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rodezzy | Posted in General Discussion on

I did get one UFO quilt done in March.  Betty Boop Quilt. 

Well, guess I’m on the same stuff I did last month – UFO’s.

Started a crochet sweater while I washed last night. 

Didn’t finish the baby quilt, but I must.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #1

    Well, I guess I'm carrying stuff over from March into April, too.  I didn't start on the pants last month, so that's my next project.

    I don't have any UFO's except for another Project Linus afghan that I'm working on.  But then, I usually have one of those going most of the time anyway.  But I still have a list of projects that I'm slowly but steadily working through.

    I did finish a blouse in March, and am wearing it today.  It turned out nicely if I do say so myself.  I'll try to get a photo soon.  As for the robe that I want to make, I've decided to shelve that until the fall.  I couldn't find any fabric (what I found I didn't like, and what I wanted I couldn't find!), so I'll just make a flannel one later on.

    These monthly challenges keep me plugging along, although sometimes progress is slow.  Thanks for starting it for this month.

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      Great to hear from you as always.  Yes, we are all plugging along.  This forum keeps me going too.  I remember that I've got to report to you guys about it, so I better do something.  giggle.  You guys are my craft buddies and I feel that I need to put my sewing where my mouth is.... he he.

      I took line dancing and I am going to try and make a vest to wear Sunday at the line dancing "A Dosey Doe Hoe Down" on Sunday.  I'll definitely take a picture of it.

      Looking forward to seeing your blouse.  I'm sure you did an excellent job with it.  You are a very good sewist. 

      We are "Slow, but Sho" giggle, that's what they used to say....he he he.

      1. Teaf5 | | #5

        Oh, no, it's April already? Now I have at least six months of UFO's...I spent my spring break in San Diego, setting out to find fabric stores and used book stores and got lost every day, ending up in spectacular places with friendly people who completely distracted me.Never found a used book store and found only one tiny "fabric" shop that had only a few bolts of nice quilting cotton and some pretty ribbons. But the proprietor was nice, and I enjoyed all my "lost and confused" travels...

    2. User avater
      VKStitcher | | #23

      April was a busy month, but I wasn't too busy sewing.  I did get a pair of pants made, although it took me all month to do it!  We spent a couple of weekends planting our garden--I hate the work, but love the vegetables that will come later.  Now that everything is planted, I'll have more time for sewing!

      1. rodezzy | | #24

        Ohhh yummy, home grown veggies are so much tastier than most store bought.  Good job. 

        Well at least you got one pair of pants done, something is better than nothing eh!

        I forgot to take pictures of the baby quilt I made, but I got it done and got it to the recipient.  Sorry.  It was cute though. 

        So now on to May.  You want to start this challenge?

        1. User avater
          VKStitcher | | #25

          I still need to take a picture of the blouse I finished in March.  Soon...I promise!

          Sure, I'll start the May Challenge thread.  It will be a challenge to get any sewing done this month, but I will just have to make time to do it.  :-)

  2. jane4878 | | #3

    Hi, back in the saddle again.  I have done zippo the last two months.  I had a fun trip to Tunisia and Paris.  Very rushed though--didn't really have the time to relax and sketch etc.  The first week was a tour and very rushed and I ended up very sick.  Caught my husband's cold, combined with Sahara sand in my lungs and asthma.  It took the wind out of my sails for a few days.  Thought I might get to check out Tunisia's universal healthcare system:^)  Fortunately I recovered on my own.

