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Conversational Threads

Happy Holidays to All

rodezzy2 | Posted in General Discussion on

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  Our special prayers to all of the families with loved ones in the armed services.  I wish I could blink and there would be peace in the entire world.  I am thankful for all of you and the openess and caring you’ve shared with me.  I am blessed to be a part of all of you.  Please stay safe and warm, it was -6 when I woke up this morning, I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and heat.  So many are suffering today.  Warm wishes for you and yours in celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I haven’t been able to sew because of the work I’m doing in my apartment.  No not renovation, but purging has been hard to do.  The main problem is deciding what to let go of, and then where to dispense what you want to let go of, and then transporting it.  Now that I’m on vacation for the next two weeks, I will be able to get it done.  I have my grands over this weekend, we’ve been boxing on the Wii game, playing tennis, playing all sorts of games on the Wii system and they’ve been on my computer.  We’ve watched movies and they are playing with the magnetic dart game now and generally being silly.  It’s wonderful.  Take care now.  giggle.



  1. KharminJ | | #1

    Indeed! Happy Warm Winter Holidays of Your Choice!(I'd been wondering what you've been up to Rodezzy - glad it's been productive, even if not actually *sewing*!!) Happy Vacation, too!

    Bright Blessings to All!Kharmin

    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #5

      Thank you, I didn't do much of nothing today though.  Back at it ummmm later on today (Tuesday)  I slept this day away after getting my car unstuck from the hump of frozen snow detering my car.

  2. fabricholic | | #2

    Happy Holidays to you. 6 degrees? Yikes!! We will have twenties in the morning and I am dreading that cold, but now, maybe not so much. Stay warm and good luck with your cleaning out.

    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #4

      Yes, it is very cold here, and this usually doesn't happen until January.  But it seems the whole country is in a deep freeze.  I guess someone up there heard about the "global warming" and decided to put a stop to that nonsense.  giggle.

      1. fabricholic | | #10

        Yes, even in Alabama, it's cold today. It was supposed to get up to 54 degrees, but I don't think it did. Either it didn't or the wind just makes it feel colder. Stay warm!

        1. User avater
          rodezzy2 | | #11

          It has snowed here all day today.  I wanted to make some rounds getting rid of some old clothes and stuff, with the constant snow I just couldn't see loosing my parking space or fighting the snow.  Its a little warmer temp wise, but a lot more snowy.

  3. Crazy K | | #3

    Happy Holidays to you!  Sounds like you're busy as usual.  At least you're having fun with those grandkids! 

    Purging is hard no matter when or the reason.  I'm a 'certified' packrat so purging is painful!  I'm blessed to have a home that has some room but I'm quickly out-growing my sewing area......which is 3/4 of our lower level!  I need to be ruthless......another day!

    We were well below zero this a.m. with windchills around minus 30..... snow yesterday and black ice on the roads under the snow.  Not good for travel.

    Wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday with family and friends..........to all!


    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #6

      Yes, I've been going crazy around here.  I hope to at least clear my sewing room by the end of my vacation.  I don't want to bring the new year in not being able to have some organization around here.  giggle ....  but if not totally, at least be able to get back to some creative art.

  4. Gloriasews | | #7

    How good to hear from you Rodezzy - you've been quiet ever since your party with your cousin :).  I was thinking that it must have been quite the party, but I was wrong.  Obviously, you've been very busy.  Good luck with the purging - that's a terrible, time-consuming job!  That's great that you have 2 weeks of holidays - to stay in & keep warm & have fun with your grands & family.

    That was a wonderful Christmas message of yours, too.  I wish you a wonderful Christmas, too, & all the best in the New year.


    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #8

      Hey there sweet lady.  The party isn't until February.  I was just gathering the decorations for it.  I've been busy at home.  I hope to get a good purge out today.  I've got some energy again.  I've missed my forum, but I've missed creating more.  My apartment is in such a shamble right now, I can't settle on anything.  This desk I got for my computer is the only actual working surface available to me at present.  But I will not let it get me, I'm going to start the new year creating, not cleaning.  giggle.

      1. Gloriasews | | #9

        I completely know what a shambles a place can become when your're purging - I went through all of that in April & can still do more, but not until after Christmas.  When it becomes that messy, it really is hard to decide what next to tackle, as it all needs doing (sigh).  Anyway, you've got to get to bed - it's 3 AM at your house!!!  You won't be bright-eyed & bushy-tailed to tackle everything tomorrow (today!) if you don't get some shut-eye!  Good night!


  5. Teaf5 | | #12

    Happy Holidays to you, too!

    To help in your de-collecting, consider calling a few local charities BEFORE you make your decisions.  When you know that someone is waiting eagerly for it, you find yourself much less sad to see it go.

    When I found a senior center that was eager to get fabric scraps, I was able to reduce my stash by an additional four boxes.  An elementary school teacher wanted crafty stuff, so I gave up a lot of "potential treasures" that I couldn't bear to get rid of otherwise.

