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Conversational Threads

Great new pattern company

SewNancy | Posted in Patterns on

Well, at least to me. I saw the ad for www.hotpatterns.com in the back of the latest issue and just visited. Not only do they have the latest fashions they size them in 3 different groups, including c/d cup! I am in heaven. I will be ordering as soon as I can make up my mind.


  1. HeartFire | | #1

    WOW!! I am so glad you found this and posted it, I'm really impresssed. There are some very trendy, stylish, and complex patterns here! I wonder how the fit is, I'm probably going to have to buy one or more (most likely morte) patterns to try out. nothing boxy and plain like most of the major pattern companies. Have you tried any of them? Where did you hear about this compnau?

    1. SewNancy | | #3

      I just saw the ad the other day. I think that they must be brand new as everything I looked at seemed to be shipping Sept. 30.
      LEt us know if you sew anything from them.

      1. kjp | | #4

        They are beautiful!  I was particularly interested in the jeans patterns - very stylish!  I'm not sure if I'd be the first to try one, though, I'll wait until I see some on patternreview! 

        1. KarenW | | #5

          I'm also anxiously awaiting reviews as they have a beautiful collection.  I seem to be the only skeptic about them, there are close to 100 new patterns that all should be shipping 9/30... this is more than most independent designers whose patterns I've used have in their entire collection that they've worked on for  years... but perhaps this designer has more capital available.  I hope I'll find I was wrong and everything just flies out the door to new users and we'll have a beautiful new line of stylish clothes to make!Karen

          1. kjp | | #7

            I share your scepticism!  My one thought was that it is a large pattern company or related that is pooling resources to remake itself, but that seems unlikely!  I hope it's real - I love some of the designs.  karin

          2. SewNancy | | #9

            I was wondering about that too. I got the impression that there is more than a single designer involved.

          3. SewNancy | | #10

            One of us is going to have to bite the bullet and buy a pattern and try it out.

          4. KarenW | | #11

            There are a lot of sewers who post to the Sewing World site (http://www.sewingworld.com) who've ordered quite a few of these... I'm sure they'll post reviews/opinions and such for us.  There was also a chat or interview with the founder on patternreview.com (haven't read it) so I'm sure there'll be reviews posted then.  I'm just anxious to see if everything everyone orders gets shipped. 

          5. ShannonG4d | | #12

            I'm one of those who ordered right away; I ordered a patten for a jacket, and a pattern for a knit top.  I'm anxious to have a look at them!

            There is one designer, and she has a pretty decent design background in the UK.  From reading what she had to say in the chat, she's interesting in providing things that are up-to-date and detailed. 


          6. missotis | | #28

            Looking through the catalog felt like a retro-trip to Biba. Lots of great looks, but if they're cut like Biba garments, don't count on being able to move your arms ...

          7. SewNancy | | #13

            I just ordered the Artful dodger floribunda top. Hopefully it won't take too long to get.

          8. SewNancy | | #14

            I just went to Pattern Review and read the chat. Sounds good. The sizing sounds more accurate as she real women measurements from years of doing bridal work.
            We'll see.

          9. softfurn | | #15

            Aw Nancy. Why didn't you tell me you were ordering? I would have bought a pattern with you. Susan

        2. mimi | | #6

          This looks very promising!  They seem to be designing for real bodies.  I would be interested in some reviews too.


  2. mem | | #2

    Yum looks good I might just try some of their tops.

  3. SewTruTerry | | #8

    WOW is right I have already downloaded their directions for the shrug and will try it this afternoon.  I will let you know what I think.  Also I will definitely be buying some patterns from them.  I also bookmarked them already.  This should be lots of fun.

  4. Marionc032 | | #16

    Ooooooh!!! I love the Artful Dodger Violet's Coat! I just might have to give that one a try, but like many of you, I may wait it out for a bit. And yes, its nice to see a good size range for a change, although I think Vogue is pretty good that way too. AND they ship to Canada!

    By the way, I've sent this post as a reply to SewNancy even though I intended it to go to ALL. I don't see the option to post to ALL anymore, did they remove it or just move it?


    1. SewTruTerry | | #17

      Marionc032 the reply to all is there just click on the down arrow next to the TO: box and scroll up or down and you will find it there.  But I don't think it really matters as long as you have signed up to recieve notification whenever anyone post to that discussion you will have a chance to view the messages as I have with yours.  By the way has anyone yet ordered patterns from this company.  I really want to order but want to know how there pattersn run and how long to ship.  I need new clothes for work.

