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Conversational Threads

How many projects do you tackle at once?

Deana | Posted in Talk With Us on

How many sewing projects do you have going on at once? Do you like to have multiple projects going, or are you strictly a one-project-at-a-time sewer?

Deana Tierney, Assistant Editor, Threads


  1. JanF | | #1

    Where do I start?
    I spend my life trying to keep tabs on all the projects I've got in my head. I will follow a project through - but I find deadlines are my most motivating boost up the preverbial!
    I'm hoping that when I retire I will be able to follow through - in a straight line - one project!
    Mind you, I have spent my working life trying to get at least 12-15 or more pupils through their exams every year. Which means that at any one time I have that number doing different projects - all needing guidance, coercion, shouting at, praise and support!
    To say nothing of the ones coming up from a year below - so at any one time I could be trying to keep tabs on at least 28 - 30 projects.
    Somehow, I think I'm never going to get to the ideal of following one thing to it's end in a totally focused method - and somehow I suspect that when I do have the time, I will leave it all to the last minute - just to get that old buzz back!

    1. drmck | | #13

      I am retired and it doesn’t help! I still have 4-5 projects going simultaneously. Since I sew clothing and quilts, I have a variety of projects. I do hand quilting or hemming on the go – at the Dr.’s office, in the car. I have a jacket on the mannequin while I decide what lining to use. I have 3-4 quilt tops that are ready to be quilted when I have a rainy day. Right now I have three pieced tops on three different design walls. I work on the one that inspires me that day.

      1. JanF | | #18

        Do you know - it just goes to show how talented, busy and interesting lives we all lead doesn't it?
        It's good to know that we all keep going from one thing to another - even if some are more linear in their approach than others!
        I think some people would say that it is indicating either a masculine brain pattern (linear) or feminine (multi tasker!) God - do u know how many times iv'e spelt fem... and it still looks wrong!!!Suddenly remembered I can use the spell check - not good for a teacher is it? Only mitigating circumstances ( can spell this!)is that at the mo' every day i'm visiting my Dad in hospital - and some days sleeping at Mum's 'cos she's on her own and I bet there are quite a few of u out there that can recognise the symptoms of having ageing parents!!
        I'll be lucky if I tackle one project this week!!

      2. sewgood1 | | #36

        Hi. My name is Nancy Anthony, but I go by the name of "sewgood". Who am I kidding? Although I am retired, sewing just doesn't seem to get done. it's two weeks until Easter and I haven't even started. I want to make a suit (It looks simple), with a blouse and a purse. If I don't get it done for Easter, I am going to a luncheon on April 22 that includes a fashion show.  I belong to the American Sewing Guild, Phila, PA Chapter. That is the group sponsering the luncheon. I seem to start a lot of things, but they don't turn out right. I put them aside, intending to "fix" them later and there they sit.

        I also do counted cross stitch. A young couple at my church are getting married Dec 2008. If I start now, I might have their sampler done in time.

        For Christmas, my husband saw a sweater he liked in a Mary Maxim catalog. While I do know how to knit and purl, I am absolutely no good at using multple colors. But, I'm giving it a try and maybe by next Christmas he will get to wear it.

  2. Cherrypops | | #2

    Last week I had three projects on the table.

    Next week, with Easter coming, I will be making a little something for my son's Teacher to hang in the window of the classroom.  That will be a 'one project' start to finish.

    I try to be organised and keep to the 'one at time project' but somehow something new catches my eye and i begin that.  Also if I become frustrated with a pattern, I take a break and do something easier and go back to it later with a clear head.

    Regards, CherryPops (australia)

  3. cynthia2 | | #3

    I usually have only project going at a time.  It helps keep me focused and gives me a sense of accomplishment when the project is finished.  While I'm working on one project, though, I'm usually planning the next one simultaneously.  I'll be collecting fabric and trim swatches, photos from fashion magazines, etc.  Once the primary sewing project is finished, I try to take the time to straighten my sewing room, sharpen scissors, clean my machines, etc.  Then I gather all of my swatches and ideas and start the next project.  A bit compulsive, perhaps, but it appeals to my slighly compulsive nature and ensures that I finish each project.  Cynthia

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #14

      Wow Cynthia somehow after meeting you at Expo I can see that in you!! I love and envy people like you darlin!! What a wonderful characteristic to have!! Blondie

  4. MaryinColorado | | #4

    I always have many projects going at once, each one in different stages.  Though I have lots of time to sew, I need to work in fifteen minute increments and move around alot. 

