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Comic Relief

sewslow67 | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

Yesterday, I bought a terrific new magazine that I’d never seen before called: “cloth-paper-scissors: studios special issue.  In it, there was a list of the Top 10 excuse for spending time in your (sewing) studio.  Here are a few of the favorites:

“I tell my husband that it’s been clinically proven that expressing one’s creativity in the studio leads to creativity in the bedroom.  He never complains.”  Anonymous in GA

“If I don’t get some time in my craft room, someone is going to be posting bail.” Doreen Larimer in Charleston, SC

“I like to do things in ABC order and crafting comes before housework.” Kathleen Ulrich in Gilbert, AZ

“I carried you for nine months straight.  You can care for yourself for at least an hour.” Nancy Lee Collins in Platteville, WI

“I have no sense of direction.  I simply got lost and couldn’t find my way out.” Nancy Curry via email


  1. rodezzy | | #1

    Thanks, I needed that.  giggle

    1. sewslow67 | | #2

      You are most welcome ...my most creative friend ...I haven't met yet.  ;-)  BTW, you might want to check out the rum cake recipe I put on the "what you making for holiday" thread.  It will also put a smile on your face ...when you eat it ...; in fact, if you eat enough in one sitting, you might even get a really huge case of the giggles too!  LOL!

      1. rodezzy | | #3

        Wow, sounds delicious.  I'll scoot right on over and print it out.  I should have some pics by next week in the quilting section. 

        1. sewslow67 | | #4

          Thanks; I hope you enjoy it.  Now then, I can hardly wait to see your pictures.  BTW, my sewing room has been a bit lonely the past few days as I'm painting the house ...the entire outside.  It's a big job, but will look so nice when it's done.  The people who owned this little cottage before we bought it painted it ...are you ready for this ...bright yellow on the top half and bright blue on the bottom half.  The neighbors said it was even worse when it was yellow and purple.  What a giggle!

          1. rodezzy | | #5

            Have you ever seen those television programs about all of the "different" houses across the country?  I loved that program.  Some people just dared to live their own idea of the "American Dream."  Viva La Difference". 

            I'm sure that you will be happy with all of your hard work and satisfied with your own color decisions.  It is a lot of hard work and you will need a vacation after that huh!?! smile.  Then back to the sewing room? Happy Happy Happy Sewing Sewing Sewing!!

          2. sewslow67 | | #6

            Oh yes; I have seen that program with all the "different" houses across the country ...and thought it was a hoot.  I also agree with you though, in that everyone needs to follow their own drummer.  That's one of the reasons I like this forum so much, and especially to hear about, and see ...everyone's results.  The creativity is masterful.  Most everyone is so inspiring!  Still ...I'll be glad to see that particular yellow and blue disappear.

            Actually, it's not that I dislike yellow and blue together; I've used that combination in decorating (and also in sewing clothing) myself ...but not the yellow and blue on this house.  I've tried to figure out why they seemed to clash so much and wonder if it might be that one came from the "warm" palette and the other came from the "cool" palette.  Hmmm ...not sure if that makes a difference or not.

            BTW, do you have a favorite fabric shop in Chicago?  I've tried to remember where I shopped when I lived there, and don't recall.  I was mostly in my "needlepoint" era when I live there and took all the creative classes offered by an artist by the name of "Amrita".  She used all kinds of wool, silk, and gold threads with lots of texture on the canvas.  I wish I'd kept some of my pieces, but gave them all away for gifts.  I've got a few "in process" though ...giggle ...blush ...so will finish them eventually.  When I do, I'll post a picture.

            Back to painting ...

          3. rodezzy | | #7

            Actually, I do shop a lot at Joann's, but in my excusions with different craft and quilting buddies, I pick up stuff at quilt shops and yarn shops in other cities we've gone to.  Unfortunately, I'm not a name dropper, I rarely remember names of shops or designer fabrics.  I look for quality fabric the old fashioned way.  I look at it, touch and feel it.  I check for fiber content on bolts and labels.  I buy fabric at Vogue Fabrics on Roosevelt Road and Fisherman's Fabrics downtown and in the surrounding areas.  Sometimes I go with a friend and pick up fabric and yarn in second hand stores.  People also give me fabric.  And it is usually very good cottons.  I buy lots of fabrics from my quilting sisters when they are depleting their stashes at our guild meetings and at our quilt shows.  Presently I have posted two quilting projects made from my childhood friends' mothers clothing.  All are my favorite shopping places.  Especially my quilting and crafting sisters/brothers.  They have good stuff and lots of it. 

