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Adverts in new format Threads

rekha | Posted in General Discussion on

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the new format of Threads seems to be overwhelmed with adverts.


  1. rekha | | #1

    My comment was directed towards the hard copy of the magazine, not the forum

  2. FitnessNut | | #2

    Hi, Rekha! How are you? (This is Sandy, but when the forums changed in the summer, it wouldn't allow me to register as myself :-( Oh, well.)

    I've only seen one issue of the new format, but it didn't seem overwhelminly loaded with ads. Mind you, I have noticed a trend over the past few years for more advertising. But at least it is topical, so it is of general interest to the average subscriber. And I'm sure it generates much-needed revenue!

    1. rekha | | #3

      Hey, great to hear from you. How are you adjusting to the new place?

      1. FitnessNut | | #4

        I'm getting used to it. The new house is lovely and the setting is beautiful. We have two treed acres in a small rural development just southwest of Ottawa. DH travels downtown, about 50 km, to work in the city. Its very quiet here, with just the two of us and the dogs....the boys stayed behind in Edmonton, so we are new empty-nesters. Mind you, we expect that the younger son will get sick of living in poverty and end up here at some point!We have finally disposed of the boxes, except for a few, and have the rooms all set up. I'm sure we'll be rearranging things, but its done for the moment. My studio has been set up just over the past two weeks and I'm ready to start sewing and painting again. I don't know what to attack first!Meanwhile, the administrative details concerning our transfer, its cancellation/rerouting, and move have turned into a nightmare....the system simply isn't set up to handle changes, particularly of this complexity. I'm going to have to sit down with the stacks of paper and document everything so we can extract the money the government owes us. Sounds like fun, huh? It has been five months since our posting to Norway was cancelled and I would have thought things would have been sorted out by now.....So how are you doing?

        1. rekha | | #6

          I have recently been trying to resurrect my denim stash and make a pair of bootleg jeans for my daughter and used Burda 8551 as stitching guidelines. What I attach a copy of the procedure for attaching the zip only because it is so very simple. Not much basting required. Not much happens here apart from the freak warm weather; it used to snow about this time of the year. When will Bush wake up to global warming?

          Edited 11/10/2005 6:24 am ET by rekha

          1. FitnessNut | | #7

            That's exactly the procedure I use to insert fly front zippers. In school, I was taught that you could sew the zipper to the underfly first and then sew it right sides together to the underlap portion, but it means that you have to pull it away at the bottom to do the topstitching or it will be caught in the stitching. (I'm not sure I'm expressing myself clearly here and I can't see the picture to give a reference for which step. Hope you can understand.) The solution is to make the topstitching lower at the bottom of the zipper so it clears the fly piece. Then you just tack the facing and the fly together on the inside. Both methods are quick and easy and I won't every attempt another again. I can do this in my sleep ;-)Enjoy the warm weather....the snow will come soon enough! (As for your ending question, probably never.)

          2. rekha | | #8

            I see what you mean that's why I attached the pictures. The good thing about this procedure is that the topstitching falls exactly on the zipper tape on the other side so you don't have to worry about the tape coming off. Also, I always used to have the bottom of the zipper to battle with; in this method, the crotch is stitched well above the lower zipper end so that the bottom is sealed in.

            How come you didn't get to Norway; I was almost hoping you would be my 'neighbour'

          3. FitnessNut | | #9

            Sorry if I was confusing in describing the zipper application. That's why pictures are so much help in explanations.Well, Norway....that's a bit of a story. I thought I had posted about it, but maybe not. My head was spinning at the time. My 16 year old son was arrested for possession of marijuana 10 days before our movers were scheduled to arrive. Being honest people, we informed DH's superiors about the problem. After discussing various possible options, the powers that be decided to send us to Ottawa instead of Norway. As it turned out, my son's legal problems were resolved well in advance of our original departure date and he then refused to move across the country with us. There will be no career implications for DH, for which we are very glad....after all, we didn't do anything wrong and we didn't back out of the posting. We were quite willing to leave our son behind with his older brother and proceed as originally scheduled (let's just say he has been very difficult for the past two years. The upside of all this is that it seems to have "woken him up" and he is maturing at a rapid pace.).DH could have applied for the position for next summer as they didn't fill it, but we decided not to. Neither one of us wants to jump on that merry-go-round again this winter...all the security clearances for the NATO job and the screening procedures take months (it began early February last year) and we just couldn't face it right now. Not to mention that the thought of moving again really doesn't thrill us. Maybe we'll try for a European posting next year. We were really looking forward to the three years in Norway with great anticipation.

