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KaylaKennington patterns

MaryinColorado | Posted in Patterns on

Ooooweeee!  I have just been to the revamped website of www.kaylakennington.com Now you can really see what the patterns look like and what fabrics she used!  So inspirational!  I’m ready to go fabric shopping now!!!


  1. Cherrypops | | #1

    I've had my eye on her Fantasia Jacket for ages. will have to purchase from her. The Australian site has every patt but that one.  I bought a backissue of Threads because it had an article by Kayla. Must remember to keep checking, the gallery page is still under contstruction. I wonder if the Yahoo group is still going. I'll check. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. MaryinColorado | | #3

      I have several of her patterns, they are so fun to create!  I bought the Fantasia Jacket the day I saw it.  I haven't made it yet as I was procrastinating about the fabric.  Now that I've seen how lucious it is in different fabrics I can't wait to buy fabric for it.  I particularly love the dresses.  That white lace wedding gown is absolute bliss! 

      I can't wait to see what they add to her website next!  Mary

      1. Cherrypops | | #14

        I still haven't purchased the fantasia jacket.

        Have you finished your one?

        What else of Kaylas have you been sewing?

        1. MaryinColorado | | #15

          Hi!  Good to hear from you!  I have been so busy with the grandkids out of school and here every day.  I decided to wait until they are back in school so I can have uninteruppted time to make the Fantasia Jacket.  I need to go online to equilter.com and make a decision on the fabric because I can't find anything in the fabric stores.  I have some deep rose velvet and also lace in the same color and toyed with the idea of combining them, but want to make it out of a light airy fabric first so I can determine if the drape would work in the heavier velvet too. 

          In the mean time, I've been playing in the studio with doggie items as I have a new Maltese puppy.  She is so tiny and the storebought collars and harnesses seem wrong for her.  I have made her some little fabric harnesses that have turned out really  cute.  Instead of straps, I'm using wider bands with velcro attatchments so they are soft against her body.  She looks so cute in them too.  Designing and getting the fit right as she is growing has been time consuming.  It's been lots of fun to create something entirely different that I'll probably keep playing with this "format" for awhile before getting back into clothing for myself.  I'm also working on some home dec. and embroidery.  Then there's shopping for the grandkids school needs too.  We've been looking at Home Coming gowns for DGD as she starts high school this year and is daydreaming of formal dances, etc. 

          Visions of Christmas items are dancing in my head, as well as some quilt ideas.  Now if I can just get down to business and sew sew sew, maybe some of this will come to fruition!  Hope so!  Mary

          1. Ralphetta | | #16

            A picture of your puppy wearing your design would perk up our day!

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #17

            Please post some pics of your puppy harness! I have a bunny that does not fit even the cat harnesses. He needs to be contained in the yard or he disappears across the road to my neighbour's shed and eats the corn seed that he sells. Not good. Although J is good humored about it, I would really like to be able to put Bunny out more often for a bit of playtime. Cathy

          3. MaryinColorado | | #20

            I'll try to asap for you.  I love bunnies!  Years ago we raised a mini lop rabbit and a Yorkshire Terrier together.  The memories are priceless, eventually I would love to write a children's book about them, but I can't seem to find many photos.  The bunny would fluff himself out on his food dish if the dog came near it.  The dog ran like a rabbit.  No one could pick the bunny up or he'd kick you, but he'd come over to the deck and sit on our laps as long as it was his idea.  It was allways so entertaining to watch them together. 

            I think the design would work well for you as long as the bunny doesn't get tangled up in the leash.  But he will certainly try to chew it up, haha  (Oh, now I remember chewed up stereo speaker wires too, ha ha.  Is yours litter box trained?  Mine wasn't, but he'd go to the door like the dogs.   Mary

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            Bunny is part Rex, and he does not like to be picked up at all. He loves to be petted though, and comes over and runs around our feet until you pay attention to him. If you don't pay attention fast enough, he thumps the ground really hard until you do! We have a very large dog, who ignores him, but Bunny likes to bug him. The cats and Bunny ignore each other, except for one cat, who likes to steal his toys. He is litterbox trained, and will use his own, or the cats. He is sharing an outside pen with 2 ducks for the summer. They get along fine, and like to play tag. Bunny is protective of me though and trys to keep between me and the ducks when I am out in the pen with them. He is white with black spots. My daughter bought him for me after my last bunny, Weebles died. I used to be able to walk Weebles on a cat harness, but I can't get one that fits Bunny. Cathy

    2. MaryinColorado | | #5

      If you click on "patterns" then click on the "Fantasia Jacket" pattern ,then you go to about the center right or lower  of the largest photo and it has an arrow so you can see all the versions of it.  Also works with the crossover top.  I can't wait to see the others when they are up. 

