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Big Sew Stylish Giveaway: Books, Sketching Panels, Pincushions, and more!

Dec 16, 2014
Article Image

It can be difficult to keep track of pins when sewing, but a cute and fun pincushion ring is an easy solution. These adorable sewing accessories are made with a wooden base and an elastic finger band so they fit all finger sizes. Also a medium-sized leaf embellished “Needle-in-a-Haystack” tomato pincushion is included, perfect for easy access to pins when sewing. These handy cushions are both from

The sketch panels and book used together are perfect for recording on paper the fashions you imagine in your mind. There are four Fashionary paper panels: women’s figure, women’s flat, men’s figure and men’s flat. In addition to the panels, we’ve included Fashionary’s sketch book that also features a fashion dictionary, body measurements, seams and stitches, and much more.

The Fashionary Essential Boxset, *not included in the giveaway*, is also now available on the Fashionary website. It includes the A5 Women’s sketchbook which is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching, and quick referencing. The boxset also has a women’s flat paper panel, Fashionary tape, and two Fashionary pencils. These great tools allow you to design like a professional with ease.

Kate Middleton is a fashion icon for women all over the world. The Duchess’s style is sophisticated, yet youthful, and Kate’s Style by Caroline Jones (Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2013) showcases her most memorable looks along with ways her styles can work for you. It also features tip boxes that give great advice on hair, make up, and assessories so you can put a complete “style package” together just like Kate. A style calendar is also included that charts her styles from her college days to her life as a duchess. Finally, it includes a shopping directory of Kate’s favorite brands and designers. This book will provide perfect fashion inspiration.

Soak has teamed up with five textile and fiber suppliers to create nail polish kits that match their companies’ color pallets perfectly. Choose from a variety of fabric designs and yarns from Denyse Schmidt, Lizzy House, Sandi Henderson, Fig Tree & Co., and Ravelry before buying a nail polish kit to match. Each kit contains four original colors that won’t be found in any other collection.

Enter for your chance to win a pincushion ring, a “Needle-in-a-Haystack” pincushion, four Fashionary paper panels, a Fashionary sketch book, a copy of Kate’s Style, and a Fig Tree & Co. collection nail polish kit. All you have to do is comment below and tell us where you get your sewing inspiration from and you will be automatically entered to win. Leave your comment before the deadline at midnight on December 30, 2014. The winner will be announced via email after the New Year.

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  1. bekabug8 December 17th

    I get my inspiration from other bloggers and fun clothes I see on TV.

  2. Berauschend December 18th

    I look at interesting tehniques in vintage photos, and designer wear and try to adapt or add them to clothes that I want to sew.

  3. RushW December 19th

    I frequently get ideas from the clothing the news teams wear during the broadcast.

  4. user-3911245 December 21st

    As a beginner in sewing I find inspiration everywhere. In magazines,in ready--made clothes,in internet,in the street,in tv...I need all the sources of inspiration !!!! I'm just beginning to create my own clothes!!!!

  5. Denisedesigns December 22nd

    I get my sewing inspiration from my childhood background growing up in England.
    My Mother still sends me packages filled with unique fabrics that she buys from her hometown Brighton, E.Sussex and on her train trips to London.
    For many years, I loved Princess Diana's style. Now, I'm inspired by Amal Clooney and of course Kate Middleton who represents the Best of British! What a lovely prize!

  6. user-4283593 December 23rd

    My inspiration came from my mother also. She and I inherited a 17 inch difference in waist and hip measurements. It was easier to make a beautiful garment that fits. Being the fabric enthusiast, just as she was. I collect beautiful fabrics. My mind automatically relates design of a garment to occasion and fabric. Thanks Mom. I miss your cutting and marking.

  7. User avater jacqsky December 23rd

    My sewing skills come from my mother, such an amazing seamstress, the artistic creative side is from my grandmother, she could create beauty from the simplest fabrics ... both such amazing women in my life.

