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Book Giveaway: The Art of the Handbag

Article Image

To mark the recent release of theHandbags special issue from Threads, we’re giving away a copy of The Art of the Handbag: Crazy Beautiful Bags by Clare Anthony (Race Point Publishing, 2013).

Featured in the “New & Noteworthy” of the Handbags special issue, this fabulous book is chock-full of incredible bag designs, from the elegant to the outlandish, that are bound to inspire. This book brings together more than 100 examples of the finest handbags from designers, like Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton, that will expand your ideas of what a bag can be.

For a chance to win The Art of the Handbag, leave a comment here, and share a story of the most incredible handbag you’ve seen, by 11:59 p.m. EST, October 3. The winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly afterward.

Don’t for get to pick up The Best of Threads: Handbags for even more bag inspiration and how-to techniques.

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  1. Hellecoox | | #1

    Looks like a great book; stunning cover, lots of inspiration.

    I don't know about the most incredible bag I've ever seen, but I had a wonderful bag I'd thrifted that was very long and narrow, 2 ft long x 10" high, bright red and blue, fit snug under the arm. I used to carry baguettes in it.

  2. User avater
    sewknitrun | | #2

    My current favorite handbags are re-purposed bags from jeans and other clothing. I've even seen some made with sweaters. One of my all-time favorites was in a recent Threads issue (in fact, I think it's been in twice). It was red lace over darker leather, I think. Threads also did a spread on upcycling and a couple of the items this sewist created were handbags. Very creative and inspiring. Both Threads issues were within the last 12 months.

  3. sunshinemay | | #3

    I am intrigued with many handbags... especially those that were made with bakelite or lucite handles. I have a friend from high school that lives in the UK and Germany, and creates custom historical reproductions and can take a month to create one bag all by hand (no machines at all)... this just fascinates me that leather bags used to be all hand sewn. It makes me shy away from some of the mass produced bags that have perfect stitching knowing that they are far too expensive for something mass produced, and not sewed individually.
    This is a great book ! One of your best giveaways to date !

  4. sewjazzy | | #4

    This looks like a very inspirational book that I would love to own. The most incredible bags I have seen are made by a Seattle artist (chemical wedding) made of up-cycled mens wing tip shoes and such.

  5. AlaskaMarilyn | | #5

    I love the simple bags I've made from scraps left over from suits/dresses I've made. I need help making more complex bags though, and would live to win this book!

  6. stillSTH | | #6

    I've seen some incredible handbags on Etsy; the one that sticks in my mind was made of felt and looked like a watering can.

  7. LivingLRG | | #7

    This is perfect timing as I just purchased leather and findings to make myself a gorgeous leather "designer" purse. I'm so excited to win!

  8. mjz | | #8

    For me, the best bags have clean and classic lines on the outside - and are extremely organized with compartments and dividers and zipper pockets inside. My dream bag has all those inside details made from leather to increase the longevity of the bag. One in black and one in tan, and they'll last through 20 years of abuse.

  9. User avater
    sewhappybjm | | #9

    My friend's steampunk teapot purse is amazing.

  10. User avater
    Chilizee | | #10

    A tooled leather purse with an antique kiss frame. I have it on my bucket list of bags to make.

  11. Missymok | | #11

    The most incredible handbag I have ever seen is hanging on my wall. It was made by my grandmothers sister in Germany many years ago. It is done in needlepoint with a silver closure and silver chain. The lining is hand-stitched into the inside.

  12. User avater
    SnickerDoodle_Kids | | #12

    The most incredible bag I've ever seen was in my SIL's collection. A hand tatted and beaded silk and lace drawstring evening bag from the 1920's. It had a beaded tassel on the bottom. Beyond fabulous!

  13. Laisi | | #13

    The most interesting handbag I've seen is one shaped like a coconut (and actually made from a real coconut.) Very interesting, and I enjoy using it when I'm in the mood to carry an unusual purse.

  14. User avater
    Oystergirl | | #14

    I have made some okay bags myself (designed/sewn or felted) but I do have to admit almost every bag made by Studio Cat Designs is a GREAT bag. /And back 40 year ago LLBean had a great bag that was for fishing/hunting....but was really the original messenger bag...and I am still using it !

  15. User avater
    Parasapu | | #15

    When I was little my mom brought me a souvenir from Lapland that was a little red felt bag with a round bottom, a draw-string top, and single handle shaped like a horse-shoe. It was trimmed with rick-rack. I received this when I was four years old, and I still have it many decades later.

