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dongle problem with Viking software

foster | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

I have just installed my new 3DProfessional Viking Software into my laptop. Each time I try to register the software a box pops up and says that I need to attach my dongle that it is not recognized . I have the dongle plugged into a USB port and it is lighted and the computer makes a “ding” sound when I plug it in therefore it must recognize the dongle. And yet, I am still unable to register; has anyone had such a problem and how did you fix it. Thanks, Wanda


  1. SewTruTerry | | #1

    Wanda did you also purchase the DSE with the software or another machine that uses a USB stick to store the designs? Because it sounds as if you are confusing the USB stick and the dongle. The dongle that you need to use for the computer is shorter than the storage device.  That could be what is the problem.  Also sometimes you may have to reboot the computer with the dongel attached for the computer to fully recognize the dongle.  The ding that you are hearing is only your computer recognizing that you plugged something in, not that it is a dongle.  You get the same  sound if you plug in a digital camera, a printer cable, or a Palm Pilot.  Hope this helps.  If all else fails contact your dealer or your salesperson that sold this software to you, it could the rare defective dongle and not something that you are doing.  Good luck and let me know if this helps.

    1. foster | | #2

      SewTru Terry,

      My machine (a Viking 1+) uses a reader/writer which uses a USB cord. I know what you are talking about, sort of, regarding the memory stick for storage. . But I have a dongle.My problem was I had to download a new driver  in my new lapton to drive my dongle.  You were right to advise me to contact my dealer who sold me the software. From her I obtained the website address to find the driver I needed to download.

      My question now is  which of these do I choose to use to allow me to save my designs( from the Monogram Wizard Plue software) into a stitch file: Tajima (*.dst), Brother (*.pes) or Janome (*.sew)?? The first window which appears after I click Save is this window which allows me to choose the stitch format for my designs.

      Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for all your help and time! Wanda

      [email protected]

      1. SewTruTerry | | #3

        If those are your only choices to save your designs in go with the Tajima dst format as the Vikings can read that format easily in the customizing program.  However if you have a choice of other formats the one to choose for the 1+ is hus or shv.  Hope this helps.

  2. egw | | #4

    In case you have not solved your problem yet - I had a similar problem. Went on Viking site and sent off an e-mail to their software support folks who replied that I should download and reinstall a driver for the dongle and gave me the path to it on their site. All has been well since then. I will say that I was reinstalling everything after replacing my pc so the problem may be slightly different than yours.  All was well. However, I have observed that since using my new computer the software will still occasionally not recognize my dongle. Rebooting the pc always causes the problem to go away. (I would add that it happens one in ten times or less.)

    Hope this helps.




    1. liverpool8 | | #5

      I too am having a problem with the Dongle for my (Husqvarna DES 1) Customizing

      Embroidery program.  I have not used it for some time but now when I try to use it I get a message (no dongle attached) I have restarted my computer several times and still it will not work.The green light goes on in the dongle but the light on the computer tower flickers and then goes off.  Husqvarna gave me instructions to download and load a new driver but still I cannot get it to work.  I have been trying each day for over a week now and it is so frustrating.

      If anyone has any other suggestions I will be very grateful.  I have several jobs lined up but will have to refuse them if I cannot get this fixed.


      Edited 8/6/2007 2:35 am ET by liverpool8

      1. fabricholic | | #6

        I have a Designer SE. I had that problem and they ended up sending me a CD to load on my computer. Just keep writing them.Marcyp.s. Have you updated your machine lately? This might help.

        Edited 8/6/2007 11:13 am by fabricholic

        1. liverpool8 | | #7

          Thanks Marcy,  I emailed Husqvarna again and I am waiting for a reply


          1. fabricholic | | #8

            Good luck. I know it's frustrating. Mine happened when I first bought machine and never had seen it embroidery.Marcy

      2. DesignandSew | | #9

        Had the same problem with my software and had to download the driver for the dongle from the Viking website.  When you download it, save it to the desktop or in a file.  If it's placed in a temporary file you will not be able to open your dongle.  I included the address below from the Viking website.  It is listed as HASP Dongle Drivers in the Other Useful Software on the Helpdesk embroidery software page.  I hope this helps!


      3. pingu812 | | #10

        When Viking told you to install the new driver, did they ever have you uninstall the driver first and then install the new driver? Sometimes there's an issue with the old driver and installing an update may not take.Pingu812

        1. liverpool8 | | #11

          Many thanks to all who replied to my problem re- Dongle.  It seems my computer was at fault - the motherboard was damaged - so I have a new computer and will try the dongle again.  This may take a while because I first have to get used to the new Vista  instead of XP. 

