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Conversational Threads

How to get my groove back!!!

Ritzy | Posted in General Discussion on

I am in the need of support or a swift kick. I hate to admit that I have not entered my sewing room since April. I just cannot face the challenge of putting in a lot of time tracing patterns, sewing them and then not being satisfied with the end result. I still have been buying fabric with good intention though.(There may be a shortage).

I know the response I’ll get–get a sewing buddy,make a muslin,buy FFRP……I’m even blaming the internet for information overload!

Guess my doctor was right when she diagnosed me with ADD!

Sorry for the venting, “poof” me if you wish.




  1. ShannonG4d | | #1

    Make a knit top!  The fitting needs are less precise, the seams will be minimal, and you'll have something great to wear in a short time.  Nothing brings back the sewing mojo faster than a quick and easy knit top!


    1. charm | | #22

      I don't know how to make a knit top, but that sure is a neat ideas? Shannon when you mention knit are you saying kniitting it with a yarns? please don't roll your eyes at me. lol! just asking?

      1. ShannonG4d | | #30

        No, a top made from knit fabric.  A first-class tee shirt, or a tank, or a wrap top....you have so many options!  And knits are easy to sew:)

        1. charm | | #63

          I see

  2. damascusannie | | #2

    Make a simple, elastic waist skirt to go with the knit top. I don't even use a pattern for these, just make a tube, hem it and put the elastic in. Voila! You'll have a new outfit in a day.

    1. charm | | #23

      Damacusannie, is your tips for the pets patterns. I'm a little confused when you said make a skirt. but I'm looking for patterns to make pets coats, blankets, confortable beds for cats and dogs. smiling

      1. damascusannie | | #24

        Charm--No I was just suggesting something quick and easy for Ritzy to make to help her get out of the dumps. The skirt is for her--not a pet pattern.

        1. charm | | #25

          Damacusannie, I noticed that by my mistakes it was for riz after I posted my message to you. I'm sorry. this is my first time checking this message boards out I just joined in today. just trying to learn how to use this new boards. happy sewing.

          1. damascusannie | | #26

            Welcome! We all make mistakes and it's no big deal. You'll figure it out soon enough.

          2. KharminJ | | #31

            Always good to *meet* new people! This is the perfect time of year to cruise the pattern books for pet patterns - folks make the wildest costumes for Rover and Fluffy for Halloween! And the fabric stores have the most "interesting" costume-type fabrics, too. Happy stitching, and feel free to ask even the most basic questions - everyone here was a beginner, once, too!Bright Blessings!

          3. charm | | #64

            Thanks, there is a lady that own a custome shop in town she'll probably call me to help them sew outfits. but as of now they are on the processing of moving things to the other building. so I have learned how to sew many things, from quilts, alterated our own clothings. and hemmed my previous boss's daughter's wedding gown and adjusted her shoulder straps too. so I do have great passions of sewing!

  3. rodezzy | | #3

    I still have fabric I bought two years ago now, to make coats and haven't done a thing.  I've been doing everything else.  So, you are not alone.  One day you will rise up and get it on.  Something will spur you, that's how it usually happens to me.

    1. starzoe | | #4

      Fabric from two years ago? Only two years? I have some lengths that are probably older than most of the people on this forum. Offhand I would guess that the oldest is a couple of yards of chiffon that my mother in law gave me when I visited England in 1963. In fact just mentioning it makes me realize that the stuff would be ideal for the current style of floppy tops which unfortunately are not for me, so back into the stash and someday............

      1. rodezzy | | #6

        He he, that's too funny.  Be sure it hasn't dry rotted.  giggle.

  4. autumn | | #5

    I sometimes go for months without sewing or wanting to. But I don't worry about it because I know that some day I will be hit by the bug again. Just enjoy your time off.

  5. Ralphetta | | #7

    Maybe it's not just "you" and all your fault. Maybe there are physical reasons for your lack of interest. I thought I was just not in the mood, lazy, etc., and then discovered I needed new glasses. That helped some.

    Now that I can see better I'm in the mood to finally do major painting, remodeling, etc. That leads to my second point. For a long time I thought I was just making excuses when I complained that my sewing room was too dark, too hot, too cold, etc. A few weeks ago I moved my computer into the sewing room to keep it away from the dust, etc.

    Well, after having to come in here daily to use the computer I realize I was absolutely right! This is not a good room to work in and I am definitely switching it with my spare bedroom in a month or two. The other room gets good sunlight and better ventilation, this room is like a dark, depressing cave.

    My point is that you shouldn't just assume it's "in your head." Maybe there really is an actual reason like poor lighting, glasses, an uncomfortable chair, noise, etc. that'a putting a damper on your interest. Take a fresh look at things you've been taking for granted
    and maybe you can regain your enthusiasm. It's worth a shot, huh?

    1. Ritzy | | #11

      Thank you all for your replies. Today I returned over $400 worth of the "traveler" clothing to Chico's I purchased  last week, realized I really had no place to wear black (navy is my black anyway) and I really didn't care for the feel of the slinky, but it looked great on. What was I thinking?

      My sewing room is not that great, I've kept everything I've sewn and piled it in one corner of the room, a gentle reminder of my mistakes with the thought I could cut it all up and make a patchwork quilt For hard times, of course. 

      And yes, I do need to get glasses but decided I could buy a lot of readers for the price of 1 pair of glasses. That way I can leave them scattered throughout the house and still wonder where they are! This is logical thinking!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!

      I do have a dr. appt scheduled for next week but I am not looking forward to it. I think it boils down to accepting the "aging" process peacefully and graciously. Between the thinning fragile hair, thickening toenails, sagging boobs(Ha, Ive been demoted to training bras) bulging varicose veins, and a couple of dental implants, sewing almost seems too much of an obstacle right now, so I shall abstain and hope for better days, or I should I say attitude.

      Thank you all.

      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #12

        I think you need to sort through that someday pile. THROW IT OUT OR DONATE IT! Clear out the bats in the belfry and the guilty feelings. Too late to do anything about them now and they have been sitting there for a long while anyhow. It will be cathartic and a fresh start. Cathy

      2. Ckbklady | | #13

        Oh, dear Ritzy!

        You sound like you need a hug! Here's a virtual one from me: ((()))

        I wholeheartedly agree with the gang's comments. I have a few I'd like to offer. Take the ones you like and leave the rest!

        Who needs "a gentle reminder of my mistakes"? Toss the lot - it'll free you up so fast you won't believe it. You needn't be reminded of mistakes (are they really mistakes anyway or just projects you lost interest in? You're free to to lose interest in projects - it's totally OK!). You are free to return unread books to the library, to drop out of social groups you no longer enjoy and to discard clothing you no longer like, right? So why should you feel obliged to keep working on projects that you don't even want to look at? I hope you can free yourself from this one - it's a common sewing bugbear.

        If you say that sewing is currently an obstacle, then don't - that's my advice. Why push yourself to do things that aren't pleasurable? I've had sewing dry spells too, and learned that it's a funny thing that we sewers think that because we like to sew that we should be doing it all the time or something's wrong. Why tell yourself there's a problem because you're just not into sewing right now? You needn't push yourself. Find the things that DO appeal right now and go do them. They'll soothe your mind and maybe put you in the mood for sewing. Or maybe not - there's no requirement that you sew today or any day.

        If you are determined to get into the sewing mood because you know that when you're in the sewing mood it does wonders for your creative and emotional mind, then maybe try thinking about it "from a distance". There are lots of new sewing books in print - your library should have some of them. Maybe reading about sewing will get you more fired up to sew. I've done that when I haven't been in the mood and it usually draws me back in.

        Oh, and I know it sounds trite, but gravity is getting all of us. Please don't feel unhappy about your physical attributes! We are all so much more than the sum of our parts. Maybe thinking about sewing items that aren't fitted to the body would get you back to your machine - things like tote bags, pincushions and tea cosies are quick and easy, and have great creative possibilities.

        But most of all, don't feel you MUST sew. You didn't mention if you sew for a living, so I suspect that you don't. In that case, sewing is a pastime for you, yes? All the more reason not to feel obliged to do it when the creative fires are low.

        I hope you find pleasure doing whatever you choose!

        Hugs, Mary

        Edited 8/30/2008 12:30 pm by Ckbklady

        1. KharminJ | | #14

          Dear Ritzy ~I totally second the "why keep it if it just brings you down?!?" thoughts - right now, that pile of "not right" stuff is just energy-sucking clutter, and it takes up visual and *actual* space, too!Re: the Dr's visit - be sure to have a "full thyroid level panel" done with your blood tests - Been there, done that - spent a month in the hospital because it was all after-the-fact, not during the years(!) that I was feeling worse and worse. Your collection of symptoms points directly at some kind of hormone imbalance! And don't let them try to automatically put you on estrogen - it's so-o-o not the be-all and end-all!If you'd like, check out some of the excellent information at
          http://www.WomentoWomen.com/aboutusAnd - Get proper eyeglasses! - yeah, I know readers are che-, er inexpensive, but if they only make the fuzzies bigger, that doesn't really help, does it?I hope it doesn't feel like I'm yelling at you - I'm really not! - just trying to get this written quickly, before I start a new thread, and then leave for work!Hugs (()) and Bright BlessingsKharminJ

        2. Gloriasews | | #17

          Oh, Mary, I'm not Ritzy, but you made ME feel so much better with all of your advice.  Thanks muchly!  'Dry spell' - I love it!  So that's what it is!  Now I don't feel so guilty anymore, as I know that I, too, will be back to sewing before long.  I feel so much better now that I have permission to quit beating myself up :) 


          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #18

            Gloria, do you need a hug too? ((())) There, feeling better? I think everyone cycles through times of disinterest in their hobbies for one reason or another. Arn't we the WORST for putting pressure on ourselves with all the SHOULD HAVES, COULD HAVES, and WHAT IFS? Quit feeling guilty about something that is supposed to be pleasureable! Soon the good weather will pass and we will all want to hunker down into our own little sewing heaven again.....Cathy

          2. Gloriasews | | #28

            Yes, I do feel better - thanks for the hug!  You're absolutely right in how we are so hard on ourselves - we seem sometimes to expect more from ourselves than from others.  I will definitely keep your words in mind (& on my cork board - I may even have to frame them!) to remind me to lighten up & quit taking myself so seriously.  Life is too short for that kind of angst, especially when it's not necessary, as nobody else is judging me (thank heavens).  Thanks so much for the support.  I am already looking forward to hunkering down into my happy place as the days are getting shorter :)


          3. Ckbklady | | #20

            Oh, dear Gloria! A hug for you too, then: ((()))  !!!

            I think we all put so much pressure on ourselves about work, marriage, kids, life etc, that to add "pleasureable hobbies" to that list trashes the benefits we receive from creative work. Why beat ourselves up about the fun stuff? I think we need a Sewer's (Sewist's? Whichever word you prefer...) Bill of Rights:

            1. We have the right to lose interest in a project and to toss it altogether if its presence only elicits feelings of discomfort.

            2. We have the right to stop sewing altogether when the creative fires run low.

            3. We have the right to sew whatever the heck we want - there are no shoulds here: "You SHOULD make gifts for family, your own clothes, items for the charity bazaar..." etc, etc, etc. Ignore that little voice, whether it's in your head or coming from your supposedly nice neighbor!

            4. We have the right to let fabric sit around for years until the perfect match of pattern and fabric occurs. There is no shame in having a stash.

            And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I'm sure everyone here can think of other rights we have that free us to be happy, to feeling guilt and obligation and to sew or not sew, depending on our inclinations. Hey gang - what can you add??

            I can add another hug for Gloria:  ((())) !!!

            :) Mary

          4. Gloriasews | | #29

            Oh, Mary, I love your Bill of Rights!  & wow - to get 2 hugs (one from Cathy & one from you) just made my day.  I do feel so much better.  I am printing your Bill of Rights, too, & will post it right beside Cathy's wonderful post.  Thanks muchly - I do feel vindicated!  (How did you know I was ashamed of my stash)?  :)


          5. Ckbklady | | #34

            How did I guess you might be ashamed of your stash? Because I haven't yet met a sewer who isn't. :)

            I don't know why we sewers are like this, really. My folks have mountains of unread books in their house and you should SEE Hubby's woodpile (which we have paid movers to schlep from one side of North America to the other). Again I wonder - what is it with us sewers that we feel guilt and obligation when amassing the tools of our trade/hobby? It should be studied!

            But not today - I'm going down to the linen closet to marvel at the mess I call my stash and see what jumps out and says, "Sew me!", if anything. Or simply to stroke it all and simply enjoy its presence. Wheeee!

            :) Mary

            (Oh, and I wanted to add that to paraphrase Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you had your groove all along, girl!:)


            Edited 9/8/2008 12:22 pm by Ckbklady

          6. rodezzy | | #36

            Boy, you guys slay me.  giggle giggle giggle.  That's why I felt I wasn't accomplishing much this weekend.  I spent most of my time going through the cabinets holding the endless stash of paper piecing paper patterns.  I decided to look through stuff I haven't looked through in years.  It was amazing how much paper I have.  And I never looked through one book.  I would still be looking if I had started that, along with going through the stash in the tubs in my storage room.  ROTFL.......!

          7. Gloriasews | | #41

            I think we feel guilty for lugging this stuff around the country at a high cost, Mary, because others say, "What do you need this for?  Get rid of it!  It's taking up too much room!"  Not only do I have a fabric fetish, I'm like your folks - I also have a book fetish - both fetishes very heavy to haul.  I know what you mean, though, when you can look at it & feel it & enjoy it - a thing of beauty!  I also can agree with Annie - we can make a quilt at any time, because we have everything on hand - yay!  And yes, my groove is lurking about & just about ready to pounce.  I think the hugs did the trick :)


          8. damascusannie | | #42

            There's nothing wrong with having a big fabric stash, but I should say that I go through mine once a year and weed out those fabrics that I'm simply never, ever going to use. They're maybe out of date, ugly ones that were given to me, or just not my cup of tea any more. Donate them to local charities that make quilts for the needy (many churches and quilt guilds have such programs), your community theater, or Goodwill. You'll feel better in two ways:One--you'll have eliminate some clutter from both your house and your mind and

            Two--studies have shown that giving actually releases endorphins and makes feel happy. So, don't feel guilty about your stash, but don't let it become a burden either. There is a happy medium.

          9. Gloriasews | | #48

            You're absolutely right, Annie!  Actually, I did get rid of a couple of bags of my stash before I moved - & that was exactly the stuff you mentioned: the fabric that I knew I'd never use, even in quilts.  Unfortunately, I still have too much for the space I have, so I'd better get busy & use it up, eh? :).  I gave away lots of everything I owned, as well, to downsize - & the people who took the furniture were very appreciative, so I know it all went to good homes - it is a good feeling!


            P.S. - You're idea of going through your stash once a year is a great one.  I'll have to do it again next year - then I'll be back in control!  Thanks.

            Edited 9/10/2008 11:46 pm by Gloriasews

          10. Ckbklady | | #45

            I guess that's why people feel guilty, yeah - the cost of the lugging. You're right. I don't know that I ever felt especially guilty. Maybe I would have if Hubby had no "heavy hobbies". I never begrudged Hubby his heavy wood, since I have my own vast & heavy cookbook collection and sewing closet and sewing machine collection (those vintage ones are HEAVY! LOL). It was always other people and movers who commented negatively.

            I still like having it all around, though, I must say. I use the cookbooks and the machines and (sometimes a little of) the stash, and even though Hubby hasn't sawn any wood in ages, it sure looks nice shelved in the workshop. So what if I have to park my car in the driveway? Giggle!

            I'm so happy that you're getting your groove back! Hopefully Ritzy is feeling cheered too.

            Hugs, Mary

          11. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #46

            Hmmmm.... Have you wondered why people seem to think they have the Right to comment on Your life choices? Negative Nellies....I wave my magic wand and give them an itch in an awkward spot they can not scratch in public...... MWaHaHaH........Cathy

          12. rodezzy | | #47

            I'm still laughing from the other thread with the shoe in the fridge and milk in the cupboard.....................HA HA HA HA HA HA I keep going back to read it and laugh out loud.  They must think I've gone mad in my office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw HA HA HA HA HA HA!

