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Magazine featuring pincushions ??

soie | Posted in General Discussion on

I’m looking for a magazine which was on the racks recently and is now gone.  The cover picture had a group of colorful cloth pincushions with what looked like a little embroidery on them, but regrettably I didn’t make a note of the magazine name.

It’s not this issue of Threads or SewStylish, as I believe I’ve got the current issues of those.  Does anyone recall seeing something like this in the past weeks?  I almost feel as if I’d dreamed it, because I’ve been wanting to make some cute pincushions !

Thank you very much!


  1. fabricholic | | #1

    It seems like Threads had pin cushions on the front cover one time, and they looked like Chinese figurines. It had a white background. I will look tonight.

  2. cycler1729 | | #2

    Issue 120 had a pincushion on the cover but it was for an article about accessories and issue 95 had an article on dress-form shaped pincushions and a pattern for those.

    1. GailAnn | | #3

      I remember those.  Cute, cute, cute,  Thought Oh, I'll make one for every lady in my Sunday School Class, my sister, my daughter, my friend Sherry, my neighbor Dixie.....  Never finished even one.  Sigh...................................Gail

    2. soie | | #4

      Thank you for the replies and the references to back issues of Threads.  I'm sure I have those, but this one was not a Threads magazine, it was a recent issue of another magazine which I saw on a newstand but didn't have time to buy -- and now I don't know what it was and I haven't seen it again!  Hopefully it will turn up somehow.

      1. Cherrypops | | #5


        Could it be "Quilts and More" Summer 2007. I've attached pictures so you can check. I don't have the magazine, I did a quick internet search.



        1. soie | | #8

          Thank you so much for your reply Cp,

          I appreciate the pics, and came across this one while searching for the other one.  These are cute too, but I just received a reply about the other magazine - It's a SewSimple magazine which apparently is due to come out in October.  There must have been a stray early one which was snapped up, so I'll be keeping a lookout for the new issues when they hit the racks.  Thanks again, and happy sewing! 


          1. soie | | #9

            oops, it's SewStylish, not SewSimple.  I'll get it right !  Thank you everyone !! you've been so kind to reply.

          2. Cherrypops | | #17

            I have just received Sew Stylish. You are so right! the Pincushions are so cute and ever so easy to make. I hope you find a copy soon. You can still order a copy  online via http://www.taunton.com Threads homepage.

          3. soie | | #18

            Glad to hear you received your copy, and that you like it!  I've been checking the newsstands almost daily to make sure I don't miss it...  I was little a confused when I checked at Taunton for the magazine.  On one hand, it had a place to subscribe, and then another place it seemed to say that this magazine would no longer be offered.  I think it's cute and original, so I hope it doesn't go away too soon!   I sent an email asking about back issues, but didn't receive a reply.  Is the pincushion one the introductory issue? 

          4. Gloriasews | | #19

            I think that the Gifts To Make magazine is supposed to hit the news stands on either Oct. 7 or 10th, according to the ad in Threads.


          5. soie | | #21

            Thank you, guess I'm trying to be the first in line.  Another post mentioned Oct. 7th too, so I better just be patient until it rolls around. :)

          6. Gloriasews | | #22

            Only a couple of days until we're both satisfied.  Hang in there!


          7. soie | | #25

            I'm hangin'.  I've been checking several locations and haven't seen the pincushion issue on the racks yet...  and it's the 11th already!  Oddly, the website where I sent a couple of inquiries about this issue hasn't responded either.  Not that I can't live without this or anything, but it has become something of a quest for me now !

          8. Gloriasews | | #28

            I'll check the magazine rack again tomorrow, too.  It'll eventually show up.  Sometimes they are just late putting them out (or they're short-staffed).  If you never find it, you can improvise & design your own - I've seen simple squares, stuffed, with a fancy button sewn through in the middle & they look nice.


          9. celkalee | | #34

            I think all sewers are fond of pincushions of all shapes and sizes. Ironically, my "New Circle of Friends" group (on Yahoo :) is doing a pincushion exchange for the Holidays. While researching I found a real cutie in "American Patchwork and Quilting" the December 2007 issue on page 100. It is a stack of three cushions, large to small. When cut out they look like a 6 (or maybe 8) petaled flower, but when stacked they look like a little Christmas Tree. This is the one I am making for the exchange.   

          10. Cherrypops | | #10

            They were different weren't they..

            Don't know why Sew Stylish didn't click..I get that and have ordered the Special Gifts to Make.

            Glad you solved the mystery. You can sleep better now.

          11. soie | | #12

            Yes, and dream about making cute little pincushions.  :)  The quest led me to some online sites which were good ideas too, so I've got plenty to go on. 