     I keep the projects in plastic covered bins or on hangers with everything kept together so I can just pick it up and go.  My sewing room is organized for this so I can serge, sew, embroider, cut, or iron on several projects at once without having to move things around too much.  Right now, I have been working on a man's shirt and an embroidered quilt at the same time as well as doing a few repairs.  Mary

  5. sewingkmulkey | | #5


    I usually have several projects going on at the same time:

    1) a basic garment for work

    2) garment alteration on rtw items for my daughters as they are tall and tiny

    3) a simple quilt for a new baby or grandkids

    4) an art garment (usually a jacket using reclaimed pieces of old kimonos)

    I enjoy working on all the above items as they fulfill my numerous sewing moods. 



  6. chilisand | | #6

    Now, are we counting UFO, PIGs, and WIPs???

    Needless to say, I am a multi-project sewer. And my studio reflects that :-)

  7. NHcraftinglady | | #7

    I have several projects going on right now. I am sewing Easter Aprons, Easter Boutique Tissue Box Covers, Easter Mini-Dresses for Dish Washing Liquid Bottles. My daughter and I shopped for Fabrics to make her 3 sets of Shorts & Tops for the upcoming Summer Season, and have fabrics to make several pairs of Slacks & Tops for myself. I have all the bags of fabrics out on my sewing table, patterns here and there!


  8. flossie | | #8

    The real answer is "too many" as some have remained unfinished for many years. However I prefer to say that I keep a range of projects on the go to fully satisfy all my creative instincts!

     At present I am making an embroidered doona cover for my son, some blouses and skirts for my daughters to wear to work and I want to make some bunny rugs and baby clothes for my niece who is expecting her first baby in July.

    Regards Pauline

    1. NovaSkills | | #30

      Okay, I'll bite. What's a doona and why does it need a cover; and what's a bunny rug? Is this an Aussie thing? sounds interesting.

      1. flossie | | #31

        Yes I think they are "Aussie-only" terms.

        Other terms for doona would be duvet or eiderdown - the covers are to prevent them form getting dirty.

        Bunny rugs are fabric blankets used to wrap new-born babies - usually made out of patterned flannelette (cotton flannel?). I usually just overlock the edges of fabric and make 4 - 6 for each new family member - it has sort of become traditional for "Auntie Pauline" to supply them!

        Regards Pauline

        1. Cherrypops | | #32

          Hi pauline,

          im an aussie too, in sydney.

          i also make the bunny rugs out of printed flannel for winter and use light cotton for summer.

          I will use plain flannel now and embroider animals and flowers etc on them when i get my new machine. i will make them a little larger so they can be used as pram blankets.

          hope your weather down there is lovely, a few clouds here but lovely.


          1. flossie | | #34

            Its hot - 33C but the wind is picking up and the change is on the way.

            I' m planning to get a new machine soon - possibly a Brother 4000 Innovis, so maybe my bunny rugs might get a little bit fancier!

            Happy sewing

            Regards Pauline

          2. Cherrypops | | #35

            Thanks for the news, and please after a while of sewing with your Brother 4000 post some photos if you can.

            :) CherryPops

  9. wapsi | | #9

    I try to keep the projects in progress to a minimum.  However, I have to write down all the ones that pop into my head, as I am afraid that I will forget some of them.  I think the max that I have going at any one time is about 3. 

    Edited:  After reading all of your posts, I started thinking...hmmm I do have that hand quilted quilt that I have never quite finished....about 6 years now.  I also have projects to take with me, such as hand embroidery, to visit my mother, or go to the doctor.  This does not include the material I have purchased that I have long since forgotten my original intent, and has yet to "speak to me" as to what it really wants to be.  That is why I started writing down my "projects" so that I would not loose focus.  It is nice to know that the creative spirit runs to strongly in all of us posting on this site.