          13. Gloriasews | | #51

            Oh, Cathy, I'll have to get one of those magic wands!


          14. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #52

            I hate to tell you this..(whispering)you already have one. It is kept in your bag of tricks with hugs and kisses. I found mine when my girls were young. Be very careful with it. tee hee Cathy

          15. Gloriasews | | #56

            Thanks for reminding me, Cathy - I forgot all about my bag of tricks, as I haven't used it in 25 years.  No wonder I take myself so seriously, eh?  That's gotta change!!! I'll bet I find my groove right beside my bag of tricks :). 


          16. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #57

            Little People tricks can be used on Big People for great effect too! Sometimes it works even better. The Wand on messy rooms I even use on myself, sigh......Cathy

          17. Gloriasews | | #60

            And does it work for you?  :)  You have let your inner child out - good for you!  I must work on releasing mine, too, as I really need some whimsy in my life.  Now, where is my wand?  It's around here somewhere . . . probably in a place I'd never think of looking as I'd never put it there!  :)    Have a great weekend, Cathy!


          18. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #61

            Nope, but there is always Hope :) As far as I am concerned, you are never to old to imagine, or play! Creativity is just play in concrete form. Live, Love, Laugh is my Motto. Hope you have a great weekend. Your Wand is only ever a fingertip away. Cathy

          19. Gloriasews | | #62

            You're right - hahaha!  My finger does the 'poof!' thing just as well as my hiding wand (I just tried it out & it worked :).


          20. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #65

            :) See, I told you it was not far away. Have fun! Cathy A little mischief never hurt anyone either......

          21. Gloriasews | | #66

            Ooooo - I'm allowed mischief, too!  :)


          22. Ckbklady | | #53

            Funny magic - good idea!

            No, that people feel they have the right to comment on others' lives doesn't surprise me one bit. I think TV is a big influence - all those renovating, tabloid gossip, best & worst dressed lists, decorating, makeover, reality contests....all anyone does on these shows is appoint themselves judge of others. That's why I watch PBS! :):) Mary

          23. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #54

            When I get frustrated, or can do nothing about a situation for someone I care about, or just want to make someone feel better, I pull out my imaginary "magic wand" and wave it about like a fairy godmother. I make a pronouncement ending in "poof". For example, the one above about Negative Nellys. It makes me feel better, and elicits a giggle or two from those around at least. When the girls would complain at having to clean their rooms, I would pull out the wand, and pronounce their room to magically clean itself. Of course it would not work, but it usually made them giggle. Then the work would get done. I do not watch those shows either, too much picking apart of people. Why shoot down someone's self worth when a few words can can keep them moving forward with enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment? Failure is to be expected, but you have to be able to look at it as an experiment to be tried again, not as a stopping point! PBS and TVO and other learning type channels are definitely more my type! Cathy
            Sorry about the rant.

            Edited 9/11/2008 11:53 am ET by ThreadKoe

          24. Ckbklady | | #59

            Hey TK! Love the wand idea - I'm going to try it in traffic on the way home tonight! :)

            Yeah - TVO - loved it when we were in Toronto. A politer, gentler world.

            :) Mary

          25. rodezzy | | #55

            Hip Hip Hurray for PBS....I watch it all the time.

          26. Ckbklady | | #58

            Yo, Rodezzy! Yeah, gotta love that PBS - Antiques Roadshow, Sewing with Nancy. Happy place!

            :) Mary

          27. rodezzy | | #67

            Yes I do, did you see the piece on Jim Jones and Johnstown, the People's Church?  I remember when that happened.  There were so many cults during the 60's and 70's.  I remember watching it on TV as if in a dream.  How could they drink that poison, how could you let someone take your life away?  Even after watching the documentary of what happened, I am still struke by how people followed him.

          28. Ckbklady | | #74

            Hi Rodezzy, Yeah, the cult leader in Guyana! I remember that one. My grandmother always told me to be suspicious of charismatic people. It's awful to think those folk were swept away and inspired by the guy, but there will always be vulnerable people. That he found so many in one shot is horrible.

            That's why I stick pretty much to the sewing shows on PBS - much cheerier, and no Charles Manson-types to be seen.

            :) Mary

          29. Gloriasews | | #50

            We understand each other :)!  Yes, it was exactly as you said - it was other people & movers who complained the loudest!  I, too, have lots of cookbooks that I just couldn't part with - along with the other books & my stash & supplies.  I'm glad I have them - now if I can only find a place to put them, I'd have it made :).  (You were so lucky that your hubby also had his own heavy stash - then he couldn't complain at all :)


          30. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #37

            Why would anyone be ashamed of their fabric stash?!? Some women collect SHOES. You can only wear one pair of shoes at a time. You can enjoy looking at, feeling, thinking, dreaming, creating with more than one piece of fabric at a time. Makes more sense to me. tee hee Cathy

          31. damascusannie | | #38

            That's just what I was thinking--I'm PROUD of my stash. Sure there are a few bits and pieces of "what was I thinking!" fabric, but most of it is beautiful and useful and I love it that I can start a quilt on the spur of the moment without having to go to the quilt shop to get fabric.

          32. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #39

            Even the what was I thinking pieces end up being perfect for someone else! Or end up being cut down into the perfect accent. You never know what The Sewing Muse has in store, or our personal stores anyways...tee hee Cathy

          33. Gloriasews | | #40

            You're right - it does make sense :)  Thanks for the insight, Cathy.  I'm ashamed, not for the stash, but because it takes up so much room in my bedroom, so I'd better get busy & use it up, eh?


          34. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #43

            You bought it because you loved it. Pick a pattern/project, the one you first had in mind may have changed, So What (Or should I say Sew What?) Make something and enjoy the process and the finished project. I have started to see that most people are not going to notice if the fit is not perfect or the project did not turn out quite right. After all, they do not live in my mind, Correct? Most people live in ill fitting clothes and do not notice the difference, because they do not know! The next one will be better. Live and Love my friend. Cathy

          35. rodezzy | | #44

            I second that motion or emotion.  I have made mistakes on sewing projects and get compliments on the item every time I wear it. 

            It's just like those jackets and coats I never put linings in.  I love it, and I get compliments anyway.  I don't need a lot of fabric, it gets too hot.  I'm still 'pausing.  giggle.......

            The patterns I purchase are for UNLINED jackets and coats.  So, I'm just following the instructions.  giggle.

          36. Gloriasews | | #49

            Yah - I did buy it because I liked it (years ago) but, when I weeded out those fabrics, I was definitely thinking, 'What was I thinking??? & 'This stuff is terrible!'.  Actually, as Annie said I would, I did feel relieved & lighter, & didn't miss anything I gave away (mostly :) - but I was very short of time & had to make a decision.  We do what we have to sometimes.

            As for the sewing, I just keep tweaking it until it fits the way I want it to, & I am glad that I've never had to throw a project out - it's always redeemable for something.


          37. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #32

            5. We have the right to let our creative impulses lead us. It only matters that we like it. After all God did create the platypus. Cathy

          38. Ckbklady | | #35

            Beautiful! That's probably the most important truism of them all. Go ThreadKoe!

            :) Mary

          39. MaryinColorado | | #68

            Just read your post, hope your getting your "groove" back.  Two of my teenage grandkids are here today because they are ill so I guess I'll put off sewing untill Wednesday.  Tuesdays and Fridays are totally booked for "Grandma's Taxi Service" so I have lots of excuses  (no good reasons though)... Someday those projects will get done, I think, I hope, I ............ooops, there I go again.  ha ha  Now I need permission not to beat myself up.  Oh bother!  Mary 

          40. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #69

            Today is a GOOD DAY! MY PRINTER/SCANNER IS NOW WORKING! YaYYYY! I took the darn thing off the computer to take it in to be fixed. I checked all the connections. The usb port it was plugged into looked a little brown, but the cord looked fine. So I plugged it into a new port. IT WORKED. I am so happppy! So now when I find the pics I promised I can share. Yippee! Cathy

          41. Gloriasews | | #70

            Those weren't excuses, Mary - they were legitimate reasons. 

            I hereby give you permission to stop beating yourself up :)   I have to keep reminding myself all the time, now that Cathy (Threadkoe) gave me permission, & it works.  You might want to take her other advice to get out your magic wand (if you can remember where you last left it :) & start using it again.  It's fun!  Whimsy is good for us.

            Yes, I' must be getting my groove back, as I've noticed (surprise, surprise) that I've been planning my Christmas sewing lately - & starting to get excited about it, too, so all of you gals have helped me through my 'dry spell'.  Thanks muchly!


          42. MaryinColorado | | #71

            Hope to get sewing today! Will let you know how it goes, thanks.  Mary

          43. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #73

            Mary, May your life become a little less hectic, so you can sew with joy! *POOF* (you have just been magic wanded) ((())) Cathy

          44. MaryinColorado | | #75

            Thank You!  My grand daughter decided she wants to be a fairy for Halloween!  Honest, I haven't said a word to her about it.  Synchronicity?  This will be a great project if I can get it off the ground!  I'm thinking multicolored pastel chiffon layers and layers and a "wand" made of a stick with ribbons and glitter Au naturel.  She's 14 so I will have to get her input and go shopping with her as soon as we get "time". 

          45. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #76

            That will be fun. What kids will come up with. DD3 wanted to be a skunk when she was 7. Everyone thought she was priceless. Still do not know where she got the idea from. Cathy

          46. MaryinColorado | | #77

            Oh, that's a great one, a Skunk!  I bet she was so adorable!  I remember one year when my daughter, son, nephew, and all their friends went as "medical professionals"  and their victims the "trauma patients".  They borrowed all my scrubs, big syringes, stethoscopes, bandages, etc.  It was the easiest and least expensive Halloween for us, but they really made a scary group.  My son was 6 yrs younger at the time, so he repeated it with all his friends when they got to high school.  All I had to buy was the bandages and fake blood. 

          47. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #79

            That reminded me of the time DH and I dressed as Zombies for a Halloween Dinner at a friends house. It was a great costume-cheap! Your regular dress up clothes, and really pale makeup to make you look like death-warmed-over. The unfortunate part was we came across a car rollover accident on the way home. Thank God no one was severely hurt. We took the young ladies in the car with me, put blankets (that I always carry) around them, and turned the heat up while we waited for the ambulance to arrive to help their injured friend. While DH was was keeping the lad warm and calm with another blanket, the fire department truck arrived, and 5 clowns dressed as firemen descended! The firemen had been at a Children's Community Halloween party. They checked everyone over, but kept asking DH and I if everything was OK, if we were alright. We assured them that we were fine, that we had just been there to help, first on scene. When the police and ambulance arrived THEY kept asking us if we were Ok. We had forgotten our costumes! They thought we were in shock! We explained our make-up, and made everyone laugh! Those poor girls, what they must have thought when we stopped to help! As if they weren't frightened enough. Cathy

          48. MaryinColorado | | #81

            Too funny!  I think the clowns would have scared me more than the zombies!  Great story!  Mary

          49. rodezzy | | #78

            Oh that will be so pretty and cute.  Don't forget the fairy dust!  giggle

          50. MaryinColorado | | #80

            Thank You!  What a great idea!  Maybe make her a sheer little bag for the fairy dust!  Too sweet!  Now if I can just get the faeries to help us!


          51. Gloriasews | | #82

            Sorry - no sewing today, unfortunately.  Other things intervene, which often happens.


          52. MaryinColorado | | #86

            I understand.  I think I will have to lock myself in my studio next week just so I can "play" and get some of these projects going.  I miss it but am enjoying the kids excitement over Homecoming.  Today the kids don't have school.  I pick up Allie from a "lock down sleepover" for Colorguard/Band, take Vincent to a Crosscountry meet, tonight is the football HC game, a bit more shopping for them, tomorrow is the big dance!  This is Allie's first date so she is so excited and it's rubbing off on the whole family. 

            Maybe I'll be using my wand on Sun. or Mon, hope so!  Hope you do too!  Mary

          53. Gloriasews | | #87

            You've got a busy weekend ahead - absolutely no time to sew.  You'll enjoy it all.  Good luck on doing some on Monday - you might be too tired & need to take a spa day before you utilize your magic wand  :)


          54. MaryinColorado | | #88

            Today I found out that the school decided the girls can't wear thier high heels on the gym floor so had to run to the dreaded Mall for silver flip flops.  I also found body glitter so it would look more like she is wearing hose when she changes shoes.  With her tanned legs it will look like she has on hose anyway.  The girl at the Clinique counter told me that's what they did when she was in school.  So glad I asked her for ideas on the shoes.  The boys get to wear their shoes, so their feet don't stink, but whoa for the girls feet they step on!  ha ha  poor babies. 

          55. KharminJ | | #89

            OMG, Mary! How many years have they been having events in the gym? And they just decided 'now' that girls' shoes will make too much work for the janitors???!!I'm laughing and outraged for you (and your checkbook) (and your schedule!)at the same time - I'm sure DD will look terrific, anyway!Kharmin

            Edited 9/20/2008 11:13 am ET by KharminJ

          56. Gloriasews | | #90

            Too bad about the shoes.  It's strange that they didn't have the rule in effect sooner - & it should apply to boys, too, as some may have bits of sand or gravel embedded in their shoes.  They may have to go back to the old 'sock hop'!  I think your GD will have a great time, as long as she doesn't get stepped on too much, as the other poster said.  Have a great weekend!


          57. MaryinColorado | | #98

            All was well, they loved it!

          58. Gloriasews | | #105

            Yes, by your other comments, a good time was had by all.  It was a successful weekend.  Now, maybe, you can get back to sewing :)


          59. MaryinColorado | | #108

            Yes, now it's time to get back in the swing of things!  Last night I took the curtains down in my studio and as I was straightening the room.  I ran across some multicolored ribbon yarn.  The fairies and Muses were working their magic!  I had some curtain rings that I had wrapped in ribbon so I put those on the rod.  I hung a strip of the ribbon yarn over the rod, hmmmm, inspiration struck!  Soon I was snipping lengths of many different yarns and ribbons and such and draping them over the rod all the way across.  Next, I hung some crystal pendants and a fairy, then some glass hummingbirds that my brother made.  It looks nice, but still needs work.  (The rod is cafe length with pink crystal baubel ends.)

            I feel a trip to the fabric store is coming on.  I need to put some sheer curtains behind the entire window, probably a dark sky color so it hides the mini blinds.  Maybe I'll embroider stars on it or perhaps use a second lighter layer in front of the dark.  Then I think, stitch the ribbons and yarns to a tube of gathered fabric to completely conceal the metal part of the rod .  Oh, guess buttonholes will be in order so I can still hang the crystals and such.  It sounds strange but hopefully will look "magical". 

            I think this old grannie is finally caught up in the "bling" trend, so it is probably already faux pas!  ha ha  who cares?  The journey and the process are what I enjoy so here I go on a little excursion into my imagination.....to spice up the studio and hopefully make some "magic"!  If the fairies allow, of course.......

          60. Gloriasews | | #110

            Your curtains will be lovely & whimsical - what great ideas!  Do post a pic when you're finished - I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


          61. MaryinColorado | | #112

            Thanks for your encouragement!  It will be unique, I just hope it turns out the way I imagine it.  Mary

          62. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #114

            What a brilliant idea for your room. I think something like that would give me something happy to look and dream at while I was thinking! And it would make me cheerful every time I looked at it, or through it rather. Cathy

          63. MaryinColorado | | #116

            That's what I was thinking, to give the room more of an airy whimsical or fantasy feeling to please the fairies.  Especially with winter coming on, maybe it will inspire me.  The large window faces the street so I don't like to just open the mini blinds and have people see in but I like to see outside when I am at the sewing machine.  My dream room would be to have a glassed in all weather porch to sew in!!! 

