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grand-daughter and Fabric

impulse2create | Posted in General Discussion on

I just watched this amazing clip on youtube… if you sew, you will get it. This grand daughter did an amazing job of taking us through her grandmothers sewing room with loads of fabric and notions.

Be sure to watch till the end… it is amazing.

I don’t know her, I just found this clip today. I was impressed with her love of sewing and her obvious love for her grandmother. You won’t be dissappointed.




  1. solosmocker | | #1

    Drats! and all I can get is dial up! I will save this one for my next visit to civilization. Thanks so much.

  2. Cherrypops | | #2

    LOL....Wonderful video! Thank You very much for spying it.

    The second the grand-daughter walked into the room, I cracked up..

    This is Heaven! an organised anarchy, and Yes I am certain some of us here can relate to this. I am on a much smaller scale though.



  3. jatman | | #3

    That was too funny!  I just want to get in there and start folding fabrics and putting the patterns in order etc, not only because the clutter would drive me crazy but I want to run my hands over all of the fabric!!!  Thank you for posting the link!



  4. Crazy K | | #4

    OMG..........too funny.  It reminded me way too much of my own sewing space although mine isn't quite that disorganized...........nearly but not quite!!  I find I have to 'straighten up' occasionally so I can find things!!  ha LOL


  5. cycler1729 | | #5

    Thank you for posting that!  I want to move in there! It'd be like owning your own fabric store! 

    1. Cherrypops | | #6

      My five year old thought it WAS a fabric store!. Too Cute.

  6. fabricholic | | #7

    Thanks for posting. I loved seeing the machines. Awesome place.

  7. sharpat | | #8

    WOW that sure is a good video. I hope the frabric gets put to good use. Seeing that makes me determined to use up my stash.

  8. Desiderata | | #9

    I have seen this one before...LOL...and I think that is where my sewing room is headed.......hhhhhhhhhheeeeeelllllppppp, got to apply the brakes!!!!

  9. MaryinColorado | | #10

    WOW.....I think that grandma won, hands down, forever!  Gives a whole new meaning to "creative minds are rarely tidy"!  I can't wait to show my dgd the video.  Thanks for sharing.  Mary

    1. Josefly | | #11

      Me, too, Mary. My grandson is quite a neat-nik for a 6-year old, and I can't wait for him to see this video - maybe he'll stop laughing at my mess - or maybe he'll see where I'm headed!

      1. MaryinColorado | | #12

        Maybe we should start at thread: "real sewing rooms in action" and show photos of the usual clutter or chaos.  Maybe the best and worst days!

        1. Josefly | | #13

          Heh, heh, good idea. Mine is definitely at its worst right now. Much smaller space than that shown in the video, tiny in comparison, but equally as chaotic! It amazes me how much stuff I can shove into the enclosed shelves in the room where I sew, especially when I pull just some of it out and spread it around on the bed, on top of a folding table, etc.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #14

            I'm making a pinwoven vest so had to pull out tons of fabrics, trims, yarns, threads, etc.  Now the room is a mess again so the cleaning didn't last long.  Chaos insues...."creative minds are rarely tiday"  Mary

          2. Josefly | | #16

            I googled pinweaving the other day after you mentioned you were taking a class with your granddaughter, and saw some pictures, but couldn't tell from them what pinweaving is. Can you describe it?

          3. MaryinColorado | | #17

            Take a large piece of posterboard, fuse some 1" grid fusable to it, put T pins in the top and bottom rows only, 1" apart.  Then you use sportweight cotton yarn and tie it to the bottom left Tpin.  You take the yarn up to the top left T pin, then back down and around the 2nd bottom left T pin, etc.  You tear strips of organza, tulle, fabrics like rayon, cotton, organza, whatever and weave them over and under the yarn going crosswise. 

            Then take black fusable knit and slip it over the gridded posterboard but under your "new fabric".  The fusable part should face the new fabric.  Press.  Take out the Tpins, turn fabric  over and press from the wrong side.  You have made your own fabric.

            I will ask permission to copy the instructions if you'd like.  Will post photos when/if I actually get all this done this week.  I've got my fingers crossed.  It is fun.  Mary

          4. Josefly | | #18

            Thanks for the description. I imagine there are many interesting results depending on width of the fabric strips, type of fabric used, etc. Neat way to build a loom! One of the pictures I saw looked like it used crochet thread for the "warp". Are the raw edges of the fabric strips exposed, or folded inside?

          5. MaryinColorado | | #19

            We used Lilly Sugar and Cream in Black or whatever color you want, the instructor was using varigated colors.  It shouldn't stretch too much or break easily.  The exposed ends were not tucked under as she felt the ravelling adds to the look.  I am not sure how I feel about this yet.  Of course, my first thought was to serge the edges and cut them perfectly, she said no.  We tore or cut the strips, imperfectly.

            I will start a new thread on this later in the week.  Sorry for the delay but...We were burglarized yesterday!  Thank God, they didn't come into the house!!!  They stole all dh's power tools and we don't know what all yet.  Mary

          6. solosmocker | | #20

            Oh, Mary, what a horrible thing to have had happen. I pray you are all OK. So they went for hubbies tools and toys and none of yours? Shows how much those thieves know! Just kidding and I hope all is OK now. This is just so awful.

          7. MaryinColorado | | #21

            Thanks for your kindness.   They didn't get into the house.  Guess because there were so many goodies in the garage to keep them busy.  Maybe because they heard our lab barking.  I am so glad they didn't come into the house, it feels so invasive as it is!  Hopefully we will get all the locks changed soon as I just feel so threatened.  I keep checking that the windows and everything are locked when we leave the house.  Broad daylight and no one noticed!

          8. Josefly | | #22

            Mary, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know how vulnerable that experience makes you feel. Thank goodness you're all okay otherwise.

  10. User avater
    susannah_sews | | #15

    OK - this Grandmother has more fabric than I do!!!!  And more patterns!!!!

    At least, there is a good chance.  But she does only have one room full.  If I moved my patterns from the study, the play room, the living room and the kitchen, all into one place, along with the fabric and notion supplies (also in the study, the play room, the living room and the kitchen), well, I might be making a bit of a start!!!

    This was the most amazing clip - just fantastic!

  11. solosmocker | | #23

    That is the cutest doggone video and yes, that Grandma definitely wins. I just came from the library to see it on DSL as I only have dial up at home. It was worth the trip. I also wanted to start picking up and organizing as I am one who has to have everything in place before I start on a project. I know, but thats the way I am. Thanks for sharing this video.

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