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everything has a use or re-use

extremequeen | Posted in Talk With Us on

I am a fanatic when it comes to recycling and reusing objects, containers, boxes etc.  I have found that yogurt or cottage cheese containers make great holders for thread snips and small embroidery scissors.  The tall wax lined cardboard type ice cream containers make wonderful holders for rulers and marking pencils; while boxes that held bulk crackers and chips (wholesale size) are great for separating projects that are in process…scraps of the garment fabric can be attached to the outside of the box and the box resealed to keep out dust and sunlight.  Also usable are jars (plastic and or glass) for beads or threads…bobbins fit nicely in some smaller jars…similar colors for projects in the boxes!!!  I am the extreme queen for any reusable item..big or small.


  1. dollmarm | | #1

    Hey have you been in my craft room ?  :~)  teheheeheehee I take a lot of the plastic ones for the different lengths of the paint brushes and other accessories.  I have a old dresser that house a lot of crafts items and in one drawer I have several different sizes for buttons,snaps, hooks, and all sorts of small sewing items.  I have never used the cardboad boxes though. I have one restangle container that fruit came in and it holds my zippers.I use the tall plastic containers, not the glass, we have tile on concrete flooring so am concerned with glass.  Most of our glass jars we use for vaccum sealing. I like re-using also.  My hubby says I am a pack-rat but I like seeing how I can best use this empty container.  I had several ones that you get take out Chinese and with the plastic lids and saved them for the church kitchen and had a stash of my own so when you have a dinner - you can share and no worries about getting your own personal container back.  It nice to see what others use and how they use it - thanks,  :~)

  2. sewfar | | #2

    I recycled a lot of the clear plastics boxes that Ferro Rocher chocolate comes in around the holidays to store my thread spools. I won't admit how many I managed to "need" but almost every color group has its own box.

    1. dollmarm | | #3

      I laughed as I read - I have done the same w/ the cans and other items - telling myself I just need that can or that container for it was the right size and it was,... but the goodies inside sure were a selling point -  iffin' I be honest.   :~) 

    2. Palady | | #4

      Long ago learned that great minds have great ideas. 

      As did sewfar, I have the F/R chocolate clear boxes for spool of thread storage as well.  What is neat for me is I have found larger F/R boxes for other sewing supplies.  Being clear accessing is a charm.



    3. Gloriasews | | #5

      Oooo!  - another chocoholic!  Good for you - the excuse for containers is great!


      1. dollmarm | | #6

        OH wow don't even let me even see the word -chocolate !!!!!   I am nuts for it !!!   I have a milk allergy and as it got worst I had to give up my chocolate.  Then I was told as long as I ate the dk'chocolate with no milk I would be fine. WELL ....  my friend - that opened up a whole new world of the delicate chocolate!! 

        I have several stashes in my house and those containers that many come in and priceless, so I tell myself.  An ol' boy freind of my daughter caught on to my game - he said I was playing a dangerous game with myself.  I gave several gifts in those lovely cans at Christmas and I kept the goodies.  :~)  Oh well I admitted it and told them all where they could buy their own special ones.  Most of my famly do not like the dark - I have come to love the darker the better and it is good for you, it is just the quanity that you have to be careful with teeheeeheheehheeheheeheee  :~) OH the ones that come out with the holidays  - O U C H  !!!  OH yeah we be talking about containers here ........  I also wash out the plastic container that the Organic Spinach comes in and use them for scrapes, pins and other ways to organize my sewing drawers.  

        Now I must take my chocolate break !  :~) 

        1. Gloriasews | | #7

          I had my Easter chocolate break about an hour ago :).

          Yes, those spinach & specialty salad containers are useful for so many things - & they last quite awhile, too (& the labels come off easily).  I use whatever containers I find useful or decorative (but still have a use for storage) - the rest all go to recycling.


          1. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #8

            I love recycling. Just a few days ago I made my husband a shop apron from an old pair of denim overalls I bought at a Salvation Army Thrift store for 20¢. I even machine monogrammed his name on a scrap of the fabric and appliqued it on it. He is thrilled, and I didn't have to cut up the denim in my stash he had mentioned would make a nice shop apron.

            But on to the initial topic of storage... My husband and grand children love Nestle's Quik chocolate drink mix. It comes in yellow plastic containers with snap on yellow plastic tops. I remove the paper labels and store the rye, groats, barley, etc that I get from the health food store in those containers and put stick on Avery labels on them. They stack very well in my kitchen cabinets. I also use them in my sewing room and label them the same way. There are some great square clear plastic jars with screw on lids that things like specialty rice, couscous, etc comes in. The glued on label can easily be removed, and they fit nicely on shelves. Because they are clear, you can easily see the contents. I let my granddaughter sort my buttons into different colors last summer and put them in these jars. It kept her occupied while I sewed and we spent real quality time together.

            The chocolate thing has piqued my interest. Only for the storage containers. Never, no never for the chocolate. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

          2. dollmarm | | #9

            OH my hubby would love your title for me !  I love your 'story' on the chocolate !  U keep right one telling yourself it is for the containers!!   teheheheeeheeeheheheee  :~)  Love the Apron !!   I have kept the legs portions I have cut off my sons jeans and pants after he out grows them.   I have a section of nothing but that for enough for projects I want make. 

