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Conversational Threads

Hubby’s Opinion of Skirt (boo!)

kbalinski | Posted in General Discussion on

Just finished my first pleated skirt (Vogue 2894).  Used an embroidered fabric from JoAnn’s (a little sheer, needs a lining).  Hubby laughed when I put it on, calls it my “carnival” skirt.  What do you think?  Is it too loud?  My only concern in making it was that the pleats would make me appear wider in the hips, but I don’t think it does.

FYI – I was pleasantly surprised that the skirt not only had 2 pockets, but also a left side clasp closure, no zipper!

Honesty please.  I don’t want to look like a clown when I wear this to work!




  1. MargieT | | #1

    Hi Kristine,  I like your skirt.  What are you going to wear with it?  It might be better to ignore your husband as long as he doesn't make those sort of remarks in front of other people.  Can I tell you that they don't improve with age. [It's my 34th wedding anniversary this week-end.]


    1. kbalinski | | #2

      Thank you, Marg.  No, I'm just blessed with his sarcasm at home.  Lucky me...

      I was planning on making the coordinating jacket (same pattern) in solid, red linen.  But, his laughter is haunting me, and I was re-considering using the red linen for a dress instead.  The more I put my "carnival" skirt on, the more I like it, and the more I think he's wrong, and I'm right! (Yeah!)  My hesitation stems from loving this man, and trusting his opinion.  He'd never let me leave the house looking bad, so when he doesn't like something I make, I rethink it, and second-guess myself.

      Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!


      1. Gloriasews | | #3

        If you like it, wear it!  The red jacket would look lovely with it - & you could wear a shell underneath in any of the colours in the skirt.  I'll bet, with the jacket, you'll get lots of compliments from the women at work. 

        Maybe your hubby thinks it looks like an ethnic costume (in which case you could wear a peasant style blouse with it for casual wear, & a belt), rather than a carnival (clownish) skirt - shame on him for that comment! - but give him the benefit of the doubt - it's probably the colours & embroidery that surprised him (it does look festive, in a happy way - I like it!) - some men just don't go for bright colours!  I still stand by the premise that you'll get lots of compliments from women on the outfit - & many will say, "I wish I could sew."  And no, it doesn't make you look fat!  Feel proud of yourself & enjoy wearing the outfit!


        1. kbalinski | | #4

          Thank you, Gloria.  Yes, I do think I will move forward with the red jacket.

          My guess is he would shower me with complements if the skirt was short, tight, and black leather!  Can't make dress code at work with that number!!!


          1. user-51823 | | #5

            my ex DH is of the same mind- anything short tight and leathe is best. thanks, hon.i think the skirt is great too, although the photos posted so huge i couldn't really see it "on" you; i had to scroll around to see one section at a time. a red or black jacket sounds great, but i also like the idea of a peasant blouse, preferably in one of the deep colors. if you can make one that you can wear out rather than tucked in, but that has a semi-fitted waist, i personally think that looks better than just chopping off at the waistline.
            nice work!
            ps- go give your hubby a little thump in the head for laughing.-growing old is inevitable. acting old is optional.

            Edited 7/16/2007 8:30 pm ET by msm-s

          2. User avater
            Becky-book | | #6

            Lovely skirt!

            Dress code... by all means follow it for work attire. Red jacket would look good.  Shoes in photo are cute but maybe not right for work, they seem to say "play time" to me, and you probably want to be taken seriously at work.


  2. ckells | | #7

    I love the skirt on you! Now is the time to wear it as skirts are now easier to wear.

    I trust my husband's comments also. He's not influenced by fashion but what he thinks is flattering and appropriate. Your husband may not be used to seeing you in a skirt or in brighter colors and might get used to it too.

    I'm trying some brighter colors in my wardrobe too. Jacket sounds pretty too. Bravo.

  3. Josefly | | #8

    That's a gorgeous skirt. I saw your thumbprint pic on Pattern Review, (and wondered if that was the skirt referred to on this forum in a question about how to use a border print in a skirt without cutting the fabric into separate front and back). I'm so glad to see your larger picture here, so we can see the beautiful embroidered pattern better. The skirt is nice on you, and I wouldn't hesitate to wear it anywhere. You are slim enough to wear almost any style top you want - to the waist, or where-ever.

    My fabulous husband sometimes makes comments like the one yours made...and it's funny because the things he would pick for me to wear, if he were in charge, are completely silly!

