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Curtains from tableclothes

rodezzy2 | Posted in Fabric and Trim on

Today I purchased six red tone on tone striped tableclothes to make curtains with in my bedroom and they are too short.  I’m going to have to buy one 60 x 118 to make extensions to them at the botton end where the seam won’t show.  It’s the only way I could find the read curtains that I wanted.  good night all!


  1. starzoe | | #1

    Consider putting the extensions at the top, the curtains might hang better, especially if the fabric is a little heavy.
    Also, think of putting a cording or some little embellishment addition on or in the seamline, of course that all depends of the fabric.I've made curtains, shower curtains - used with a liner - and clothing from tablecloths. Sometimes you can find real bargains in the linen department. Have fun.

    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #2

      I first thought to do that, but I don't want the horizontal seam interruption at the top.  I want the vertical striping design in the tablecloth to elongate the look and work in harmony with the stripes in the bedding.  It makes the room look grander with the stripes uninterrupted from ceiling to floor.  Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.  I do appreciate them. 

      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #3

        Just how much too short are they?  Cathy

        1. User avater
          rodezzy2 | | #4

          24 inches/2 ft. and that does not include rod pocket space.  My existing curtains are hung on small copper rods I devised to customize to the curves in the bank of windows.  I've used elbow copper joints at the ends and a wider bend joint to fit in the bends in the walls between banks of windows.  I've made three sets of curtains for these windows since I've been here, so I only need 2 inch pockets for the rods.  I don't bother about large hems in the bottoms because most of the curtains are behind my bed and night stands.  The tablecloth fabric is heavy enough to hang straight.   

          Edited 11/21/2008 6:50 pm ET by rodezzy2

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #5

            Are the curtains going to be full length, and are the added pieces going to be a design feature as well?  You are probably wondering where I am going with this, but I am just gathering information to get a visual going.  How wide and long is the window as well.  Cathy

            Ok, I had a brain fart for a moment and missed the earlier comment you made about the length, sorry.  Thanks for the edit with the extra details.  The rod is the neatest idea!  I will have to remember that one!  C

            Edited 11/21/2008 7:01 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          2. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #6

            You have me laughing girl, a "brain fart" that's a new one on me.  And I'll remember it!  I learn so many things on this thread hahahahahahahahahaha!

          3. Ceeayche | | #8

            1. you could as some one suggested put the seam in the top and put 24 inches above it.  Add some boullion fringe and fold the excess down so hit hangs on top of where the seam is like a self valance. Use tabs or rings to hold the curtains up.

            2. you could do it at the bottom, maybe turning the stripes horizontally so it looks deliberate.

            I've pasted some ideas below. (oops hit post before I attached them).  See next posting.




            Edited 11/21/2008 9:08 pm ET by CHL

          4. Ceeayche | | #9

            Here are the pictures I found.

            By the way the copper curtain rod sounds yummy.

          5. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #11

            tee hee, glad you enjoyed that one.  Was not sure it would pass the ###.  I have my visual now on your drapes, and the pics posted have given me a couple of ideas.  How fast do you think you could crochet a fringe trim to cover the seam?  Or some sort of embellishment.  I goofed on my kitchen curtains the last time I made them, and used  an extra piece of fabric to make the header from.  It actually worked really well, as the SA gave the ruffle at the top extra stiffness and it did not fall over and made them look fuller. 

            I made curtains from lace tablecloths for my Dad's kitchen.  They did not even need hemming.  I just needed to make a header.  They had a centered square pattern that I used lengthwise.  I just sewed a white fabric band on the back at the top.  They looked really elegant.  I had to make 4 of them and they only cost $10.00 each but looked way more expensive. 

            Sounds like you have the perfect solution going for your drapes.  Pics Honey, Pics!  Cathy

          6. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #14

            Actually, after looking at the pics CHL sent I like the second one with the different color at the bottom.  I could do the chocolate at the bottom.  I like that a lot.  THEN I remembered my other idea about getting some light in the room. So, tomorrow I will do a couple samples in some old ugly fabric, just one panel and see if I can do a sheer at the top space to fill in the missing length, and use the tableclothes for the rest.  It sounds crazy, but the only way to see what is what is to make a sample panel.  Now that you have some pics of the curtains, you can get a better idea for what I'm working on.  You guys are great!   On second thought, the visual in my mind is yucky!  giggle