  3. Gloriasews | | #6

    I think the SewStylish or SewSimple Gifts to Make has pincushions on the cover, but it doesn't go on sale until Oct. 7, I think.  I've seen the ad in Threads & SewStylish current issues - maybe that's where you saw it.


    1. soie | | #7

      Thank you !! That's it!  I just looked it up in my Threads, and that's exactly what I saw -- but I did see it on a JoAnn's rack sometime in the past two weeks, so I don't know what that was about.  I've asked around and no one at the stores recognizes it...but if you say that it's supposed to go on sale in October, I'll keep my eyes open for it.  That may have just been a fluke one somehow.  Thanks again, now I can sleep tonight  :)  .

      1. Gloriasews | | #11

        I'm glad you can sleep again!  Can't have you sewing all owly-eyed!!:)  JoAnn's may have ordered the magazine early, as it's been advertised that you can order it before it hits the stands.  They, no doubt, will put more copies out when it's widely available.  As for me, I'll wait for it & start other Christmas projects (pillow cases, in particular, as everyone seems to have more than 2 pillows on their beds nowadays & they need new ones - & potholders, that a tried to have finished for last Christmas & didn't get them done - maybe this year)!  Procrastination?  You bet!  Happy sewing!


        1. soie | | #13

          My sewing room is all kinds of evidence about procrastination !  Happy sewing to you too, and thanks for the reminder about how quickly Christmas is coming up.  :)

          1. Gloriasews | | #14

            Another procrastinator!!!  Yah, I usually start in Sept. planning my Christmas projects, with the hopes of finishing them in time - they are always easy projects.  Sometimes, though, I have too many on the go & don't finish them all, but we procrastinators always say, "Maybe next year", then we leave it to the (almost) last minute to get started again.  Yikes!


  4. Kathleen | | #15

    Are you looking for the Pieced Pincushions pattern? They are available from Indygo Junction  and the Little Hunting Hunting Creek Company http://www.thelittlehuntingcreekcompany.com

    as well as other online locations. Good luck! Kathleen


    1. soie | | #16

      Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks for your reply and the pincushion ideas;  I learned that what I'm looking for is a to-be-released issue of Sew Stylish.  I must have seen an advance copy, so I'll be picking one up when they're more widely available in early October. 

      Thanks again! 

  5. soie | | #20

    Thank you for clarifying what's up with Sew Stylish, and the gifts issues.  This chat site is great - I haven't taken time to read very much yet but plan too.  Thanks again!

  6. Gloriasews | | #23

    You're absolutely right, Anna Maree.  If I miss a couple of days, it takes me a couple of hours to go through all the threads, so I'm trying to check them out every day to save time.  You're also right about some days showing more input than others.


  7. Gloriasews | | #24

    I've found that it's easier to print the stuff as I read it, as it takes way longer to go back to find something, & sometimes you can't find it at all, as it's hidden in a thread on a completely different subject.  Thank heavens for the other posters who have printed the stuff themselves or remember where it was hiding!

    Have a great long weekend (Thanksgiving)- you do celebrate Thanksgiving the same time as we do, don't you?  Or do you celebrate Thanksgiving at all down under?  Or do you celebrate it the same time as the Americans (end of November)?  Just curious :)


    1. User avater
      bevaau | | #26

      I'm not Cherrypops but I hope she won't mind if I jump in here - we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here (in Australia) - except for a few ex-pats and some (like us) who have lived in the US and like to continue the tradition we found there. But generally, no, it is not a celebration or a holiday here. BevA

      1. Cherrypops | | #27

        Hi bevaau,

        I don't mind at all.

        I started a discussion just for Thanksgiving a little while ago:  this link should take there - 7461.1 and I found that some parts of Australia do celebrate. It's been great hearing about how others celebrate the day.



      2. Gloriasews | | #29

        Cherrypops is right - your message should have been in the Thanksgiving thread, but, too late, eh?  It just goes to show that we (no matter where we live) can celebrate anything anytime we wish.  I have to admit, though, that I'm puzzled about Australia, though - that different states do or do not celebrate it & the dates are different.  Who knew?  :)


        1. User avater
          bevaau | | #30

          Sorry - I didn't see the other thread until this morning. BevA (Dropping back into lurkdom!)

          1. Gloriasews | | #31

            Don't lurk too long - your input is welcome all the time.


          2. rodezzy | | #32

            Has a new Threads magazine come out and I don't have it!  Oh my!

