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Magazine Giveaway: The Best of Threads–Handbags

Jun 05, 2014
Article Image

The Best of Threads: Handbags hits newstands June 3. You can also download this special issue onto your tablet.

The latest Threads special issue, The Best of Threads: Handbags, is out and you can win a free copy! It’s full of great articles and 27 projects for all skill levels, and includes free patterns inside. You can also preview the issue here.

We asked our contributing authors to answer this question: “Why do you sew handbags?” Cheryl Kuczek, author of “Fold-Over Bag” and “Lace & Lamé Carryall” in this issue, responded that she likes to make bags that are lovely to look at but have the strength to hold up to abuse. Gilbert Muniz, author of “6-Pocket Clutch,” says that there is a certain level of joy in being able to create a bag to fit any kind of object imaginable. Lastly, Anna Mazur, author of “Retro Links,” “Pass the Envelope,” and “Expandable Organizer,” explains how she creates handbags because they are an expression of who she is, and she especially enjoys the design process. 

Answer the same question our contributing authors did: Why do you sew handbags? Or, if you haven’t yet tried to sew a handbag, answer this question: Why would you like to start sewing handbags? If you post an answer to either question, you will be entered to win a free copy of this issue! There will be FIVE lucky winners. The deadline for comments is June 13, 2014, at 11:59 pm EST, and the winners will be announced during the week of June 16. Good Luck! 

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  1. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine September 4th

    The mix of fabrics and utility of the project entice me into creating bags.

  2. CatharinaB July 7th

    Handbags are one of my favorite things to make because you can use such interesting and different textiles that you usually wouldn't use with making clothes. Also, embellishing can go to a whole other level!

  3. User avater ScrappySusan June 13th

    I am intrigued with the process. I love sewing and think it would be a great challenge.

  4. grammie59 June 13th

    I love to sew and create and love the challenge to make one of a kind its

  5. user-3485151 June 12th

    The design possibilities intrigue me.

  6. user-372980 June 9th

    I sew handbags to try to have exactly what I want in and out of a well as have one that is unlike any other! It's an ongoing process so there is always another handbag to be made!

  7. User avater tinker4u June 9th

    I've got some fabulous vintage upholstery fabric that would make wonderful purses. Some pieces are less than a yard but could pair nicely with other pieces. I'd like to get good information and fun patterns before I cut into this wonderful fabric

  8. User avater lynnpaul June 9th

    Even though I almost never carry any sort of handbag I find myself sewing some! Currently have a pair of gorgeous handles waiting for the right bag and some fabric that needs just the right ideas are needed!

  9. User avater ReneeDj June 8th

    I want to make handbags so I have to perfect pocket for each of my various things that are always in my purse...from my old school "stupid" phone to my various sharpies and other things most people don't often carry.

  10. user-1107752 June 8th

    I love sewing Handbags because I can create one of Items which have furthered my creativity and sewing skills

  11. Carla June 8th

    I would like to create a handbag uniquely suited to my needs.

  12. Dancingleafwoman June 8th

    I'm just starting to learn how to make handbags. I love to have unique bags and totes that show my personality and use fabrics - usually novelty prints - that will never be seen in anyone else's bags. I want to make quality bags that will last - both for friends and for sale.

  13. Dawnalice June 8th

    I want to sew personalized bags

  14. judyh321 June 8th

    I sew handbags because they always fit!

  15. Cuckooknits June 8th

    I love making handbags because they can be a quick and easy project or something much more challenging. I also get to try lots of new techniques.

  16. bethatply June 8th

    I would like to begin to sew a handbag. The magazine would be an education on how to do it for me. I've been wanting a bag that I can fit MY stuff and still look good. I have some ultra-suede to work with in creating a bag.

  17. User avater decorchick June 8th

    It's a quick rush. I can dig into my stash of crazy supplies and in no time I have a great little gift, charity auction item or treat for myself. Problem is, I just can't STOP!

  18. memaha512 June 8th

    I would love to start sewing handbags so that I could have one to better match more of my clothes. To be able to sew them would also let me give better, more personalized gifts.

  19. User avater zinadawson June 8th

    When I started handbag design, I took a class. My instructor on a skype session told me that his goal was to "teach me how to design a bag to carry my dreams in." That was two year ago and I am still at it. I love the look on a person's face when they know that they have a one of a kind, custom made to measure bag. The more I learn the better it gets.

