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Conversational Threads

Announcing a New Arrival

blondie2sew | Posted in General Discussion on

Just wanted to announce are new addition to our Family

My 10 year old Daughter is now a proud owner of a Pfaff Smart 200c sewing machine. her other one from 2 years ago is now given to my 5 year old!!

It was a happy day in our house after school for both girls.

We purchased her new machine at the fair back in Sept (was the show demo) for a of course very great price and I had it on layaway. Abigael she put in some of her money towards this machine ( I felt this would make it more valuable to her)

I just thought I would make this announcement. Sometimes I crack my own self up. I was thinking about doing this post on the way home from the dealer……

So there you go…..lots of creative things will be happening with both daughters now that one upgraded and my lil one will just have fun with her very own and won’t have to share with sis. Well that is when sis would let her use her machine!!



  1. Cherrypops | | #1

    Congratulations Girls!!!!

    Now remember to:

    Feed it lots of good thread.

    Dust it and cover it.

    Speak to it gently.

    Don't chastise it to often.

    Check the needles now and then.

    Plug it in and Have FUN!!!!!!

    Most importantly: Abigael and Giselle you both have a fantastic mum/mom to help where help is needed.

    :) Anna-maree


    Edited 2/16/2007 8:17 pm by Cherrypops

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #3

      I love it!! I need to print this out and post it in our sewing room!!You darlin are fabulousConnie

  2. Betakin | | #2

    That is so nice. I bet your daughter is thrilled. I hope both girls enjoy their new sewing machnes and can grow up sewing together.

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #4

      That is of course my wish however.... I just take moment by moment and see where they will go. I want to lead them guide them and hopefully as they are both creative!! Who knows. But what I do know is that Sewing will give them so much more then just fabric. And my girles will be better for it in whatever they choose to do. Thanks for your encouragement I will look upon this often when they are at each others throat!! And I say that with a smileConnie

      1. Alice in Atlanta | | #5

        Congratulations.  Those girls are lucky to have a mother like you.  Too bad sewing is becoming a lost art.  I never thought I was creative until I learned to sew...and I'm still learning.  They will have good memories of their mother when they're adults.

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #6

          Yes I totally agree with you Sewing is becoming a lost art and I am on a mission to resurge it!! My mom sewed a bit when I was younger too however I never really had an interest...it wasn't until my 20's and I had a roommate whom sewed everything. Then my mom and dad got me my first sewing machine..in my dads words..."All women need a sewing machine even if it is just for basic mending stuff" I know you can tell the area my parents are from.Anyway I really took to it and enjoyed it so much now 20 some more years later. I started out with crafty things...like soft dolls and I sewed tons of Barbie clothes..Everyone said do you sew clothes for yourself I said "oh No" That is much too hard then they said if you can sew Barbie clothes you can sew for you.. I still think Barbie clothes are easier. Anyway there you go just a mom whom wants to have fun with my kids and see what they will be doing in years to come. I am very careful in not pushing my dreams on them. But I have to admit I am really excited that they find the interest. My passion is to spark some fun and excitement into sewing for this generation coming up!!Thanks again Alice for your kind words

  3. MaryinColorado | | #7

    Congratulations to you and your girls!  What a wonderful way to grow up, with all the creativity and sharing the love of sewing.  They will probably be advanced students in the classroom because of all the things they are learning while having fun with Mom! 

  4. fabricholic | | #8

    Wow, what wonderful gifts and how exciting! They must be very intelligent to be able sew, already. Connie, you are doing something for them that they will never forget, and hopefully, enjoy for the rest of their lives.


    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #9

      Thanks Marcy and Mary. For all your wonderful atta boys!! I love sharing and seeing you guys posting. It is quiet amazing to see both in action on the machines. And my littlest well she just goes to town creating and cutting fabric and then sewing them one on top of the other and then she lets me know what it is when it is finished...Before my honey left for NZ he heard the sewing machine going and saw I wasn't at mine and then saw that Abigael wasn't doing the sewing but his lil blonde was sitting there just sewing up a storm all by herself. He watched for a good while in awe. He said to me wow didn't expect that and smiled and thought it was really wonderful. I have 2 extreme daddy's girls but I am excited to share this passion with them and know I can capture their time too. Ok off on another tangent.
      Can you tell I am pretty proud of my girls and although somedays those little princesses turn into dragons....but hey what would we do otherwise!!You guys are great. Sorry I wish I could have put both you, Mary and Marcy on the same "TO" Field but I wanted to direct this to both of you because my answer to both of you would have been the same!Hope you didn't mindConnie