          3. Cherrypops | | #33


            the 'new' magazine is by SewStylish 'gifts to make - special' (sister magazine to threads)

            http://www.besewstylish.com for more info.

            they are good magazines, no longer in production, backissues are available and the website is onging.



          4. Gloriasews | | #35

            No, the new Threads isn't out yet, but I was finally able to get the Sew Stylish Gifts to Make issue on Saturday - lots of stuff to make for Christmas!  (But I'm still annoyed to have had to pay $9 for it, now that the Cdn. dollar is on par with the US)!

          5. rodezzy | | #36

            You should get a subscription and pay less! 

          6. Gloriasews | | #37

            I do have a subscription to Threads & it IS a bit less, but it's still in US dollars, so more expensive than it should be.  (I didn't have a subscription for Sew Stylish, but I think their Gifts to Make issue is extra from their regular issues & not included in the subscription.  As well, Sew Stylish will not be publishing after December, Amber said earlier in the year).  Unfortunately, I've cut down on my magazine buying because of the prices - if our dollar stays on par with US, it has been rumoured that the price may go down in January.  I also buy the Australian mags fairly often & they, too, are $3-5 more for our price.  Can't win!

          7. rodezzy | | #38

            Well, just think of it this way, more money to buy fabric with. 

          8. Gloriasews | | #39

            Yes, but less inspiration!  Do you remember years ago (1970s) that the Family Circle & Women's Day mags had in their Sept. issues 100 Gifts to Make articles?  They ran for about 5 years or so & I saved all of them - also made a lot of the gifts, too.  Sure wish those would come back, as they covered sewing, knitting, crocheting, & even woodworking.  A real variety of stuff for everyone, no matter what their ages.

          9. rodezzy | | #40

            Yes I remember Family Circle mags.  They were great!  I still have some too.  I graduated high school in 1970 and married in 1971.  I used to dream of all the things I would do when I got a job, when I got a house, when I got..........Oh well.  It's been a long time ago.  I patterned my home making and housekeeping skills by that book.  Also, my lust for all things crafty.  I remember saving books for the patterns of shawls and bady things, and funiture I was going to make.  Also, any other mag that had hand work in it.  I loved it then and I love them now. (smile)

          10. Gloriasews | | #41

            Family Circle is still available - every month - but doesn't have those Christmas gift articles any longer.  We're so alike - same dreams, same likes, etc.  I'll bet 99% of the gals (& guys) on these threads are the same :)

          11. rodezzy | | #42

            Must be to keep coming here.  I can't wait to see an email from Taunton's when I get here.  I'm going to die over Thanksgiving Holiday.  I'll be off all week.  I've just got to get a computer at home.  I'll miss you guys as if you were old friends I've known forever.  This is the only place I can talk about all the things I love doing without someone looking at me as if I have two heads and a fork tongue. (smile)  And the advice and help is awesome and real.

            So next month I'll get out that treasured faux fur fabric with the chinese embroidery on the back and get some help making that into a coat or something.  I want to be real original with this.  It's got to be a show stopper.  Chinese Red embroidered on one side and snow white, short pile faux fur on the other.  I know that I want a leather skirt or pants to wear with it and a great sweater.  I'm not going to make the pants, nor the skirt.  But I can't wait for the light to go on over my head as to what to do with that fabric.  I'm drooling.  I was stroking it the other night. 

            I'll take a picture of it and post it tomorrow.

          12. Gloriasews | | #43

            Yes, you'll miss us on your week off - but, if you get a computer at home, you'll spend WAY too much time on it (like the rest of us do) & not get as much sewing or other crafts done.  Speak of crafts, I smiled when I read your thread on the hair-braiding as a craft - why not?  It takes skill to do it properly.  Thanks for answering the question about it, too, as it's something I'd wondered about (the washing must be done very carefully, then, eh?)  You're very lucky you can wear your hair like that.

            The double-sided coat fabric sounds truly luscious!  I didn't know there was such a thing around.  Do show pics when you have it done. 

          13. rodezzy | | #44

            You're probably right about the computer.  But I need one just the same. 

            No, I wash my hair just like any one else.  It's just a head of faux hair, the hair is braided into my own hair which is a good length also, just like chaining multiple strands of yarn when you crochet or knitting with multiple strands of yarn.  Very secure.  (giggle)  I give my scalp a good massage and air dry.

            Yes, I got the fabric for a steal during the day after Thanksgiving and the Day after Christmas sales, with coupons on top of already sale priced items - it was almost 75% off last season.  That's how I got the faux pink fur and the faux shearling fur for the coats I made.  Check out the Photo Gallery under Coats I Made.  I believe thats were I posted pics.  Well, its almost time to go home now.  Talk with you tomorrow.  I will post pics of the coat fabrics for tomorrow.  I'll be finishing my grand baby's robe tonight! 

