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Free Sewing & Patternmaking Instructions

Dragana | Posted in General Sewing Info on

Hi all,

It has been a while since I have posted a question (and you guys are awesome with help and suggestions).

Today, I just want to let you know that I have been busy building my web site and so far I can offer FREE downloads on “how to” Tailor a jacket, make a Carrie Bradshaw Jacket and even a fun Puff Ball Skirt.

I would love you to stop by and visit ….and any feedback is welcome.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Dragana Edwards





  1. jatman | | #1

    Hi Dragana!

    Thank you for the invitation and I'd love to stop by....but what is your website address?


    1. Dragana | | #2

      I am so excited, I forgot the most important thing.


      Any feedback is welcome!!




      1. jatman | | #3

        Hi Dragana!

        Very nice!  Makes me wish I lived in Australia!


        ETA:  I'm downloaning the Carrie Bradshaw jacket right now.  Thank you!

        Edited 6/28/2008 1:39 am ET by jatman

      2. zuwena | | #15

        I had a lot of trouble with the website.  I tried to download the Carrie Bradshaw jacket and it flashed, then stopped midstream.  I also tried twice to download the belt and could not.  The page kept coming up "error."  Moreover, each time I tried the download I had to re-register--this is so time consuming, exhausting.  Usually, when one registers,   that is sufficient to be able to enter into the system for downloads--one shouldn't have to do it each time during the same session.  Z

        1. Dragana | | #16

          Thank you so much for the feedback. Have not had any other complaints. I am not an expert on all this, so I will forward to my web designer.

          If you want the PDF files - You are welcome to email me personally and I will send them.


          Dragana Edwards


          1. jjgg | | #17

            I know I didn't mention it, but yes, the pdf files took forever to download. They seemed to have stopped working for long periods of time.Judy

          2. Dragana | | #18

            Hi Judy,

            I am collating all this fabulous feedback from all of you ladies and passing onto my web designer.

            I cant explain why some people are having difficulties and others no problems.  A lot of my friends who work in a corporate environment have downloaded the file for a test run as a favour for me. No-one has experienced any problems.

            My current students who attend my classes have not had any problems.

            It may be the speed of broadband, the type of computer and server that some people have. I guess I cant win them all!!!


            Dragana Edwards


          3. jjgg | | #19

            Hi Dragana,
            Sometimes it can be on the recipients end that the internet is working slow. I did read an article recently where Comcast (one of the US cable companies) admitted to slowing traffic on the web during heavy usage periods, and that some companies are going to start charging for how much usage you use!If I can make one other suggestion, on the different pages, get some different photos - I was hoping to see something different when I clicked on the different areas. I'd love to hear more about your school, and pattern drafting classes, I teach sewing and I have a class on fitting where the students draft a personal sloper from their own measurements and then learn how to use it to alter commercial patterns. Once I get moved and settled in North Carolina, I want to open a full fledged sewing school and possibly teach pattern drafting (I love pattern drafting, it's so much fun). Although, I'm thinking of going back to work full time as a nurse for a bit.Judy

          4. Dragana | | #20

            Hi Judy,

            Thanks again!! Please do stop by every now and then and see what's new on my site.

            I work full time now as a Banking Professional and run my school part-time. This is my retirement plan - as I dont intend to just stop working. Sewing and Patternmaking is my passion. Eventually I want to offer Sewing Retreats where people come to Melbourne for a week or so and we go fabric shopping, fashion watching and then some serious sewing and patternmaking....who know maybe then we can meet.

            Good luck with your venture, please let me know if you get a website up and running.


            Dragana Edwards


          5. jjgg | | #21

            Let me know when your up and running. A vacation to Melbourne... sounds great to me, I could probably also write it off as a business trip, hmmmm sounds better every minute.Judy

          6. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #22

            Hi Dragana, finally got around to downloading your pattern. could you pass on to your web people a little problem? We in canada have letters and numbers in our postal codes and your postal code thing would not accept mine. so I faked one. I hated to do that to you. Cathy

          7. Dragana | | #23

            No problems Cathy.

            Thank you for your feedback. I learn something new everyday. United Kingdom is the same.

            Just knowing you are from Canada is enough.

            Hope you enjoy the downloads!!


            Dragana Edwards




          8. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #24

            If you don't know, you can't fix it right. You have a great site, and am looking forward to checking back frequently to see what you are up to. Cathy

  2. Cherrypops | | #4

    Hi there,

    Well Done and it Looks good!

