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Conversational Threads

February challenge- where are you up to?

rsolish | Posted in General Discussion on

Hi there!
I can happily say that I’m on schedule:
-finished blouse and matching wrap skirt – love it!
-finished blouse for DD – she loves it!
-need to sew lining on to jacket
-need to sew matching skirt
those two should be done by Fri.
– need to sew school skirt for DD- not sure which pattern yet.
adding some pictures (the skirt looks so much better on the dress form, I wish I was as skinny as it!)
where are you up to?
thanks again to myrte for the skirt pattern.

Edited 2/18/2008 9:29 am ET by rsolish


  1. jane4878 | | #1

    WOW Raya!  I love the skirt.


  2. SAAM | | #2


    Beautiful work. I love the contrasting fabric on the scarf and the pleated hem of the skirt. Wonderful. I finally finished my daughter's dress that was my November challenge (insert shamed-face here :) ). I will post a photo as soon as I can get her to model it for me.


  3. rodezzy | | #3

    Very nice work, and I love the style.  It's beautiful.

    1. rsolish | | #4

      Dear all,
      thanks for the kind words! i'm really proud of myself for getting it done, and am getting on nicely with the secound skirt.
      what are you up to?

      1. jane4878 | | #5

        This month was a lost cause for me.  Between kids (I still have the extra teenage boy), the hemostasis course I took and getting ready for a trip, I haven't gotten much done.  I'll have to work on them for March.  The course was WAAAYYY harder than anticipated.  I was all stressed out--wrote the exam today and it was quite easy!  Quite a pleasant surprise.  I have to dump the extra kid tomorrow morning as we're leaving.  My daughter had a spat with her best friend that she was supposed to stay with, so we had to find someone to take her at the last minute.  I've stayed away from sewing because I'm so frazzed I would keep making mistakes.  Hopefully I'll come back rested.  Take care everyone...

        Bye, Jane

        1. SAAM | | #6

          I hope life gets easier for you. It sounds like you've had a stressful time. Doesn't a sewing vacation sound relaxing? I know the few minutes I've grabbed to sew over the last few months has been what's kept me sane.Sherry

          Edited 2/21/2008 12:55 am ET by SAAM

          1. jane4878 | | #7

            Thanks Sherry,

            I'm going to enjoy myself.  I'm going to Tunisia and Paris and I'm bringing pencils and watercolour pencils so I can do some sketching.  I haven't done much art since University about 20 years ago, so that will be fun.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for fabric too.  An added bonus--the extra kid is going home today at 10 :^)

          2. SAAM | | #9

            That sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm sure you'll find some fabulous fabrics. And what a great way to remember where you have been, by sketching the scenery. You will remember everything in even greater detail.Sherry

          3. rodezzy | | #28

            Going to do the art thing in Paris, how fun.  Are you sketching architecture or clothes?  I wish you a wonderful and safe trip.

          4. solosmocker | | #29

            February is blowing by this usually productive sewist. We have spent the last week and a half traveling and then helping out DD. Our twin DGC were in the hospital all week with complications from the flu. It was really serious but they are home now and we are blessed that they are on their way back to good health. So it has been hectic and of course as soon as Grandma came back home she got sick. So right now it is nursing the Kleenex box and napping on the couch. Hopefully that will turn around soon. solo

          5. SAAM | | #30

            I'm so sorry to hear that the babies were sick, and you, too. I hope you will all be back to good health in the near future.Sherry

          6. MaryinColorado | | #31

            I pray you will all have a speedy recovery!  Children get ill so quickly, but also tend to recover at an amazing speed.  Take care of yourself, lots of fluids and TLC!  Mary

          7. rodezzy | | #32

            Yes, yes, yes, it's been rough for you I see, I'm so glad the babies are all right, it's so hard on everyone when babies are sick, they are so helpless to do anything or tell you what's wrong and how they are feeling.  It's a blessing to have it come out good.  It's a joy to see those little smiles again. 