      1. fabricholic | | #10

        Hi Connie,I just thought of something. When I was a little girl, my mother would send 2 or 3 labels from trim packages and get a grab bag of scrap trims. If they still do that, your girls could have fun with them. My mother would buy me the little felt squares and I would cut holes in them for my dolls arm holes and sew trims on, by hand, back then. She wouldn't let me touch machine, yet. I learned to sew on snaps and buttons. The dolls also, had fancy purses and a bow for their head that I applied with a straight pin, right down the center of the top of their heads. Just a thought. Little Blondie is learning a lot by just sewing pieces together and she has that imagination going.Marcy

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #11

          Wow what a great idea with Felt..Isn't it fun sometimes to think back sometimes what you did. I was totally into paper dolls but my Grandma should me how to take a Sears/Penny's Catalogue and make my own...Wow my dolls were dressed to the nines and had Mansions!! I cut and cut for hours and played with them just as much then of course started over every time when we went with a new catalogue How fun to dream. Thanks Marcy you are wonderful I take every tid bit and idea and keep a running note. They will be all useful. I am all about imaginationBlondie

          1. MaryinColorado | | #12

            My mother does beautiful handwork, was not patient enough to teach me.  She did all my handwork and I did all the sewing machine stuff.  Thank God the new machines have made it unnecessary to do all that handwork for the most part.  It is becoming such a lost art. 

            My daughter doesn't sew but I taught the grandkids and they love it.  My son and daughter in law have been discovering the joy this past year, she got a new sewing machine for Christmas and loves it.  Now she is learning machine embroidery at her dealers and is allready thinking of upgrading to the top of the line Viking.  I wish they lived closer so she could learn here. 

            I love teaching others to sew.  I know what you mean about your hubby being fascinated watching the little ones, we went through the same thing.  It reminds me of first teeth, first steps, first words....they grow up so fast.  We are blessed to have this time to share with them.  Mary

          2. MaryinColorado | | #13

            I loved paper dolls too.  McCalls magazine used to have Betsy McCall paperdolls in the magazine for free.  Many happy memories, thanks to you.  Do you know that  Martha Pullen even has paper dolls to machine embroider?  They are cute but I  haven't tried them as my grand daughter is 13.  I have bought her some books from marthapullen.com for sewing and serging baby/babydoll clothes and she has even played with heirloom sewing a bit.  I enjoy chatting with you.  Mary

          3. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #14

            Thanks Mary I enjoy chatting with you as well you always put a smile on my face..I think I had seen those embroidered paper dolls you were talking about. I thought they were really cool. However I don't have an embroidery machine (as of yet)How cool is that to have your daughter in law taking up sewing like that!! It is funny how sometimes it just happens!! Right now I just stick to my decorative stitches and such...I know I haven't even tapped into that world fully yet I have been posting on another Thread to that fact. Cretive Stitches.. That one is fun and makes me want to jump in and not be terrified of it all. Wow can you imagine what those McCall's paper dolls are worth now if any one has them?!! My husband wishes he had kept his GI-Joes!! But you know we think we need to have that right of passage when we grow up and let go of stuff!! I agree to that but some things we just need to store for awhile!! Then sell them!! ha haWell Miss Mary gotta start my day. I started coming down with what my kids are dealing with so I think it will be a low key day, so much with kids I can have low key day. Especially when my honey is gone!! Thanks for taking me back to your childhood!! Oh yeah your Grandma wowI totally agree I am glad we are in this generation for the convenience of it all!! WE still have a great time creating but by machineBlondie

          4. fabricholic | | #15

            I remember the paper dolls from McCall's. Betsey McCall had dark hair, I believe. I remember being so excited, like it was a real doll, or something.Marcy

          5. sewingkmulkey | | #16

            Ditto on the Betsey McCalls paper dolls - guess we're showing our age but such fun!


          6. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #17

            Do you still have those dolls?Blondie

          7. fabricholic | | #18

            I don't have the paper dolls. I do have a Tammy doll, a broken Chatty Cathy doll, an old Barbie doll, a broken Skipper doll, a Ricky doll, a Midge doll, a Liddle Kiddle doll, a Mystery Date Game, a Skipper board game and a Wishnik House. I guess I'm a pack rat.Marcy

          8. Cherrypops | | #19

            And you my dear a

            talkin', sleepin', walkin', livin' doll !!!

            now that song is stuck in my head...go cliff richard!


            I am now going to google all those dolls you mentioned. I have a very old porcelain one of mums (1940.s) I need to take to the 'doll hospital'. Unfortunately dollys' head was smashed but all the pieces are there and her pretty painted face is intact.

            My son called me 'barbie' last night. I told him barbie is blonde! and has a narrower waist! Then he said me loved me anyway..awww.


          9. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #21

            Google on baby Google on.....How sweet young kids are!! Don't we love them to boost our self esteem!! We look great in however state we are in at that young age!I won't let you in on when they get my oldest Daughters age....now I might just embarrass her you know...Blondie

          10. Cherrypops | | #22

            Very true!

