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Logout of Gatherings

zuwena | Posted in Talk With Us on

I don’t know if anyone else is continuing to have this problem but I find it impossible to locate the “logout” on my screen so I have to just close down. Please can you arrange to have it moved to where it was before on the left where the “Start”, “messages”, etc. line is. Thank you. Z


  1. Ralphetta | | #1

    Mine is located in the upper r. corner in white print on the tan background. It is directly above the red search oval.

    1. zuwena | | #2

      I know it's over there but my screen image does not open up wide enough to be able to get to it.  The farthest right that I can get to is over to "Magazine", and nothing above that so I can't see the "logout" link.  But, thanks for trying.

      Edited 1/1/2009 5:46 pm ET by zuwena

      1. JeanM | | #3

        Thinking that there are other ways to do this, the first thing I tried worked:  I clicked on Over the Fence.  You can logout from there (or other places) because the "logout" button is more in the center.

        Logging out can certainly prompt lots of discussion!  When they changed this site a few weeks ago they "forgot" the logout button and there was quite a discussion on that!

        1. Josefly | | #5

          Jean, can you click on "Over the Fence" while reading the Gatherings message pages? I cannot. Or rather, when I move my cursor to the title, it doesn't change to the little "hand" icon that I usually get which indicates that there's a link there, so when I click on the title, nothing at all happens. To get to any of the other Taunton forums, I must either logout and go to the Taunton page to get to the Fine Gardening or Fine Cooking pages, and then go to the discussion groups, or I can click on My Forums, and get to the discussion groups that way.I also find that the "Welcome" pages to the other forums, unlike the Gatherings Welcome page, still have a link to the "Sandbox". However, I posted a comment/question to SYSOP there about the changes in Gatherings pages and links and buttons, at the time of the changes, and have not received an answer, so I'm guessing that SYSOP is not functioning any longer, now that Mzinga is involved as the site manager.I'm really disappointed that it's so difficult to navigate among the different forums now. That's why I'm interested in your answer about going to Over The Fence to find a better-placed logout button.

          1. JeanM | | #6

            Yes, I can click on Over the Fence, Cooks Talk, and All Forums.  The "Practice in the Sandbox" is at the upper right, but I don't remember seeing it at All Forums.  I can click on it and get to the Sandbox.  Maybe they figure those at Gatherings don't need any help.  (they are wrong).

            I get the feeling that this whole site doesn't like you as it should ! :(

          2. Josefly | | #9

            Thank you for answering, Jean. I decided to try to use another browser, Firefox, and, bless Pat, it works. So my usual Safari browser must somehow no longer be compatible. I don't know if it's the updated Threads/Gatherings format or the updated version of Safari. I've become accustomed to Safari and I don't like change! - but I guess I've gotta go with the flow. I appreciate your help.

            Edited 1/2/2009 3:40 pm ET by Josefly

          3. zuwena | | #7

            I, too, can click on the link to "over the fence" although I have no gardening skills it's there if I need it.  I continue to be blocked on the "logout", however, so I am left with having to close down--which is, I believe, not the acceptable way to move out of forums.  Z

          4. JeanM | | #8

            Think you missed my reply to you (9365.4) as it is still marked as unread.  You can logout from the other Forums which you can use as a temporary fix until this site is fixed; that way you won't have to completely shutdown.  :)

          5. Josefly | | #10

            I agree that the logout button seems out of place. I guess we've both got problems with the new format. My problem seems to be solved if I use a different browser, though. I don't quite understand why the page doesn't fit on your screen. Are you using a very small monitor, so that widening the page in the usual way just won't work?

            Edited 1/2/2009 3:41 pm ET by Josefly

      2. Ralphetta | | #4

        rats! I thought maybe it was a color problem with your monitor that was causing the Logout to blend into this new heading.

      3. sewelegant | | #13

        I am not an expert, but like to play around a lot with the computer and wonder if you can make your picture bigger by placing the cursor in one corner until you see the diagonal arrow and pulling the "window" out to fit the screen... you will need to go to the opposite corner and do the same.  There are numerous ways to manipulate everything and you can be amazed at how easy it is, you just need someone to help you see it.  I have found that my kids can do and find things that I thought were impossible... I think my computer expert daughter gets a little upset when I only call her to get me out of a jam!

        You did say you enlarge the picture as usual so this info is just what you already know, but there must be a way.

        Edited 1/4/2009 4:20 pm by sewelegant

        1. zuwena | | #15

          Thanks.  See my reply to JeanM.  Z 

      4. victoria0001 | | #18

        I've been frustrated with the same problem.  I just now went to "EXPLORE" which is the tab you can see above.  You can then scroll to the right and find the Logout tab.  I think it would be nice if the editors could put the Logout tab before the "EXPLORE" tab and then everyone would find it easily.  I cannot alter the size of text on Gatherings so this is the way I've logged out.  I think it works in "MY THREADS" as well.

        I hope this makes sense.

  2. zuwena | | #11

    Thanks for your interest and suggestion. I don't think the monitor is the problem.  The monitor is about 19 inches and I enlarge and minimize in the usual way but for some reason the far right side of the page on the threads site just isn't accessible.  I don't have this problem with any other sites that I visit.

    Tomorrow I shall try the process with another browser to see if it makes a difference.  In any event I think Threads should have kept the logout button/link where it was on the left just below the title where it was much more user- customer-friendly.  Threads "logout" seems to me far more important than (or at the very least equally as important as) providing easy access to other discussion group.  Z

    1. JeanM | | #12

      This not seeing the right side of the page of many sites was a problem for us on our old computer.  I was told that it has to do with the way the site is designed.  What screen resolution are you using?  It may not be compatible with this site.  What browser are you using?  I'm no expert, but perhaps knowing this information will give us a clue.

      1. zuwena | | #14


        I've tried what you and "sewelegant" have suggested but, alas, to no avail.  I've used the diagonal page "pull" and the "arrow" for widening the page.  Seems I can only get so far over to the right but not the full screen.  I intend to try the Firefox browser the next time I am up to see if it makes a difference.  Thanks for me so conscientious in trying to help me find a way to deal with this.  It is rather frustrating.  I've usually updated my browser whenever indicated, and I don't have a problem with other sites that I visit, so I'm convinced that Threads has just used poor webdesign protocols. Z

        1. JeanM | | #16

          The reason I asked what browser you were using is because in IE there is a + sign and 100%,  right side on the task bar.  You can zoom in or zoom out a page.  This would be easier than trying to go to another page to Logout.

          1. zuwena | | #17

            Thanks again for sticking with me on this.  Not to be outdone I have tried the Mozilla browser and I found that if I fully close (not just narrow it down) the "bookmarks" center (usually on the left), I will get a full screen wherein I can find and see the "logout" link.  Eureka!!!  However, now that I see it I am still disappointed--it is in white lettering against a light tan background that must be difficult for anyone with a little visual problem to see.  What were the webdesigners thinking?  Z

          2. JeanM | | #19

            I rarely logout, so it has not been a problem for me, but I can certainly see where it might be for others.

            I know absolutely nothing about web design, but I do expect web pages to be designed properly.   As has been mentioned, the logout for Over the Fence and Cooks Talk has a better placement (and both the same), so why couldn't they do that for Gatherings?  Can they call back the web designers to correct it?  There is a space for it:   between the word "sew" and the Search box.

          3. victoria0001 | | #20

            I just this minute logged out by going to the tab "MY THREADS" and scrolled to the far right.  My name and logout tab was right there.  That is the easiest way I can find to log out of Gatherings.

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