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High-efficiency washer

jyang949 | Posted in Equipment and Supplies on

I haven’t got a question, but I have to tell you about our new front-loading, high-efficiency washer. It arrived today and is working on the first load right now.

After I’d loaded and started the washer, I hunkered down in front of the glass door to “watch tv”–but it wasn’t like the washing machines in laundromats with clothes and soapy water splashing about.

Water is definitely going into the washer, and occasionally a drop of water hits the glass, otherwise I’d swear that the machine was tumbling a load of *dry* clothes!

It’s hard to imagine that clothes can get clean without being totally submerged in water. This washer lets in a little water, tumbles the clothes for a very short time, then spins out the water. Then more water, tumble, spin out; more water, tumble, spin out; etc.

Have you got a h-e washer, and how well do they work?



  1. sewslow67 | | #1

    My husband got me a new washer and drying for my birthday this year (at my request) ...and all I wanted really, was a top loading washing machine.  What I got was a front loading washer ...sounds like yours.  He did the research and the very charming sales person pushed it - both of them thought it was better because of the savings on water.  NOT! 

    While I am grateful to have new machines, I don't like these (but I would never tell my husband this as it would hurt his feelings) - and would have loved to return them, but no such luck.  The washer does not get the clothes clean and my whites all look very dingy now.  I would never agree to another one like this ...and yes ...I am using the "special" detergent that they require.  My only hope is that these will go out into the guest cottage and we can get a full sized set - NOT front loaders - for the new laundry room when it is complete.  Good luck with yours; maybe you can return them.

    Edited 7/23/2008 8:25 pm by sewslow67

    1. jyang949 | | #3

      You may disappointed with your next top-loading washer. Because of conservation requirements, new top-loading washers don't clean as well as older models.Janet

    2. GailAnn | | #22

      Always wanted a MayTag Washer and Dryer set.  Got one 3 years ago, Neptune, very sorry now............... 

      The dryer, (A drying center with shelves for knits, and a place to hang clothes) is fine, at least O.K., definitely serviceable. 

      The washer has already been repaired twice, both times it took over 2 weeks to recieve the parts!  The worst part about it is that no matter what detergent I use, I have to run a second cycle, to get the clothes completely rinsed.  So, two more trips up and down the stairs, per load, otherwise our clothes are grey, dingy, and worst of all itchy.  I think it is the MayTag fitness plan.  Gail

      1. sewslow67 | | #23

        I think it is the MayTag fitness plan.  Gail


        Oh ...that is rich; I like your sense of humor, Gail.  Very, funny indeed.    ;-)

  2. User avater
    paddyscar | | #2

    I don't have one myself, but I've used my daughter's for hundreds of loads when visiting.  She has 3 children (under 4 years) and it seems to be very good at cleaning.  I don't notice the clothes getting dingy as they do in my older top loader.

    One thing I especially like, is that hers has a super spin cycle that leaves the clothes much drier for the line or for the dryer.


    1. jyang949 | | #4

      I was amazed at how dry the clothes were at the end of the cycle. They would probably dry very quickly on a clothesline. And that's a good thing because......the dryer just broke! Yes, just now. The starter coil is worn and I've been expecting this, but really, the timing...Fortunately for us, the last time this happened the repairman showed me how to jumpstart the dryer. He said it would buy me enough time to get a new dryer. That was several years ago. With luck, it'll last until we move (sometime in the next year).Janet

    2. User avater
      Becky-book | | #5

      I have a question about those HE washers... my good friend has one but after awhile it now smells like an old dishrag... stale! Do they all do that, or is there something wrong with hers? She seems to think it is working OK!Puzzled,

      1. jyang949 | | #6

        That's one problem with a front-loading machine. With top-loaders, you can leave the top open so it can dry out, and the open lid doesn't get in the way. If I leave the front-loader open, it blocks the walking area. I worry that my cats might get inside the machine. With the top-loader, I propped the lid open just enough to allow circulation, but not so much that a cat could get in.Janet

