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Letters to Editor in Threads

Sue2000 | Posted in Feedback on Threads on

Caution, vent coming…

I know many appreciate the changes Threads have undergone in the last year or so and others don’t like them at all.  I have my opinion and am going to keep getting it for awhile, there’s a new editor and publisher and I’m interested to see how else (if at all) it may continue to evolve.

But you know what I really DON’T like?  I am so tired of reading letter after letter to the editor about the new format.  Don’t people write in about anything else?  There were a few (phew!) in the July issue on specific articles which were refreshing, but the rest, nearly two pages were all letters gushing about the magazine.  I’m not saying it is or isn’t worth gushing over, it’s just (IMHO) a waste of space and has been done now issue after issue after issue and is an old subject at best.  That space could have been used for some other new techniques or tips or such.  Ok, so a lot of people love the magazine and new format.  Obviously they must or it wouldn’t still be around, I don’t think printing letter after letter is going to convince those who disagree, so hey Threads, how about some new subject matter in the next issue?  If the editors really aren’t getting much of anything besides those kind of letters, then cut the column short, or let’s all write in about things we’re interested in, just like someone posted here requesting the article about sleeves.

The other sewing magazine I really like is Vogue Pattern magazine.  Their articles are longer and more in depth though there are fewer of them, but one thing my sewing friends and i always laugh about is how their entire letters to editor section is nothing but letters saying how much people like the magazine.  Ok. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. Get over yourself and use that space for some creative sewing material!!!!



  1. FitnessNut | | #1


  2. sueb | | #2

    I thought the exact same thing with this past issue! I thought it was a bit overkill to have two pages on it too. It had looked like the debate on new vs old, changes vs no change had finally started to die down about and then there it was again !

    1. Sue2000 | | #3

      Thanks for the support!  My point was that it doesn't even matter if one likes or dislikes the new format, it is what it is and trying to shove it down our throats by wasting space like this makes me dislike at least that one section!  THAT is not what i pay a rather high subscription rate for!Sue

      1. Teaf5 | | #4

        I agree. I was wondering if they had lost an article they had intended for that space and decided to fill up the remaining pages with gushing letters. Or maybe they sold more pages of advertising than they expected and needed more content on the facing pages!

  3. User avater
    paddyscar | | #5

    Too true, Sue!

    Just when we'd read more than enough comments on the not-so-new-anymore format, it raises it's ugly head again!  Talk about overload and overkill!  When has there EVER been 2 pages (not to mention so many issues) where Letters to the Editors focussed so heavily on one topic?

    "Pro" or "con", no one's mind will be changed by pumping up the 'pro' side, so let's at least get back to a true cross-section of the comments and questions of the readers.




    1. Jean | | #6

      I'm letting my subscription lapse. :(

      1. sewingnewbie | | #7

        I have Threads for about 1 years and I feel the same way about my subscription. The only thing I will miss is the messageboard   Thanks a lot for all the great posts and the great information included in them I have found it to be invalueble 

        1. sueb | | #8

          You don't have to be a subscriber to access the message board.

        2. Jean | | #9

          My collection goes back to the first issue. I must say that I feel badly about not getting them anymore, but I'm just not seeing anything that inspires me. Maybe I'm just getting too old. :(

          1. FitnessNut | | #10

            I think its more than that, Jean. I've subscribed for almost 18 years, so not quite as long as you, and I let my subscription lapse last year. I've continued to buy it at the newsstand if anything piques my interest, but this new issue will remain in the store. I can't possibly part with over $10 Cdn for it. Unfortunately, the latest series of changes puts the magazine squarely in the beginner neighbourhood, with nothing in it I find remotely interesting. I suspect that I'm just one of many long-time subscribers who won't be reading Threads any longer.I feel like I've lost a friend. :-(

          2. Jean | | #12

            I feel like I've lost a friend. :-(

            Well put. If this happens to Fine Cooking too, I'll really be disillusioned.  sigh  See you over at CT. :)

          3. stitcher | | #13

            There are some really great "how to sew" books out there. Why does threads not review and recommend these to newbys. I fail to understand why our beloved---formerly so---magazine must see itself as the flagbearer for beginning sewers. As an experienced seamstress---couture bridal wear to upholstery and window wear---I used to look forward my favorite magazine. It offered creative ideas and challenging techniques. No more. When my subscription runs out next year I will not renew

          4. ranga | | #14

            I agree with all who are disappointed that the content of our favourite mag has diminished. I have always bought at the newsstand but never missed an issue in  10 years.  But at Canadian prices I'm thinking twice about buying issues that have nothing but gushy letters, beginning sewer content....I always looked forward to being let in on the Mystery and Art, the secrets of Couture....all the really sexy stuff.