          4. sewslow67 | | #8

            Very few of my friends sew, but those that do, rarely sell any of their stash.  I had hoped you might mention a store in Chicago that I might remember, and I think you did; (thank you)  it was Fisherman's, I think.  As I recall, the store that I'm thinking of seemed piled high with (good) "stuff" ...and looked rather messy ...but had really great fabrics if you were willing to hunt a little for them.  Like you, I feel everything and am willing to "dig" for good finds.

            There are two great places for fabric in Portland, OR that I check out when visiting friends there:  Josephine's Dry Goods (oh my ...what absolutely beautiful high quality fabrics, but expensive - and used only for your best outfits); and then my very favorite in the whole world:  Fabric Depot. 

            Fabric Depot is (they way) an acre of fabrics of every kind you can possibly imagine and more.  They have GREAT SALES about every 6-weeks with 30% off everything in the store and 40% off all fabrics.  The patterns are 50% off every day of the year and then less for special sales.  You can find them on line (they are not a franchise, so this is their only store) and buy on line.  They are great about sending samples too, and ordering yardage for you too.  I don't think I've bought fabric at regular price for years as I try to always buy on sale.    I prefer to sew only on natural fibers except for ultra suede, facile suede and faux leather.

          5. rodezzy | | #9

            Wow, sounds like a fantastic store.  I would love to rummage though it with you.  What fun that would be.  There are a fair amount of African fabric shops throughout the city.  They tend to import fabric from New York and Africa.  Mud cloth, Kenti cloth and such.  They have the imported embroidered fabrics and lacy cut work fabrics too.  They sell coat ensambles (coat, hat and purse) and outfits made in Africa, where I'm not sure, but the coats don't wear well.  I bought two, one complete ensamble and another coat.  They were suede.  The suede seemed to look muddied and worn after a few wearings.  The purse practically fell apart and I didn't use it but three times.  One coat literally fell apart at the seams.  It was a patchwork fabric.  The pieces were zig zag stitched together.  These are small independent shops dispersed in various parts of the city, the African women have braid shops throughout the city also.

            Oh, I forgot to tell you that I purchase lots of fat quarters and fabrics during the International Quilt Show in Rosemont, IL every year; one of my craft buddies and I have been working the show for the last three years.  Also, at the Stitches Needlecraft Convention I purchase lots and lots of yarn every year there too.  That way I get stuff from across the country all in one place.  One year I purchased $150.00 just in beads.  One year I bought all black and white fabrics for the black and white quilt I made.  It was the best way to get a good variety all in one place.  I save money for those yearly excursions, because I get a greater selection at venues like that. 

            Edited 6/27/2008 12:12 pm ET by rodezzy

          6. GailAnn | | #10

            I'm dissapointed for you and with you. 

            Quality knows no country of origin. 

            Sadly, the same is true whether we are referring to "fine" quality or to "poor" quality.  Gail

          7. rodezzy | | #11

            I'm sorry, I don't understand why you are disappointed in me. 

            If it were from China and fell apart I would say that too.  But it wasn't.  This was an experience with the coats at the African shop, I buy the fabric, but I won't buy another coat. 

            If it was from any part of the world and fell apart on me, I would speak on it and not purchase again. 

            I didn't say that it fell apart because it was from the African shops, I said a coat I purchased at this African shop fell apart.  Please read carefully.

          8. GailAnn | | #12

            Oh, Rodezzy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!  I said "with" you, I meant "along side of" you.  Certainly, I never intended for you to understand me to be dissapointed "in" you. 

            You are one very accomplished woman.   Your kind and caring nature shines through in every sentence you write.  I am proud to count myself as one of your e-friends. 

            It is the dissapointment in poor quality, whatever the origin, I was trying to express   I am feeling that sort of dissapointment "with" meaning "along side" of you.

            Sorry.  Oh so very sorry.  I am devastated at the sadness, I've caused. Gail

            Edited 6/27/2008 12:42 pm ET by GailAnn

          9. rodezzy | | #13

            O.K.  Sister friend.  I'm good.  I just didn't want you to misunderstand me.  We're all good.  Back to sunshine and roses, giggle.

