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Book Giveaway: “Handbag Workshop”

Nov 25, 2014
Article Image

Handbag Workshop (The Taunton Press, 2014) by Anna Maia Mazur will change the way you think about handbags. If you can't wait to start creating these beautiful handbags, you can buy a copy or preview the book here.

The perfect handbag is hard to come by, but Anna Maia Mazur’s latest book, Handbag Workshop (The Taunton Press, 2014), will change all of that by giving you the tools you need to design and make your ideal bag.

Not only does the book include an extensive overview of the many facets of bag anatomy and the assortment of sewing techniques you’ll need, it also has eighteen detailed projects divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories so that there’s something for everyone. You can read the entirety of one of these projects here and learn to make an elegant 1940s Hobo Wristlet.


Five (5) Threads online members who leave a comment here by 11:59 p.m. EST, December 5, 2014 will be selected at random to win a copy of this fantastic book. Winners will be announced the week of December 8, 2014.

Good luck!

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  1. Lindalou1617 December 27th

    Can someone tell me who won the handbag book giveaway? I can't seem to find the winners anywhere?

  2. tjaros December 3rd

    I have been looking for the perfect handbag for over a year now. I know exactly what I want and this book would be great in helping me to create it.

  3. MsBiz December 2nd

    I am an enginerd and would love this set of handbag blueprints.

  4. loeloe December 2nd

    I have a lot of leather scraps that I would love to make into something unique as well as stylish and useful.

  5. user-1122622 December 2nd

    Looks like an interesting book. I want one!

  6. acden December 2nd

    This looks like a fabulous book. Making bags has been on my radar for a long time so I'd love to learn all the techniques that are presented!

  7. user-2410701 December 2nd

    Threads has been such a big part of my life. I have every copy from the beginning. I now have grandkids that are learning from all the past editions that I have. Thanks for all the wonderful help through the years.

  8. User avater SusanDuality December 2nd

    So tired of my droopy store-bought handbag. I wear them 'til (their) death do us part. Then the agony of seeking a new one. Most expensive, yet hardly distinguished. Never have the size pockets I need, either!

  9. User avater KritterStitcher December 1st

    I'd love to win this book!!

  10. Sassy_Lass December 1st

    I love the idea of making handbags - watch out Kate Spade!

  11. greengrapes November 30th


    I would be delighted to have a book detailing sewing directions for making handbags. It would be fun to make handbags for my daughter who collects handbags.

    Best Wishes,
    Alexandria Feeney

  12. MartiClaire November 30th

    This book sounds great. I love to make purses, totes, and travel bags. I am always looking for new insperation and creative ideas for gifts. This is great timing for Christmas gifts.

  13. Enchantedbag November 30th

    I sew pocketbooks, thus the name, but could always use more help and ideas. Would LOVE this book.

  14. BevJV November 30th

    Great timing! I love 40's fashions and have been poring over a recent book purchase of 1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook to find many of the wonderful, highly stylized details to add to my sewing. The Hobo Wristlet from Mazur's Handbag Workshop fits beautifully with some of those styles, and I'm anxious to see what other gems are in her book!

  15. Lynle November 30th

    I've wanted to know how to make handbags and even bought a pattern to do's confusing though. I'm interested in learning more about resources to buy some of the materials necessary to make a handbag.

  16. GrammysSC November 30th

    What a lovely little bag! It is something that many of my students would enjoy making. Thank you for sharing the idea and the know how.

  17. raslalique November 30th

    I'd love to win this. I bought some leather to make a handbag and I've been reading up on how to make a professional looking one.

  18. User avater Jenelra November 29th

    This is something I have always been afraid to try. I have made simple totes but that is all. It would be great to be able to make make my own handbag. Would love to see this book!

  19. sewleslie November 29th

    I have decided that the only way for me to get the perfect handbag is to make it. I've tried, but I need a little extra help like in the book! I'd love to win it.

  20. pattipat November 29th

    I LOVE making handbags and would welcome new tips, patterns and ideas.