  8. beadembroiderer December 23rd

    My inspiration comes from color and texture. I try to find styles that accentuate my height and coloring, not my weight or overall size. I love to find the right color and then fabric for a garment. I hope I win!!!

  9. pmkurth December 23rd

    From my dad, who was raised in a tailor shop!

  10. Melwyk December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from RTW designers and from other bloggers, too, who have different takes on patterns than I first think of.

    And I love Kate's style...even if I'm a LOT shorter and rounder than she is ;)

  11. LarkLane December 23rd

    My inspiration comes from the young sewing students I have. They want to be on the cutting edge, and challenge me to stay a step or two ahead in terms of construction and fitting. What a delightful way to learn what really moves our young ones.

  12. stitcher20 December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from RTW and the internet, especially Pinterest.

  13. User avater SusanDuality December 23rd

    Designer runway shows on Found a stash of Alexander McQueen picture books at library, and daydream over them. Now, I'm almost 70 and 15lbs overweight, but with Lynn Yaeger and the late Anna Piaggia as ikons, why not admire? RIP Isabella Blow.

  14. marycr8on December 23rd

    My inspiration comes from fashion magazines and tv, movies, historical clothing. I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest as well.

  15. User avater jpadden53 December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from the co-eds on campus. They manage to take the runway and make it real with a tweak here and there to make it uniquely college. Then I make it age appropriate for me. I love Kate's beautiful smile because it makes whatever she is wearing just that much more lovely.

  16. kathrynpless December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from the memories of the wonderful clothes and accessories my mother and grandmother used to sew. They taught me how to sew, do needle crafts, and yarn crafts at a young age and I've love them all my life.

  17. crystalbluern December 23rd

    I get inspiration from other quilters and bloggers online. I also take pictures from nature. I see clothing in magazines and on line bloggers to sew too. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  18. stsimon December 23rd

    My inspiration comes from Threads Magazine, Vogue Patterns, online fabric stores like Marcy Tilton and Sawyer Brook, and then from studying the patterns I order from Butterick Vogue and my fabric stash. After sewing for 60 years, I don't pay much attention to current styles--they aren't for anyone over 50! But I do notice what people are wearing on the New York City streets, much of it not very attractive.

  19. joanrob8 December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from a variety of places. It could be nature, a magazine or and old movie. Sometimes the fabric will inspire me to make it into something special. And of course, Threads inspires me to try new things too

  20. User avater fabkat99 December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from vintage patterns and 1940/1950s fashion. There are so many beautiful lady like designs that I would love to sew for myself :o)

  21. fiberthyme December 23rd

    My inspiration comes from many different areas: project runway, Peggy Sagers webinars and patterns, internet, Linda Lee, Louise Cutting and watching the Mercedez Runway Show on wealth TV.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  22. judyh321 December 23rd

    Anywhere i can find it!

  23. user-561827 December 23rd

    Emails from Threads of course.

  24. GuenevereMcMahon December 23rd

    I am inspired by vintage sewing patterns, history books, art and illustration--it all depends on what I'm in the mood to make

  25. AngelicaRochelle December 23rd

    I'm inspired by fabric - the texture, feel, and weight speaks to me of what it can be - plus classic movies (being a huge fan of Old Hollywood) and the details I can create based on Threads' techniques.

  26. gailete December 23rd

    I sell sewing patterns on line, which means I'm handling them daily -- thousands of them. I can't help but be inspired by them and have grown to love classic styles that can take a decade, if not ever, to go out of fashion. My other sourse of inspiration is Pinterest and seeing the different ways to embellish garments so that you can take a plain classic item and with a nifty embellishment, turn something plain into something great.

  27. gailete December 23rd

    I sell sewing patterns on line, which means I'm handling them daily -- thousands of them. I can't help but be inspired by them and have grown to love classic styles that can take a decade, if not ever, to go out of fashion. My other sourse of inspiration is Pinterest and seeing the different ways to embellish garments so that you can take a plain classic item and with a nifty embellishment, turn something plain into something great.