    Getting rid of the extras left me with much more space to organize things so that I save time when I'm being creative; knowing that someone wanted from my collection and donations is an unexpected bonus!



    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #14

      Great idea, thanks.

    2. fabricholic | | #16

      What a great idea for your treasures. I have to admit, it would be easier to get rid of if I knew someone else would use them.

  6. Josefly | | #13

    I hope your holidays are wonderful, too, rodezzy, and that you'll get some warm sunshine outside to match the sunshine in your house. :>)

    1. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #15

      Thank youl.

  7. Ceeayche | | #17

    Rodeezzy, All,

    I echo her wishes for you all.  I'm just returning from visit to my grandmother and father.  It was nice to slow everything down and focus on small town living.

    Like Rodeezy, I'll be off a couple of days using that "use it or lose it" vacation.  During this time, I plan to CLEAN MY HOUSE.  My relatives are descending on me for the inauguration, and it needs to be "white glove" ready.  Unfortunately, cleaning "ain't my thing."  But I plan to try and do a room every day and then make curtains fro the guest room and the family room.  It's ambitious but, I've got to make the effort!  I've got an eustacian tube infection so the first couple of days will be a challenge.... but I'm going to try!


    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #18

      I am hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday with someone that they love.  I am a little behind the times here with my Good Wishes as I have been on bedrest since the 23.  Fortunately, all 3 of my lovely girls got home for the hols, and kicked in to make things run smoothly.  Kidney Stones are NOT FUN!  But on the bright side, it was not appendicitis, and I am home.  My home is a mess, the floors have dirt tracked in my my and my brother's dogs, and a steady stream of friends have popped in to say hello, even with a sink full of dirty dishes.  AND I DO NOT CARE!!!   I feel blessed and loved by friends and family, and even though the meds make me loopy at times, I can still laugh through the pain.  Bless you all in the New Year!   Cathy

      1. jane4878 | | #19

        Oh bummer Cathy! I hope you're feeling better soon. There's a saying that women should never get kidney stones because they're God's punishment for men not having babies. :>)) (Men get them more often).
        Ask your DH to get you a Xmas present of a maid service to come in.
        You probably need to take it easy for awhile.Happy New Years to everyone. I worked through the past week and now I get to have fun. Off to Grande Prairie to see my siblings-in-law. My house is mess too-whatever.... smile My DH did the turkey thing and made sugar pie and tortierre--I was quite busy at work. He completely forgot about the homemade Christmas pudding in the fridge. It's a New Year's Eve pudding now.Jane

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #21

          Tee hee, I just look around me in my morphine induced haze and remember the fun it was having everyone home.  Kinda like leftovers in the fridge, nothing to worry about till they turn green and fuzzy right????  Not gonna worry bout it, can't do anything bout it.  Meantime, we got a bunch of movies to watch for christmas, and that will keep me somewhat entertained between naps.  Seems my hard water has pulled a nasty on me, oh well.....   Turns out the Girls have been watching me cook turkey for too many years, they did an excellent job.  DD1 makes stuffing as good as mine, DD3 did fancy herbed turkey(marinated and everything, Exquisite flavour), and DD2 set a beautiful table for 14 people, as well as doing all the veggies and hors d'ouvres.  I think I can safely pass a lot over to them again next year, as this control freak has learned!  Cathy

          1. damascusannie | | #25

            Isn't it great to see all your life lessons implemented? My girls are way better cooks and housewives than I'll ever be and I love it when they come home and everyone just takes charge of an element in the meal. I make the green bean casserole (even I can't ruin that!) and setting the table and let the girls have the run of the kitchen. I don't even mind taking dish detail as long as someone else does the cooking. Hope you feel better soon. Your comment about morphine gave me a chuckle because my uncle was given it for kidney stones. He was on a business trip and had a major attack. The emergency room doc gave him the option of morphine and flying home, or being hospitalized where he was. Al took the morphine and said he can totally understand why a person would get addicted to it. Here's hoping you are better SOON!

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #27

            I hope I feel better soon too, Annie!  The other problem with the drug is it leaves me somewhat disjointed in the thinking department.  So I am getting bored.  Can't seem to concentrate well enough to work at any of my projects!  And because of the Kidney Stones, I can't have any CHOCOLATE!

            Am really proud of my Girls tho!  I knew they could cook really good, but I was amazed they could pull off a huge meal like this at the last minute.  They even did the grocery shopping, without my list, and only forgot to buy crackers!  Cathy

          3. maggiecoops | | #30

            It's strange isn't it Cathy, how what seems like a punishment because of the pain and discomfort, turns out to be a precious gift. When my DH was told on Christmas Eve to go home and enjoy Christmas as it would be his last, he was scared, angry, bewidered and lost all at the same time. His anger at the news threatened to drown him, but after we wept for a short time he was persuaded to see it as a gift.  His illness allowed him to actually "see" his children as the adults they had become. Your kidney stones, excrutiatingly painful as they are, allowed you to "see" just how wonderful your girls are. Can you imagine how wonderful it was and is for your girls to show you in a practical way how much they love and cherish you. That is the gift those hideous stones gave you all at Christmas.