          64. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #118

            Me Too! But life has given me a room with tall narrow windows you can hardly see from. At least they are on a second floor, and in the country in the back of the house, so I do not cover them except for the sun in summer, to keep things from fading. I really like your whimsy/fairy theme idea tho. After all, it is your creative space, and you can do whatever feeds your spirit there! Cathy

          65. MaryinColorado | | #124

            Hope to get to the fabric store soon!  Today the grandkids all had eye appts and tomorrow two of them have pysical therapy for their knees.  Mary

          66. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #126

            It sounds like what my house used to be like! Is that what grammahood is gonna be like? I better rest up! hehehe Cathy

          67. MaryinColorado | | #136

            Grammahood is like Motherhood, each day is a new discovery and children grow up in the blink of an eye.  I was a mother at 21 and again at 29 and a grandma at 39, life is full of surprises and is one humongous mystery to me!!!  I take it as it comes and try to recognize and appreciate each little blessing that happens.  Sometimes I thrive on the flurry of activity and seek it, other times I wish for some time for harmony, serenity, peace and calm. 

            I think the reason I avoid the "fitting blues" is because I need my sewing studio to be about relaxation and creativity.  So I put off sewing clothing for myself most of the time even though I miss wearing my own unique clothing. 

            Oh, it's late, gotta try to get some sleep!  Mary

          68. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #137

            I hear you! I have no help with fitting, so only do the absolute minimum needed for general fitting. Usually by guess and by gosh and a lot of weird contortions. Lots of knits and pull on knit dresses, easy wear casual clothes. I want to sew more fitted clothing. Each time I do a pattern, I refine the fit a bit more. I think the reason I have not really finished my summer dresses yet is Fear. I am afraid they will not look nice when they are done. Technically they are good, but are they going to look nice on me? Stupid hunh? Cathy

          69. MaryinColorado | | #142

            No, not stupid at all, many of us here have the same issues.  I'm sure there are some that enjoy the challenge and artistry in the fitting process too.  Thank goodness we all have our areas of expertise so we are always learning from each other. 

            I'm just impatient with fitting myself and find it tedious.  The idea of having a fitting retreat and making manequins would be fun because of the comraderie and giggles so I do hope that happens eventually.  Especially if we are able to make slopers too, but that may require a second get together, he he.  If we ever get it off the ground, maybe it will become an annual event!  Mary

          70. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #145

            I am still rubbing brain cells together on that. Ms Rodezzy and I have already decided to travel together. To wherever. Like I said, there is still lots of time to brainwave, and hopefully others will want to come as well as we figure out details. And I won't take my bike, although a vision of me and Ro and two dress forms strapped on is a bit of a hoot! hee hee Cathy

          71. rodezzy | | #147

            That would truly be a sight.....HA HA HA HA ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Brightly colored helmets on our heads, crocheted scarfs blowing in the wind, I will have made myself a leather jacket for the event.  Maybe leather pants?  (baggie ones).  My dress form would be a life size doll in the end, with a painted face on it (since I'm into dolls right now...giggle), with a surprised look on her face (and mine too).   giggle.  How will you be looking ThreadKoe?  Describe your style!!!!!  This is getting fun.

            Edited 9/24/2008 11:10 am ET by rodezzy

          72. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #148

            Fuschia Leather jacket and jeans of course! And all the safety padding would make me look even bigger! tee hee And they would hear us before they would see us because they would hear my laugh! Side Saddles packed full to overflowing with brilliant coloured fabrics from Shopping! (This of course is our fantasy and we can do what ever we want, to Heck with safety concerns right?) Cathy

          73. rodezzy | | #149

            Oooooo I love the fuscia leather jacket.  Oooooo we've been shopping too!?!  How lovely. 

            Yes, this is a fantasy and we can do whatever we want, in fact I'm going to loose 70 pounds for the trip and get a face lift and a tummy tuck, firm up the girls and .......giggle. Well, you said it was a fantasy.  ROTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          74. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #151

            OOOH, in that case, I've lost 50lbs, (but kept the ahem chest), grown the hair long again, and added chains and silver rivets to the jacket and jeans. Hey, what can I say....Ever seen the alter ego in the comic strip A Rose is a Rose? Cathy

            Edited 9/24/2008 11:42 am ET by ThreadKoe

          75. rodezzy | | #154

            Nope, but it sounds good to me!

          76. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #155

            Rose is a mild mannered mom, but her alter ego is a biker gal, full gear, with attitude. Makes me laugh. Must be a CDN strip. Will post one when I find one for you. Cathy

          77. rodezzy | | #156

            Great, would love to see it!

          78. rodezzy | | #157

            I found her on the net!  A Rose is a Rose!  I love "Vicki" her alter ego.  I've seen it before, but can't remember where.  I love it!  Are you going to wear a mini-skirt and tatoo?  You too hot for me!  But, then again.......if I looked the way I did when I was twenty.......have the knowledge I have now.......And had the sense to know what to do with it......Well, we would see who was hot!  ROTL........giggling uncontrollably.  Fantasies are wonderful stress releasers.  It's fun just imagining this silly stuff.  Thanks for the infusion of dreams today.  It's a wonderful thing.

          79. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #158

            The first time I saw that comic, I laughed so hard I really choked! So many times it expressed what I felt! So what is the harm in an alter ego? Its my fantasy world and I'm sticking to it. Nothing wrong with a little whimsy and fun in a stressful world. Cathy

          80. MaryinColorado | | #162

            Oh "Vickie"! Whimsy is a necessity of life!!!!!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  "Brooke" 

            Edited 9/24/2008 6:53 pm by MaryinColorado

          81. MaryinColorado | | #161

            I love that Rose is Rose!  Ok, you must send photos of your "alter ego"!  Mine is "Babbling Brooke"  given to me by my friend from Missouri when we spent a week at Steamboat Springs!  Mary

          82. Ceeayche | | #308

            I giggled reading about the journey for Ro and ThreadKoe.  You two will need a rickety side car to carry your loot from the fabric stores you pass.  And one of Rodezzy's audacious ladies might come along for the ride.

          83. rodezzy | | #339

            Yes, MaryinColorado will be driving her drop top bringing up the rear.  giggle.

          84. MaryinColorado | | #343

            I'm not driving too fast, I'm just flying low...as Skye's license plate frame says...

            "I got to go baby, cause Road is my middle name" as Bonnie Raitt sings....

          85. KharminJ | | #150

            ooh!ooh! Leather pants - heehee , big grin

            'Tis the season for costume fabric, folks!

            Lots of really interesting options at the fabric stores this month and next, what with Halloween just around the corner -

            Edited 9/24/2008 11:34 am ET by KharminJ

          86. MaryinColorado | | #166

            I would have thought you'd be in a leather skirt with thigh high boots or with tights and hand crocheted leg warmers!  he he 

            Can I follow along in my convertible? 

          87. rodezzy | | #174

            Naw, skirts and motocycles don't mix for me.  I want the true freedom a good pair of baggie soft leather trousers give and the protection from the elements.  But I will change the color from black to turgoise to match ThreadKoe in her fuscia!!!!  And cheetah print goggles!

            By all means, follow along in the convertable, that would be just the right mix.  A drop top and bikers.  Goes very well together. 

          88. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #176

            Of course you can take the convertable! That way we can shop for more fabric and stuff! tee hee, the bike could only hold so much you know. Cathy

          89. MaryinColorado | | #179

            Why thank You!  What a blast!  Mary

          90. MaryinColorado | | #200

            woo hoo!!!!

          91. MaryinColorado | | #177

            My car is a 4 seater so we can put the mannequins in the car so you don't tip over going around corners!  I'll wear hot orange and chocolate leather pants, boots, and aviator's hat, and a tiger print scarf, grrrrrrrrrrowl!  Now we have room for one more, or some pets! 

          92. rodezzy | | #180

            Hey ThreadKoe, what a great traveling companion we got here with MaryinColorado.  A great car, room for our stuff and great personality.  I love the orange and chocolate leather outfit.  Great scarf!  va va va vrooommmmmmmmmmm!  Reminds me of those old movies with Gary Cooper.  "It takes a Thief".  Didn't he and his co-star (mind is blank now, she became a princess of Montique or something) drive around mountains in that picture in a convertible?

            Edited 9/25/2008 12:47 pm ET by rodezzy

          93. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #181

            Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco. Classy Lady. I love those old movies. With all those fluffy, elegant clothes that no one seems to wear anymore. Ok, so I am a romantic too. Cathy

          94. rodezzy | | #183

            O....M.......G, I watched those movies over and over again.  I loved Gary Cooper movies.  He is so wacky.  I have so many dreams for what I want, I would love to start collecting DVD's of those beautiful old movies.  Maybe selling these dolls will get me started. 

          95. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #184

            I loved any of those old movies. Katherine Hepburn is an another fav. There are so many goodies, how do you pick just one? TVO has Saturday Night at the Movies, and they play all the old ones. Two in a row. Sometimes I stay up for the 2nd, and end up cranky the next morning. Cathy

          96. rodezzy | | #185

            I don't know what TVO is.  If it's on a paid network, I don't have it.  I watch the old movies on PBS when they come on.  I used to have WOW cable, and I got tired of paying for television and watching the same old stuff over and over.  Like I said before, I can buy the movie and pay on price, watch is over and over and feel better about it.  At least I'm not paying to see again.

          97. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #186

            TVO is the Ontario version of PBS. Free public broadcasting. I can pick up PBS out of Rochester/Watertown NY, and they pick up some TVO. That is what real free trade is, tee hee. We only have RABBIT EARS for our TV. So when they start switching to those boxes for that new system, our few channels get even fewer. We don't get cable out here in the boonies, and I am not going to get satellite. I am still arguing with Ma Bell about replacing 45 yr old phone lines. There are drawbacks to rural living. Cathy

          98. rodezzy | | #187

            Oh, will you be able to be part of the coupon discount to get the converter box?  I have mine already.  But the new television mode they are changing to is the pits.  It brakes up like cable and satelite television.  Never had that problem with the old system.  The sound goes in and out.  You get words cut out.  The signals are so bad sometimes, you get no signal at all.  It's a waste of time.  When that starts happening, I turn on the radio.  I guess I've come full circle.  We should start radio sitcoms all over again.  A lot of people will be without television when the change goes thru.  Everybody's not getting the boxes, and I have television I purchased six years ago and the converter box stopped working on it.  I checked on my other tv to see if it was the box, and it wasn't.  So, it will be a waste of money for people to use on their old tv's.  This world is going backwards.  They are trying to make everyone pay for everything.  Remember when we didn't believe people would buy water?  ha ha ha well, now they want us to stop buying water.  ha ha ha People don't even want to stop buying water.  That's hilarious!  Oh well.

          99. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #188

            We bought a tv because they were cheap and our old one was so ancient and didn't work good anymore. It works great with the vcr and dvd player, which we use more than the tv. So we really won't miss the TV signal when it goes anyways. We can get the news on the net and radio all day. It will backfire when they realize that all the rural and northern people have no access and they will have to provide something for them anyways. Cathy

          100. rodezzy | | #189

            Honey, these days "they" don't care.  You got to "pay to play" and they mean it.  I believe radio is going over to a pay system eventually too!  And with pay TV companies don't need to pay those big advertising fees.  I'm not a sports watcher, so I won't miss neither one.  I can use that DVD player I have and/or CD player while making some craft or sewing.

          101. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #190

            The problem will be that radio and tv are also part of the emergency response or warning systems. And the governments will have to realize that either they continue to sponsor some free television, or pay for another system. Either way, they will have to come up with the money. TV is already in place, therefore cheaper. This has been a big debate around the card table lately. Fun to watch some of the guys get really into it. hee hee Cathy

          102. starzoe | | #193

            I am so old that I remember when (1) you had to have a license for a radio, and (2) ditto for TV when we first got it. The TV company enforcers rode around in a van with a huge arial and picked up on TVs in houses that hadn't forked out the $10 or whatever it was for a license.

          103. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #194

            Now it is the satellite companies going around zapping the cards in illegal hookups. Somethings just never change. I wouldn't mind having to pay a nominal fee. It is just that the fees are not nominal. I am already going head to head with the phone company who say it is too expensive to fix the phone lines out here. They are obsolete technology and barely work as it is. You should have seen the last tech scream at the mouse nest in the box! What a laugh that was! We still had party lines ten years ago, and only changed to private due to medical info we wished to keep private. Cathy

          104. sewelegant | | #195

            Starzoe, I think you said one time that you were from Canada?  I do not remember ever having to pay a fee in America to own a radio or a tv.  Even if we did, that doesn't stop most people from wanting the latest technology.  I do love all the newfangled conveniences we have these days and feel a little sad that I will not be around for the "bullet trains" they are now predicting we will be using 20 - 30 years from now in America.  I do not want to start a "political" thread but I have learned so much about our political system in the last 20 years and get a little dismayed at the process, but am so thankful our checks and balances keep us living in a free society and hope we don't allow it to be taken away with complacence.


          105. starzoe | | #196

            Yes, the fees for tv and radio were in Western Canada and may have been in other provinces as well. I'm not going to comment on politics right not either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          106. MaryinColorado | | #199

            People are too apathetic and aren't aware of what has been happening.  Americans are losing our freedom and too many don't even vote!  It may be too late when they wake up! 

          107. MaryinColorado | | #198

            Wow!  I had no idea!  They will probably go back to that, it seems that they "Big Brother" is trying to control everything for the little people but not regulate or care what the big corporations are doing.  Then we are expected to pay more taxes to cover their "mismanagement" after they've already robbed us blind. Some of them should be going to prison instead of us paying for their "fleecing".  Mary

          108. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #182

            Yeah, we will look quite a sight, in all our favorite colours, which orange and fuschia are my tops btw. hehehe Cathy

          109. MaryinColorado | | #201

            You are too sweet!  I love those old movies too.

          110. MaryinColorado | | #159

            Now that would be a site to see!  ha ha ha ROTFL!

          111. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #160

            Ok girl, what are your fantasy threads, HUNH? or do you already own them Hot Mama? tee hee Cathy

          112. MaryinColorado | | #167

            Hmmmmmmmmmm, I do have a tatoo!  he he he! 

          113. Gloriasews | | #169

            Cathy, I thought that I was the only one who felt that way!  Yay - I'm not alone!


          114. rodezzy | | #132

            My windows that look out over my neighbors yard and the alley.  And in this city that's not so grand.  Actually, I'm glad that there are row houses on the side of my building, because I'm on the second floor and I can see out further.  But I rarely leave the shades or windows uncovered because people can see in real good.  One of these days, I'm going to finish that curtain project I was so hyped to do earlier in the year.  Remember, the see thru top section.  I guess I haven't done it because it's not a fun project.  giggle.  I'll get to it one day.  I guess.  giggle

          115. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #134

            I don't mind doing curtains, they work up FAST! They take more pressing time then sewing actually. I take down my curtains in the spring and fall for cleaning, and there they sit until the hot sun or cold winds make it a "have to" put them up again project. Just got to be careful what you wear or don't wear at night with the lights on. tee hee One of the benefits of living way back off the road in the country. Cathy

          116. rodezzy | | #131

            Oooooooo a winter wonderland scene.....  I can just see you know..... all dressed in white, the room sparkling with all the pretty ribbons and trinkets glistening in the sunlight, the machine humming along while the fairy beneath the needles squirm into existance.  Stretching and growing a body, an arm, a leg, the fabric yielding to your fingers to form a new creation, a new creature to share in your life.  (cheeky huh?!)  giggle!!!!! ha ha ha! 

          117. MaryinColorado | | #139

            I picked out the pattern last night....baby steps.  Thanks for the encouragement!  Mary

          118. MaryinColorado | | #164

            There ya go!  If I'm in white, I think I will need lots of silver jewelry and rhinestone baubles and of course, a sparkling wand, and a white velvet cape!  Oooooooooooh, love it!  Mary

          119. rodezzy | | #173

            Sounds loverly!

          120. Ceeayche | | #309

            "There ya go!  If I'm in white, I think I will need lots of silver jewelry and rhinestone baubles and of course, a sparkling wand, and a white velvet cape!  Oooooooooooh, love it!  Mary"

            Gotta have something sparkling in a glass and a box of chocolates, too!  And a handsome young prince to deliver the beverages at the dip of your wand!


          121. MaryinColorado | | #312

            Now that's a fairy tale I'd love!  Mary

          122. rodezzy | | #340

            All Right Now, sounds wonderful.  We are really a great colorful group on this imaginary highway to fun and adventure.  MMMMMM chocolate!!!!

