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Contact with the Editor

Ocrafty1 | Posted in Feedback on Threads on

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really miss the contact/responses we had with Amber when she was the editor. She seemed genuinely interested in what we wanted to see in the magazine…or she could point us in the right direction to find the info in archives or another site. If you look in the Threads info at the beginning of the mag, there is not 1 Editor listed anymore.  There are a managing, senior technical, associat, assistant, and copy/production editors.  Who/which has taken Amber’s position???

There are a lot of posts on Feedback on Threads, and Talk with us,  but I haven’t seen any posts from actual Threads editors.  Its almost like they don’t read the posts we put up there.  I think they should have a category that is dedicated to having contact with the appropriate editor…whoever that is…who will actually answer us. 

Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love Threads and don’t know how I got along without all of my friends here at Gatherings before I found it. I’ve learned more in the past 2 yrs. than I did since I took sewing in 4-H over 30 yrs. ago! Although I’m not interested in every article in each issue, I usually read them…ya never know when ya might decide to really try something our of your comfort zone. But…(there always has to be a but…) I am disappointed in the lack of contact that we’ve had with magazine staff since Amber left.

As to what I’d like to see in an upcoming Threads….Fitting for large busts…but not the normal stuff; like for blouses and tops that button down the front or are pullover…that’s been covered many times.  I’d like to see fitting suggestions for styles that are more like halter style tops. This style is popular for summer tops, as well as for formal wear and wedding gowns. As someone who struggles with DD cups, this is almost impossible.  I’ve had several young ladies who want to wear the current style of halter gowns, but I haven’t been able to perfect a method that gives the support that is needed. Large busted females have ‘girls’ that are sagging from the weight, and most ‘spread’ width-wise, as well.  If women like Oprah can wear them without worry and look nice…the rest of us should be able to as well.

There have been many suggestions here at Gatherings, but none of these give the pictures and detailed directions necessary to do this properly.  I’ve tried using bits and pieces of articles by Kenneth D. King, (bustiers don’t work with this style) and others…even going back to old copies of Threads…but I have yet to come across anything that is really detailed enough to be beneficial. There is no university or fashion design school in my area, so I can’t take a class. There must be a contributor to the magazine that knows how to do this. PLEASE, please, please, please, please HELP!!!!!



  1. User avater
    stitchhappy | | #1

    Hi Deb,

    I'm one of the editors and just happened to click in tonight. I know you miss Amber, but we are reading your posts in her apbsence.  She was gone for eight months before the new editor was hired and it got pretty busy around here. So please don't think we're ignoring you. You can also email any editor directly, but why miss out on the conversation that Gatherings has to offer?

    About your bust--the current SewStylish (on the newsstands now) has an article about enlarging the bust pattern on a sundress. The same process should work for a halter. That article does not get into the support issue, only how to expand the pattern to fit around and over the bust. About three years ago Threads published an excellent article on supporting the bust in a variety of situations and garments. I'll look up the issue number and get back to you.


    1. User avater
      stitchhappy | | #5

      The article about supporting the bust was in Threads issue # 124. It was called How to Build a Better Bust by Ruth Ciemnoczolowski. She has all kinds of ways to support a bust when the clothing is skimpy. You might be able to get an issue by calling customer service. Ruth also has a website http://www.ruthfromomaha.com/index.htm go there and ask her your bust questions in person. She's very funny.



    2. Ceeayche | | #7


      While it's good to know that you all are "clicking in" as you put it, I think what our fellow posters are saying is that we enjoyed a dialogue with Amber that served as a link back to the magazine.  She didn't just lurk through the posts, she responded to our queries, offering insights and suggestions. 

      While I understand that things get harried-- each of us drops off from time to time when life interrupts our Gatherings addictions-- we are among your most loyal and carrying subscribers and a little more effort to provide timely posts to our questions might pay off in even more loyalty. 

      You'll find few of us post a complaint without a constructive suggestion!  And, I think if you check your print versions you will find several members post letters to the editor;and you'll find on the website that other Gatherings members are avid participants in the Reader's Closet; and you'll find that we are subscribers to other Taunton Press titles like "Sew Stylish" and  

      The best dividend from joining the discussions is that these posters are incredibly talented.  I suspect there is another member of your editorial board who pops in with thought provoking questions, but I may be wrong.  You may find you could add a new section in the magazine culled from Gatherings.

      Bottom line is a little more back and forth could be beneficial to each constituency: the editorial board and the loyal posters!