    Edited 3/16/2007 9:34 am ET by wapsi

  10. SusanT | | #10

    I ALWAYS have multiple projects in the works.  I sew primarily with silk ... starting out with white silk then transforming the fabric with various surface design techniques until I get the desired outcome - then I sew them into one of a kind jackets.   The fabrics often have to dry, cure or be washed before I can put them through another process.  Sometimes, I just have to wait until they 'speak' to me and tell me what they want to look like. 

    Susan in MI

  11. ccf | | #11

    I usually have multiple projects in various stages of completion…I like doing best what I see as the creative/problem solving part of the process: matching fabric and pattern; trying a new technique; solving a fitting problem, etc.


    The actual sewing and completing a project is sometimes secondary, though still very satisfying. Yes, I’m the person who can spend a great amount of time planning and executing a project, but not complete the final step…like the dress that’s been in my closet for a year and just needs to be hemmed or the jacket that needs the lining attached, though that has only been hanging in the sewing room for a month.


    I’ll also do certain parts of the sewing projects, depending on my mood or energy level. I might spend a weekend  morning, when I’m rested, altering and cutting out several patterns. The routine parts of these garments can be sewn after work at night when I just want to relax; and the more complex parts are saved until I’m in the mood to tackle them!



  12. Langtonian | | #12

    When I have a dressmaking project going I finish it before starting another.

    But, at the same time, I will have a knitting project on the go, a weaving project either in the planning stage or on my loom and some fleece just begging to be spun on my wheel.      So, it comes down to how I feel as to which project I decide to work on.

  13. User avater
    blondie2sew | | #15

    What a wonderful Question..Makes you kinda voice the reality that maybe you don't want to admit!!

    Let me see. My husband says it drives him nuts because I have too many projects at once in the mix..not just sewing it is all DIY stuff to anything

    But as for sewing I do get distracted at times where I think I am doing creative avoidance so I go to the fabric store..Well you know what happens there..However I have to say I am very proud of myself as of lately although my head swims with lots of things to do I try to stick with the project at hand...That doesn't mean that I don't know what I want next or I have to to break as others had mentioned.

    Case in point..I am working on this Blanket (many will call a quilt, I don't quilt) for someone to incorporate some hand embroidered bonnet girls that were on dishtowels her grandma did..She won't use them but wants to save them in a way. But as I am working on this since this is not my thing I most like to do..( I do like to take things and see what I can do with them that is why I am taking on this project) But during this..I decided to lengthen my daughters jeans by cutting the legs off and inserting cool fabric below the knee...That project I did in one sitting, start to finish!! Instant gratification

    So I hope this helps some for your research...It was amazing to me at how many of us so far with these posts are very similar in our actions..

    I do find it very rewarding and satisfying to be able to start a project and finish it before I get distracted with something else I believe, in my opinion, if this is not your personality as most Creative people aren't this is a learned skill...I am working on learning this and so far it has been great!!

    Blondie aka Connie

  14. fancyruffle | | #16

    I prefer to stay with one project until it's completed. I find that it motivates me to finish what I start before starting something new that's caught my eye. At the moment, I'm wrapping up a shashiko wall hanging that I'm also hand quilting. I have another quilting project waiting, Victorian hearts, and I want to make some summer garments that I already have fabric for.

  15. solosmocker | | #17

    For many years I was the multi stitching sewist. One day I realized I was foolish to spend money on projects I didn't complete. Now I do one project at a time. My reward for finishing is buying all the goodies to start another one. I took a pledge with myself that I would not vear (sp?)from that process. I do have sort of an exception however. I do smocking and will make what are called inserts when I am between hand sewing projects. I have to always have some hand sewing to do as well and there usually is some on my at hand project. So I have a slight backlog of smocked inserts just waiting for the right inspiration and occasion to be sewn into a garment. I am in the planning stage right now for one which should be finished for wear at Eastertime.