    I really liked the interior of the country.  The coast was very touristy and the people pushy.  Away from the beaten path it was very lovely.  It's sort of a dictatorship, but is the wealthiest country in Africa.  I was impressed with the care they had for their children.  From the poorest village on up, we never saw a single child that wasn't well fed, happy and well clothed.  Schools are a dominating feature in every little town.  Their literacy rate is very high.  The little girls were beautiful--all in pink on their way to school.  Too cute!  I would go back if I could and stay at the Tamerza Palace Hotel again.  http://www.tamerza-palace.com/  I could hang out there for a week and hike the gorges and abandoned hill towns.  We only spent 1 night there.  It is a hauntingly serene place, especially at night.  I didn't see much for cloth.  They had textile shops in the souks (markets) but nothing special.  Their camel hair burnooses and blankets were lovely.  Camel wool is amazingly soft--both on the animal and woven.  I bought some of their tunic like dresses and some cotton tops.  I'll show some photos later.  I bought 3 hand knotted carpets.  The Muslim professional/working women in the larger cities (Tunis, Sfax) wore lovely tailored suits with either floor length gored skirts or slacks.  Lots of American style knock offs: saw a "Brinny Spears" purse and a "Catarpiler" jacket!

    Paris was cold and wet.  Didn't run into a single rude Parisian.  Walked my butt off!  No one is obese there--no surprise you walk or bike everywhere.  Food was AMAZING.  I went to Montmartre to check out the fabric shops.  Dragging along a rather reluctant DH didn't help.  I found a store that only sold 3 m pieces of cloth.  I bought 2 beautiful pieces--cotton.  One is striped and I'll use for a men's shirt eventually and the other is a navy floral print.  If I'd walked in there without the DH and more cash I would've had a blast.  It was E10 for 3m (60" wide) for the cottons and they had an exquisite cotton/silk pieces for E30 and pure silk for E45.  They had multiple pieces of the same fabric available.  I found the "real" fabric stores intimidating.  I find English speaking fabric stores intimidating--these bordered on terrifying!  Did some window shopping--didn't find the fashion any more amazing then what I'd see in Toronto or Montreal, just more of it.  I didn't feel terribly underdressed either.  It might have been the miserable weather and the time of year, but the women weren't dressed to the nines.  Everything is very expensive--so I bought very little.  My memories of Paris will be tied to the incredible food, wine and Breton cider.

    Enough blathering...I still have my previous pile of UFO's waiting.  I bought a new wide Polder ironing board from Linen and Things.  Even has a sleeve board attached.  The old one was the hubbies and over 20 years old--it was leaning from the welds starting to wear out.



    1. Josefly | | #4

      What a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your experiences, in Tunisia, and shopping in Paris. I look forward to seeing the photos when you get a chance.

    2. rodezzy | | #7

      Wow, I finally had time to read your post, and it sounds like you had some good travel times.  I would have loved to have went both places.  I had a chance to go to Paris last year but didn't.  Quite frankly, I'm afraid to fly out of the country.  It sounds ridiculous I know, but that's how I felt.  Maybe I will get another chance.  I took my grands to Disney Fl. instead.  Had a great time.


      1. jane4878 | | #17

        I hope you get another chance to go to Paris. Tunisia is very safe. It has a heavy police presence and the people, especially away from the touristy areas, are very welcoming and gracious. Paris is like any big city--I'm sure it has its share of scary neighbourhoods. I never felt unsafe or threatened there. You need to be aware of the various scams there and avoid them. Ricksteves.com graffiti wall has a scam section with all the common ones. One of the men with us (an older rural Albertan) was quite terrified in one area, but I lived in Toronto and felt fine--the crowding and boisterousness freaked him I think. It was Saturday night and all the 20 somethings were gearing up for a night on the town. I thought it was cool--all the guys on the street were waiting for their dates to get out of the beauty salons.

        1. rodezzy | | #22

          Yes, I might get another chance.  I don't know, but who knows what the future holds?!!!

          That's cute, "waiting for their dates to get out of the beauty salons."  I never see men here waiting for any women like that.  Different place different traditions.

