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2007 Swap-Wardrobe Planning

LindaFaye | Posted in General Discussion on

I have read a lot about the 2007 Swap that some other people are planning on doing that consists of sewing 11 pieces that yield something like 40 possible outfits.  I also read somewhere about a Mini Swap that consists of 6 pieces.  I think that this is a great idea – sewing with a plan rather than making random pieces or outfits that don’t match or blend with other cloting in your closet.

I have all the information on the 11 piece Swap, but don’t remember where I saw the information on the 6 piece Swap.  Can anyone here help!

6 pieces in what combination/colors/patterns (I know you choose your own colors)

Equal how many possible combinations (outfits).

Any help would help as I would like to do a Mini Spring/Summer Swap and get ahead of things; and maybe do an 11 piece Swap later on.

Any help or info would be appreciated – Thanks.

Linda Faye


  1. liselaure | | #1

    Hello Linda,

    I don't know where you read about those "SWAPs" but as a personal image consultant I can help. For a 6 piece Spring/Summer "capsule wardrobe", I would suggest the following: 1 pant, 1 skirt, 1 skort/shorts, 1 jacket, 1 T-shirt/short-sleeved top, 1 long-sleeved shirt. Personally I would add 1 or 2 tops. The shirt can be used as an over-shirt when worn over the tops. Choose no more than three colors in harmony with each others, among them a neutral for the pant, skirt and jacket. Rather neutral styles will allow you to dress up or down according to the occasion with the help of accessories. With the 6 pieces, you'll be able to combine... [quick mental calculation] 15 outfits. With 1 more top, 30 outfits. With 2 more tops, 45 outfits. If you never wear skort/shorts for instance, replace them with another pant/skirt according to your preferences and lifestyle.

    If you have any other question, just ask.


    1. LindaFaye | | #2

      Hi LiseLaure:

      I read about the Swap idea when I was surfing some blog sites on sewing.  They were discussing the 2007 Swap that is a challenge from Timmel's Fabrics a store that I think is in Canada.  And somewhere I read about a Mini Swap consisting of six pieces.

      I think the information you gave is just what I need.  I can see myself making 6 pieces without too much time - cause my time is very limited (guess everybody's time is limited thes days though).

      The thought of having 45 or more outfits sounds like a winner to me.  Now I've just got to sit down and come up with a color scheme and chose some patterns and give this a try.

      Your job as a personal image consultant sounds very interesting to me.  What does it actually entail do?


      1. liselaure | | #3

        Hello again Linda,

        As a personal image consultant, I give people advice on everything they wear from head to toe: hairstyle, hair color, clothes (color, shape, style), make-up and accessories (jewelry, eyewear, footwear, etc.). The main goal is that they look great AND - I am also a psychologist - feel good in consequence. If you want to know more, you can visit my website: http://www.premiere-impression.net/e. There you'll find guidelines for an evening capsule if you want to make yourself one after completing your Spring/Summer SWAP.

        If you have any other question, do not hesitate.


        1. LindaFaye | | #8


          I paid a visit to your website this evening and found it oh so interesting.  I read the newsletter and subscribed.  I also read the newsletter on the correct fit for pants (Very helpful - and just what I am working on now in my sewing).  The Evening Capsule was also interesting and helpful - in a nutshell, how to look great with less and ensure that you always have something to wear on special occasions WHICH IS A GREAT IDEA!  As a matter of fact I read everything on the site!

          I had my colors done years ago, and although helpful I found that it kept me in dark colors (I was diagnosed a winter) and I found myself hungering for something brighter.  I have never fully understood tone, value, warmth, intensity etc. when it comes to evaluating colors.  Your explainations were very helpful though.  All I really know is that I do not think I look good in orange colors, and don't really like fall colors.  For years I wore almost everything navy blue, and now I am stuck in a lot of black - which is fine, but I think I need to jazz it up a bit.