    I will have more of a poke around when I have time.

    Thanks for sharing it here, I probably wouldn't have found you otherwise.

    Cp - Sydney Australia



    1. Dragana | | #8

      Thank CP.

      I get a lot enquiries from Sydney and to date have never kept any statistics or data.

      So this was one way to let people know.

      Any feedback or questions you have, I would be please to answer.


      Dragana Edwards





  3. jjgg | | #5

    Hi, your website looks very nice and professional. I'm going to play the devils advocate here though, Why do you have it set so that one has to enter their name and email address to download anything? I DON"T give real information unless I am really forced to and it's something I really want. In other words, you site worked to download the projects with totally bogus made up info.Why do you want names and emails? what are you going to do with it?

    1. starzoe | | #6

      I am with you on this.

      1. Dragana | | #7


        That is a good question. Why do I want names and details.

        Some reasons are:

        I would like to know where the interest is coming from i.e. what part of the world or indeed which part of Australia. This helps me with any further marketing or advertising I may consider.

        95% of enquiries that I receive are genuine and you would be surprised how many people actually like giving you feedback or even asking for more information.

        The genuine people also like to be informed of new downloads and they like to share information that they have found. This is so true of Gatherings. I have always been able to get answers to my queries and I have never had to be a bogus enquiry.

        Over the years I have had a lot of enquiries about my Sewing School and teachings but have only been able to offer the service in Melbourne. Since the internet, a lot enquiries came from Sydney but I never kept the details. I now have a chance to measure these enquiries and think of a strategy going forward.

        Burda Style offers free patterns, forum, how to's etc. I have met so many genuine people. In fact some are coming to Australia on a holiday and would love to meet.

        Hope this helps you with the reason I have asked for Name and details.


        Dragana Edwards




        1. jjgg | | #9

          On my website, I have a tracking tool that tells me what country etc people are from that check out my website. It's a tracking tool that is not even viewable to the public. it gathers statistical info.I think you should have a voluntary sign up area for people that WANT to be notified about updates. MANY people are hesitant to give email info as they (like me) don't want unnecessary spam coming in. I bookmark websites that I go back to check frequently.Even for this website - gatherings, I use a bogus email (so if anyone ever tried to email me, thats why I never got it). It helps limit spam. I get enough viagra spam stuff to last a lifetime.One thing I have learned too late is not to post my email address on my website but to just put up a link that opens outlook or whatever mail client you use.When I finally get moved and finish/fix my website and make it really professional, I may change my email address to get rid of the current spam stuff.

          1. Dragana | | #11

            Thank you so much for the information. I will certainly have my website designer look into that option of tracking.

            I am finding that alot of the people who have downloaded have also sent emails re my site and have registered interest in my Patternmaking Online - soon to come.

            I guess not everyone is bogus!!


            Thanks to all.

            Dragana Edwards




          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #12

            A very professional site, and very attractive. However, I too was put off by having to register by providing personal information. I wouldn't mind having to provide a postal code or country of origin, but I am afraid of a lot of unwanted advertising coming into my mailbox. I seldom sign up for newsletters for that reason. I will go back and download your pattern now that I know you have a benign reason for asking for this info. Cathy

          3. Dragana | | #13

            Hi Cathy,

            you can put in a bogus email if you wish. I have no problems with that. Postcode and country would be great.

            Funny, the people who provided their correct details have been in contact with me via ordinary email and my patternmaking online page - register your interest.

            I must be a very trusting soul.


            Dragana Edwards



          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #14

            I guess I must be an honest person, the thought of using a bogus email never even crossed my mind. I wish you all the success in the world. Too bad we live a world apart, thank goodness for the internet. Cathy

            Edited 6/30/2008 8:07 am ET by ThreadKoe

        2. fiberfan | | #10

          If you want to know where people are in the world, just require that infiromation.  Make postal code, name and an email address optional.  That would avoid gathering invalid email addresses from those who aren't willing to give their real email address.


  4. bestnanab | | #25

    Would love to check out your website, and patterns.  Please send website name, and thanks. LJB at [email protected]

    1. Dragana | | #27


      Please do stop by http://www.dragana.com.au


      Dragana Edwards


  5. bestnanab | | #26

    Sorry Dragano, ignore my previous message for your website, as I found it down further.  Thanks. LJB

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