    When I am in the throws of a current project I am also in the planning stages of others, but no actual construction. I design, research, buy, and hold all aside until the current project is done. Then, if I don't get to it I just re assign my trims, threads, etc. to my general sewing stash and nothing is wasted. I tend to keep a small stash compared to many.

    I have found focusing in on my current project and also planning others is what works for me. I am blessed in that I do have a lot of time to sew and literally go at it like a job. So doing one project at a time doesn't mean I am married to it for what seems like eternity.

  16. Teaf5 | | #19

    Oh, dear, do I have to count? I have no idea how many projects I have going at any point in time, although I know that I would be more productive if I did! On the other hand, when I'm in a certain mood, I can finish up several projects at once or find just the right project for my mood.

    Surprisingly, despite this lack of order, I am exceptionally good at meeting unexpected and often unrealistic deadlines on sewing projects. One day to make eight floor-length black hooded capes for the theatre group? No problem. Three days to make a formal gown from fabric purchase to final fitting? No problem.

    Finishing up the topstitching on that jacket I started for myself at Christmas? Hmmmm....problem! I'm glad to find out that I'm not the only one.

    1. User avater
      Becky-book | | #20

      Sounds like me... if the project is for someone else, or has a hard and fast deadline, I can get it done; but my own clothes- well that is another matter!

      My current project count?  I thought it was 'a few'  until I started actually naming them!

      Quilt for DD2-under construction

      Quilt for DD3- planning

      Fabric ball for 1yr old grandson-must be done by next Friday

      purse/bag for friend to match dress I made last summer

      shirt for friend who is recovering from open heart surgery

      gypsy skirt (me) no fitting required

      'skin' for new duct tape clone

      work out bodice quirks on duct tape clone esp. sleeve!

      unlined jacket-needs facings & hem, enough fabric for skirt too

      So 9 or 10, this is 'just a few' right?   LOL



  17. ineedaserger329 | | #21

    I had a question in relation to this one.....I am not new to the sewing world, but I am in the VERY beginning stages of starting a dressmaking business. I was wondering How the professionals prefer to manage their time....Obviously, you have many (sometimes very complicated) projects, each with deadlines....Do you shift from one project to another throughout the day...just to make equal progress on upcoming deadlines?
    I am not trying to exclude the hobby sewers on this site, If you have any input, that would be greatly appreciated, too....

  18. SueinNE | | #22

    Hi, While one project at a time is what i strive for...Life happens.  the mending and alteration  for DH  , and prom outfit for DD  take precedence over my projects, so juggling is a way of life.  i can pull finishedprojects oput quicklym, but end up with a pile of UFOsand  WIPs.   Someday.... 

  19. User avater
    CostumerVal | | #23

    I get my satisfaction from completeing a project.  Designing is fun and it makes me hungry for that finished piece.  So, I keep 2  binders going.  One is for sketches and photo's and design notes, the other is for the project I'm working on.  When the current project is finished, the binder gets cleaned out  as well as the sewing room.  Then I can flip through the design binder for the next project.  Does that make me a 1 project person? or a 1 in the works and 1 in design-2 project person? 

    I also find I work more efficiently under deadline.  Sometimes on personal projects I'll self impose one on the calendar.

    1. Teaf5 | | #24

      Wow, such great organizing ideas! I use this method at work but never thought of using it at home, except for having the binders for design ideas. Having a folder for each in-progress project would help a lot, since many of mine sit around long enough for me to forget what I'm doing and where I was heading on any one of them.Spring break is coming up, and I'll have a little time at home. Maybe I'll try out your project-management idea and get some projects done! Thanks for the suggestions.

  20. Tessmart | | #25

    I'm joining the crowd, I have MANY MANY projects in various stages of in-completion.  They are all in plastic bins in my sewing room, I work on one until I get to a point where I can do grading, trimming, basting while watching TV at nite with my husband. It is then put back in the bin for the next stage of sewing. I get to certain point on each one that I finish it; or I want to wear it, so i finish it.   I'm lucky, I have a heavy duty sewing machine, a standard sewing/emb machine and 2 sergers up at all times.

    Right now I have 2 knit tops, 4 snowshoe carriers, 1 repair, hem 2 sets of daughter's curtains ongoing. 5 Roman shades are in the cue for next up.