          1. fabricholic | | #12

            How did you find out it was the motherboard?Marcy

          2. liverpool8 | | #13

            I have a friend who is a computer guru and he said the motherboard was corrupted.  I bought a new computer with 'Windows Vista' and now I have the same problem.  Husqvarna told me in an email that 'Vista' is not compatible with our Embroidery program.   I am now waiting to hear from my Dealer to see what can be done.  Without the dongle the system is worthless.  Dorothy

          3. fabricholic | | #14

            What a mess. I hope you get your system working properly.

          4. Crazy K | | #15

            I may be wrong here but I think Husqvarna came out with 4d embroidery system and I THINK it's compatible with Vista.  Seems that I read or heard that somewhere.  I'm going to be in the same predicament if my older computer fails......I have XP now but that won't be available if I get a new computer so then I'll have to get new embroidery software.  Where does it end????  I hope you'll let us know what you find out.  It may help many of us to know what is ahead........


          5. Pattiann42 | | #17

            I don't understand the dongle stuff.  I do not have any H/V products and am very happy that I do not.

            I recently purchased a new PC w/Vista and it is a great program.

            I did not have to do any Vista patches for any of my software, although each company does offer them.  

            I have Brother and Babylock Embroidery Machines and use Masterworks software.

            Why do you have to use H/V editing software?  Can't you use a more user friendly program, like Embird?  There are free trails at http://www.secretsofembroidery.com


            Edited 2/29/2008 11:31 am ET by spicegirl1

          6. Crazy K | | #18

            I could use different software but when I purchased my first HV Designer 1, I bought the software as well.  I was totally new to the embroidery scene and had a bad experience with the Janome I got and was told no software was necessary......"just come buy the little design cards from me"!!!  I also got several classes on the software from the  HV dealer.  Had I chosen to get another brand, I would have had no 'support' or training.  That is the reason.  Now, a bit wiser in the whole scheme of things, I could get a less expensive brand and figure it out.  Back then, I'm not so sure.  I could have ended up disgruntled as I was with the Janome with no training no 'customer support'. 

            There you have it in a nutshell!!!  BTW......I LOVE my Viking SE........I've had Pfaff (older, tho) and Janome machines and I do love the SE......

            Crazy K

            Edited 2/29/2008 11:37 am ET by Crazy K

          7. MaryinColorado | | #19

            First I would like to say that I LOVE MY HUSQVARNA VIKING SEWING AND EMBROIDERY MACHINES AND HUSKYLOCK 936 SERGER!!!!!  I have never had a problem with any of my machines. 

             The Customizing Software has been around for a decade, so, of course, is outdated and cumbersome.  The new 3/D 4/D software is "state of the art" and very user friendly.  I had an all day user class for free on it.  For $10.00/month I go to 3D/4D computer club where we learn and use aspects of the software.  At the 3D/4D block of the month club we make a block each month using the software.  There are several classes for digitizing and each aspect available as some people buy the software in stages and some buy it as a large package all at once.  They are catering to our personal needs.

            The dealer support is excellent, the staff will troubleshoot over the phone and at the shop.  The authorized local H/V mechanics are knowledgeable and efficient.  I got as many FREE learn your machine and advanced learning classes as I needed/wanted.  My D1 machine, dongle, and software are upgraded by me via computer to H/V for many years.  They have even added "built in stitches" this way with instructions for use.  (Before I learned how to do this myself, the dealer did it for me at no charge).  This has saved me alot of money through the years. 

            We all have our preferences and personal history, some good, some bad.  When it comes to computers and software, there is going to be gliches.  Mine are usually "operator error" or lack of knowledge. 

            Many of the employees and users of Vista say that it is terrible, cumbersome, not compatible with many other programs.  My husband, who is very computer savvy, has it in his new computer and preferrs XP.  Many of the complaints with sewing machine software are actually related to noncompatibility with Vista or Mac.  This is being corrected as more people have no choice but to buy Vista as that's what's in the new computers.


          8. MaryinColorado | | #24

            I have the 4D software, it is compatible with Vista.  There is supposed to be a way to make the other software compatible with Vista too, but I don't know about it.  Mary

          9. Crazy K | | #25

            Hi Mary,  Wish I could help but I can't.........I have XP and 3d software so I'm compatible and haven't had those issues.  I have decided that I'm going to stay with 3d until I have to replace my computer.  I would still like to get XP which is back on the market in  some cases.  It works and DH is just starting to get comfortable with it so I would hate for him to have to start all over again!  I have also heard that some have issues with Vista in some instances..........not sure if that's still happening but I know it did in the beginning.

            Have a great day!