            I have used the cotton underwear fabric for patches under a torn piece of fabric and you can't seem where it was ever torn.   I also use the elastic if it is stil good - there are so so many useful ways for items when they run out of their use in the form first designed.  Enjoy hearing our ways of recycle,  :~) 

          3. starzoe | | #11

            Not to rain on your parade re the yellow plastic containers. Have you seen the newspaper articles and TV info on storing any food items in plastic containers, even recycled water bottles are suspect for use.As for storing loose items in the sewing room, they seem perfect.

          4. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #12

            starzoe -- no, I've not seen the articles you refer to. I had assumed since loose dry foodstuff came in them they'd be safe for loose dry foodstuff storage. Thanks for the tip. I will certainly check it out. May even email Nestle's. If I get a response, I'll share it!

          5. starzoe | | #13

            It's not just Nestle, it is all plastic, even containers we use for freezing food. We have known for a long time not to cook in the microwave with plastic containers and not to reuse plastic water bottles. I believe the industry is coming up with alternatives, I have a water bottle which appears plastic but is apparently safe but only time will tell. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? And today we are told to throw out Honduran canteloupes because of salmonella poisoning.

          6. dollmarm | | #14

            If its not one thing - it's another ! However I am with the others on ck'ing the plastics - Yikes I ate one of those cantaloupes before the warning came out - hummmm.......  I met a family while living overseas that had adopted 2 precious children with terrible allergies and several test showed they could not even drink out of plastic - it was a rare condition - so they were told.   Once they complied and totally changed several things in their diet and in their home - they totally changed and wow what a difference.  AS far as food goes we use Glass jars and vacuum seal everything.  We live out in the country and those tiny little four legged creatures seem to fine their way in no matter what and to my surprise I went downstairs to the laundry room and saw one.  I almost freaked out  - since that time we have a cat and we see no more in the house - Miss Kitty even attack them outside !  :~) 

            TOO we have to be so very careful with our autistic sons health that we clean all the jars and glass in hot dishwasher and re-rinse before using and nothing of his is in plastic.  One of the morning shows stated there was a new study about plastic in dishwasher and  that the heat releases some of the chemicals with in the plastic - that a pleasant thought  as one are drinks.  yikes!  I re-use container for my sewing and other crafts but not for storage of foods.   Many I know do and have no complication, except for this family I knew.  I would however check the study.  Too when you use glass and vacuum seal your items - the shelf life is better and nothing can in.  I even re-seal for my freezer items. Just a thought - have a great day !  :~)  tera

          7. MaryinColorado | | #17

            Your bug story brings to mind:  I was visiting my brother, we were sitting on his patio in the dark, looking at the stars.  Pretty soon we heard a cricket going around our chairs in circles.  First we laughed, then it puzzled us....we turned on the light to discover that his cat was carrying a cricket around in his mouth.  He apparantly liked this new "trick" or the attention, he continued the entire week I was there. 

          8. dollmarm | | #18

            Thankful for the laughter - I can just see that cat !! My daughter had a cat several years ago and she would go away for the weekends, (she was part of shooting group) her cat would leave her gifts on the front porch.  One night we heard something and we tuned on the light and she had left her a frog jumping around trying to get away from the cat.  Most of the time - there was parts left.  This cat loved the outside and wouldn't come in at night when she was away.  Now when my daughter  was home- the cat was right beside her all night. 

            And it is so in the animal world they know where one should be and all have their place!

          9. MaryinColorado | | #19

            Too funny!  Mary

          10. dollmarm | | #20

            Thought you'd like that one !  I don't know about you and any others  reading  I have bought all sorts of cat toys and ................   a big waste of monies!!!  Cats were not my pleasure you might say!  But when this little kitten (when we found her) attacked this little mouse outside that was as big as she - I loved her !!  She does get into my sewing sleeps in my own cabinet where my material stacked and hides under the sewing dresser and attacked anything that moves - including my legs.  She has the quick reach and it get this instant sting.  She will go into and play in and out any container EXCEPT her carry cage and then once in there she is becomes this she-devil w/ a attitude.   Miss Kitty is more the master at this house than my Lab mix is.  She sits at the door with Mr. Black Jack and she runs the glass door meowing like a wild cat when she another animal comes into the yard.  TOO she walks with us up and down the road when my son and I take the dog for a walk.   All the neighbors commit about this smart obedient little thing.   Take care and enjoy your sewing.  I am crazily looking for a pattern piece that is not in the jacket where it should be.  :~( 

          11. Gloriasews | | #16

            Those large clear plastic jars are good - I also reuse the large peanut butter jars, too, & those super-large jars (as in industrial size relish, mayonnaise, pickles, etc.) for rolled oats, cookies, etc.  The plastic ice cream pails are handy for freezing stuff, too, like cookies at Christmas & sending bundt cakes in the mail (they fit perfectly & don't fall apart).

            As for the chocolate, I never buy it for myself (but love it as a gift, if it's good quality chocolate), but I stake my claim on the containers (especially Ferrero Rocher) if someone else is ready to throw theirs out. :)


          12. dollmarm | | #10

            MY problem is I keep too many -  so says my hubby so I make hiding places for them until I am ready for their next job.   :~) 

  3. Brine | | #15

    My favorite local grocery store sells dried fruit in clear plastic containers with lids that snap shut tightly. I recycle them for packing home made cookies that I take to meetings. Not only do they make it easier to carry the cookies, but I can leave the left over ones for later consumption knowing that they won't dry out. The best part is that I don't have to worry about remembering to retrieve a cookie tin at the end of the meeting.

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