          123. MaryinColorado | | #344

            Guess we'll have to google search "chocolate" so we know where to buy our munchies!!!  Or we could just start at Giardelli in San Francisco and head out the coastal highway......wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          124. rodezzy | | #345

            Sounds good to me....Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          125. rodezzy | | #115

            giggle, giggle, sounds like so much fun.  You do your thing lady.  I love the sound of all those spicy trinkets.

          126. MaryinColorado | | #117

            I thought about you when I was draping the sparkly ribbon yarn.  That one has hot pink, orange, and lavendar with silver glitz.  Another is varigated amber, one is turquoise.  There are a few fuzzy dark twisted yarns that are glitzy, and a gold glitzy cord.  Too wild!  But is an interesting project and so different for me, I think it will be cheerful and happy place and feed my gypsy/fairy spirit! 

            You actually inspired this room, thinking about you and your dollmaking when I started straightening it up, then decided to take down the pink batiste curtains and wham, it hit me.  I even got out the books and started planning for my next fairy doll and how to make her wings.  It's been years since I've made dolls and I enjoyed it so much.  I still have the supplies and all. 

            Thanks to everyone here who is so inspirational and encouraging!  I think I'm getting my groove back!  Mary

            Edited 9/23/2008 10:25 am by MaryinColorado

          127. rodezzy | | #119

            All right!  You go lady.  I need a partner in crime with the dolls.  And with the new doll I made this weekend, I can make the second one a fairy too.  I just got an offer to have a table at a little craft show.  A very small one.  So I decided I would put on some dolls.  I also plan to make some doll pins I've got a new pattern for.  The body is beaded.  They are small, so I believe I can accomplish that.  The show is the fourth Satuday in Oct. 

            This is a picture of the doll I've made over this weekend on the cover "Margreth".  I've only made the body and her top.  She is unfinished.  I have a craft meeting tonight and I have to put the other patch on the Chicago Park District Quilt tonight and put a picture in the quild newsletter.

            View Image

            Threadkoe, the beaded pins are in this book.  I'll have to show you them if I get them made.  I actually got an order today to make two dolls for one of the directors nieces.  Little girls, one is 2 and the other I believe she said was 6.  I just printed out a pattern for that project.  giggle, I'm on a new role.  So much to do, so little time....giggle.

            Edited 9/23/2008 1:46 pm ET by rodezzy

          128. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #120

            BEADED DOLL PIN? Beads, you said Beads. Tell me more.....Cathy

          129. rodezzy | | #121

            They are in "Soft Cloth Dolls & Animals" that I purchased last week.  I don't have a picture here at work.  But they are called "Bubble Doos" I think.  Small pins.

          130. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #122

            Thanks, never thought to look in Doll mags for beaded things, DUH. Tee hee, Should have known... Cathy

          131. MaryinColorado | | #125

            Oh, she looks like a fun one to make!  I will look for the book when I get to the fabric store, hopefully by Thurs.!  The kids have me jumping through hoops again this week.  ROFL because that's all I can do is laugh at this point, gotta love 'em, they grow up so fast!  

            Gregory is now Hawkeye and Vincent is Eyes of the eagle, Allie doesn't want to talk about it, she needs glasses and has a lazy eye and her eyes don't work together, poor baby....well, she can't be perfect, but she comes close!!!  (The only grand daughter ya know).

          132. rodezzy | | #129

            Sounds like a wonderful handful of kiddie fun.  You love it!

            Yes, please look for it.  It just came out last week.  So it should still be around.

          133. MaryinColorado | | #138

            Will do!  If necessary I can get it at Barnes and Noble.  They put the doll magazines up too high for me to reach which is frustrating!  Why do they do that?  They could put the male oriented mags up there since men are usually taller.  ha ha 

          134. rodezzy | | #143

            Sounds like an idea to me.  Good morning.  I've been busy here at work. 

          135. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #127

            That is wonderful! It is nice to have someone ask you to create babies for little people. They love them to pieces, literally! Cathy

          136. rodezzy | | #128

            I'm so excited.  I'll be making them with love.  Also, going to make my grands a doll.

          137. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #130

            I have some good news. Was beginning to look like Shaggy the Dog, so went for a hair cut. Usually takes me a couple of weeks to get 'round to doing from thinking about it. Today I popped in to see if they had time. They did, it was slow. Lady who owns the place seemed troubled, so of course I ask what was bugging her. She asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to work only 1 day a week. She needed an assistant. Dumb me asked what that entailed, so long story short, I have a job. One day a week. Enough to get my feet wet at working out again. Big step, wish me luck. Cathy
            I start Tuesday.

            Edited 9/23/2008 3:45 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          138. rodezzy | | #144


          139. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #146

            Must have been cosmic forces (fairies?) of some sort at work yesterday. I had been fussing about being stuck at home all winter. DH had been looking at jobs snowplowing for the winter, and those would have him away a lot. Did not need something to suck me into the black hole again. This is a really nice place, good people. And I can probably sell some of my beadwork as well. And it will still leave me room to create! Just what the Dr. ordered. Cathy

          140. MaryinColorado | | #165

            You must be well aligned with the Universe to get an answer so quickly!  Mary

          141. sewslow67 | | #152

            Congrats on your new job.  I think getting out is good, for a lot of reasons.  Most of all, I hope you enjoy all the contact with some lovely people.   And of course, you will enjoy wearing all you beautifully sewn clothes ...

          142. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #153

            You mean actually getting to wear the ones I made. tee hee Thanks. Cathy

          143. MaryinColorado | | #163

            Good luck!!!  I hope you will enjoy it.  I've been thinking that I would love the social interaction of working again.  Mary

          144. Ceeayche | | #307


            Congratulations on the J-O-B.  According to your post last week, you should have one day under your belt!

          145. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #317

            Thanks for the well wishes. Went well for the newbie. Liked your suggestion to Mary of the sparkling and chocolate for the ride ;) Cathy

          146. MaryinColorado | | #123

            And I cannot wait to see your witchy woman doll!  You know you can keep her out year round as a "kitchen witch" to keep pots from boiling over, and for good luck.  I did that until my youngest grandson was afraid of her, have to hang her back up some day as my cooking skills have degraded alot.  Mary

          147. rodezzy | | #133

            I'm rarely in my kitchen, she'd die of loneliness in there.  He He.  Maybe she'll find a good home?!?

          148. MaryinColorado | | #140

            ha ha ha, can't have a lonely witch around the house!  That could be dangerous!  She might wreak havoc!   Mary

          149. Ceeayche | | #306

            Soon I was snipping lengths of many different yarns and ribbons and such and draping them over the rod all the way across.  Next, I hung some crystal pendants and a fairy, then some glass hummingbirds that my brother made.

            Sounds magical. Hope you share pictures when you finish!

          150. MaryinColorado | | #311

            Thanks, I hope it does look magical and not like a child's room or tacky.  I'm looking for a hanging candle holder that's around here somewhere.  I love scented candles.  I'm even thinking of some tiny white Christmas lights too, for at night, but that might be too too much. 

          151. Ceeayche | | #314

            Chile this is YOUR space.  Can't be "too" anything if it makes you smile and brings out your creativity.  Enjoy!  No matter how silly it gets, if it makes you smile go with it.  Enjoy it, enjoy the process, and enjoy your beautiful studio when you get finisished.  I'm excited about it and that's just due to to your descriptions!

          152. MaryinColorado | | #316

            Thanks so much for your encouragement, this is the first time I've decorated just for myself.  I'm letting my Muse and fairies lead the way!  Mary

          153. Lilith1951 | | #328

            Hi there, I just saw this thread and what you are doing and it does sound wonderful.  I got the urge to do something different when I decorated my sewing room from scratch a few years ago.  After sharing bedroom, living room, den, kitchen, dining and 2 bathrooms with husband and his taste (kids picked their own stuff, of course), I decided my sewing room would be all out feminine.  The walls are very pink and the window coverings are layers of white, pale pink and deeper checked pink with a valance of huge cabbage roses on a green background.  The valance actually makes the whole thing look grown up instead of little-girly, but I have dolls and fairies on some of my shelves, too.  My shelves are deep forest green, which also helps it look more like a woman's room instead of a child's.

            I did want to issue a small warning about the candles.  I love 'em too, but after seeing what they did to the walls of the room when my daughter had burned them in there for years, I wouldn't want to burn them in my sewing room.  They will discolor the walls and possibly fabrics. If you get really high quality ones, you can smell them even when they aren't burning, but I'd be afraid of the fire hazard in a room with all those fabrics.  Think about your precious stash going up in flames, eek!  Anyhow, I have them, and I love the smell, but I don't light them in there.

            Really, I spent many hours trying to scrub the grey smoke stains off her walls, finally gave up and painted it with Kilz primer before I put the pink color on it.

            Enjoy the process of decorating.  I found it so liberating.  I still feel joyful every time I walk in there (well, except for when it's a mess.) :-(


          154. MaryinColorado | | #329

            Your studio sounds lovely!  We are so lucky to have our own personal space! 

            It's always nice to hear from another fairy lover.  Do you make dolls too?  I haven't in years due to arthritis in my hands, but am going to give it another try as I enjoyed it so much.  Rodezzy has inspired me so much.

            Thanks for the warning about the candles, do you know if the Soy ones also make the marks on the ceiling?  I haven't had a problem with the ones I've used, but they are "natural" and usually just lavendar scented.  I'll be careful, and guess I won't do the hanging one I had planned as it would be closer to the ceiling.  Mary

          155. starzoe | | #330

            If you love fairies and love to garden, look up FAIRY GARDENS on Google.

          156. Lilith1951 | | #331

            Yes, actually, I made and sold dolls and some bears and bunnies back in the mid-to-late 80's, when the Cabbage Patch dolls were popular.  I made all sorts of dolls, but mostly babies and little girls in cloth.  My favorite part was making the clothes for them and finishing up their faces and hair.  People just didn't want to pay enough for my time, so I sadly put that away and went to work at a "real job."  Yuk.  

            Now I still make a doll once in a great while for my own pleasure, but I put my love of making the little clothes to work into making real baby clothes and blankets for charities.  I work at a county health dept. and most of mine go to our own local mommies in need through the Healthy Start program.  It is most satisfying.

            I don't know about the soy candles, but I hear they burn cleaner, so they would probably cause less of a mess (and be healthier for your lungs, too.)  My daughter burned candles soooooo often and usually several at a time, so her walls were covered in "soot."   Some came off easily, but a lot of it just didn't come off at all.  I figured if it was going to cling to walls, it was going to get into my wonderful fabrics, too, and I just wasn't going to risk it.

            Yes, we are lucky to have our own space!  I spent a lot of years with my sewing stuff in the den; once upon a time (when my two youngest kids were babies) my sewing "room" was a closet :-)  I got a whole closet to myself that was off the family room and I just closed it up when company came and I was in mid-project.  It seems the more room I have, the more room I need.  My main room is full and I have another closet with stuff in it, as well as a full dresser full of fabric in the guest room.  I just realized this when I typed it.  How embarrassing!  Of course, as long as I'm still sewing, I don't feel too guilty about it.  I sew and give and buy and sew and give some more.  It's all good :-)


          157. MaryinColorado | | #332

            My kids had the Cabbage Patch dolls too.  I also made those stuffed ones.  It was fun to see their personalities develope as each "dimple" was stitched with love, in the cheeks, knees, elbows, bottoms.  I think the kids enjoyed those more than the "real" store bought ones.  I wonder where all those little ones are today?  They haven't been visiting "Grandma" or I'd share a foto, how about yours?  Were they called "Foster Children"?  I remember they also had "birth certificates" too.  I looked but couldn't even find the old pattern.  Probably donated it, along with so many others. 

            It's great that you share your love of sewing and giving to others as you do!  I'm sure it is so appreciated by all who are on the receiving end.  Blessings, Mary

          158. Lilith1951 | | #333

            I made a few that were very "Cabbage Patch-ey", but many of mine were from patterns I bought through a magazine called "The Cloth Doll."  They were mostly prettier and more detailed than the Cabbage Patch ones and very different in style.  I made some that were fully jointed, but cloth, and they were really nice.  I also made little girls that would remind you of the current American Girl dolls, but in cloth.  I still have a big box full of doll and bear patterns and some of them I've never even made---hoping to get to that in my retirement in a few years. 

            The plan is for husband and I to both make what we love and do a few craft shows a year.  He is a very talented woodworker and wants to make hobby horses, small toys and such.  I get to paint their faces and make manes.  We are going to call ourselves The Chickadee Workshop, as that is our favorite bird.  They are very industrious little survivors.

            Anyhow, I want to make dolls, doll clothes and small purses, clutches and tote bags.  Maybe some real baby clothes, too (bonnets, bibs and booties mostly.)   I'll have a selection of things to begin with and see what sells the most.  If it becomes "not fun" or I'm making but not selling, I will simply not continue.  I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

            My girls had their own store bought C.P. dolls, both toddler and preemies and lots of home made clothes for them.  I even made them Brownie Girl Scout uniforms when my girls were in the scouts.  They were the only girls they knew with those!  It was great fun. Sewed lots of Barbie clothes, too, of course. 

            I do have some pictures somewhere.  I'll have to dig those out and post a few of them for 'ya. 

          159. rodezzy | | #336

            I know what you mean.  I had two people order dolls from me, and when I priced them out and gave them the prices, they backed down, not refusing but stammering and saying they would have to see them again.  Oh well.  I don't care.  I love my dolls.  I've got to get back to work on anything right now.  I have been going through some thangs and I've been sapped.  I've done some mindless crocheting to keep my mind settled over the past two weeks.  I'm trying to get "my groove back!"  giggle.  got to get it back!!!!!

          160. MaryinColorado | | #342

            Oh honey, you could never lose your groove, it's just taking a little nap.  Mary

          161. rodezzy | | #335

            You know, I love pink.  Your room sounds pretty.  I saw a room in a magazine a few years back that I vowed to do for myself.  It was hot pink and silver basically if I remember right.  I'm going to look for that room again.  I forgot what magazine I saw it in.  I bought some fabric I thought would mimic it, but it failed.  So, I will have to find the proper pink.  Also the magazine.  I'm sure I kept it.  ooooooo here I go again with all of the ideas, and right now they are just ideas.  Just ideas.  giggle.

          162. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #91

            I guess the janitor had a fit after spending all summer sanding and revarnishing the floor. Most girls kick off their heels by the end of the evening to dance anyhow! I am sure she will have fun and be more comfortable anyway. Cathy

          163. MaryinColorado | | #94

            You are right, of course, I just didn't think it made sense that the boys with their black shoe souls should have them on either!  All went well and the kids had a great time. 

          164. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #99

            I am glad they had fun, sounds like gramma has a sigh of relief in her voice too! No, it is not fair only the boys wear their good shoes. They should have specified non-marking soles for all. Maybe they figured most would wear trainers anyways? Cathy

          165. rodezzy | | #93

            Hi Lady:  don't worry about that sewing stuff, the kids are in the moment kind of joy.  Enjoy them and relax.

          166. MaryinColorado | | #95

            It was so exciting!  Our expensive new camera got dropped and didn't work.  The neighbor loaned us theirs so we got some excellent photos at the last minute.  The kids all looked fantastic and so grown up!  Whew!  Crisis averted, and a happy time was had by all, with a few tears of pride 'n joy thrown in for good measure. 

          167. rodezzy | | #96

            How wonderful.  Sounds like a "I wish I was there", kinda event.  Good for you! 

          168. MaryinColorado | | #97

            She danced the night away, her brother even danced a few times!!!  He's so quiet and shy so it was great to hear that he is stretching. 

          169. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #72

            Magic wands are fun arn't they?
            I used mine on myself and have spent the last two days in my sewing room!
            I whipped up a quickie pair of sheer curtains for The Girls appt.
            Sampled the Freemotion Bead Embroidery
            Cleaned!?! The sewing room
            progressed to the point where I can almost put in those pesky invisible zips in my (gasp) summer dresses.
            Organized my project pile and priorized it so I know which project is next
            I should have used the wand a lot sooner.......tee hee Cathy

          170. Gloriasews | | #83

            Wow - did your magic wand ever work!!!  You got scads of stuff done - good for you!


          171. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #84

            Yes, but I need to get going again, life intervenes, and I still have not got to those zips! Drat! Hopefully this evening, now that DD3 has gone back. Cathy

          172. Gloriasews | | #85

            Life certainly does intervene.  You'll get to those zips eventually, now that life is settling down again for you.