            It's also hard when we are ill, here's hoping you come through it all with a sunny side of life, take good care of yourself.  Don't worry about sewing, it's more important that you get your health back in order.  There's only one you, and that can not be replaced.  Get well soon.


          8. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #33

            Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery for both you and the twins!

          9. solosmocker | | #35

            Thanks, gang. I appreciate all the good wishes. I felt a tad better today and managed to finish a felted hat I made and get the hem basted in on Twin baby girl's Easter dress. Then it was crash time. Tomorrow will be another day. I have used the hammer also. I found it came in handy a couple of times at bulky seam joins on my pocketbooks. solo

          10. rsolish | | #36

            take care of yourself, and keep up the good work, are you making a matching easter set for the boy? i loved dressing my twins in matching clothes.

          11. solosmocker | | #38

            This particular little dress is just is in an apricot color. I have planned in the works a mocha linen outfit for our little boy. It will have a smocked insert across the chest and I am working on that now. Didn't know you had twins, Raya. How wonderful!solo

          12. MaryinColorado | | #40

            Oh, that sounds delicious!  They are likely the "best dressed babies"!  Can't wait to see the photos!  (I can't post photos still because dh put in different software and didn't teach me how to use it yet, boohoo). 

            So glad to hear that you are on the "mend"!  Mary

          13. rodezzy | | #37

            I know that there is a lot that you want to get done, but your health comes first.  Take care of you first!

          14. solosmocker | | #39

            I am finally feeling all better today and was well enough yesterday to do some serious sewing. I altered the pattern for fit and did a muslin and then cut out and started sewing a "spring" jacket. I have changed this pattern so much that a reference to the pattern would show something that doesn't look at all like what I am trying to pull together. I am using a new pale yellow matelasse bedspread. I bought it before we moved to this new house and once here we went with more golden shades on everything and this pastel just lost a place to be. I have always wanted to make a jacket out of one of these spreads so this was my chance. There is tons of fabric as it is king size and I should have enough left to pull more outfits together for my two granddaughters. Thanks for your concern. solo

            Edited 2/28/2008 12:04 pm ET by solosmocker

          15. rodezzy | | #41

            That a girl, I'm glad you are doing good and the babies too.  They are aren't they?

            Your information concerning making outfits from that bedspread is a good reference for readers on these Threads.  You can make clothes from other sources than just bolts of material.  Good going sweetie, you're a great sewist.  I'm going to New York on March 7, and I'm just looking at the fabric I have that I could make some special outer wear for the trip.  I'm just looking.  I need to start that baby quilt.  We'll see what I do this weekend.  I have nothing else planned for the weekend except Sunday dinner for my son and play daughter.


            Edited 2/28/2008 12:26 pm ET by rodezzy

          16. starzoe | | #42

            Over the years I have sewn a lot of garments from sources other than bolt fabrics. One of the most successful was a bias skirt made from a blue/white plaid linen tablecloth bought on sale. I wore that skirt for years. I still have a twin to that tablecloth, it is almost banquet size, hardly used, and you have just made me start thinking about revisiting that 45 year old skirt that was so successful! Thanks.

          17. solosmocker | | #43

            Yeah, I'm all better today and did a little work on the jacket, more tonite.
            Yes, Rodezzy, the babies are all better now. Thank you so much for asking.
            I just wish winter would be over. It is expected to hit 26 below zero tonite, which has happened a few times already this winter, but at this point I have had it. Time to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and sew spring/summer clothers, Right? solo

          18. rodezzy | | #44

            Yes, sweetie, it's time to dream spring! 

            But, until then, I plan to make one more winter jacket to wear in New York City on my weekend there March 7,8 and 9.  Know where to get some fabric around Times Square? 

          19. solosmocker | | #46

            wish I did. I'm in NY but way up on the Ontario boarder. NYC is not something I am familiar with. Now Boston, that I can help you with a bit. solo

          20. MaryinColorado | | #45

            Brrr!  It was 65 here today and may be 70 tomorrow.  I opened up the house and it felt great to air it out!  Took a little ride with the top down too!  (With the seat heaters on though).  We are expecting snow on Sunday.  Sounds like we all have Spring Fever!  Mary

        2. rsolish | | #11

          Dear Jane
          it sounds like you realy could use that vacation. relax and enjoy!!

