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Help! Where’s Logout?

Josefly | Posted in Talk With Us on

Well, I knew I was in for a new experience when I arrived at the new home page for Threads. But now I’m here in Gatherings, I can’t find the logout button. I guess I’ll just have to sit here reading messages forever. I’m becoming a real curmudgeon – don’t like for my sites to change form, or needed features to hide from me. My email server recently, within 2 weeks, also made changes on the way I navigate around the pages… phooey.

I can’t even figure how to get back to the Sandbox to contact SYSOP. I’m going mad……hahahahahahahah.

Edited 11/21/2008 10:21 pm ET by Josefly

Seriously, I can’t get out to any of the other Taunton discussion groups either. Guess I’ll just pull the plug.

Found a way out…My Forums, then to the Sandbox, where there’s still a logout button.

Edited 11/21/2008 10:33 pm ET by Josefly


  1. JanF | | #1

    While i'm at it - why, when I tried to login did it take me to a completely different page - asked for my login - and of course complete and utter blank!! Could I "'eck as like"remember my login - WHY DOES IT DO THIS??
    And I can't see the logout either!
    It really annoys me(must be my age)that you click the box so that the site is supposed to remember me...and it doesn't!
    I only logged on this morning to complain about my first go with Sulky Heat away...probably the reason I'm so naggy this morning!
    Sorry Jose - taking it out in this reply which is not nice of me.
    On the plus side - spent Thursday taking a school trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate Yorkshire.
    A brilliant show!
    Traffic appalling and kids were good under a boring bus ride condition...but I think it was my last school trip - can't stand the worry beforehand anymore!

    1. Josefly | | #4

      Well, Jan, I logged in today with some trepidation, not sure at all I would find my way out of here. I always go to the Threads home page, click on Gatherings, do the required log-in - and incidentally, I always click the Check-mark to opt OUT of automatic check-in; if you're clicking it instead of leaving it checked, you may be opting out also - and then get started reading messages from the Welcome page. I read your second message about getting out through "Explore" but when I clicked on it just now, there was another Login button, not a Logout. Hmmm.I appreciate your support in the frustration I'm feeling about the changes. In my adult state I recognize that changes always have a few snarls to untangle, but Humph! anyway.I hope a trip to the Sandbox will still provide me with a way out. :>)Your trip with the students sounds great, and I'll bet they were wowed, too. It would be fun to see a show like that through their eyes. I've been so impressed with the kinds of projects you have your students do, and a few of them are on my list of things to explore at some point, the extended list extending my life, to paraphrase another poster's tag line.

      1. JanF | | #6

        What is the sandbox? I only know it in relation to having a sandpit lane on long hills where u can go if your brakes fail!!
        Amazing to me what little I know about the use of the computer really - and I don't think I am half-bad!(Still lots of people I know of a similar age who do not want to get to grips with the technology - but possibly its the expense that stops them in the first place)?
        Some of my fellow teachers don't like the technology and avoid it when they can, but our school is now doing electronic registers(oooh - there's posh for you)!!! so they have GOT to get to grips with this bit.
        Why do you opt out of automatic check in for this site? I use auto check in for all blogs etc. (Never for ones that I buy on ) because it saves me the hassle of trying to remember!
        Is it not a good idea?

        1. Josefly | | #7

          I should say first that I just feel my way around computers and can't tell you very much about them or all the internet mysteries that I somehow manage to use anyway. I don't know the difference between a server and a provider, for example, and I don't know where a browser ends and the website begins. But...The Sandbox, which, until yesterday, was available as a link from the Welcome page, the page you got to after logging in to Gatherings or any of the other Taunton discussion groups. I don't see a link to it from that page today, however, but it may be tucked away somewhere else. It was a "practice" place - you could practice posting messages, making attachments, using html tags, etc. - and among the Sandbox topics, like the topics we have listed on the left column of our message page, was a topic called "SYSOP" where you could address questions to the systems operator of the Taunton web sites. It is (was?) a nice site to learn how to navigate, for those of us who aren't accustomed to the techniques involved. In addition other questions about problems which occurred with specific computers or browsers could be answered. The technical people on these forums are (have been) very helpful.I opt out of the automatic check-in just because I'm suspicious. I have a laptop computer which travels with me, and if I should lose it somehow, I don't want a stranger being able to automatically check in using my identification - my e-mail address and password. Oh, I do it because I don't know enough to feel confident, and I've read that it's wise to always log out, and to keep automatic check-ins to a minimum. So I just take the time to type the info in each time.Ed to add: I'm sorry, there are a couple of incomplete sentences in this, I find on re-reading. I hope you get the gist of it anyway. I tend to run on and on.Edited 11/22/2008 1:26 pm ET by Josefly