            Edited 11/22/2008 9:48 pm ET by rodezzy2

            Edited 11/22/2008 9:49 pm ET by rodezzy2

          7. Gloriasews | | #16

            What a great project for your days off!  You're finally going to do those curtains.  How creative to think of tablecloths, as they are good fabric & should look great!  Can't wait to see them finished.  It's worth a try to see how the sheer will work before you decide how you'll add the extension.  As for the pics, if you look in the archives, Cherrypops had an entry last winter on what size to post pics, so if you check that out, you might be able to reduce the size to the right number of pixels (or whatever they are - maybe megabytes - as you can tell, computer savvy I'm not).  I printed off her instructions, but have yet to find them in my sewing stuff that I'll be putting in binders soon.  Good luck with this project.  The red will be quite cheerful.  Do you also have a red or navy or ? bedspread or quilt to go with the curtains?  Of course, they don't have to match :)


          8. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #17

            I found how to minimize the pics and I am recharging my batteries for the camera, I believe that is why the pics were fuzzy.  The whole room is going to be red and chocolate.  Maryincolorado calls it my raspberry and chocolate room.  I like that.  Food names makes everything sound delicious.  The bathroom will be black and red.  The kitchen will be white and red.  Up early this morning, ready to go get some paint too.  I'm painting one wall today.  The one with the mirror on it.  I think that will look very dramatic.  Wish me luck.

          9. MaryinColorado | | #18

            I told you my daughter's kitchen is gingerbread boys and girls but it is mostly cherries, I forgot until after we talked about your chocolate raspberry bedroom. 

             Last year I made her ared apron with the gingerbread boy and girl embroidered on it and matching towels.  That stuck in my head and I forgot about her cherries.   Guess those "brain farts" are contagious!  Like the cold we've all "shared" around Gatherings.  rofl  Mary

          10. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #19

            Cherries are delicious.

          11. MaryinColorado | | #22

            Yummy!  For Christmas, the kids are making her dishtowels with embroidered cherries during winter break. 

          12. Gloriasews | | #20

            Let me guess - do you like red?? :)  You're lucky your landlord lets you paint!  It should look very dramatic when you're done, & will look like a new place.  You'll be a busy girl this week.  Good luck with it all.  (I also like the rough plaster on your walls).  Enjoy your week.


          13. Josefly | | #7

            Your copper rods sound super. How do you support them at the bends?

          14. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #10

            I used cup hooks, screwed into the wood.

          15. Josefly | | #12

            So the copper tubing is relatively small, to fit into the cup hooks? I think that's a neat idea. I don't imagine your rods show, but I think the copper would make very attractive rods - did you treat the copper at all with any kind of finish?Your red-striped curtains are going to be striking. I'm imagining a damask-type stripe, giving the effect of tone-on-tone? I know you'll come up with a good solution for the extensions. I'm with Threadkoe - pictures, please.

          16. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #13

            No the tubing doesn't show.  I'm going to take a picture. 

            Here you go ladies, the befores:

            Maryincolorado:  Those are the sconce lights.  Sorry the second picture is so big.  I have to learn this computer still!  Sorry for the fuzzy pictures....


            Edited 11/22/2008 9:40 pm ET by rodezzy2

          17. MaryinColorado | | #15

            Nice window!  Thanks for the better pic of those cool sconces!  Love em!  Mary

          18. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            I love the way the curtains snug up to the wall and curve in like that.  Sheer panels at the top makes me think of Hospital Room Curtains, tee hee.  Might want to rethink that one Sweetie!  Would adding a Whipped Cream lighten your Raspberry and Chocolate Confection Bedroom?  Perhaps a Lace panel added to the Curtains would add the light you need.  Or Several Lace Insertions?  Just a thought>  Lace tablecloths come cheap also.   Cathy

          19. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #23

            No lace in my windows, ever and I'm sick of cream.  Thanks for your thoughts though.

          20. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #24

            OK!  Loud and Clear!  Yes Ma'am!  Tee hee.  I can see where you are going with your curtains and they will be very elegant and regal when they are done.  So far, your orginal idea, or the one of bordering the bottom with chocolate are the ones that I like the best, IMHO.  Cathy

          21. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #25

            Check out to pics on the other thread.  You probably won't like the faux finishes, but I like the old world look it gives the walls, and I wish I had the strength to do that third wall behind the bookshelves and mantel.  But, after doing all of that work this morning, I'm pooped.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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