  21. Jaggededge November 29th

    Always wanted to make a bag, always meaning to have a go but never quite have the confidence to try. This book might help!

  22. Realhappy November 29th

    Love the handbags, would be a joy to win the book! Thanks for offering this contest

  23. mykashi6 November 29th

    The Hobo bag is one of the most creative designs I have ever seen. I would really like to see her other patterns in the book, and have a chance to make them.

  24. user-4163081 November 29th

    I would love to win this book! I am obsessed with making bags and this looks like a good way to learn new techniques.

  25. user-2425776 November 28th

    I would love to be one of the winners of this book. I've always admired Anna Mazur's creations. They are so professionally done along with always adding that "special something" that makes it special. Pick me! :-)

  26. Bowland_Lady November 28th

    Designer style handbags!! I would love, Love, LOVE to win this book. I have never made a handbag before and would love to learn new skills. Thank you Threads.

  27. User avater 416 November 28th

    After reading all of those wonderful things I could learn about handbags in this book, I am really excited about making a one of a kind handbag for me. I like those wristlets to use. I plan to make the quilted one for to use at my next outing. It's nice to keep with you and not worry about losing anything, just leave your main purse in the car trunk. I would love to receive a book like this for Christmas.

  28. user-3741199 November 28th

    I would like to add this to my library. The techniques will encourage me to challenge myself

  29. User avater Passante November 28th

    I've sewn tote bags but nothing more formal, so I'd love to win this book and expand my skills. Fingers crossed!

  30. User avater Missahope November 28th

    Luv to sew bags, Luv to win the book!

  31. DebbieSchoe November 28th

    I would so love to win this book. I am always making bags and purses. I would love one to look like the ones in the book.

  32. User avater auschick November 27th

    I'd love a copy!

  33. Nittywitter November 27th

    The wristlet project looks ideal for some vintage Japanese silk in my stash. I do make bags and am always eager to learn new techniques. Please enter my name for the book drawing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. User avater Kate_W November 27th

    I just started making bags. Would love to bag this book and up my game (smile). If not, it's #1 on my Christmas list. Thanks, Threads!

  35. user-4192191 November 27th

    I have just made my first handbag. Am looking forward to making more. This book would be just the thing to help me on my way.

  36. user-103329 November 26th

    I have some lovely embossed faux leather I'd like to use to make a handbag, so I'm looking for inspiration.
    (I don't know why it keeps calling me user-103329 even after I log in. My email is

  37. user-3722184 November 26th

    Would love to have a copy of this book to add to my library of sewing and craft books. I am presently enrolled in an online class to make leather handbags and am sure this book would be a big help.

  38. GrandmaDiane November 26th

    Have made a few handbags but having a great book of handbag knowledge would be tremendous.

  39. buckarina November 26th

    I would love to win this book and share it with the amazing women at the Downtown Women's Center on Los Angeles skid row, where I facilitate a machine sewing workshop. The ladies are currently making market totes from recycled men's dress shirts, and yhe bags are selling like hot cakes at the Made by DWC Boutique and Etsy store. We'd be most grateful to have an inspiring book like this full of more creative bag making ideas.

  40. user-905554 November 26th

    I need a new handbag. I've been looking for months in the stores and cannot find what I am looking for. Do it myself will get me exactly what I need.

    H. Miller

  41. gailete November 26th

    After seeing the wristlet project, I would love to see more!

  42. User avater agapantha November 26th

    Handbags... my guilty passion.

  43. User avater DunnWithFlair November 26th

    Free is always good. I have lots of "free" fabric ends just waiting for the projects from this book!

  44. RushW November 26th

    Making handbags - sounds like fun.

  45. DonaMarie November 26th

    I love to sew!!!! The only project I have'nt attempted is sewing a leather bag. This book would help me overcome my last fear in sewing. My imagination is running away on me thinking about all the handbags I could make. PS I've got a special place for it already in my sewing room!

  46. sewgramms November 26th

    Handbags are my latest thing. I'd like to know more.

