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fabric covered buckles

balesbydesign | Posted in Equipment and Supplies on


I am very interested in finding a source for buckles that you can over yourself with fabric.  I have found several sources that will do it for you, but that’s not what I am after.  My project will require about 30 buckles in varying sizes.  So I’m looking for the un-covered buckles that the professionals use.  They have to be out there some where.  Can any one guide me to the right place?


  1. twreeder | | #1

    Have you tried "googling" buckles?  I "googled" SEWING BUCKLES and came up with several sites.  Maybe you can find something there.


    1. balesbydesign | | #3

      Googling "Buckles" was the first thing I did in my search.  Yes, many sites come up that have buckles, but I have not found the forms for making fabric covered buckles.  These are sort of like the cover button forms you can cover yourself,.....but instead of a button, it's a buckle.  I have looked at every site cited in the Threads Magazine article on making your own belts.(#118 "Four Belts that are a Cinch to Make" by Joyce Murphy)  Not a single site had the forms for a fabric covered belt.

      If you did find them, would you be willing to share the name of the source with me?

      1. judyblader | | #26

        i found them at yardagetown in so cal....
        they did not have a large variety or large numbers of them, but could order if i wanted...

  2. starzoe | | #2

    Fabric stores usually carry the coverable buckles, I've seen some lately but they may not have a variety of sizes.

    1. balesbydesign | | #4

      I have not had success at any of the fabric stores in my area.  (Washington, D.C. area)  Would you be willing to share the manufacturer?  Perhaps I could find it that way.

      1. starzoe | | #5

        I believe DRITZ is one of the companies. Am planning on a trip to the local fabric store tomorrow, will check the labels.

        1. balesbydesign | | #7

          Thank you.  That is most kind!

  3. Josefly | | #6

    I've had no success either, in finding this kind of buckle. I've spent quite a long time searching every internet site I could find, and have checked all kinds of fabric and notions shops. Once they were easy to find among notions in fabric stores. I shopped a year or so ago in Mary Jo's - a huge fabric store in N.C., and asked them if they had the coverable buckles. They said their source for them had ceased to exist. It's frustrating - you still see this type of buckle in ready-to-wear, so they ARE still made. Good luck finding them. And if you do, please let us know where!

    Edited 10/22/2008 10:05 am ET by Josefly

    1. balesbydesign | | #8

      So I'm not the only one!  Believe it or not that is sort of comforting.  I was beginning to feel like I was missing something really obvious.<laughing>  I will definitely share anything I find out.

  4. marymary | | #9

    I looked through my stash of findings and found several different brands of fabric covered buckles.  I searched on all the names and the only one that I could find is Maxant.  They have a website: http://maxantbuttonandsupply.com/products.htm but I can't see that you can order from it.  It does list "cover buckles", but I can't really tell if that means you get to cover them.  They do have a "Contact Us", so that might be the way to go.

    1. balesbydesign | | #10

      You are so very kind.  Thank you!  I have contacted Maxant and they are a wholesaler.  They sell only to businesses and in very large amounts.  But they were delightful over the phone!  So I am going to ask my local fabric store about ordering from them.  Thank you again!

      1. marymary | | #11

        You are welcome.  I hope your project(s) come out like you want.  Can you tell us what you are planning to do with so many fabric covered buckles?

        1. balesbydesign | | #13

          Promise not to laugh.......I wanted to use them in place of bows on my Christmas presents this year........with big wide velvet ribbon.  Okay guys......you heard it first from me,......not from "martha" <laughing>

          1. marymary | | #15

            What a clever idea! 

          2. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #16

            I'm not laughing, I am a bit dismayed I didn't think of it first! What an absolutely wonderful and creative idea. Are you going to make the matching belt or use standard package ribbon? I love this idea.

          3. balesbydesign | | #17

            Bless your heart....how very affirming!  I was planning to use 2-3 inch wide velvet ribbon......no backing......and just a little circle of velcro on the underside to make it stay in place.  Obviously, smaller buckles and ribbon on smaller packages.  That is, if I can find just the buckles for a reasonable price.

          4. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #18

            I hope you find what you need. I was just thinking if you don't find the metal self-covering type, you might be able to use plastic buckles that have no tang (similar to the example shown)and glue fabric onto that perhaps. I recently bought a dress at SalArmy for 50¢ just to get the 10 tortise shell colored buttons and the two matching buckles (like this one) that were on the dress. Once I got it home, I decided I liked the fabric in the skirt well enough to work it in another projcet. And how cute would it be to use faux fur trim to cover the buckles. Sorry, sometimes I get carried away.

