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Conversational Threads

Bernina Advertisement

jjgg | Posted in Talk With Us on

Whats with the Bernina banner adds on the threads?? I find it very annoying. I find any moving logo/add annoying!


  1. User avater
    JunkQueen | | #1

    Ditto. In spades!!

    1. Crazy K | | #2

      You are not alone!!!!!!  Hate it!


  2. Crazy K | | #3

    I replied but in my annoyance...(he he) I sent it to Junkqueen instead of you........you get the picture anyway!


  3. Teaf5 | | #4

    At least they have it only after the first post, so that if we read quickly and scroll down, we don't have to see it for very long.  Unfortunately, that means it will be hard to read some of the more complex problems that often start these interesting threads.

    Obviously, Threads makes money off the forum now by selling advertisement space.  However, if the banner ads become too annoying, and our number of hits decrease, they won't be able to charge a premium of the advertiser anymore.

    Too bad-- I've enjoyed this forum, but won't be using it much with those banner ads in my way...

  4. Ralphetta | | #5

    I agree! The red movement does NOT attract my attention. I am so absorbed in getting rid of the ADHD ad that I refuse to try to read it. When it is stationary, it's not objectionable.

  5. sewchris703 | | #6

    um, what ad?  I don't see any ads on the Gathering forum.


    1. jjgg | | #7

      Chris,You are lucky if you don't see it. Its after the first post on any page.I for one won't be back here, sorry folks, can't handle the movement

      1. sewchris703 | | #9

        So that's why I get about an 1" wide gap between the first post and the rest of them.  At least I know that my pop-up blocker is working--assuming that is the reason why I don't see it.


        1. Crazy K | | #11

          I have a pop-up blocker that catches most but not this one!!!!!!  And, it's awful........I know I wn't be spending as much time here either.  What a shame........it's been so much fun.........and helpful.


          1. Ralphetta | | #12

            It is particularly annoying because it reappears each time I move to another discussion. I just got it about 5 times in a couple of minutes. My objection is the crazy movement, not that there is an ad.

          2. sewelegant | | #13

            I did notice the annoying, flashing ad, but ignored it as best I could and regretted that ads have to be sold to be able to keep up this "free" service.  I did not even notice that it was a Bernina ad until I started reading this thread!  So much for that!

            If ads are a necessary evil, please don't also make them annoying.


          3. GailAnn | | #16

            Has it not occured to Threads that most of us HAVE SEWING MACHINES?  I. myself use an ancient Singer Featherweight and I'm NOT in the market for another machine.  If I were, I, most certainly, wouldn't be looking for one that makes FAKE hand embroidery!

            Teach us to IMPROVE our hand work!  Don't try to sell us ever more machines to take the individuality and humanity out of our skills, thus reducing our work to little more than what can be turned out on a production line.

            The red is too red and the motion is sickening.

            IF YOU HAVE TO ADVERTISE TO US, then, please, advertise ONLY the finest in fabrics, findings, fibers and notions.

            If you must succumb to greed, at least use it to raise the standard of needleworkers today.

            Reminds me of NEW COKE. 



            Edited 5/24/2008 10:58 am ET by GailAnn

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #17

            We all read the ads in the mag. isn't that enough?  A side panel ad might be ok if funding was really needed.  Honestly, that moving red flag is making me right nauseous.

          5. Ralphetta | | #18

            Bernina should re-evaluate the advertising company they've hired. The firm obviously didn't do any research regarding the readers they were hired to reach at this location. The whizzing graphics are aimed at 14 year old boys instead of adult women. They have a captive audience so there's no reason to be so annoying. Until recently I've read almost nothing but praise for Bernina at this site. In the last 2 days the ad agency has managed to produce a stream of negative Bernina comments.

          6. Digi | | #19

            I, or one, will NOT be buying a Bernina again ...;  I hate the ad too, and find it beyond offensive.  Frankly, if they are that desperate ...they are probably NOT doing that well ...i.e. their machines are not what they used to be, thus the push in advertising!

