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Conversational Threads

Challenge Ourselves to What?

rodezzy | Posted in General Sewing Info on

O.K. Whats going on this month???   Who’s making what.  Holiday Gifts that need to be made?  Weddings, Anniversary or other Special Event Finery to be created.  New Grandma, Grandpa with babies to sew for?  Back to School sweaters or socks to knit/crochet?  House warming presents to make? How much will we get done this September?  I need some pushing to help me stay motivated!  Can I keep up with you guys?  Here’s what I challenge myself to:

1.  Make the Challenge Doll with M & C, they know who they are…he he he

2.  Make a jacket or coat from one of my new patterns – bought 3 more jacket patterns today from JoAnn on sale for $1.99 each.  Simplicity 2762, 2504, 2543. 

3. Make a quilt from my Quilt Design Wizard software.  Quilt size negotiable, and finishing a quilt top qualifies for a project made.  (agreed? giggle) Or no UFO’s?

Who’s with me!  What will you challenge yourself to do.  LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLLLLLE!  Chicago Style…..giggle!

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Edited 9/11/2009 3:46 pm ET by rodezzy


  1. sewluving | | #1

    Unfortunately my sewing is on hold til October.  Have a bizillion things happening next week.  Then away to family reunion for another two weeks.  However plan to take yarn to start crocheting yet another baby afghan.  I have had 7 great niece/nephews and 2 grandsons in the last 6 years and now there is another one on the way.  So here goes another.  At least the weather is cooler now so crocheting in the evenings is my thing. 

    Looking forward to sewing in Oct for my little 16 mth old grandson who wears a size 18 month pants because he is so long but they keep falling down because he is so slender.  Then sewing matching shirts for the 5 yr old and 16 mth old grandsons.  Then housecoat for me. P.J.'s for me etc etc..........so that will be October with crocheting in the evenings again. 

    Heather in Calgary

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      You have plenty on your plate....you are with us.

  2. MaryinColorado | | #3

    Yes, UFO's allways count, maybe they should even count double!  Since if they weren't double trouble to beigin with, they'd likely not be UFO's!  he he 

    I bought brown flannel to back a piecework tablecloth, so will serge the edges, wash it and quilt it this month.

    Doll challenge, don't ask...still no 16 guage wire, will check the hardware stores next.

    Make 1 quilt block each week for grandson's HS memories crazy quilt by Oct. 1st! 

    Work on the Hawthorn Faery wallhanging and give it some bling! 

    Wish me lots and lots of luck, I'll need it.  You know I don't "DO" deadlines!  Mary



    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #12

      I bought 14 gauge wire at the hardware store, and it was way cheaper than the craft store! I looked at the 16 gauge, and figured the 14 was better, and could probably still bend it, maybe with the help of a table edge. Cathy

      1. MaryinColorado | | #17

        Ok, guess I better get out to the hardware store!  Thanks!  Mary

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #18

          Hey, while you are there, check and see if they have those mini tomato cages, or wire forms for the angels while you are at it...he he he. Cathy

          1. MaryinColorado | | #19

            Woohoo!  Thanks for reminding me!  Those will be so fun to make!  Mary

          2. rodezzy | | #81

            All right, here's what I've done, Saturday night I cut out a top, Sunday morning I sewed it up.  Tonight I came home, made a pot of chili, then made this red shawl jacket.  It was a Kwik Sew project.  Then I knitted a few rows.  Going to cruise through the rest of the week.  Should be working on the quilt this week too.  So my month wasn't too bad.  It's getting cold here in Chicago, on in the 50's tomorrow.  Will need that shawl jacket to throw on with the jean skirt I'm wearing to work tomorrow.


          3. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #82

            You are one amazing Woman! You go girl! Looks good too. Bravo Rodezzy! Cathy

          4. rodezzy | | #83

            Oh, thanks, I wore the shawl coat today to work with a long blue jean skirt and lightweight sweater and scarf.  It was just enough for 50 degree weather.  The coat is fleece.

          5. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #84

            Snazzy! Perfect for these cool fall days. :) Cathy

          6. gailete | | #85

            I'm about to beg you to help me get my projects done faster! Very good for you.

             I did prewash some fabric that I plan on cutting. I'm hoping to make a dress, jumper, and 2 tops to go with the jumper, plus a knit top to go with another skirt I have. If I can accomplish those projects, it will go a long way towards having some decent clothes to wear as most of mine are near worn out and too big now anyhow.


          7. rodezzy | | #86

            I would if I could.  

            This is the shawl coat pattern I used. 

            View Image

          8. gailete | | #87

            That looks nice and cozy! I love cozy clothes.

          9. rodezzy | | #88

            Thanks, and did you see the coat I made, its red!

          10. Sancin | | #89

            For several years I wore a heavy coat shawl (we have very cold winters). I loved it, but had a terrible time driving as it was a lot to get into a seatbelt. How did you find this with your shawl?

          11. rodezzy | | #91

            No problems.  Its perfect with the sleeves.

          12. sewluving | | #90

            Wow Rodezzy,  YOU are AWESOME...........