      2. Crazy K | | #7

        Front loaders can get a funky smell.  There is actually a cleaner that can be purchased.  I use the xtra rinse cycle on lots of  my loads so haven't ever had a problem with odor (and I don't use the cleaner) and we've  had our Maytag Neptune 4-5 years now.  I like it.......it's great for washing large pieces of new fabric!!! ha ha  I seem to have whites that are white.  I use a smaller amount of Tide w/bleach on some loads ........just don't overdo or you'll get tons of suds.....which you don't want.  I also use Oxyclean on non-bleachables and on whites I have started using white vinegar in the rinse cycle.  We have a water softener and very soft water.  The dingy-ness could be a results of hard water or not getting the soap out.........it may not be dirt at all.

        There........I've said my piece.  I like mine........3 of our girls have LG front loaders.....the big 4.0 size and they love them.  All of them have kind size bedding and they love that they can wash the bedding and feel that it gets clean! 

        Maybe they just take some getting use to..........?????

        Just a note:  I keep the door closed between uses........otherwise the light is always on!  Still it never smells bad.......and I sometimes don't wash for a few days.....to close to a week........I am not a load a day person!!  I think complete rinsing is the key there.......JMHO


        Edited 7/23/2008 10:02 pm ET by Crazy K

        1. User avater
          Becky-book | | #8

          Thanks for your answers, I'll mention them to her tomorrow when we walk!

        2. sewslow67 | | #9

          Oh, dear Kay:  I think you just might be my guardian angel!  I copied your message and emailed it to myself, as you've shared such great information.  I have a feeling that if I do what you do with your laundry, mine will probably come out clean as well.

          Thank you, thank you ...I will probably be happy with my washer if I just follow your steps.  Up to now, I just used the HE detergent (with only an occasional bleach) and that's all ...except that I do use the extra rinse.  Thanks again for taking the time to explain, what sounds to be, a better way of doing laundry.

          Edited 7/23/2008 10:32 pm by sewslow67

          1. Crazy K | | #10

            Glad I could help.  Don't really know why.......I just felt that I needed to butt in and ad my 2 cents worth!  Sometimes when we follow our gut there is a very good reason.....huh?  I hope it works for you.  I lived with rusty water for so many years and even when treated it wasn't great and now we have good, clear soft water and I am fussy about my whites.  DH wears 'tighty-whities' ( he he ), white socks and white t-shirts.  They get washed separately in hot wash and usually a little Clorox.......white vinegar in the rinse.  DH doesn't care for fabric softener.......bothers his skin.  My white tees and all pastels get done in warm water with Tide w/bleach or Tide with Oxyclean.  I've got some shirts that I've had for several years and they're still nice and white so I guess I'm doing something right! ha...........I do manage to slop on my front a lot so I keep a stain stick near the washer but that's a whole nother story!! ha ha ha

            Hope this info helps!

          2. sewslow67 | | #12

            Thank you for the additional information, Kay.   I just copied it as well, and sent it to myself.  I think we've got a water problem here too, as I notice that the drain deal under the dish strainer (for hand washable dishes) gets a brownish to it and I have to scrub it like crazy to keep it clean.  Like you, I like white to be white ...and yes ...I get a little sloppy once in awhile when eating spaghetti ...still haven't found a "perfect" stain remover for that.  ;-(

            Thanks again, and ...chime in anytime.  You always have something helpful to say so I make it a point to read all your messages.  I also get a hoot out of your sense of humor.  A laugh a day keeps the doctor away ...; so thanks for that as well.  ;-)

            Edited 7/23/2008 11:43 pm by sewslow67

          3. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #13

            I do not have a front loaded washer, but I do have very very hard water. One thing that soap manufacturers tell you is to use MORE SOAP if you have hard water. DO NOT DO THIS. It does not rinse Clear. You actually have to use less soap, and wash longer, and use vinegar to rinse the hard water residue from your clothing once in a while to get rid of the dingys. Perhaps you would do better to try a little less soap in the machine. My SIL found hers worked better when she reduced the amount of soap she used. Her clothing never really got that dirty. Really soiled clothing is a different story, but most of us just need to wash clothing to freshen it up. CathyPS The brown stain is rust or iron in your water. CLR will remove that.