      Edited 4/20/2009 5:52 pm ET by CHL

      1. User avater
        stitchhappy | | #8

        It's good to hear from you. Let's chat. It's true, we're all busy, but a little constructive communication is invigorating. I just came back from a meeting planning the next issue. I think it's going to be amazing. What would you like to read about?


    3. Ocrafty1 | | #9

      Hi Judy,

      I appreciate your response, but I don't subscribe to SewStylish, I subscribe to Threads because it is geared more towards advanced sewers. I would have to make a 40 mile round trip to pick up the copy of SewStylish or order a copy and pay shipping and wait for it to arrive, and from your response, it doesn't include the information that I need. The economy has an impact on where I travel to and what I splurge on...like my subscription to Threads. I don't think I'm alone in missing the responses we were used to getting when we asked for specific info. 

      I have been very happy with the magazine. It is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in sewing. I recently purchased over 70 back issues. I have spend hours reading and posting on Gatherings, I've learned lots from the magazine articles, and have learned even more from the wonderful people here at Gatherings, and value the friendships I've made here. I think I may have even helped some posters along the way. 

      When I started this post, it was an attempt to reconnect with the staff, and to ask for an article on a topic that has not been addressed in depth...that I think many other readers would benefit from.  I have issue 124; there are lots of suggestions for support, but what I was asking for is a step-by-step/how to with specific info for this problem...actually, a Master Class article.  I think I will email Ruth Ciemnoczolowski, as you recommended, and see if I can get the help I need from her.


      1. User avater
        stitchhappy | | #10

         Ruth is the best person I know for bust fitting, and more specifically support issues, I know. I think she'll be delighted to help you. Tell her I sent you.



      2. User avater
        JunkQueen | | #11

        Perhaps you might convince her to write and article for Threads so we could ALL partake of her vast experience? At the very least, do share with us what you learn. While this is not something I need for myself, I do have a busty DIL and granddaughter, none of which are over weight, they are simply well endowed and like the *girls* modestly under control. Your suggestion of this being a worthy idea for an article is a good one.

        1. Ocrafty1 | | #12

          Hi JQ,

          I sent Ruth an email last night, after reading the article she posted on her blog about writing the article for Threads.  I cracked up...I liked 'her' title for the article...but suggested that since Threads is a 'G' rated magazine, they probably had to change it. She sounds like someone I'd have a really good time with.  LM*O

          I'm hoping to hear from her soon. You know whatever she passes on to me will go up here...with her permission of course...my mother always taught us that sharing is fun.  If she responds to my email; I will suggest that she write an article for Threads.  I still believe it is a relevant topic for a more detailed article. If Threads can do 3 or 4 detailed articles on fitting pants, it seems to me that they can do 1 really good one on built in support for the bustline...but I'm not an editor...just a subscriber and avid reader. The magazine is an important reference source for anyone who sews.

          Threads has mentioned the fact that pattern companies create patterns for B-cups many times, and given several ways to do a FBA...but only for 'straight' garments. They also featured a Kenneth D. King master class for creating a bustier..timely for the fashion trends at that time...but haven't really discussed in detail how to support the 'backless' or halter styles that are in vogue now...(pun intended) The article that Ruth wrote had a lot of info, but no details....and it is all in the details.

          Claire Schaffer's couture book touches on the hidden 'tricks' that designers use to keep things where they should be, but nothing in detail. I had hoped that Threads would think this was worthy of publishing something, and I'm disappointed...but not enough to stop my subscription.  I love the magazine and don't think I could manage without coming to Gatherings! I'll admit it...I'm an addict.  LOL


          1. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #13

            >>I'm an addict. <!----> ..... aren't we all.......

            Maybe Threads will reconsider. I thought their answer to you a bit cavalier. Perhaps there are no buxom women there at the magazine to plead this case in the meetings. Or should that the Meetings, with a capital M? Just kidding, just kidding. I love the magazine, too, and there's not a snowball's chance in July that I'd cancel my subscription. I too have all the back issues. Well I think I'm missing 2, but I'll get them....

            Looking forward to your journey through halter tops and containing the girls.

          2. User avater
            stitchhappy | | #14

            You're right! We are all mostly average to undersize in the chest, but that doesn't mean we ignor the call. You might be interesting in an upcoming article on how to make a corselette. That's like a built-in bustier. I haven't read that article yet, but I'm told it's all about support inside the garment.  We are also having a meeting on Thursday about new articles, so I'll pass on your suggestion.


