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Fabric Stores

Sewnut | Posted in Fabric and Trim on

This is my first post. I agree Joann Fabrics is just Terrible. Hancocks is better only because they are better organized and cluttered with less junk. The sad part is that Joann fabrics can get better fabric. Joann Fabrics has a line Called JF Fabrics. This line of fabrics buys from all over the world. Some very interesting fabric there is! I have been looking for a year and half for fabric to make myself a coat. I am so upset that I have quit looking! In my searches for good fabric I have found: Ebay, Sawyerbrook.com (for a fee they send you samples),Frederikandjoyce.com (for a fee samples) and clothfinders.com. The last two are primarily home dec but they have gorgous fabric as does Sawyer Brook.

If anyone has an online source with remarkable fabric please let me know.




  1. kayl | | #1
    1. Sewnut | | #2

      Thanks Kay! I will check these sites out! 

    2. Bernie1 | | #3

      also Candlelight Valley Fabrics has a website with wonderful cashmere/wool blends for coats, and you might call Banksville Designer Fabrics in Conn. (they have a website, too) and ask for their Tasmanian wool samples. They're terrific.

      1. Sewnut | | #6

        Well I just signed for Banksville swatching service. I am going to E-mail them a photo of the cape/coat. I have been looking for fabric for this cape/coat for almost 2 years. Pretty bad huh? Thanks Annie

        1. SewNancy | | #12

          I also like Banksville Fabrics.  I call them on the phone and ask for Laurie, she is fabulous and they never fail to send great samples.  They were the only place I could find with a good selection of stretch silk charmeuse  for a reasonable price.  After you buy from them for a while they don't charge to send samples.  Also, Paron fabrics in NYC has great stuff.  You need to call them on the phone, though they do have a website.  I have been talking to Lucie for years and she is also great.  They send large samples.  They advertise in the back of Threads.  Try http://www.Manhattanfabrics.com.   They have a great website, but I haven't ordered from them. 


          1. Sewnut | | #13

            Hi! Thanks so much for the info. I went to manhttan website but they are not showing photo samples of there fabrics? Tried to find Paron fabrics on line but came up negative. Where in NYC are they? Thanks Annie

          2. SewNancy | | #14

            When I first went to Manhattan fabrics the photos didn't show.  I had to turn off the pop up blocker to see pictures.  Look in the upper right hand side of tool bar and if you see a blue and green globe click the arrow and turn off the pop up blocker.  If this doesn't work for you, google pop up blockers until you find one that matches your setup.

            Paron is on W 40 I think, between 7 and 8 th Avenues.  They have two stores a few apart, the one furthest west is the half price store. The will send samples from either.  I don't have a current phone # as they closed the 57th street store that I did have a number for.  Call directory assistance.  B and J fabrics also has everything that you could want and they send nice samples, but they are expensive. They moved to 6th I think.  I went in once with a friend and she needed to match a color for an alteration and they mujst have had 20 silks in  cream color. 



          3. Sewnut | | #15

            Hi Nancy! Thanks for the info. I did E-mail Manhattan as to samples etc, but they have not responded. We shall see! also I have looked at MJ Trims before. They have the standard Conso trims and tassels that everyone else carries. There are beautiful trim makers in the world. I just do not know where to go to buy retail.  Thanks Annie

          4. sarahkayla | | #16

            m&J has a to the trade division with high end stuff...several years ago when they were renovating...they opened it to the general public.. I found some fringe that would have worked on the project I was working on....it was merely $100 a yard.


            If you want high end stuff retail i would google folks that carried scalamandre and see what they carry in terms of trim.  I would also google the kips bay decorator show house...and check out their vendors listif your local junior league does a decorator show house.. I would see who they use for vendors...I might also check out clarence house here in new york.


            In general I would seek out interior design stores where rich people live, grosse pointe, manhattan and LA and miami.... good luck.

            having just attended a sale at scalamandre...the livel of trim available...is pretty astounding




          5. Sewnut | | #17

            I have found an ebay sight that auctions sclamandre fabric. I have not seen any trim at this sight. I will do as you have suggested and see what results I get. Thank you so much for the info!

  2. KathleenV | | #4

    I've gotten beautiful fabrics at great prices from Denver Fabrics, http://www.denverfabrics.com. I bought two lengths of their silk velvets to make jackets for the holidays - one Lilac and one Smoke - and they are scrumptious.