      3. MaryinColorado | | #15

        I've gone through the same thing several times.  I took up other interests and hobbies (less satisfying) and also went through a time when I was too ill to sew. 

        I discovered that I was really sick of pink and repainted the studio ivory.  I put away all the clothing related paraphanalia (even loaned out my mannequin).  I looked at sewing magazines and books. 

        I made my mother a quilt with embroidered blocks that related to her likes, in her pastel PINK, ugh....Once I got started, I knew I needed to make myself work on it because she is in her eighties, I don't like pink anymore, I told her and others about it so they'd ask how it was coming along, I made myself go into the studio several times a day to "do something"!  Anything! 

         This forum really inspired me.  Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time making incredible creations.  Rodezzy was whippping out a variety of gifts at the time so fast my head spun just thinking about it.  What was wrong with me? 

        I'm not a quilter but had made some throws and baby quilts and quilted clothing through the years.  This actually worked for me.  Now I am working on my third quilt, have made some tops and dresses for myself, and loving sewing again.  I pray you will find your "Muse" again so you can enjoy the gift of the pleasure of sewing.  Mary

      4. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #16

        Ckbklady had the right idea, you need a HUGE HUG. Don't worry, you are just feeling a little (lot?) discouraged and down right now. Keep reading here and you will feel better. Worked for me. The more pressure you put on yourself to sew perfect right now is not going to help. It is time to play. Even if you only clear off your work area, thread up the machine and just fool around a bit and think. I have been off my sewing for a couple of years and gotten rusty. But it is coming back, and at the very least, getting it all organized! Cathy

      5. purpleque | | #215

        Good for you! 

  6. User avater
    ThreadKoe | | #8

    Been There, Done That, Bought the T Shirt. Tee hee. Have you had your yearly check up and made sure there are no physical reasons for your disinterest? That aside, then, pick a quick and easy project, non garment to get your juices flowing. A shopping bag or pillow or home dec item to get you started. Play with the fancy stitches on your machine on a ready made placemat. Then move on to an unfitted garment like pj pants or a tunic top to wear with jeans. Once you get into it again, your fitting and more challenging projects will follow. Cathy

  7. sewelegant | | #9

    I totally sympathize with your predicament.  For me the problem is accepting my shape as it is and quit thinking I will magically return to the good old days!  The biggest boost to my getting back into the sewing room is going to the dress shops that carry plus sizes and after trying on 50 or so items, walking out without anything.  I can't bring myself to pay (anymore) the price I need to pay for things I like, but are expensive and still need mucho aleration!  I refuse to shop for cheap clothes because I hate seeing someone else wearing my outfit (and hers fits about as well as mine so that's another big reality turnoff)  I do not have a good background on fitting principles, but have learned a great deal in the last 10 years or so.  Like you, I hate going through all the preparation and still not coming out with a desirable finished product. The only things I have perfected are a drapy casual dress by Coni Crawford patterns and a pants pattern that I drafted using Coni Crawfords pattern making book.  I go in and out of my sewing room several times a day and only do as much as I feel good about then leave.  At my age and stage in life that is possible and I wish I could stay with it long enough to sew the items I want for a trip my husband and I are taking in late Oct.  As I said in the beginning though... I am convinced my biggest hangup is facing reality!  I have so much wonderful fabric, but it all belongs to a dream wardrobe that never made it to reality.  As it is I will be taking my trip with drapy full dresses and pants/tee/sweater outfits I already have instead of the beautiful coordinated wardrobe of weightless fabrics I had planned.

  8. Lilith1951 | | #10

    Ritzy, I too, have sometimes gone months without sewing, except for hemming my husband or grandson's jeans (they are both too short for their waist sizes, tee hee) and what usually gets me back in there is NEED...not mine but someone else's.  What I'm saying is that I sew for charity.  I sew baby clothes, blankets, bib's, etc, for my local Healthy Start program, as well as national programs like Newborns in Need.  I also occasionally send baby & child items to a Native American reservation.  I just got inspired to sew reusable cloth menstrual pads for an organization called Goods4Girls, to be distributed to truly poverty stricken areas of Africa, so that young girls who have absolutely nothing to catch the flow during that time of the month can stay in school and not be tempted to stay home and quit going at all, which is what happens to many of them.  

    I have a body that is large and difficult to fit, also, so I don't get much joy in sewing clothing for myself and haven't done so for years; my daughters are grown and gone, so fashion sewing is just not on my list anymore.   Besides the charity sewing, there always seems to be something needed for the house, such as curtains.

    Maybe this is not the right avenue for you and maybe these things don't inspire you..but something will, I have no doubt.

  9. Ocrafty1 | | #19

    Sounds to me like you've lost your JOY of sewing! If its not fun, why do ANYTHING that we don't have to!!!!!

    After sewing for my kids, and cutting up all of my mistakes into quilt pieces (that are still sitting in a box), I was tired of sewing, too!  I took several years off...did the counted cross stitch, reading Accurate historical novels, crocheting thing.  I also went to college (part time for 9 yrs, then finished by going full time for 3 more)  I finally started looking at sewing mags again; but I didn't want to sew clothing. I can't make anything that ever really fits me, and have no one to help me fit clothing for myself. (OK, I've made a couple of things, but I'd rather go shopping since I lost weight..and I'm hard to fit with a 34DD bust and a size 4-6 pants) 

    I'd made way too many wedding gowns and formals for my girls and their friends.  I found a cute bag that I wanted to make....JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!!!  I rediscovered how much I truly enjoy sewing...and have s-l-o-w-l-y restarted my home based sewing business. I STILL need to take breaks from sewing for my clients and make something just for fun.  If it works...OK...If not, Oh, well....  At least I've tried something different...and just 'cause I wanted to.  I just made a cute outfit for my 4 yr. old granddaughter and by the time I sent it to her, she'd outgrown it (1 month after my daughter took the measurements...I think she goofed, but...)  bummer, but it IS a cute outfit and was fun to make.

    Maybe you NEED that break from sewing, or you just need to sew for fun. Threads has some real cute things to try in their issues. Maybe there's something in there that would be a fun project for you.  There is a pattern for a real cute bag in Threads issue 137.  I have a young teacher friend who is going to love it.  I'd never use the bag, and the fabric is too retro for me (used that stuff in the '60's & '70's), but I knew she'd love it.  It was fun to make something for someone else and not too expensive...and it didn't have to be FITTED!!  (I added inside pockets to the lining.) It was FUN to make and just something I wanted to try. I'm meeting her next week for cocktails and a much needed gab session and giving it to her then.

    Try looking at sewing from the FUN angle....forget the hassel of fitting things for a while and try to make something just for the JOY of it!  Make it something simple, so you don't get frustrated. Just 'cause you KNOW how to do the hard and complicated stuff doesn't mean you HAVE to do it!!

    HAVE FUN!!!! And if you need to take a break from sewing...find some other creative way to fill your time.....You'll go back to sewing.....WHEN YOU'RE READY...JUST DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!!!!  Life is too short!


    1. user-61024 | | #209

      Every day, most usually early early in the morning (like 4:30 am onwards) I'm in my sewing room. I can't actually imagine a day going by without working on something. I just don't sleep very long anymore, so I'm up, coffee in hand, something on the tv that I may have taped the day or night before, and I work on projects before I go to my "real" job.

      If you are having trouble getting motivated to launch into a big project, here's what has worked for me. Chip away at it one segment at a time. Don't start thinking you'll get it all done in one go. It just won't happen. But if you say to yourself: today, I'm just going to work on x, or y, or z, then you can work on manageable chunks.

      In my case, I have a room that I can shut away from everyone else (including our rather curious little cat) so things are safe if they are half-done or works-in-progress. That may be a luxury, but it works for me!

  10. charm | | #21

    Ritzy,  I still enjoyed your message. I tought it was cute when you said poof me if you wants. it's nice you wanted to send some kind message to me. hope you can go back to your sewing room. have you ever found anything you like to sew that may not be involve with patterns. I won't poof ha, smiling.

    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #27

      Charm, you had a brilliant idea! A while back, there are a bunch of patternless projects, (added bonus NO FITTING) under the Bishop Torn Projects. Those are great, simple projects to get the juices flowing. Cathy

  11. User avater
    DonnaFordDortch | | #33

    Would you be interested in going into a partnership business OR would you like a telephone buddy to inspire you.

  12. thehat | | #92

    may I say something here we all hit a slump  now and than there I go buy  patterns and sew a gown from a different era or buy a hat that needs a new outfit if not you get a new hat

  13. Sanah | | #100

    I have been trying to get my "groove back" for so long, and enjoyed this thread so much that I just finished reading all 100 postings -- with great satisfaction -- and copied and pasted most of the comments into my "Personal sewing book file".  I've been away from "Gatherings" too long.  Instead of "lurking", as I usually do, I would like to add some thoughts (mostly rants) also:

    I realized that some of the things hindering me getting my groove back were:

    1. Trying to discuss sewing with someone who refuses to recognize that there are different sewing styles.  I personally like "slow" sewing.  By that I mean I don't really concern myself with the amount of time a project takes.  I rarely sew for a particular occasion -- preferring to "build a wardrobe" and have it in my closet when I want or need it.  I want to enjoy the process and learn along the way.  In fact, the more I learn (via reading Threads, sewing mags, books), the more I realize how much I don't know and how many different ways there are to do various techniques, and I consider myself an advanced sewer.   I have a relative who I thought I could discuss sewing with but who is constantly denigrating tailoring, which is what I enjoy most, and going on and on about how she sat up all night and finished this or that particular garment.  Good for her, but that's her "style of sewing", not mine.  It irks me that she doesn't get this and puts slower sewing down.

    1. When the person doesn't even appreciate Threads Magazine -- forget it!  My relative had been away from sewing for some time.  I recommended Threads as one of the better sewing magazines she might like to try to help her get back on track.  She is a "very advanced" sewer.  She's made gowns, tailored, had fashion shows, etc.  I naturally thought she would like the magazine.  To my dismay she did nothing but complain about it -- from the photography to the sewing articles. 

    3. When the person can't see the value of FFRP!  Most of us remember when we could take a pattern out of the bag, make a couple of length adjustments (like when I was a size 12 pattern) and get on with it.  But eventually gravity, food and whatever gets us and we have to learn how to alter for different parts of our body.  Well when you're trying to talk to someone who won't accept the need for these changes, but just continues to rant about how patterns are made horribly these days (Vogue, Butterick, McCalls -- everybody), and there must be something wrong with the drafting since her skills are excellent, and her overnight dresses aren't coming out anymore...it really puts a damper on your eagerness to learn to alter well.  I stupidly said, "if you can't alter, you really can't sew...well, anyway".  You never heard anybody be so offended!  I convinced her to at least borrow the book from the library and check out all the valuable information in it -- since she's sewn for people in the past, I thought she'd like the info -- nothing doing.  Now me, when I first discovered this book I literally studied and highlighted it to death. I think it's fabulous!  After talking about the various techniques with her I ended up feeling fat and "body challenged" for needing so many alterations.  Needless to say, it didn't help me get my groove on.

    4. Do Not Discuss Your Fabric Stash with just anybody!   A couple of the posts addressed the issued of feeling ashamed of their stash.  Well, talking to someone who doesn't have a stash, buys fabric a piece at a time at the cheapest price they can find is a definite killer for getting your groove back.  It will also make you feel ashamed and stupid for having a stash.  I have a very extensive, carefully chosen stash of which I had been very proud.  Everything is properly documented, entered into a computer database and I have a very good idea of what I intended it for.  I have over the years, of course, weeded out the "dogs" and so what I have now is really good; I like natural fibers, so I have a lot of wool, linen, silk, tweeds, etc.  Well, after being teased about my stash and being asked "does you husband mind?", "did you sew anything this week"?, and having her ask for a few pieces, I'm starting to feel ashamed that I have so much and sew so slow -- especially in recent years.  I absolutely love going into my stash and "petting" it or having just what I'm looking for.  For instance, this season seems to be about purples, lavenders and berry.  Well, I'm ready.  I have some lovely wool flannel purple that I intend to make a suite of.

    5.  When the person does not take advantage of Gatherings, PatternReview or any other online sewing site -- to my knowledge -- they'll stand in the way of your groove!

    Well, I apologize for going on so long.  I now refuse to discuss sewing with people afflicted with any of the above.  I'll be visiting Gatherings much more often to -- please, please, -- get my groove back!


    Sanah in NYC

    1. rodezzy | | #101

      Oh honey, I am rolling on the floor laughing and bonding with you.  I understand how it is to talk to people that refuse to understand the words coming out of your mouth.  The pieces I am sewing with now I purchased Thanksgiving before last!  That makes them two years old next month.  I still haven't decided what to do with the beautiful faux fur I have.  giggle.  I've been talking about a project and people are looking at me with that blank expression as if I'm saying "wong wong wong, wong wong wong wong....!

      And those people that find out that you made something you have on and say in disbelief "You made that?!" and start looking inside the garment as if they had a clue.  Or the ones that compliment you on a piece, ask you where you purchased it and when you tell them you made it, they start looking for imperfections, or tell you how pretty it is, but...."You know you can line fleece".  "It doesn't have any pockets."  I've heard it all over my lifetime.  Then, they ask "Can you make me a suit?" and I usually say "I don't sew for people."  and they say "Well if you can sew, you should be able to make anything." 

      Well, sweetie.  I'm a duck now.  I just let it just roll off my back like water.  I make what I want, do what I do and keep my head up and just keep walking.  I wallow in my creativity, learning new things alone the way in sewing, crafting and whatever I'm presently doing.  I take what I need and/or want and leave the rest!  I give thanks to the givers and give what I can.  We all have choices, and they are ours alone.  Others can give direction and guidance, but the final choice is yours.

      1. Gloriasews | | #107

        O, Rodezzy - you know the same people as Sanah does - & I do, too.  As I said to Sanah, it's really hard to communicate what we do with people who don't have a clue, so why bother?  No matter what you say, they'll never understand.  We have each other, we understand each other, we make what we want to in the style that we like & life is good!


      2. Sanah | | #203

        I'm glad I was able to give you a chuckle. 

        We definitely know the same type of people.  I've had a sewing "friend" say to me in astonshishment regarding a linen jacket I was wearing: "You didn't make that, did you?"  I replied: "No, but you know I could have".  For once I was able to come up with an appropriate reply to a jealous remark. 

        I've also learned over the years when people start asking me to sew something for them to say: "I don't sew professionally".  Right away, they get the point it will cost them something so they don't pursue it.   I'm becoming a duck too!


        Sanah in NYC

        1. rodezzy | | #204

          You have to, because once you open that gate, the flood waters just never stop coming and they want a free flow!  he he he NOT!!!!

    2. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #102

      Heheheheh, welcome to the club! Stashmasters Unite! I have a lovely piece of coating, very expensive that I bought before my eldest was born, intending to make a tailored winter coat. I have made a few muslins, but still no coat, none of the styles or adaptations is quite what I want, yet. BTW, DD1 will be 23 soon...Cathy hehehehe

      1. Sanah | | #205

        You see, I knew coming back to Gatherings was going to be encouraging! 

        On the subject of coating stash -- I have winter white wool melton, camel hair, black wool/cashmere and some black Ungaro wool bought from "The Backroom" at Sawyer Brook.  I even bought faux fur to trim the camel hair!  Overly ambitious, right?  But I figured since I can tailor jackets I can make a coat...maybe.

        These pieces have been waiting to be brought to life for years, just like yours has.  You're further along than I am, though, at least you've made a muslin.  I have the patterns for the fabrics also -- all Vogue OOPs, but I still love the styles.  I'm confident that one day I'm going to make them.  My groove's gonna come back -- it has to, I'm too invested.


        Sanah in NYC


        1. sewelegant | | #207

          If you can tailor jackets a coat should be a snap!  At least in my opinion.  I have only made a couple of jackets and they were not tailored... I didn't think I knew how, but I had no problem tackling a coat and it turned out looking very professionally made.  I did what they told me to in the directions and it did require some tailoring techniques that I had read about but never tried ,like that diagonal basting of the inner lining.  I was so proud of it when I finished I had no problem making a coat for one of my daughters a couple years later.  I looked at cashmere fabric at the Vogue fabric shop in Evanston, Illinois and vowed one day I would make a coat out of that, but never did.  It would have had to join my stash because I wouldn't have wanted to "ruin" it.  I no longer need a winter coat but if I did I would not hesitate to do it again.  I hope you go ahead and make something out of your beautiful fabric.