          10. GailAnn | | #14

            Thank you for being such a gracious lady.   Gail

          11. sewslow67 | | #15

            Wouldn't it be great to meet there and shop?  I go down to PDX about every other month (should go down every month) for my medical "stuff", and my reward after it all is to visit Fabric Depot.  I can't always buy something, but I love to look and feel everything.  The closest fabric shop to where I live now is about 75-miles, and the shop is dreadful.  I think I'll the Vogue fabrics by mail that you suggested.  Have you had good luck with them?

            I read something somewhere about a huge craft show in Chicago recently, and tried to find the link back, but no luck.  I somehow thought it was downtown, but not sure.  I'd love to come back to Chicago for a visit too, and visit some of those African fabric shops with you.  I dearly love mud cloth, but haven't been able to find any for years, and not sure why.  I found a great piece at Fabric Depot a few years ago and made a great blouse and wrap shirt, but got so thin (down to 83-pounds) when I got sick that I gave it away.  Have finally gained some weight (got over 100-pounds - yea!) so feel a lot better now.  The saying: "You can never be too rich or too thin" is nonsense ...well ...I don't know about the "too rich" part, but ...giggle!

            My paint brush is probably drying out, so I'd best get back to it.  Oh, I had an idea:  First of all, I wanted to tell you that I love your wall hangings (and the idea that inspired you) on another thread.  They are wonderful, beautiful, soulful of love ...fantastic!  I thought the one especially looked like stained glass.  Wow!  Fabulous!  Now then, my idea:  I was thinking it would be great if we would all send you a bit of our favorite fabric and you could make a "Gathering" design from them all - AND - submit it to Threads magazine.  You could write an article (or I would help you ...or maybe Gail would help write {she is such a fabulous writer}.  Wouldn't that be fun?  So my friend, how about thinking about that?  I'll check back with you when I get my next "painting break" to see what you think.

            Please don't feel like you have to agree.  I'm not trying to put you on the spot here, so "just say no", it the idea doesn't appeal to you.  My feelings won't be hurt.  It was just a thought.  Until later ...

            Edited 6/27/2008 2:42 pm ET by sewslow67

          12. rodezzy | | #16

            I'm glad you are feeling better, don't want you ever to be sick.  Don't hurry to gain too much of that weight back either.  he he.  I've never been too thin or too rich.  In fact, I've never been thin or rich  ha ha!  At 130 lbs you can see my hip bones protruding through my clothes.  And I under 25 at the time.  I was working in a factory at the time.  Physical labor can keep you in shape.  This sitting down at a computer is fattening...giggle.

            The International Quilt Show was in April, 2008.  The next show I know of is "Stitches" and they have moved to Aurora I think.  They also dropped everything concerning crochet.  It used by be in Rosemont, IL about 30-35 minutes from Chicago.  If you can get here, welcome..welcome....welcome.  It would be grand to get together and shop somewhere.  I do have more fabric places here in Chicago, there are a lot new (or old) places I've never been. 

            Now, I don't know about that idea.  Maybe everyone could make a block of their own design and we could put together a sampler quilt.  Something that represents all of us here at Gatherings from around the world.  And get some ideas from there?!?

            So happy painting!

          13. Gloriasews | | #17

            Rodezzy, dear girl, do you realize how BIG that quilt would be if we all sent you a block?  At least with a piece of fabric, sized to your specs, you could use the colours to advantage, but then, you'd have to do ALL the work.  Yah, you'll have to think on it for awhile, as you always have so many projects on the go.  But it is a good idea from Sewslow & would make a very interesting article in Threads.


          14. rodezzy | | #18

            Yea?  About how many blocks do you think?  Not many talk here, and the list of names doesn't seem that big.  And if you limit each block to...say...4.5 inches.  I only counted 50 names in our data bank of names.  That's not many.  All of the blocks in my wall hanging are 4.5 in. four patch blocks.

