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Black & White Top Started – Pics

rodezzy | Posted in Knitting and Crochet on

Here are the pics of the top.  It is not finished yet.  My creativity has dried up for now.  Whatever I need to do to finish it will come to me.  I have until August to get it together.  At least I have a good start.  Haven’t decided about the skirt yet.


Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. GailAnn | | #1

    Madam Rodezzy - My hat's off to you!  What an inspiration!

    I can sew and I can knit.  I actually CAN crochet, but I CAN'T SEEM  to READ and COMPREHEND written crochet instructions.  You do a fabulous job!  Gail

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      Oh, thank you so much GailAnn.  I appreciate your comments so very much.

      This top is my own creation, not from a pattern though.  Except I do read crochet better than knitting.  I need to practice the knitting more, but crochet is so much faster for me.  I did have to read and understand crochet instructions to learn to make the interlocking rings.  I guess I have been reading crochet instructions since I bought that "I taught myself to crochet" book back in the seventies.  giggle. 

      Thanks so much for your appreciation of my project.  It is very encouraging.

  2. Gloriasews | | #3

    It looks pretty close to finished.  I LOVE those interlocking rings - great job.  Now, what are you planning to wear underneath?  I'm assuming you're not planning to show all that skin down the sides, eh?  Or are you that bold? :)  You know, some beads/sequins would be nice on the rings, eh?

    As for the skirt, I think it should be flared - what do you think?  When you decide how to do it & how long it'll be, I'm sure you'll let us know.


    1. rodezzy | | #4

      Oh no, I will be wearing something underneath.  I've been measured and ordered well fitting strapless bras.  So I will be wearing something underneath.  Don't know what yet. 

      Being that I am rather round at the bottom, I am probably going for something straight or alined.  Don't want to emphasize the bottom half of me.  Especially if I don't crochet the skirt, I saw a white straight skirt that is a possibility.  I also have a white straight skirt in a lined eyelet fabric tht would be great.  The outfit will evolve as time goes on, I don't like to get too far ahead of myself.  Things come together better for me when I just let it flow.

      I haven't even decided that the sides will remain open totally.  I do have some black and white beads.  Maybe I can incorporate them into the design.  Who knows.  It will come to me as the days go on.  At least I have the main structure of the top completed.  I am pretty much copying the design from a top I made just like that one two years ago.  I put three interlocking rings in each side.  Thinking about incorporating more rings in the sides also for this top.  It's a work in progress.

      1. Gloriasews | | #5

        A white skirt would be nice (or black), whichever you choose.  Do straight skirts look good on you?  I would have thought that a flared skirt would camouflage the wide hips.  Knowing you, you'll look fabulous in whatever you choose & I'm sure you'll post a pic so that we all can oh & ah about it :)


        1. rodezzy | | #6

          Actually both are pretty good, but a Straight skirt always slenderizes. 

          I haven't made up my mind anyway.  Thanks for your uplifting comments.  I do my best to look presentable.  I love dressing up, and always have. 

          Pictures, we'll see. giggle

          1. Gloriasews | | #7

            Pictures are a must! :)


          2. damascusannie | | #8

            NICE! Isn't it great when that pattern in your head, actually works out on the hook?

      2. MaryinColorado | | #9

        Wow, you are so talented, girl.  Those interlocking rings are lovely and unique, very artistic.  Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the sides.  You could sew a black or white cotton interlock fabric on the sides and make a skirt of the same fabric.  The rings remind me of jewelry, so pretty. 

        If you make a straight skirt, you could crochet your interlocking rings and then stitch them down the side seams or make them smaller and stitch them to the pocket curve of a white jean skirt.  Or make a belt of interlocking rings?  The possibilities are endless!  How fun! 


        1. rodezzy | | #10

          Thanks lady Mary, great ideas.  I really like the belt idea.  And embellishing a jean skirt would be great too.  I have a denim vest that I just bought and I want to embellish it with something.  It is stitched with shiny gold thread and I could embellish those front pockets with the interlocking rings since there is nothing but the zippers in front.  I don't particularly like the way the zippers zip.  The zip toward the center instead of out to the waist.  That draws the eye to the zipper pulls and (to me) detracts from the vest.  Other than that, it is an awesome denim vest with a shawl collar.  It has so much potential for design.  I am also considering beading the back.  Now this won't be happening any time soon.  I have too much on my plate. 

          I probably won't be knitting that top for my grand daughter, I kind of suggested it and she instantly turned up her nose.  So, I'll just give her money for her birthday.  Whatever.  More time for me doing stuff for me.  heh!?!

          Yes, the possibilities are endless.  Thanks for your suggestions.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #11

            I know how you feel.  I used to be able to make or buy anything for my grand daughter and she loved it!  Now she really is particular about what's in vogue and looks right on her.  I end up taking her shopping or giving her money for her birthday too.  Her mother can't afford to buy them new clothes so it's pretty much up to the rest of the family to make sure they look good.  With her starting high school in the fall, she better start sewing so she has a great wardrobe!  I know I could just make them for her, but I really feel like she need a good strong "nudge" to do this for herself.  That way, she will have nice clothes whether I am around or not! 