          4. mem | | #10

            Hello Sandy , I feel a bit of an interloper but reading about your travails with your son just made me think how connected we are all over the world by our common experiences.. I have had similar dramas but my son is now 19 and seems to have grown up alot over the last year or so . He is about to leave school and so I am now terrified that without the constraints of school and his work load he will again be off the rails . It seems to go in cycles where there is a hint of growing awareness and and then it alll goes out the window and we all suffer again and then again a bit of growth and so on Probably it only finishes when we die! I have another 2 to go . Thank God for my sewing machine!! I do my zips in the same way.Works very well.

            Regards Mem.

          5. HeartFire | | #11

            How did we ever grow up? I've had the same problelm with one of my sons (20 y.o.)this past year. He goes back to court the monday after Thanksgiving to get the whole thing dismissed finally - but it did shake him up and I think he's grown from the experience.

          6. mem | | #18

            All I can say is that its just as well that we have no idea how hard it all is , that we seem capable of unconditional love and that sex is so much fun!

          7. FitnessNut | | #12

            Its nice to have the support and to know that I'm not alone in the parenting jungle. In many ways, it is good that he stayed behind - we (the parents) have things to deal with as the result of his behaviour and he is forced to assume some responsibility for himself. In fact, he is now working full time in a restaurant and is going to an alternate high school to attempt to catch up. He hasn't been going to school regularly for the past two years, so its about time. The sad part is that he is brilliant, both intellectually and artistically. I'm not sure how he ended up off the rails.And, like you, I thank heaven that I have a hobby that can be all-absorbing. And I've had clients during these rough years, so I've been forced to keep working. My exercise programme also helps.

          8. mygaley | | #13

            I am praying for God's richest blessings and wisdom for you.  --Another Mother

          9. FitnessNut | | #14

            Thank you. Much appreciated.

          10. rekha | | #15

            I was saddened to learn about your son and empathise with you. I lost my brother in the '70s after his misadventure with LSD. At the time, we were in India and everyone who wanted to know was told that he was run over by a bus because telling the truth would have been socially fatal.


          11. FitnessNut | | #16

            How awful that must have been for you and your family.We are hoping that our son is coming to realize the consequences his behaviour has had, not just on him, but on the entire family. It is difficult enough when your child has problems, but another thing altogether when it affects your career.

          12. mem | | #17

            Well you know just maybe given his intelligence he will gaina great deal from this detour in life . He may end up emotionally far stonger and mature than would be the case otherwise. Its hard practising tough love though and it seems such a gamble.

            Regards Mem

          13. FitnessNut | | #19

            I think you may well be right. At least it is a positive approach and one well worth considering. One thing for sure is that his father and I have been able to have rational, intelligent conversations with him over the phone during the past several months, which we haven't been able to do for quite some time. So progress is being made, however slowly!

          14. mem | | #20

            Well in the years to come you may well look back on this and be sort of proud of your family and how you have dealt with it. Grace be with you.

    2. cynthia2 | | #5

      You bring up a good point.  Advertising revenue keeps subscription prices low.  At less than $35/year, the subscription price is quite low in my opinion, given the value of the content, production values, and current postal costs. 

      As a publisher myself (of medical journals), I tend to read magazines several times, first as a consumer and then as a publisher.  As a consumer, I share some of the concerns I'm reading about the content of Threads, although I still find most of each issue to be of interest.  Developing content that meets the needs of beginning and advanced sewers is challenging.  The ads don't bother me, though.  I like the opportunity to see new products and tend to view the ads as educational rather than intrusive.  Of course, a bit more creativity on the part of the ad designers wouldn't go amiss  :)

      At any rate, just my two cents worth.  Even with the bumps in the road as the Threads team tries to stay up-to-date and meet our needs, it's still my favorite sewing magazine.



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