            Heather in Calgary (guess I need to get off the 'puter to do some sewing..... ;)

          13. rodezzy | | #92

            Ahhhhh shucks, thanks.  Do what you can when you can and when you feel like.  Thats when you do your best!

          14. Gloriasews | | #93

            You're on another roll, Rodezzy!  I can't believe how quickly you're making things!  You definitely have flying fingers!  (As Heather says, we've got to get off the computer & get some sewing donw).  Those shawl coats are super & you'll get a lot of wear out of them.  What pattern company puts out that pattern?  It looks easy & fast.


          15. rodezzy | | #94

            Its a Kwik Sew pattern.  I only made the one, the one with the pockets.

          16. Gloriasews | | #95

            Thanks.  It looks quick & easy & is a lovely jacket.


          17. Gloriasews | | #20

            Speaking of armatures, I saw a cute cartoon the other day.  It said:

            'Fashion models look like scaffolding for a real woman.' 

            No kidding, eh?


          18. rodezzy | | #21

            You know, at the Knitwear Fashion Show in Schaumburg, I was thinking it would have been great to have the items modeled by an average sized woman instead of the tall deathly skinny models they used.  Oh well, that will never happen.

          19. Gloriasews | | #27

            The only average or larger size women I've ever seen have been in the MacPhee Workshop fashion shows.  Too bad, eh?  The tall, thin ones always look too thin, but can wear anything :(.

          20. rodezzy | | #31

            But it doesn't always look good on skinny chicks.  They just hang there.  Clothes needs some cushion to cling to.   giggle.  Curves!

          21. Gloriasews | | #32

            Curves we've definitely got, Rodezzy :)!  Even so, things don't always hang right even on us special people :(.  We keep trying, anyway, & enjoy the journey.

          22. rodezzy | | #34

            Right you are sweetie!!!!

          23. Gloriasews | | #42

            That was only my opinion, Rodezzy - no personal experience :).

          24. rodezzy | | #50

            giggle  not a problem

          25. gailete | | #33

            >>The tall, thin ones always look too thin, but can wear anything :(.<<<

            I think most of them look lousy in those so called garments as everything just hangs on them. Do you notice how they all look grumpy or at least they never ever smile. They all look like they are thinking "I'm missing a chance to eat hot fudge sundaes to walk around up here wearing this hideous outfit." I have a hard time when I see fashion models when they are wearing those huge oversized clothes in multiple layers and you don't know what they are trying to sell.

            I think that is why I like going through pattern catalogs and sewing patterns. They take the garment down to its suggested cut and style and sewing pattern models look a bit more 'real'. I listed an Anne Kelin pattern yesterday at my store and the model actually had boobs--about a C cup at least which would have put her out of the runway modeling, but she looked great and healthy!

          26. rodezzy | | #35

            What!!!! A model with Boobie's, miracles never cease!

          27. Gloriasews | | #41

            The models are not supposed to smile - most look really, really bored.  It's a hard life & doesn't last long - you very seldom see older models.  If they save their money & stay off the drugs, they can usually retire early, as soon as they start to show signs of aging.

            Unfortunately, even the sewing patterns for plus sizes show slim (in the drawings), or relatively-slim models (if they show photographs of the garments), but at least these models look healthy, eh?

          28. rodezzy | | #49

            yes, they look good.  I just choose stuff that I really know I can wear and I usually come out O.K.

          29. Gloriasews | | #55

            Same here - I don't have many wadders.

          30. MaryinColorado | | #22

            That's hysterically accurate!

          31. Gloriasews | | #28

            No kidding, eh?  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Tatsy | | #4

    This week I need to sew some pants for the pattern drafting class I'm taking this weekend. We're to bring along patterns we're having trouble getting right. Since I trashed the ones I had .... Also, I'm sewing a tapestry handbag for a raffle for Friday, and there are a few things to sew for grandkids.

    If the pattern drafting/fitting class works out, I will be sewing a new wardrobe for me. Otherwise, I'm going back to knitting and will also be sewing fleece animals for the kids. Then there's the lovely faux fur print that's on sale for half-price this month at Beverly's. I'm not sure if I want to sew it for me and use the extra for DGD or just skip right to making the small one for her. Choices! Aren't they wonderful?

    1. rodezzy | | #5

      Yes, they are.  The shopping and touching of fabric, and learning new things are oh so enjoyable and fun.  You go girl!

    2. MaryinColorado | | #7

      Wow!  Yes, it is so wonderful to have choices.  I hope the pant fitting class is great and that you have success creating pants that fit.  A new wardrobe sounds divine!  Maybe you will inspire me to tackle my fitting woes again.  (Well, after the holidays anyway).  Mary

  4. dressed2atee | | #6

    Hi there, been a while since I've posted anything!  I'm working on some projects at my church-altar cloths and table cloths.  I'm also trying to decide what to make for our 1st Christmas Bazaar.  I'm thinking kids felt hats and scarves; cosmetic bags; "green" bags for grocery shopping; luggage tags; holiday napkin sets.....I don't know what to do. I haven't done anything like this in years.  Should be fun what ever I choose.  As for sewing for myself, I'm participatining in my first S.W.A.P.  I've picked out my ten pieces and fabrics, now I must get to work.  I'll post pics as I go along.  Here are pics of the dresses I made for my vacation last week.  We went on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean==fabulous!