  16. SueBee256 | | #16

    I still have an incredible bag I bought in the 70's. Black satin draw string with a mirror on the bottom that has a tortoise frame. Never saw another so great for "dress up"

  17. SueBee256 | | #17

    I still have an incredible bag I bought in the 70's. Black satin draw string with a mirror on the bottom that has a tortoise frame. Never saw another so great for "dress up"

  18. User avater
    Luxiraj | | #18

    The mist impressive / incredible bag I had seen is one made using hula hoop for handles, it must 85cm hula hoop and half of it was covered with PU semi circles and it was zippered too !

  19. Carolsewmuch | | #19

    I'd love so see what all is in this new book on handbags.

  20. Becky12 | | #20

    I love sewing handbags, so I am excited about this book! A few years ago, I passed a store window in Winter Park, FL displaying bags and totes made from old sails and nautical flags. They were beautifully unique.

  21. patcolehart | | #21

    I bought the most incredible black bag for my daughter's wedding from the forties--it had large welt (piping) around it that was also sewn across the welt to give it an unusual detail I'd never seen before. Lovely shape too. I make bags out of recycled burlap coffee bean sacks and I made one out of a gourd once too. I love seeing fresh new ideas. There are so many different bags to choose from these days.

  22. Lindalou1617 | | #22

    I saw a pink coach bag in macys. It was the perfect size not too big not too smsll! I loved it but it was so expensive and I'm a single mom so I had to pass it up. I have always wanted a coach bag, maybe someday.

  23. SuzyQCanuck | | #23

    I'm in agreement with mjz: I have that bag in tan, and have just put it away for a rest after 3 years of daily use. My second one would be in navy though.

  24. taream | | #24

    My favorite handbag was the first one I made for my little granddaughter. I will never forget the look on her face when she opened the box at Christmas & how proud she looked carrying it to church services.
    She still seems excited to receive her new handbag each Christmas!

  25. avasgrndma | | #25

    I am just learning to sew and that means looking at everything with with a different perspective - shape, size and texture are now more important. I have just started noticing handbags in particular and many interesting ones came from the sixties. Lots of colour, shape and texture added to varying sizes impress me. I would love to have the "Art of the Handbag" the cover intrigues me.

  26. carojo | | #26

    I'm still searching for the perfect bag and am just starting to make them for myself.

  27. SoNancy | | #27

    The best handbag I ever saw was a handmade out of placemats. It doesn't seem very interesting and I wish I could describe it however that is impossible. It is one of those must see to believe.

  28. User avater
    ReneeDj | | #28

    the most incredible handbag I ever saw was actually gifted to me over 20 years ago. A friend had found it at a garage sale. It was made of a real alligator - complete with marbles for eyes. I hate to think of what one would pay for something of the sort these days, if you could even FIND one.

  29. Dzzzyd | | #29

    Would love to design bags with the help of this wonderful book. My most interesting bag was an Armadillo, not a real one, but always a conversation starter. The most favorite bag I have belonged to my late Mother-in-law, whom I never had the privilege to meet. It's a WWII ladies military issue, brown leather handbag. Yes, she was a veteran and an officer and nurse in the Army. Her things were inside, and left the way she had it. It's very personal going through someone's purse and what you can learn about them. I felt I was able to meet her in a way. It was very touching, and I feel that we would've been very good friends.

  30. alisoncat | | #30

    A beaded clutch from the 20's. It belonged to my grandmother, and I thought it was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen!

  31. User avater
    Sindhoo | | #31

    During my childhood, I appreciated a beautiful wire handbag made by my aunt the most and may be that inspired me to make simple handbags and shoulder bags. Later on I have been attracted by many handbags. But, so far, the most incredible handbag I have seen is the one in the cover page of 'The ART OF THE HANDBAG' which is being given away. The very thought of what might be inside this book excites me!

  32. LadyG529 | | #32

    I found a hand pieced American Flag purse, going through my Grandmother's stuff. Love it, I think she made it herself.

  33. celiacgirlri | | #33

    A metallic mesh purse by Whiting and Davis that was my grandmother's and passed down to my mother. Awesome quality.

  34. judyh321 | | #34

    The Timmy Woods black poodle purse is the best! I wish I could afford one.

