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Can anyone help with this pattern?

swr4pink | Posted in Patterns on

My daughter wants a dress or two like the one attached. I know that I had several dresses like this when I was in high school, so I am sure the pattern was around. I have spent hours looking for this in all the usual places. Any suggestions? Thanks, Susan


  1. Cherrypops | | #1

    Hi swr4pink,


    What a gorgeous dress. Thanks for the photo. Somewhere, I have seen it,  pattern or readymade, can't recall which at the moment, I will do a hunt on the pattern and get back to you.

    I have done a quick search thru 1960's vintage dress patterns. No luck.

    I would suggest you take a look at CJ patterns keyhole tops pattern # 1010. The keyhole is pretty much in the same place as the photo you have given us, it is sleeveless, all you would need to do is cut the back and front to add your self made band for the waist and make your own band for the back neck coming round to the keyhole curve at the front, lengthen pattern to make a-line skirt.

    Maybe someone else knows of the exact pattern you are after.



    Edited 3/2/2007 5:14 am by Cherrypops

  2. fabricholic | | #2

    When I saw the picture of your dress, I remembered seeing a dress with two cut out circles at the neckline in the new Vogue magazine. I think it was in a plum color.Marcy

    1. Cherrypops | | #3

      the new vogue mag?. I haven't seen april/may yet........must go to borders bookshop.

      1. fabricholic | | #4

        It is probably just new to me. I just bought it. It is the March issue, not the patterns but the regular Vogue. Hey, is it different it Australia? I didn't think of that. It has Jennifer Hudson on the cover, the one that was in the movie Dream Girls. It's an advertisement for Bottega Veneta. I see it has a website http://www.bottegaveneta.com.Marcy

        1. Cherrypops | | #6

          I was thinking the vogue patterns mag. I will check on the other one.

          Oh I shouldn't have clicked on the link...soooo pretty! Found the plum dress..so glad they didn't lower the keyholes .......lol....

          Checked and Our vogue mag March issue has Angelina Jolie on the cover, so yeah i guess the contents differ too. Oh well...




          Edited 3/1/2007 10:30 pm by Cherrypops

      2. fabricholic | | #5

        It's on the website on page 24 or 25, I think. It's a plum color.Marcy

    2. swr4pink | | #7

      Many thanks for the BV link -- I like the double keyholes, too, but careful fitting would be a must! Anyway, the original sundress pattern I am looking for is a Lilly Pulitzer design. I have been looking through discontinued and Marfy patterns on the Vogue website because I know that pattern is out there! I think I could wing it on the skirt and waist band, but I am not sure I can draft a good keyhole neckline. I was thinking that I used to have a Sarah Howard Stone pattern book or Children's Corner pattern that would help as a starting point. My daughter is a size 6 -- she can still fit in her first communion dress (16 years later!) which was a SHS pattern. I could just buy one of the dresses for a pattern, but the $$$ is about $$ too much for me! Many thanks, swr

      1. Hawthorne | | #8

        Have you tried ebay? Ebay is a treasure trove of vintage patterns. Not always easy to find the exact one you want, but you may find something you like as well or better! lol!

      2. User avater
        TwilaTee | | #10

        I just did a search for Lilly Pulitzer, I'm in love..... all the fabric patterns, and color, and retro fit..... ohhhhh! I want it. THANK YOU so much! Now I'll spend all spring knocking off her stuff! LOL! -Twila Here's the link if anyone is interested. - http://www.inthepinkonline.com/

        1. Josefly | | #11

          Thanks for the link. Lilly Pulitzer used to be known - forty years or so ago - for her simple styles and beautiful pastel, almost unique, "Florida" prints - which identified her clothes. For a time, and maybe now, too, her fabrics were available by the yard. It's nice to know she's still producing...I'd almost forgotten about her nice styles.

          1. lovestosew | | #12

            Oh, I would love to purchase Lily Pulitzer fabric. I wonder where they are sold. Could anyone help, please? Thank you.

          2. jatman | | #13

            Unfortunately it looks like she no longer sells fabric by the yard.  At least that what is says on her website under the FAQ's.  She does have her current catalogs online for inspiration though.



          3. jgrue | | #36

            I see you can buy fabric on Ebay but the place I would go to for current styles would be Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. 146 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94108 Phone 415 • 392 • 2910 / Fax 415 • 392 •3906 They have a swatch service that you have to pay for but I would think that if you called them, they could tell you if the carry any Lily Pulitzer fabrics. I had some of her fabric that I used to make pillows--a few decades ago and also a one of her mini skirts. The fabric was really nice.Joanne

          4. lovestosew | | #39

            Thank you for reminding me about Britex Fabrics - I don't know why I didn't remember that amazing place. I dream about going there again. Oh, well....

  3. User avater
    TwilaTee | | #9

    I hope you find this pattern and share where you got it. Because, really, how cute is that?