  20. User avater katieross June 8th

    I love making bags because then they can perfectly fit my unique style and specific needs for the moment. Plus, then I can have as many fancy bags as I want for a mere fraction of the cost of designer! :-)

  21. User avater JBunney June 7th

    I have never made a handbag but I have been wanting to. There is such an open ended land of possibilities with fabric choices and styles. I bought an adorable cupcake fabric 6 months ago to make one, I just haven't gathered enough information on how to do it yet.

  22. sewjazzy June 7th

    I love to create handbags because they really show your personality and they are seen everyday by everyone you meet.

  23. tooold June 7th

    I sew handbags so they can have the features that I want in the colors I want.

  24. User avater amh61771 June 7th

    hand bags are like shoes you cant have enough I love sewing handbags and totes I would love more.

  25. scarfette June 7th

    I love to make handbags to match some of the suits or jackets I make.

  26. Laharet June 7th

    I would love to try the bags in this issue to learn new techniques and then use those to design my own bags... :)

  27. user-1127959 June 7th

    I've been thinking a lot about making hadbags lately. I'm very attracted to trying it. I'm very picky about them and could make exactly what I want that way.

  28. User avater CheritaMd June 7th

    I like to sew handbags because then I can totally customize them to my taste & specific needs. They also make great gifts! People I have gifted love getting my bags bc they know no one else will have it & that it shows all the love that went into it!

  29. Melwyk June 7th

    I'd like to start making handbags because I never find one I really like -- need to make my own so that they'll be just what I want, colour, features, everything!

  30. User avater TessaBear June 7th

    I would love to make bags to match the outfits that I am sewing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. costaff1 June 7th

    Why you would like to start sewing handbags?
    I would like a small diaper bag. These don't seem to exist!

  32. user-1131368 June 7th

    You can never have enough handbags - what better way to add to the collection!

  33. User avater JaneNZ June 7th

    Oh there is something about a bag that is different from everyone else's! It would be made just for me and my style!

  34. user-2468519 June 7th

    would love to win this issue. dying to try to make a handbag.

  35. tsimshiangoddess June 7th

    I have a unique style & can never find a store bought bag that has the features I want and expressing my unique style & taste.

  36. ABQAnna June 7th

    I have sewed tote bags in the past. Now that I'm retired, am slowly getting back into sewing, and like the idea of being able to customize the configuration of handbags to suit different needs.

  37. user-3014086 June 7th

    I would love to have your newest issue about making handbags. I would like to start sewing a handbag, or even more than one, for myself. I means a whole new challenge in my sewing career.

  38. Karey June 7th

    I've sewn bags before but never a handbag. I really want to try though. Especially since I need to replace my current purse.

  39. Darla1957 June 7th

    Would love to try my hand at making my own handbags , not really satisfied with what I buy.

  40. BarbaraG97 June 7th

    I make bags because not only are they practical but they provide and outlet for creativity. Design, color, texture and functionality united! Doesn't get better than that!

  41. dmc000 June 7th

    I have made several bags and would love to make more. I have custom made them to accommodate my needs.

  42. ruthpatricia June 7th

    Frilly embroidered pouches, useful zippered purses, fancy pencil cases, elegant beaded clutches, practical totes, everyday elegance with "faux" leather handbags, huge carry-all waterproof bags for the beach ... the scope is endless. The inside can be beautifully lined and tailored for every need with key ring, phone pocket, zipped pockets, matching removable pouches for small items ... just whatever suits the use and the user. Fastenings can be buttons, ties, zips, magnetic press studs, flaps, hooks ... so much choice. I love making bags because of all these endless possibilities and have made them for years - never the same one twice! They also make much appreciated gifts. I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas and techniques so the new Threads book is good news

  43. starcitylady June 7th

    I would love to start sewing handbags...I can never find anything that seems to be just right (at a just right price!).

  44. Dckn June 7th

    You can't buy happiness, but you can sew bags ... that's pretty close :-)

  45. User avater bmgPeke June 7th

    I can never find bags that organize my stuff well, are beautifully stylish and unique, plus will hold up for the long haul. All that and not pay a fortune! That's why I make my own!

  46. Goalema30 June 7th

    I love using up my batik stash and customizing my handbags to the way I want them, plus one-of-a-kind items is always a plus.

  47. pt6256 June 7th

    I sew handbags to get the style & functionality that I like!