      1. ShannonG4d | | #18

        The company is brand new, and the patterns will begin shipment September 30. 

        1. SewTruTerry | | #19

          Thanks for the info.

          1. trubey | | #20

            Did any of you get your patterns?Pleased?
            Disappointed?Or should I hold off on this question until the end of the week!susana.

          2. ShannonG4d | | #21

            Well, they just started shipping Friday, so I'm guessing it will be somewhere around the end of this week that we'll all be seeing our patterns. 


          3. Marla | | #37

            I ordered September 30.  It is now November 11 and I have yet to receive the pattern!

  5. princess | | #22

    yes, yes, yes,  and a HUGE thank you for posting it.


    1. mimi | | #23

      Has anybody made any of the patterns yet?  How are they?


      1. princess | | #24

        hi mimi,

        no, haven't sent off my order yet as i need to slim it down a bit - i would have liked to order just about all of the designs but it's probably wiser not to order too many and find they're hard to follow.  when i do make one i'll post again but would be very interested to hear how other sewers find them.


        1. TashaGirl | | #25

          Reviews for these patterns are beginning to show up on patternreview.com. 

          1. princess | | #26

            thanks tashagirl,  i'll check it out. incidentally i've been in email contact with the company and they've asked me not to order for a few weeks as they're snowed under.  regards, princess


          2. FitnessNut | | #27

            These patterns look really good and I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences with them. I've found more than a few I'd like, but I'm in the process of shedding a few unwanted pounds, so I'd rather wait a bit anyway. Looks like my timing will be good.... ;-)

      2. berniejh | | #29

        I know Hot Patterns say they have sold out of patterns but has anyone actually received any and made them up yet? There's only 2 reviews for actual garments on Pattern Review, the rest are a free downloaded hand bag. Getting a bit suspicious - hope they haven't done a runner with our $$!

        1. sueb | | #30

          I'd be suspicous of any company that charges my credit card before the actual item I ordered has been shipped.  Is that what they have done?  I also see on their website that there's no way to contact them other than an email address - no phone and no snail mail address either.

          Edited 11/6/2005 6:53 am ET by sueb

          1. berniejh | | #32

            I emailed them yesterday and received a reply this morning saying they were aiming to send all backordered patterns by Thanksgiving, so here's hoping.

        2. mimi | | #31

          I think I'll wait until someone on Gatherings has made a pattern and reviewed it!


          1. ShannonG4d | | #33

            I just finished one: the Deco Vibe Shrunken Cardigan and Cami.

            Be aware that the instructions are minimal.  No cutting diagrams, no yardage charts.  The seam allowances are not printed on the pattern, but on the instruction sheet. 

            This was a well-drafted pattern with a bit of shape.  The jacket is intentionally a bit boxy, but there is some side seam shaping included, which I like.  The pieces fit together nicely.  I love the cami; the individual panels used in the design are interesting details.

            Things I liked:  The heavy paper, the overall quality of the pattern draft, the final product.

            Things I didn't like: The print on the instructions is small. I would have liked to have the seam allowance included on the pattern pieces, and a cutting diagram would be nice. 

            This is not the type of pattern I'd recommend for your first project, but it's a good third or fourth project!  And I love the style.  I'll be posting photos on patternreview in a day or so.


          2. mimi | | #34


            Thanks for the review!  I'll be taking a closer look at the offerings now that someone has made an actual garment from the patterns.


          3. FitnessNut | | #35

            Did anyone buy one of the pants patterns? I'm interested in the more fitted ones, perhaps the bootcut jeans, classic bootcut pants or trouser jeans. I'd really like to know what someone else's experiences were before I buy, if possible. Mind you, it appears that it will be awhile before I can possibly order!

          4. ShannonG4d | | #36

            There are two pants pattern reviews on http://www.patternreview.com  I think one of the bootcut jeans.


          5. FitnessNut | | #38

            Thanks, Shannon. I'll check it out.Sandy

          6. FitnessNut | | #39

            For anyone interested in Hot Patterns......I received an email on November 30, stating that they would resume filling orders as of the next day, but asking some restraint in terms of the number of patterns ordered per person. I ordered a pattern on December 1 (Denim Diva Bootcut Jeans) and received it on Tuesday this week. Incredible service, especially considering that I'm in Canada!I won't have time to even look at it much until after Christmas, but will certainly report back after I've made my jeans, assuming anyone is interested......