    1. Sewnut | | #5

      That sounds yummy! I will look at them. Do they send swatches? Annie

      1. KathleenV | | #7

        Yes. In fact they recommend that you request swatches first.

        I think their prices are excellent.


  3. Crish | | #8

    Try http://www.habermanfabrics.com

    Their website shows a wee bit of their phenomenal selection.  They swatch for a fee which is credited toward any purchase.  Instructions are on the site.  They have many wonderful "one-of-a-kind" fabrics from throughout the world and high fashiop designers, ranging from $5 - $900/yard.  Carry all types fabric year round such as linens in winter and cashmeres in summer.  Also huge button selection, lots of independent pattern companies, home decorating and fashion fabrics.  Huge selection of fancy things like laces and embroideries.  Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.  They have been featured in Threads.  Some of their staff have written articles for the magazine. 

  4. Barbaran8 | | #9

    I occasionally travel on business, and lately have been looking up my destination city in the fabric store reviews on http://www.patternreview.com - then I know where to go in that city to pick up lovely yard goods that I wouldn't normally find in the stores of my home city. They also have sewing website reviews which include quite a number of internet fabric sources.

    1. Sewnut | | #10

      Thank you Barb! What a comprehensive list! I would like to know some of the fabric stores that you find when yu travel. Especially the ones with beautiful fabric. Annie

      1. Barbaran8 | | #11

        So far from Pattern review I've chosen to visit Britex in San Francisco, Rosie's in San Diego, and G-Street in Rockville MD. All of them were various versions of fabric shopping nirvana.

        1. twimb | | #18

          I loved Britex in San Fran and I'm from MD so G street is an old stomping ground. I have the luxury of living in NJ (a train ride from NYC garment district) and I think that has spoiled me with some of the pricing. Britex was great but I could have saved the money and went to one of the exclusive designer stores across the street, and just picked up a $700.00 outfit and saved the sewing time. To me I felt (Britex) $700.00 would get me great fabric with the smallest chance of ever making it off the fabric shelf into an outfit.
          But even being surrounded by that my most favorite place is no where near me, Vogue Fabric in Illinois, go figure. The prices are to die for and the selection is one of the best I have ever seen. They need to beef up their website presence but what a great store. Happy Shopping!!

          1. Barbaran8 | | #19

            Vogue fabrics in Illinois comes out to "do the Puyallup" (Washington state) Sewing show in February... I've bought some amazing fabrics from them then.

          2. Sewnut | | #20

            Hey Everyone! I did not know that Vogue sold fabric in Illinois! Where in Illinois?

          3. SewTruTerry | | #24

            There are several Vogue fabric stores in Illinois. I believe the one they are referring to here is the one in Evanston. When I looked it up on-line there are actually 2 locations in Evanston one at 618 Hartrey Ave and another at 718 Main Street.  There were also phone numbers listed but they have different area codes but that is not that unusual in Illinois to have that happen. 

          4. fabriclover007 | | #31

            For Vogue The Hartry address is their warehouse.  I don't believe you can get in there unless you're a wholesaler and purchasing a bolt.  They definitely won't cut fabric.  (A few of us managed to talk our way in one time).

            The store locations are in Evanston (Main Street, what their refer to as their flagship store); Chicago (Roosevelt Road, short hike from Mag Mile) and Lansing, IL (smallest of the 3 stores).  Much fabric to drool on; amazing prices.  Beautiful wools from $5.99, $5.99 silks, etc.  I live nearly 300 miles away but go as often as I can - they're my favorite store in the U.S. just for sheer selection and value.  You can find much to love there at reasonable prices.

          5. SewTruTerry | | #32

            Thanks for the info on the Harty address. Even though I live just a short distance I rarely get into the area as there has always been an occassional trip to San Fran and to Britex to look forward to but alas there are fewer reasons to get there as there used to be as the in-laws moved to the other coast.  I guess I will have to get to Evanston sometime soon and really have a look around.

          6. fabriclover007 | | #33

            You will love it.  It is a huge store.  I've been to Britex and have to admit I felt too intimidated to look at much.  Unless you're into eveningwear, etc. most of Vogue's fabrics are out to touch.  And I'm a toucher, I have to feel the fabric.