    Edited 9/14/2009 8:40 pm ET by dressed2atee

  5. dressed2atee | | #8

    Sorry guys, out of practice, here are the pics.  The first dress is from a McCalls NY pattern c. 1991 and the maxi dress is from BWOF July 09.

    1. Tatsy | | #9

      They look terrific, and I'm sure they were comfortable on the cruise.

      1. dressed2atee | | #15

        Yes, they were very comfortable and fun to wear!

    2. rodezzy | | #10

      Sweet lady you look FABULOUS!  You had fun on the cruise, I can see it in your face.  You are really good at making clothes, they look like they came from The Magnificent Mile.  (That's the "Gold Coast" the High Priced Area in Chicago). 

      You really did a great job.  Well, you have lots to do, just like me.... I believe it will all come together for the good!  Looking forward to what comes together.

      1. dressed2atee | | #16

        Thanks so much for the praise!  My husband told everyone that I made my dresses that night!  He was soooo cute!

    3. Gloriasews | | #11

      What beautiful dresses! What a lovely model you are, too.  The cruise must have been wonderful.

    4. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #13

      WOWEEE!!! Very well done. Looked like you had a blast. Bravo. The dresses looked very custom made, and the fit was superb. Take a bow my friend. :) Cathy

      1. dressed2atee | | #14

        thanks so much!

    5. sewelegant | | #23

      Your dresses are fabulous and your husband should be proud of you!  I just spent a couple of weeks making a "muumuu" for an upcoming <!----><!----><!---->Hawaii<!----><!----> cruise and it has ended up in the dumpster!!!  I'm working on a new one that is much more promising.

      1. dressed2atee | | #26

        Thanks so much!  Good luck on your next attempt!

  6. gailete | | #24

    I finished my summer dress that I was making yesterday--BIG YEAH!!! Hopefully I'll be able to wear it at least once or twice before it is too chilly.

    1. I want to work on machine quilting a Project Linus quilt--piecing the blocks one at a time and then plan to put them together as those big quilts are just toooooo much for me to manuver!

    2. Finish machine quilting my BIL quilt which is the reason for #1 above :) !

    3. I've been itching to go through my stash and sort it out and decide what I'm going to do for winter clothes. I'm measuring so I can tell at a glance whether it is enough fabric for a project or not. I found a piece of dark red corduroy that I found at a yard sale last summer and have already pre-washed it, but when I measured it, I found it to be 35" wide, which means it is pretty old! As I'm in the larger size still, even with a big weight loss, I may not be able to make anything for me with it. I'm also setting aside some fabric to prewash. I'm getting much better about prewashing instead of making project only to have it shrink on me afterwards. It is fun getting reacquainted with fabric that I love and just haven't had time to make up.

    4. After I finish the sort, plan to decide what I want to make using SWAP guidelines.

    5. Make two more lace hearts that are going to be appliqued on the border of a lap quilt for me. I thought I had them all done, but when I rinsed out the soluble stabilizer I found that I had made 3 with different thread than the others and not only will it look different, they are different weights of thread to they won't work the same. I can at least have the embroidery machine running while doing the stash sort.

    6. I will not get guilty about how much (or little) I get done in my sewing room. I'm in there to have fun not for an endurance contest. I do need some new clothes that fit as I've gone down a size or two. But regardless of what I accomplish, I'm in no danger of ending up naked! Aren't you all glad of that!!!



    1. rodezzy | | #29

      BIG YEAH !!!!!! For that summer dress gettin done, I'm happy for you, and you should get some wear out of it yet!  We'll cross our fingers.

      I like making large quilt tops, but not quilting them.  Too much for me too.  

      You can always make a vest with the dark red corduroy.  Or a nice tote bag with embellishments in other materials, trims, etc.

      You have lots of fun stuff to do, don't let it be a chore, just take a happy deap breath and create some beautiful articles if and when you want to.  And if you don't finish, oh well.  What a wonderful journey it has been.


  7. Kbrane | | #25

    Well, I have 10 more quilt blocks to make then sew together and quilt (I've done 2..lol) for my nephew for Christmas. I'm making a tunic vest costume for a lady for a convention next summer, but I'm hoping to get it finished before Christmas so I can have some shopping money (lol!). I have 3 infinity dresses to shop for and make for my string quartet that I'm in...those shouldn't take long at all once I get the fabric and measurements--hopefully one weekend, but it would be nice to have it done in October so they can be worn for fall and winter gigs.
    Perhaps some tea cozies for my mom-in-law to give as gifts?

    Also in the "brain" works is a quilt for my other nephew--have batting and backing but no fabric for the top--lol!

    And mending....altering a pair of my pants, fixing a dress that needs a bit of help, hemming some pants for hubby, etc etc etc.