          7. mimi | | #40

            I'm interested!!


          8. SewNancy | | #41

            I cut out the V Neck floribunda top and according to the sizing I cut out a 12 in the bust and a 14 in the hips. Well, the sizing is so off I am trying to figure out what size to cut. The flat pattern measures 34 " in the bust and it is supposed to fit a 38" bust! Major fitting problems that I don't have time for now. Has anyone else had the same experience? People have complained about the sleeve fit, but not being to small in the body.

          9. berniejh | | #42

            I bought the Plain & Simple T shirt and the Plain & Simple Princess Shirt in Glamour Girl size 12. It is designed for a 12D bra cup which I am. They were both way to big all over. I then emailed Trudy at Hot Patterns and after sending her my measurements she suggested I try a Slinky Girl and do a full bust alteration. It's too late for those 2 patterns but I have ordered others in a Slinky Girl - here's hoping!

          10. user-164872 | | #43

            I just made the trumpet skirt pattern in a size that fit my hips.  I ended up taking 3 1/2 in out of the waist, made the waistband a bit too tall, but overall worked out perfectly.  Her patterns are fantastic to work with!

          11. trubey | | #44

            Am I a really such a super-negative and the glass-os-half-empty person, that I see a 3 1/2 inch adjustment as way out-of-line when these patterns are supposed to provide such a proper fit?

            What's the point of even offering different body styles when the patterns as they are, don't seem to come close to the proper size. I know that if I buy a pattern which has a much smaller/larger measurement that I am, I will need to make adjustments—but I would know this at the beginning of the project —but these last posts don't make it sound that way, at all. susana.

          12. SewNancy | | #45

            The fit on these patterns is so uneven, at least on the designs I have. I had a very bad experience with the floribunda top and didn't make it after making 2 muslins. But, I am making the third pair of the new Nouveau Razer pant. I bought it after someone on patternreview loved the square rear crotch. Amazing, the fit is incredible. I did have to lower the corner about 1" to accomadate my 55 year old rear end. But, even though I measure exactly a size 16 in waist and hip, the flat pattern measurement in the high hip was 2 sizes too small for me. I went up to a 20 and then added a rear dart and increased the uptake of the existing darts to get the waist to fit. However, you really need to disregard the zipper instructions. They are so mixed up as to be useless. I also don't like the order she uses for sewing the pants together. After my success with this pattern ( doesn't sound like success, but the fit in the rear is unbelievably good) I went back to the bootcut jeasn I had bought early on. Well the flat pattern measurements are too big in the high hip and have no ease in the full hip! I don't have time to sort out the differences right now.

          13. user-164872 | | #46

            3 1/2 inch removal of the waist is really no big deal to me.  My measurements are crazy pear shaped such that I buy 2 sizes or more smaller for my bust than I do for my hips.  Plus I was really excited that the adjustment to fit the hip was so nice.  I have to fix EVERY pattern I buy.  But with the Hotpatterns they are so easy to work with.  It takes me significantly less time to make her patterns than a Vogue or anyone else.

            My biggest complaint would have to be her directions.  I'm an engineer by day and reading paragraph form directions is ridiculous.  I just don't understand that.  I have re-written all the directions with her patterns (so there goes my time savings).  Some of the directions don't make any sense at all (this is strange to me as I can look at mechanical diagrams and make sense of them).  So, I've had to wing it, especially on the bustle back skirts. Oh well. 

            I'm truly sad that I didn't get a swashbuckling pant suit pattern.  It was always sold out and then she took away the entire pirate queen line, and just after the 2nd pirates of the Caribbean movie came out!  Everyone is going to want to be a pirate for Halloween.  I mean, who doesn't love those fashions from the 2nd movie!?  I stared at Kyra's outfits through the whole movie thinking, "how can I make that?!" 

            Anyway... that's my gripe.  I'd still buy her patterns anyway.  She's pretty ahead of the game and I love the English touch to her designs.  It's my way of making my own Boden clothing (http://www.bodenusa.com) I want that Secretary skirt!

          14. mem | | #47

            mmm I love their patterns too .I love the fact that they include a cup fitting in the description I am in the process of making up the pussycat blouse . I have found the reviews on Pattern Review really helpful. You must be a highly visual person as reading and following written designs is very auditory . My husband is the same as you and is an archtect. We always fight when we are in the car together as he NEEDS to look at maps not just listen to ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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