          7. GailAnn | | #21

            Just singing my same old song.  It applies to sewing machines as well as everything else.  SHOP FINE QUALITY FIRST!

            Bernina may not be what they once were, but neither is Maytag.

            Sometimes you don't get what you think you pay for.

            Accept only the best, when spending your hard earned American dollars.

            Refuse to be swayed by sinister and offensive advertising.


          8. marymary | | #22

            If you "right click" and select "rewind", you can stop the movement of the red banner.  You do have to be quick and you have to repeat this each time.  For those of you who are really bothered by the movement (me, too), it is a partial solution.

          9. Pattiann42 | | #23

            Thanks for the tip!  It works until you change categories.

            Edited 5/26/2008 12:03 pm ET by spicegirl1

          10. Crazy K | | #24

            Don't know if you realized but the movement stops once it goes through its cycle.......then just sits there until you go to the next page.........ugh!  I don't like it........once it stops it isn't so bad.  I sure hope the powers that be decide to unplug the movement at least even if they can't take the ad out.........taking the ad out would be my preference.  I'm surely NOT going to buy a Bernina based on that ad!!!!


          11. marymary | | #25

            Yes, I know it reoccurs with each page and each new category.  That is why I said you have to repeat the procedure each time. For those who are really bothered by the movement, this is only a temporary solution.  It allows you to read the postings affected by the ad without having to wait for the ad to finish.

          12. katina | | #26

            Thanks for the tip. It's hardly a successful ad though if it upsets readers, who are, ubnfortunately, a captive audience. If anything, it's backfired and generated some negative feelings towards Bernina.

          13. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #28

            I'm singing in your chorus!

          14. katina | | #20

            and what about Threads? Did they not first review the ad?

          15. katina | | #15

            My pop-up blocker doesn't catch this one either. Much as I hate to do so, I'll have to give up on Gatherings.

        2. sewelegant | | #14

          when I went back to the forum I noticed a little window on the bottom that referred to pop-ups... clicked on it and was able to stop the annoying animation!  No picture now either, but there is a space like you mentioned.  I didn't think of the whole thing as a POP UP... thought it was condoned by Threads.  Thanks.

  6. Cherrypops | | #8

    Count me in. or out as the case may be.

    Boycotting Bernina advertising.

  7. katina | | #10

    I can't believe Threads has done this! Unbelievably annoying. I'll soon have to give up the Forum - this type of thing triggers severe migraines for me. I'm very disappointed.


    1. autumn | | #85

      Ditto on the migraines. Along with blazing bright fluorescent lights in Wal-Mart and other stores.

      1. katina | | #86

        Isn't it great that our concerns were taken note of? And now the flashing ad is gone!

        Sorry about the migraines - they do make things difficult at times.


  8. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #27

    I totally agree about this annoying ad.  I try to read the first message quickly so I can scroll down and avoid the flashing red.  Until JJGG started this discussion, I didn't even know the ad was for Bernina!  Shows how much attention I paid to it.

    It's a shame that Threads/Taunton has to resort to having ads on the forum because of chasing the Almighty Dollar.  If it absolutely has to be, I hope and pray that there will only be this one ad (and not an ad between each and every post!), and that the flashing and movement will stop.  This is such a great community of talent, it seems that Threads/Taunton would rethink this marketing decision if the ads caused a loss of contributors here.  As for myself, I would consider it a tremendous loss if anyone left!

    As a side thought, if the ads go away and this becomes a paid membership site, or if the forum becomes for Threads magazine subscribers only, I for one will not stick around.  Think of the insights, information, friendships, and support that would be lost if access was denied to anyone because of the cost of membership.......

    1. User avater
      JunkQueen | | #29

      As a quick, down and dirty FIX to this gawdawful flashing cheap perverted ad, someone else suggested -- sorry don't recall just who it was -- that you can:As soon as you pull up a specific thread -------
      Go to the flasher (pun intended)
      Right click
      Left click on 'Rewind'Viola! Pervert goes underground!! If you're quick enough, sometimes you get a nice, blank, white box, but at the very least you get a STILL ad that doesn't give you (me) motion sickness.By the way, did I tell you I don't LIKE this ad?? Okay, I'll hush, I'll hush.....