            They buy the ends of the Liz Claiborne run (altho at this time of year most of the best winter stuff is limited); but those are $3.99/yard.  I've gotten beautiful wool crepes and other wools from that.  They have $3.99 knit tables, rayons, etc.  This is just the bargain room.  In the designer or silk room there is a $5.99 silk table (prints and solids) plus more rayons, raw silk suitings, they carry Anne Klein and Donna Karan from time to time.  Then they have a home dec area that I rarely venture into but appears to be nicely stocked also. 

            It is my absolute favorite store in the U.S.  I travel extensively and I always return to this one.  Others can match the selection, but usually not the price.  Lucky you living so close.



          7. kayl | | #34

            Vogue Fabrics brought a truckload of fabric out to the Puyallup Sew Expo... 8-) Nice stuff!Kay

          8. user-474140 | | #35

            Hi,Just found this forum and these messages and am following up in a desperate search for great fabric. Just wanted to let you know that the correct Britex URL is http://www.britexfabrics.com and I am going to be trying their shop by mail service soon.Rob

          9. Chase | | #36

            I subscribe to a swatch service from Sawyer Brook Fabrics. Fabrics are unusual and very reasonably priced. Lots of designer imports. They have every single color of lining & thread and have a great match service. Their web site (sawyerbrookfabrics.com) is limited, but the quality is terrific. I love getting their swatches each month.

          10. Tessmart | | #37

            I subscribe to the Vogue Fabrics swatch service.  I LOVE their fabrics and buy quite a bit that way. Sawyer Brook has very nice selections also.



          11. fabriclover007 | | #23

            Vogue Fabrics, my fave.  I've traveled all over the U.S. and still return to them.  No one can match them for selection AND price.  They match my personality (cheap).  Seriously, I like nice fabric, but I have so much that I don't spend a lot now, plus I only wear things a short time before I lose interest.  Vogue has a $5.99 silk table, Liz Claiborne Ends for $3.99, some Donna K, Anne K, some Chanel, and everything in between.  Rayons, wool crepe, menswear, coating, thai silks; it is to die for.  I live in Michigan and Haberman's is nice; but expensive.  There's another fabric store in Philadelphia that comes close for selection and price; but the name escapes me at the moment.  The last time I was there I had to ship stuff home, silks and wool crepe $5 a yard. 

  5. joneseyg | | #21

    Banksville Fabrics is the best fabric store I've ever seen, especially for clothing ( they have home dec. stuff too). The owners have been doing this for years; go to Europe to scoff up all the excess designer fabrics each summer. They can match virtually anything you can imagine

    1. Sewnut | | #22

      I just contacted Banksville fabrics. I have a coat that I have been looking for fabric about a year. Pretty bad huh! Well they have sent me several swatches to look at. All over the map price wise. I will have to wait until after the lst of the year to pursue it further. To busy.

  6. watersnc | | #25

    I just found this website and saw your message.  The most wonderful fabric store is located in Asheville NC - Waechters.  Their website is http://www.waechters.com.  You can order amazing fabric from them and the ladies are so helpful.  You might want to give them a try.


  7. ctirish | | #26

     Hi, I am new to online discussions but here goes... There is a website banksvilledesignerfabrics.com that has some beautiful fabrics for apparel. I have been to the store and the quality is just amazing.  A site for novelty cotton, knits and flannels is Elkabee fabric paradise. The site address is fabricparadise.com - I met her at a meeting and she is just awesome. She has all the top name designer fabrics.

    I hope this helps..., Jane

    1. Sewnut | | #28


      Thank you so much for the lead. I agree Banksville has beautiful fabrics and have ordered some swatches from them. I did not know about Elkabee's. I found many interesting fabrics there.  Great Fun!


    2. SewNancy | | #30

      I have been buying from Banksville Fabrics for years and they are the best.  I call and usually speak to Laurie and tell her what I am looking for and very quickly get great samples to order from.  Good size and great prices.


  8. bcubed | | #27

    Hi, try Britex(http://www.britex.com     they're in San Francisco, Ca....fabulous fabrics, not cheap, but worth YOUR efforts for a one-of-a-kind garment!  I agree with you about the dearth of good fabric choices out there..... 

    1. Sewnut | | #29

      Boo Hoo. The website is forsale. I wonder why?

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