          I am trying to think of what colors would be good for my spring/summer mini swap/capsule which will probably include: pants, capris, 3 tops and a jacket.  I use to wear trouser look pants with two pleats on each side of the front, I liked the way I looked in them and enjoyed wearing them.  Now I am heavier and am tryint to decide if the pleats on the front of the pants will work for me or if I should just opt for the straight front (no pleats) - whether straight would be more slimming or if the pleats would help hide my belly.  ANY SUGGESTIONS! 

          1. fabricholic | | #12

            I don't know your colors. I would like aqua, mango orange, cream, and taupe. How many colors do you need, again?Marcy

          2. LindaFaye | | #13

            I need three coordinating colors and need to choose something interesting and bright because I usually only choose dark boring colors.  I need a change but know I can't wear orange.

          3. fabricholic | | #14

            Hi LindaFaye,Maybe you could start with a bright color that will look good on you. Then pick out the co-ordinating colors. I can't wear light gray or blues, unless it has some green in it. You might be just the opposite.
            Still, it sounds fun to decide.Marcy

          4. liselaure | | #16

            Hello Linda,


            I am glad you liked my website because I made entirely myself and put a lot of myself into it. Unfortunately I don't have time to maintain it.


            Regarding your coloring, you're likely to be able to wear small amounts of light/bright colors COMBINED with deep colors. What about a light pink top with a navy suit? Or a sky blue scarf with a black top? Deep-colored people are more flattered by deep colors, but they don't have to confine themselves to these. They can wear light colors too as long as they combine them with deep ones.


            It's difficult to give you an advice on your best style of pants without seeing you. What I can say is that flat front pants are generally not flattering in case of a protruding abdomen. On another hand, pleated pants are currently not very fashionable. Before deciding what is best, I would like to know what kind of silhouette do you have: rather straight, with little waist indentation but narrow hips, or rather curvy with a nice waist but wide hips. If you have a rather straight silhouette, you are likely to have long legs and, when you gain weight, to carry it on the upper half of your body. If you have a rather curvy figure, you are likely to be long-waisted and to get any excess weight in the thigh area. (Of course, you can be in between.) If you are straight, wear long tops (below the hips) over plain front pants. If you are curvy, tucked tops and pleated pants might suit you better.


            Hope this helps.


          5. LindaFaye | | #17

            Hi LiseLaure;

            Thanks for replying.  I am what I call tall, almost 5'9", and right now my weight gain is mostly around the middle.  I do have long legs, and I think I am long waisted.  Can this be called straight.  In comparison to my waist measurement my hips are not that large.  I keep thinking of what I use to look like and still can't quite grasp what I am now (I know that sounds crazy).  I'm not really curvy so I guess the plain pants are better for me.

            I like your advise about the colors; adding brights to the darks.  I think I'll start opting for colors that I usually steer clear of and use them for acent pieces such as a top or scarf.

            Your are really helpful. Thanks again!

          6. georgiagg | | #18

            I took an online class from http://www.styleupgrade.com.  It was very helpful in evaluating what was in my closet, and the color thing.  Then I have learned to pack a suitcase very light with just a few coordinating things.  Amazed my DH as on our honeymoon cruise 25+ years ago I took this huge suitcase for 7 days. Last summer I took a medium size rollerbag and a smaller bag for shoes and we were gone 3 weeks in several climates. The class helps you evalute you style and shape.  Then there is "TLC What Not to Wear"

          7. liselaure | | #19

            Hello Linda,

            Your are very welcome.

            Yes, according to what you say, you might be straight.

            Enjoy sewing and wearing your new capsule/SWAP.


          8. solosmocker | | #25

            This is great information. I, too, am off to check out your website. This 6 piece plan sounds so doable. I would have to start now as gardening takes me over come springtime. But, I think I can handle this. Thanks

          9. liselaure | | #27

            You are welcome.