  4. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #8

    Nice job on the skirt and blouse, Raya!

    I'm moving along pretty well on my February projects as well:
     ~ I found a button for my fleece jacket, so that is done. (It's the "Simple Swing Jacket" by Indygo Junction.)
     ~ Tomorrow I will cut and start on the "Paris Blouse".  Since spring is right around the corner, I've decided to do 3/4 length instead of long sleeves.
     ~ The sewing room is rearranged and reorganized, but I haven't started to tackle the craft closet yet.
     ~ The quilt for Project Linus was finished and delivered to the blanket coordidnator.  I missed the fun of the local "Make A Blanket Day" last weekend because we were out of town.  But I've started crocheting another afghan for PL--it's something to do while I watch TV or travel in the car.

    Last weekend we went to visit the in-laws.  I gave my Mother-in-Law the monogrammed purse I made for her.  She loved it, and immediately had to show it off to her friend.  And Father-in-Law loved the carrot cake I made for him (his favorite!)  :-)

    I guess it's time to start thinking about next month's projects now!

    1. rsolish | | #12

      i love the the blouse pattern vickie!
      i would love to see a picture of the fleece jacket.
      i need to sort out my fabric stash again and see what i have.
      since i'm going back to work in 2 weeks my only chalange will be sewing some costumes for my children.
      good luck to all

      1. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #14

        Hi Raya,

        I posted a picture of my fleece jacket in the Photo Gallery--see message 8092.1.

    2. MaryinColorado | | #13

      My goodness!  You have really accomplished so much!  Your inlaws are blessed to have you make them such wonderful gifts.  Yumm yumm, carrot cake!  What recipe did you use?  I just might have to make one too, so I can stop drooling!

      I'm still organizing my sewing studio, so much paperwork to go through.  Years of copying patterns, craft ideas, projects, newsletters, etc. from the internet.  I've thrown away so much, I feel sorry for the trees that gave thier lives for all that paper!  Now I save them to "my documents" and just printout what I need to work on. 

      I continue to be amazed at all the 4D Suite software can do.  It's so fun to learn and practice.  You can even "morph" designs" so my fairies and dragonflys can look as if they are in flight.  Things like the sun or stars are fun to swirl morph.  I've been spending so much time on the computer, maybe I'll actually get some embroidering done today...

      I want to make some casual dresses for spring and summer.  Ran across Kwik Sew 2787 simple sundress in my stash.  It has wide straps so bra straps "shouldn't" be a problem, nice A line.  I bought some soft drapey rayon batik fabric for it.  Can't wait to get started.

      I tripped and fell on uneven concrete yesterday, so today will have to take it easy as I bruised my ribs, hip, shoulder, and hand.  Clumsy me!  Slept fitfully with ice packs all night.  Time to put away the "pity pot" and see what I can accomplish today.  Mary

      1. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #15

        Hi Mary,

        I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly when you fell.  Take care of yourself.  Maybe this is a good time to sit and play with your 4D software.  You'll have to show us some of your creations.

        Check your email for the Carrot Cake recipe.  Hope you enjoy it!


        1. MaryinColorado | | #17

          Oh, how sweet of you!  Thank You so much for the recipe!  

          I'm sore, but on the mend.  I ran out today to buy metallic needles.  I've never had problems with it before, but for some reason the metallic thread is giving me fits.  I loosend the thread tension  and decreased the speed, put in a new metallic needle, still not right.  The fabric is a lovely cotton hand dye and I'm trying to embroidery dragonflys.  The medium weight tear away works better than the lightweight, but I'm just not happy with the results yet.  It's for a gift so I really want it to look right.  Ah well, tomorrow's another day, right?

          The 4D Software is so great.  I'm learning something new every day.  Good for my morale.  