            Edited 7/24/2008 9:02 am ET by ThreadKoe

          4. twreeder | | #15

            You must be my twin sister is you have trouble with spaghetti sauce on your front.  I have found that a little exta Tide applied directly to the spots and then laundered in the normal manner takes care of the problem.  I have had good luck with this on all types of fabric.



  3. DONNAKAYE | | #11

    I used my neighbor's new Kenmore front-loading recently to wash some very old comforters.  I was absolutely blown away.  They are no longer dingy and look brand new.  I NEVER got them that clean, even when I sent them to be professionally laundered.  I'd love to own a steam washer to pre-shrink woolens and the like....d.

  4. jane4878 | | #14

    Janet,I have one of the original Maytag Neptunes and I worship it! Initially the drum didn't drain completely and got funky and it didn't clean as well as it should. We complained and had a free upgrade to a new rubber seal on the drum and a different longer washing program. I use cloth diapers and that machine ran around the clock when the now 8 yr old was a baby. I can wash sleeping bags in it and it's great for handwashing--does a better job than I do. It's easier on the fabric and saves on water.The detergent makes a huge difference. IMHO Tide HE is lousy. I'm now using ECOSYS from Costco. It's OK. My husband likes it because it's a liquid. The very best is Persil Megapearls (there's also Perwolle (?) for delicates). In Canada it's imported from Germany from Meile. It's quite expensive (~$50) a box (4 kg I think) but at 2-4 tablespoons a load it lasts about 6 months and I do a lot of laundry. It REALLY cleans and smells great.I know quite a few people don't like theirs, but mine's been great.To clean the drum about 2X a year I run bleach and hot water through a wash cycle. (check with your manufacturer) Do not let your clothes sit in the drum once they're washed--they can smell especially in the heat and humidity of summer (this doesn't happen with Persil). I just run them through a quick rinse when this happens. I take out the little tray were you put the soap, etc. and clean it well as well as where it sits. That can get a bit moldy if it's not kept clean.Jane

  5. jjgg | | #16

    I'm on my second set of front loaders - when we moved, we sold the LG pair to the new owners and got new Whirlpool TOL here in this house. I LOVE the front loader HE washer, never had a problem with things not looking clean. We did have a problem with odor after a couple of yrs with the LG - I researched it and on another list there was a discussion of them, first, you are supposed to leave the door open a little to let air in, but better still what got the odor out was a cup of white vinegar in a short cycle. I was told to do this once a month rather than buy those ex[pensive tablets to remove odor.Oh, and btw, I almost exclusively use the quick cycle. The new ones we got have a wool cycle and I did experiment and put some wool fabric through it and it came out fine, I put it in the dryer on gentle and it did great!! There is also a super clean/stain cycle on the washer that puts steam in it to super heat things. It's amazing the stains this has removed.And, last but by no means least, the DRYER does a steam cycle. so if you want to d-wrinkle clothes, you pop them in the dryer on steam, 15 min later you have a dry wrinkle free garment.Oh, and I use the "7th Generation" non phosphate cleaners.

    1. jyang949 | | #17

      >>the DRYER does a steam cycle. so if you want to d-wrinkle clothes, you pop them in the dryer on steam, 15 min later you have a dry wrinkle free garmentI WANT THIS!Janet

      1. jjgg | | #18

        Yes, it's fabulous. the washer comes with a "T" connector for the water line so the water goes into the dryer for the steam cycle. The proble we had in our new hoe is that the washer and dryer are on opposite walls! I've never seen this before, we had to have a new water line run for it!

        1. jyang949 | | #19

          I'd buy one today, but we have to relocate and don't know if our new home will use gas or electric.

  6. lorisews | | #20

    Love it. The very best thing is that you can throw in your cut fabric straight from the store and it won't fray and get tangled.

    1. jyang949 | | #21

      If you don't have a front-loading washer, cutting the point off of each corner of the fabric will keep it from fraying. Don't know why, but it works. It's a tip from a back issue of Threads. Janet

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