            Judy from Threads

    4. GailAnn | | #21

      Some of our sister seamstresses appear to be interested in finding a celebrity to encourage sewing.  I agree this could wonderful boost to our vocation.  I believe newslady/spokeswoman Deborah Norville is a seamstress.  Gail

      1. KharminJ | | #22

        Indeed! And she has a new line of yarns - exclusive to JoAnn's, I think. I haven't checked them out yet (don't generally do yarn-crafts), but the PA announcements at my store have been touting them heavily lately. Does she mention her crafting on any of her shows? Or is this kinda "insider information"?Bright Blessings! Kharmin

        1. GailAnn | | #23

          Shame, but I've not seen her shows, I only know she is a seamstress because of an artical I read, who knows where, many years ago.  Gail

      2. gailete | | #24

        I don't watch TV or get the paper and the only magazines I see are sewing related, but it would be nice to know that a certain movie star makes her own clothes for off camera, or a TV broadcaster made the outfit that she wore on the set. I think if some of our youngers girls and teens saw real women doing sewing as a matter of life style they may find it more interesting and willing to start doing it themselves.

        I have more I could say on the topic, but deleted it for self preservation. Sufficient to say, I would like to see real people who really sew. I'm not interested in celebrities who are just using their name to make sewing endorsements along with every other thing that they endorse.


        1. Ceeayche | | #25

          Isn't Genie Francis (I may have her name wrong) a seamstress or crafter?  Iseem to remember her on the cover of some craft/sewing magazine ith an interview article where she was talking about her crafts.  She's the actress who played "Laura" on General Hospital during the great Luke/Laura love story of the early 80's and now does movies that are on Lifetime and Hallmark Channels.

          Venus Williams is a seamstress--I recall hersewing a shocking outfit for one of her turns at Wimbledon.  And I think I read Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) sews.

          "Ceeaychelle"Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

          P. S.  Just saw note where Bravo is developing a new show where each week Celebrities will complete like Project Runway!  So now we'll have three shows here in the states:  Project Runway, The Fashion Show, and now Launch My Line.  By the way, The Fashion Show launches this week! It's Bravo's replacement for Project Runway which is now moved to Lifetime.

          Edited 5/10/2009 10:02 pm ET by CHL

          1. starzoe | | #26

            Is this the thread where someone suggested that THREADS have articles profiling movie stars (TV stars?)who sew? Oh, please no. I am of that segment of the population that does not follow *stars* of any genre and reading about someone in who I have absolutely no interest or knowledge is not my idea of what THREADS should include.Let's just keep the articles by known experts and people who have something concrete, new or innovative to bring to the magazine.

          2. ljb2115 | | #28

            I agree!!!  I cannot recall all the "names" from the past who purported to sew and lent their identities to some of the pattern companies.  Most of this is just a "flash in the pan".  Keep substance and quality in the sewing-related articles and I will keep being satisfied.

          3. sewelegant | | #29

            There is validity in all that has been written regarding celebrity sewers, etc., but I'd like to share how impressed I was when I saw an article in one of the women's magazines back when Hubert Humphrey was a popular political figure.  His wife, Muriel, was an accomplished seamstress and like many of us, began sewing because it was economical, but continued because she got the same joy and satisfaction from it as we all proclaim.  At the time he was the vice-president and she claimed to no longer have the time to sew her own clothes and could afford to buy, but still enjoyed sewing things for fun.  Years later, we were living in Northern Virginia and I saw a beautiful, room size tapestry floor cloth that Barbara Bush was proud to say she had made.  I don't think Mrs. Bush claimed to be a seamstress, but just the fact that she completed such an enormous needlework impressed me no end. 

            Like some of you, I am not interested in a design just because a "famous" person is endorsing it, but I do enjoy reading about a real sewing talent a celebrity may have.


          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #30

            I get the drift of your comment Sewelegant! It is the "hidden" sewing talents of famous names that I would love to discover! Perhaps not full page spreads on each, but a special mention and a pic of them in their fav outfit or with their fav project and a few of their personal sewing quirks, hints or helps would be a lot of fun... after all they are real people too....Cathy

          5. gailete | | #27

            I don't know the one lady you mentioned and have only heard and seen a few pictures of the the Williiams sisters. But yes, however shocking her outfit, girls that are into tennis, would notice that she sews and it might encourage them to try also. I greatly fear that sewing will be a lost art in another generation or so unless we can get some more people interested in it.