          1. Sanah | | #208

            We sewers all have the same fears....we don't want to ruin that fabulous fabric.  Why do you think mine is still in my stash?  It's crazy! 

            I purchased one yard of black cashmere years ago for a simple pencil skirt -- $25 yd -- and it's still in my stash.  I can't tell you how many black wool flannel, gabardine, etc skirts I've made over the years, but I'm obviously still afraid of that yard of cashmere -- when am I going to break that egg? 

            You're so good to only buy what you "need".  After I bought all that coat fabric, to take the pressure off, I went down to Burlington's Coat Factory and bought a couple of coats....sort of some time to get myself together.

            Invariably I find myself trying to sew a 'silk purse out of a cow's ear' -- using my less loved fabric -- because I'm afraid of "ruining" the good stuff.  I work like a dog on the garment and end up wishing I had used the good stuff realizing how much better it would have come out...Ach!

            I'm gonna have to force myself to "just do it".  Like one poster said some years ago, "the money's already spent".  You're not going to get your money back so you might as well take your chances and make a success of it.......or something like that.

            Thanks for the note.


            Sanah in NYC

          2. sewelegant | | #210

            I have to chuckle a little at your post... I guess we need to really splurge when we buy some fabulous fabric so we'll have a little extra left over to save just for dreaming purposes in case we ruin what we make.  Or maybe just enough extra to make a throw pillow that we can pull out and touch and admire all we want.  Oh well, that's why some of us call this a hobby.  I too, have ended up going out and buying what I needed because I could never get that nerve to cut it out and sew it up!  For me, the stars all have to fall in the right place.  I have to be in the "mood" to sew.

    3. MaryinColorado | | #104

      I hope we will uplift your spirits and be a positive influence in helping you get your groove back!  This group at Gatherings and reading Threads mag has helped me through some rough life circumstances.  It's so great to have so many people across the world connect through our love of sewing and other fiber arts.  Welcome back!  We celebrate our differences here and always seem to find a common ground somewhere.  We respect YOU for who you are and whatever your size, shape, color, etc., including sewing style and preferences.  How can we not? 

      Our interests vary from sewing, tailoring, handwork, treadle machine sewing to the latest in computerized digitizing and machine embroidery, knitting, crocheting, dying fabrics, etc.  We are all ages and backgrounds and ethnicity and lifestyles.  We accept each other and each one of us has something to learn and something to teach and share. 

      Sometimes we chat about life or get off topic to an extreme, but we are here for you and for each other.  I look forward to your posts and learning about YOU and hopefully you can teach me alot, especially about fitting.  I've reached that age where the woman in the mirror is not built the way I thought she was.  That's okay now, but it took me awhile.  Not matter what size I am, my mother always infers that I am fat.  It took me years to realise that she thought I looked great at 86 pounds when I graduated high school!  Hmm, maybe she's part of the reason I was so tiny and was it healthy?  No!  I gave up sewing for myself for awhile, then started quilting, now am getting my groove back, thanks to everyone here.  I hope you will too.

      That fabric sounds lucious!  I love natural fabrics too.  Just be yourself, we accept you for who you are!  Mary

      1. Sanah | | #206

        My spirits have definitely been lifted since posting the other day. 

        I think we may have a lot in common.  I realize that it's taken me years to accept that age is a size.  My breasts are larger and lower, my butt is flatter and everything seems to have fallen toward the front stomach-wise.  I don't know what's up with my shoulders, only that I must have some kind of shoulder pad in my garments -- even if very thin -- to make things hang nicely.  However, according to my high bust measurement, I still should be using a size 16 pattern -- with alterations galore for every part of me.  But that's okay because my extensive pattern stash is all size 16s.  So, I'm grateful that I can do something with them.  In retail -- Talbot's to be exact, theirs are the only jackets that fit me -- I seem to do best with 16/18WP with sleeve shortening. 

        As for your mother inferring that you're fat, my sister has always "told" me I'm fat.  She actually admitted that she considers anyone over a size 12 obese and would refuse to sew for them....would you believe it?  She's one of those over 65 seniors who's managed to really keep it together through obsession....  I personally think she suffers from BDD -- body dismorfic disease.  If I have to listen to one more lament about her "horrible size C breasts" I'll...well, you know.  In the meantime, I'm a DD.  So you know I'm unsympathetic.

        Anyway, I agree with you that sewers are generally very accepting of others sizes and differenses and appreciate the hard work it takes to make garments that fit.  I, intend to keep on learning how to alter, fit, make as muslins as I have to and eventually turn out something that makes me feel good about myself and my efforts.  I read somewhere that designers make as many as 5 to 6 muslins to get the results they want.

        Thanks for your encouragement.


        Sanah in NYC




        1. fiberfan | | #211

          If you need suggestions while getting something to fit, post pictures and describe the problem.  Without pictures it is very difficult to suggest solutions but with pictures it is reasonable.  2 years ago I took a n online class from Shannon Gifford called Make a Better Tee.  I learned so much about fitting myself just from the lessons and even more from posting pictures to the class board so Shannon could see the problem(s) and suggest changes.

          I haven't learned much about altering commercial patterns to fit me.  Instead I made some changes to the basic pattern I made in Shannon's class.  This has become my basic bodice block (aka sloper) and I draft most of my own patterns.  I already had a basic skirt block.  I occasionally use my bodice block to make alterations to a pattern.  I also morph parts of a commercial pattern with something I drafted.


          1. Sanah | | #226

            I like your idea of pictures helping you get the fit right.  I know you're talking about posting them online, but I recently read an article in Threads about using your camera to take photos of your self to help perfect the fit.  That's a good idea too.  I keep my camera set up on a tripod and snap shots of myself to help with fitting and also to see if I've coordinated an outfit well or not.

            I like Shannon Gifford.  I talked to her a couple of times a few years ago about the best interfacing to use for a particular fabric I was working on.  I know she sometimes conducts online classes, but I've never taken advantage of them.  They sound like a lot of fun -- maybe I'll sign up for one on PatternReview. 

            I have a block for a pencil skirt, which I use over and over again.  I need to make one for my bodice and I'd like one for pants.  Like one person said..."why keep reinventing the wheel over and over again"?--which is what I guess I do by continuing to purchase patterns!


            Sanah in NYC

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        2. MaryinColorado | | #220

          You go girl! I'm glad you are feeling better about things.  I am too.  I have to remind myself to listen to my own inner voice and those that are positive influences and to let the rest go.  Like a duck, let it roll of our backs!  Mary

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #221

            You are such a lovely, funny person Mary! Don't let someone else get to you! Use that magic wand on Mommy Dearest when she gets to you. ((())) Cathy

          2. MaryinColorado | | #223

            he he he  don't tempt me!!!  I just have to remind myself that she has always been hypercritical of me and let it go.  Don't know why I let her get to me, especially now that she's getting on in years.  I just need to focus on the positive things in my life like all you great people here at Gatherings!!!  You are the greatest at being a positive influence and example!  Mary

          3. MaryinColorado | | #224

            The "mommy dearest" reference cracked me up!  I remember when that movie came out, it was hard to watch because it brought back some "issues".  Shudder...

            Well, I'm a big girl now and just need to be thankful that I learned what kind of mother NOT to be with my kids and grandkids.   They get unconditional love and turned out to be very respectful, well mannered people who know it's okay to be themselves and speak up. 

            Thank goodness things have improved somewhat and young people have a few resources out there to ask for help, if they dare.  The high school here had an all day program that some (not all unfortunately) of the students were able to participate in.  It's a workshop about bullying and self esteem and abuse and brings alot of issues to light.  That's a start. 

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #237

            Sorry if I was being a little harsh, but sometimes.....*POOF* tee hee I really do not think they realize how much what they say affects us. I have always tried the more positive approaches with my girls. Hope they only have half the issues with me. tee hee
            Family: the group of people you love to death! Cathy

          5. MaryinColorado | | #238

            Interesting little quote there girl!  But spooky too.  ha ha

            I'm working on the sparkle organza curtains for my studio.  Gotta go find the papertape to lay out the hem with....talk with ya later lady! 

          6. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #240

            I hope you are going to post pics of your fantasy window treatments when they are done. I am intrigued. Cathy

          7. MaryinColorado | | #241

            So far so good, but I don't have enough paper tape for the hems so am taking a break and then will start on the second panel, then hang them both and decide if I need to make a third.  Then hem all at the same time.  then start on the other smaller window.  I didn't want to seam them all together so they might work on other windows when I move.  It sure is slower than I am used to working though.  It feels good to be "getting my groove back"!  he he  I hope it will be pretty. 

             I've never decorated a room this way so it intrigues me.  My fantasy place.  It's funny, because I never have gone for the glittery sparkly stuff before.  I think I needed a bit of "magic" in my life and this is where it starts....and maybe will continue from here?  hmmm.....

          8. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #242

            I have been thinking about the coverings for my space since you have started yours. Bought cheap beach mats to cover the walls, made a huge difference already! And they are Pinnable! Cathy

          9. MaryinColorado | | #243

            Please describe them to me, what are they made out of?  What design is on them?  This is interesting, my bathroom is done in ocean style and my bedroom is on it's way to being too.  (I had my living room done that way so have lots of stuff that I just have to move into the bedroom.) 

             The bedroom was more of a "walk in the woods" style which has now moved to the living room, along with the big moose picture!  I'm making pillows with pinecones for the brown leather couch.  The bedroom walls are deep green so I will paint them either blue or cream to feel more beachy. 

            My main floor is mostly blues, ivory linnen, and chocolate browns so this whimsy going on in the sewing room is really a huge change for me!  Mary

          10. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #244

            They are the cheap tri fold-natural grass woven mats with coloured bias binding trim. I got royal blue and yellow ones. I did not measure them, but they are about the size of a sheet of plywood or drywall. I just stapled them to the rough wood walls that cover the "attic walls" where my sewing room is. It was going to be too much work for just a quick fix up, so I figured that at a sale price of $1.25 each, these would do for now. I bought 10. Cleaned them out of what they had. The bookshelves would cover the lower walls. CathyI could paint or stencil them if I really wanted to.

            Edited 9/29/2008 1:58 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          11. MaryinColorado | | #245

            That sounds really clever of you!  I'm all for thriftiness too, sounds like you got a great deal!  I love blue and yellow together, it sounds really bright and cheery.  I loved those colors when I had them in my country kitchen, only changed it because it clashed with the living room so much. 

            These changes should keep our spirits up through the winter!  After you live with them awhile, you will know wether or not you want to stencil them and can decide when you get a round "tuit". 

          12. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #246

            The boards are so dark, I figured that anything lighter would work at brightening it up. It is only a temporary fix, and will add a warmth layer too! If nothing else, It will make me think warm thoughts all winter. Cathy

          13. Gloriasews | | #248

            Speaking of 'tuits', I found my 'round tuit' a couple of days ago when I was unpacking, & thought of you right away.  What a surprise, as it had been missing for a couple of years.  Now - where to put it where it's most needed (I think I need several & I can't remember where I got this one).  Unfortunately, the sticky backing has dried up, but I'll do something with that.  Our smile for the day, eh?


          14. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #249

            I found a wooden TUIT in a bunch of my mom's stuff, and dropped it in my pinbox. Figured it was as good a place as any....Cathy

          15. Gloriasews | | #252

            My tuit is too big for my pin container & would really get in the way.  I'll have to think hard (& some days that's difficult :)) on where to put it.  I've never seen wooden ones.  Mine is black plastic with a bright red button to press, but it doesn't make a noise.


          16. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #262

            This is a round wooden piece, a little bigger than a checkers piece, with advertising from a long defunct store. I think it may be an antique by now. Yours sounds like more fun. Cathy

          17. Gloriasews | | #278

            Your tuit probably is an antique.  Because mine doesn't make a noise when I press it, I sometimes use it as a 'panic button' :).  But I do press it, just for fun.


          18. MaryinColorado | | #257

            Oh, you naughty girl! 

          19. MaryinColorado | | #256

            ha ha ha  I wonder how they would sell at a craft bazaar?  With that, and an "Easy button" life would be swell.  ha ha

          20. Gloriasews | | #277

            Those round tuits would probably sell well - especially for stocking stuffers for sewers.  I, too, have an 'easy' button - it's big - the "Now that was easy!" talking button from Staples, & it is satisfying & brings forth a smile if the job really was easy (unfortunately, I can't push that button often enough :).


          21. MaryinColorado | | #282

            I want one!  Will have to go check this out!  Thanks, Mary

          22. Gloriasews | | #283

            Ours was bought at Staples the Christmas before last for about $6.  You could see if they have any left (it was part of their advertising campaign then).  Good luck in finding one.


          23. sewslow67 | | #251

            Have you ever seen Diane Erickson's stencils?  She's got great patterns and give a lot of ideas on how to combine them too, on her website.  You can find her at: http://www.dianeericson.com/c/homepage/homepage.html 

            I've used several of her patterns and also her stencils.  I like her newsletter too, as it is full of ideas.

          24. Gloriasews | | #254

            Ooooooo - those ARE nice stencils!  Thanks for sharing the link, Sewslow. 


          25. sewslow67 | | #255

            You are most welcome, Gloria.  I'm glad you are enjoying her website.  I'm going to use some of her stencils on the closet doors of my new sewing "studio" ...giggle.  It's really a spare bedroom, but DH knocked out the wall between room and hallway, so it feels much more studio like now, and maybe if I call it a studio, I will get with the program and decorate it appropriately. 

            I'm also going to use some of her stencils on the kitchen cabinets when we get that far in our remodeling project.  At the rate we're going, I just hope I live long enough to see it completed.  giggle, tee hee

          26. MaryinColorado | | #260

            It has helped me to call it my "studio".  Wow, you're making progress on the remodel, I don't envy you the wait, but it will be so wonderful when it's complete!  I bet you are excited! 

            Edited 9/30/2008 1:12 am by MaryinColorado

          27. Gloriasews | | #276

            So now you have a 'studio' - good for you!  Does the name change really make a difference in your attitude?  ha ha ha!  Nevertheless, it does sound posh & artistic - so go for it!

            Remodelling always takes way longer than you think it will, & sometimes it feels like it'll never end, but keep those stencils in mind - it just might help the project go faster.  They should look lovely & brighten your day every time you look at them.


          28. sewslow67 | | #286

            Hey Gloria!  I got a good chuckle out of your message re using the word "studio".  giggle!  And yes, for some strange reason that word has a psychological affect on my thought process.  Isn't that odd though?  I did have a lovely studio in my house in Portland, but the one here is painfully small; not only that, but dark ...and with all of my "things" in it (no matter how well organized), I feel claustrophobic.  So...

            DH suggested that we move my work space into a different room, but first he would remove the wall all the way down the hall, so that I could utilize the hall area when my cutting table leaves are up.  Otherwise, it would  impossible to use the cutting table; like most cutting tables, it has two huge drop leaves.  He said that he will finish it up this weekend, and I can hardly wait. 

            It will take more time than that though, before I can "move in", as I will need to paint the walls, woodwork, closet doors ...and I'm going to paint the inside of the closets too, as well as the inside of the shelves.  The inside of closets and cabinets will be a soft coral (I think), the woodwork a soft winter white, and the walls a soft spring green.  I've been packing around decorator fabric in those colors for years, and now I finally have a chance to use it.

            The wall hanging is a picture (as I mentioned before) in one of my quilting books; all the fabric for that is organized and ready to use.  I just need to get the new room ("studio" ...tee hee) all in order first.  It won't be posh, or anything like that, but it will be fresh and in colors that inspire me ...pretty colors ...peaceful colors ...inspiring colors.  It will still be a somewhat small space, but not so crowded as what I'm working in now.

            Thanks so much for getting excited with me, Gloria.  Since I don't know very many people here, sharing something fun, albeit small in most folks eyes, makes it even more fun.