  47. User avater neucarol November 26th

    Have been making handbags mainly by copying RTW so would like to have instructions and a resource list readily available in this book.

  48. User avater jamaco November 26th

    Would love to win! I have a stash of fabric that would be perfect for bags!

  49. sisylyn November 26th

    would like to learn how to make handbags.

  50. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine November 26th

    Turning my leather "1/2 of a sectional" into some beautiful bags would be wonderful. Of course, first I have to win this book.

    Of winning, and creating, I ask you, is that too much to dream of??? Hmmmm??

  51. guidance4u November 26th

    I love, love ,love making handbags. This little gem looks so special, I would love to see what else the book has to offer.

  52. sweetserenity November 26th

    I would make very good use of this book. I love different purse styles.

  53. crazymom November 26th

    One of the things on my 'to do' list is make a handbag.

  54. cweetgal November 26th

    Would love the book ;) Thanks for the giveaway

  55. User avater Wendy77 November 26th

    This looks like a great book

  56. BossLady4me November 26th

    I want to create my own original leather handbag, just my size, not what the stores are selling. I need some information on what to construct and where on the inside. This would be such a wonderful book of information.

  57. User avater Chilizee November 26th

    I would love to ad this to my library.

  58. bermbroro November 26th

    Just the detail on the cover looks great

  59. User avater ShiningStar November 26th

    I really like the projects on the cover.

  60. joanrob8 November 26th

    I've sewn since the age of 3 and I still learn so much each month from Threads magazine. I look forward to every new issue. I would love to win a new book

  61. User avater Cyd88 November 26th

    I loved the Hobo Wristlet article. The instructions, though I'm not familiar with some of the techniques, are incredibly clear. If the article is any indication of the book it must be a master piece. I want more!! ;-)

  62. User avater Countessa November 26th

    A lady can never have enough handbags!!!! The book sounds awesome.

  63. User avater slmendes November 26th

    Who wouldn't want a new, custom made, designer handbag? Especially to be able to make your own. Nobody!!!! I'd love to add this book to my library and learn from an expert.

  64. User avater Andysmom November 26th

    I have been sewing handbags forever and they look nice and function like they should, but I know they could be better. A book like this would help me change the handbag from home made to hand made.

  65. Vikichek November 25th

    I've made handbags in the past, mostly small evening bags to match or complement a specific dress. I'd love to learn more about creating handbags and take my skills to a much higher level!

  66. sewjazzy November 25th

    Merry Christmas to me. Hope I win!

  67. jeansophie November 25th

    I am an accessories girl and would to make the bags in this book.

  68. lvislief November 25th

    I am always looking for more bag designs, as I never like to make the same thing twice. I would love to win the book!

  69. lisanmchen November 25th

    I've been having a sewing blank for the last few months. I saw the wristlet and it's inspiring me to get back behind the machine. I would love to get my hands on that book!

  70. user-2777578 November 25th

    Handbag Worship - that's what I read at first glance. And I thought - that's me! Handbags and shoes - we all have to have a vice or two, and those are mine. I love to make handbags that are different from what's in the store - and that are unique. I've been a Threads subscriber for many years and learned so many skills from your pages. Thank you for that. Maggie Hillock, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  71. Carly_Sue November 25th

    This book looks most women, I love to carry different bags to go
    with the outfit I am wearing. i have made some purses and have loved them. I would love to have this book.

  72. TequilaRiverQuilts November 25th

    Amazing, to think all those bag patterns in one book, at that great price! Lovely.

  73. CherryVanilla November 25th

    Took a look at the preview and these aren't your usual handbags! The reversible tote and the hobo wristlet are now on my wishlist to make!

  74. User avater Cynthia_oz November 25th

    how cute just the right size for folding money and a key
    perfect gift for a teenager or older party girl

  75. karynfell November 25th

    It looks fabulous,can't wait to win.

  76. karynfell November 25th

  77. katcatt November 25th

    I love to make handbags and this would be wonderful to add to my collection of how to make them!