    I like the variation of multiple projects to work on, my creative mood does vary.  It keeps life interesting, I quess. Sometimes I see and idea and skip everything in process and from start to finish make it.


  21. 19Stitchesinthespirit59 | | #26

    I sometimes have as many as five sewing projects at one time.  I set up everything so that I do all my cutting at one time, then my serging, then my sewing.  I find that everything gets finished at the same time, then I don't have to go back and start fresh on another project.  Right now, I'm working on some things for Spring for myself as well as alterations and other projects for other people.  It's so much fun!!!

  22. dressed2atee | | #27

    Wow, I have 5 prom gowns, 10 dance jumpsuits, and some curtains to make for clients.  Opps I forgot my granddaughter's 1st holy communion gown and Easter dress and some altar cloths for the church and chapel at a local hospital!  Plus I'm making myself an unlined spring coat and yellow suit for Women's Day.  I always have too many projects going at once.  I seem to work great under pressure.  I'm 45 now and I find that I am taking on less and less work.  I just can't say no sometimes.  Especially to the prom girls.  I love making gowns.  I am trying to conquer fitting plus size teens though.  That is one of my biggest problems.

    I love to sew.  Keep me in prayer.  My house will never get cleaned.

    1. solosmocker | | #28

      I have thought about this some more, particularly as I was working in my studio today. I think the bottom line is I don't CUT into new fabric until the current project and sewing chores are finished. Once the last inch is hemmed and the last button put on, then I will cut the next one. That seems to be the marker that works for me, the cutting.

    2. SewFit | | #48

      I just popped in on this particular discussion....we all have so much in common....when my daughter was in high school I made cheerleading outfits and altered band uniforms, and had a business doing custom sewing and alterations.  I remember one year my son's prom date couldn't afford a new dress so I redesigned my daughter's RTW dress from the previous year for her  and NO ONE suspected it was the same dress.  After moving around and doing very little sewing for about 15 years I am now a widow and have jumped back in to it.  I've purchased 2 new machines and a serger over the last 2 years.  I am one of 21 paid staff members at my church and during the weeks before Palm Sunday and Easter, I "volunteered" to make 15 garments for the services.  I arrived for Easter dress rehearsal that Saturday morning only to find that no one remembered to tell me they needed two black tunic style garments with head pieces for Sunday morning.  I think there might have been script changes that week. LOL---Off I headed to the fabric store for black broadcloth...picked up some black dye to turn some tube style unbleached knit fabric that was donated into long shawls and had everything done by 8 pm.   As a result of doing the garments for our church, I was asked to make two costumes for a play at another church which took place last weekend (I was paid for those)  What can I say.....I love to sew.   I have several things I'm working on for myself and some unfinished alterations to do,  my laundry from a beach trip last week-end with 64 other ladies from church is waiting, my apartment needs a good cleaning and I have a Bible college class to study for, my daughter wants me to drive to VA this weekend for Mom's Day (3 hour drive) and I'm volunteering tomorrow to work registration at a community outreach into one of the local housing projects----and here I sit on my day off, still in my pj's with a cup of hot tea wondering where to start.   The birds are serenading outside my window and I feel so blessed at this moment--l enough rambling already.....I pray blessings and finished project for you all this beautiful day.

      Edited 5/11/2007 9:35 am ET by SewFit

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      Edited 5/11/2007 10:08 am ET by SewFit

      1. dressed2atee | | #49

        You got that right....I just told my daughter we had to do Mother's Day at the end of the month because this weekend I'll be finishing up 3 prom gowns and 4 marching band jumpsuits with embroidered boot covers!  I have made since February 6 gowns, 4 altar cloths (Lent and Easter seasons), 1 Easter banner, several gown alterations, 1 vest and tie for a prom date, 2 Easter dresses, and a 1st Holy Communion gown!

        I love to sew as well and seem to work great under pressure!  I got to slow down though because I can't seem to find any time to make something for myself.  I'm going on a sewing retreat (11/8-11) and I plan to sew only for myself.