    I don't have time for it all, that's for sure. And when am I going to get out in the garden to plant fall crops?

    I'm challenged!

    1. rodezzy | | #30

      Whew...I'm tired just reading all that.  giggle.  What is a infinity dress?  What a wonderful group that must be.  You play at many places? 

      Tea cozies are cute!  Nice gifts.

      Will you post pictures of your quilts, I would love to see them.  All of your projects actually.

      And as for the fall crops......isn't Jewels open?

      1. Kbrane | | #36

        Rodezzy,Don't get tired yet...my imagination (and imaginary time) tends to run away with me and I get more ideas than I actually produce! lolAn infinity dress is a dress with a circle skirt and two straps that you can wrap and wear an infinite (or at least 25) number of ways. Check out: http://www.rostitchery.com/infinity-dress.html
        and http://shopbutterbynadia.com/ (but can you imagine paying that much for a dress???!! I can't)The group is brand new, 3 gals and 1 guy, so we haven't played anywhere yet, but we're working on being enough of a group, and having a large enough repertoire to get some chances to play. This is not a full-time thing for any of us, so we're all a bit rusty.What is Jewels? Kari

        1. gailete | | #37

          Wow that a lot of money for a dress! Do people really pay that much for clothes? I think I'm living under a rock or something. Since I make most of my clothes or get them at thrift stores, the thought of shelling out $100's for one garment leaves me a bit shell shocked! BUT I love the idea of this dress. Can it be made into bigger sizes say 22W? I just prewashed some knit fabric and as soon as I saw the one site I thought of all that knit drying upstairs. I haven't read the whole article yet and maybe it will explain, but I like easy clothes.


          1. Kbrane | | #57

            Gail,I suppose some people pay that much for clothes---I certainly don't! That's more than the yearly budget for my entire family sometimes. LOL.
            But, that is why I start making clothes and altering them. $15 for fabric and a few hours of time, and I have a pretty dress that was $40 or so in a store...To answer your question, yes, this can be made in plus sizes. Rowena (from rostitchery) found her version from a designer who designs in plus sizes. I think you'd have to make the straps longer, to be able to wrap as much, and unless the fabric is very wide (wider than 60") you'd probably have to make panels (or two semi-cirles) for a circle skirt instead of just a circle in one piece. (I'm using 60" fabric to make skirts for ~ size 6-10 girls. Mid calf length is ~ 27", which only leaves 3" to cut out of the middle for a waist-hole (3x4=12x2=24" waist) Somehow the math doesn't make sense, but everyone says it works so I'm trusting it.) Point being, if you have to cut more off the top to have a bigger waist, your 30" drop is getting shorter and shorter...to 27" (in my case)....to 25" etc). But if you're using 45" fabric, that's two panels (semi-circles)45" long which is plenty to cut a waist out of....or even do one strap and a semi circle in each length of fabric.
            I'm sure you can figure out a good and efficient way to cut the fabric.I hope that makes sense and helps you!

          2. starzoe | | #58

            Another question about this dress. I notice the back is basically bare except for the crossover straps. Plus-sized women are notoriously well-endowed in the bust. I would think that this dress would need a particularly good strapless bra. Has anyone thought of that?Also, there is a ratio for the waistline opening - divide waistline measurement by 6.28. It took some digging on my part to find this, it was in notes taken at a design class 'way back in the late 1950s! I think we were designing felt Elvis circle skirts then.No one asked my opinion, but I don't think this particular dress would translate into a becoming look in a plus size. Most women would not want to add to their girth by wrapping, which in the plus-size would have to be (as you point out), longer. And wider. Circle skirts however (depending on the body shape and the fabric) can be quite flattering to almost anyone.

          3. Kbrane | | #59

            Hi there,Here is the designer who did the dress for plus sized women: http://www.monifc.com/.Indeed, the dress would need a bra (strapless or otherwise) and I've seen a Youtube video of her wraping the straps around the bra straps to cover them...also spreading the straps wider in the back to give more or less coverage in the back.Here's a link to the youtube wrapping video...pretty slow, but you get the idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG0wHMo-MQY.Hope this helps you!

          4. starzoe | | #60

            Well, yes. But without pinning/rearranging while wearing, some of those dresses would be awkwardly falling apart while wearing.In my young days (1950s) I had an acquaintance who used to buy a length of fabric on her way home from work and by party time that evening she would have wrapped, pinned, stapled, tucked, pleated a dress to wear. Sometimes she would disappear from sight at the party, only to return in a completely different style. Her purse would be full of pins, ribbons, clips, etc. to take care of social disasters. We always admired her originality but were too chicken to try it for ourselves.

        2. rodezzy | | #45

          Wow that is an interesting dress to make.  Great fun to wear I would think.  Thanks' for sharing.

          Jewels is a large grocery store chain.

  8. jane4878 | | #38

    I have several skort/blouse combos cut out to sew,

    -a pile of knit (Dryflex) to make leggings and leotards.

    -a kilt to handsew prior to May 2010.

    all for my 9 y.o. DD.

    And possibly a cocktail length kilted skirt for myself.