      1. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #30

        Thanks for the reminder to right click.  I remembered reading it on another post, but didn't scroll back to find it.

      2. katina | | #31

        No please, tell us how you REALLY feel! I'm totally with you. I'm going to try what you've suggested and hope it works for me. But hey, we gather here for a peaceful and enjoyable read, and not to play "catch the ad" like some crazy see-if-you-can-escape game.

        1. GailAnn | | #32

          I'd like to pose a question to the "Powers that Be".

          Why does Bernina NOW feel like they need such an revolting ad?

          Bernina has always been such a really good machine, many who used them never had a desire to change to any other brand.

          Truthfully, I've, not owned one, but my sister has used a Bernina for over a quarter century.  It is seldom in the shop and has served her well through the clothing of herself and two children.

          Why now?

          Has Bernina gone "shoddy down" on their quality to such an extent, they now have to rely on flashing red signs to try to sell a sewing machine?

          Maytag will probably be next.


          1. katina | | #33

            My daughter's an advertising exec. She's finding this discussion very interesting, and wonders if Bernina's agency has any idea of the strong negative reaction. There seems nothing 'friendly' to me about this advert; it's jarring and intrusive.

          2. GailAnn | | #34

            Totally agree.

            If I may "PollyAnna" on this subject.  

            NOW would be the perfect time in history for advertising agencies to promote improvements in quality, adherence to higher standards, due diligence, products made in the United States of America, and the quality of life (family friendliness or attention to Greeness) for any companies' workforce.  While at the same time showing us how the use of their product will improve the quality of our own lives.

            If this could be done openly and truthfully, without the use of Jarring Red Wigglers.


          3. katina | | #35

            Wonderful sentiments!

          4. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #36

            Along those lines, I clicked on that ad so I could find a contact and email Bernina about my displeasure with that ad. To my chagrin, the ad did not have a way to contact them that I could see. :(

          5. katina | | #37

            So that simply reinforces your displeasure - this is a rather powerful example of the negative effect of an advert. The movement is very irritating, and the ad itself is anything but memorable. 

          6. Crazy K | | #38

            O.K........been off of here for a whole few hours and come back and now there is another..........yes another Bernina ad!  We've complained to deaf ears apparently!  Where will it end............I guess with many or all of us not using the site.......AND (yes, I'm shouting!) where will that get them! 

            I guess we all need to SHOUT.........AND SHOUT LOUDLY.........MAYBE SOMEONE WILL HEAR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Crazy Kay

          7. AmberE | | #39

            Not sure if you picked up the Threads in Talk with Amber, but they are looking for a still ad to replace the moving ad. More soon.

          8. SAAM | | #45

            Amber, please put me down as another reader, subscriber, poster who is VERY annoyed with the Bernina ad appearing at the beginning of every thread in this forum. It makes me feel like never considering Bernina's products. Not only is the movement in the ad distracting and annoying,the repetition of the ad with every thread is just over kill. In addition, the ad feels like a barrier to the rest of the thread that follows. Please find another format for your advertising. We sewists are always looking for good products so do read ads. We don't need to be slapped in the face by them as this one does. An ad that appears occasionally on the side so it doesn't interrupt the thread would be much less intrusive while still reaching its audience in a positive way.Sherry Morrow

          9. AmberE | | #47

            Duly noted--I am working with that department to get a new ad---

          10. cynthia2 | | #48

            My two cents worth ... I'm not a fan of animated ads.  I, too, find them distracting but that is the point of an ad - to get our attention.  Online doesn't mean free.  It costs Taunton Press quite a bit to host the website.  Even our discussion forum, which may look simple to all of us, requires money to keep the technology up-to-date, trouble-shoot problems, etc.