          April Closing Report:

          I've finished the Red Vest w/fringe.  I finished my co-workers quilt as far as the sewing goes.  I've now decided to wait and do some embellishing.  It didn't feel finished enough for me, so that will go into my "May Things To Do".  Her birthday celebration that we will be having with her is in August, so I have time to bead and ribbon on some pretty stuff.  It just was too plain, and since it's a wall hanging, I want to pretty it up and give it a WOW factor, she deserves that, and they kind of expect that from me.  I don't want to disappoint.

          I've crocheted a poncho for the summer and a capelet for this Saturday's baby shower I will be helping with and attending (family).  I have prepared the fabric for the baby quilt as of yesterday and decided on a quick pattern that will still be cute and nice, and doable this week for Saturday.  The lady I am making it for will be at the shower.  So, I might as well "Git'er done".  Giggle.  I have one more "by demand" quilt that I must get done this year, no later than for giving on Christmas.  Not to mention finishing the UFO's for the quilt show in October.  I'm scared of me.....he he ha ha ha.

          Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

          Edited 4/29/2008 11:37 am ET by rodezzy

    3. User avater
      susannah_sews | | #14

      Hi Jane

      Do you have address details for that place in Montmartre?  My daughter will be in Paris in July/August, and I am sure she would love to visit it!


      1. jane4878 | | #16

        Fortunately, I kept the bag with the address.Les Coupons de St. Pierre
        1, Place St. Pierre
        75018 Paris
        phone: 01 42 52 10 79
        nearest metro stop: AnversBefore I left I went through the archives here and found the 2 large stores that are right there. There's a ton of fabric shops in this area. I was saddled with the hubby, so that limited my fabric pursuit--probably a good thing! Excellent prices for a city that has a small cup of coffee at $3. Have her watch out for the various Paris scams, especially the "bracelet scam" on the stairs of Sacre Coeur. Large aggressive males try and tie a string bracelet onto your wrist and relieve you of all your cash (sometimes by force) to "pay" for it. We went up residential stairs on the far side of the funnicular and you can avoid them completely. I hope she has lots of fun--I did. Jane

  3. rodezzy | | #6

    Well, well, well, May is just an ear shot away and I did get another quilt sewn.  The signature quilt for my co-worker was quilted this weekend, will put on binding this week, tomorrow for sure.  I have line dancing class tonight. 

    I knitted one sock this month for practice from my DVD sock Knit-a-long. 

    I crocheted a shawl that is caplet size for a friend this past week.  It was going to be for me, but I remembered that I wanted to give this lady something for being such a good friend, so I decided to give it to her instead, I can always make myself something else.  I have stuff to wear.

    I still have that baby quilt to do, vow to get it done too this month.  If I cut it out Wednesday I can also probably start sewing the same night and get it done by Sunday.  Baby quilts go fast.

    Oh, I did finish the crochet sweater, kind of....it turned out a vest instead, no sleeves. 

    How about you guys?  What's happening?

    Edited 4/21/2008 2:46 pm ET by rodezzy

  4. Teaf5 | | #8

    I started April by looking for fabric stores in San Diego, getting lost, but enjoying the photo ops in all the beautiful places I found myself instead. 

    I did some repairs on summer clothes coming out of storage boxes and re-fashioned some XXXL t-shirts to fit my tall, skinny son.  I also re-fashioned some of my short tees into layered-look longer ones (or was that in March?) and fitted two shirt patterns to tops I already have, buying three lengths of shirting fabrics for $1/yard for summer tops.

    May looks like serious stitching time, but we'll see what distracts me then...

    1. damascusannie | | #9

      I actually finished a quilt back in February but only got pictures of it last week, so you can take a look if you like: http://community.webshots.com/user/damascusannieIt's the "Triple Star" in the "Quilts" album. You can see close-ups of the quilting in the "Quilting Motifs" album. I'm working on a round robin quilt now. The top was completed a year and half ago and now I'm finally quilting it to put in a show next weekend. Can't wait to have this one done. That'll be record for me--two quilts that I get to keep finished in one year!