          10. fabricholic | | #20

            Hi LiseLaure,I have to disagree with you on the flat front pants. I have a protruding abdomin and would never wear pleats. They make one look bigger.Marcy

          11. liselaure | | #21

            Hello Marcy,

            Flat front pants usually contour more the body than pleated ones. So, in a side view, they make a full tummy more noticeable while pleated pants smooth over curves. On another hand, pleated pants have more ease than flat front ones and can thus add bulk to the figure. The only truth is that you can seldom give an advice about a specific figure problem without taking into consideration the whole silhouette. That's why I wrote "flat front pants are generally not flattering in case of a protruding abdomen". Before deciding what is best for someone, you have to know if this person is full or have only a full tummy, whether it's better for her to wear her tops tucked or un-tucked, etc.


          12. fabricholic | | #22

            Hi,That makes sense. I just remember trying on pleated pants and the pleats wouldn't stay together. They would spread out over my girth. I hate looking at my side view. Yuk! Thanks for the information.Marcy

            Edited 1/29/2007 3:23 pm ET by fabricholic

          13. liselaure | | #24

            Hello Marcy,

            Yes, if the pleats spread out, the result achieved isn't the one which is looked for. Ill-fitting clothes are never flattering, even in the right style.


          14. Josefly | | #26

            I too checked out your web-site and found it very informative. Especially your description on what well-fitting pants should look like. I also love pleated trousers, in spite of the fact that they're out of fashion, and I can't find them in rtw to save my life! So, I'm now concentrating on fitting a pattern to myself, so I can have my pleated pants. I do feel they disguise my protruding stomach, when they aren't too tight. Thank you for showing us your site.

          15. liselaure | | #28

            You are welcome. As maybe my newsletter about well-fitting pants let you guess, I have suffered from pants obsession. I am relieved from it since I reached the result I was looking for. I hope you'll get soon the pleated pants you like.


          16. sewingkmulkey | | #23

            I totally agree about pleated pants making a protruding tummy look bigger.  I have one and hated it when pleats were in fashion!   Give me flat front pants over pleats any day and all my clients agree.




  2. fabricholic | | #4

    Hi LindaFaye,I saw something about 2007 Swap at this website http://artisanssquare.com/sg/index.php , but don't expect it to be like these discussions. When I first joined, right off the bat, I was told to please correct my heading from all caps. When I asked someone a question, I never got a response. I think it's kind of clickish.Marcy

    1. HeartFire2 | | #5

      Here's more info on SWAP - sewing with a plan

      1. Teaf5 | | #6

        Oh, thank you for defining "Swap" in this context! I was wondering who would go to the trouble of making six garments to give them away for free....Online searches for "wardrobe sewing" might also net some results, and I've seen library books devoted to the subject, too.

        1. LindaFaye | | #7

          Thanks you all for your replys and imput!!!!

        2. thimbles1260 | | #29

          LOL:)  I loved that you wondered about this SWAP thing too!  My background is quilt block swaps and I just couldn't see how a wardrobe swap could work out!  <BG>  Now that it has been explained, the gears in this old brain are starting to crank and I can see how it could be very effective!!  Hmmm!  Now when the summer fabrics come out I'll need......Oh boy!!!

      2. fabricholic | | #11

        I thought this would be boring, with the same few colors, but they do quite well with their choices. Thanks for showing me this website.Marcy

  3. MarshaK | | #9

    I wonder if the article you were looking for is the one in the Vol 14 Number 7 issue of Australian Stitches magazine. It shows the winners of the 2006 Timmel Fabrics SWAP Competition. It also mentions a previous article in Australian Stitches that the editor had written about Sewing With a Plan. (1998 Vol. 5 No. 3) MarshaK.

    1. LindaFaye | | #10

      Yes that is the article I saw somewhere but cannot remember where.  I don't know where I could get the Stitches magazine?

      1. MarshaK | | #15

        I get my Stitches magazine by subscription through Stonehouse Publications, I think in the US Quilters Resources is in charge of it. I guess the Timmels Fabrics web-site is your best bet to get all the info on the SWAP as they're the ones featured in the Stitches article and they are the ones who have the competition going. Good Luck in getting all the pieces together. MarshaK.

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