            Edited 10/18/2007 5:14 pm ET by rodezzy

          14. Gloriasews | | #46

            I'm glad you told us you'd be away for the week of your Thanksgiving, as we'd be missing you, too!

            Thanks for the hair update - now I understand how it's a craft for you :)  It still takes talent & a LOT of time to braid it evenly.

            Yes, I saw your coat pics - very nice!  Will look forward to the coming ones.  Fast job on the robe - I'm assuming we'll see a pic of that, too?  Enjoy your "free" Friday night!

          15. rodezzy | | #47

            YES, it took six hours to take down and 11 hours to rebraid.

            Yes, take a look at the photo gallery, I put pics of robe, vintage jacket and fabrics.

            Tell me what you think.  I'm researching a trim for the botton of the vintage jacket as my fullness of my middle section really didn't do the jacket justice.  I should have known better, but I just wanted to make that jacket.  I'll come up with something to compensate that, that's the beauty of have skills. (giggle)

            Edited 10/19/2007 3:50 pm ET by rodezzy

          16. Gloriasews | | #48

            Can you turn the vintage jacket inside out?  If you're having a problem with the plaid, it would certainly look good on the inside.  Otherwise, why don't you make a plain coloured bottom to the jacket to make it a longer jacket or coat - that may take the eye away from your middle.

            As for the hair, no wonder you call it a craft!  Wow, also no wonder it costs so much to have it done at a salon, too!  Don't your arms just ache?

          17. rodezzy | | #49

            I didn't have any trouble with the plaid, just didn't buy that much and didn't want a long coat in a plaid.  But I want something unexpected on the bottom.  I think I'll crochet around the bottom until I'm happy.  Make it independently from the coat and sew it on.  That would be very unusual.  I like to make people try to figure out what I've done. 

            Yea, that's why it costs so much, my saying is "I've got more time than money" so I do it myself.  Just purchased the loose hair, sat down on the couch in 1987 and did it myself.  Been doing it every since.  Now, Glorasews - enough about the hair girlfriend. 

          18. Gloriasews | | #50

            OK - enough about the hair - now I know everything I was curious about - thanks for enlightening me!

            Have you decided what colour you're going to do the coat bottom?  The yarn would have to be the same weight/thickness/hand (whatever) as the jacket top, eh? - so it would hang properly.


          19. rodezzy | | #51

            No, I haven't decided what to do with that coat.  I'm off on another whirl right now.  It can wait until later. 

            I crocheted two scarves last night (in knit & crochet thread) and made a poncho friday (in photo gallery thread).  I will try to finish my blue poncho tonight (I guess) that I am knitting.  I have some grandma stuff to do directly after work today. 

            Unless I'm pressed for time or over excited to do a project, I never really know what I will feel like doing when I get home. 

            What have you been creating? eh!

          20. Gloriasews | | #52

            I haven't created anything lately - am getting my Christmas gift projects lined up, though, as there are sales on.  (I did get all my windows cleaned before winter, & have been doing mending, & other household chores that I had been putting off, so that feels better & cleans my slate somewhat).  I also had other matters that couldn't be put off any longer - yah, excuses, excuses, excuses :)  Now I'll have to buckle down & enjoy myself!

            I know what you mean about doing what you feel like when you get home - I was that way, too - had great ambition to get busy on something creative when I got home, but by the time I had supper & did dishes, my get-up-&-go got up & went!  You'll get it all done quicker than you think.  Sometimes priorities change daily, too.  Now I'll check out your new poncho.

          21. rodezzy | | #53

            Sounds like you did a lot, it's not always about creating, we have to do the rest of that stuff called living too. (smile).  I had grand child last night.  Had fun, but only able to do about four rows on a new crochet scarf before sleep got me.

            Must start her costume tonight though.  She will be with me again, but I taped Happy Feet for her to watch.  We'll be in the same room basically, and so she may take some interest in helping to get it started. 

          22. Gloriasews | | #54

            What a nice Grandma you are!  How did the costume go?  The scarf can wait until the costume is done, eh?  Doing up the room together should be fun, too.

          23. rodezzy | | #55

            Didn't get around to any sewing last night, I had my grand with me and she made paper masks and I talked and laughed with her, and crocheted, while the movie I recorded "Happy Feet" played in the background.  I'll cut out the costume tonight.