  28. TiaJah December 23rd

    Inspiration comes from everywhere, but I get lots from books in the library.

  29. tzipi December 23rd

    I love to look and see what other designers are creating on line and in stores and then a rapt it to my figure

  30. User avater SandyChavez December 23rd

    I get my inspiration from the many wonderful bloggers out there and from tools such as pinterest which allow me to spend more time sifting through the many sewing projects, tips and inspiration found on the internet.

  31. PatHersl December 23rd

    I have no imagination so a great pattern does it for me!

  32. PatHersl December 23rd

    I have no imagination so a great pattern does it for me!

  33. User avater shreya_l December 23rd

    I have seen the fiber turn to fabric, that itself is inspiration enough...the fuzzy ball of cotton turning into intricately woven jacquard!

  34. user-2778833 December 23rd

    I obtain my inspiration from sources such as Threads magazines, fabrics in my stash (or in a store, my pattern collection and just dreaming about what I would like to wear.

  35. User avater Letha December 23rd

    My inspirations comes from reading the many different sewing blogs, especially the "curvy ones". I see what looks good on them and realize I can look that good too in those styles, prints and colors! I also get inspired when I see some great fabric and want to create something wonderful from it.

  36. jmuel94346 December 23rd

    I really like to see what others come up with and see how I can put my spin on it. Some times, the best thing is to let the original shine.

  37. betsysmom December 23rd

    Most of the time the fabric "speaks" to me and tells me what it wants to be. Touching and admiring beautiful fabrics is very inspiring for me. Thank you for the opportunity to share your treasures!

  38. Runa December 23rd

    I often am inspired by articles I see in Threads Magazine or Sew Stylish. I also enjoy reading sewing blogs to add new ideas to my arsenal of craftiness

  39. KDesigns December 23rd

    Since fashion is cyclical based on styles from the past, I like to watch old movies for a new twist on an element - necklines, pleats, etc.

  40. HMOE December 24th

    I look for fabrics that have an interesting print/weave,a nice weight, good drape and are in colors that will complement or accent my wardrobe. Then I look for a pattern that will show off those characteristics.

  41. user-3220369 December 24th

    I think it must be memory, intuition. I am not thrilled with today's RTW, I love classic comfortable clothing. Clothing that reflects my style and my tastes. I like to be me so I know what I like and how to make it come into being. We all have a sense of what we are, what we want and what we like....even my seven year old granddaughter.

  42. User avater sewinggal1 December 24th

    I look online, in magazines, catalogues, and especially pattern companies online.

  43. BSmiling December 24th

    My inspirations comes from seeing ready made clothing, trying it on, so I can then check for a pattern that is the same or similar. :-D

  44. Seweth December 24th

    My inspiration comes from all the beautiful things I see in magazines, on line and items made by other gifted sewers.

  45. user-4280008 December 24th

    My inspiration comes from several venues! I love vintage looks often seen in old movies. Threads also provides inspiration with articles and photos. Color inspiration comes from the great outdoors.

  46. Marie_P December 24th

    I get my sewing inspiration from reading civil war era lady's magazines on fashion and sewing techniques and patterns. I do reproduction civil war clothing and doing things the way they were done during the period is so satisfying!

  47. User avater Mimi310 December 24th

    I get inspiration from different places and people, blogs, magazines,my daughters and grandchildren.

  48. User avater SueWSews December 24th

    My inspiration comes from lots of places, beautiful fabrics, magazines, books, TV, the internet or seeing just that little detail on a garment that somebody else may be wearing.

  49. geriroyer December 24th

    I get a lot of inspiration from seeing the pictures of historical clothing, Threads magazine and other clothing in the stores.

  50. ItaB December 24th

    my inspiration comes from many different sources- online, runways, film, bloggers, even the street!