            There are some women that have their names in lights selling sewing products and books that I'm definitely sick of seeing in print and that is why I'm careful of my remarks and naming names. I don't want to be sued for slander or be jumped on by someone who thinks those people are wonderful. I just remember that the first time I saw one of these women selling sewing related products, I was stunned and it didn't impress me at all.



  2. katina | | #2

    Thanks for saying it Deb - I completely agree with you about the lack of contact with editors. Maybe we just have to accept that Amber was/is exceptional. After all, we didn't have Gatherings until comparatively recently. A huge round of applause for the Internet! This site is a heck of a lot better than nothing at all, and we have met so many talented and generous lovers of sewing whatever our skill levels. Actually, this site is fantastic for all manner of reasons. Maybe one of the editorial staff will start participating more - they do seem to have had quite a bit of regrouping to do.

    I have a suggestion - it's really crazy, but....sewing and knitting and recycling etc are big and getting bigger, with more and more people taking up these activities. Have you thought of contacting Oprah's producers and suggesting that she feature sewing on a show? Maybe you could mention specifically how impressed you are with the cut and quality of her clothes? Do you think she buys off the peg? Surely not. I live in Europe and don't see the show, so maybe she has already done similar progammes, but considering how much she strives to improve people's lives (her encouragement of reading, for example) she might like this idea. Could be worth a try.

    Good luck - Katina

    1. Ocrafty1 | | #3

      Actually, I'm not that impressed with the way many of her clothes fit her...especially now that she has reagained wieght...but she has always been busty and no matter what her size, she has always worn clothing that supported her bust. If she can have support...and I know with some of the gowns she wore; she could not have been wearing a bra.  The gowns must have had built in support. 

      I do like your suggestion of contacting her show and suggesting that she do something per sewing at home. It is more cost effective and is much better than 'throw away' clothing.   Ya never know.....


      1. katina | | #4

        It would be great if she did indeed feature sewing on the show. Please keep us informed.


  3. Cityoflostsouls | | #6

    I'm new to gatherings but I wrote a note asking about an article I had seen on bust fitting.  The lady who replied  from Threads had looked up the article, read it and replied to me very soon.  I was very pleased that she had given personal attention to my request.  The article was on redoing bust darts and for large or small it was a neat article.  I wanted to pass it on and didn't know where I had seen it.

  4. User avater
    Deana | | #15

    Hi Deb,

    I am the new editor of Threads. I just came on board in the last few months so there is much catching up to do! I started a post here a while back where you can get in touch with me directly on gatherings with questions or concerns http://forums.taunton.com/tp-gatherings/messages?msg=9585.1. As I settle in to this new role, you'll be certainly hearing more from me. I'll try my best to get you the information you need. Gatherings is a place for you to talk with one another as well as hear from the editorial staff when possible. There are a lot of posts here and it seems that good questions can get lost in the fold. If you have a question and need a quicker response, feel free to email me at [email protected] or email our general editorial department at [email protected].

    All the best and happy sewing.


    1. Ocrafty1 | | #16

      Thanks Deana,

      I think we've all been frustrated here since Amber left. She was wonderful about reading posts and getting back to us with helpful info very quickly. I suppose we got spoiled...and of course, we miss her. She became part of our group...and we do have a group here...very vocal and very loyal to each other. Even though Threads sponsors this forum, we consider it ours...and we talk about everything!

      Welcome back to Threads and I hope you'll become a very active member or our group here.  We need your input, and help in getting the info that we just can't seem to find anywhere else.  We also need an advocate for us when there is something we really want to see in the magazine. Most of all, we need another friend who enjoys sharing our ups and downs/ frustrations and triumphs, and who will share a good giggle once in a while!


      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #17

        Thank You Ocrafty for putting so elegantly what we have all been feeling. Not that I can really speak for others, but what I myself have been feeling. When I came to Gatherings, one of the most appealing things was the direct feedback we got with the staff. Made it personal. Made it feel like I was being heard. Cathy

        1. Ocrafty1 | | #18

          I can't presume to speak for everyone...and I hope I didn't offend anybody...but I tend to type as I think...Just my feelings, and I personally think most of us here feel the same way...anyone who doesn't, will, I hope, speak (type) their own minds.  LOL!


          1. Ceeayche | | #19

            thanks.  Darlin' you spoke for me as well!

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #20

            he he he, I just assumed that you were using the Royal We. I think it comes from believing there is no I in Team. We are quite the team in this place are we not? lol Cathy

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