          Edited 11/22/2008 1:29 pm ET by Josefly

          1. JeanM | | #8

            Let me see if I can help you out here.

            server:  one who brings you your food and/or drink                                

            provider:  one who sees to it that you are cared for

            browser:  one who does a lot of looking but little buying

            website:  home to  a spider

            Seriously it is unusual for a site not to have a logout button.  I think they just forgot it.  It appears that they are still working on this site and will discover their oversight. 

            I logout of my e-mails but generally do not for other places.  I thought of the situation which you brought up about someone's posting some horrible things in my name,  (think they need to make smilies available---I'm sure there is a way to do it, but too lazy to check it out) but I think the odds of that are quite slim.

            Several times a month I clear out my browser's cache so that logs me out of everywhere.  Between those times I am very careful to log out of my e-mails.  I am in that habit which serves me well when I am on someone else's computer or the rare times I get on a shared computer in a hotel or similar place.

            It just could be that they don't want anyone to leave this site.  LOL.  It seems as if any place you become a member has you forever;  I have yet to find a way to "de-member" out of a posting site.  I think it's because they want to keep those (member) numbers high.  Thus, MySpace, for example, can say, yeah, we have (#) members.  Yes, you may, but how many are active and want to stay there?



          2. Josefly | | #9

            Hahaha. Thank you for the vocabulary. Yeah, it must be some kind of oversight. Remember that just a few weeks ago there was a transfer to this new site manager, provider, server, I don't know what it is - Mzilla? is that its name? Or am I confusing it with Mozilla? Must be related to the changes.You're probably right that it's not really necessary to log out. My husband says he never does, but we each have our peculiarities, not always rational.

          3. Josefly | | #10

            Well, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the logout button in the Sandbox. They've found them both, and now I can't find either.

          4. JeanM | | #11

            I just went to the Sandbox.  I did find the logout button (upper left) and logged out.  It took me to the page which says you are logged in as.... and the logout button needs to be clicked on.

            I went to log back in and it took me to the Taunton page.  I don't remember that it did that before.  I'm remembering it that it took you to the Threads page.  Nowhere on the Taunton page is Gatherings, so I went to do a login and it told me that my password was not valid (the same problem I had earlier this month.)  I just clicked on my browser's back button to get me to Gatherings, and I was able to login that way! 

            Wow, all of this is a lot of work just to get here, isn't it?  By the way, it's Mzinga which is their new site host (?)

            (There must be some readers shaking their heads, thinking wow, they are making a big todo over nothing.  LOL).  No, think we are just trying to figure out computers and the internet.

          5. JanF | | #12

            Well - just indicates to me that like language peculiarities the net has its own too. I cannot find Sandbox anywhere and those other things you all mentioned - some I can relate too - others.....whoosh....over the head they go!
            A silly question perhaps - do things appear differently in other countries - perhaps you in USA imagine we look at the same stuff - but possibly the ones in charge fool us all - and have 1 set of words for UK , one for USA and so on - it might be that the page is different altogether???? The mystery evolves!
            Anyway - I'm still able to chat and that is the important stuff!

          6. starzoe | | #13

            I have often wondered about the same thing - are there different pages for different countries? My thought is that no, we all get the same stuff but it is our computers/servers/browsers that make it different. I seldom seem to have some of the items on the page that others mention - but then I put that down to my low level of computer skills. I really must take a look for Sandbox.