  35. User avater
    Patty88 | | #35

    My favorite handbag is a quilted Kate Spade bag with a metal frame. It looks very chic, but not overwhelming. I would love to learn to make that style of bag!

  36. LaBoheme | | #36

    Absolutely STUNNING cover photo. Can't wait to see more! I've been making purses for years now, but this book would clearly bring them up several notches! It's truly art. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to own it!

  37. VeraS | | #37

    I love most Enid Collins purses from the 60s & 70s but my favorite is the one called It Grows on Trees (I wish it did!). They're so original and fun - those purses always make me smile.

  38. User avater
    jacqsky | | #38

    A handmade bag from Greece, it is a farmer's bag that was made from the back half of a goat. Has accordion pleated closing, braided leather straps, fringe around the top and coming out the bottom. The back legs are used as part of the straps and attached to the braided straps. The closure is a hand-carved wooden bead.

  39. User avater
    jacqsky | | #39

    A handmade bag from Greece, it is a farmer's bag that was made from the back half of a goat. Has accordion pleated closing, braided leather straps, fringe around the top and coming out the bottom. The back legs are used as part of the straps and attached to the braided straps. The closure is a hand-carved wooden bead.

  40. User avater
    jacqsky | | #40

    A handmade bag from Greece, it is a farmer's bag that was made from the back half of a goat. Has accordion pleated closing, braided leather straps, fringe around the top and coming out the bottom. The back legs are used as part of the straps and attached to the braided straps. The closure is a hand-carved wooden bead.

  41. larpaia | | #41

    For me the only way to get a bag I really want is to make it. Nothing better than a great inspiration book.

  42. mismis777 | | #42

    The most incredible handbag I've ever seen... well there are too many to count. I adore the whimsy of Mary Frances handbags and I love the luxe boho feel of Magnolia Pearl and I have seen the incredible workmanship of an Hermes Berkin (so incredible), it really is difficult to choose just one.

  43. Pdudley | | #43

    I like to make custom designed crazy quilt purses. One of my favorites is a peacock themed purse that I made for one of my sisters who collects peacocks. This purse featured two three dimensional peacocks, one on the front which had tail feather trim hanging below the bag and one on the back that was made from material that I hand colored and cut into peacock feathers as well as the hand drawn peacock material itself.
    I would love to receive the book 'the art of the handbag' as I have no formal training I just cut and sew from the heart.
    Thank you for these great opportunities to increase our knowledge.

  44. User avater
    Jen_NYC | | #44

    Oh, hard to decide! What comes to mind is an exquisitely carved lucite item and an unusually elaborate raffia "souvenir" tote - both high quality vintage and far out of reach of my then post-college budget. Still thinking about them many years later!

  45. memarston | | #45

    I saw a royal blue coach bag several years ago that was more than I ever could spend on a handbag. Since then I have often looked at and even purchased a couple of commercially made handbags.

    Know I have decided that I will learn to make my own handbag that I can customize for my needs and embellish to suit my style. My needs have changed as have mys skills now I just want inspiration.

  46. WinterBull | | #46

    The most incredible handbag: an elephant hide bag I found 35 years ago. clutch. Beautiful.

    Would love to win the book! I could use some fabulous ideas to make some custom bags.

  47. loscoz | | #47

    What a wonderful offering! The most incredible handbag wasn't just one but in attendance of a fashion trade show a whole booth of crystallized Minaudiere!! So sparkly and the fun shapes were just amazing!

  48. stsimon | | #48

    The best bag I've seen was one made out of heavy grey felt, very minimalist and elegant, just matching the style of one of my daughters whom I gave it to as a gift. After than, I bought Vogue pattern 8892, a set of vaguely oval bags made from felt with interesting ornamentation. Now that I just bought a new sewing machine, a Pfaff Performance 5.0, I'm hoping to get to this project soon. The inspiration of The Art of the Handbag would help get me going--always the hardest part!

  49. User avater
    user-933140 | | #49

    The strangest but cute bag I ever saw was a fish. It had a mouth that opened for the purse opening and it was long and slender with the tail of the fish and the fins and everything. It was very cute, but different. I love making purses so I would love this book. Thank you

  50. clearh2os | | #50

    The best handbags I have seen are one I have made myself...I would love to win this inspiring book!

  51. suecindy | | #51

    I am not usually a handbag kind of woman - more function over form; but the cover bag really intrigues me. I would love to just know how it is done!