            Even through your morphine haze, this Christmas will remain special, as the one where Mum had to take a back seat and let the girls demonstrate what a brill job you had done raising them. Priceless gifts indeed.

          4. Sancin | | #31

            Cathy, as one who has had a number of kidney stone episodes, I understand what you are going through, and the benefits of morphine. I hope you have been able to keep comfortable, when you are not sleeping. I bet your family and friends are actually grateful to be able to help you. One thing I find with morphine episodes is that the 'don't care' sensation lasts longer than the sleepiness and loss of pain, so one really doesn't care about the messes for quite some time - go with it. I have suffered varying degrees of migraines headaches most of my life. I found they were easier to cope with when I told myself it was my body's way to tell me to slow down (and not care). Happy New Year and wishes for an end to renal spasms forever!

          5. jane4878 | | #28

            All control freaks need to learn to relax!  I'm sure they enjoyed fussing over Mom.  I hope you're feeling better.  I made it to Grande Prairie--the weather is nicer (albeit colder) than the south.  It was snowing like mad when we left.



      2. Ceeayche | | #20

        Bless you girl.  Kidney Stones are not fun. 

        I also send you kudos for focusing on what counts and not fretting over dirty paws and dishes.  Enjoy your family and your friends and the madness that ensues when they are all in the same place.  They are much more important than an empty house of spotless floors and tidy dishes!

        Don't stress over the small stuff--right know you need your strength to help your body fight!

        I hope you feel well soon!

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #22

          Thanks CHL, I am not one to sweat the small stuff usually, but a certain threashold got crossed.......and I still do not care.   I learned a good lesson on letting things go this season, and I am going to take it to heart.  I was just happy to have everyone here, even when I dissappeared for my naps for a bit.  And I think the girls even enjoyed bossing me around!  What goes around comes around.....Cathy

          1. Ceeayche | | #23


            Don't underestimate the joy in being able to take care of your mama!  My mother was ill for several years before passing in this year (today is her birthday).  My sister and I both took care of her during her all of her medical odesseys.  We made it work so that one of us was always there.  My sister wasn't working and became a vigilant patient advocate for her. Mom called her "the warden"  I was "Nurse Ratchett."  We both had a great time recreating mom's favorite recipes-- with her orchestrating from afar.  There were some hits and misses.   I count it all joy, all of the time I was able to spend with her, doing for her.  She'd done so much for me as we were growing up.  Keeping her happy and comfortable became my singular mission.  I don't regret a single moment, and only wish that I was wealthy so that I'd had more time (not having to travel for my job) and could have done more. 

            Mom used to call us "the girls."  Enjoy this time with your "girls".  You'd be surprised how much of your mothering has rubbed off on them.  Mom used to tease us by asking "from which crazy parent did you get that saying?"  She was a single mother most of our lives-- so the answer was obvious!  HER


      3. JeanM | | #24

        Wow, that is a bummer.  My hat is off to you for having a messy house and not caring.  You had your family there and that is what is important.

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #26

          Thanks Jean.  I clean up what I can when I am able, and since there is only DH and me home now, it is not going to get any worse! tee hee  Thank goodness for leftover turkey and the microwave.  Did manage to sweep today :)  Cathy

          1. sewelegant | | #29

            I have been browsing the discussions this morning and came across this one re: your bout with kidney stones... I don't suppose there is ever an opportune time to get sick, but over Christmas?  The best time of the year?  What a bummer, but then look at how happy you made your family by allowing them to be the givers.  I hope you are feeling better now and have a wonderful 2009.

    2. User avater
      rodezzy2 | | #32

      I'm sure you will do what you can, but remember, you and your health comes first.  After all, its your house.

      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #33

        Thank you all for your wonderful cheerful words of support and caring.  I finally seem to have passed something, and am now agony free for a couple of days, YAY!  Not discomfort free yet, but getting there.  So am now going painkiller less for day 2, and my brainfog is clearing a bit.  Have to wait til the 16th for the follow up, but alas have been told to stay on bedrest for a while yet.  Did you know it takes 2 weeks to watch 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy??????   Bhleech!   At least now I am alert enough to work on something......

        Yes, I have learned a lot as I stare at all my lovely Christmas Decorations......I actually had time to enjoy them this year.  I got to cuddle and enjoy my adult children for the first time in many years.  And the morphine loosened my tongue enough to tell them how much I love and appreciate all my family.  Till they told me to shut up and go to sleep, tee hee.   'cause I tell them that all the time anyway, just not in as many words...... 

        So as the New Year unfolds, I have a lot to be thankful for and have said my thanks for the last year.  One of the things it brought was all my wonderful new friends here.  Such a wonderful blessing you have been in my life, and I look forward to spending more time with you in the years to come.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!    Cathy

        1. Ceeayche | | #34

          I'm so thankful that you are feeling better! 

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #35

            Thanks my friend.  Each day is better than the last.  Cathy

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