April 2nd

    I made a quilt with my serger.
    Tamara Kemp

  159. readytorun April 2nd

    Started sewing apparel a few years ago and found that a serger became a necessity for finishing seams. i bought a Janome 1200D and have really enjoyed discovering its 'abilities. All you need is some adventuresome spirit and a few scraps of fabrics.

  160. abqdancer April 2nd

    I'd love to learn how to use my serger better.

  161. user-3254116 April 2nd

    I am glad it's National Serger Month. Maybe I will learn to balance my tension. I've been having problems lately.

  162. user-3254116 April 2nd

    I am glad it's National Serger Month. Maybe I will learn to balance my tension. I've been having problems lately.

  163. LanaGraf7 April 2nd

    I use my Kenmore 234 server for constructing knit tops for myself - I'm still learning! I have not mastered lycra on it yet but soon! And of course, who can resist the speed for pillow cases, blankets and sheets! Run and done! Eit's one of the best investments a sewist can make and the possibilities are endless.

  164. LanaGraf7 April 2nd

    I use my Kenmore 234 server for constructing knit tops for myself - I'm still learning! I have not mastered lycra on it yet but soon! And of course, who can resist the speed for pillow cases, blankets and sheets! Run and done! Eit's one of the best investments a sewist can make and the possibilities are endless.

  165. user-1126132 April 2nd

    I've had my serger for over 20 years. I love it. I don't know what I would do without it. I use it for finishing seams and edges and rolled hems as well as making entire garments.

  166. User avater sewinggal1 April 3rd

    Even after using a serger for years, its always good to learn new things.

  167. EasilyAmewsed April 3rd

    My MIL gave me her first serger when she upgraded her Janome sewing machine and got a new serger as part of the deal. I've been using it for the past 20 yrs. : ) It really made construction sewing of knits a pleasure, but there's always something to learn. Here's hoping.

  168. Marychiles1971 April 3rd

    Completely a "newbie" to the Sewing world!!!

    Glad to randomly find this "Giveaway"!!! Tired of telling myself (which began nearly a decade ago), "get a "how-to-use-Serger" DVD, only to see my poor unused Serger accumulate dust.

    Hoping for good vibes send my way your "prize giveaway".

    Kudos to National Serger Month Giveaway!!!

  169. pyns April 3rd

    I have had a serger for 30 years & can't imagine sewing without it.

  170. user-2313459 April 3rd

    I have gotten a new Ovation and took Missy Billingsley class making a small purse all on the serger, quilting, ruffles and all. So pleased with the result and getting inspired to use all the different serger feet. Want to make more.

  171. judyh321 April 3rd

    Baby blankets for gifts.

  172. User avater LebecEgirl April 3rd

    I purchased the new Ovation and I am so excited, but a little intimidated, about using it. So, if I won this, I could serge my heart out with confidence !!!

  173. BH5325 April 3rd

    I use it mostly to finish seam edges. However, I made a cute shirred top for my granddaughter, and the edges of the straps as well as the top of the shirt were finished with a different color thread in the serger for accent. The top turned out really cute.

  174. User avater Maydge April 3rd

    The motion of a serger is all the same but the fabric and threads is what makes all the difference. I used my serger to create and it ended up becoming my main machine after I bought the specialty feet. I had to get rid of it but I do miss serging!

  175. user-2497363 April 3rd

    I use my serger(Juky prof.)frequently.I bought it +/- 15 years ago. Since that day I've improved a lot. I usually sew t-shirts that have different cuts, something interesting and challenging to do, starting from the pattern and finishing by the construction.Let's see if I'm lucky to win this prize.

  176. User avater MsPackard April 3rd

    I was just gifted a serger from my Aunt about a month ago. It's a very nice addition to my sewing room and I use it all the time now. I love it!

  177. Jecroisendieu April 3rd

    I am in the process of sewing a vintage style Spring dress for my 3 year old niece and would love to be able to have a chance to win the Serger Techniques DVD. It would definitely be an asset while creating new garments.

    Happy National Serger Month :-)

  178. MisterStitches April 3rd

    I don't own a serger but would like to! I would like to read this book and learn more about serging...then I would make the investment and figure out what I am missing...