  52. debra078 | | #52

    i think the most fascinating one was recent and it was in the quiltmania maybe 2 issues ago to go along with the theme for downton abbey era. It was sort of like a sachel but larger had leather and fabric almost like a crazy patch. thanks for the chance to win looks very interesting thanks

  53. user-2073685 | | #53

    I love the look on the front of the book, for a bag. Looks like a lot of designs on the inside.
    The incredible purse, I saw a couple weeks ago at the State Fair, it was about the size of a page of typing paper....The person had turned it into an OWL.....with on the flap, was the eyes, and ears of an OWL, and the body of the purse was the owl's body, decorated with fancy threads, and some beads...and inside a couple pouches. It was also the perfect size for a 'cross' body bag.

  54. User avater
    Corsetiere | | #54

    The most incredible handbag I have ever seen was at a antique show in a parking garage in Manhattan. It was completely beaded in loomwork technique using tiny French "steel cuts". These colored metal beads created a luxe Art Nouveau pattern that was inspired by Oriental Rugs. It was divine! :)

  55. 3feathers | | #55

    The most incredible handbag I've seen is on the cover of your book! WoW! I love creativity and my grandkids are always challenging me by bringing me pictures of costumes they want me to make for CosPlay. It's my hobby. But this book looks awesome...perhaps a new challenge for me!

  56. philling | | #56

    my all time favorite bag - I don't own, an Alexander McQueen Novak leather bag (bowling style) in chocolate

  57. missmimi | | #57

    The most incredible handbag I've seen was made by a preacher's wife. It was hand woven and had one loop sliding onto another for a closure. Also embellished with hand embroidery. Exquisite.
    [email protected]

  58. user-540777 | | #58

    The most incredible bags I saw was a cup cake bag, entirely beaded. It was just beautiful original and crazy.
    Loved it

  59. plosely | | #59

    The most beautiful bag I have seen was a 1930's clear lucite
    bag it was a small rectangular shape with a clear loop handle. Stunning! I would love to win the book. It looks yummy!

  60. suec47 | | #60

    I have love of quirky things so my favorite handbag belongs to a friend on mine. It is an alligator bag. Not made of alligator but in the shape of an alligator. Cute!

  61. User avater
    rlbates | | #61

    I love handbags. I carry a simple one but love the beaded antique ones and the novel ones like the Razorback one I saw at the Clinton Library. The one on the cover of the book looks fascinating. Would love to win the book and thumb through it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. user-3802220 | | #62

    The most incredible bag I saw was in Toyko. It consisted of two 78 vinyl records with a strip of brightly coloured fabric which was glued between the two records and went on to form a shoulder strap. Pat Foster

  63. user-2034628 | | #63

    Most incredible bag I ever saw belonged to my great grandmother. It was made of jet beads and a sparkly fringe that still shimmered a century after it was made. Sometimes I take it out of my sock drawer just to rub my hands over its bumpy surface.

  64. ksgrandmak | | #64

    It seemed more incredible when I saw it, but compared to the one on the cover of the book...not so much. It was made of the covers of two Nancy Drew books and I knew my granddaughters would love it. I still have the books ready to make it, but I haven't figured out the procedure yet.

  65. User avater
    CutMakeTrim | | #65

    The most interesting bag I've ever seen may be the one on the cover of this book! Very intriguing.

    But the bag I most covet - which is sadly no longer available - is Alexander McQueen's De Manta clutch in printed satin. The style continues in the McQueen line but the sold-out combination of brightly colored satin print with butter colored leather was exquisite. It looked like an embroidered Chinese artifact.

  66. vestis3 | | #66

    The 2013 Independent Handbag Designer Award winner for Best Handbag in Overall Style and design is an incredible bag. Designer Maria Lamanna's Leather satchel type handbag is classic, simple and dramatic.

  67. mamamere | | #67

    The most incredible bag I've seen is my mother's alligator clutch, circa 1940. It's stored away in my cedar chest now, and is mostly a fond memory of her, because I remember her carrying it for church and special occasions.

  68. user-312452 | | #68

    The most unusual hand bag I have ever seen was made of leather with a 3-D molded face on the front. It was amazing. I have not been able to figure out a way to duplicate it, but I not given up. I love making unique bags for friends and family.