          5. balesbydesign | | #19

            Hey,.....take it and run with it!  That's cool.

          6. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #20

            What an interesting and creative idea!  Love it!  I would like to interject a couple of thoughts if I may.  Covering buckles is a finicky thing, but you don't need to use the blanks if you can't get them.  On sale Cheap plastic ones work just as well with double sided tape.  Or any used ones, for that matter.  You can remove the tang with pliers if needed.  Just cut the fabric bigger than the buckle, place tape over the area where the buckle is to go, trim excess, and fold fabric neatly around the buckle.  Since they are to be decorative, the tape will hold very well.  This way you can have a variety of shapes, and the base colour will not matter.  You can often find thrift shop or sale finds for mere pennies.  Sometimes fabric stores clearouts are 10 for $1.  The blanks are often more expensive.  Even the plain metallic ones would look great with the ribbon just the way they are, and would be a fun notion to keep for the sewers on your gift list!  Happy Crafting    Cathy

          7. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #21

            Expanding on Threadkoe's idea, you could wrap ribbon, or strips of ribbon you've cut around the buckle and secure it with DF tape or with fabric glue, too.

          8. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #22

            Now ya got me thinkin'!  How about wrapping sparkly ribbon or yarn around the buckles for some glitter?  or you could glue buttons or beads on to pretty them up some more?  Whooee!  I think I have had too much cought medecine this am.  Cathy

          9. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #23

            Balesbydesign got our mojo working this morning, didn't she? TeeHeeHee

          10. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #24

            Yup!  I think I needed the kick.  Cathy

          11. MaryinColorado | | #25

            That is a very cool idea, I hope you can find the buckles!  Mary

      2. starzoe | | #12

        If you haven't covered buckles with fabric yet, I would suggest that you buy a sample of what is available and practice a little. I remember from years past that this was one of the fiddliest procedures ever and not always successful. The method may have improved though, I haven't covered a buckle for decades!

        1. balesbydesign | | #14

          Thank you for the tip.  I have been duly warned and accept full responsibility.

  5. User avater
    Lainysews | | #27

    Have you tried some of the sewing supply houses that serve dry cleaners, alterations shops, etc.?

    Banasch's (I think is spelled that way) and Atlanta Thread Supply are two that come to mind. Also, you may want to read the advertising in the back of Threads magazine. Amazing what you can find there.

    Also, costume making supply companies may have something.

    I remember the kind of metal buckles to cover you are referring to - used to be quite common.

    Your idea is a great one. Have fun!

    1. balesbydesign | | #29

      Actually, this is a "reply to all".........I've been off the net for awhile, but got a terrific kick out of reading the discussion when I logged back on this morning.  You guys are great!  Wish you lived close by!  I did contact Maxant, and the price was right but the minimum was 144.  Don't need quite that many.  At the moment I am putting the project on the back burner..........I've become the de facto seamstress for the local high school Choir and am up to my you know what in black dresses and tux pants that need hemming.  Gotta love it!

  6. User avater
    Lainysews | | #28

    The website "Les Bon Ribbon" came up when I searched for belt making supplies in Google - they have some nice brass buckles - 40 cents each that could be covered using the double sided tape.

    Drawback - they have a $40 min. order.

  7. User avater
    Lainysews | | #30

    Guess what I found! Threads magazine comes through again!

    On the cover of issue 118 (May 2005) is a photo of belts to make, including a covered buckle. The article by Joyce Murphy has a whole list of suppliers to check out.

    1. balesbydesign | | #31

      This is too funny.......we have now come full circle.  That article was where I began my search.  None of the suppliers listed had what I was looking for.  But thanks for looking!

      1. User avater
        Lainysews | | #32

        I'm glad I checked my email before going to all the sites - though the ones I visited look pretty interesting.

        That is too too funny! But I hope you don't give up on the idea - there is always a 'work around' - and it is a great idea. Maybe when the pants and dress hems are finished you will be more in the mood.

        You are GOOD - It is usually December 23 before I get a great inspiration that MUST be done before Christmas.

        1. balesbydesign | | #33

          I guess it comes with being an Army Wife.  Overseas shipping deadlines are usually right after Thanksgiving.  So I've just developed the habit of planning the Thanksgiving menu and wrapping presents in roughly the same time frame!

