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I’m lost………

Crazy K | Posted in Feedback on Threads on

I understand the need for change but I must say after not checking in on Gatherings for a while, I am totally lost…….it’s not the format I was so comfortable with and now I must admit, I’m not sure how often I’ll come back. I enjoyed it so much before and learned so much from others….and shared info when I could. Now, nothing is familiar, the chit-chat and commaraderie are missing. I’m not angry like some but I must admit it makes me sad. Thanks for letting me vent……….. Kay


  1. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #1

    You're not alone, Kay. I too
    You're not alone, Kay. I too miss the vibrant community that "Gatherings" once was. Although I didn't post a lot, I did check in regularly to see what was going on. It was once a friendly, lively place, where friends offered help, support, and shared information and photos of their projects.

    Since the format changed, there are not a lot of new posts to read, so I'm afraid a lot of the "regulars" have given up in frustration. I keep hoping the developers will SOON make changes to improve this site (as well as the other Taunton forums) so that navigation is simpler and our conversations are easy to follow again. I'm willing to give them some time to fix it, but I'm also checking out some other sewing forums...


    1. Crazy K | | #5

      Hi Vickie, I'm glad I'm not
      Hi Vickie, I'm glad I'm not alone! I have joined another forum and it's much more like this used to be.....and I've gotten so much inspiration and good info. It is SewForum.com Probably not nice to mention it here but I guess we're free to belong to as many as we want! ha ha

      Happy New Year!


    2. stillsuesew | | #13

      As of March 12 we now have to click on each "Recent Discussion" to see what the discussions are.  And when we are finished reading something,  we are just sent back to the whole list again.  It"s really hard to find something now and find our way back to where we were.  Please put each discussion back under the "Recent Discussions"  list titles.  This is not a good fix!

      1. sewluving | | #14

        Wow, you said what I was thinking but couldn't figure out how to write it out.  I liked it when the Recent Discussions were on the left side with the 'new' messages were easier to find.  I go back now to that left side and have to figure where I was to start with.

      2. User avater
        JunkQueen | | #15

        You all know I am not a fan of this new format.  That said, I have missed the companionship of all you lovely ladies and am trying to overcome my disgust with  the cavalier attitude of one Mr. Revzon while working on navigating this morass. 

        Here is how I handle it:  when I log in I click on "Recent Topics" which is in the upper left colum just under my name.  That brings up all the, well, recent topics in descending order.  Then I right click on the first topic and bring it up in a new tab.  When I've finished reading that one, I close it and since it is still highlighted in the Recent Tops tab, I know I just read that one and can go on to the next topic.  I do that until I've read all the entries I've not seen previously. 

        I hope this is helpful to some of you. 

        1. User avater
          VKStitcher | | #17

          I'm not thrilled with the new format either, but some of the recent changes are making it better.  Thanks for the tip of opening up a new tab to read the topics, while maintaining the topic list in the original tab.

          Vickie  (who is still mourning the 'old' Gatherings community of friends...)

      3. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #16

        I got an email notification that you (StillSueSew) had replied to my message.  Yippee!  I clicked on the link in the email, saw and read your post, but had to sign in so I could reply.  So I sign in, but then I have to navigate and scroll around to find your post again.

        Before "the change" I used to check out the discussions here almost daily.  Now it's maybe once every other week or so, just to see if there's anything interesting going on.  Every time I sign on now, the forum looks different, and is just so frustrating to find the discussions that I haven't seen yet, and to determine which ones I've already read.

        I will say that there are some improvments that I do like, such as the option to increase the font size, and the flat list so the posts are in chronological order.  I haven't given up completely yet, so maybe with time everything will be all better.  And maybe I'll check in more often!  :-)


        1. sewchris703 | | #19

          I have yet to get any notifications of new posts or replies to my posts by email even though the forum has my current email address and I click the "notify me" box.  Sometimes there are new posts on the threads but don't show up on the forum page.  I have to look at the time of the last post to find out that there are new posts.  I'll stick with the new format but it is very frustrating.  Both here on the forum and on the main website of the magazine.


  2. User avater
    Pamellia | | #2

    I am new on the boards and I have to agree with you, it is a little confusing to navigate. I guess I will have to keep investigating.

    1. User avater
      paddyscar | | #3

      I'm really not impressed with
      I'm really not impressed with the new look/style. It seems to have compartmentalized everything so much that it is more like work and not something I'll visit for a quick run through anymore. Sorry to see revision for revision's sake doing-in a formerly friendly and helpful page. Not to mention, that it is sooooooo slow!

  3. ohiostar | | #4

    This new format is so anti-social!! Every department looks like no one has commented in forever, the whole site looks as though it was wiped clean with an abundance of bleach/cleaner sheets. It looks and sounds unfriendly. Please can we go back to the old format??

    1. Ceeayche | | #9

      Stopped by your site. Your quilts are lovely.

  4. Sunshine | | #6

    It's been a while since I've
    It's been a while since I've "stopped by", and I am both dismayed and confused over this new format. It takes up too much space, and finding topics is difficult. For a lot of the topics, it's obvious that no one has posted for many months -- not exactly an indication of usage!! Sometimes change for the sake of change is no improvement at all... I for one, vote for a return to the old format!!!

    1. Palady | | #7

      >> ... I for one, vote for a return to the old format!!! <<

      You likely have members with thw same thought.

      Alas the happening is improbable. There's much that goes on "behind-the-scenes" when it comes to platforms, formats, or call-it-what-you-will. For as much as the previous one was enjoyed, it stayed in place far longer than it had in other arenas using the former one.

      The most commendable thing is Threads alerted members far ahead of the actual change. Other sites were less caring.

      Surmounting the difficulties of finding topics or whatever, takes a degree of patience to be sure.


  5. cycler1729 | | #8

    I've been avoiding these
    I've been avoiding these forums since the change but I was looking for something and I noticed your post. Did you know that all of the other forums had new off-site forums on the Delphi site created and run buy themselves? Look at http://forums.delphiforums.com/cooks1/messages/?msg=1.1

    I wonder if there is anyone to create a new site for us?

  6. Teaf5 | | #10

    If you click on the "Recent Topics" link, you'll find a list that looks much like the old forum, and if you want to post, use "Add new comment" and the "Save." This seems to work almost like our dear old forum!

    Please don't give up; communication is precious, and communication about sewing is even more so!

  7. justchris | | #11

    I like this new forum much better. I didn't stop by regularly because I didn't like the old one very much. Not that I talk very much but there is a lot of good information here. I always had a hard time finding things but don't now. I am glad there's a way to get back to your old way though.

  8. Pearl2 | | #12

    I really dislike the new format. I always enjoyed the former format; easy to navigate and you felt like real sewers were there to exchange information. I have no interest in Gatherings as it now exists.

  9. denise | | #18

    try as i may i still do not like the new site, and how long has it been now,   the whole site gives me iritation,

    there seems to be NO home page,no front page, for example like the cover of a  book, when  you click on magazine i would think there would be  a picture of the current magazine, even though we receive it the mail we still like to look at some of the articles , for instance i am comfused about the page 63 this current mag says its for knit dress and when i went to buy the pattern you can use woven fabric as well, i thought it it just for stretch knits then it would give me the fit  i am after.

    I have left a message to clafi this but no reply.  what is the use of this  site if no one says anything.

    Its like a maze these days,

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