          11. fabricholic | | #23

            I said awww, right when I read yours. My Barbie was a redhead.Marcy

          12. Cherrypops | | #25


            My Barbie is blonde. I didn't have many dolls. I prefered books and jigsaws and dad bought me a piano when i was 7.

            Barbie is from the 1980's and is different to most. Her knees bend and her upper body twists. I have her sitting upright with her knees slightly bent.

            She is wearing black knee high boots, black leather skirt and a denim embroidered halter top. Just like my own wardrobe .....lol ...I bought her new clothes from Target.

            My first barbie style doll was given to me by a boy on my 11th birthday. his mum bought her and wrapped her because he wanted to give me a truck!

            The plastic on my first wore over the years, and a while ago thomas was playing with her and her leg broke at the knee. So we went shopping for another. I bought a brunette one. ( that must be the reference to me)

            He's not a great fan of shopping in the 'pink' aisle but he knew this was important so he did. I made a quick and 'happy with' choice. and then it was off to spiderman.


          13. fabricholic | | #26

            I like the sound of her outfit. Very Barbie. My Skipper had bendable knees, probably the first every bendable knees, and one broke. I think it is neat that you bought another Barbie. I can actually make nice clothes for my Barbie and daughter's old Barbies, now. I dressed them and displayed them in my sewing room until my aunt walked in, saw them and laughed at me. I might get them out again, but I'm running out of room. Yikes!Marcy

          14. Cherrypops | | #27

            I have started a new topic

            Paper Dolls Barbie Dolls and Teddy Bears

            I was getting lost amidst all the comments regarding Blondies initial post and her responses.

            If we could continue over there maybe more members will find us and have a chat too.



          15. Cherrypops | | #28

            I have started a new topic

            Paper Dolls Barbie Dolls and Teddy Bears

            I was getting lost amidst all the comments regarding Blondies initial post and her responses.

            If we could continue over there maybe more members will find us and have a chat too.

          16. fabricholic | | #34

            Sounds good.

          17. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #31

            You need to take them right out and put them back...you know my wallpaper and screen savor on my computer is Barbie!! People laugh all the time and smile!!!I do have the uniform barbies of the different services...I just bought them one day a long time back...AF, Navy, Army, Marines..Didn't by the Ken Doll (wish I did) just BarbieConnie

          18. Cherrypops | | #32

            Connie would you please line up your uniform barbies and take photo and send it to me. I've never seen them. A-m

          19. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #33

            No problem,It might not be till next week as first I have to find them they are stored..Must get them out. Then when my honey returns as he has the camera!! He took it with him this trip. So by the end of next week for sure. Blondie

          20. fabricholic | | #36

            You need to post a picture of them. I always did think Barbie looked sharp in those uniforms. Barbie screen saver? That's so cute. I have my grand daughter in a sailor dress with hat and, I also, have puppies on my screen saver.

          21. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #20

            wow!! I do know some of the dolls you are taking about!! No you are not a pack rat I am tellin ya you may just want to see what price you can get for those!!I don't have any of my old barbies wish I did. But of course mine wouldn't be as old as yours...With all respect Marcy!! But now my stuff would still be considered Vintage!! Too funny. When I think of Vintage I think of Treadles and Sewing Basins and The all metal baby carriages and so on..Not stuff from the 70's. Do you have them packed away really well...have you takin them out for the grandkiddies to see and have some wonderful walks down the lane with ya?Mystery Date Game...did you see Santa Claus with Tim Allen...Your Game was featured on that movie!Connie

          22. fabricholic | | #24

            Connie,Are you calling me vintage or antique? I don't have them wrapped special. I have them in their little suit cases, all except the Chatty Cathy which is still in my Mother's attic. Not good. I let my niece play with some, years ago. She is in her twenties, now. I have them in my garage. I am going to watch the Santa Clause, again. Mystery Date was on that movie? Too awesome.Marcy

          23. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #30

            Well No darlin I call us Wine we get better with age!! Your too funnyConnie

          24. fabricholic | | #35

            Now, if I could just get that youthful energy back.Marcy

          25. Cherrypops | | #29

            I have started a new topic

            Paper Dolls Barbie Dolls and Teddy Bears

            I was getting lost amidst all the comments regarding Blondies initial post and her responses.

            If we could continue over there maybe more members will find us and have a chat too.

          26. ctirish | | #37

            You are so blessed your girls sound wonderful, they have a wonderful mom to have the patience to show and help them sew. I played with paper dolls too. I belong to Martha Pullens internet embroidery club and every year we get a complete set of dolls and all of their clothes to embroider for play. My granddaughters are little so I haven't made any yet, but I am looking forward to that day. They are great little toys to take anywhere without all of the beeps and boops of the new toys out today. Enjoy your girls and have fun sewing, I wish I had done it with me girls; they have no interest in sewing.