  78. Lindalou1617 November 25th

    I have always wanted to sew my own handbags/purses, this book would be perfect ! It would be a wonderful early holiday present to me. Fingers crossed!

  79. user-2684263 November 25th

    I started making bags in the past year and it has become my passion. This books looks like a nice addition to my collection!

  80. soie November 25th

    Replacing my worn leather bag with a new perfect one is on my list of things to do -- this book looks like a good guide to make a stylish bag that will last !

  81. User avater ChicCouture November 25th

    I've been looking for a good bag book! So excited!

  82. Kareemah November 25th

    Love the magazine, would love the book.

  83. user-1109509 November 25th

    I love reading all the Thread emails & most of all the insider is just awesome. I sometimes take time to watch the wonderfully done programs...keep up the great work & thank you sew much!

  84. user-3088787 November 25th

    This would be an excellent addition to anyone's sewing library. I could create original handbags.

  85. user-3088787 November 25th

    This would be an excellent addition to anyone's sewing library. I could create original handbags.

  86. Lyn0454 November 25th

    Would love to learn how to make handbags! What a wonderful Xmas gift it would be.

  87. DesertDiana November 25th

    I have been wanting to make a handbag for the longest time, but have never 'pulled the trigger' on it! Even bought the fabric, handles and hardware, but afraid I'm going to mess it up! This book looks like a big ol' confidence booster!!! :-D

  88. hawaiianei November 25th

    I'd love to have this book!!

  89. seemless November 25th

    I had my library purchase this (why should I have all the fun). Excellent detail, each project has a new skill/technique. Interesting what tools will be needed.

  90. Changmom November 25th

    What a lovely gift for me!

  91. judyh321 November 25th

    Love purse books. Can't wait to see this one.

  92. judyh321 November 25th

    I love purse books.

  93. user-3552981 November 25th

    Love bags, I could use this book!

  94. Spizz November 25th

    I enjoy making purses and this book would be a great addition to my library of books and patterns.

  95. User avater organdy November 25th

    Would love to have this book! I make bags and newsboy caps for family--and this would help my designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  96. user-3008701 November 25th

    This book would make a wonderful addition to my sewing library!

  97. user-3385447 November 25th

    Looks like an amazing book. I have been teaching myself to make purses and tote bags. There are not too many patterns readily available, so have been trying to create my own. Would love to win this book as I sure it has many features a patterns I could never come up with on my own. Please select me. Thank you Sophia

  98. Sans6 November 25th

    I would love to win Anna's book-it would be a much used addition to my Taunton Press library.

  99. User avater LadyofShalott November 25th

    I have not heard of this author before, but the book looks very interesting. I would like to try making the 1940s wristlet.

  100. pamg November 25th

    Please choose ME - I never win anything! I LOVE making bags!

  101. 247kath November 25th

    I have made a few purses and tote bags and would love to learn new techniques and get inspiration for new creations! Looks like a fab book!!

  102. user-2033275 November 25th

    I have only made one handbag in my many years of sewing. Unfortunately, it could have come out better had I known all the correct interfacings and steps to create a wonderful bag. This book would be a wonderful reference to creating a custom bag fit perfectly for all my needs! Pockets everywhere for cell phone, keys, mints, nail file, pens, checkbook, credit cards, cash, and change...who needs the bag part when you can create pockets that hold everything! That would be the absolute best way to keep everything organized.

  103. Bert49 November 25th

    I have always wanted to learn to make handbags that didn't look homemade.

  104. mdrgault November 25th

    At last! A book that you can refer to again and again. Bags are like shoes - addictive. However, you can make bags, you can't make shoes (unless you're a cobbler). This now puts you in the category of 'enabler'. Good for you. Someone had to do it and do it well. You qualify. Thanks.

  105. User avater user-221888 November 25th

    So, I've sewn the perfect outfit, clearly I would want to sew the perfect bag to accompany it. This book would fit that order.