        The next big project is my nephew's wedding.  I'm doing the bridal party gowns.  I just love to see my work go down the isle.  It is truly a joyful experience.

        Happy sewing and God Bless!

        1. SewFit | | #50

          I've done one wedding gown and all the bridal party dresses...that was truly wonderful.   My daugter is still single....I did only my gown for my son's wedding 3 years ago.

           A sewing retreat sounds wonderful....I told a couple of my friends last week that my idea of a wonderful vacation would be a cottage on the beach, my sewing machine and serger along with several projects (cut out in advance), my CD player, my pet pug and my tea pot.   They said,  "you'd go alone?"    You bet......it would be heavenly.....

          1. dressed2atee | | #51

            sounds good to me!  Here's a retreat flyer, I don't know where you are but you mentioned your daughter's in VA.

          2. SewFit | | #52

            this looks extremely interesting....is it booked up yet? My son and daughter in law live in Annapolis, MD.   I am a VA native but live in NC.

          3. dressed2atee | | #54

            Not yet, I put a lot of work into this.  Do you think you can come?  I have lots and lots of goodies that were donated from quilt shops, sewing stores,  Singer, Sulky, Madeira, Fiskars, Butterick, and more!

          4. dionna | | #55

            Hi that retreat sounds great I would love to come to the retreat but i cant pull up the   information   all of the pictures that you post                                                                  

                                        Thank you

                                        for all of your inspiration    





  23. NovaSkills | | #29

    Like most who responded to you, I work on many things at a time, in spurts, depending on my energy level, time available, or other factors. I alternate a longer, detailed project with "instant gratification" projects. I also do certain types of construction steps in batches--cutting out several things at once, serging edges to multiple garments at once, etc. I group machine work by thread colors, too, especially mending, alterations or small segments of construction. I thread up in black and move several things partway through the pipeline, then change thread.

    Once an industrial engineer, always an IE...can't resist trying to manage the time and motion stuff, even in sewing.

    I also find, in my defense, that when I hit a snag or feel unsure I'm going to like the results, giving the project a little "back-burner time" helps. When I return to it, I either know how to fix the roadblock, have a better idea, or am more willing to face the nasty, tedious phase of that project. And, if none of the above apply, then I'm more willing to admit it's toast and chuck it out or recycle it into something else.

    Plastic bins, Merrill shoe boxes (they have hinged lids and are sturdy) and tote bags keep the chaos controlled. I make totes out of a combo of clear vinyl, pet screening and nylon broadcloth or ripstop--collapsible or stackable storage is the only way.

    And yes, I have UFO lists of the projects, with the phases listed to the right. I cross out the completed phases to update it. More importantly, I have a list of finished items--never forget to celebrate!

    1. dionna | | #33


  24. DENNIS123 | | #37


  25. readingbeader | | #38

    I have many projects going at once.   I always have little baby blankets ready to work on for the new babies at church.  I dislike cutting out, so when I am in the mood, I cut quite a few projects out to get it done, then I can sew when I feel like it.  This week I am making Pharisee outfits for the Easter Drama--just found out they want them for Palm Sunday, too!  I have to alter the pattern for the big guys--XL isn't large enough.  When I am working on the kids Halloween costumes--now that, takes all my attention.  My kids are always the best dressed on the block.  I know, I know, I'm kind of a snob about it--but they have always had mom made costumes. 

    Edited 3/31/2007 2:38 pm ET by readingbeader

    1. fabricholic | | #39

      I've got to ask this question. What will the Pharisee's be wearing?Marcy

      1. readingbeader | | #40

        White long sleeved tunics; Striped sleeveless coats/vests.  I got to alter the pattern for two of our extra big guys.  I used a shirt from one of them to use to enlarge the sleeve holes, neck lines and shoulder seams.  That was my big project for this evening.  :) I have a couple more to cut out tonight and then I can sew tomorrow.   A friend made the head shawls for me, black tunics, and vests.  Oh--I also am making a toga.  That should be interesting. 

        It has occured to me that you might not realize I am making costumes for an Easter drama at our church.  We have a very serious service on Thursday night before Easter representing the night Jesus died.  The celebration service is Sunday morning. 

