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Embroidery machines

Jessie3 | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

I am Looking for a new embroidery sewing machine.  I have been looking at Bernina, Pfaff, viking and baby lock .   would love to hear what you have and what you like and dislike about your machine.




  1. Crazy K | | #1

    I have two Designers SEs and love them...........I had a Designer 1 previously and traded up.  Much depends on your dealer though.  You can have a great machine and a lousy dealer and you may be unhappy.

    I have gone to Patternreview and checked on there, too, and everyone seems to love their Designers.....both the 1 and the SE.  There is a new one coming out soon so the SE price could drop.  Right now it's TOL and has a hefty price tag on it.  I also got the 3d software (now they have 4d which is the same but better) and it wonderful to work with.  I had brand "X" before and the Husqvarna Viking wins.....hands down!

    Just make sure you find a dealer who will offer classes, both the machine and the software and who is available and knowledgable to help when you have questions.............

    Happy Stitching!


    1. Jessie3 | | #2

      Thanks for your reply, I am sorry I am so late in answering your march 12 email.  I had a scary medical issue, all is fine.  I love the SE too,but not so sure about my dealer.  she seams scattered during the demo, not sure of how much she knows about the machine.

      I also looked at the Ellegante 2, by Babylock, good price point.  They are possibly coming out with a new machine in the fall?  I can not find anyone who has one of these to talk to.  Checked pattern review, only one review on this particular machine and she did not say much when I contacted her, do you know anyone who has this machine?

      Is there anything you don't like about the SE, my dealer has come down to 6599.99 on the SE LE.  Thought they would come down more since the new one is coming out this weekend.  Do you know what the going rate is in your area? (I live in Oklahoma)

      Also what makes Vikings software better than the brand X you were using and can you say what brand X is?

      Anything you could help with would be appreciated.



      1. Crazy K | | #3

        I do love me SEs.....however, our independent dealership has closed and is now re-opened as a 'corporate' store.  The people working there do not seem to have the knowledge that the previous people did.......too bad corporate didn't take the other dealers employees on board.  Big mistake in my opinion!!  I don't remember exactly what I paid........I bought a D1, traded up and then re-purchased (my daughter's name!) my D-1 and then traded up again when I was invited to a company survey.  The price you were quoted sounds about right.............altho there has been talk of the price coming down more with the new one coming out.

        I had a Janome 9000 before.  It sews fine and is a sound, solid machine but the embroidery part was so limited with a small hoop and I wasn't told I needed software.......just buy the cards and that gets very expensive.  When I got my Viking, I was told that I would be wise to get the software and get started on the right foot.........best advice ever!!!  I got the 3d Studio.......it does everything I need and I can get designs from the internet or buy disks (which I don't) and convert them.  I can use a USB cable direct to the computer (which I don't), a jumpdrive (I do) or an external floppy drive which is what I use mostly.  The SE has some great features and I'm afraid I'm so spoiled that I hate to use the Janome now.  The SE has an automatic foot-down when you touch the pedal, an automatic thread cutter, a sewing advisor which helps if you aren't sure about stitch, needle type or size, etc.  The lights are like landing lights and can be adjusted for warm/cool or in between and intensity as well. And it does a great job of embroidery as well as regular sewing. I guess I just can't say enough good about it. 

        I now am without a 'personal' relationship with my dealer but I will survive.  I guess I like the machine enough to try to get around that.  Just hope I don't have to deal with repair issues.  Once my warranty is up I have a great repair guy that will come to my house and pick up and then deliver machines after he works on them.  He has worked on my other machines and is great!  Reasonable too!!

        Hope this helps you...........if you have more questions, please ask. 


        1. Jessie3 | | #4

          Wow, thanks for the quick and informative reply. 

          Is the SE manual pretty easy to understand even for beginners?

          Some have suggested a less expensive machine, I just do not want to be sorry down the road.  My interest are quilting and embroidery and some sewing for vintage or antique dolls.  So I want some really nice stitches, heirloom stitches.  I guess I just want to experience it all and not be wishing I had the SE.  It may not be smart to start at the tol but I don't want to be sorry either.

          Again thank you for your input!  Good luck with your new dealer/owner. Happy stitching!


          1. Crazy K | | #5

            Hi Sonja,  I have found the manual to be great.  I, too, felt a pang or two of guilt for wanting the tol but DH was all for it since sewing/embroidery is my one and only vice.  I enjoy the sewing and have had the lower end models and worked my way up.......of course, I jumped a few pegs along the way!! ha ha  I have not been sorry that I started with the D1 and upgraded.  The SE is great.......it has power for sewing and lots of heirloom and fancy stitches for you as well.  If you're looking at the SE LE, you'll get all the upgrades.  I'm still waiting to get my jump-stitch mechanical upgrade done.  That will be awesome when it's done.........can't wait!!

            Hope I was of help.  I've read patternreview and found that while nearly all where very complimentary of the Viking SE lots of other brands and models has fewer good reviews and even more not-so-good.  Don't know if that means a whole lot but I thought it interesting.

            Good luck!


          2. Jessie3 | | #8

            Thanks for the reply.  I am not sure about my dealer and was thinking of purchasing off ebay to get a better deal.  I know it is best to go with a dealer to get the classes but not sure they know the machine from the questions I asked.  So I wonder if I would be ahead buying one for less, and purchase classes?  Do you know of anyone that has done that?



