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Australian Threads Deliveries

bel | Posted in General Discussion on

Hi fellow Australian Subscribers

I’ve been emailing back and forth over the past few months with the friendly staff at Threads about my subscription.

Before issue 126, my copy arrived about the same time as the “available in newsstands’ date on the threads website. I understand there is an acknowledgement about delivery problems for issue 126 and 127, but I still haven’t received 128, and by my reckoning 129 should come sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Has anyone else still experiencing problems or is it just me?




Edited 12/30/2006 1:39 am by bel


  1. denise | | #1

    Hi Belinda i live in Tas  and i got my 127 this week.

    I am sure we will catch up in the end.

    I am just loving my mag,and leaning to sew again after 20 years.

    I now have a grandson.

    1. Susannah | | #8

      Hi Denise

      Whereabouts in Tassie are you?  I live in Hobart.



      1. denise | | #10

        i live in hobart too.,

  2. User avater
    bevaau | | #2

    I have #128 - that arrived at about the usual delivery time ie. when US subscribers had just got theirs so I hoped delivery is now back to normal (although I note that 'they' are talking about the latest (? #129) and it has not appeared here yet). (That is a very messy sentence!!) I have NOT received #127 - but have had a couple of email offers for special 'opportunities' to which I replied that I would rather have my missing issue! Perhaps it may yet turn up after our local Australia Post Office stops having extra holidays!    BevA (northern NSW)

    1. bel | | #3

      Hi denise and bevaau - I will just hang in and see what happens over the next 2 weeks! Happy new year!

    2. ctirish | | #5

      Hi, We aren't expecting to get 129 in the states until January 17ish. So, I wouldn't start looking for 129 yet in Australia. I don't know if or how much longer it takes to get to you.. to take a peek at 129, the main part of their website has little updates. Happy new Year..jane I am very tired Ihave been up since 4:15 am, and I am starting to fade here. jane

  3. K1W1 | | #4

    If you haven't got issue #128 start squealing now, cos it won't miraculously turn up.  Most subscribers over here seem to have received it already.

  4. Susannah | | #6

    Hi bel

    I got issue 128 some time ago (mid November - right on schedule) - and I have also received the very late copies of both 126 abd 127.  I complained to customer service quite early on, and got replacement copies of 126 and 127 in October (the duplicate copies have gone to good homes, spreading sewing information as widely as possible).

    I would suggest that you contact customer service straight away - my understanding is that the problems should have been fixed for issue 128, so if you haven't got it yet (and haven't received the others) then you should check.

    By the way - how have you coped for so long??   I read my copies of Threads as soon as they arrive,  and I keep checking the letterbox regularly when the expected delivery date comes around!

    regards from Tasmania


    1. User avater
      bevaau | | #7

      "By the way - how have you coped for so long??   I read my copies of Threads as soon as they arrive,  and I keep checking the letterbox regularly when the expected delivery date comes around!"

      I guess I "cope" by just shrugging my shoulders and re-reading the issues I do have (especially the older ones) and hoping that one day it will all come right. This may sound a bit 'pathetic' but I have gone through anger and frustration and am now just disillusioned with Threads magazine and customer 'service' in particular!

      I just wish there was another option but Stitches magazine (which I DO subscribe to) seems to me to be just another source of advertorials - I really miss Helen Rose and do not read anything by the 'pattern companies' or 'fabric suppliers' as there is never any honest evaluation - just how great their particular product is.

      When I re-read this it sounds a bit depressing but I suppose that is how I am feeling at the moment. I really prefer to deal with people who deliver what they promise.                    BevA


      1. Susannah | | #9

        Hi bevaau

        I agree, Stitches doesn't offer quite the same inspiration as Threads.  I don't subscribe to it,  but pick up the ocasional copy from the newsagent.  I was browsing through a recent copy over the Christmas break, and it struck me that most of the articles were little more than adverts, with virtually no content.  A bit sad, really. 


  5. ctirish | | #11

    Hi, Just so you can keep track of how things are doing in the delivery area. I have been reading critiques of Issue 129 in the thread about Threads doing better and I had not received mine yet and I live in Connecticut where the Threads offices are located. It arrived today, I haven't had time to read it yet but the cover is an improvement and from the other comments there is some good information in it. I hope yours arrive soon as well as your back issues.

    1. katina | | #12

      I'm in Europe - no sign of mine yet

      1. ctirish | | #13

        Do you get mail delivery on weekends? We get mail on Saturday although I have noticed the only mail I get on that day is junk mail or ads. Although now that the invasion of Christmas catalogs and sale ads is over I would think mail delivery will get better everywhere. Do you have the problem of "junk mail" and catalogs coming in droves from September to December?

        1. katina | | #17

          No Saturday delivery for us, I'm afraid, but at least we have very little junk mail.

          Still no sign of my Threads, which is unusual. Whatever else their problems, Taunton has been very reliable in delivering my mag, up until now.

  6. sian | | #14

    Hi bel,

    I live in brisbane .Have you received no 128 yet
    I haven't received it either so I've ordered a back issue rather than
    miss out.



    1. Susannah | | #15

      Hi Sian

      I received #128 in November, right on schedule.  I wouldn't have thought that Tasmania would get mail significantly earlier than Brisbane!!

      I would suggest that you contact customer support.  As long as your subscription is up do date, you should have received #128 at roughly the same time as other australian subscribers, so you are now about 2 months late.  You should not have to pay for a replacement through a back order.   If you have already done this, you could request that the customer service people extend your subscription.

      I got replacement copies of 126 and 127 sent to me, at no extra cost, although it took quite a few emails to customer service (and postings here on gatherings).  We have been assured that the problems with subscriptions being sent to Australia has been fixed, but if current experience for you and Bel is any indication, there are still some glitches.

      keep us posted!


      1. Susannah | | #16

        OK ladies, my copy of issue #129 was in the letterbox when I got home last night.  Tasmania is just about the end of the earth (or so my teenage daughter tells me!) so if anyone still hasn't received #128, then things are running very slow.

        Customer service at Taunton has had a few bouquets (as well as a few brickbats) but they can only fix things up if we let them know.  If any australian subscriber hasn't got #128 by now - email them.

        By the way, issue 129 is a good read, with some great ideas.  I think the editorial team is managing to lift things.  Yes, there are some articles aimed more at the beginner end of the sewing spectrum, but that has been the case for a long time (including some of the earlier issues).  We all have to learn somewhere!



        1. K1W1 | | #18

          ooh, I must pop into Borders for the air-freight issue.  I'm glad to hear that they're finally turning up on time, and that the content is improving on the recent issues.


          1. Susannah | | #19

            I didn't know that Borders carried air freight issues of Threads (not much use to me in Hobart - the newsagents here get their copies surface mail!).  Some of the feedback on the most recent issue was a bit negative, but it is obviously hard to please a readership as diverse as Threads is attracting in recent times.  I suspect that the more experienced sewists who have subscribed or read Threads for quite a while may be happier checking out the contents before they buy a copy, but I have found that recent issues still carry a number of articles that I find well worth reading.  Also, there is only one newsagent that reliably stocks Threads, and sometimes they sell out quickly, so a subscription is still good for me. 

            Taunton's mailing problems to Australia seem to have been resolved for the last two issues, which is good.



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