    1. kbalinski | | #11

      Thanks for noticing, and yes, I did post in regards to keeping the border intact (Good memory!).  I'm really glad I did, as it helps make the skirt look less "homemade".  I'm getting better at trusting my sewing skills and instincts, I think it comes with age and patience.  I can now sit down, read and re-read the instructions, think the project through completely, before cutting into any fabric.  When I was younger, I was anxious to get to the finished product, skipped steps I thought weren't important, and hurried along (my favorite:  my senior prom dress).  Now I know better, and can see a huge difference in my finished garments.  Just yesterday I said to my husband how much I wished I would've made my wedding gown.  I doubted my knowledge and ability, and he pointed out that at the time, I hadn't sewn in five years, having just finished college and student teaching.  So, to make a long story short, thanks for the complement, and everyone should have more faith in themselves!


  4. Bernie1 | | #9

    I really like your skirt. I think it's very cute. FYI I once made a skirt that DH (before he became H) used to call my "horse blanket." I wore that thing everywhere and loved it.  Ignore his remarks. Make him a shirt and he'll shut up.

  5. fabricholic | | #10


    I think your skirt is cute. It is important that you like it. My husband had different names for my shoes. He called one pair my pilgrim shoes. I don't think most men follow fashion, they just go with what they are used to and if it looks a little different, they will not like it. I am a better judge of clothes than my husband.


  6. billsgirl | | #12

    I took a second look at the embroidery and to me it looks Hungarian.  My husband is from Hungary and his sister has lots of things around her home with designs much like your skirt.  I agree with the red jacket idea.  If it were heavy enough for winter, you could go with a boiled wool but I gather it is semi-sheer.  Do put a lining under it as it will make it last longer and be more comfortable.  You should wear it with pride - preferably when your husband isn't around to spoil the compliments you will get.   Happy sewing from Lewisville, Texas....

  7. mimi | | #13

    The skirt looks fabulous!  Wear it with pride.  Your husband is a stick in the mud:)  After all, he doesn't have to wear it!


  8. User avater
    matzahari | | #14

    I think the skirt is fantastic and nothing clownish about it. Wear it with pride and confidence.

  9. Sew Biz | | #15

    I don't think it's clownish at all. Do you normally wear more subdued colors/patterns and perhaps your DH is not used to seeing you in something more colorful? Maybe by "clownish" he really meant "festive" It looks like the perfect casual Friday skirt with a longish top, low slung belt and wedges, or you can dress it up with a shell and jacket.

  10. Teaf5 | | #16

    Most guys have positive associations with "carnival," so maybe he was going for a compliment?  It's positively subdued, compared to a lot of the rtw skirts I've seen this season!  Lovely, lovely border plus a very flattering shape.

    Although red would be an obvious choice for a blazer, there are some lovely greens, blues and yellows in the embroidery that might be less predictable and possibly more flattering, depending on your skin tone.  However, a red jacket plus that skirt would be perfect for me for a dreary Monday morning!

  11. Minnie63 | | #17

    Honestly, I love the skirt and fit. I have no waist and a big belly so I am a little jealous! It does look very nice on you.

  12. From my Stash.... | | #18

    I go along with the comments made.  I love the skirt and think the border with the vibrant colours just makes it a great casual skirt for a work-place that doesn't require a business suit all the time.  And it fits you well.

    Depending on your colouring, in addition to the red jacket, I can see a black top under the jacket to keep the line of colour flowing vertically and then topped off with the bright jacket.  I also really like the idea of a green top - its a less obvious colour choice than the red and yet very youthful. 

    Your husband is probably a good guide for many things, but in the past two years, there have been many items that are available that we wouldn't have considered a few years ago.  My sister for many years has said my clothers are boring (I say they are classic), but for the past two years I have been wearing a sequinned patchwork lace jacket to work at an insurance company and have had a lot of comments from other women on it.  I never would have worn this to work before last year.

    So go for it and enjoy. 

    1. kbalinski | | #19

      Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate everyone's honesty.  I laid out the pattern for the red linen jacket to accompany the skirt, and found an extra yard staring at me!  Isn't that the best surprise when laying out a pattern???  Anyhow, I was initially thinking a red camisole would work, but maybe I'll save that yard for something else, as it is 60" wide.  I do have a beautiful turquoise cotton in my stash that would work beautifully as well, so I'm thinking in that direction now.

      Attached is the pattern picture so you can see the jacket style.


      1. Josefly | | #20

        That looks like a great jacket to go with your skirt. You're going to look and feel good when you wear that outfit!