            Edited 6/27/2008 3:32 pm ET by rodezzy

            Edited 6/27/2008 3:32 pm ET by rodezzy

          15. Gloriasews | | #19

            You actually counted the list?  You're right - that's not so many - & many won't be interested in making a block.  I would guess that at least half of us would love to do it, though, and who knows, maybe others will give it a go who have never quilted before.  It could be great project - but again, very time-consuming for you in your busy life.  I suspect that it kind of grabbed you, though, eh?  You'll be thinking on it for awhile :)


            P.S.  Those are fairly small blocks, so, once you decide (if you decide), I'll have to choose one (probably paper-pieced).  My usual blocks are 6-8", but I'll find one in your size, you can be sure :).

            Edited 6/27/2008 3:48 pm by Gloriasews

          16. rodezzy | | #20

            After I get done with this weekend and the Quilt Show in October, it may be a interesting project!?! 

            And even though it is only July next week, we busy folks are already with thoughts of what we are making/doing/preparing for the holidays coming up.  We've got Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just a skip, hop, and jump 'round the corner.  Giggle!

            P.S.S.  You are a darling!

            Edited 6/27/2008 3:52 pm ET by rodezzy

          17. Gloriasews | | #21

            As the other thread What Are You Making for Christmas? shows, everyone is already planning their Christmas projects.  You're right - once July comes, the rest of the year just flies by.  Christmas & birthdays are our family's big holidays - we don't bother much with Halloween, just hand out goodies - & Thanksgiving is just a good, big family dinner to be enjoyed by all - I don't decorate for either of the last 2.  Of course, our Thanksgiving comes in October, past harvest time here, so there is still time to get things done for Christmas.  Works for me!


          18. sewslow67 | | #23

            "As the other thread What Are You Making for Christmas? shows, everyone is already planning their Christmas projects."

            Clearly, my e-name supports why I started that thread, i.e. I really am quite a slow sewer.  Anyway, I was hoping for some new ideas for gifts and everyone came up with terrific ideas.  No disappointments, that's for sure.  The thing is, if I don't start early, I never get anything completed.

            I've got several gifts completed and wrapping paper out.  Yes ...a bit early it seems, but I thought I'd drop them off on my way through Seattle next month so I won't have to pay postage.  I guess it's my Scotch blood.  OK now ...back to painting.  At this rate, I won't get the house painted before the 4th of July, which was my goal ...even if this is Canada!  giggle ...





            PS:  Just love your quote:  If you believe you can't or you believe you can, you're absolutely right!

          19. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #25

            What part of Canada are you in? Im in Eastern Ontario. Cathy

          20. sewslow67 | | #26

            Hi Cathy; I'm in a very small village up in the mountains in BC.  It is at the base of Wells Gray Provincial Park, so we are within a couple of miles of two rivers, a lake, mountain peaks, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen.  There is also a ski hill, golf course, camping grounds, plenty of fishing.  And ...you guessed it ...no shopping or fabric shops.  Yikes!  ;-) 

            I've never been in your part of the country, but my husband has said that he will take me from coast to coast one of these times in our RV.  It would be fun if we could stop to meet you and maybe we could "hit" some fabric stores.  Like many on the board, I can actually "shop" in my own stash, so I don't really "need" anything.  That said, I love to see what's new and to get a "fabric fix" by walking through the isles and touching everything.  It's eye candy ...all eye candy for the soul.

            BTW, do you ever get over our way?  If you do, please let me know, OK?  It's a great vacation area, so it might be a thought for you.  Got to get back outside.  I've still got a lot of house to paint.  My goodness, but I am slow these days.  Still, I'm grateful that I can do it at my age.

          21. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #29

            OK so make me homesick. Actually, I am a displaced BCer, born in Richmond(Vancouver). Mom and Dad were in Kimberley/Cranbrook until Mom passed 2 yrs ago. Dad moved back here to be closer to family. His job moved us around a bit and us kids all ended up settled here near Ottawa. Actually looking towards a trip west next year(hopefully). Still have family on the coast and up and down the interior. Am Looking you up on the map, and will add you to the Itinerary. If you ever head this way you are always welcome....Cathy

          22. sewslow67 | | #30

            Hi Cathy; I just sent you an email ...hope you can stop by when you come this way.  We can't go shopping, but we can sure have supper here at our home.  I'll look you up on the map as well.   As I mentioned in my email, I am just getting acquainted with Canada.  If we get your way, it would be fun to stop and say hello as well.