            PS:  I plan on using some of Diane Erickson's stencils on the closet doors. 

            Edited 9/30/2008 7:40 pm by sewslow67

          29. MaryinColorado | | #288

            Your new studio will be wonderful!  The colors sound so pretty and light and will enhance each other well.  I am so excited for you!   woohoo!!!  Mary

          30. Gloriasews | | #313

            Your studio will be lovely!  Which stencils will you use on the doors?  That was a great idea hubby had of taking the wall out to give you more room.  You're right - you still have a lot of work to do before you can move into the space.  Good luck with it - & do post pics of your handiwork when you're done.  Your colour scheme will be fresh & cheerful.


          31. MaryinColorado | | #259

            How have you used her stencils?  I have always liked the leaves one.  Mary

          32. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #263

            I really liked the turtle one. Think it would work with my Beach Theme? Cathy

          33. MaryinColorado | | #265

            Yes!!!  That sounds like a good idea, they would fit right in.  There is alot of mythology and folklore about turtles.  Mary

          34. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #267

            I am very aware of the mythology. I collect miniature turtles. My good luck charm as well as part of my distant ancestry. Cathy

          35. MaryinColorado | | #268

            Too cool!  I had to giggle when you said "part of your ancestry".  You can imagine what the  first thought that popped into my head was.  he he, just teasing you.  So the turtles are the perfect choice for your "sacred" sewing space!!!  Mary

          36. sewslow67 | | #269

            Good Morning Mary!  What's the deal with turtles?  I have no idea what you two are talking about, but it sure does sound interesting.  No hurry, but only when you have time to share, OK?  Thanks!  ;-)

          37. MaryinColorado | | #271

            We've been working on our sewing space environments a bit to make them more personal and inspiring.  She is talking about turtle stencils.  Mary

          38. sewslow67 | | #272

            Oh, so that's it.   I thought there might be some sort of mystical meaning to turtles that I was missing.

          39. MaryinColorado | | #273

            There is, but she knows more about them than I do.  I'm into fairies, so my studio is going to be whimsical and hopefully "magical" and give me lots of inspiration, motivation, and ability to complete projects.

          40. sewslow67 | | #274

            I have some beautiful fairy wings somewhere; if I can find them, I'll take a picture and post it for you.  Too bad I don't still live in Denver, because then you could come to fetch them and we'd have a cup of tea and a good chat.

            PS:  Thanks; I'll ask Threadkoe about them.

            Edited 9/30/2008 11:13 am by sewslow67

          41. MaryinColorado | | #280

            OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooothat would be so nice!  We could be sewing buddies too! 

            Thanks for reminding me, I need to pick up some tea next time I go out.  Allie thinks she wants to dress as a fairy after all for Halloween so I showed her http://www.enchantedcostumes.com website.  They have the most lovely things.  They even sell eartips!  I will be looking for wings if I don't have time to design and make them.  Mary

          42. sewslow67 | | #287

            Oh, you will have such a good time ...and the website is lovely; such beautiful things there.  Be sure and post a picture of Allie in her costume.  She must be thrilled and really looking forward to Halloween.  Lucky little girl, indeed!

          43. MaryinColorado | | #289

            Oh well, that idea just bit the dust!  boo hoo  We drove past a dance studio that was selling alot of costumes as a fundraiser so she found a dress and now wants to go as some kind of dancer.  Oh well, it's her life and she should be allowed to make her own choices.  Grandma and her Mom don't get to do much for her these days, ha ha ha  We knew it had to happen sometime.  They grow up so fast! 

            Guess I'll go look for some cheese to go with my "whine"  he he  Mary

          44. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #292

            Will that be Brie? CathyPS If you still need wings for a costume, let me know, i have instructions for 2 different kinds.

            Edited 9/30/2008 8:30 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          45. MaryinColorado | | #293

            I'd love to have those instructions if you would have the time to send them to me.  Thanks so much!  Mary

          46. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #294

            The first set of instructions are from the Simplicity sewing site.http://www.simplicity.com/index.cfm?page=simplicityClassroom.htmlLook for the wings on the list. Wish I had this pattern when the girls were small.The other is a self made pattern. I used two layers of really stiff interfacing (actually it was heavy weight stabilizer they did not use at work, tee hee, they sold some to me) I cut out 4 wing shaped pieces, and sewed them together. Then I used that Christmas garland with the wire in it that had stars on it. I machine couched that around the outside. I painted the inside with glow in the dark paints and sparkles. The two sets of wings were overlapped in the middle (about 1 1/2 inches) and stitched down to create a really stiff center support line. I sewed some white straps from an old knapsack on to the center top and bottom to support the wings, so they were worn like a knapsack. To keep them from falling off the shoulders, I used a sliding double loop with a piece of velcro to pull them together in the front and make it easy to take them on and off. These wings were pretty flexible, and you could shape them a bit. I drew the wing size by having the child lie on a piece of paper and then drawing the approximate wing behind her body. Cathy

          47. MaryinColorado | | #298

            Thank You!  I made angel wings for my daughter about 30 years ago, but didn't remember how I did it.  I've made some for dolls since then, but having the instructions for life size wings is great!  Thank You so much!  Mayr

          48. rodezzy | | #338

            Thanks, saved the information on making wings. 

          49. rodezzy | | #337

            I'd like those instructions too!  Thanks sweetie!

          50. sewslow67 | | #275

            Hi Mary; I just came across a darling fairy doll with free directions on how to make her.  I thought you might want to check it out.  The link is: http://wwvisions.com/newsletter/jan_feb99/doll.html 

            She might look cute, watching over your newly decorated sewing studio.

          51. MaryinColorado | | #281

            Thanks, we will have to be sure Rodezzy sees this too.  The sisters and daughters website has lots of goodies I've been drooling over, some that I've never seen.  Cool beans!  Mary

          52. sewslow67 | | #284

            Good point.  I go back to my original message and direct it to her.  Thanks for thinking of that ...and I'm sure RO will appreciate your thoughtfulness to.  Good thing that your brain is working today, since my feels like it's on vacation.  giggle

          53. sewslow67 | | #285

            Hi RO!  Thoughtful-Mary (my new name for MaryinColorado ...teehee) thought that you would enjoy seeing this website in the message I sent to her; so here is a copy:

            Hi Mary; I just came across a darling fairy doll with free directions on how to make her.  I thought you might want to check it out.  The link is: http://wwvisions.com/newsletter/jan_feb99/doll.html 

            She might look cute, watching over your newly decorated sewing studio.

            Edited 9/30/2008 7:18 pm by sewslow67

          54. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #290

            I was telling Mary that I collect turtle things, and that I liked the turtle stencils on the Erikson site. We had been discussing the mystical meaning behind the turtle. The turtle represents mother earth. Just to bring you up to date on the conversation. Cathy

          55. sewslow67 | | #295

            Thank you for explaining the "turtle thing", Cathy.  I used to have pet turtles as a child ...along with fish, birds, cats, dogs, hamsters, (and I think that's it ...oh ...I forgot about the snakes).  Yup ...that's it.

            BTW, I think I have some of Diane's turtle stencils.  There was a time when I ordered every new design as it came out.  But when I realized that she was such a prolific designer, I decided that I needed to slow down with the orders.  I still haven't used them all either, but she's got some new ones that I sure would like for some of my upcoming projects.

            I thought about you all day today, and wondered how it went.  I see from one of your other messages that it went well, and I'm happy to hear that.  Good job!  ;-)

            BTW, what herbs do you add to your beef stew?

          56. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #296

            Bay leaf, fresh basil, rosemary, fresh parsley, marjoram, fresh chives, and fresh tarragon. or the dried versions. and lots of black pepper or a pepper blend. I do not cook with salt so I use a lot of herbs and spices in my cooking. There is a little salt If I have used a commercial soup base, but it usually is pretty watered down. It is a pretty savory stew. For all I got worked up over it, things went well today. Need to remember my reading glasses for the computer next time tho... tee hee

            Edited 9/30/2008 10:11 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          57. sewslow67 | | #297

            Thanks, Cathy.  I'm going to try those herbs the next time I make stew.  And I'm glad you had a good day at work. ;-)

          58. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #300

            I did not say how much herb to use, because it is to taste! And i am used to making a huge potful! So it is hard to cut it down in size for just a small amount of stew, but I am learning. Just be careful with the tarragon, it can be a little powerful if you are not used to using it. The first couple of times I used it in stew, the girls thought it tasted weird until I got the proportions right. Like rosemary, a little bit goes a long way. Cathy

          59. sewslow67 | | #302

            Thanks for the warning, Cathy; I sometimes can be a little heavy handed with the herbs.  I mostly use basil and oregano, but have a whole bunch of other that I try here and there.  I've got an herb book packed away down south, and plan to bring it back with me the next trip down - which will be in about 2.5 weeks from now.

          60. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #270

            Yeahhh...ROTFL. I have to run now, catch up with ya'all later. Cathy

          61. Gloriasews | | #279

            Not only the turtle, but the sea shells would also go with it.  Instant beach!  I hope your 'first day' went well.


            Edited 9/30/2008 5:34 pm by Gloriasews

          62. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #291

            I am one pooped puppy tonight. Not from being busy tho. It was very slow today (good) so I had time to learn some of the ropes. It was very slow today (bad) in that there was really not a lot to do either. I managed not to soak anyone, and a new pair of comfy work shoes are DEFINITELY in order. My first victim was one of the girls who worked there, and she was very pleased with how quickly I caught on to the hairwashing thing. I think she actually was enjoying it. Cathy

          63. MaryinColorado | | #299

            So glad to hear that your first day went so well!  I hope you will love it.  Had to laugh about forgetting the glasses, that's something I would do! 

            The hairstylist I go to isn't that great at styling my hair but she does my grand daughters to perfection.  I go to her because when she washes my hair she gives me the most wonderful scalp massage...so it's worth every penny, (the last time she gave me a flip, like Marlo Thomas in That Girl, yuck!!!)  I'll have to get better at communicating with her.    He he he 

          64. sewslow67 | | #301

            Say Mary ...she probably gave you a "flip" because you look so young!  ;-)  OK "kiddo" ...have a good day now ...giggle

            Sob ...nobody has ever given me a flip ...:-(

          65. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #303

            The last couple of times I tried out new hairstylists, I told them that I did not want to look like somebody's mom, and that I wanted something feminine that was going to look good coming out from under a motorcycle helmet. At first they all just stared at me! Cause I look like somebody's mom, and I don't look like I ride a motorcyle, tee hee! I finally found someone who understood what I wanted and I stuck with her! I watched who's hair I liked and asked who did their hair a lot first. The younger girls did not understand what I wanted, and the older ladies were stuck in their groove. It was a lady my age who actually understood what I wanted. She explained to the girl cutting my hair what to do, and we never looked back. Cathy

          66. KharminJ | | #304

            Hey, Lady!How are you doing? It's been awhile since we heard from you ~ is your creative "groove" back, yet? Even if it's not about sewing?This thread has been around the world (on a motorcycle, no less!) since you started it - I hope you've been able to use some of the 'good juju' being sent your way!Here's another BigZenHug ((( ))), on principle!Happy Autumn, too!Kharmin

          67. Gloriasews | | #315

            You did wonderfully well for your first day (no matter what the job, first days are always fraught with anxiety) - next week will be so much easier, that you'll feel like an old hand already :)  Good for you.  Good shoes really do make a difference when you're on your feet all day - but it's hard to know when you first try them on how they'll feel by the end of the day.  When your feet hurt, it seems to also affect your back, your posture, your whole body - & definitely makes you tired.  You survived, anyway - yay!


          68. sewslow67 | | #327

            Good grief!  I was just reading through some posts and realized I didn't answer your question:  So yes ...I have used her stencils and found that they worked very well.  My only challenge is to use them as creatively as Diane, which probably won't ever happen, but it does give me a goal to strive for.

            I plan to use them on wood too, this year though, and not just on fabric.  If my projects turn out like I hope they will, I post a few pictures.  Back to my sewing machine now ...enough computer play time for today.

          69. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #261

            Her patterns are available in a store here! Dragonfly Fabrics. Now I have a reason to stop in at one I have not gone to yet!?! (a new one) because I wanted to work through some of my stash first. Oh silly me. Cathy

          70. sewslow67 | | #264

            That's great; enjoy exploring the new store ...and I hope you enjoy your first day on the job (is that today, or was it yesterday?).  And now, you also have an excuse to buy and new pair of shoes ...tee hee.  I haven't had a new pair of shoes for years.  But then, with my extremely narrow feet, they are hard to find, so I buy classic styles when I find something that fits.  It's boring, but at least comfortable.

          71. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #266

            Actually, I start today. I am all dressed and ready to go, and nervous as all heck. It only takes me about 15 minutes to drive there, so I have a few minutes to check in and see what is going on here. Thanks for the well wishes, I really needed them. =) Cathy

    4. Gloriasews | | #106

      Oh, Sanah - thanks for the rant!  I know all those people you speak of - they are everywhere!   It's sad that people are like that, & frustrating for us when trying to communicate with them - they don't understand & don't try to.  They don't want to broaden their horizons, either, & learn new things, as their way is the only way.  Sad, sad, sad.  You can now forget about them & get your groove on with us.  Happiness & encouragement reign on this site.


      1. MaryinColorado | | #109

        Like talking to a brick wall, no compassion or comprehension that others exist, let alone that they matter.  It's so sad, but pity them their emptiness!

        "Say what you think and be who you are, those that matter, don't mind, and those that mind, don't matter".  Dr. Seuss

        1. Gloriasews | | #111

          You're so right about people being empty - I've often thought that, & I do feel pity for what they don't know they're missing.  It is sad!   I love the saying.  Thanks so much for sharing.


          1. MaryinColorado | | #113

            All we can do is try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from being hurt.  We can control our reactions and responses, our attitudes, and sometimes our exposure to those who would do us harm. 

            I have some horrible neighbors, one day I said "God bless You anyway!"  They've left us alone since.  A lady once told me that saying that can work like a curse so be careful.  I hope not, I don't wish anyone ill, just that they not hurt others to make themselves feel superior.  I believe that what goes around comes around eventually. 

          2. Gloriasews | | #135

            We're of like minds, Mary :).    Good luck with your curtains - they should look terrific & brighten your day, no matter how dull it is!  If you were to ever do the glassed-in sunporch, the lighting would be fantastic - but think of all those beautiful curtains you'd have to do to keep the neighbours from looking in :)


            Edited 9/23/2008 10:03 pm by Gloriasews

          3. MaryinColorado | | #141

            Too true!  My mother has a beautiful large glassed in porch in Ill. in a small town, she doesn't have to cover the windows!   It's always decorated so cute.  Mary

          4. Gloriasews | | #168

            The glassed-in porch would be the epitome of sewing spaces, except for the lack of walls (2, anyway, if 3 walls are windowed) for shelves & storage, eh?  The lighting would be so nice, though, even on a cloudy, dull day.  Of course, it would have to be heated in the winter.  Did your mother not sew at night?  I absolutely hate bare windows at night - the reflection of everything in the room in the windows - & I always feel so exposed, wondering if someone is looking in & you can't see that person in the darkness - but that's just me :) - or I've watched too many scary movies when I was younger - ha ha.


          5. MaryinColorado | | #170

            Mother is in her 80's and has never used a sewing machine, though she did beautiful handwork until the last few years.  I just love her front porch and always think what a perfect place it would be to sit and sew.  I guess if it was my house, I'd find a way to "make it work" as Tim Gunn on Project Runway always says!  I'd probably put in warm windows instead of curtains for warmth and privacy.  Mary

          6. Gloriasews | | #171

            Maybe you should just put a larger window in your sewing room.  BTW, what are warm windows?

          7. MaryinColorado | | #172

            Warm windows are insulated window coverings that come in different styles.  You can make them to open side to side or top to bottom.

            One example is like a Roman shade, but lined with special insulated lining, an optional magnet strip is sewn into each side seam and there is a sticky back magnet strip that you attatch to the wall so there is a seal to keep out drafts and light.  They can be made to open all the way to the top and hide under a valance. 

            I'm hoping that we sell this house before the market gets any worse, so remodelling is not an option and would be very expensive as the house is all brick.   