  4. marg | | #14

    Do you and I have the same Daughter?  Mine looks to the trends and asks for copies soooooo........... I am pretty good at it. start by  getting a pattern that is similar ie; skirt and top fit , to "the princess",now you make the changes. draw on the muslin the changes that make the dress like the picture. cut them out and trace them on to pattern paper  add seam allowance 1/2 or 1/4 nch and youv'e got it. Okay that sounds easy (and a glass of wine makes it easy to write ) but  that is all you have to do.  I will be able to help you step by step if you want [email protected] I love coping rtw.

    Edited 3/12/2007 7:39 pm ET by marg

    1. swr4pink | | #15

      That is an interesting method -- I usually try to find pattern pieces that match the bodice, skirts, etc., then 'graft' them into one pattern. The nice thing about Lilly Pulitzer is the beautiful fabrics and finish details. About 15 tears ago, I was able to buy some original Lilly fabric from a fabric store in West Palm Beach that is no longer in business. I do see some Lilly prints on eBay sometimes, but I think they are remnants from the home dec side of the business. I also want to knockoff the attached top. Making the pattern will be the easy part. I am wondering how to make the scalloped bottom of the top so that the inside will not be a mess. Also, the original is supposed to have an invisible zipper in it. ??? Any ideas?later, swr

      1. User avater
        TwilaTee | | #18

        Are you talking about the sleeveless empire waist top with that SUPER cute daisy petal hem??
        I fell in Love with that one too. I have some lengths of lace I was thinking of using for that one.
        I was planning on using bias tape around all the petals and layering them on top of each other like a fan. Then top stitching them down, and then lining the skirt, and finishing the inside with french seams..... Is that too confusing? :)It is a really cute top though, I think I'd like it better with sleeves, and maybe not a top but a SUNDRESS! ;) oh dear! -Twila

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #25

          All right you guys!! This is better then a soap on TV!! ha ha haI love this conversation and I am intrigued at how well you guys just get to it!! I would love to see some pics if you have any!I am still getting my confidence into just coping stuff myself. I am not a novice sometimes I think that just doing it without much thought will help..I might sometimes trip myself up in over analyzing something!!Any tips from you gals on the first steps of going from a pic you see to the pattern you draw up..I am one like the other gal whom would search for similar patterns then put them together. But I like the free ness of your ideas..Like I said I wanted to jump in this thread first I love the designer and the wonderful clothes..two I loved the conversation!! I couldn't wait to see what happened next with the posts! ha ha ha Love itBlondie

  5. User avater
    TwilaTee | | #16

    I have started making the pattern for this dress..... Do you think I would get into trouble if I offered to GIVE it away... not SELL it??? It was really fun to make it.... and I want to share with all you great ladies, but I don't want to get into trouble with the designer. Advice anyone?? What are the rules of Design/fashion shoplifting? I know that I would have trouble if I sold it with the lilly pulitzer name on it.... but I don't want to sell it.... only GIVE it away.... hmmm-Twila

    1. swr4pink | | #17

      My husband is an attorney, so I'll ask him about that tonight. As long as you don't have the LP name on it, I don't think it matters. Trademarking is funny -- my daughter doesn't want any visible labels on her clothes, so I usually have to pick them off if possible. She has two friends who actually want these labels because they sew them on their own clothes! Go figure. Anyway, let you know later.swr

    2. thehat | | #23

      Hi  that is great ideas to give away to friends and we all know that we are all friends that we just havent had time for tea have a good time

    3. dressed2atee | | #24

      That is really kind of you too go to the trouble of making a pattern and giving it away.  If you made the pattern, it's yours.  I don't see the enfringement.  The original design was your inspiration!  Plus you are not selling anything. 

  6. User avater
    TwilaTee | | #19

    woops here we go again.... problems with posting pictures..... It has tons of pins. -Twila

    Edited 3/16/2007 8:10 pm by TwilaTee

    1. jatman | | #20

      Ohhh Twila!  Good job!  Very cute and looks just like the original dress photo!  Please keep us posted with pictures of your progress!!



    2. kbalinski | | #21

      Nice job, Twila!  Looks just like the photo.  What a lucky daughter you have!  You make me feel brave...

      Keep up the good work!

    3. fabricholic | | #22

      That top is adorable and you do a great job with your sewing.Marcy

    4. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #26

      Wow girl!! Amazing!! I just posted to all of you on how amazing this thread is and look at you go with your bad self!! Too cute!! I want to sew with you and dive into projects like this with you!! I love learning and sewing with others who have different strengths!! That is how I have learned...Do you live close by..I know I ask that question alot because this talent is incredible around here!!Blondie