    Keep nagging me! I need it!!


    1. Ceeayche | | #39

      What a fun exercise:

      1.  Curtains for the guest room.  Guest coming on Sunday!

      2.  Curtains for the back of the house.  They are cut and ready to be stitched.  Just no time!

      3.  Cushions for the deck furniture.  I'm so trifling.  I have the cushions, the fabric and the storage bags (bought on sale at IKEA), but haven't even cut them out.  Guess I should finish them so I can enjoy the fall evenings before storing them.

      4.  Coat.  I need a new coat for work.  One that goes over parents.  And, have beautiful chocolate cashmere that has been languishing for six years waiting for me to make it work.

      5.  Finish quilt started last year.

      6. Work clothes to accommodate increase in dress size!

      7. Holidays.

      1. gailete | | #40

        Hubby got my picture done of my new dress. #1 on my September challenge to get done. This dress is white with a small green print. I used Simplicity pattern 2615 yet again. My last dress I used this pattern for also and it is a comfy dress. The idea for the lace inserts came from an old Sew Beautiful magazine borrowed from the library. I wanted a feminine dress, but not to fro-fro. My model Anabelle needs to goon a diet as I have hit the I lost 50# mark and I haven't adjusted her yet! Besides the lace inserts, I also once again skipped the neckfacings and used a double fold bias binding.


        I also spent some time tonight working on my Project Linus quilt and more sorting through my stash.


        1. Gloriasews | | #43

          That's a pretty shade of green, Gail - the lace inserts were a really nice idea.  Good job!

          1. gailete | | #44

            Thank you! I had a decent night's sleep so it looks like I get to go to church and take the dress out for its first wearing too!

          2. Gloriasews | | #54

            Good for you!  Did you receive compliments? :)

          3. gailete | | #61

            Yes, I did. I love it when someone says they like something I'm wearing and I can proudly say " I made it" and they don't get the 'I thought so' look on their face but actual admiration! Not that I'm bucking for compliments. The look on hubby's face when he saw me was priceless. I even left off my support socks and wore nylons for the first time in almost 8 years too. I felt pretty and that is an accomplishment after all these years of chronic poor health and feeling lousy most of the time!

            Also to the OP I did see the site where the plus size ladies were wearing that dress. And they said they had bras on. They were bigger than me, but what an amazing dress! Wish I could see those youtubes of stuff like that but with dial up we can't get them to load fast enough. I would have loved to see them doing the actual draping.

            I forgot to mention about my September challenge. I got one block out of 6 on my Project Linus quilt all quilted and I worked on quilting my BIL's quilt. I'm doing an awful job on it. I don't think I will ever do a big quilt again unless I do a quilt as I go. I have one more I was planning to quilt, but I think it wil go out to the professional quilter. So I'm keeping up pretty much with my September goals.

            Edited 9/21/2009 10:38 pm ET by gailete

          4. rodezzy | | #62

            Awesome.  I don't like quilting big quilts either.

            An update on my projects:  Haven't even attempted the doll, no coat cut out or started, and I did design a quilt with my software, but haven't cut it out either. 

            I still have eight days.

            What have I been doing?  Well, I've been knitting.  I've knitted almost the whole back of a vest, I started crocheting a shawl to wear Wednesday, but I don't like it, I've abandoned that idea seeing that this is Tuesday.  Also, I spent last night rebraiding my hair.  Not going to elaborate on that, its too much.  Off tomorrow for line dancing.

            Edited 9/22/2009 9:19 am ET by rodezzy

          5. MaryinColorado | | #63

            Maybe we should put off the doll challenge until after the holidays?  I haven't finished a single challenge and October is upon us! 

          6. rodezzy | | #64

            O.K. it's no longer a challenge, but I will probably make mine just for the sake of making it because I have a lot of time off work during the holiday season.  But you don't have to do it.  No problem.

          7. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #70

            I am still on for making the doll Neva. Not sure when yet, but I am getting closer to getting started. Then I am on to christmas stuff... Cathy

          8. rodezzy | | #71

            All righty!!! Sounds great!!!!!

          9. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #69

            AHEM! Ok Mary Darling, a challenge is a challenge. Ya can roll back the due date all Ya want, but you still have to do it. tee hee hee
            I am still working towards doing mine, and I have only assembled some of the supplies. I will let you off the hook, for now... giggle. You did finish your wall hanging. :) Cathy

          10. MaryinColorado | | #72

            yeah, okay okay!  I really really WANT to make the armature doll!  I just didn't want to hold you all up because my hands and fingers decided to go into hibernation early for the winter!  So I still have it on my list of "todoos" just might not be able to make it for quite a while.  Thanks for the encouragement.  It only took me a zillion tries to be able to type this answetr.

          11. rodezzy | | #73

            MaryinColorado, it doesn't matter whether you do the doll or not, I'm going to love you and cheer you on in whatever you do.  If you never make it, it will be all right with me.  Love and hugs to you and I hope you feel better.  Don't feel you have to do anything.  giggle xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


          12. MaryinColorado | | #78

            Thanks, I don't feel like I "have to"  I really "want to"...but have learned from life to just "accept the things I cannot change" and keep on keeping on.  I get frustrated about having limitations, but we all have them in one form or another.  That's why I have so many projects in different stages all the time.  I feel blessed to have you in my life to share my love of fiber arts.  Thanks for your encouragement!