          10. MaryinColorado | | #27

            It wasn't me having the issues, I was just responding to another person's post.  I have 4D and still have my Designer 1, would love to get the SELE someday but for now, we are still humming along with the floppy disks.  I love my Vikings and especially that all those feet that I bought for my Rose a decade ago work on the newer machines!  That saves a fortune as I have a foot fetish, ha ha.  My 936 serger still impresses me after over a decade too!  Mary

          11. angiegirl2 | | #28

            Designer I & XP

            My question is my 3D software is on my XP laptop and it is about to crash.....If I buy a laptop with windows 10 is my Designer 1 going to read the software.  I have asked the Viking reps but they say to ask where I bought the machine.  But even they couldn't answer my question.  I thought there would be some kind of upgrade for the D1 but apparently not.  Right now I really can't afford to upgrade to a new model.  I really like my D1 but frustrated about what to do when my XP crashes.  Anyone else have that problem?

          12. Peiluj | | #29

            I have had my platinum plus machine for about 15 years now. I was using the software on first windows 98 then went to windows xp when that machime died. A few years ago my windows xp died and i went to windows vista. I was able to get the software to work as far as pulling ip a design into it or creating a design but i could never get the software for the reader writer to work and without that everything i had purchased to that point was useless. I teied to get help from the company but they just kept telling me i had to upgrade my software and were no help. I was not able to find anyone to help me. A couple years it just sat there. I happened to be looking on line one day and found an add for refurbished computers running windows xp. I purchased two of them and i was back on track. Now i am having trouble with the dongle. I have been told they are no longer making my machine or the dongle..

          13. Vayhey | | #30

            Did you happen to try a virtual machine and a USB to Parallel cable? My mom just have me hers and I had some ideas to get it running but none have panned out so far.

      4. lovemybostons | | #16

          I was just cruzing different sites, and seen your site about the husqvarna dongle. Believe me the company will not stand behind their product! I went round and round with Husqvarna "customer service" they did absolutely nothing to help me with the dongle only to tell me it was my fault it wouldn't work! Well I'm here to tell you I would never buy another Viking product again. Over the years I had 4 Viking embroidery machines the last one was the SE, well last week that piece of junk went, and I bought a Pfaff CV, it is a far better machine than the Viking could ever be! I found out in a heart beat that Viking does not stand behind there products, even  if you spent thousands of dollars on their machines. Viking is the worse they are only looking for how much money they can get out of you!

        1. User avater
          genevieve | | #20

          I am sad to hear that you have had this problem of blame and lack of support from Viking.  Unfortunately, I have to report the same attitude. I have been sewing on a Husqvarna since 1973, and have loved their machines - but I have had a problem with my Designer One - all I have experienced is denial, accusation, I've been called a liar, and they just refuse to acknowledge that there is problem. I am now about to go through legal chanels to get a replacement!  They do not stand behind their product.  However, are you aware that the Company which owns Viking Husqvarna - VSM - also owns Pfaff?

          Go to your Consumer Ombudsman/person.  Good luck  Genevieve

          1. dressed2atee | | #21

            I have the Pfaff 2124 which also uses a dongle.  My computer picked up a virus and when I had it reloaded I got the same error message about the dongle.  I sent an e-mail to Pfaff and they responded the very next day with instructions on how to install the dongle software and now it works perfectly.  Here are the instructions they gave me.  Hope it works for you.

            1. Please go to:http://www.vsmsoftware.net/support/Hasp4_Driver_Setup.exe(Please make sure the URL in the address field of your browser ends insetup.exe)2. Click the Save button on the File Download dialog box.3. Note the location in the Save in: box where the file will bedownloaded.  Do not change the file name.  Click the Save button.4. Remove the 3D Embroidery system dongle from the computer.5. Double-click the saved file (Hasp4_Driver_Setup.exe).6. Click the Run button if prompted and follow the remaining prompts.7. When finished, reboot your computer.  Your Hasp dongle driver hasbeen successfully installed.8. Reinsert the 3D Embroidery system dongle.Sincerely, 3D system is working perfectly.

          2. Betakin | | #22

            You are right about Viking and Pfaff being owned by the same company but I believe the name VSM has been changed to "SVP Worldwide" since Singer's holding company Kohlberg made the purchase of Pfaff/Viking.  If you google SVP Worldwide it also mentions that they are underwriters for Martha Stewart Living and she has a long term endorsement with SVP.

          3. mybostonterriers | | #23

            Yes I have heard this, but unfortunately after I bought my Pfaff, or I would not of bought the Pfaff. My new dealer did not tell me this, he has since retired after 40 years.

        2. MaryinColorado | | #26

          Viking and Pfaff and Singer are now all owned by the same company.  I'm sorry that you had so many problems with your software.  All computer software becomes obsolete after a few years it seems.  My first embroidery software from Viking Customizing still works but is so cumbersome with that reader/writer box and all.  I love the new 4D Suite software, it is amazing!  It is the same as the Viking 4D, just different packaging so even though I have Viking machines, I bought the Pfaff software because my dealer delt with Pfaff's more.  Now he's out of business so I have to pay $40.00 per class from another dealer.  Guess I'll be doing it on my own.  Too bad, the classes were so fun.  Mary

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