  51. Changmom December 24th

    Everywhere! My eyes are always looking for some form of inspiration.

  52. ustabahippie December 24th

    I'm inspired by what my friends are wearing, by people in the street, by fashions in Vogue Magazine, and by my own imagination and fabric stash!

  53. Lsax December 24th

    My inspiration comes from fabric mostly. I cannot buy fabric without touching it and I can walk past hundreds of bolts to have one just jump out at me. I constantly read sewing magazines, books, patterns for ideas.

  54. User avater cptmelissa December 24th

    I love watching project runway, and get lots of my ideas from there.

  55. buttonlush December 24th

    Lots of inspiration hunting and clicking on the internet and also from discussing ideas with other sewers.

  56. User avater BonniePT December 24th

    I love it when the dresses from eras gone by featured on the back of Threads inspires me to incorporate a detail in my every day clothes. Sometimes a feature can go on a collar, cuff or pocket. Other times it might end up on the bottom of a pant leg. Inspiration is everywhere, but vintage features usually speak to me

  57. mykashi6 December 25th

    most of my inspiration comes from magazine photos

  58. TwinsMommy December 25th

    My sewing inspiration has evolved over the past few years. When I began sewing I could only recreate what was on a pattern cover. Now, three years later I can see a garment in a magazine, around town, or on Pinterest and imagine what I would do differently. I've also started taking color inspiration from the environment around me. I'm addicted.

  59. User avater agapantha December 25th

    National costumes from around the world inspire me to incorporate design details into my sewing.

  60. webolton December 26th

    My inspiration lately comes from Pinterest. I'm amazed at what you can find there.

  61. StephenZ December 26th

    As a beginner, first of all, my inspiration from threadsmagazine, and the next, from other designs and samples from stores.

  62. gretchengh December 27th

    Inspiration comes from being in the moment. Creativity is fed by what you see and hear around you.

  63. User avater jamaco December 27th

    My sewing inspiration comes from my granddaughters and old photos!

  64. sailorita2002 December 27th

    I get inspiration from other designs that I see, but I try to adapt the ideas to what works for me. And I like what I wear to be unique so finding and incorporating interesting ideas or techniques helps my one-of-kind pieces.

  65. LindaKaren December 28th

    My inspiration comes from vintage magazines and vintage clothing.

  66. user-895259 December 28th

    My sewing inspiration comes from anything couture. I am detail oriented and thus drawn to the intricacy of couture clothing.

  67. Sewing_in_Virginia December 28th

    Lately most of my inspiration comes from magazines - new and old - and from the decades of collective sewing experience of the ladies of our local sewing guild.

  68. lotta_sun December 28th

    My sewing inspiration comes from people watching, browsing shops and trying on a large variety of styles and fabrics.

  69. user-3012430 December 28th

    I get inspiration from every where.

  70. Quiltwerme December 29th

    Inspiration for ideas is everywhere, but for actual projects I take on, usually from magazines. I loved the one on a Threads cover and hope to eventually get it made!!!

  71. User avater slmendes December 29th

    I get sewing inspiration from fashion magazines and online sources such a Pinterest and Polyvore. Also, inspiration comes from other designers and seamstresses work in Threads Magazine!

  72. murmeme December 29th


  73. LizJK120 December 30th

    I'm inspired mostly by magazines(Threads and Sewstylish, Burda) and friends on blogs.

  74. CMOriginals January 2nd

    Fabric inspires me. The look,the feel,the flow, the color and even sometimes the ugliest pieces find a way to come out beautiful because the fabric had the hidden inner beauty like people do. I can get a vision of the style it would look the best in and then set about making it happen. Sometimes this can take a while but usually gets done!

  75. User avater user-255655 January 13th

    My sewing inspiration comes from magazines, my sewing specialized magazines, and from my fellow sewers whenever we get together and compare and show and tell

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