            I'm off to the outside - back to house painting.  It's looking so nice and I can hardly wait until it is done.  Then I can get back to my sewing room.  ;-)

          23. Gloriasews | | #27

            Don't feel bad about being slow.  I started potholders for 2 Christmases ago, & still haven't finished them.  (I drew on them, coloured them with crayons, then painted them - still have a bunch to finish).  I'm hoping to finish them for this Christmas, so I'd better start now, eh?  You're right - if you have lots to do, you have to start early or you're up until 3 AM Christmas morning trying to finish them (I've done that, too, for gifts within my house).  By then, wrapping them seems redundant, as they'll be opened in a few hours (& wrapping takes another hour).  Maybe my projects used to be too ambitious, don't you think?  I've slowed down some now & plan more carefully. 

            Good luck finishing the house painting.  You are one brave soul painting the whole outside!  That's a huge job!

            I began by asking where you live, as you hadn't completed your profile (but I deleted the question) as I know now, having read the previous post.  Yes, that's a beautiful little place, (I especially like the Caboose Restaurant), but I can see that there would be no fabric stores there.  Do you at least have a general store that has a fabric section?


            Edited 6/28/2008 5:00 pm by Gloriasews

          24. sewslow67 | | #28

            Thank you for your encouragement; it's so hot today, that I needed that almost more than the glass if iced tea that I just chugged down.  giggle

            As to your question:  Someone said there was a fabric store across from the post office but, when I checked, it was only a sign in a window of a shop that appeared to be abandoned.  There is a grocery store, general store (no fabric there), a dollar store and a few hair salons.  There is an absolutely wonderful restaurant called: "The Painted Turtle" that overlooks Dutch Lake, and the food is unbelievable.  They also a several Chinese restaurants, but only one has good food.  There is also a Dutch bakery (yes, they are from The Netherlands), with yummy goodies to enjoy with a cup of tea.

            Back to painting:  My goodness, it is hot today.  I can't work the long hours that I used to, partly because of my age and partly because I took some pretty bad falls off the roof ...after turning 60! 

            The last time I fell was the worst.  I fell from a high peak, tail first, onto a concrete driveway.  I was up there, cleaning the cedar shakes, and slipped off, breaking my tail bone in 8-pieces and smashing part of to dust.  What a mess.  Good grief, but that was really painful ...for months.  I love doing that sort of thing though ...well ...not falling off the roof, but doing all sorts of projects on the house.

            I like your pot holder project idea; how about sharing that on the "What are you making for the holiday" thread?  I have a crayon picture that one of my grandchild make for me when she was little (she is not sweet-16), and I though that I'd do one of those "reverse iron" deals and transfer it onto a piece of muslin, and make a pillow out of it for her.  I think she'd love it.  Now I really need to stop chatting and get back to work. Are you very far north of us?

          25. Gloriasews | | #31

            It is hot here, too, & for the next week (after being a cool summer so far).  Gad, you are brave to get on the roof (or nuts, eh? :)).  That last fall was terrible - it was amazing you survived it.   What a painful recovery!  And now you're painting the house - what colour? 

            Where are you originally from, since you say you're just getting acquainted with Canada?

            Too bad about there not being a fabric shop there, but it would never survive.   Unfortunately, your closest ones would be Jasper or Kamloops (about the same distance).  If you ever use up your stash, you could order online, as there are a few Cdn. suppliers.  I'm trying to use up my stash, too, before buying more.  I didn't realize how much I had until I packed to move, & it was way too much.

            The cushion idea for your grandchild would be a great Christmas present &, hopefully, a surprise to him/her if he/she forgot that you still have the picture.  As for mentioning my potholders on the Christmas thread, they are so labour-intensive that I won't do them again, but I took a quilting course on doing the crayons & paint a couple of years ago & wanted to try it out on my own on small projects before I tried something larger.  I didn't realize they'd take so much time (but then, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so they have to look GOOD).  I should have made just 1 pair for myself; instead, I am making 6 pair.

            Now, I'm going to make some iced tea - yours sounds really good!  Take care with that ladder.


            Edited 6/29/2008 5:47 pm by Gloriasews

          26. sewslow67 | | #33

            The roof deals turned out to be neighborhood joke though; every time I'd get a ladder out, my neighbors would grab their lawn chairs and watch to see what I'd do next, i.e. which end of the house I'd fall from.  The first time wasn't so bad as I caught myself on a tree limb before hitting the ground.  I just hung there until I could figure out how to climb down.