          My grand daughter embroidered her brother's high school logo onto a red Tshirt, it turned out perfect using Floriani mesh iron on stabilizer.  She learned how to "nest" the fabric today.  She has two more shirts stabilized and ready to embroider.  I also started showing her how to use the new software. 

          Can't wait to get the ingredients for the cake and icing!  Yum!  Thanks again.  Mary

          1. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #20

            You are welcome!

            Yes, tomorrow is another day.  Some days it seems nothing goes right.  Today I was hemming a pair of pants for my mom, using the coverstitch on my new serger.  Everything was humming right along until I got to the seams.  Uggg.  The didn't want to go through smooth and straight, and it took about a dozen tries to finally get them to look right.  Mom will think they look fine, but I know it could be better.  But as they say, practice makes perfect, and this was the first time I had used the coverstitch except for test swatches.

            It's so neat that your granddaughter has the sewing bug.  She is learning so much from you.  Young kids pick up on computer stuff so quickly, I'm sure she'll be making her own designs soon!

          2. MaryinColorado | | #22

            Keep practicing!  I still have a pair of jeans that I hemmed when I first got my serger.  I only wear them at home because I had to "skip over" the thick side seam.  I was still working then and decided not to take the time to redo them.  I'ts hard to get heavy denim "perfect" without a few skipped stitches, but you can with regular fabric. 

            For heavy fabrics, I do a chain stitch on the serger and hem them on the sewing machine or only turn them up once and do a two thread coverstitch.  You can also do a 2 thread rolled hem, then press them up and do a coverstitch for a "perfect" hem finish every time.  Mary


          3. Palady | | #23

            For dealing with a "bulky" seam in hemming anything, there's merit in taking up your hammer.

            With the hem hand basted of pinned in place, lay the seam onto a strudy piece of wood.  Strike the "bulky" section firmly with the hammer head as many times as needed to flatten it. 

            Honest, it works.



          4. Crazy K | | #24

            I'll vouch for that one!  I tried it when hemming a pair of jeans and yes, it works!  amazing!

          5. Palady | | #25

            Delighted to read you to have had success with "hammering."

            Perhaps the doing will be of value to novice sewists.

            Maybe we can keep a tally.  Hammering-a-bulky-seam = 2


            Feb 25 - ETA = HABS = 3

            Feb 26 - ETA = HABS = 4 (# includes, Palady, CrazyK, Maryincolorado, mygaley)Feb 27 = ETA = HABS = 5 ( + solosmoker)

            Edited 2/25/2008 6:57 pm ET by Palady

            Edited 2/26/2008 5:35 pm ET by Palady

            Edited 2/26/2008 5:40 pm ET by Palady

            Edited 2/27/2008 4:00 pm ET by Palady

          6. Crazy K | | #26

            I saw the tip on a sewing program on TV......can't remember which but that's where I learned of it..........possibly Sandra Betzina.  It does work with denim...........


          7. MaryinColorado | | #27

            Make that 3, I use a wooden mallet, but noticed DH has a rubber one in the garage....hmmm.  I've already comandeered his dry wall ruler, it's 48 inches long and has a right angle at the end.  It's great to use when I first lay out new fabric, and for quilting. 

          8. mygaley | | #34

            hammering a bulky seam add 1 for me. Galey

      2. Crazy K | | #16

        I, too, have a wonderful southern Carrot Cake recipe.........if you would like it.  let me know and I will email it to you.  It is by far the best carrot cake I have ever eaten........no fat, no calories at all.........no, nuh-uh!! ha

        1. MaryinColorado | | #18

          Cool beans!  I would love your recipe too.  Love love love carrot cake!  Mary

          1. Crazy K | | #19

            I will type it out and email it to you.............watch your mail!  I know you'll love it.......it has become a family favorite here. 


          2. MaryinColorado | | #21

            Thanks so much!  I received it!  Mary

  5. dionna | | #10

    I love the skirt I haven't sewn any thing for a few months due to my packing up to move

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