            As a publisher of medical journals, I too sell online ads on the websites of the journals that I publish.  The only difference is that we don't embed the ads within content -- they always reside in a sidebar or a banner at the very top or very bottom of a page.  Also, we don't allow animation.  Online ads are a critical component of any publication's revenue, though, and we can't expect Threads to close that opportunity.

            As to what types of ads I'd find acceptable, I'd say any sewing-related product or service would be appropriate.  Most of us already have machines, notions and other tools of the trade, but we're always upgrading too.  As long as the company is reputable and complies with all U.S. laws (e.g., no child labor, etc).


          11. AmberE | | #50

            Yes, I hear you and this is not my decision, but as the reader's rep I do have input and I am definitely carrying this to other depts.

          12. SAAM | | #49

            Thanks so much for your attention to this issue. Just an additional note: I read every ad in THREADS magazine, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Your advertising, in fact, adds to your content by providing additional information about products we are looking for. And not one of those ads flashes or dances around. That might reassure your advertisers that they are getting our attention.Thanks again for all of the good work you do.Sherry

          13. AmberE | | #51

            Yes, that is the exact premise behind Taunton's endemic ad policy. Thanks!

          14. MaryinColorado | | #54

            All moving ads are aggravating.  I've stopped going to most sites that have them.  They hurt my eyes and head!  Especially in angry red!!!  Mary

          15. katina | | #55

            I more than sympathize, Mary - I have the same problem. It's definitely spoilt my fun on this site, so I visit it less, and try to keep my eyes closed until I reckon I'm past the ad. It's an awful one, and on EVERY page...! Amber says she's trying to deal with, but - can she?  If it's not gone soon, it may not be worth the trouble to vist here anymore.


          16. GailAnn | | #56

            What's it been now, 13 days, and counting?  Still no satisfactory resolution. 

            I try to visit every day that I'm home, but, well, it's wearing me out.  Gail

          17. katina | | #57

            I don't know what to say. I wish I could say I'm confident they'll deal with it, but....

            What's the point of Bernina paying big bucks just to annoy the very readers they're hoping to influence?

          18. sewchris703 | | #58

            Just a thought--has anyone tolk Bernina directly how annoying their ad is?  I would think that going directly to the souce of the ad would net faster and better results than waiting to see if Amber can do anything.


          19. katina | | #59

            A good point. The agency who created it for Bernina will be aware of it as they would be checking this site. Amber has said she's doing all she can, and she does work very hard on our behalf.

          20. AmberE | | #64

            Yes, unfortunately it's not my decision.....I'm doing all I can to advocate, as I always do for you gals!

            Edited 6/7/2008 8:17 am ET by AmberE

          21. katina | | #65

            We know you do, Amber - thank you very much. We really appreciate your efforts.


          22. AmberE | | #66

            Trying! :-)

          23. mopie2525 | | #69

            BERNINA of America has been made aware of everyone's concerns on this advertisement issue.

            Please do not stop visiting this site just because you did not like the ad. 

          24. jjgg | | #70

            The previous post was from Bernina, I sent them an email yesterday and below is a copy of the email I recieved back from them today.I have to say that I am very impressed that they responded to me so quickly, and that it was not an automated response.
            Judy>>>I appreciate you making us aware of this negative feeling on the Threads message board.I have gone to the site and read through the posts on there. I have to say I was very saddened by the comments, but I can understand how upset the group on the gatherings site would be with the moving ad making it hard to concentrate on the topics being discussed.I have added a comment on the site, not sure if anyone is going to go back to the site and read my comment...but at least I can let you know that BERNINA has heard the comments and will be working on this advertising issue.The most important thing is for the members of the site to continue the messages and not to jump ship to other sites. Everyone must have joined the Threads site for a reason, and I would hate to think they would leave the site just because they did not like the BERNINA ad...we are a company that thinks of our consumers first, and we do not want anyone to be upset over us.Thank you for sharing this with me. I will do whatever I can to resolve this issue.Regards,Leslie
            Leslie A. Bowman
            Marketing Assistant
            Bernina of America
            3702 Prairie Lake Ct.
            Aurora, IL 60504-6182
            (630) 978-2500 ext. 556
            [email protected]

          25. MaryinColorado | | #81

            To all the folks at Taunton, Threads, Bernina involved in helping to resolve the flashing red advertisement.  THANK YOU!!! 