  179. User avater jamaco April 4th

    I really, really need a new serger! I finish all seams on doll clothes and people clothes I make.

  180. user-659305 April 4th

    Oh! how I would love to win this. I know that I am only scratching the surface with what my serger can do. I am always looking for opportunities to learn more.

  181. user-3141734 April 4th

    Once I figured out how to thread a serger and how to troubleshoot, I found using a serger to be so satisfying. I have found videos are the best way to learn how to use a serger, so I'll buy the video if I don't win it!

  182. User avater QueenZ1 April 4th

    I made a clutch using the cover stitch feature on my serger as part of the embellishment. Possibilities I want to serge more.

  183. SewWhatLilly April 4th

    I love my serger it makes finishing quick and neat. I would like to learn what else I could do with my machine. I am eyeing a new machine that has cover stitch abilities. ;-)

  184. tpj69 April 4th

    I have two sergers, one with dark thread and one with light threads. I usually keep the light threads ecru or light grey and the darks black or navy. I am always ready to serge a seam or edging without having to re thread. My most common task for serging is edge finishing. I don't know how I ever managed before they came into my sewing space!

  185. Nitewindz April 4th

    Just bought a new-to-me Babylock Enlighten!

  186. yuut April 5th

    Eager to learn more/

  187. MarlysV April 5th

    Our youngest child is going off to college. I can getting back into a sewing hobby I have ignored too long. Excited to get creating!

  188. User avater craftystitches April 5th

    The serger is one of my favorite equipment but i still hate threading it.

  189. likejacob April 5th

    I've had several sewing machines, but never a server. Would love to have one!

  190. user-2658237 April 6th

    I have a 4 thread Baby Lock that I only use to serge the edges of fabrics before I wash them. I know it can do so much more, but I've never taken the time to learn all that it can do. Still it is a great tool even if I only finish the edges of my fabric so I can wash them and keep them from unraveling.

  191. LeeWells April 7th

    My serger was a gift from a neighbor who was upgrading her equipment. although I have read several articles in Threads about using the machine, I know I have much to learn. This video would certainly help me learn.

  192. User avater sewsewfabulous April 7th

    I bought the cheapest serger I could find about seven years ago. for about five years I only finished edges and amassed books on how to use it in other ways. finally took an online class and made an apron, cosmetic bag and a scarf. loved it, and would love to learn more!

  193. sojourner1 April 7th

    This information would help me so much. I am new to using a serger. Thank you for the opportunity to compete in the selection.

  194. SewRed31 April 8th

    I've done some embellishing with the serger, thanks to a class with Gail Yellen. I'm looking forward to the Fashion Serge DVD, too!

  195. Michelled April 8th

    I am looking forward to learning how to use the serger for sewing with knits which is new to me. I see that there are sew many different stitches to try.

  196. user-2442178 April 8th

    I would love the have a serger to add to sewing abilities. I would be grateful to win one.

  197. Karrie_S April 8th

    This is exactly what I need! Thanks for the chance to win.

  198. User avater Andysmom April 8th

    I have never bought a serger preferring to do things the way Claire Shaeffer does, couture style. However, I could see where a serger would be handy for sportswear. Before buying one, I would like to see how to operate one, learn what they can do for me and my style of sewing and then when it comes to buy one, what features are important. A book like this should help with a majority of my questions.

  199. susiegsews April 9th

    I have made a couple of knit tops with my relatively new Evolution but would really like some extra help for future projects.

  200. Fizzyone April 9th

    Just got my first serger and I'm learning how to use it. I'd love to have this DVD to help me along.

  201. sensorydeb April 10th

    I love my serger and convinced several friends to invest in one. So many things can be done with them. I especially like the fact mine also has a coverstitch. I would love to learn more with this DVD.

  202. memarston April 10th

    I use my serger all the time but I know it can do even more than the edge finishes and hems I have already used.

  203. user-3163137 April 10th

    I have just been given my first serger. I sew knits and can't wait to learn about all the possibilities.

  204. jemima1 May 1st

    love to win it.

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