  69. User avater
    user-117660 | | #69

    my most wonderful bag is a female corsetted torso...I use it to take my sewing supplies to classes.

  70. franfuller | | #70

    In the mid-1970s, when decoupage was all the rage, a very dear and very artistic family friend made a charming and elegant box purse for my mom. A delicately drawn and colored illustration of an 1890s or 1900s city scene is decoupaged all around the purse, even on the bottom, and the inside is covered with sky blue velvet or flocking. After these purses fell out of fashion, my mom kept this one on her dresser as a jewelry box. Earlier this summer, my mom passed away, and this purse is now on display on my dresser. It is beautiful and beloved.

  71. SianBabs | | #71

    I'm relly into recycling, so the most incredible bag I've seen is one I made for a dear friend's birthday.
    I used a pair of toddler OshKosh's that had lots of diaper room. I cut parts of the legs off and tucked the raw opening in to form a round bottom for the bag. The leftover legs became pockets, and used to augment the shoulder straps into longer purse straps. The bib front seved as the purse front, complete with the bib pocket and front hooks. I added an inner divider with pockets, all made from jean parts and ready made pockets; and lined it with a leftover piece of green silk. I made the straps adjustable with old sliders off luggage straps and reinforced the round bottom with a cut piece from my old rotary cutting mat.
    Unbelievably, it all came out nearly perfect.
    I almost kept it!
    Ellen Lane

  72. betsysmom | | #72

    I have a bag from the 1940's given to me for my high school graduation made of satin entirely covered in pearls! It is lovely~

  73. User avater
    rdejam | | #73

    The most incredible bag I've ever seen is my grandmother's wedding clutch. She sewed it herself and hand beaded it in an intricate design. I don't use it so I can preserve the delicate work she did. It's stunning.

  74. alohawahine808 | | #74

    The most incredible bag I've seen is a bag made of the tabs from beverage. Also, wrappers from chewing gum. Amazing!

  75. J2B | | #75

    I was at a 1930's clothing exhibit and they had a leather handbag shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle with leather wheels that spin and the driver's door opened to expose a mirror for lipstick touch-ups. Very cute!

  76. CindyLouElia | | #76

    I once had a clutch which was made of a hard plastic and designed to look just like a magazine folded in half as if to tuck under your arm. It was so narrow that it did not hold much but was super cute and lots of fun.

  77. jzzl | | #77

    I don't know about incredible, but my favorite bag was a fringed barrel bag from the 70's. It has lots of movement. It was a happy bag.

  78. tzipi | | #78

    I have taken Brett Baras Craftsy class on How to make your own Handbag so my head is spinning with ideas about what to make next. so a book on bags would be really helpful!!!

  79. user-906940 | | #79

    One of my favorite purses was one a friend made out of a round wood box on which he had glued vintage prints and attached a handle and latch and feet. I like unusual purses and the book looks like it's right up my alley.

  80. Textile_lover | | #80

    Just this week - I saw the MOST INCREDIBLE handbag - on Pinterest -it was hand made, felted - red and black, with 3-Dimensional poinsettia looking flowers on the front, and crocheted black ribbon yarn for the shoulder straps. It was hand crafted by someone in Russia - since it's all in Russian. It is something I definitely will be attempting - and hands down is the most stunning bag I've ever seen. I just love unique and textural bags!

  81. User avater
    Countessa | | #81

    The most incredible bag I've seen, is one made from juice containers!!! And one I made from foil potato chip bags.

  82. designsbyjanetp | | #82

    I've seen a beautiful beaded bag that was homemade. Very unique. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. User avater
    nomadqueen | | #83

    The most incredible bag I have ever seen was an original Coach bag - which is now considered vintage. Coach's original bags were made with American made saddle leather in simple styles. These bags are still found today in second hand stores as they last forever. I would modify the original design only by adding more interior storage for a cellphone, wires and various girly stuff. Bags made with American high quality leather is the key to a long lasting bag that folks will covet.

  84. User avater
    sewknitrun | | #84

    My most recent favorite handbags were the ones made from vintage kimonos that were on display at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan last weekend. (I bought some kimono fabric.) I'm also a big fan of felted bags and last night my co-worker was walking out with a great lunch bag - a simple square bag with circle wooden handles. It didn't close all the way, but it was super cute and big enough to carry a good lunch.

