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Louise Cutting Answers Your Questions

Visit ThreadsMagazine.com from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET on April 30 for a Q&A with sewing expert Louise Cutting.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added Threads contributing editor, sewing instructor, and pattern designer Louise Cutting to our roster of Expert Chats. Her first Q&A session will take place right here on ThreadsMagazine.com from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET on April 30, and will focus on achieving professional-looking collar bands.

In the story “Precision Collar Band,” Threads #173 (June/July 2014), Louise shares her fool-proof method for constructing a banded collar without any hand sewing. If you’ve read this article and have questions on any of the techniques outlined, we’re giving opportunity to ask Louise directly. As always, general sewing questions are welcomed.

WHEN: 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET on April 30, 2014

WHERE: Visit ThreadsMagazine.com and look for the official chat post titled “Expert Chat with Louise Cutting”


  • You must have a ThreadsMagazine.com account to participate.
  • Leave your questions in the “comments” section of the chat post, and Louise will reply accordingly.
  • Please refresh your Web browser often to view new comments, questions, and answers.
  • Due to time constraints, we ask that you keep your questions brief.

Be sure to take advantage of this hour-long chat and have your sewing questions ready. See you then!


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  1. hautestuff | | #1

    My first time. Trying to find the Chat Post...

  2. user-338955 | | #2

    Is this time used for strictly responding to questions via email? I cannot find a place to see video or powerpoint.

  3. User avater
    user-137240 | | #3

    I'm here Houtestuff

  4. User avater
    user-137240 | | #4

    It is for Q & A...

  5. cebarr | | #5

    I attended a couple of presentations you did at Nancy Ziemens sewing weekend a couple years ago. i would love to take more indepth classes from you. Do you plan to do any training in the near future?

  6. paulaj | | #6

    Hi Louise - I am working on the BPD jacket - first time. I am having a little trouble with the rounded bottoms on the pockets - I have the pocket tool, but the corners are not coming out perfectly rounded. Any suggestions?

  7. User avater
    user-137240 | | #7

    I am leaving for Cleveland in the morning to teach a weekend retreat. I teach at several of the Original sewing expo, the next one coming up is in Indianapolis. After that is Raleigh and then the ASG National convention in St Louis

  8. ano | | #8

    Hi from Silver Spring, MD, Louise and congrats on the article AND the feature on your sewing studio in this month's Threads. I've been calling it "the Louise issue."

    When you sew linen garments, do you pre-wash the fabric?

  9. User avater
    user-137240 | | #9

    PaulaJ...for the rounded botom for the pocket...stay stitch at the 5/8" seam allowance...cut the whole thing down to 3/8" and then use the pocket template. You will see that the fabric wants to turn much easier at the 3/8"

  10. paulaj | | #10

    Ahh - I did the stay-stitch at 5/8, but must have misread the instructions for trimming - I thought it said to trim after, not before. Thanks!

  11. User avater
    user-137240 | | #11

    ano...prewashing linen...hmmm...always a good question. Sometimes...doesn't that help!!! Waht am I going to make...if it is a jacket with a lotn of interfacing, etc, it will probibly go to the dry cleaners...but I will wash linen of a mild setting...you are not runna 26 mile race...so it can go on the shortest cycle...in the dryer...get the dryer hot first befor you put your linen in...no sense beating the linen up getting the dryer hot...take it out when it is still damp and pull it back into shape.

  12. User avater
    user-137240 | | #12

    as for teh 'BPD jacket ...the instruction and illustrations ar being totally redone. I am in the process of filming a new DVD with Threads on teh Jacket. The filming is next month and the DVD will be out later in the fall. The firs one that will be out is a DVD on One Seams due out in august/sept...step by step. but know you can always e-mail me via the website if you have question about any of teh CLD patterns.

  13. User avater
    user-137240 | | #13

    The current issue, did seem to be 'all about me' ;-)

    the two garment in the back ground of the sewing room are the next patterns to come out. I am working on teh illustrations for the past few days.

    I have just been asked to do an article on matching plainda and stripes for the Sec/Jan issue...I have some really cool items planned for the article.

  14. ano | | #14

    Louise, will your OSP and BPD DVDs have lots of pics of finished garments for inspiration as well as instructional photos or videos?

  15. hautestuff | | #15

    I saw you in Puyallup and you talked about your method of easing sleeves, working flat at first then sewing in the round. My notes were not very good. Could you go over that now?

  16. User avater
    user-137240 | | #16

    I see that my spelling is in top form a always. I just read back through some of the comments that I posted...Oh my. typing fast and getting ideas out can be an issue with spelling and 'fat' fingers!.

  17. user-1148488 | | #17

    Hi Louise,
    Learned so much from you at your ASG workshop in Albany NY. I love your style, your patterns, and your fabulous instructions. Was excited to see those garments in the Threads photo - can't wait for that pattern.

    Do you have any plans to bring out a pattern for a coat?

    Ann (greyann)

  18. User avater
    user-137240 | | #18

    ano...you have no idea how many garments for One Seam Pant and BPD I have hanging in the sewing room. I have been working on the DVD's for several months.

    Hautestuff...working with the pinning of the sleeve over your fingers requires no ease stitching. It is actually going to be showcased in teh BPD DVD and is also in one the the current DVD's not sure which one. But, for now, you want to put the garment over your index finger, and the sleeve over the garment. Pin first at the shoulder seam, that at each under arm. Wrap the sleeve over the garment...of course you are working with right sides together. Continue to move the armscye and sleeve and pin about every 1" until the untire sleeve has been eased in...the sleeve is larger than the garment so the garment is on your finger and the sleeve is on top. that will build in the ease.