          27. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #38

            Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!!"Patience" That is a daily renewing. I work really hard sometimes for that! And somedays I am human I don't have any!!But for some reason I do have patience about Sewing. Funny. I just let them be and then chime in in a calm matter. Abigael was with friend the other night they both decided to pair up for their "How To Speech" for school so they are showing the class how to make a pillow.. 2 squares put together. But they are making them for the whole class. So what they will do is have a demo and then pass out the ones premade and have the class stuff and hand sew them shut during the class..Pretty ingenious I thought.. Well anyway they all finished with the pillows for that time and I was in the other room.. I over heard Abigael talking and showing her friend her new machine which does have one alpha and #'s stitch..she is too excited...next thing I hear was not good! A big nasty loud sound..Patience I needed then!!...Little missy didn't think to change her foot from the quilting 1/4 inch foot to the foot for her decorative stitches...So I will Let your imagination hear the sound I heard.. Of course she says as I got there I broke a needle. In a bewildered voice....Ok I had to breath and then calmly say to her...Abigael you didn't change your foot. There are changes you need to make sure you are doing with every different stitch now..your tensions and everything.. I know your excited but you need to really look at your mannual or ask me just to be sure for awhile!!So we got through that I didn't say any more but the next day I calmly again reminded her of her new machine is alot different then her other which only had 3 different stitches!!Thought you would find a smile and some humor with that story..Wasn't humor at the time but certainly tested my patience!!I am so glad to hear from you haven't seen you around much or I may not be in the right threads that your in!! Big smiles to youConnie

          28. Cate067 | | #39

            Hi, I laughed and laughed with your escapades.  It is true, you can't laugh then but later you can picture the whole event and enjoy their efforts with a chuckle. This is good practice for the more interesting one you will enjoy in their teens. 

             My youngest daughter came out to my car one day when I came home from work already apologizing over and over again with intermittent snips of what had happened. I knew it involved nail polish and she didn't expect what happened to happen.  My first question was always, Is anyone hurt?, she said, no, and I asked may I get out of my car and go in the house before we talk about it.  Guess what happened; she was polishing her nails in the family room (1 demerit)  sitting in an upholstered chair (1 demerit), She heard me coming up the driveway and she picked up the bottle to move  her and it and it wasn't screwed on tight. The bottom of the bottle went flying and as it did a stream of bright pink nail polish sailed across the rug in front of the chair.  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. It was a good thing it came with the house.  It was a while before we could laugh about that one.  

            Now, I don't know what I would do without my girls, they are so good to me. I haven't been sewing lately. It is almost like sewers block, I have plenty of projects but I can't seem to get going on anything.  This past week my dgd, who I take care of every day, was getting upset because her teddy bear didn't have a coat. Mommy put on a coat, she put on a coat to go out, she kept crying and  trying to get her mother to put a coat on her teddy bear. She is 18 months old, so tears abound when something is wrong. So, I thought I will make a simple fleece jacket for the bear.  The first time I sewed the front to the back without sewing in the raglan sleeve, so we started over, the second time I couldn't get my serger to sew a seam without extra loops sticking up over the seam and I kept sewing the right side to the wrong side. So, as I cut out the third jacker, I located the book that came with my serger and tried to figure out what was wrong.  I had to play with the width and length until it worked well and lightened the tension for the presser foot and it was happy. All for 6 seams that are all less than ten inches. So, when the teddy bear comes in the morning, there will be a jacket for him to wear when we go outside.

            Have a great week... 

          29. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #40

            Your too funny...I have some of those nail polish accidents and my oldest is only 10!!!I am excited for that bear!! And who knows that bear just might be your ticket to end your sewers block!! Read some of the other threads around here!! Lots of posts on what to do next.. You will get inspired from many of the ladies who grace us with their presence.... Blondie

            Edited 2/26/2007 2:14 am ET by blondie2sew

          30. MaryinColorado | | #41

            I enjoyed your story, hey now, even adults make that mistake!  What I do and taught the children to do is to allways replace the regular zig zag foot on the machine when they finish using another foot.  I have a "foot fetish" so have lots of them to play with.

            When my kids were little, we had moved into a brand new "perfect" house.  A few months later, thier young cousin came over and they were all break dancing on the living room carpet....later I discovered someone had lost thier gum....what a mess!  First I cried, then called my mother who thought it was funny right off the bat.  Then I learned about ice helping to remove it.  We all survived but I have never allowed gum in my car or home since! 

            Watch out for those teenage girls who like to dump thier purses out on the rug too!  Lipstick really stains!  (memories of slumber parties) lol

            Oh, and thier was the time I had craft paint all over the carpet when I was the Campfire Girls leader. 

            Many wonderful memories are born of those thrilling moments!  Children are the joy of life! 

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