  106. User avater user-221888 November 25th

    So, I've sewn the perfect outfit, clearly I would want to sew the perfect bag to accompany it. This book would fit that order.

  107. ariadnejones November 25th

    I love handbags, I want more so I'll have to make them and they'll be originals!

  108. user-659305 November 25th

    This book looks really cool & informative. I can't wait to try it out after I win it!

  109. AliceEliza November 25th

    This looks like a good way to learn to make a bag, which I have never done before.

  110. thestitch November 25th

    I sooooo have a thing for bags!! Would love, love, love this book.

  111. JaneEfficiency November 25th

    I've been meaning to get into bag sewing, and this book would be the perfect catalyst! Thank you!

  112. User avater JBeanne November 25th

    This is the book I've been looking for! Would love to win it!

  113. user-2091848 November 25th

    This looks like an excellent book, and I would love to win a copy. I have made a handful of purses of my own design on my home sewing machine. This book would be great for helping me make even better handbags to give to friends and family.

  114. CAS48 November 25th

    I would love to win this book. I had a difficult time sewing the only purse I've tried, a heavy denim with many pockets!

  115. jennifer8790 November 25th

    As a novice/self taught sewer the monthly mag has been invaluable..I especially like the vintage style and couture techniques (not that I'm pulling them off yet; it's nice to know how it should be done)...

  116. User avater Michigwen November 25th

    At last, a book with designs worthy of the time we invest in making the bags. The preview is tantalizing.

  117. sherih November 25th

    There are so many handbag books out there but they really don't cover everything we need to know to construct a quality bag. I'd love a copy so I can create something that will stand out in every way.

  118. sewandsocreations November 25th

    Count me in! and

  119. HelenS November 25th

    Looks like a great book!

  120. user-3628944 November 25th

    I would like to win this book.

  121. Kengba November 25th

    Wi would love to learn to sew handbags.

  122. b3l November 25th

    Love to make accessories. This book would make a lovely pre-Christmas present.

  123. User avater Mareyc November 25th

    Oh,I would love to win this fantastic book! Nowadays I am completely into making bags, and I could use those fantastic ideas and tips which are written in this book.

  124. user-895259 November 25th

    I am a person who loves to be different. An off-the-rack bag is OK, but a custom bag is WOW. I would truly enjoy customizing bags using this book.

  125. Mayell November 25th

    It sounds like a great book! I would love to win. Thanks!

  126. crafting_in_my_cave November 25th

    I love making bags and would love another book on bag making for my library, too.

  127. user-3796989 November 25th

    I would love to win this Handbag Workshop book. This is something that I have wanted to learn for quite sometime.

  128. LeeWells November 25th

    About a month ago I realized I would have to make a bag to get the item I wanted but could not find in the stores. This book would be a useful addition to the information I have found so far.

  129. user-2936767 November 25th

    I would really like to try the bags in this book. Thanks for a great magazine each time. I really enjoy it and learn a lot each time.

  130. user-3179049 November 25th

    I think I'm going to order this book if I don't win it. Winning it is definitely the preferable option!. Making bags attracts me. What will I do with all of them??

  131. user-2436101 November 25th

    Looks like a great addition to my library!

  132. user-3177282 November 25th

    I have wanted to make my own bags for awhile now. I would love to win this bag!

  133. jarisal November 25th

    The handbag book is just what is needed to start my new handbag project. The ideas alone would be a treat to read!

  134. sewing60 November 25th

    This book would be a good addition to my sewing library. I have made handbags and am interested in learning more about bag making. I would like to design some bag patterns specifically tailored to my needs.

  135. sewing60 November 25th

    This book would be a good addition to my sewing library. I have made handbags and am interested in learning more about bag making. I would like to design some bag patterns specifically tailored to my needs.

  136. user-3185837 November 25th

    O, what a great book. I would love to win a copy!

  137. December27 November 25th

    This looks like fun. Thanks!

  138. chrisch November 25th

    I was 'gifted' some leather and I've been looking for a great handbag pattern! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  139. SewMeSewYou November 25th

    SPECTACULAR!Seeing more projects down the road. PICK ME! PICK ME! LOVE!