      Now that I see the pants pattern I will be ordering that one too.  I didn't think I would like them until I saw them "live" so to speak. 

    3. MargieT | | #6

      Morning [It was 1.1' this morning !!!].  are these patterns available from Perpetual Patterns?


      1. Cherrypops | | #7

        When I looked, some of Kayla's are but not the Fantasia Jacket. I did think of emailing P P and asking them to get it in as they stock her range. Haven't got round to it. It would make it easier for us down here.

        1. MargieT | | #8

          They look to be really intersting patterns.  Have you sewn any of them?  It would be great to know what the finished item turns out like.

          1. Cherrypops | | #9

            No I haven't. I am leaning towards the Fantasia Jacket. Kayla did articles for Threads ages ago, I ordered one backissue. The magazine list should be on her site under 'in print'.

            Maybe there are reviews at patternreview website I havent' looked there.

            Edited 7/21/2007 11:36 pm by Cherrypops

          2. cynthia2 | | #10

            I bought several of Kayla's patterns at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup earlier this year.  She had all of her garments on display in her booth and they were amazing.  I haven't tried making any of them myself, but will work up the nerve soon.  Cynthia

          3. Cherrypops | | #11

            Hi Cynthia,

            After you find the time and get up the nerve to make an item, please let us know what you think of Kayla's pattern instructions and how you went making the garments. If you followed the instructions as written or added your own variation.

            A quick review from you would be great for us who would like to make Kayla's designs.

            Regards, CherryPops

          4. MaryinColorado | | #13

            I used drapey hand dyed Rayons from equilter.com on Kayla's Angel Top.  I did the serged rolled hems with Perle Crown Rayon.  It worked beautifully.  I did use fusable knit interfacing on all the panels except the sleeves.  (I fused it before cutting out the pattern pieces which helped with the slippery fabric.  I also added another set of panels to make the sleeves longer. 

            For the joining stitches I used the triple zig zag stitch and another decorative stitch using 12 weight Sulky embroidery thread. 

            Her patterns are alot of fun to make.  Her instructions are clear.  I suggest that you mark your fabric pieces so that you can identify the panels at a glance.  I didn't do this so I had to lay the panels out on a table to clarify which panels belonged where.  Her diagrams show how to do everything. 

            Normally I read through pattern instructions and then do it all my own way.  She is the first designer who's instructions I have ever followed! 

            Just dive in, the water's fine!!!  Mary

          5. MargieT | | #12

            Hi Cynthia, Let us know how you get on with any of the patterns.  I haven't noticed her designs before but they look really interesting & different.  The show at Puyallup looks great - we have craft shows here but the emphasis is on craft - sewing hardly gets a mention.


            Edited 7/25/2007 6:47 pm ET by MargieT

  2. meg | | #2

    O, my. Such eye candy; I can scarcely contain myself. And her class list, which makes me yearn to be able to travel to one of those locations to take a class...... (I'd better re-start my breathing!)

    1. MaryinColorado | | #4

      I almost went last year to the Oregon Coast retreat.  It would be a dream come true!  Mary

  3. woodruff | | #18

    Whoa! My circuits are blown--and it takes a lot to blow my sewing circuits!

    Kennington's garments are breathtaking.

    1. MaryinColorado | | #19

      I love her work, she is so inspirational.  I have most of her patterns.   They are very easy to make, especially if you  master a serged rolled hem.  The seam allowance may need to be increased if using a sewing machine rather than the serged rolled edges with the joining stitch.  There are so many ways to embellish and play with her patterns as you saw on her website.  Aren't they delicious?  Of course, I'm not even close to having her artistic talent, I just muddle through and enjoy the process!  If I had an idol, it would be her!  Mary 

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