          13. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #77

            Sorry Darling...:( Did not mean to make you feel bad...please accept my apologies. If it is not going to work, don't sweat it. Wish I could be there to help. Cathy

          14. MaryinColorado | | #79

            What?  You did not make me feel bad, I am fine.  In fact, these "spells" are an opportunity for growth...or catching up on UFO's.  I cleared the surfaces in the studio yesterday (allowed myself the luxury of not sorting and properly putting away for once! This made me feel mischievous rather than neurotic for a change, giggle.) 

            I'm going to try out the Viking air ease hoop my son and dil gifted me with.  It is an interesting contraption, hope it works well!  Maybe I'll get alot of those embroideries done for Vincent's quilt. 


          15. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #80

            Whew! Thanks sweetie. I did not want to seem insensitive. Cathy

          16. Gloriasews | | #65

            I'm glad you were complimented on your new dress.  The lace inserts was a great idea.

            The quilt-as-you-go quilts do make the quilting easier, but you still have to assemble the quilt in the end, and, if it's a large one, it could be troublesom - but then, all the rest of the work is already done, so you'd have a great sense of accomplishment.  Good luck with it and please post a pic when you've finished.


          17. gailete | | #66

            I did a twin size quilt as you go once and by the end it was a huge job, but not nearly as bad as starting out with that same amount of fabric, etc. and wrestling it around. Years ago I got to go on a quilting cruise with Doreen Speckman. She likened machine quilting to wrestling alligators! and she was right! I love all these books on machine quilting. Everything looks so lovely, but I can't see how they can get all that fabric through. I have a Janome 6500 with a large throat which helps, but no small task. Thankfully I'm at the point in my quilt making that I don't generally need large quilts for beds, so lap quilts and Project Linus quilts are much easier for me to deal with which means I enjoy it more.

            Sorting through my stash is becoming a mind altering experience! But I need some new winter clothes! I have to do this! I can do this! I've decided to try and pull out only winter suitable fabrics and let the more spring/summer stuff stay in the dark for a bit longer, otherwise I will be totally overwhelmed. Since I'm a stay at home person, I don't need "fancy' clothes, but for the most part I'm down to my better fabric that I bought when still working -- 8 years ago! I guess I'm just going to have to be a well dressed housewife. Hubby will like that.

            The lace inserts wasn't my idea at all. I got it out of a Sew Beautiful magazine where a mother made three dresses for her daughters all from the same fabric. Two were very girly dresses and the one with the lace inserts had those and some pin stitching but otherwise kind of plain. I suspect that dress was for the tomboy of the family and that was the most fro fro she would agree to wear!

          18. Gloriasews | | #67

            Good luck with your winter wardrobe.  For sure, you'll be an elegant housewife, & it might feel strange at first, eh?

          19. rodezzy | | #68

            O.K. here's the deal.  I've committed myself to go to Ohio for the Thanksgiving HOliday of which I have three days of that week off.  So, my girlfriend I made small quilts for from her mother's clothing is harping on me to make a bigger quilt for her.

            So, here we go.  I have fabric leftover from her mothers clothing and I will now make the main challenge for me to make this large, bed size quilt for her.  Using as much of the leftover fabric of clothing that I can.  I have some beautiful batiks I hope will help me make something spectacular.  The countdown is on as of today for that quilt.  I will use my quilt design software to help design a quilt.  I am excited about that because even though I don't have the actual fabrics in the software's fabric stash, I can use the color of fabrics in the software's fabric stash to represent the colors in the actual fabric stash.  Sounds good here, I'm going to go through the actual fabric tonight and start assigning fabrics. 

            I'm thinking of a bargello quilt design.  What do you guys think?  Since I have lots of colors and not a lot of one color.  If anyone has any other ideas for a quilt, please let me know. 

            I will start a thread in the quilt forum for this project for all the quilters out there.  Will that be O.K.  I will do that tomorrow.  I'm excited about this challenge more than the others. 

            Of course, I've texted my little sewing student (my friends granddaughter) to see if she wanted to do a sewing project while I'm there and she said "Yes" and we have decided on a jacket. giggle. That's makes me even more excited. 

          20. Ceeayche | | #74

            Work it girl.... !

          21. gailete | | #75

            Log cabin quilts can use lots of different fabrics in various amounts also. It is one of my favorite quilts.

            I also have a patterns that I got out of a sewing magazine that uses scraps but the way it is put together it looks planned. It is the design I do my project Linus quilts from. I have found that cutting fabrics into 2x2, 2x4, 4x4 finished pieces can turn out a plethora of different blocks so I cut most of my leftover pieces into those shapes (don't forget seam allowances) especially when I don't know what I'll be making  and then it is fun to whip things together. You will be amazed at how many quilts ask for those sizes of pieces. I call them my 2 by 4 quilts! You can even make flying geese pieces with them.