  140. user-1045905 November 25th

    I do like to have bags which are different from the norm, & often that means making them myself. I'm always looking for inspiration, an endless quest to learn as much as possible...

  141. user-2658802 November 25th

    I would love to win this book. I've been reluctant to make a bag, but want to do it!!!

  142. trudiram November 25th

    This book would be a welcome addition to my sewing library. I remember Anna Mazur appearing on a TV show in the '90's or early '00's and her instructions were always so clear.

  143. sidecarsusie November 25th

    I would love to win this book because I can never have enough bag patterns! I enjoy sewing handbags for many of my family members and friends. I made a handbag for a nurse who extra helpful with my Aunt and she was overwhelmed when she received the bag. All women of all ages appreciates a good handbag, when they find out it was made just for them their reactions are wonderful!

  144. User avater pattylynn50 November 25th

    In Summer 2014, I purchased a copy of the "The Best of Threads Handbags" I haven't started any of the projects. Once the holidays are over I'll work on Spring/Summer. As a novice sewer, I would love to have this book to guide me in constructing handbags.

  145. User avater SueWSews November 25th

    This book has some great reviews, with good layout and illustrations. I will keep my fingers crossed xx I would love to add this book to my library. You can never have too many ideas for something new to sew which challenges your abilities!

  146. user-3647854 November 25th

    Read the 1940's Hobo Wristlet project. Excellent instructions! Would love to win the book.

  147. user-3303384 November 25th

    I have some grey leather and some yellow suede, and am dying to make a beautiful bag with them! This book sounds like the perfect companion as I have never attempted this kind of sewing before and need some good advice.

  148. grumpytulips November 25th

    I love making purses! This would be wonderful to further my skills :)

  149. LoracC November 25th

    This book looks fantastic. I would love to add this to my library. Thanks for the chance to win.

  150. Designer_maker November 25th

    Would love to learn how to make these fab bags

  151. user-4046962 November 25th

    I am a handweaver and enjoy sewing with my handwoven fabrics. Handbags are a perfect project to make with handwoven cloth as the creative potential is unlimited. I would like to explore and learn how to make outstanding and one of a kind handbags.


  152. Dusky November 25th

    I can never find just the right bag this book would solve my problem!

  153. User avater rdejam November 25th

    Some people are shoe freaks, I'm a purse freak. I can never have enough bags especially when I get to make them to my liking with as many compartments as possible.

  154. Mollie16 November 25th

    I am ready to increase my skills with bag making and this book sounds like it will be just what I need. Thanks for the drawing.

  155. Sergerqueen November 25th

    I would love to have a copy of Anna Mazur's book because I am a purse-aholic! I cannot find the right purse at the right price and prefer to customize a handbag to my specifications. I find purses are a perfect palette for embellishment as well as quick and instant sewing gratification.

  156. Mizmash November 25th

    I love handbags!

  157. MrsAasen November 25th

    Would love to win this book! Love handbags, sewing and Threads magazine! <3

  158. Deb04 November 25th

    I have sewn almost everything over a 4o year stretch. Right now I have been focused on household stuff - pillows, window treatments, bedding and bags. Always looking for new ideas.

  159. vic2025 November 25th

    Beautiful book.

  160. user-4172264 November 25th

    I can't wait to win this book!

  161. User avater ctdamsel November 25th

    I made my first handbag when I was 11. I did not have a pattern (it was 1965) I used poster board and covered it with brown fabric. I used a belt kit to make the strap. Handbag #2 was knitted with a long braided strap of yarn. I need this book! :)

  162. scarflady November 25th

    I always say never too many scarves, and I would add, never too many handbags! Looks like a fantastic book!

  163. rodrigues November 25th

    Bags make great gifts! This book looks to have lots of details that would make my sewing fun and extra gift worthy!

  164. abqdancer November 25th

    I'd love to win this book, and BOY, do I need something free!!

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