            Sad to let it go....

  4. solosmocker | | #11

    Just wanted to say I agree with you Sue about the foolishness in the letters to the editor pages. It is time to move on.

    Just want to add that I too am intriqued by the Vogue magazine and am thinking that is where I will put my hard earned dollars next.

  5. midnitesewer | | #15

    My Threads subscription runs through 2008. (I was feeling hopeful the day that I renewed my subscription.) Right now, I'm leaning toward cancelling my subscription, but I'm going to give the new editor a few months to make changes before I make my decision. I'm happy that I have my collection of magazines starting at issue #33. I want to check  out Vogue Pattern magazine. Is it available at the chain fabric stores or in book stores? I don't want to get burned again by subscribing to another magazine that won't hold my interest.

    1. stitcher | | #16

      I too will be looking at Vogue and hoping for deeper content

      1. RubyDoo | | #17

        I, too, am disappointed with the new format and articles in Threads.  I don't save the magazines, but rip out articles that I want to keep.  The last couple of mags I haven't torn anything out. I know what pins to use. I know how to press. I know how to read a pattern to get the right size. I don't want some silly looking ribbon belt to wrap around my waist. I am a little too old for a gypsy skirt. Even the pattern reviews are for a younger generation.  My subscription also ends in 2008, and I will not renew unless something changes.  And I can't believe that all letters to the editor are positive. Or have the rest of us given up?

        1. mygaley | | #18

          When I first saw Threads, I said WOW!  Then I began to notice "beginner" articles and said What's This?  As I realized the format change, I said OH NO...  As for your question, I think I've given up as there is no advanced resource available.  Hanging on, Galey

        2. Sarahbelle | | #19

          I feel your pain.

          I have saved every Threads I ever purchased (subscriber since 1996), and am actively buying up old isses (E-Bay!) so that my collection will be complete.  Yet, I, personally get less and less out of each new issue.

          Ther is another interesting thread on this forum entitled, "Are you all 'know-it-alls'?" The author is less advanced than many of us 'complainers' and loves the new, more basic direction Threads has taken.

          The editors must be wondering what to do now! Clearly, the new Threads is popular with many, but we veterans are losing faith in our long-time ally. I wonder if a better idea mightn't have been to create a new magzine, of Threads quality, and repute, but more basic for the newer sewer.  The new incarnation is a little 'dummied-down' for me, too.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #20




            I have been trying to purge my sewing studio and had decided to pass along a great deal of my old sewing and embroidery mags to others.  I thought I could just tear out a few articles to keep.  I found that I kept all the older Threads mags intact and could not give them up. 

            The newer ones were much easier to part with and pass along to the new seamsters in the family.  They seem to appreciate the basics offered for now but they are already putting in invisible zippers and advancing quickly.  Mary


























          2. JanF | | #21

            My letter re. the magazine wasn't really clear enough. I do actually think a lot of the features are basic, but in my defence I have actually stated that as a teacher of textiles I think the articles are good for those who need guidance, and as you will always have somebody new buying the magazine,  I can see the attraction for those people.

            I agree that what attracted me a few years ago, were the interesting articles about developing skills, design ideas, historical pointers and how to make items special in ways in which perhaps you might not have thought of - especially as I haven't found an equivalent mag in the UK. I do stand by my statement however, that "you are never to old to learn" and I suppose if I was honest I thought the comments being made against the mag. seemed to be disregarding the fact that not everyone starts from the same level.

            Perhaps, as you state, there is mileage in the possibilty of a mag that is aimimg higher - possibly on a more professional level -as it appears to me alot of the readers in USA are people making money from their skills - surely they should be classed as semi professional at least, in which case I am sure that there would be magazines more on their level already out there.

            Anyway, I wouldn't like to discourage anyone from buying the mag. if they were interested in textile work. I think it can be interesting and informative - with excellent graphics that easily explain what is being done. I hate the amount of advertising - but see that that is what helps generate income  and I hate the fact that UK appears so far behind with stockists for good fabrics that I feel quite jealous of you all. Buying from internet or catalogues doesn't do it for me when choosing my fabric - I need to feel!

            Hope this clears up what I was talking about - I fully accept that occassionally my letters get a touch rambly - but I don't want that to stop anyone being interestd in what I've got to say. i look forward to other views and comments. Janet

          3. AmberE | | #22

            Thanks Jan! We're working hard here at Threads to meet both the needs of the advanced sewers, while also being accessible to new readers and returning sewers. But we always have the advanced sewer in mind as we develop. (And we're always looking for more ideas!)

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