    When you sew, the sleeve goes on the feed dogs...feed dogs 'eat' and the prsseer foot pushes...that way the feed dogs will help ease in teh sleeve.

  19. paulaj | | #19

    I learned that from you at the ASG conference class last year and have used it more than once. It is a great technique and reduces the steps in putting in a sleeve.

  20. User avater
    user-137240 | | #20

    user-1148488...ya, you guys need coats up there! Just think that any jacket cn be a coat with about 20" added. the My Swing Set jacket would make a great coat. As would By Popular Demand. the just need to be made longer. Aslo on one of the new DVD's I show how to add a linning in a jacket or coat that at the moment does not have a linning. Whe I filmed in Jan...I filmed about 55 techniques How they are edited for time in the DVD's I don'tknow. I do have the Vol 6 up on my website with the item that are covered in it...I don't know what will be comvered in Vol 7 out later in June as I understand. And if there ia enough goodies oVol 8 will be out next year.

  21. User avater
    user-137240 | | #21

    Paula J...it is a great way to put in a sleeve. All fo my latest patterns have the technique in it...including a hand with the sleeve and garment wrapped over it and pins...I draw all my instruction illustrations by hand...so think of me, sitting there trying to draw with my hand in the air and then reproducing it on paper! But sewing with the sleeve on teh feed dogs and the garment on teh presser foot is really key to getting the sleeve in with no ripples.

  22. user-1148488 | | #22

    Yes, the MSS would make a lovely coat with that standup collar. If I was making it in a coating or "jackety" fabric meant to wear over a top, would you suggest just going up one size? Or is there a better way?


  23. User avater
    user-137240 | | #23

    user-1148488...as far as going up a size in the MSS...I don't really think you would have to. It is roomy...now granted it iw where you live and how much you want/need under the MSS jacket/coat. the cool thing abou the MSS is that it has a 'double layer going down the front of the jacket/coat, which will help keep the cold out.

  24. User avater
    user-137240 | | #24

    I have been wanting to do an article on the collar band (my way) for some time. I though they did a excellent job editing and putting all the labels on the diffent sections of the band, garment, and collar. I always suggest to make a sample of the front curve...infact when I was perfecting the method...I did (well, it took me) 8 samples to get it exactly the way I wanted it to look and then to write the instructions to go along with it.

  25. User avater
    user-137240 | | #25

    Will I be seeing any of you at the upcoming Sewing Expos or the ASG convention?

  26. paulaj | | #26

    I have a lot of your patterns - have begun to start using them so I am sure I will have more questions down the road. I will be at the ASG convention, but alas cannot take your first day class - I have to go to the business meetings that day

  27. paulaj | | #27

    I will be in your fitting class and one seams updated class

  28. User avater
    user-137240 | | #28

    PaulaJ...it is too bad that they always schedule a business meeting on the all day class day. But I will be there with some of th most greatest fabrics/buttons/etc. I alwasy buy heavy for the ASG convention.

    I'm glad you are collecting CLD patterns. It is one of my most fabvorite things I do is draft patterns and bring them out.

  29. User avater
    user-137240 | | #29

    the DVD that I will be filming next month is step by step how to fit and sew the One Seam Pants and will touch on fitting for My Swing Set pants...becasue of them being more tapered and with a side seam. I'm going to show how to get rid of the 'wad' of fabric that can form under tummys and it is done in the pattern before it touches the fabric.

  30. paulaj | | #30

    I tried the MSS pants once, but just didn't seem to have enough room for my rear end, yet there was too much room in the legs and lower hip - I haven't gone back to 'play with them' and figure out how to resolve those issues. They look so good on you and Sandy.

  31. User avater
    user-137240 | | #31

    You can put them on and pin vertically till you get the look you want going down the side seams. Interesting that they were too small in the pant back. How/where were they too small?

  32. paulaj | | #32

    I think your videos are very clear and well done - so I'll watch for the one seams video - I have the 'original' pattern of those.

  33. User avater
    user-137240 | | #33

    I know they will stop the live chat shortly, but you can still e-mail me via the website. In the upper right hand corner of the site it will day 'contact Louise'...know that that e-mail comes directly to me and I will answer you.

  34. paulaj | | #34

    They felt tight across my buttocks. But maybe it was just me. I'll give them another try and email you with specific questions. I appreciate your generous time in answering questions.

  35. user-1148488 | | #35

    Thanks, Louise.

  36. User avater
    user-137240 | | #36

    there is a link on the website, on the One Seam Pant page that has the new and closer sizing for the One Seams...I could not sell 52,000 patterns and then make all who had the original ones purchase the new one to receive the new sizing. Now, there is lots of goodies in teh updated version, but the updated sizing is on the website and you just have to click on it and cut it paste it into Word and print it off and tuck it into the pattern envelope. That way you will have a closer fit and all the measurments have been done for you.

  37. User avater
    user-137240 | | #37

    Good to chat with you. I will be here each month for an hour chatting, they will post the dates but all will be at this time to catch the shole country. till later, Louise

  38. Beader | | #38

    I found it hard to find the chat post too. I love your videos and have learned so much. Thank you for all the great methods!

  39. wannasew2 | | #39

    Hello. Wish THREADS would give more notice (like at least a few days). I'm on the regular email list and just got the email yesterday (4/29). One day is kinda rough....for those of us that may have to re arrange things. Hopefully, someone from THREADS is and/or does read these responses. Thank you.

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