            What a fun project, an a big one at that, that you have set for yourself. But fun is the reason we sew isn't it?

          22. rodezzy | | #76

            I probably should do that to some of my stash.  I have a few hugh plastic containers of fabric and leftovers.  Once I took my leftovers and made wacky house blocks for a wall hanger.  I used them to make paper pieced blocks, which I still haven't finished.  It's called "paper piecing madness" and I've decided to put the one last seam in it and hand it over to a long arm quilter from my guild to quilt and put it in the quilt show next year.  Which is almost here.  Check out the pictures of the beginnings of my quilt project in the quilting forum. 

        2. rodezzy | | #48

          That is a lovely dress.  I'm very impressed.  Thanks for sharing.

          1. gailete | | #51

            Thank you. I enjoyed wearing it and even asked hubby to take my picture after church. It has been 25 years since I've been down to the weight I am currently. Still need to lose another 50#, but I felt really good about myself today. One of the joys of sewing, when you put something on that you made that you feel really good about wearing it.

          2. rodezzy | | #52

            How wonderful.  I bet you looked great, and I know the feeling of wearing something you've made and you know you've "nailed" it.  I mean really know you did a good job and it looks good.  That feels very good.

        3. MaryinColorado | | #56

          CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Losing 50#'s is just absolutely incredible. 

          Looks like you did an excellent job on the lace insertion!  One of these days I'll have to pull out my Sew Beautiful magazines and get back into the heirloom work.  Thanks for reminding me, there are two patterns for blouses that I've always wanted to make.  Your dress is an inspiration.  My list is so long, but I muddle along and must be happy with what I do accomplish.  You ladies who get so many items made just amaze and inspire me so much!

      2. rodezzy | | #47

        A coat to go over parents!!!!?????  Parent/teacher meetings getting you down....giggle. 

        I'm sure you'll get lots done, in your own time.  That's the best time to get stuff done, in your own time.  That's when I enjoy sewing the most, when I want to, not when I have to.  I'm such a putz.

    2. rodezzy | | #46

      Wow, you sew leotards.   Scary for me.giggle.  I don't sew nothing slinky or slippery or stretchy.  I'm slinky, slippery and stretchy challenged when it comes to sewing that stuff.  giggle.  I commend you and wish you happy sewing.

      1. jane4878 | | #53

        I'll need all the good wishes you can send me! I've done very little with knits so far, but locally leotards are $30-$40 and up. I can't justify spending all that $$ when I can get the knits off Fabric.com for $5 to $7/yard. I only need less than a yard to make one leotard. I've got a knit presser foot I've never used, so I hope that helps. Jane

  9. andsewon | | #96

    Hi there, my challenge the next couple of months is designing a bridesmaid dress from a dress in a store. Then, after I design the dress, I have to redesign it to fit 2 gals that will be 71/2 pregnant!

    1. gailete | | #97

      Wow! both are going to be pregnant! That is taking a lot of chances for the bride I would think and a lot of strain on the pregnant mammas.

      I'm afraid I'm completely off schedule this week with my sewing. I haven't been feeling well this week and last Saturday a young lady of our acquaintance was killed in an automobile accident. The thought of it plus not feeling well has left me bummed out all week, that plus drizzly gray rainy skies all week. We had some sun this morning, but I missed most of it due to crawling back into bed. Hate feeling like this. At least I have a couple lengths of fabric prewash and ready to cut out when I have the energy.

      1. rodezzy | | #98

        Well, ladies, here's the deal.  It is now October and I did do a few things in the past month that I wanted.  As of tonight, I have been working all evening on my quilt.  Will spill the beans on my progress in the quilt thread. 

        I went to a luncheon this afternoon, called Cool Seniors, they do a luncheon/show every year.  They pantomime singers.  It was fun.  We also did some line dancing.  I have a line dancing party tomorrow afternoon.  I will be going to the open knit for a while tomorrow, then to line dancing party.  I probably won't do any sewing tomorrow.  I don't know.  Depends on how I feel.  I'll probably be tired.  I just came home yesterday from work and went to bed.  I talked on the phone to a couple people and my son, then went to sleep. 

        For October, I want to finish the quilt top, finish the vest I'm knitting, finish the gold shawl I'm knitting, and at make my blue jean coat. 

        1. gailete | | #99

          I would just like the energy to do something! anything! I haven't done dishes in a weekand we are out of spoons, knives, forks, etc. I finally had to force myself to start some laundry. I keep telling myself if I just get the rest I need then maybe I will feel better. But going on 9 days now of from bad to worse. Yuck!

          1. rodezzy | | #100

            May our heavenly spirits rain down on you and bless you with what you need.  I am praying for you.

          2. sewluving | | #101

            Sorry you are feeling badly.  Fatigue is a biggy in my condition too.  Hate it.   Here's hoping you are soon feeling more energetic.