  85. User avater
    jamaco | | #85

    I was in Dallas, Texas with some free time between meetings and went strolling at Neiman Marcus. I was awe struck with a beaded evening bag that had a design that was so intricate it looked like a painting or a photo. It was a vineyard scene. It was, or course, waaaaaay too expensive for me to purchase, but I remember it still after all these years.

  86. user-3697101 | | #86

    Some of the MANY favorite handbags I've seen are the ones made out of old books. I love to read and I work for a publishing company so I find these very interesting. When you see someone with one of these bags you can tell exactly what they like. I've seen them using the classics like Edgar Allen Poe dressed up with a black handle and a tiny crow charm; and funny ones like a Dr. Suess book purse for a little girl. Love them. Love all handbags! would love to have this book!

  87. JeanneNS | | #87

    Andrea Graham, the Canadian felter makes the greatest handbags, they are out of this world. Of course she makes other great felted Jewelry, pods, scarves, garments and on & on.

  88. Soucieville | | #88

    I like a good sized handbag. I have been accused of using mine as a weapon once or twice. I keep trying to cut down on the stuff I carry, but the survivalist in me won't let go of some things. Still, at times, I like something smaller. For an evening, a special "something." Making your own gives you the flexibility to have just the right bag. Also, it is fun.

  89. Sewzy | | #89

    lovely book ;)

  90. Carly_Sue | | #90

    I have seen bags made using a cigar box. They can be dressed up to be quite beautiful or played down to look very casual. I love making and carrying bags and would love to have this book.

  91. user-3057860 | | #91

    Just fantasizing about carrying a bag like this to an art opening. In New York or Paris!

  92. seemless | | #92

    One I've seen recently was incredible for the proportion of WOW to work. It was a plain bag, one of those that has the sides rise up and a hole cut in them for the handles. This one was made of a gorgeous large-scale Asian print, with large oval grommets on the handle holes. Absolutely simple, but stunning, showcasing a beautiful fabric.

  93. User avater
    LuvThreadsMagazine | | #93

    A friend has a collection, which includes a bag with a vintage ad and recipe on it (Tapioca!). I LUV IT, I LUV IT, I LUV IT!!!

  94. LindaKaren | | #94

    I went to the Sewing Expo one year in Novi, MI and saw the Laga purses being made on a treadle sewing machine. That was amazing.

  95. viking dreams | | #95

    The most incredible hand bags I have ever seen (and I follow the top designers) is Bea Valdes, a Phillipina artist, who has the bead artisans in her home country do the fabulous art work on beautifully shaped and beaded bags-these bags have the blink mastered. Along with her bags, her website is so special words don't do either justice.

    She is the choice of Hollywood for bag-maniacs.

    Check her out.

    [email protected]

  96. 416 | | #96

    The most incredible handbag I have seen was in the book, HANDBAGS by Anna Johnson. On Page 57 of the Elegant Icons chapter, there was a picture of an unusual handbag. The bag looked like an underwater creature designed by Priscilla Snyder in 1997. The description from the book describes the handbag "As scaly as a dragon and as light as a feather." Priscilla Snyder embroidered the handbag by sewing miles of multicolored machine stitches onto sturdy cotton canvas in the shape of the sea creature including legs and feet. If you carried a bag like this, onlookers would always remember it.

  97. luckysue | | #97

    Don't think I can pick a favourite, but I have seen some unusual ones - Shoulder bag made out of a book, all different kinds of vegetables and mathematical shapes (diifferent polygons , whether made of fabric or leather).

  98. mykashi6 | | #98

    I can never have too many handmade handbags- the most incredible one I have seen is one made of leather strips woven on the diagonal.

  99. DesignerLadyL | | #99

    I have been making bags for several years now. I love bags. The best one I ever saw was a dark purple leather bag in the shape of an eggplant. It was truly gorgeous. Thanks for this opportunity.

  100. blulotus2u | | #100

    Several neat handbags, a vintage one I own Cream leather, rectangular with a Lucite handle. Then one I made for my sister. I printed old family photos of Mom and Dad and my sister. Incorporated the photos into the body of the purse. She cried when she opened the gift. And a felted piece with a grapevine handle that I made.

  101. Designmaven | | #101

    I have been making my own purses for some time now but find it hard to choose the right materials that I can sew on a home sewing machine. Oh for the commercial machine we had in the costume shop while I was in college. It is fun to customize the inside to hold all my paraphenalia.

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