          26. rekha | | #71

            Nice one!!!

            Your message suggests "keep complaining but we shall maintain the advert on this site"

          27. mopie2525 | | #72

            I did not mean that at all.

            I meant that I was just made aware of the issue and I wanted everyone to know that BERNINA is working on changing this.

            We use an advertising firm that made this ad for us and did the placement. 


          28. AmberE | | #73

            Thanks everyone for continuing to follow up on this issue :-)

          29. KharminJ | | #74

            To all the disgruntled posters and readers ~ Just want to remind you all that there are surely contracts involved, between Threads and Bernina. Any change in location or content has to filter through several departments at *both* companies before it shows up here.There is also the time it takes to devise, design and produce any replacement ad, and the whole "approval process" required for that.I'm a brand new subscriber, and I'll probably have lots more Q's than A's to contribute, but I've also worked in advertising for a long time. Since both the Threads people and the Bernina people are aware of your displeasure, I'm confident that the ad in question WILL change, but not instantly! Please don't go away! Your input is of great value to many who *never* post!Bright Blessings on your Saturday!

          30. Cherrypops | | #75

            Thank you for signing up/registering to this forum today.

            Your comments are appreciated.

            Some members have listed links to websites which provide downloads to BLOCK FLASH ADS.

            These downloads appear to be working for them and are keeping them happy in the interim.

            Look forward to reading your posts.

          31. AmberE | | #77

            Thanks, KharminJ. You're right, it does take time...

          32. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #93

            Amber, thank you for your help in getting the Bernina ad to stop flashing.  I haven't checked in to "Gatherings" in a couple of days, and today I'm quite pleased to see the ad has been changed.  I understand the necessity of selling ad space, and I appreciate your listening to us about what works for us (your readers) and responding to us.  Keep up the good work--your job surely isn't an easy one!  :-)

            Edited 6/14/2008 10:53 am ET by VKStitcher

          33. AmberE | | #95

            Thanks! I really enjoy the community at Gatherings---they are a truly engaged audience, which is all an editor could ask for!

          34. AmberE | | #63

            Workin' on it---not my department unfortunately and I don't have that much control over this, but I am working hard as your advocate!

          35. GailAnn | | #76

            I do believe you care about Threads subscribers, and are working very hard to make this a site we can all enjoy.  Gail

          36. AmberE | | #78

            Thanks, Gail!

          37. damascusannie | | #79

            Thanks for getting the ad changed! I think it's just as effective as a still and now it's a pleasure to read the posts again!

          38. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #80

            Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Not obtrusive at all, but well displayed for maximum exposure. Well done, Gail.

          39. AmberE | | #84


          40. Crazy K | | #82

            Thank You!!!!!!  The moving ad was nauseating........the still one is so much better.  I hadn't been on the forum for a few days and just realized that the thing wasn't moving.  Very nice.  Should be just as effective for Bernina......possibly more so since most of us were ignoring, shutting off or just staying away from the forum............not good!

            Thanks again!


          41. AmberE | | #83


          42. fiberfan | | #87

            I agree, the new ad is soooo much better.  Thanks!


          43. AmberE | | #91


          44. cynthia2 | | #88

            Many thanks to Taunton Press for respecting the wishes of their readers.  Thanks, too, to Bernina.  Most of us understand the need for ads and, personally, I enjoy them as a source of info on new products.  I appreciate Bernina revising the ad to make it more reader-friendly.

          45. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #89

            Thank you for Listening to us. It is also much easier to read the ad. Cathy.

          46. AmberE | | #90

            I'll pass it on!