          3. Crazy K | | #9

            I'm not sure I would feel comfortable purchasing from ebay.  I was at my local store one day when someone brought in a machine that they paid way too much for on ebay and it was a mess.........a huge mess...not at all what it was advertised as.  The person was upset and wanted the store to service it......for free.  I don't think so!!!!!  They also thought they should be able to get the same classes as buying through the dealer.  Well.......you can imagine.  That went over.....NOT!  I guess I would rather buy a used model or floor model from a dealer and ask for a warranty of sorts (either full or partial) because then if you get a total piece of junk you have recourse.  On ebay you're stuck.  I've read posts from others that have purchased floor models (they get completely gone over before leaving the store) or trade-ins (they get serviced as well) for very reasonable prices and have been very happy.  Maybe that's something to check on.........??????  Guess I would give it a go that way......... JMHO

            Good luck!


          4. Jessie3 | | #10

            Thank you very much, I appreciate your insight. It was  a fleeing thought, kind of like a get rich quick scheme, haha, I must have lost my mind. Insanity, you think!  hahaha!  Have a nice evening.


            Edited 6/13/2008 11:38 am ET by Jessie3

          5. Jessie3 | | #11

            what are you working on now?  I can't wait to get my machine.  I am a nurse and work on call only, so that is 1 to 2 days a week.  Makes saving for the machine slow, maybe I will appreciate it more.  Thanks for emailing me back with all the reason why I should think twice about buying one on ebay.  I got so wrapped up in reading the posts or blogs my patience was wearing a little thin and I got a little anxious and wanted one now!

            How did your classes go on the 4D or is it Maryincolorado that has the 4D?

            I don't have any friends that sew, so I am on my own and I hope to make some that do.

            Again thanks for your help!


            Edited 6/13/2008 9:47 pm ET by Jessie3

          6. Crazy K | | #12

            I just finished some embroidered tote bags for gifts and then two for a Cancer Relay Silent auction in our area.  I have a shirt to embroider for my grandson with karate figures on it.  He's 5 and thinks grandma's things are cool.........especially when he can help pick colors, etc!!

            It's MaryinColorado that has the 4d and is taking classes.  I have 3d Studio and it does everything I need at present.  I'm excited to see the new Viking that's coming out but with the economy as it is today, I'm not sure that a trade up is in my future.  I really like my SEs. 

            I'm glad I stuck my nose in and mentioned the ebay thing.  I guess for some things it may be just fine but for an expensive machine, I would be fearful.  Trade-ins and floor models should be a safer bet for you.  I have sewing friends and some that embroider.  Lucky that way.

            I do enjoy doing embroidery.  I hope you're able to get involved in it soon.  It's fun to make things for people that are personalized and truly 'one-of-a-kind'.


          7. Jessie3 | | #13

            Thanks, keep in touch.

            I live in Broken Arrow , OK, just outside of Tulsa.  May I ask where you are from?  I am married, I have two boys, soon to be 21 and 17.

            When I get mine I may need your advice on some beginner embroidery projects if that's okay?  I hope to purchase one within 3-6 weeks depending on the model.  I am waiting for the new Viking to come out before I make a decision.  with the American dollar deflated these machines will be expensive.  My dealer told me 9000.00 for the new one, they are sure dealing with a limited market at that price, but maybe that will bring the SE LE down a little.  I plan to watch the Web cast, this Sunday about the new machine.  Can't wait.

            keep me informed with your new projects, I would like to hear all about them .  Have fun.


            Edited 6/13/2008 11:36 pm ET by Jessie3

        2. mede8 | | #6

          I know your message was not for me, but you gave such great information that I just had to thank you for your post. 

          I also have a question:  Did you have to add extra memory to your computer when you installed your software?  I've got the Pfaff 2170 and bought the software when I got it as well, but I have had trouble recently with my computer saying that I've run out of disk space.  I finally had to uninstall all of it so I could run my other software that I need for work.  I am terribly disappointed about that and have tried to figure out how to configure my hard disk so I don't have to buy one of those portable disks that you attach to your computer somehow.  I use a laptop so there is no way to add more disk space or memory without buying a new computer, which I just can't afford right now.

          Thanks again for sharing such helpful information.  It's really appreciated.

          1. Crazy K | | #7

            I'm glad the information was helpful.  No, I did no have to add anything to my computer.  We did have quite a bit of free space and still do so that wasn't an issue.  I don't have a lot of extra 'stuff' on my computer and since we're retired, it is strictly for pleasure......mostly emails and of course, my forums,  pictures of grandkids, etc.

            I hope I answered some questions for you and anyone else that happens to be curious.  I do like my machines.........I feel I am spoiled with the nice features and find it hard to go back to the machines without the bells and whistles I've become accustomed to.

            I really should give credit to the saleslady at the store at the time I went in asking dumb questions........and yes, they probably were dumb.  I had an embroidery machine but my knowledge of the software and basics of embroidery were zilch!  She was so helpful and of course, made a good sale but she was honest and sold me what she thought I wanted by my description (lame as it was!).  I brought home my first Designer I and the 3d Studio software and haven't looked back!  I jumped forward when I traded up for my first SE and then the second ..........don't ask why I need two............I'm spoiled and DH is the one that insisted that it was good to have one to sew on and one to do embroidery with at the same time...........Isn't he wonderful????  We didn't take food off the table and I don't do lots of other things.......not even a big shoe collection......so I guess he figured I earned it for pleasure during retirement.........and it has brought lots of that!

            I hope you find what you need in your search.........


          2. Jorden2 | | #14

            I have 2 Babylocks that embroidery & sew. Love 'em both. I also bought the Babylock serger. Best if you find dealers in your area & go try each machine. I bought the Walmart Brother & exchanged it 2x finally returned for my $$ back. Don't waste your time on them. Can usually find an trade in at a dealer for about the same price. Warning. They are addictive.

          3. WorkWearexpert | | #15

            the machine

            Machines are just something that makes the work fast and easier. Embroidery machines helped a lot of making new hings and are very useful to produce good output that are used by mostly babies Like bbylocks, mittens, any kind of dress.

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