      1. User avater
        TwilaTee | | #27

        Thank you so much! I'm glad that you have liked the conversation! I've had so much fun and learned so much since I have join up with this forum! The ladies (and men) here are soooo amazing! Some of the topics take me along time to process in my brain... but than once I've figured it out.... it's just great! When this topic started and I saw that dress, I was hoping "oh please SOMEBODY have that pattern." I waited and waited..... but no one did. I was really sad because I can't afford the original. So I thought "hey! I can make that!" and I did! I've been working on the skirt for it. I have taken a ton of pictures of the construction and the pattern layout for cutting. What I am planning on doing is posting a little website with all the pictures on it, with some directions, and the pattern as a pdf file. The only problem with that is it would have to be scaled up..... I would really rather have you guys snail mail me a large envelope with your address and postage already on it, that way I could just mail the pattern back to you. The only problem with that is I would be giving out my address. That idea is not appealing to me. Maybe if enough people say that they want the pattern we could all chip in for a P.O. box? hmmmm? Something to think about... I have made a lot of patterns for myself, and would love to share them with other sewers..... and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I love making things, and I love to help other people make things, and I LOVE to see things that others have made. That is one of the reasons I love this forum so much.
        That's a lota LOVE! LOL!
        It would be fun to share our projects in that way. - Twila

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #28

          Wow that would be great of your idea!!You know I wouldn't mind doing snail mail...But what you could do is maybe get our address first...(just a thought) I totally understand about giving out your address so freely there has to be a way!!But you are wonderful for spreading the love...you sound a lot like me! I love sharing and giving out my ideas!! Just because I think when you keep it then you only have what you have and that is limited...but when you share, you have yours, others and then we all have and all of us have a lot more to benefit from!!

          Did that make any sense...Oh well I am hoping it does to some of you allI know what I mean!! I have an idea.. you have an idea..separate we only have one but together when we share we get two! Ok now that makes sense and what I wanted to say!!Big smiles to you and can't wait to see what happens next!! Blondie

          1. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #29

            I have posted the pattern I made here.
            I hope the link works!
            On that page is another link to the pdf file, and also pictures of the dress construction!
            Have fun ladies, and thanks so much! I really appreciate this forum! -Twila

          2. Cherrypops | | #30

            Yes It Works! I clicked on your star to get the pdf. Downloaded easily. Wonderful keep it up!

            :) CherryPops

          3. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #31

            Oh good!
            I was worried that it wouldn't work! It took me a while first to figure out how to convert the scans to PDF, and than when I tried to E-mail the file, I got an error that said the file was too large. So I tried to paste it to the webpage but it just came up as a picture. I was pretty much out of luck then, but I remembered that I have storage on my .mac account, so I had to do some research a learn how to share files. I learned a lot today!I'm glad you got it though! I hope it's not too confusing, and you can get it put together. Take pictures and let me know how it is.Keep in mind it's ONLY the bodice! I've got to figure out the best way to scan the skirt! It's so large, and I'm not sure what the best method of scanning it would be. Maybe cut it up into several 8.5 x 11 pieces? I do have software that will morph together scans. I use it for my husband when he needs blue prints scanned and decreased in size. I've never saved it as a PDF file though and I have a bad feeling it won't save in the right format...... or I wouldn't be able to import it in the PDF editor to save it as a PDF..... What do you think would be the right method?Best of Luck! - Twila

          4. Cherrypops | | #32

            Thanks for that. I will have think about the best/easiest way for the skirt scan etc. I am in the middle of organising my son's 5th birthday party on the 25th..(30 kids + parents, it's a biggie).

            I will let you know.


          5. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #37

            Mr. & Mrs. Cherrypops,
            Thanks so much about your advice on posting the skirt PDF. I've started doing what you have suggested, and will post to let you know when I have it available.
            I hope your sons birthday party went well! -Twila

          6. Cherrypops | | #38

            Twila, I am glad my husband's suggestion made sense. Look forward to seeing your next post. My son's 5th birthday went very well, thank you for asking.


          7. Cherrypops | | #33

            Hi Twila, Mr Cherrypops here.

            Since I am an engineer who works with drawings, I've been asked to help you with your problem of scanning a large pattern into a multiple of smaller sized 8.5x11 pieces.

            The easiest method I can work out, which Cherrypops understood, is to do the following...

            1. Make a full-sized tracing of the original pattern.2. Get a blank sheet of 8.5x11 paper.3. Using this blank sheet of paper, place it over the tracing of the pattern and cut the tracing around the edge of the blank sheet of paper. You should now have the first "corner" of your tracing cut-out which will fit the 8.5x11 scanner bed.4. Continue part 3 above until you have the whole pattern tracing cut into 8.5x11 sized pieces.5. Number the pieces and mark how they join to each other.6. Scan the individual cut-out pieces to a pdf.

            All done !

          8. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #34

            I have attached the skirt and have pictures!

          9. Cherrypops | | #35

            Twila, Great, looks awesome. How long did the whole outfit take? CherryPops.

          10. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #40

            Wow Twila,I have been missing the unveiling and it is a WOW!!I love it!! I too want to thank you for your bloggin..I haven't had much time to spend there but I plan on it...What a great job you did chickie...ok so I just posted a thread you need to check out maybe you can help me there!! under Patterns...Patter/Design help

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