          47. AmberE | | #92


          48. sewelegant | | #94

            One interesting thing has happened on my ability to block pop-ups ... the still ad has appeared again and I cannot block it, so I guess Bernina and all other ads are the winner.  I do not mind advertising, but I do not like it interfering with the reading process.  Not in magazines, not on television, not anywhere.  Put it off to the side and I might click on it, but block my reading path and I will ignore it or if it gets to the point where every other post is an advertisement I will probably go away.

  9. rekha | | #40

    I hate it too and thought of writing but you beat me to it.

    Another interpretation for the banner is that Taunton get paid. Now surely they can't possibly be strapped for cash!!

    To permanently get rid see this http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Animated-Images-in-a-Browser

    Edited 6/2/2008 8:57 am ET by rekha

    1. GailAnn | | #41

      Of course they were paid! 

      It serves to support this web-site.  The Gatherings Disscussion we were invited to join for FREE.  Invited, so Threads could see what interests us,  Thus enableing them to tailor Threads magazine to our (the vocal ones) tastes.  A delightful WIN/WIN for us all.

      Our discussions have lost their value to Threads.  The worth of our words and our thoughts is now sub-bordinate to dollars wrought by advertising.

      Comes now, the time for each of us, corporately and individually, to ask ourselves, "How much is enough?"

      Several years ago, my husband and I asked ourselves that question.  We were astonished at how small the figure, how LOW the amount!

      Greed left over from the 1980's, plays no part in the economy of 2008 and beyond!

      I've said this before, but only teen-age boys are impressed by flashing red wigglers!


      Edited 6/2/2008 9:36 am ET by GailAnn

      1. rekha | | #42

        What is the role of Amber in all this? Or is it just a puppet to amuse the crowds

        1. katina | | #43

          Hi rekha and GailAnn

          You clearly express our concerns. Poor Amber though is caught right in the middle - she is concerned about her readers, but she also has to execute the wishes of the publisher. Seems to me she's a very busy lady - she often responds to us over the weekend. I for one am not sure how all this is going to play out. As you say, we went through ALL of the soul searching about the magazine's content direction, and now we're a captive audience. We just want to sew and to chat, and to learn....



          1. Pattiann42 | | #44

            The theme song for the board of directors at all companies is the same as Donald Trump's - "money, money, money"! 

          2. GailAnn | | #46

            I stole this from the Ethical Wills web-site, but it applies:

            "What you've LEARNED is as valuable as what you've EARNED."


    2. jjgg | | #60

      I tried this (I'm on Mozilla) and it didn't work! bummer

    3. cookymom | | #68

      AHAH!  Thanks for the instructions about changing the motion of the Bernina ad.   I have trouble reading the board with this animation. 

      Because my brain does not compute all the time, I find it frustrating to see the ad flash over and over.  Once a session would be enough for me.  


  10. MaryinColorado | | #52

    Moving advertisements give me a headache!  Red is an angry color so it is not likely to get Bernina any sales or positive attention.  Yuck, very aggravating and disappointing to see.  I'll have to adjust my pop up blocker to make it go away, what an inconvenience!  Mary

    1. AmberE | | #62

      I'll pass it on---sorry! Maybe you could tell the others how to adjust the popup blocker---I'm sure they would appreciate!

      1. MaryinColorado | | #67

        Thanks Amer!  I know it isn't your department.  You are doing a great job and we appreciate it!  I understand the need for advertisitng, especially in this current economy.  It's just that flashing red that is so irritating and hard on the eyes so will hope they fix it.

        I wasn't able to set the pop up blocker to ignore it without losing the ability to use the website efficiently. 


        Edited 6/6/2008 9:31 am by MaryinColorado

  11. MaryinColorado | | #53


    Edited 6/6/2008 9:26 am by MaryinColorado

    Edited 6/6/2008 9:28 am by MaryinColorado

  12. jjgg | | #61

    YES!!!! I was able to delete the add - keep it form showing up at all, Thank you Rekha. What you posted didn't work, but, I dug a little deeper and found its an Adobe Flash thingamajig add and I installed a blocker for that. Now, all I get is a little gray "F" in a circle. No red whatsoever!!

    I'm happy

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