          24. Gloriasews | | #56

            At least you crocheted instead of sewing - time not wasted, especially when you had fun with your granddaughter at the same time - a lovely, warm evening :)

            I finally got some fancy yarns today & new hooks & needles, so I can start some creative crocheting & knitting - now to decide what to start on!  :)

          25. rodezzy | | #57

            Wow, that's great.  Aren't those yarns yummy?  I can't keep my hands off them.  I love the textures and it's eye candy too.  I just don't have enough money to buy all I want.  Greedy, greedy old gal.  Maybe you should start on a scarf.  That's easy and fast and you can go wild, there's no rules!  Just go. 

            What size needles, hooks did you get?

            If you have the big ones (L, N, M or P) you can start crocheting a scarf with a chain of 100 stitches and single crochet back and forth, changing the yarn whenever you like.  Two rows of this, two or three rows of that.  Double strand worsted weights with thin novelty yarns and just add bulky yarns alone.  It's going to be fun.  You can do one in about three hours?  Maybe more, but don't count the time, just have fun.

          26. Gloriasews | | #58

            I bought J & K crochet hooks & size 13 knitting needles (for my condo sweaters, if I ever get started on them).  I was disappointed with Michaels sale yesterday - only was able to get 4 balls of fancy yarn (maybe they sold it all because everyone read your posts!), & those were the largest crochet hooks they had (although I think I have a larger wooden hook in my hook tin, although it has no markings on it (very old - was my mother-in-law's).   Guess I'll have to dole out the fancy yarn one row at a time, eh?

            I know what you mean about the cost being expensive - my little bag was $42!  Not much to show for it, either!  I'll have to wait awhile before I shop again, as I also spent $90 at the fabric store for my Christmas projects (& those were sale prices) - you can't win!



          27. rodezzy | | #59

            Leaving work now for the weekend, will miss you most of all, and what is a condo sweater, do you have a pic, are you using a pattern? 

            I"ll read your answers on monday morning.  Be there or be square. (giggle)

            Looks like that hook you found is one of those like I use, big fat and in a hurry hook! 

            And I don't have candy for breakfast normally, but one of the guys is selling candy today for his kids school and the protein in the peanuts, and milk and all of that good stuff thats in candy was delicious. 


          28. Gloriasews | | #60

            I'm surprised that you were still at work (thought you were 2 hrs. ahead of us & it's 3:30 here in Alberta).

            The condo sweater is the old pattern I was looking for a few months ago (I didn't know it was called a condo sweater then) on a thread on this forum.  I received help from all the lovely ladies who pointed me to the Internet - then, much to my surprise, I found my old patterns & they were different from the Internet ones.  They are made on 2 sizes of needles - knit on the large one (hence my size 13 I bought yesterday) & purl on smaller one (size 8 or whatever makes a nice sample & isn't too holey).  My friend made them years ago & made a sweater in a weekend (or a few evenings).  She made a whole bunch for Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately, I wasn't into knitting then, but thank heaven she gave me her patterns before she passed away.  My patterns are for women's vest, V-neck ,boat neck & square neck pullovers, cardigan with various sleeve lengths for all, a child's pullover, & a men's V-neck pullover vest.

            Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


          29. rodezzy | | #61

            Hi Gloriasews:  Had a good weekend.  Finished knitting the blue poncho, crocheted around the whole thing and crocheted a collar on it Friday night.  Stayed in, it was rainy and cold and I wasn't up for the nasty weather.  Finished around midnight.  Watched tv until 1:00 a.m. or so.

            Saturday, I was lazy all day, watched the TV and slept a lot after attending my quilt guild meeting that early morning from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. 

            Up bright and early Sunday and started making the quilt and washing all day.  Finished the quilt, only need to put on the binding.  Didn't have enough fabric for the costume as I thought of the brocade.  Deciding what to do about that tonight.  I will be off work Wednesday - Halloween.

          30. Gloriasews | | #62

            You had a VERY productive weekend - besides getting lots of rest.  You amaze me!  Now you must show us the poncho & the quilt.  Can you dig into your stash for enough pieces for the costume?  That's only 2 days away!  What do you plan to do with your day off on Wednesday?


          31. rodezzy | | #63

            Whatever I don't finish concerning the costume and prepare her for the party and take her to the party.

          32. Gloriasews | | #64

            You'll get it finished in time, I know.  Have a great time!  :)


          33. celkalee | | #45

            It is so nice to be able to express these "passions" (I try not to use the addiction word:) about all our needle arts! DH does not understand this excitement I have with fabric, patterns etc. Nothing like a new pair of scissors to make my day. He came with me to a quilt show last week-end and I think it finally clicked! Everyone oohing and ahhing and smiling and buying fabric. A little bit of heaven. I am so glad I found this site and all the great inspiration here. Thanks!

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