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copywrites on designs

MaryinColorado | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

I felt the need to pass along this information.  Embroidery designs (like patterns) are copywrited so you cannot sell them or items with them on.  Several people have told me they had planned to recoup the cost of their embroidery machines by selling items they make.  To do that you must digitize your own work.  Hope this is useful/helpful information when making decisions.  Mary


  1. spicegirl | | #1

    With the exception of their Exclusive License Designs, Cactus Punch allows the selling of up to 5,000 sew outs.  Best to check each company's rules before you sew their designs for profit or gifts.  The penalties are greater than the cost of any embroidery machine.   

    Edited 3/3/2007 2:35 pm ET by spicegirl

    1. MaryinColorado | | #2

      Great to know!  Thanks for sharing the information.  "knowledge is power".

    2. Cherrypops | | #4

      Good to know, as I have a few from cactus punch.


  2. Cherrypops | | #3

    I know I shouldn't double post but this was my response to Mary within another thread,.which i have now deleted..Thank you Mary for starting this discussion in the appropriate thread.

    There are many innovative uses for copyrighted designs for personal use. I will have a linen cupboard full and wardrobe full etc, and yes i wholeheartedly agree with you regarding buyers being told about re-selling designs or items made with such designs.

    i now read all company policies from the websites even if I am downloading freebies.

    some do allow the resale of an item with the design not the design itself. i haven't re-sold.

    To re-sell a design (even if it is amongst other designers, one has downloaded from a website onto a cd) is breaching copyright. Unfortunately this is happening. Design owners are now requesting to be informed if you have purchased or seen their design elsewhere to speak up.

    However, i would presume that there is no difference between giving a CD copy of such free designs and giving the website link to others for their free downloading of the designs. Both of these would be "sharing" which is in the spirit of free design posting on the internet and because no payment for either has been asked or given then copyright should not be breached.

    I haven't begun with digitizing.

    I have the books, and designs, just no machine yet...boo hoo. it's coming.


    Have you secured your own personal digitized designs and templates for your free motion so no-one steals them? I feel it would be worth it.


    Edited 3/3/2007 8:31 pm by Cherrypops

    Edited 3/3/2007 8:33 pm by Cherrypops

    1. MaryinColorado | | #5

      I have not learned digitizing for my Designer 1 yet.  I haven't found just the right software package yet.  I am so picky, I describel what I am looking for and the closest thing I have found is by Correll DraWings and is compatible with most home embroidery machines.  Husqvarna Viking has a new one that isn't on the market yet, I am hoping for the best.   Especially since it is so expensive. 

      Many more expenses seem to take presidence, this year it may be the software or it may be a motorhome or truck and trailor.....maybe not hmmmmmmmmmmmm, now if I can just win the lottery.........Daydreamin Mary

      1. Cherrypops | | #6

        I love daydreaming too and winning the lottery would be just perfect. Hubby and I would love a motorhome so we can tour Australia. I've only been up as far as port douglas, and down to south australia. would love to go to west to perth and smack bang in the middle at northern territory.

        my ma has the Des 1. she is using the generations software and i think will be doing classes online to help her..(need to email her to see where she's at). she was a little befuddled to begin with.

        At least you are close with your software programme. I'll look into coreldraw. hubby uses drawing programs for his work so he knows how most operate. i'll see if he can help me out with that too.

        Ma's first words to her only son my dh, was 'now all your money will be spent on embroidery this and that'..he replied 'that's ok as long as she can make the money back i'm ok with it' That's when i told him all about the copyright issues...but he's still happy for me. just so long as i don't do too many table runners....lol

        keep me posted on the digitizing decision.




        1. MaryinColorado | | #7

          I am so glad that I am not the only nightowl.  Hey, speaking of our hubbies.  I have several male oriented designs for machine emb.  Gary wants me to embroidery a huge snowy owl in flight on his denim winter coat.  So glad the lining is zip out so I can hoop it.  I love the designs from emblib.com, especially the wildlife and Native American des. 

          I want to be able to scan my drawings on a scanner and as simply as possible digitize my drawings.  Also there is free clip art that you can buy and copy for whatever purposes that would be cool to digitize and embroider.  

          The CorelDraWings Program is at thier site online, it would be neat if your hubby could give some input as to what he thinks.   Mary

          1. Cherrypops | | #8

            Isn't it great when online at the same time, although it is 5pm Sunday here in sydney, should think about dinner sometime.

            I love owls, i have some hand applique designs, probably emb. designs also. so many to go through.

            I bought a fabric panel of an eagle soaring which i want to quilt and hang above our bed. we have a dream catcher hanging down from the ceiling.

            clip art is good. i told my ma to go searching for it and also look for kids colouring pages online (copyright probs here to i suppose) to use as templates.

            will get back to you about corel draw.


          2. MaryinColorado | | #9

            My niece used to draw designs for my mom to hand embroider.  Her favorite was Calvin and Hobbs comics, she even named her cat Hobbs, he lived over 18 years!

            I made my daughter a corduroy skirt, jeans, and vest and hand embroidered on them with designs from her coloring books when she was little.  She even had blue suede cowboy boots to match.  I was inspired by some close friends who ran a buffalo ranch after they bought her a blue cowgirl hat.