            The second time, I feel onto some bushes, which broke the fall quite nicely.  However, it was that third time that did some big-time damage, since I fell from the peak of the roof onto a cement driveway (I think I mentioned that already).  And yes, I still have back and tailbone problems from that last fall.  Still ...I don't regret doing the work on my house myself. 

            Oh ...I'm painting the house in very pale, neutral colors.  The top (vertical boards) are a kind of linen color, and the bottom horizontal boards, are a warm beige.  They are both warm tones, and look so pretty together.  I'm still not sure what I'll use for trim.  I"I'll probably get a few quarts of different colors and try them.   We'll see.  Thankfully, my husband supports whatever colors I want to use.

            As for my fabric stash:  If I really got busy, I could use it all up in a year, I guess ...or possibly a bit longer.  I would actually enjoy doing that as I could use the space in my sewing room more effectively.  I've got a beautiful piece of facile suede that I want to make up with Lois Ericson's pattern: http://www.designandsew.com/333_pattern.html

            Are you familiar with her and her daughter Diane?  They are both designers, and Diane does the most beautiful stencil designs every, which are great for embellishing fabrics, either before or after they are sewn.

            Gotta get to the paint.  Have a great day!

          27. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #34

            I admire your sense of independence. Please be careful. The colours sound soft and lovely. Cathy

          28. Gloriasews | | #35

            The colours of your house will look great (& hopefully keep the house cooler).  You DO live an exciting life!  Nevertheless, I'm glad that you've decided to stay off the roof :). 

            No, I haven't used any of Lois Ericson's patterns, but that jacket pattern you have is really nice & will look really good in the suede.  What colour?

            I think my stash would last a year, too, so I have to use it up, as I have no place to store it here.  Maybe I can put it in the closet once I unpack all my other sewing stuff.  It was just too hot to work in there today.  I can't stand the heat once it goes above 24C, as the heat comes all of a sudden & goes just as fast, so it's hard to get used to.


          29. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #24

            Rodezzy, my generous, talented online friend, if you were to consider a project of this size, I know I would need guidelines and a timeframe. I have done some quilting, but not a lot and not for years, but would definitely want to contribute. If someone wanted to organize the project, would you accept help finishing? Perhaps this would be a chance for those who are willing and able to travel to have a real Gathering and meet.
            Any one else have any thoughts on this? Cathy

          30. damascusannie | | #32

            A good rule of thumb for quilt sizes is to remember that a queen runs about 80 x 100. So you'd need 20 blocks across and 25 blocks down if the blocks are 4" when sewn into the quilt, for a total of 500 blocks. I REALLY doubt you'd get 500 participants--even really active quilting lists don't get that sort of response, so I don't think you'd have to worry about getting so many blocks that you'd end up with a ginormous, unusable size. In fact, I think you could jump to 6" or 8" blocks and still be fine.Annie in Wisconsin, USA
            ~~Doodlestein Designs Quilt Patterns
            ~~Finely Finished: Machine quilting worked on a treadle sewing machine.
            See patterns, quilting, and National sewing machines at: http://community.webshots.com/user/damascusannie

            Edited 6/29/2008 11:46 pm by damascusannie

          31. sewslow67 | | #22

            The house is lookin' good, but I have this "addiction" to Oprah, so I just had to come in for a break to watch her show.  This is another show concerning the law of attraction, and they talked a bit about "Vision Boards" ...and I immediately wondered if you have one.  My reason for asking is that you always get so much done, and are so creative!  Anyway, I decided that I'm going to make one as soon as I get done painting the house.

            BTW, I love the conversations that are continuing re making a "Gathering" quilt.  "When" (tee hee) it's done, you can put it on your wall, Rodezzy, since you will have done most of the work.  Anyway, I love the ideas that have come forth from my original suggestion.  It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens as we move forward.  Right now, it sounds like your hands are busy enough for ten people ...let alone the 25-50 who might think it was fun to contribute.

            OK.  Back to painting before my brushes dry.

            PS:  Loved your comment about weight;  giggle.  And yes ...I don't want to over-do it.

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