          7. Josefly | | #14

            When you mentioned in an earlier post that you didn't know what a sandbox was, I didn't explain where the term comes from. Lots of young kids here have sandboxes to play in - just a wooden frame, often, outside in the yard (garden?), filled with clean white sand. It's a wonderful play place - for toy trucks and toy earth-movers, etc., for toy dishes and buckets and all that stuff that teases kids' imaginations. I suppose the name for the Sandbox on this forum was that it's a place to experiment, play around, and learn the basics of navigating the site and posting messages.Because I once clicked the Sandbox notice on the Welcome page, it is now listed under "My Forums" along with other Taunton forums I've visited - CooksTalk, Over The Fence, and Gatherings. Since it's still there, I can click on Sandbox to get me to a page where I can logout. But I no longer see the link to the Sandbox on the Welcome Page - it's been replaced with a photo of the current issue of Threads. So perhaps a new site-manager is in charge, and the Sandbox won't be used anymore? or maybe the missing link will be replaced? Who knows?

          8. Josefly | | #15

            I managed to get to the Sandbox too, when I remembered to click on "My Forums", which lists the Sandbox there, and that took me to the page with a logout button. But I still don't a link to Sandbox on the Welcome page - instead there's a picture of the current Threads. How did you get to the Sandbox?It's also strange to me that clicking on "Over The Fence" doesn't take you anywhere now. I used to be able to skip from one discussion to another without having to re-login.I guess you're right - somebody is laughing at how much of a to-do this has become. It'll all get straightened out, yes?Mzinga! Yes, thank you, that's it. So do you suppose the host maintains the site and is responsible for these changes? What is the purpose of a host, anyway?

          9. JeanM | | #16

            I have been doing a bunch of clicking going to places on Taunton where I've never been.  Two things:  you are correct---Gatherings is the only place without a Logout.  It does, however, have  a Login (at the bottom of the Wecome Page), and is there even if logged in.  Second:  I am now a member of My Threads!  I clicked on My Threads, it asked me to login (even though I was logged in at Gatherings) which I did do.  It then said I was a new member and could now post my first blog.  Say, what?  That is definitely new to this whole site.  I thought I was just going to Threads Magazine.   It seems to operate very much like Craft Stylish (a cousin to Threads).

            I got to the Sandbox like you did:  via My Forums.  The way I get to Gatherings is to click on the Welcome Page which I have in Favorites.  It then takes me there, asking me to login only if I have logged out.  I did click on the two forums listed at the top of the page and got to those easily.

            I've been doing this, not because I have nothing better to do, but because you got my curiosity up.  I think I know about as much (or as little)  about computers as you do, maybe less.  It is rather odd not to have a logout button if one has to login !

            OK, now regarding the host (the way I understand it and anyone can feel free to correct me):  every site has a host server.  There are companies that provide (huge) servers and that is all they do.   Even sites that have their own servers (such as an internet provider) may have servers on this larger company.  At the bottom of the page it says that the software is by Mzinga, so does that mean they are host server or are they the web designers for this site?  You know what?  Never mind.......

            All of this is too much for my little brain. 

            I know I have read about this before but cannot remember:  what is the WYSIWYG just under this posting box?






          10. Josefly | | #17

            It is frustrating to suddenly not know how to get around the site. I'm tired of my own questions, so I imagine most are not interested at all. After all, it is still possible to post and read messages. A couple of weeks ago, some strange things happened on the forum - and when someone questioned what was going on, someone answered that the Taunton site now has a new host - Mzinga. I don't know who designs/maintains the web site itself. Thank you for trying to answer my question about what the host does. WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get, a software package that allows you to see exactly how your message will appear. But I don't see the WYSIWYG you're referring to, either under the box where I read your post, or under the box where I type mine, on the posting page. Perhaps it's like the italic, bold, and underline options that don't appear for me, using a Mac and Safari browser, but do appear for other computer/browser users?You're right - thank you for finding it - that the other discussion forums are linked to from the Welcome page.

          11. JeanM | | #18

            I have been known to discuss the mundane at considerable length.  LOL.


            Edited 11/24/2008 4:06 am by JeanM

          12. Josefly | | #19

            :>) Obviously, me too.

          13. JeanM | | #20

            Just for you-----a LOGOUT button, plus the color on the bars have changed.  The green is gone.  But---there is a LOGOUT button.

          14. JanF | | #21

            Now there is! Honestly - there wasn't to start off with!

          15. KharminJ | | #22

            Hurrah for the new burgundy/rust/red bars - much more eye-pleasing than that odd green!

            A sincere Thank You! to the PTB (whoever you are) for hearing us!

            Happy Turkey Day, All!


          16. JeanM | | #23

            Indeed there is, but I wouldn't have noticed that it was missing if Josefly hadn't mentioned it.