          8. Gloriasews | | #191

            Those window coverings sound great - they must be lined with Insul-Brite, eh?  They would certainly cut the drafts, but are probably quite expensive.  Would they be washable?

            Good luck on your house sale, if you have it listed already.  Gad, you'd have to keep your sewing room really tidy - hard to do when you're on a roll, eh?

          9. MaryinColorado | | #197

            We haven't listed it yet, still in the process of getting things pulled together.  I can't remember what the lining stuff is but it was at Hancocks, they had classes on them.  I helped my neighbor make them for her whole house, including sliding doors.  They turned out beautifully, she had them dry cleaned after a few years.  If you vacuum them, they stay pretty clean, I steam mine with the steamer.  At this house, mine don't have the lining because I have double windows and don't need them.  Mary

          10. Gloriasews | | #213

            Do you think your house will be hard to sell with the housing situation as it is in the States?  Guess it depends on the area, eh?  Some, I think, are worse than others.  Hope it goes well for you.  Would you move to a different city or state or just a different house?

            I think I've seen ads for Warm Windows a few years ago, now that you mentioned them.  They would be so nice in a cold winter if they fit that tightly.  Depending upon the thickness of them, probably Roman blinds would be easier to make & handle.  We have double windows, too, but, when it's -40 Celsius (Fahrenheit is the same at that temp), the cold still comes through the glass, although regular curtains & drapes help quite a bit, but we leave them open in the day time for the light.

          11. MaryinColorado | | #219

            I have those honeycomb shades in the living room and just love those too.  My house stays pretty comfortable year round, I think because of the brick and it faces West, and those windows.  We just use a swamp cooler in the summer months when it gets really hot, we have hot water heat which saves a bit too. 

            The market is erratic here, you just can't tell.  I think the housing market will be complex for the next four years or so, but who knows?  We are just starting the process of figuring out what the possibilities are.

          12. Gloriasews | | #228

            Hot water heat is wonderful - too bad more houses don't have it, eh?  It's such a nice, even heat. 

            What is a swamp cooler?  Never heard of it.  We usually use fans - or turn on the furnace fan for awhile to cool off the house (if we have a furnace).  More & more people are installing a/c now, as our summers have gotten hotter over the past few years.  A brick house does stay cooler a lot longer in summer than a wood frame.


          13. MaryinColorado | | #229

            It is so dry out here in the West, so the hot water heat keeps the air more moist as well as saving money.  A swamp cooler or evaporative cooler is often used out here instead of drying air conditioning, which creates alot of static too.  It attatches to either the roof or we just bought a large portable unit from Sears.  It is like a big fan with pads that rotate and dip into water which enters via a copper tube (like water goes into an icemaker or drink dispenser in a refrigerator.)  So the fan has many settings, either fan only, fan with one pad going or two, then high, med, and low.  It's pretty quiet too and cools the whole house.  You leave another window cracked open in another part of the house and the air exits there and relieves the air preassure created.  (If you forget to open another window and the house is sealed well, you get a whistle sound that drives me nuts!  ha ha  It's cheaper to run than air conditioners too.  (Doesn't work well in high humidity areas though.)  Mary

          14. Gloriasews | | #230

            The swamp cooler sounds like a wonderful invention, Mary.  Sears certainly doesn't have them here yet, but we're usually about 3 years behind the States.  The premise sounds similar to the way my mother used to cool her rooms - she had a square fan & she would hang a wrung-out wet tea towel over the front of the fan & have a pan of water on the floor in front of the fan, as well.  It did provide some coolness (or the illusion of coolness) & humidity (it's very dry here, too), but your swamp cooler sounds like the ideal solution, especially if it's less expensive than a/c.  It must be quite powerful to raise the air pressure that much that you need to have a window open a bit.  Thanks so much for the great description, Mary.


          15. MaryinColorado | | #232

            I sent you an answer via your email.  Mary

          16. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #231

            Sounds a bit like the cheap air conditioning I use when it is desperately hot here and the furnace blower no longer blows cooler air from our earth cellar. I run the cold well water in the shower in the bathroom with the big fan blowing through it. It sure drops the temp. by a degree or two for a while. Mind you the water always comes out of the well at 8 celcius or 42 farenheit. Kept the living room cooler anyway. Cathy

          17. MaryinColorado | | #233

            It keeps my house around 70 to 72 degrees F. even when it's over 100 outside.  I don't leave it on all the time or it gets too cold for me.  I usually just run it for an hour at a time on low cool/high fan.  Rarely, we leave it on all day if we've had a long very hot spell.  My MIL leaves hers on all the time, but her house is cold!  brrrr

            Oh, and the unit has to be placed where the sun shines for the evaporative cooler to work right and not spit. 

          18. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #234

            Too bad the humidity is so high for something like that here. Mind you, not having a/c makes the pool well used. Cathy

          19. MaryinColorado | | #235

            Oh,now that sounds cool!  I love the water!  Mary

          20. MaryinColorado | | #202

            http://www.thewarmcompany.com or http://www.warmcompany.com has info on the warm windows.  They have their own brand of "batting".  You can google search warm windows for better info. 

            I think the fabrics would pucker and shrink and lose their stiffness and not fold up firmly if you washed them.  When my friend and I did her whole house, I remember being shocked that she didn't prewash any of her fabrics because she didn't want them to lose their finish.  When drycleaned they put on that finish to prevent dirt.  (We used to use "Scotchguard" but I don't think it's considered "safe" anymore, not sure.)

          21. Gloriasews | | #214

            Thanks for the link, Mary - yes, that's the company that I'd seen ads from & their batting may have a large (if not all) cotton content, so it might be bulky & shrink if washed.  I think Thinsulate would work just as well, & it is washable.  I would have been shocked at your friend not prewashing, too, as I prewash all my fabrics just to get the 'finish' off of them.  I think you're right about the Scotchguard - it should only be used in a well-ventilated room.  I used to use it (in its heyday), but am afraid to use it now.

          22. MaryinColorado | | #218

            I think the "batting" that she used had SUV protection, might have been silver on one side for the ones in her kitchen, especially the sliding door.  It's been so long, that I don't remember now, but she never was concerned about what things cost. 

          23. Gloriasews | | #227

            The batting might be like Insul-brite, as it has a silver layer & is excellent for potholders & oven mitts.  Your friend is very lucky to not have to worry about the cost of doing all her windows with those coverings, eh?  They should save money on heating & cooling, though.

          24. sewslow67 | | #216

            Hi Mary:  I've also used this product but I pre-washed everything.  I did the fabrics in the regular way (washing machine and dryer), but I just soaked the warm window product (batting) in a bathtub of warm water.

            I know they recommend dry cleaning when they get dirty, but I found that if you vacuum them every week (mine were Roman shades), which is easy when they are dropped down and flat, they don't seem to get dirty very easily.  I also had an electronic air filtering system in my home at the time too, which took a lot of dirt out of the air. 

            I used decorator fabrics from Calico Corner (yummy stuff), that they recommended dry cleaning, but I pre-washed them anyway.  It did take a bit of the finish off and they also shrunk ...but they still looked great and were so helpful in keeping out the cold.  I also made all the window coverings for a friends rental house, but I didn't use the magnetic strip on the sides (she didn't want that).

            I think Gloria suggested using thinsilate in a later post, which sounds good too.  I have not used that for windows yet but love it in clothing, although I have no idea how the costs compare.  You gals have me all excited about doing new window treatments before winter sets in, so I want to thank you both for the inspiration.  Good job!

          25. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #217

            Was looking something up for my sewing room and came across this. Thought that some might get a giggle, some might feel better. You have to at least go to the very end.....Cathy

          26. damascusannie | | #236

            OMG! This went around one of our sewing machine collector forums last spring and my daughter and I laughed and laughed when we watched it. I think we ALL felt better about our sewing rooms after seeing this video!

          27. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #239

            I was amazed when I saw it. I thought my stash was bad and it is not anywhere near that, but when I saw the sign at the end, I hooted! Cathy

          28. Gloriasews | | #247

            OMG, Cathy - I just watched the video today, as I couldn't get on it the day you posted the link.  And we thought our stashes were bad!  And all the patterns & notions!  Yikes!  I guess GD was right - Grandma won (but it's sad). Grandma would have had a fit if she'd known her room would have been taped & posted on youtube!  I do feel much better about my stash now, though :)


          29. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #250

            I think Grandma was a busy woman in her room, from the scraps everywhere. GD did mention a lot of stuff she remembered from outfits she had. Too bad someone else did not seem to want to use those treasures, altho perhaps Grandpa wanted it that way....Made all the stuff I inherited from my Grandmother and Mom not nearly so formidable, and I actually unpacked a box today....Cathy

          30. Gloriasews | | #253

            I think that granddaughter will be able to shop from Grandma's stash for many years to come - wouldn't it be wonderful if she were able to use most of it up, like you are doing?  My mother didn't keep a stash - just bought fabric as she needed it, but there are lots of wonderful scraps, which she did keep, that I'll incorporate into quilts or trims, & lots of thread & sewing machine needles - all useful.  No old patterns, though (sigh).  It looked like that Grandma had lots of old 50s patterns, eh?  That young girl probably doesn't appreciate the value of those, unfortunately - or the good old machines.


          31. MaryinColorado | | #258

            So it's working for you already!  I better get busy and make one for my pocket/one for a fridge magnet.....I could use them all over the house! 

          32. Ceeayche | | #310

            Thanks for sharing the video.  It touched me on so many levels:

            1.  my room is a mess (not on that scale), but it still needs work.

            2. what a lovely tribute this video was to the young woman's grandmother.  She had family history in each and every piece of fabric.  She was so happy wandering around in a room that clearly her grandmother had spent hours making items for her family.  what a legacy of love.

            3.  So I'm off this week to raid mom's stash-- I'm sure it will be filled with gems as well (my sister doesn't sew-- so she will welcome any effort I make to remove the fabric).

          33. boofsmom | | #318

            Ok-I just now watched this video on youtube.  My husband now realizes that I actually have VERY LITTLE fabric and patterns!  I think that means I can go buy more, don't you? 

            Thanks for posting this!

          34. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #319

            Hmm, you know, my DH had the exact same reaction? He all of a sudden got this urge to actually help me get my studio fixed up. I wonder why? Maybe to keep me from going shopping? ;) Cathy

          35. boofsmom | | #320

            lol-Mine said he would have mine done by Christmas!  This after having done nothing on it for 6 months!  I have been having to sew in our bedroom...maybe he is afraid our bedroom will end up looking like that lady's room!

          36. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #321

            ROFL Imagine that! Just wait until you are in the middle of your christmas gift projects! It will start to look like that....tee hee Cathy

          37. MaryinColorado | | #322

            Maybe he's afraid he'll get stuck with a pin!  ha ha  So glad to hear about all this activity in the sewing "studios" gals, studios!!!  It's amazing how it affects your space to give it a new name!  Mary

          38. boofsmom | | #323

            rofl-Hmmm...now I need to decide if I want to stick with 'seamstress' or not.  It just doesn't seem to go with studio.  But I mostly make clothing, and I'm not sure that's a 'fabric artist'.  Wonder if I can get away with 'designer'?  I do make some that are my own design, but some are from patterns.

            I think he's trying to get me out of the bedroom so he can watch football whenever he wants.


          39. Ceeayche | | #324

            Ah back to what to call the room.  I had been calling it my "playroom."'  I don't have any kids or animals (2 or 4 legged) in the house, so I took the top floor.  But this video did shame me into getting serious about fixing it up.  Maybe we can have a "top design" (like on Bravo TV) show off later this year!  I'll have to get busy or I'll be too embarassed to take pictures up there!

          40. MaryinColorado | | #325

            Design Diva?  Fiber Artist?  Wearables Whiz?  Aparell Artisan?  Clothing Creator?  Magician?  Material Maven, Fitting Guru?  Atellier?  just a few ideas.....

            So he doesn't like the sewing machine humming along when he's watching his game, huh?  It's such a blessing when we can have our own space, large or small, that's just ours....Mary

          41. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #326

            The only reason I call it my studio is because I hope to have my ceramic stuff in there as well one day. When I clear out enough of the junk stored up there. Cathy

          42. rodezzy | | #334

            Right, go buy more. 

          43. rodezzy | | #341

            I found the video, OMG there's no room to work on anything.  I could never survive in that room.  That was so funny. 

          44. MaryinColorado | | #222

            I used to go to Calico Corners in Denver, haven't been there in years.  Is it the same one you mentioned?

          45. sewslow67 | | #225

            I lived in Portland, OR when shopping at Calico Corners.  I love that shop and all their great fabrics.  I didn't know they had a shop in Denver when I lived there.  I think I was too busy shopping at D'Leas to think of anything else.  giggle ...I loved her shop, and her fabulous fabrics.  And she was so good at helping to coordinate everything. 

            The last time I was there, I bought fabrics for an entire wardrobe for the spring/summer season.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get them complete until I either slowed down a bit or retired.  And guess what?  I still have the silk tweed fabric left to do plus a couple of linens for dresses, and I'm so glad I waited.  Now I'll make a more casual jacket out of the tweed, rather than a "work-related-style" ...something that I can throw on when wearing jeans as well as silk trousers.  Giggle ...the only silk I wear these days is the washable kind, i.e. sand-washed silk is my favorite.  It's tough as nails, easy to care for, and cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

            Have a great day!

          46. rodezzy | | #175

            Well, in those types of houses you have ceiling to floor curtains, blinds, or vertical blinds.  I've seen some really great houses with ceiling to floor windows.  In fact I think Frank Lloyd Wright built one.  And I've seen others recently, this all of course on television.  Not in person. 

          47. MaryinColorado | | #178

            My neighbor's house is like that, not a Frank Lloyd Wright, but a very cool cabin exterior.  It was originally a little farm shack when they bought the property.  An artist lived there before.  She made life size metal sculptures that are too cool.  Buffalo, Bears, egrets, etc.  They have Roman shades on their big windows. 

            My niece in Illinois has them on an A frame but they haven't done window coverings as they live out in the country.  They are trying to figure out a covering that the hardware wouldn't show that they can put up just in the winter to lower the heating costs.  So beautiful but lots of glass to clean up two stories. 

          48. Gloriasews | | #192

            I've seen them, too, Rodezzy, in fact, I once lived in a house with the living room window down to about 4" above the floor, but the glassed in sun porches I've seen have all had windows only down to waist level, with wood below - guess they're stronger that way.

    5. Ceeayche | | #305

      Girl I hooped over your comment:

      "I absolutely love going into my stash and "petting" it or having just what I'm looking for.  For instance, this season seems to be about purples, lavenders and berry.  Well, I'm ready.  I have some lovely wool flannel purple that I intend to make a suite of."

      I too like to go pet my stash from time to time!  It makes me feel good just feeling the textures enjoying the colors and dreaming about the possibilities!

      I've found gatherings the perfect place to visit with folk who understand these proclivities!  I can't drop in every day, but I am allowing myself this treat at least once a month.

  14. kafree2fly | | #103

    I'm sure by now you've gotten zillions of good ideas; and I hope you've gotten lots of virtual hugs (here's one from me too!). I've hit the "dry spells" before, too--and what snapped me out of the most recent was spending an afternoon making an obi belt (a project from a back issue of Threads!) for my mom. My boyfriend, who doesn't sew but loves the stuff I make, was spending the afternoon at my place--and as he worked on his own stuff, he kept looking over at mine, and remarked a few times how cool it was to see fabric transformed into an actual garment.

    Non-sewers can sometimes offer encouraging perspective! And being around people who care about you can too. ;)

    My other idea, since the sight of past "mistakes" seems to be getting you down, is to write humorous stories (as if you were writing for submission to a magazine!) about those mistakes. Personally, I'm pretty mortified at some of my own...but when I've told other people about things like the pants whose crotch I somehow managed to sew pointing *outwards* (I have no idea how I did that, by the way), we've all managed to laugh until our faces hurt.

    I don't know if either one of those will help, but I hope things will brighten for you!

  15. ctirish | | #212

    Ritzy, I haven't been on this site in months because I felt guilty for not sewing... the one thing that gets me going again is a video or a show that demonstrates how to do something. Try You-tube and find a technique you don't well and see if you can watch enough to do it well. Conquering something feels so good...


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