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Little Badgers attern correctsion?

nlp | Posted in Knitting and Crochet on

Are there corrections to the patterns in Little Badgers Knitwear?  Of utmost concern is the Soccer sweater…it says to knit 33 cm from armhole for a childs 4-6year?


  1. katina | | #1

    Hi, I can appreciate your frustration.  I don't have the book, but if there's a schematic you should be able to see the measurements.  The armhole depth, depending on the style, will probably be in the region of 5-6 ins.  Good luck!

    1. nlp | | #2

      Thank you for the reply Katina, I really appreciate it.  Unfortunately there are no schematics, and if I'm thinking correctly, no "finished measurements" section to this pattern.  The measurements you supplied are about what I calculated.  I just used a different pattern to get the approximate measurements for the size I'm making and have re-calculated the instructions.  I hope it all comes out okay!  Thanks again.

      1. katina | | #3

        You're most welcome! I'm glad you were able to sort it out

  2. steflangley | | #4

    little badger knitwear errata

    Hi - this is way after your original post, but thought i'd send it anyway so if you still have the book you can put this inside for future reference!  See below for all the errors I found....many seem quite substatial!

    Little Badger Knitwear

    Due to printing errors and conversion from inches to cm please note amendments 10/06/01


    SSK: slip 1 stitch, slip another stitch, put on left hand needle, k2together through back of stitch. This looks like K2tog in reverse and avoids stretching the stitch. However slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over would also work (but wouldn’t look as neat).

    Sl 2tog.k1,p2sso;slip 2together(as if you were going to k2tog) then knit the next st and pass both the slipped sts over the knitted one. This has the same effect as k3tog but the stitch in the middle lies on top of the other 2

    P58, Coat Dress, Leggings & booties

    Tension should read 25sts 40 rows = 10cm.

    Back; Cast on 106(121)sts

    Shape Waist; next row; (p2tog)7times,(p1,p2tog) 26(31)times then p2 tog 7 times.

    Shape Shoulders last sentence should read. cast off remaining 20(24) centre back.

    Left Front; Shape armholes

    2nd row should read Cont in st st keeping Moss st border but dec 1 st at armhole edge on next row and every following row until 25(32)sts.

    Right Front; Shape armholes; Cont in st st keeping moss st border but decrease 1 st at armhole edge on next row & every following row until 25(32)sts.

    Cont in st st until right front measures 34(38.5)cms from cast on edge if using denim cotton or 31(31.5)cms if using plain cotton and making 2 further buttonholes at intervals of 10(12)rows

    Sleeves; 4th row of pattern should read ending with a purl row. Increase should read Inc 1 st each end of every following 6th row.

    Collar; cast on 76(90)sts

    P66, Museum Sweater

    Yarn quantities should read 5(7,8)grm balls

    P64,Ballet cardi; Back 2nd row should read work 12 rows in K1 P1 rib.

    P65, Square Neck cardigan

    Yarn quantities should read 4(5)grms

    P61 Cot Blanket

    Yarn quantities should read 5 x 50grm balls Ecru 2 x 50grm Red

    P68 Heart Sweater

    Front Last line before shape armholes should read; cont as set until 46(44)th row of chart has been worked

    P69 Dragon hat (see also abbreviations above)

    When knitting dragon hat try knitting tail first to get an idea of how fins work

    R21; k8,slip 2tog, k1, p2sso,(k12,ssk) twice, k11, inc in next st,k4, inc in next st, (k12,k2tog)twice,k12, k3tog,k8.

    R23; k6, sl 2tog,k1,p2sso(k11,ssk)twice, k10, inc in next st, k8, inc in next st (k11,k2tog) twice, k11, k3tog, k6.

    R26;p3,p2tog tbl,p to last 5sts,p2tog,p3

    R27;k2,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k9,ssk)twice,k16, fold work back with RS facing, using a third needle, k1stitch alone from front needle, then alternating k & p, cast off all recently increased sts (7 more) by taking 1st from each needle together, slip the remaining sts from 3rd needle back onto original rh needle, pull yarn up tight to avoid a hole and continue row,(k9,k2tog) twice,k9 sl2tog,k1,p2sso,k2.

    R29;sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k8,ssk)twice,k7,(inc in next st)twice(k8,k2tog)twice,,k8,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso.

    R31;Cast on 10sts,k10,ssk,(k7,ssk)twice,k6,inc in next st,k2,inc in next st,(k7,k2tog)twice,k7,k2tog,k10.

    R32;p9,p2tog tbl,p to last 11sts, p2tog,p9

    R33;k8,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k6,ssk)twice,k5,inc in next st,k4,inc in next st,(k6,k2tog)twice,k6,sl 2tog, k1,psso,k8

    R34; p7,p2tog tbl,p19,inc in next st,p6,inc in next st, p to last 9sts,p2tog,p7.

    R35; k6,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k5,ssk)twice,k4,inc in next st,k8,inc in next st,(k5,k2tog)twice,k5,sl 2tog, k1,psso,k6

    R36; p5,p2tog tbl,p16,inc in next st,p10,inc in next st, p to last 7sts,p2tog,p5

    R37; k4,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k4,ssk)twice,k3,inc in next st,k12,inc in next st,(k4,k2tog)twice,k4,sl 2tog, k1,psso,k4

    R38; p3,p2tog tbl,p13,inc in next st,p14,inc in next st, p 14,p2tog,p3

    R39; ;k2,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k3,ssk)twice,k2,inc in next st,k16,inc in next st,(k3,k2tog)twice,k3,sl 2tog, k1,psso,k2

    R41;sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k2,ssk)twice,k11,fold work back with RS facing, using 3rd needle k the first st alone from the front needle, then cast off as before, taking 1 st from each needle together, until all inc sts have been cast off. Slip remaining st from 3rd needle back onto original rh needle and finish row. (k2,k2tog)twice,k2,sl2tog,k1,p2sso.

    Transfer all sts onto other needle, cut off yarn leaving a long end for sewing up, thread yarn twice through remaining sts(19) and draw up into a tight circle, sew along back fins with mattress st.

    P89; Star Jacket 25(31)sts for back neck should be cast off not left on needle holder

    P90; Scarf

    Cont as set until scarf measures 28cm should be 71cm (28")

    P91 Hats

    2nd row of heart & star graph should read

    k32(38,34) with MC, k across 2nd row of chart A or B k32(38,44) with MC

    P81Soccer Sweater

    Shape armholes; Last line should read. Continue in st st until work measures 32(37,46)cm

    Shape Shoulders; Cast off 16(20,22)sts at each end of next row to shape shoulders. Place remaining 31(31,33)sts across center on needle holder. Back should measure 32(37,46)cm


    Shape Armholes Last line should read; 24(28,35)cm from cast on edge

    Shape Neck; Next row; Cont in st st work 26(30,32)sts. 4th Row of pattern should then read cont in st st until work measures 32(37,46)cm from cast on edge Cast off remaining 16(20,23)sts for shoulder. With right side facing, place center 11(11,13)sts on st holder. Rejoin yarn to remaining 26,(30,32)sts cont in st st shaping neck as on opposite side.

    Neck; 3rd row of pattern should read pick up all 31(31,33)sts from back.

    "Very sorry for any inconvenience this causes!

    "Ros Badger & Elaine Scott" (the authors)

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