  48. user-178494 June 7th

    I love making handbags. I always get all the features I want in one bag!

  49. JuliaKathleen June 7th

    Handbags are a creative outlet for me. Plus they are almost always one of a kind!

  50. beadembroiderer June 7th

    I would love to start sewing handbags. I think the advantage of doing so is that they are one of a kind and can be done in custom colors and fabrics. They would be dressed up, dressed down, and reflect the personality and colors of the recipient. After sewing more clothes, I plan to make some, and this magazine would come in handy.

  51. lalitamann June 7th

    I learned a while ago how to draft my own handbag designs, and have found them to be amazingly creative and the options limitless. It's exciting creating something that only you've come up with, while creating something practical and useful. Just last week I created a cupcake bag for a friend who adores making cupcakes, it has a quilted and hand beaded outer material to make it look like icing. It's fun to play with the different elements of a theme and get it just so.

  52. DeborahCade June 7th

    I like to make bags that are the size and shape that I want, and that have the compartments that I want such as zippered pockets.

  53. Tas_C June 7th

    Why not? Handbags are the perfect fashion accessory and I would love to be able to create unique, stylish bags with my own creative spin!

  54. user-3120255 June 7th

    I started making totes February 2014, so I'm still a beginner. I have made totes for a few friends and family. The last ones I made, I donated to auction off for my niece's charity event. One of the bags sold for $150.00!! I want to continue to learn more!

  55. User avater fiona9 June 7th

    I've made simple purses, and bifold wallets. I just love making something from a simple piece of fabric. The possibilities are endless. Makes me feel so creative and proud when I sew up something that people ohhh & ahhh over ;)

  56. debmct45 June 7th

    I make purses because I am to cheap to buy what I can sew, and they are lighter to carry .

  57. charitysuzanne June 7th

    I like reusing fabric from thrift stores, and purses are a fun way to get some use out of smaller pieces!

  58. Seasidesewings June 7th

    When you make your own bag, it always has exactly what you need in terms of pockets, loops and handles/straps.

  59. Margherita June 7th

    I love handbags! I make them because it's usually a quick project that doesn't consume a lot of resources, and the end product is so fun and useful. I love recycling old materials when making handbags. I have given several as gifts. I would love to win the handbag issue from Threads.

  60. vic2025 June 7th

    I love to make bags because you can customize them. When you make your own you have a one of a kind.

  61. Coastsidesewist June 7th

    A matching handbag or tote always get attention! I love the creativity.

  62. User avater mad14kt June 7th

    Making handbags is so FASHIONABLE!!! :)

  63. User avater MZW June 7th

    I love to make one of a kind totes and bags. Sometimes, I embellish with embroidery sometimes I done. I love to give them to people I love.

  64. Vana63 June 7th

    Love making Handbags and Totes because I really like carrying a one of a kind :-) and they are easy to gift too! Thank You!

  65. paulaberon70 June 7th

    I have been invited to two very elegant events, and don´t have clutches to wear!!! so now that Im sewing a lot i want to make them!!! and when I see the prices of clutches i freak out!!!

  66. User avater 2tango June 7th

    I dont make bags yet but I would love to start and this magazine looks like it has some gorgeous projects!

  67. DueWest June 7th

    I love to make my own purses. It gives me the option to put the pockets I need/want in the places I want them.

  68. User avater GypsyThread June 7th

    Using vintage, antique, and repurposed materials is a passion for me. Handbags are the perfect project to showcase delicate and beautiful smaller pieces, trims, and embellishments.

  69. DianaLouise June 6th

    Handbags are so much fun to sew and give as presents. Thanks!

  70. AfroCrafty June 6th

    I'd like to make bags because of the ability to create something one of a kind in materials and combinations that I'm not able to find elsewhere.

  71. user-266108 June 5th

    Bags have such variety in style & use so that each can have its own individualization. They can be easy enough to use as a basic teaching sewing projects. Learn to sew straight line, turn fabric, & line, add zipper & pockets if wanted. Or they can be challenging with many pockets, multiple fabrics, etc.

  72. Chefti June 5th

    I love making bags. When I made a lot of quilts I never knew what to do with them because I had too many but with bags I can be creative and make something small and useful. If I do not want to keep my creations there is always a friend or family member keen to have them!

  73. User avater ShiningStar June 5th

    I would like to start making handbags so I can have more variety of styles to choose from.

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