            Your denim vest sounds really cute, I love shawl collars too.  If you embellish it, the zippers should kind of fade into the background.  I'd love to learn beading, but don't believe my arthritis would let me do much.  I have a neighbor who could teach me.  I think I'm going to start crocheting first and see how I do.  Now that you've inspired me with that darling black top.  Mary

          2. rodezzy | | #12

            I'm so glad to be any inspiration, I love to crochet.  It's so fast and furious.  My mind just flows when I'm crocheting with ideas.  I love what comes off the hook!  giggle.

            I have a friend that does jewelry and her hands are deformed from arthritis.  She make great stuff anyway.  True story. 

            I don't really know very much about beading, I just do like I do everything else, learn as I go.  I don't plan to do anything elaborate.  Just, well, I don't know yet.  I may never get to it.  giggle.  I have the beads and stuff, but I don't know what I'll be doing.  I have books on crochet beading and fabric beading.  Bought very cheaply.  Under $1.00.  But I purchased a couple hundred dollars in beads over the past five years.  Mainly to embellish quilted wall hangings or something like that was on my mind at the time.  I've used some.  But not many.   giggle.

          3. MaryinColorado | | #13

            Okay, if she can do it, maybe I can too!  You really know how to inspire art!  You sound like me, I have a big tool box full of beads and jewelry findings that I have barely touched.  My brother is a glassblower so I have some cool stuff from him that I hope to put into a wall hanging for him with embroidered hummingbirds and columbines (which he sells glass ones) and his glass beads and embroidered Kokopelli playing the sax (which he plays for fun).  So many ideas that I really will do some of someday....starting next week!  Mary

          4. rodezzy | | #14

            Sounds good to me!  I try lots of crafts.  I don't master them all, but I try.  giggle.

          5. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #15

            Don't let the smallness of the beads turn you off of trying to bead!  Like knitting and crochet, it is the manipulation of the needle that is the trick.  ;) If you can hold a needle or wire somehow, then you can bead.   My daughter has a handicap and she does beautiful work.  Bead and Button, Beadwork, BeadStyle are all really good general Beading magazines that will give you good ideas of how to get started.  There is also a great online beading primer that is an excellent free place to start.  I teach beading basics for netted beading in a local shop and at women's groups in my area.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Cathy

          6. MaryinColorado | | #16

            Thank You so much for the information.  I will check out those magazines.  What is netted beading?  Mary

          7. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #17

            It is a form of stringing, like a net or netting, little rows of swags all joined together in rows.  I rather like to make bead fabric or bead on fabric than make jewelry.  I make christmas ornaments.  Cathy

            Edited 6/5/2008 10:24 am ET by ThreadKoe

          8. MaryinColorado | | #18

            Oh, that makes sense and sounds like an interesting class to teach or to learn.  Everyone here is so talented!  Mary

          9. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #19

            It is fun, and pretty easy.  The pre-requisite is if you know how to thread a needle.  Tee hee!

          10. MaryinColorado | | #20

            I have to use a needle threader these days, it's too hard to hold the fine threads as these hands aren't as coordinated as they used to be.  Those beading needles are difficult too.  I would like to put beads on fabric by hand.  I did discover 2 techniques to do them with the serger and one with the sewing machine.  Haven't done much with that yet though.  Mary

          11. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            Nothing wrong with needle threaders, use them myself. Got myself a bead spinner to pre thread loose beads for bigger projects, but havent tried it yet. What type of beading needle have you tried? Myself, I prefer the long ones, it gives you more to hang on to, plus you can "scoop" the needle into a pile of beads to catch them on the needle, rather than chasing them around and trying to put the needle through the little hole. You would be surprised at just how fast those little loose beads just jump onto the needle. Wrapping prestrung beads over your fingers like yarn and gently running your needle up the strand will work with those. The short needles are great for couching and sewing through thicker fabric, but if that is going to be a problem, I'd work on lighter material and then applique the finished product onto the garment. Plus, once you have a bit of a bend in the needle from working with it, it works better, so don't loose it! tee hee Cathy

            Edited 6/5/2008 12:38 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          12. GailAnn | | #22

            Saw B&W movie, years ago. 

            Female star, before 'pantsuits' had a name, wearing swishy light coloured slacks and matching double breasted jacket.  The shoulders of the jacket were ablaze with, what looked to me like, silver beads and sequins.   They were sewn close to the fabric (not dangley) in something akin to a cabbage rose pattern.  I thought it was lovely.


          13. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #23

            OOOH Yah Those outfits had spangly class! If I ventured a guess, it was probably bead embroidery, with the beads and sequins couched in rows to form a picture pattern. Might also have been nailheads. They are fun to play with too.

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