            Heather in Calgary

          3. Cityoflostsouls | | #103

            There was a time once when I had pernicious anemia and I couldn't lift my son out of his high chair.  I looked at the floors and realized they needed sweeping and couldn't get around to do anything.  The worst part for me was that I didn't look sick and I knew what people were thinking!  I really couldn't do anything.  I had iron injections because the medicine made me sick.  Thank goodness I got over it.  Things like this can happen and we need to be sensitive to people.  I hope you're better soon.

          4. gailete | | #104

            Thank you. Each day I have a little bit more strength, but have also been battling a Headache for close to a week on top of everything. I walk by my sewing room and would almost like to weep but I have learned my sewing machine knows when I'm feeling lousy and all it will do is make birds nests so no point even trying. I have such a combination of health problems that it is tough, because most people my age are still so active and vibrant, so I know what you mean. And of course the fun of people commenting on the weight I have lost (53# as of today) and then looking startled when I tell them I haven't tried to lose a single pound, I've lost it all due to being sick! My clothes as getting so baggy on me which is why I would really like to get a few more things made. But I also have to finish a quilt too. I need some pep!!!

          5. Cityoflostsouls | | #105

            I'm 5' 7" and have gone this summer from 111 to 102.  It has always taken me 5 years to gain 5 pounds and then I lose it.  Along with one dress size per five pounds. I run around the store looking for food that will put the pounds on and everything seems to be for dieters.  I would look younger if I didn't need skin removal surgery!

          6. Ceeayche | | #109


            I wish you improving health and energy every day.  I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

            However, I'd like you to give yourself permission to rince the daggone forks and knives and leave them in the sink til you can wash them properly.  (Keeps the critters away).  I won't judge you.  In my mother's house they had to be washed and put away every night or something dire would happen.  It's amazing, in my house they sit right there until I feel up to it....

            Several years ago when recuperating from surgery, I was agast when friends came to visit and I had a whole sink FULL of dishes waiting for some love and attention from me, but I was struggling with staying vertical for any length of time.  My dear friends simply raided my fridge for their snacks and washed the dishes and put them away.... all against my feeble protests.   I was so touched. 

          7. gailete | | #110

            Thank you! I am slowly 'bouncing' LOL back. Just frustrating. My older son was home this weekend and the other was over, both with britches mending for me and had to mend a hole in hubbies jeans yesterday, so fixing rips has been the only sewing I have done for close to a month. I just love the triple zigzag stitch for mending! I generally hate mending, but a quick project is better than nothing at this point.

            Our local library is having a book sale this week and I got to pick up some more crafting books and I can feel the inspiration coming back, now I just need the energy! I'm hoping today to find the time to get some stuff put away in the sewing room and assess how much more I need to do on the quilt I am making BIL and maybe get a winter dress cut out, at least get those things done by the weekend.

            When I became chronically ill almost 8 years ago, I learned I had to let it go (house work) but the funny thing was before this latest bout hit, one of my meds seemed to be pulling energy out of me that I hadn't felt in years. Drawers and things got cleaned out that hadn't been since we moved here. Only problem with this med is it makes me sleepy if I stop and sit, yet won't allow me to sleep more than 2-3 hours, hence sitting here typing at the crack of dawn, I've been awake since 5AM and finally decided to get out of bed and do something worthwhile.

            I used to panic every time I knew my mom was coming for a visit and would eyeball a white glove inspection, but I did get past that and now my mom hasn't been speaking to us for almost 2 years, so a clean house and her all seeing eyes don't worry me a bit. I do what I can. One son was over tonight and helped with dishes which was nice. He is such a good helper and the only cost is free food for him. On his day off from working in a grocery store, he helps me get my groceries, hauls them in the house and helps put them away and like I said all he wants is free food for the help! I've often thought of how nice it would be to hire cleaning help, but I think I would be one of those ladies that cleans before the cleaning lady shows!LOL!

  10. beo | | #102

    Challenges?  Every day is a challenge!  However, I am going to make a "doggie coat" out of a fox fur jacket sleeve from a coat a friend of mine had made into a vest.  How I got roped into this project I don't quite know.

    1. joyfulneedles | | #106

      My challenge to myself this past year was to see what I can do with what I have on hand.  I am putting together t-shirts and a length of material to make some t-shirt dresses with a t-shirt top and a cotton skirt.  I tried this a couple of years ago to make sleepwear when  forty dollars for a nightgown wasn't in the budget.  Some of them are pretty cute and making the length of the t-shirt close to the waist I'll have a dress.  If they don't come out well, then I have more night-gowns. 

      I have also been knitting with my stash for the last year and have only bought four skeins of yarn as a base for some interesting afghans.  I have been playing with the feather and fan pattern.

      1. rodezzy | | #108

        Now that is a real challenge.  I have been trying to use many fabrics and stuff I have here, but the challenge has been a bit overwhelming with so many fabrics out there.  I'm going to try and use up all the large pieces of fabric I have.  Good challenge.  giggle.  Thanks for putting things in perspective for me.  I don't want it to rot.!

        Edited 10/7/2009 7:10 pm ET by rodezzy

    2. rodezzy | | #107

      Sounds wonderfully creative.

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