        Edited 3/29/2007 9:43 pm ET by readingbeader

        1. fabricholic | | #41

          I knew exactly what you were sewing for and I was curious, because I have been studying Jesus and we are now up to the betrayal. Marcy

          1. readingbeader | | #42

            I'm glad--I just didn't want to leave you in the dark.  I did get everyhing cut out last night--so tonight is the marathon sewing session. 

          2. fabricholic | | #43

            I'm sure they will be great. It's very important work you are doing.Marcy

          3. susanna | | #44

            My sewing/crafts room is in a constant state of flux because I sew for myself and others and use fabric in projects other than sewing, because I design projects for work for creative expression groups. So it's more like organized chaos, and I am also constantly patroling and reorganizing the chaos. I tried to be tidy and to do one project at a time, and I just cannot be that way~ actually, I do less that way! One thing that helped me enormously was putting up a design board, so I can pin and tape elements of designs (fabric, trim, sketches, patterns, etc.) to it. Otherwise I was always messing with the cutting table or floor for that purpose.

            Cool to read about all these different approaches. We each find our unique creative "voice".

  26. Char9 | | #45

    How many projects.....?  Well, lets see.  I've got 2 crocheting projects on the couch next to where I sit in the evenings (a baby blanket and a wedding hankie).  In the basement (Craft Central) I have 1 blouse going, a half fininshed quilt, a half finished pocketbook and all my ironing.  The garage has patio furniture waiting for the finish coat of paint, the seeds for this years veggie garden and a woodworking project that's been there for so long I forgot what I was making.  On the kitchen counter sit all the ingredients for a cake I owe my vet.....

    I'm sure there's more but this recitation is depressing me.  I think I'll go shopping.  LOL!


    1. MaryinColorado | | #47

      Spring Fever or Spring Training?  Sounds very familiar!!!  Boy can I ever relate!  I currently am confining my sewing to a quilt until it is complete.  I'm not a quilter, this will be my first with all the embroidering and piecework and designing by me.  It is basted together, now I just need to trim it and start the free motionwork.  So far so good. 

      I was having fitting problems which caused a major sewing block.  Decided to take up quilting as a cure.  I am happy to say, it is just the prescription I needed!  I am having fun again and enjoying the entire process.  Now, if I could just stop being so anal, it will be finished in a few more days!

       I have a pair of blue gauze pants that just need an elastic waist inserted, matching tunic I designed that just needs the straps on, then both need to be hemmed.  Oh, and I want to insert a bra too.  Several skirts prepped and in various stages of developement.  Several pillow tops are embroidered and waiting to become pillowcovers.  Etc etc etc  whew! 

      hmmm haven't crocheted in quite awhile, sounds like fun!  Mary

  27. Ckbklady | | #46

    How many projects at once? One sewing, one knitting and nothing more.

    So it's one sewing project that takes up the breakfast table until it's done (so it can't sit for long), and one pathetic little knitted scarf after another that I can mindlessly produce while watching TV. In my heart I am not a knitter, but they'll have to bury me with Fred and Mrs. Fred (sewing machine and serger).

    :) Mary

    1. Char9 | | #53


      All the ladies on my Xmas list get crocheted scarves.  They love them and can't wait to see what yarn combinations I use from year to year. 

      With the leftover yarn I crochet scarves, and sometimes matching hats if I have enough leftover, for the Salvation Army Xmas stocking project.  The pathetic little scarves you keep knitting can find a much better than pathetic life in the hands of a needy child.  And I can always use an outlet for my my leftover yarn.  The fact that's it is a worthy outlet makes it that much better. 

      A friend in town here (Palmyra, NJ) gets the stockings from the Salvation Army, doles them out to a bunch of us, then he collects and delivers them to the Salvation Army in Philadelphia.

      If you don't have a Salvation Army center in your area, try your local churches, synagogues and hospitals.  The Sunshine Sewing Co. in Florida is collecting quilts and blankets for the Kansas hurricane victims.  You could contact them about your scarves.  Their only requirement is that they be made in a smoke and pet free environment.


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