  13. Jaderaven | | #21

    I _love_ your skirt! It's absolutely gorgeous. It is bright and cheerful looking and that's a good thing. You won't look like a clown. This is an ideal skirt as you can go from "work" to "night out" merely by changing your blouse and shoes.

    Enjoy your skirt!


  14. gardenguru | | #22

    I think the skirt is very attractive.  It is hard to see any pleats because the picture is so big.  I love the embroidery.  I think a red blouse or even a turquoise one would be attractive with the skirt.


  15. TJSEWS | | #23

    The skirt is beautiful!  I love the vibrant colors.  It is definitely not clownish.  I agree that a red jacket will work.  And also, a simple black top will go nicely with it as well.  I believe that a black top will further elongate the figure and appear more slimming.  And keeping the top simple will avoid any "competition" between the skirt and the top and also bring the focus to the skirt.  Just my opinion for what it's worth.  Wear it with pride!

  16. autumn | | #24

    I lke it.

  17. User avater
    stripes | | #25

    I think your skirt is ADORABLE!

  18. JanF | | #26

    It all comes down to "Do u trust /value his opinion?"
    I have to admit I can see where he was coming from - its very decorative and it won't be to everyone's taste but I think it can look brilliant if you let IT be the statement piece!
    Personally i would let it be the only bright area of clothing and would be tempted to wear black on top, but that's because personality wise it would draw attention to myself and i'm not self confident enough to wear something that patterned on what is my biggest asset!!
    Possibly in Autumn with black tights/flattish pumps and a short jacket?
    Bear in mind im 56/7 so what I wear might be totally wrong in your eyes!
    Self confidence is the key to the world etc. etc!!

  19. tmorris1 | | #27


    Men don't know fashion. The best way to judge a mans reaction is as follows:

    If it shows and peeks, is short, etc...you could be wearing a gunny sack and they will drool.

    If it covers everything well and they don't like it, you are at the height of fashion.

    If it covers everything and they love it, BURN IT!!! It reminds him of something that his mom wore when he was five!!! LOL

    The skirt looks great, wear it with pride


    1. Gloriasews | | #30

      You're bang-on with the men's reaction to clothes!  I love it!  LOL.


  20. ctirish | | #28

    Hi, I think your skirt is stunning. I know you talked about making a linen jacket, but I don't think it will do it justice. If it was me, I would go with a red dupioni silk jacket, a black camisole then add some peep toe pumps in black with taupe stockings for work and black stockings for a dinner out, and toss a small matching black silk purse in your briefcase. For jewelry, anything colorful would be great, whether it is costume, lapis or peridot to match your eyes or some garnet to keep the number of colors down. This is what they are showing for fall for work, shiny fabrics and sharp colors.
    Then watch your husband's jaw drop when he sees how great you look going out for work and then dinner with the girls.
    Enjoy, jane

    Edited 7/30/2007 11:42 pm ET by ctirish

    1. kbalinski | | #31

      I never considered dupioni, since the skirt is cotton.  But, it would give it a little attitude, now that you mention it.  Ironically enough, I just picked up black dupioni for a short sleeve jacket (McCalls, was a pattern review in Threads not too long ago).  I'll have to see how it looks.  The red linen jacket is nearly done, just need to slipstitch the lining down at the hem and cuffs.  Very comfy, and not too difficult for a jacket.  The instructions were really clear and easy to follow.  I wanted the jacket to be light and not stiff, so I didn't interface as the directions said to.  I'm really happy with the final product, and will post a picture in the next few days.  How's that for punishment... hubby will have to be my photographer.

      Anyhow, thanks to all for your comments and recommendations.  I've gotten a laugh or two, and you've all made me feel great about my skirt.  I will wear it with pride.


      1. ctirish | | #32

        The red jacket sounds great. I can't wait to see it. Did you see the cover of Designs in Machine Embroidery a couple of months ago? (May-June 2007) It had this gorgeous lime green jacket with all sort of embellishments on it. Both of my daughters think the jacket is over the top and I just love it. If you go to their website http://www.dzgns.com and check out their back issues you can bring up the issue and see the jacket. Wear the skirt and jacket with pride and attitude. jane

  21. ineedaserger329 | | #29

    I like it.....I think it's adorable, but I would wear a tame top with it, just because anything else would be too busy.......But it does look like it has a slight pucker at the hip.......that could just be the picture, though...otherwise, I would think it was RTW.

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