      1. rodezzy | | #11

        I love your Triple Star Quilt.  It is so colorful and happy.  Your quilting is phenominal to say the very least.  I will never do that much quilting in my life.  I'll leave it to the real quilters - Like you.  I do minimal quilting.  It is too hard for me and time consuming.  So rather than mess up a top, I send it out for meandering and do straight stitching on small quilts myself. 

        I never mastered or even attempted to master what you have exhibited here.  You are awesome.  I could just type every word in the dictionary I could find to describe how awesome your work is.  When I see what you do, I feel lazy.  Maybe I will execute all of my researched knowledge into actual "get it done" skills in my next life, giggle. 

        I collect books, magazines and can spend a whole evening marveling at all the wonderful things that are hand made, reading all of the instructions with the dedication of an artisan myself, and never move a muscle.  Then at other times I get down and dirty, but I always find an easier way to do whatever it is.  (the shame of it all). 

        So I highly and sincerely commend you for your excellent work, because it is people like you that make whatever you do an artform to be respected and treasured.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do.  I love your work.  You give people like me something beautiful to look at in this world.  Keep up the good work.

        Also, the pattern looks like the pattern from a book I ordered where you make the design with half-square triangles instead of diamonds and no "Y" seams, by Debbie Maddy.  I just received that book last month.  I will be making a quilt from that book very soon.  Although, mine won't have the splendid quilting like yours, I look forward to piecing the top. 

        1. damascusannie | | #12

          Thanks Rodezzy! The Triple Star is super-easy. It's all just HSTs and squares like you noticed. The 96 of the HSTs were from a block exchange in jewel-tone colors so I didn't have to make all of them. Even, so it's a great quilt and not hard to do. I want to make another in bright batiks with black instead of the white background. Thanks for all the nice remarks about my quilting. My situation is a bit different than the usual quilter because it's a business for me, so I've had LOTS of practice perfecting my technique. The custom table my husband built for me doesn't hurt either!

          1. rodezzy | | #13

            Simply marvelous1!!! giggle

      2. jane4878 | | #15

        That's so beautiful, Annie. I don't have the patience. My husband's aunt hand quilts constantly and she's amazing. I just find the pieces so small and fiddly. I commend you on your skill!Jane

        1. damascusannie | | #18

          Thanks, Jane! A lot of clothing stitchers feel the same way you do. The idea that you'd start a sewing project and still be working on it weeks, months, even years later is horrifying to them. 8^) I do both and I like the almost instant gratification I get from sewing clothing, but quilting is a creative outlet.

          1. jane4878 | | #20

            Annie,I had a HUGE smile when I read that clothing is "instant" gratification! It's not for me--it takes me forever to do anything. I think it's the repetitiveness that gets to me. I was never able to master knitting or crocheting, but can paint (and oil painting is tedious) and embroider. Until I bought a sewing machine a couple of years ago I did all my mending, darning and hemming by hand. I'm not particularly coordinated and my knitting etc. would end up as a scrappy looking blob. A quilt by me would end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting!Thanks for the grin, eventually I hope to be able produce clothing without taking forever to do it:>)

          2. damascusannie | | #21

            "Any quilt made by me would look like a Jackson Pollock painting." Hey, it sounds like you are an "art" quilter in the making! 8^)

    2. rodezzy | | #10

      Wow, you are so skilled.  I could never do that!  I have some blue jean skirts that don't fit anymore.  I love them and don't want to mess them up.  So, actually, I've been on a strict change in my stationary habits.  I gain weight easily, I have to be really active to lose it.  Everything I do is stationary, work, sewing, knitting, crocheting, its hard to move around.  I also drive to work.  My body is working against me now, my hip joints ache constantly with high activity, getting old is physically no day at the beach.  I used to be very physical, I guess I'm paying for it now. 

    3. Josefly | | #19

      Could you show us photos of what you've done with some of your shirts? I'm interested in the layered ones, especially.

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