            Now you have motivated me to really work towards doing this.  I have been hem hawing around long enough.  Think I'll go buy some lottery tickets! lol  Thank You so much for bringing back those precious memories.  I'll have to share this with DD Mary

          3. Cherrypops | | #10

            My mum did hand embroidery on linen, she found one very old piece and gave to me. she taught me how to hand sew basic stitches when i was little, i didn't have the patience. she is amazed at what i can do with the machine, I've made her a skirt and dress, tooo fast for her, and my aunt never understood the overlocker. I tell mum you wait till I get my emb.machine. she'll have flowers on her pillowcases.

            i'm so pleased i've brought back happy memories for you to share with dd. you daughter would have looked adorable, bet she/you had a ball keeping the cowboys away.



          4. MaryinColorado | | #11

            I have started a lapquilt for my mom, about 70x60".  Embroidered roses and many Martha Pullen heirloom type designs.  All pink, rose, baby blues, her fav colors.  She is an antique girl not an old ladie, we tease her.

          5. Cherrypops | | #12

            Sounds gorgeous.

            How long do you think it will take you to complete?


          6. MaryinColorado | | #13

            I don't think about timelines anymore, too stressfull.  I just play with it awhile, get tired of the pastels, move on to other items, then go back to it.  The embroidery is all done, I have redesigned it twice.  Recently bought a bit more fabric for it which is washed and ready to iron.  Next I will do some decorative stitches, pintucks, scallops, etc. With this one, I am concentrating on making individual pieces, then I will see which ones to use and which ones to make pillowcovers out of for her bed.  I might even do a little lace insertion or applique if it doesn't look too busy.  It is a fun project but guess I will aim for Mother's Day.  If I am lucky, maybe I can drive to Illinois and deliver it personally!

          7. Cherrypops | | #14

            i too have given up on deadlines, i don't work well under pressure, i get in a tiz and make too many errors.

            How far is Illinois from Colarado driving time, it takes me a while to get used to timetravel, not having been over there.

            my first mailout from echidna sewing came today, emb. products. sales are on. http://www.echidnasewing.com.au some links are for the us sites like martha pullen.

            and also my craft book monthly catalogue. i find some books are cheaper for me to purchase online from amazon or taunton.

            keep working and happy sewing.




          8. MaryinColorado | | #15

            About 18 hours north of here.  I miss her, she is a very active 81 yrs., does beautiful hand embroidery. 

            Husqvarna Viking has an embroidery only machine, don't know if it is out yet.  My dil plans on buying it.  She borrowed my Viking Rose this week.   She is the reason I am interested in hearing about the emb. only machines.

             love my Designer 1 and don't plan to upgrade it as it is my dream sewing and emb mach.  Not to mention dh would probably just walk on out the door in spite of 30 yrs of marriage!! Just want to get into digitizing this year if I can afford it.

          9. Cherrypops | | #16

            that puts things into perspective, my mum is 12. she has alzheimers. and is 70.

            i'll keep an eye out for the husky, thanks.



          10. MaryinColorado | | #17

            Oooooh!  I just got back from the husqvarna/viking website.  Now I think I need the fabric mover with stitch regulator for freemotion embroidery and threadpainting.  Maybe I'll put that new digitizing software on hold for another year.  The temptations are limitless these days, the self control maddening,  wish I had a money tree in my back yard!  he he

          11. Cherrypops | | #18

            do you what your heart and creative side tells you.

            i think you will have more joy from this.

            and yes it would be nice to have a money tree.


          12. MaryinColorado | | #19

            lI was bored waiting for my printer to finish so I thought I would go wash my face.  The printer jammed, I put my glasses back on, reset the printer.  I rushed into the bathroom, put soap on my face.........oooops, still had my glasses on.  So much for multi tasking.   Now my glasses are still smudged...lol

            Maybe your mum isn't the only one with Alzheimers.  Hope that didn't offend you.  As a nurse, I know how difficult this disease can be.  I had noticed the way you mentioned two ages for her and felt that you are able to tease a little about this so sensitive situation.  Thank God for our sense of humor, it sure helps to add some sweetness to the bitter to make it bittersweet.

            I think I best send myself to bed as I am exhausted.  It is 11 pm here.  Mary

          13. spicegirl | | #21

            You and Cherrypops both have good information pertinent to the forum and I look forward to your comments.   No offence intended, but when you and Cherrypops get off the subject I feel like I am eavesdropping when I am only looking for information on the subject being discussed.  Sorry to be so grumpy, to much time on-line and not enough time on sewing!  I'll go take a chill-pill now.

          14. Cherrypops | | #22

            Thanks Spicegirl,

            I know you directed your comments to Mary but i would like to say, because you did include me, I take no offence, thank you for telling me how you feel.

            We gals do get a little sidetracked, and it happens in other posts also. I find myself in the same situation on other threads here, 'eavesdropping' but then i think 'wait up, this just gives me more insight into the ladies personalities'.

            All work and no play makes Cherry a very grumpy sewer.

            When conversations become too sidetracked I choose to email the member directly and continue chatting behind the scenes.

            Enjoy our continued posts regarding all things Machine Embroidery. I am just starting out with this. And as you are noticing I have done a lot of research and will continue with more.

            Please enjoy us as we enjoy reading and getting to know everyone here too.

            :) CherryP




          15. MaryinColorado | | #23

            oops!  sorry about that   will try to have more self control  it gets worse when I am tired I think   mary

          16. Cherrypops | | #24

            maybe we should email each other directly if it's not really about sewing?

          17. Cherrypops | | #20

            Would you give me more information on the husky embroidery only machine please. I don't think it is available here yet either. So many ladies love the husky machines I would like to wait and see this one or at least read more about it, before i make my final decision.

            What is the HViking Platinum Royal 955E (sewer/embroidery) like? Can you advise with this one?

            I am leaning towards the Janome MemoryCraft 350E.


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