          1. User avater
            Lainysews | | #34

            I can understand - while we don't have the time constraint as the oversea's military, we get our Christmas decorating help where we can find it  - we usually recruit our Thanksgiving guests to decorate my roomate's huge tree and living/dining room. Often it's a party of leftovers on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Happily, for me, she is going to be in California judging a dog show in the Yuma, Imperial Valley cluster during Thanksgiving this year.  She loves huge dinner parties, I hate them. Since we are both heterosexual, typical females, just roomates - it's always a conflict when she decides to entertain. I have hidden in my room during a couple of her little get togethers, just to avoid the hassle. Her friends think I am sick a  lot - yeah, I am!  sick of helping serve dinner parties for 30. 

            She would love your idea of the buckles for Christmas bows. But I won't tell her, cause I would have to do the work!  I once made the mistake of making satin pillowcases for her 9 dogs. Now she wants different colors for each holiday. Bless her heart!

            Edited 11/19/2008 2:40 pm ET by Lainysews

          2. MaryinColorado | | #36

            9 dogs, wow, I can barely handle my 1 lab and 1Maltese pets, I thought they were spoiled!  They share a large bed in the living room when we are home, they each have a pillow in my bedroom, neither are satin.  The little one does get on the furniture and our laps, she loves to be up high.  You are a gem to sew projects for your room mate!  I got a kick out of her wanting "holiday" pillows for all 9.  Does she show all of them?  I bet there are some great stories there! 

            My little Zoey looks so cute in her Mizz Sata dress/coat.  Mary

          3. User avater
            Lainysews | | #37

            I just noticed you are "Mary in Colorado"  - I moved from Highlands Ranch a year ago September. I do NOT miss the cold!  But there are things about Colorado living I sorely miss. What region of Colorado are you in? My sister is an artist in Durango.

            The dogs have their own "room" - its a sun room type thing on the lower floor-daylight basement, that spans the width of the house. Daylight on 3 sides-looks out on Lake Hamilton. These dogs live better than a lot of people!  We use pvc pipe fencing for their 'runs' - and they sleep in their crates at night. All except for Jamie, the one Papillon, and Mimi, an older Japanese Chin. The dogs are so sweet - most are older - only two females are still showing. The others are "finished". We will have puppies Dec. 11 - and another litter two months from now. We sent Lily to Idaho to be bred - I must drive into Little Rock airport tonight to pick her up.

            Have been so busy. But yesterday had fun! Using the old curtains for our 1970's van that I had handwoven, (just couldn't throw them out) - I made a 'bag' for a wooden needlework bag/stand. The kind that folds closed when you pick it up, but sits open when using it. I play at knitting - not a lot. My most ambitious project is a sweater that has been in the works for 2 years or better. Doing both sleeves at once so I don't have to finish, then repeat - It may never get finished! But for now I am knitting a pair of wool socks - just because I never have done it before - I may end up with only one sock.

            Take care and stay warm!! - Lainy



          4. MaryinColorado | | #38

            Wow!  Those puppies are sure well taken care of!!! Their sunroom sounds divine!   Zoey's pen is about 4'x3'  and is in the bedroom so she sleeps in it at night.  I had to take her pet taxi out because she was climbing on top of it and jumping out (it's 3' high too).  I was afraid she'd break a leg!  My son's grandfather in law is a pappillon breeder in Iowa.  I don't think he's showing them anymore but might have a lady who still does it for him.  He will probably retire soon as it is getting hard for him.  I visited there and saw his lovely home, his wife bred Dalmations before she passed away.  My daughter in law inherited her last champion Dalmation, but he passed away a few years ago.   I would have adopted one of his Papillons, but I've had Yorkies for years and went to see a litter, the breeder also had Maltese and I fell in love with Zoey.  She reminds us of when our grand daughter was a  little girl in a tutu, she is such a character prancing around.  They have such an unusual gait.  She is the "boss" of our big male yellow lab.

            I'm west of Denver, it's supposed to be in the 60's today.  I grew up in Wisconsin and Illinois so Colorado winters are much milder here.  I still hope to move to a really warm climate some day....................or at least be a "snowbird". 

            You needlework bag/stand sounds lovely!  Have fun knitting!  I'd love to be able to knit sweaters!  My stitches all come out longer at one end so I gave up.  I'm making a crazy quilt for my grandson and need to get busy on that like now.  Mary

          5. Ceeayche | | #35

            What a lovely idea!  Just got through looking at websites for belts using ties (in response to another thread on Gatherings.  I'm like really stoked for the holidays!!! Thank you all for the discussion.

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