          17. Josefly | | #25

            Yes, at least two of us know that they hid the logout from us. That's what comes from those weekend all-nighters on the computer. Though it probably wasn't middle of the night for you, was it.

            Edited 11/26/2008 8:42 pm ET by Josefly

          18. JanF | | #26

            UR right - it wasn't the middle of the night - though I do confess to wondering sometimes if I am only half awake!
            I think it was definitely a mistake that has been rectified - we can't all have been asleep - could we?

          19. Josefly | | #27

            (Chortle.) I can rarely state that I'm fully alert. Especially on the computer - the pages are so full of so many options, headings, colors of print, and often pop-up thingies, that I tune out in order to keep from being distracted. If I paid attention to all that stuff, my eyes would glaze over and I would fall asleep, out of sheer over-stimulation.But now all's safe in my world, with my logout button restored.

            Edited 11/28/2008 12:58 pm ET by Josefly

          20. Josefly | | #24

            Ah, yes, so there is. Heh, heh. Now I don't have to fidget around to find the one on the Sandbox. Is the Sandbox still there? No need to answer, I'll look myself.I'll adjust... I confess to being anti-change, at least when it comes to using my computer.I'm musing about who, if anyone, working on the changes, read my mad posts. I hope they got a laugh from them!

          21. zuwena | | #28

            Okay, I'm blind or something.  I see start, messages, outline, my forums, and the "red" stuff.  Where exactly is logout?  Z

          22. damascusannie | | #29

            Logout is right above "Search" in the tan box.

          23. zuwena | | #30

            Thank you so much.  My screen does not show the full page footprint as a general matter so I never get all the way over to the right edge to show the "search" until I "pin" my bookmarks.  It should more visible than that, e.g., on the "start", etc. line.  Besides, the above, the "white" print is difficult to read for those of us who are "visually challenged".  Z

          24. damascusannie | | #31

            I agree that the white is hard to see. I use Safari on a Mac and the heading on my screen only goes about 3/4 of the way across.

  2. JanF | | #2

    Jose and others - found it....must have been all the swearing I was doing....click explore...and presto! a log out button!

  3. User avater
    ThreadKoe | | #3

    I think the lovely people who design these pages sometimes forget the KISS method.  KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY!  (I am being really really polite here.)  Cathy 

    1. Josefly | | #5

      You know, I wonder if some of these changes were being installed on Friday night; I suspect that because I logged in earlier on Friday without any problems logging out, but still noticing the new home page and the new headlines. Then, after another session in the late night, I had the problem. I'll bet they thought they were choosing a low-traffic time to make the changes - you think?I also noticed that if I logged in from the home page, then when I clicked Gatherings, I had to log in again - that's something that didn't happen before. I don't often do it that way, but I wanted to watch that tip about using the narrow-hemming foot, and it seemed to ask for a log-in before watching.Ah well, I suspect we'll survive the silliness. :>)

  4. denise | | #32

    Dear Editor,

     a few little additions may help the new site. Just like our magazine can you tell us the pattern name for instance the jumper in the readers closet, i think it may be a one off design but please can you find a pattern that would  look similar.

    Perhpas do a pattern review in the next magazine.

    Also where is the section that allows letters to the editor and hints section where one can write to the magazine.

    Why do you have to log in if you automatically are logged in for gatherings.??

    I am getting use to the new site but like anything we have to move with the times.

    But that brings me to my pet subject and that is having middle years models occassionaly.

    Can you tell me is the above readers closet item the jumper going to be an item this winter.  I have looked at a couple of sites for a guide,  can imagine this in a great winter fabric with black tights etc. flat shoes or boots.

    May we have some comment please hate to bring that up as i am sure it is hard every one has their own way of doing things

  5. Ceeayche | | #33

    All,I hate to admit it, but my vocation is in the high tech field (telecom), and though I see the "logout" indication is now up there in the upper right, I too find some of the changes to our beloved site's navigations puzzling:

    Why in the world would we need two log-ins to transverse between the Taunton site and the Gathering's spot.

    Why is is so hard to find the Gatherings site from the Taunton site?  I guess we should feel lucky we found it... sort of like finding the gingerbread house in midst the forest before the crumb path was gobbled up.

    But by and large I'm loving the content, just struggling to find it.




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